A love to kill : chapter 2 (last chapter)

Hello everyone..thanks for giving me ur support.. I expect it to continue my stories..thanks a ton.

Radhika was a very happy go lucky and fun loving girl at first. Her single goal was to get affirmation of attitude king arjun’s approval of love. But the jerkness of Arjun made her loose her sister , stopped her from attain last right of her parents . When Arjun was busy playing with her by keeping her phone with him, her parents had faced an accident. She even didn’t get to see their face for last time, couldn’t attained their last rights. Due to which her elder sister lost some of her mental abilities. They decided to leave the city with Sam accompanied them. Things got worse after when radz sister got well. She visited Mumbai for some reason and fell in love with Arjun. Radhika got shocked when she heard Arjun accepted her love but controlled herself seeing her sister happiness. But as usual after some days they broke up due to attitude of Arjun and it resulted her lost her mental strength which lead her sister to admit in a mental asylum. Radhika was broken and angry with Arjun ,thought to teach Arjun a lesson but coz of Sam held back. Sam pacified radhika by saying she would make everything alright. Sam went to city to talk with Arjun. But later radhika got news Sam faced a severe accident and hospitalized. She rushed to hospital and got to know about the seriousness of case as Sam slipped into coma. She came to know the car which hit Sam was Arjun’s. She went to confront Arjun but returned back from midway to fix her mind to take revenge.she had nothing with her that time. So she kept mum. But her heart knows how much she suffered for those years. Ankush took her with him and admitted Sam in a private treatment. He also helped elder sister to shift in a better place where she can get better mental treatment. Though radhika didn’t like to be favoured by someone, that may be her cousin brother but she accepted all due to situation with her one motive to destroy Arjun in future. In those five years she worked hard and repaid Ankush,and got her position in same MNC.


MD of MNC was warning Arjun to be cautious about projects as Arjun was almost lost a project. He praised radhika that she was the saviour for company. In the whole conversation Arjun noticed a winning smile plastered on rads face. Slowly importance of Arjun got lost in company as the head preferred radhika over Arjun. He was hurt at first with radhika’s ignorance and now lost his importance in company. He couldn’t able to guess even what was happening around him. Suddenly everyone changed. He was nothing but just a mere regular employee who was treated as a sheet of paper. But he was happy with radhika around.

On the time of return, radz called Arjun and told him how he feels?? To which Arjun was shocked but answered as he wanted to start afresh with her. She asked coldly,” do u know how it feels when u crushed under troubles after troubles?? Or what if u will apply salt on bruises?? Or what if the important things or person went away from you forcefully?? How does it feel??. Arjun was perplexed and his mind become credulous. Radhika saw him and replied with a stern voice,” I know u have no answer, that is why u lost ur importance for ur so called attitude”. And went away without looking back. But her eyes were burning with rage and attitude showed she was upto something. Later at night Arjun faced a small accident and got some bruises only. The thing hurted him was radz coldness not bruises. When everyone concerned about him but she didn’t asked anything. Later he decided to meet Neil and asked him the actual reason.

Neil was busy with his work when Arjun entered. He served him with a cup of tea and asked about his health. Arjun directly asked about radz to him. Neil ignored but when Arjun forced him, he couldn’t control and punched him hard. Arjun said after punch,wiping little blood smear from corner of his mouth,” if ur punching session is not over u can continue but tell me the truth damn it. The girl who loved me from childhood, who could do anything on my sign, how she changed so much; that she was ready to kill me by smashing me under her car. I don’t know what stopped her that she let me got bruised only”.

Neil was shocked and replied doubtfully,” what r u saying. The accident u faced coz of chasini !! Then why didn’t take her name in front of police”.

Arjun said with sad tone,” how could I?? I love her . But when I realized it is late. But I can’t give her pain. I am feeling hurt when I saw her rage in eyes , her hatred for me. But still I am unaware of reasons. I know u know something”. He gave recent details of radz absurd behaviour.

Neil could see the truth in his eyes, sincerity in his attitude. He told Arjun everything. But neil doubted,” when Sam faced accident and went into coma , I knew u r not the sole reason. Something behind it working to use chasini against u.”

Arjun was shocked,” who dared to play such filthy game”.

Neil said,” if I will say u wont believe. Its ur elder brother saral only who was always jealous of u. He also had feeling for chasini from high school time but chasini rejected him politely by saying truth.”.

Arjun couldn’t believe but how could he denied the truth.he said,” what happened then? Is saral was behind Sam’s accident, and radhika’s miseries? ” he was almost pleading Neil to tell him truth clearly.

Neil told ,” not only saral but chasini’s elder sister was also involved. She was not mentally ill. She faked. When she was rejected by you at once saral used her against u n chasini. When Sam came to see u, they got afraid that their game will be end. And that happened also. Sam as a clever girl she got to know everything directly and indirectly. On her way of returning she faced accident by ur car which u reported as missing. But….”

Arjun became impatience,” but what and how you come to know this?”

Neil said,” but u need more punches for ur inconvenient behaviour . Only because ur phone game she couldn’t see her parents last time. And Sam already recovered from coma before few days ago and told me everything. But I told her to lied down as before.coz I need something to show chasini that her own sister used her, that is why m trying to find ways”.

Arjun was not in mood to listen further. The only thing he felt because of him radz suffered a lot directly or indirectly.he rushed out followed by neil.


Radhika was trembling. She was cursing herself.how could she lost her sense. She was not like Arjun Mehera who did something like that. She was loosing her own soul. She went to hospital and the view in front shocked her to core. Her elder sister tried to frighten Sam. She was threatening sam on her life,if Sam opened her mouth she will kill her and her friend radhika. Sam requested not to do anything as she will stay silent. Radhika called police to rescue sam and rushed to her home.

