A love to kill : chapter 1

Happy birthday twin shri..may god bless u with so much love..may ur path enlighten always..stay happy always..and mujhe maaf karo aise storyline ke liye..phirbhi, it’s for u dear…so spare me

” At elementary school , a sweet kiddo girl went to little kid Arjun and gave him a chocolate bar. He took it but never forget to show his attitudes. Kiddo girl was smiling widely and stared him constant. Arjun asked her what happened, to which she laughed and said ,” I heard from my elder sister if a someone accept ur token of chocolate that means they love u. So u love me and I am happy for that”. Arjun was going to munch chocolates stopped. He threw the packet on her face and replied,” have u ever seen Ur face in mirror. Ugly duckling. Go away from me and don’t show off ur face to me next time”. He went away and the girl started crying chanting,” I am not ugly”. His friend Neil was watching this from distance.

He didn’t like it. But as a friend he went to girl and consoled her by saying that ,” beautiful swan always disguised as duckling. U r beautiful.” She happily jumped around neil and constantly said ,” I am beautiful then. Can we become friends?” . They introduced themselves, girl was radhika. Neil thought for some time and said, “I renamed u as chasini. From today onwards u will be known by this.” From that day they become good friends gradually with due to time. Though Neil was friend of Arjun but he never so opened up with him because Arjun was his father’s boss son. Moreover Neil didn’t like Arjun’s proudly demeanour .

Few years passed. As Neil and radhika friendship got stronger, likewise radz feeling for Arjun also got increased. They were at high school now. Arjun became a double jerk than before and his proudness also increased. This time not only radz but also many girls went gaga over him. But he rejected every one by showing his attitude and saying them to watch out their class, social status and moreover their face. He was handsome with handful that’s why he was throwing tantrums every one. Neil tried to make him understand to not hurt people’s sentiment but it was like he didn’t care. Radz again went to him , this time with a cake.

Arjun again showed his attitude and said,” I told u bitter gourd. U r totally opposite of ur name chasini. ( note- except neil n certificate everyone knows rads as chasini). Look at urself and look at me. I am a prince and u r not less than a pauper. Moreover u r not bright. Ugly duckling.” he went away again without saying sorry. Radz started crying again. Neil came but this time scolded her for loosing her sanity in front of Arjun everytime. She said innocently, ” my first crush. How can he be a rude?”. Neil gave her some sense.

Few years passed again. Neil had a girlfriend now Sam , who was best friend to radhika also. It was their happy time in university. Trio had a separate strong bond which nobody could dare to break. Arjun was pissed off more with girls especially with radhika. He always blamed her to took Neil away from him, and continuously nagging with him. Arjun was now a richest younger heir, so it was obvious that whole university was after him. His proud reached at its extreme point. Despite neil’s protest radhika decided to propose Arjun. She was waiting for him at parking space with flowers and gifts. She went parlour also to gave her a good look. She was checking out herself in a rear mirror got off minded in her imaginary world and slipped and banged with car.

She noticed Arjun was coming. Now she was finding ways to go away but Arjun caught her. He said angrily ,” ugly duckling, what did u do? U gave a scratch to my luxurious car. U have to pay for it”. Radhika’s eyes widen at his demand of β‚Ή50,000 for repair. She remembered neil’s advice and cursed herself . She said she had not so much money. In return Arjun smiled mischievously and gave her one condition, ” become my personal maid for one week “. Listening him radz head was spinning but somehow she got agreed after he threatened that if she would not agree he would inform her home.

Neil was angry over Arjun for his jerkiness and radhika for her stupidity. Sam tried to pacify him. He told person like Arjun never deserved my chasini. How can he made radz understand that thing, he was in see thought. Sam told him not to worry. On the fourth day radz came to know that the scratch damage cost only β‚Ή500 . She got angry this time and left Arjun’s home immediately. Arjun got upset as his free service went. He kept radz phone forcefully and didn’t gave her knowingly, told her to continue her work till another week.

Rads wanted her mobile desperately as that was the only medium to contact her family. Here Arjun went through her phone and saw his photos from childhood and other quotations regarding him. A big smile appeared on his face . Ankush , cousin brother of rads called at that time. When Arjun received Ankush directly laughed out and told he knew him coz always his sister always talk about him. Arjun smiled unknowingly listening this. Radz again asked him to return her phone but Arjun didn’t give. He liked radz to follow him here and there whatever may be the reason.

Suddenly one day radz stopped to come college. Arjun felt her absence and asked neil about her ; neil said nothing but threw deadly glare to him and walked away. When radz came back to college Arjun rushed to her , he was surprised seeing her so pale and lifeless. She crossed him without noticing him which shocked him. He went after her and gave her phone.she took and threw that phone and went away without looking back at him. That was the last time when Arjun saw radhika.


