Love ka hai intzaar twinj shots by kiya episode 68

Episode 68.
Episode started from same part continued.
Om and Anjali along with all family.They went inside the mansion. Here only their love insulted and bear so much humiliation.whatever happened end of the day love win at any cost.Anjali holding Om hand both look at each other same thing going on in their minds.
Manohar: what happened both of you.
Anjali: nothing Papa. Everyone can understand easily. While Usha was hell happy for her daughter. finally, her husband accepted Anjali and OM.
From many years she just cried for her daughter today even she to give love her daughter and Son in laws. Om looked at whole hall everything as change here. One Time this house walls filling with Anjali paintings.
Usha: Om beta you sit here. They all settled down on couch. While Twinkle and Maya prepared healthy and good food for them.
OM: why you all increasing your work for us.
Usha: why not? After all you are only the one damad on this house and my Anjali is only one daughter of my so.
OM: better than aunty.
Manohar: don’t call aunty we are like your mother and father so called us MAA and Papa. Anjali dying for this.
Bebe: so monu from now you don’t have two sons.
Nani: yes now 3.
Usha: and 3 daughters. All smiling just. While Niki looking at OM with pain eyes. Sheetal see this and smirked.
Sheetal: good now I have card to play.
So OM and Niki ka kya matter hai I have to get to know about this soon.
Sheetal: so how’s you feeling now humare jijaji.
OM: good now more because of my Anjali she with me I’m automatically good. Niki listens this and controlling on herself.
Nani: haaye itna handsome munda hai.
Maya: haa nani ji what about your Yuvi haa.
OM: haa I know s*xy ?. They all sit and started chit chatting with each other’s.
While next side in office.
Kunj and Yuvi doing their work juster than Mahi message him that she was not feeling good..
Yuvi: uff Mahi..this girl is so childish.
Kunj look at him and gestures him.
Kunj: what happened.
Yuvi: Arey your dears Saali was not feeling good after this also she not went to doctor for check up. Eating street food.
Kunj: hmm so you take her na problems solved. Same with twinkle sometime when she eats pani puri later I have to take her to doctor.
Yuvi:hmm okay today I’ll take her.
And why you so angry on Akash Kunj.
Kunj: Yuvi you should fire Akash and find new one.
Yuvi: hehe even you too.
Kunj: soon don’t worry if any mistakes she did that time only fire from here.
Yuvi: acha okay lets sees Saale you never find better than Sara.
Kunj: haa.?but you can.
Yuvi: O toh enjoy kar raha hoga.?
Kunj: hmm god knows bro. And happy to see them happy finally.
Yuvi:sometime parents become so selfish Kunj.
Kunj: hmm right.
Yuvi: Mera baap toh saab ka baap hai.?
You know what he gives love tips to Nikhil.
Kunj: I tell you Yuvi please have some distance away from Nikhil because this N letter is unlucky for us. One Mess my life now it’s your turn ?and more see both of them is our cousins so be careful.
Yuvi: haa arey okay. But I’m not giving him shit.he asked me about Malika take her number to.
Kunj: so you give haa.
Yuvi: haa.
Kunj: good. Listen Yuvi you check this file once if anything you don’t like you can change immediately.
Yuvi: no need of this you check and you happy na whatever you’ll done for profit
So good.
Kunj: As you wish. Let’s go for meeting.
Yuvi: yup. They both left for meeting.

While next [email protected]
In school

Ansh and Aayat along with soham and danish or their other friends they sitting and waiting for their buses and cars.
Ansh: danish today you come to my home.
Danish: okay.
Soham: I’ll to than we all play together.
Aayat: haa we all play ghar ghar what’s say.
Soham: haa. Good. Juster then Soham driver come he went for home while like this everyone only Ansh and Aayat is left
Only. Both sit for sometime later still driver not come to pick up them. Aayat get frustrated like hell.
Aayat: today I’ll not leave this driver uncle and your papa too.
Ansh: why my Papa.
Aayat: I told him that we’ll to come with bus, but he didn’t allow us wait today Kunj Sarna To see Aayat Sarna ka anger.
Just than their car driver come.
Driver: come Aayat baby and Ansh baba.
They both sit in car and left for home..
Soon they reached Sarna Mansion. Both come out of the car and moved towards mansion.
[email protected]
Twinkle and Maya they all busy in kitchen.
While Anjali and Om sitting in hall with other members. Aayat and Ansh entered there.while Aayat humming loudly
Aayat: Boom clap
The sound of my heart
The beat goes on and on and on and on and Boom clap You make me feel good.
Come on to me come on to me now.
She come While dancing caring cute pouting face and red cheeks. While Ansh simply come with smiling face eating chocolates. All of them look at Ansh and Aayat. Just than cherry kids to come.
While Aayat and piya giving tashan look each other’s.
Usha: Arey they too come.
Manohar: hmmm. But late na today why?
Before they meet with Everyone.They directly went in their rooms.