She took out her revolver and put bullets. She was going out saral came in. He wanted to instigate her again without knowledge that she knew everything. She acted to listen up him cooly. Neil and Arjun reached with Sam to see the view of saral how he put venoms in her mind. But in return she laughed and said ,” m I looking like a fool to u? I’ll handle Arjun in my way; but he is ur brother , why u r after ur brother?”

Saral replied with a devil smirk,” because of u. U rejected me over Arjun. U come to me and I’ll leave everything.”

Radhika replied with a tacky smile,” what if I will reject u again now.!!”

Saral jerked and pointed his gun toward Arjun and said,” then I’ll kill him. Then only u will come to me”.

Trigger pushed suddenly to shocking everyone. Everyone shocked and rushed to radhika who was lying pool of blood now. Arjun screamed aloud and took her in his lap. Neil was handling saral while Sam called police. Arjun held rads,” why u did this? Why u shoot down urself? U should have kill me instead “.

Radhika smiled weakly,” u have changed for real. No attitude and all !!.”

Arjun shut her up and told how much he loved her . How many times he tried to find her. He was crying in other words. He said he regret for his jerkiness, his attitude. He was still same but changed only for her.

Police came and took saral. Nesam was crying. Radhika looked at them and said,” don’t cry . I’ll be always with u. ” she took Arjun’s hand and said,” I did mistake with my little brain. I loved u very much, soo much that it hurted me , pained me when I thought I faced so much pain coz of u. I loved u so much that I ready to kill u, then myself. But now I realized my love to kill u was not something easy task. It was like I loved u sooo much that I’m ready to kill myself to let u leave ur life without any hurdle.” With that she slowly closed her eyes as a contented smile appeared on her face. Arjun screamed her name aloud radhikaaaaaaa……

After a month Arjun, neil visited a graveyard to see someone. When they returned sam ran and hugged Neil. Arjun went upstairs. Sam asked about Arjun. To which Neil replied, ” let him be. We can’t even do anything now. ” Arjun was sitting on his king size bed looking at a portrait felt someone’s hand on him. Without turning he pulled the person in front and hugged tightly. Radhika patted him on his head and caressed his back. She gave a chaste kiss on his forehead and told ,”everything will be alright. He will be at peace. U r not responsible Arjun for saral death. He committed suicide by himself.” Later only person left in his life is radhika who knows how to handle him. He promised himself he will behave good with everyone without showing his attitude. Foursome decided to start over their life afresh. So they move on by making their friendship more strong. Life is always how u take it , how u make it. It all depends on u. So made it with good memories.

Don’t know if this is the good end or not.. But I really first ended when radz closed her eyes. Then suddenly i remembered dark last chapter and wrote last part…lol?

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  1. ?????bravo…write more ffs✌

  2. Aadia

    Hey sis..read two parts together now. it was really nice and it was unique with the Rossian touch..glad that you added that last part…☺☺☺

  3. Brin

    Amazing episode, Love it to the core. 🙂

  4. Jessie

    Rosieeee… I wanna meet u and pull your ears.. lal ..laaal hone tak… I did guess when u said she took the pistol… u remembered Dark wala threats.. !! Good!! Hehheh.. this Is super girl…. Attitude king finally sheds his pride before his love..???. Thanks for keeping Rads alive…??? I did realize the power of your love for Arjun..???? me liked the plot Rosie.. a different one…Bas.. Tu hi ho..!! Love u loads..

  5. S.v

    Fwww twin my heart skipped a beat when I read radhika was in pool u almost gave me a heart attack. Radhika went through lot poor girl but arjun deserved more punches not only from neil but also from me(u made me like u cant help so I too wanna punch him) it was an outstanding update lovely and really enjoyed it to the core. Love u soo much. Muuhhhaaa. Bear hugs and kisses.

  6. Myra

    Rossy…..fab job….outstanding…..my heart literally skipped a beat when u described the graveyard scene…uff..
    Love u loads

  7. Gauri

    My heart leaped out when I read Radhika closed her eyes …..but you saved her…..a bone crushing hug for that 🙂 love u

  8. Bhabya

    It is just awesome.. mu bhabili ki Radhika r bhoota aasithila lol. Fabulous di. Xoxo

  9. Dipika

    Rose u better did this giving it happy ending else i would havr punch u hard..i almost belived tht u r gng to givr dark end…n this story is awesome.. Yeahhh some ppl hav attitude prob..unkonwly thy tend to hurt othr prsn…u beautiful wrote tht concept here…saral n her sis r damn vile creatures.. But our nesam always r saviours… Love this to the core…love u..muhhha

  10. Sweetie

    Rossy di,glad to know you remembered Dark wala threats,but seriously I thought Radhika was dead..Haha.. 😉 Lovely story by the way.. 😀 Love you loads and take care.. 🙂

  11. _Ritu

    Rosie….I guess m d only one who wanted dis story to end when Rads closed her eyes 😉 😉 amazing story dear…nd u portrayed it so well 🙂 🙂 ?? ? Rads always a strong character in ur character nd I love dat 🙂 loads of love… 🙂

    1. Rossy

      Hi fi dear…I also thought the same…each story has its own fragnance…if romance love story then happy ending is necessary but if other type…depends on theme…btw u need many punchings for late…n I started another story also …angels of amighty

  12. Awesome, Rosieeeee my sunshine. …this was very different n amazing story. ..I was so gloomy when rads closed her eyes. ..but your additional para made me smile….I know life if not all flowery path….but we all like happy ending…so you made it….n gave a sweeeeeet smile on our faces…..yes there will be sadness for losing loved ones but this is how life is…….n we have to accept it as it is and face it with smile….. keep it up honeyyy. . Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sunshineeeeee. …♡♡♡ 😉

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