Five years passed. Everyone got busy with their lives. Life changed drastically from college days. Now Arjun worked in a MNC ignoring his family business and Neil joined an architecture firm. Sam and radhika, no news about them. One thing didn’t change that was Arjun’s attitude about his self dignity. Neil was silent than before. Both friends meet at weekends and reminisced their old days.

Bonnie was an employee at the MNC where Arjun worked. She fell for him at first sight coz Arjun helped her in her first presentation . Other than that Arjun helped her in mars things. But when bonnie proposed him, he didn’t forget to show his attitude that she was not his type, not looking good etc. etc.. If Arjun rejected her by politely declined her proposal she might not be that much hurt. But his jerky attitude !! Bonnie cried silently and said ,” it hurts , it hurts when someone whom u wanted so much behaved in such way”. She continued ,” Mr Arjun Mehera, one advice from me. Never show ur cranky attitude again. U will only realize how it feels when someone special of u don’t value u. But I wish u should change urself before anything like that happened to U”..

” good luck and good bye Arjun, take care”, bonnie said with a faint smile and went away. In next few days she transferred her branch and left India.

As bonnie was at same important designation like Arjun in company, the vacant post soon needed another person. There was announcement for arrival of new employee from head branch, Germany. All knew a strict employee Radhika Mishra was coming , Arjun heard but he didn’t know she was the same chasini who left them. At the directorial meeting when radhika came and introduced herself, the most perplexed person was Arjun. He couldn’t believe in his eyes that radhika was chasini. Moreover she changed very much. From her outer appearance to inner self. He remembered her following him from childhood, her last time ignorance. But he felt happy seeing her after so many years. After meeting over Arjun went to radz and extended his hand,” so long time. U surprised me. Happy to see u again”.

Radz just turned & said, ” u r right. We met again”. And went away.

Arjun was puzzled at her cold attitude. After work time over, radz was going outside of entrance, Arjun ran to her and asked her to accompany him for dinner. To which she politely refused and told she had already planned with someone. A car came and she went. Arjun didn’t know but he didn’t like it, her ignorance. He was confused why her ignorance affected him so much. He decided to follow her. At restaurant he saw she got off with a man all giggling freely and showing her antics like her old days. The man put his arm around her and they went inside. At the moment they turned Arjun saw neil was with radhika. He was shocked and looked radz again who was very much happy with Neil. He returned back to his car silently. As he sat inside he closed his eyes , bonnie’s words ringing in his ears, he muttered slowly,” u were right. It hurts, it hurts when someone u think special ignore u, showed attitude”. A lone tear drop escaped from his eyes.


After few hours radhika reached at her newly allotted house from company . She opened her luggage and took out some photographs of Arjun and burned them to ashes. She mumbled to herself while crying,” count down started Mr Arjun Mehera, I’ll destroy you for whatever you did. Ur life will become a hell. My promise”. She was crying and crying and crying….

Precap : Last chapter

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  1. Brin

    Amazing story, what did Arjun do that changed Radhika? Eagerly waiting for the next update. πŸ™‚

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  3. Myra

    Intriguing storyline….just two shots…you can easily expand…well, please do…..loved it….
    What happened between ardhika?
    Update soon πŸ™‚ eager to know πŸ™‚

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    Rossy di,super se uper wala story.. πŸ™‚ What did Arjun do that Rads is giving him cold shoulder??Waiting for next.. πŸ™‚ Love you loads and take care.. πŸ™‚

  5. Jewel

    superb story rossy…. anything happened to rads family because of that phone issue?? is that the reason for her anger after coming back?? i am thinking a lot. plz post the next chapter plz…

  6. S.v

    I wish have my bday everyday coz so many beautiful stories lined up and im all excited. What did that stupid did ?? Ugly duklingah ?? When someone speaks about appearance it is not worth to speak to them and what did that stupid did to rads for which she is like this a great ss next part soon twin. This is the best ss next part yaar im bitibg my nails. Wanna read that and why doubt if it is from my loved ones I will always love it and this is from u how can u think that i will not like it ?? Im in love with it next part soon

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  8. interesting .awesome….

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    btw this was again a superb creation.. i wonder what arjun di??
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    Rossy darling this is awesome yarr..how could i miss this before… Arjun the attitude Prince.. Aisa hi chahiye use… So much tantrum.. Ugly ducking bola rads ko..saja to milengi hi na..n i like rads here tht she turn out to be good n strong frm inside out…i want to read all in one go…post soon..muhhha .love u

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    Wow Rosie…another blast from ur side… πŸ™‚ superb…will comment after reading d nxt one..loads of love πŸ™‚

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