Twinj [email protected]
Ansh went in room while twinkle talking to mahi on phone.
Twinkle: mahi take care of yourself. She looks at Ansh. Okay mahi I’ll talk to later my son come.
Mahi: okay di bye.
Twinkle: bye. They end their calls.
Twinkle calling Ansh towards her. While he went near his mother and sit on her lap.
Twinkle: what happened to my baby?
Ansh: nothing mamma. She caress his face.
Twinkle: then why you look so dull haa.
Ansh: just tired mamma.
Twinkle: hoo okay. Come I’ll change your uniform after you rest. Mera bacha kissed on his cheeks. Twinkle changed Ansh clothes after get him freshen up.Ansh look at himself in mirror. While twinkle get confused she looks at him and give smile.
Twinkle: what happened today?
Ansh: mamma me kish ke jesha dikhata hu. How I look?
Twinkle: hmmm hot cute. You look like your Papa.
Ansh: haaa that’s why my friends telling me this I look like Papa. After later they went downstairs till than Aayat to get ready and both sit and having milkshake.
Piya: Aayat chal let’s play.
Aayat: let me think.
Piya: okay I’m going.
Rahul: haa me too.
Ansh: Bhai me too. He about to go but Aayat held his hand.
Aayat: where are you going haa cry baby.
Ansh: let me go na danish waiting for me.
Aayat: let him first let me complete my milk than.
Ansh: okay. After this they about to going.
Twinkle sitting with om and Anjali with all family together. Usha see Ansh and Aayat and called them come here. They both went towards usha.
Ansh: yes dadi.
Usha: meet with your uncle. They both look at OM face with big eyes ball and lifted their eyes brows. Which make all laugh.
Aayat: he is a new uncle dadi.
Anjali: haa.
Om: hi. They both says too hi.
Ansh: my name is Ansh Kunj Sarna.
OM: nice name. And yours..?
Aayat: my name is Aayat Anant Sarna. I’m awesome beauty with brain.
Maya: bas bas.. Meri MAA.
Om: you are really beautiful and both of them cute too. Haa you both carbon copy of kunj. Pulling Their cheeks.
While danish giving voice to them. They heard and ran from there.
[email protected] in garden..
All kids playing together. Ghar ghar.
Piya: see we did this danish is my husband.
Rahul: okay and Ansh and Aayat they both too and I’m big brother of you all.
Aayat: But he is my brother he can’t become my husband.
Ansh: haa.
Rahul: But you both are not real brother and sister so you can. Ansh and Aayat both look at each other face.
Ansh: But she is my sister.
Piya: offo stop this ghar ghar khel te hai bas.
Aayat: okay aaja Ansh you are my pati dev okay now you have to follow my all rules.
Ansh: okay my highness.?They playing nicely With lots of fun. Aayat perfectly behaving like Ansh wife ??.
Aayat: oye sadu Sarna come here.
Ansh: yes siyappa queen.?
While other side in Taneja [email protected]
Soham insisting to Asha that take him Sarna Mansion.
Asha: soham what’ll you do there.?
Soham: mamma we all play together that’s why.
Leela: asha take him na.
Asha: MAA okay let’s go you too what’s say.
Soham: haa dadi let’s go.
Leela: okay. Soon they left for Sarna Mansion.Even Bebe tell Anita to come Sarna Mansion with mahi. They to left for Sarna Mansion.While in office after meeting get over Yuvi and Kunj having tea. While Kunj checking Aayat and Ansh pictures. That going for posture and cover pics of brand.
Kunj: perfect picture. Yuvi see.
Yuvi: hmm killer look miss Aayat.
Kunj: hehhe pidhi Meri.?
Yuvi: don’t worry kunj Tere ko toh real me chachu me hi banauga soon saale?. Winking at him in funny way.
Kunj: acha I’ll be hell happy ? Yuvi. I already become chachu.
Yuvi: haa But still this time real one?.
Kunj: lame. ?

Next [email protected] Sarna Mansion.
All family members sitting chit chatting with each other’s while Mahi not feeling good she feels dizzy. Still controlling on herself.
Asha: I really like you Om.
Twinkle: means ??
Asha: means your words so sweet. Anjali Di you are really lucky look at us bitter ground we have Hai na Mahi and twinkle.
Mahi: hmm. If they talk like you than toh flood comes ???..
Anjali: awww so means you all making fun of my brothers. Even Naman to apologise to Anjali before kunj and yuvi even she forgives him.
Om: cool.
Usha: Om beta did you take your medicine.
Anjali: maa other’s toh I give him while some of the medicine chote will get when he come so.
Usha: okay. All youngsters sitting together while all elders sit in other side.
Mahi: please teach Yuvi the way you talk and how much you caring about Anjali Di.
Maya: mahi ??.. Yuvraj. And about you Twinkle.
Twinkle: what’ll say about sadu.?I’m sure no one could change him.
Anjali: aoooo. My chote.
OM: that’s true on one could change him.
Twinkle: see but I’m happy with him. The way he is but sometimes only.?
OM: like it.
While [email protected]
They perfectly play husband and wife characters nicely??. Aayat showing same tantrum same as like twinkle giving to kunj poor Ansh ?.
Piya: Arey you both fighting like kunj Chachu and twinkle chachi.
Aayat: what to do piya Bhabhi ???. This sadu na.
Ansh: no Bhabhi this siyappa queen.
Piya: now stop behaving like Ansh and Aayat ?stubborn kids??. They both
Giving her drastically look?.
Rahul: okay no more.
Danish: let’s have snack and tea.
Soham: what about my wife.
Rahul: Arey you and me single
Soham :okay Bhai.
Piya: after we went for dinner out okay we get ready Aayat what’s say.
Aayat: okay Bhabhi I’ll do my makeup.
Ansh: don’t take so much time.
Aayat: huhu.?. Listen piya bhabhi I have make up let’s do it.
Piya: okay. Now you both go we’ll come too. They all went inside from another door. Goes upstairs slightly went in twinj room secretly.
Aayat: now don’t do any noise okay.
Play nicely. Piya and Aayat went near dressing table.
Aayat: see I have so much make up things.
Piya: it’s twinkle chachi thighs where is your Aayat mini makeup ?.
Aayat: yes I have but in mamma locker.
Now use this but nicely okay not mess anything because I don’t like it.
Danish: hurry up.
Piya: yes ji?. They both started doing makeup. While Aayat teaching piya how to do. They painted their face. ??? LoL.
While Ansh and danish looking at them through mirror giving them weird looks. Soham laughing slightly ??.Aayat admiring her beauty.
Ansh: To all the girls that wear a lot of make- up take it easy it’s called a face not a coloring book? (so true ). Three of them boys laugh ?. While Aayat and piya become their chop ???. Aayat flying her hairs.
Aayat: you all monkey ? shut up.
Piya: today everyone gone to see my beauty. Aayat look at her face and think on her mind really babes. When Aayat is here no one can’t give a side look like me not at all.
Aayat: yes piya bhabhi.
Ansh: now let’s go in lounge room no one is here we’ll play.
Soham: okay.
Aayat: wait I’ll take duppta.
Piya: one for me too sis ?.
Aayat: hmm. They left from there while Aayat went towards wardrobe open the wardrobe finding twinkle’s duppta she messes the whole wardrobe at last she finds duppta take and left everything like this.
They all playing in lounge room.
Aayat: Ansh come here and hug me.
Ansh: why?
Aayat: Arey I saw my and your mamma Papa they hugged each other’s. And when twinkle chachi looking beautiful kunj Chachu Paris her beauty too. Now we are husband and wife na so you too.
Piya: haa. Even danish too.
Ansh: uff Aayat you look so with (yuk ?face)beautiful. Winking at danish.
Danish: even you too piya.?
Piya: good. Aayat hug him forcefully ?.
Ansh: Rahul Bhai and Soham you know I have one sister she is to fatso like my wife ?.
Aayat: acha even I have one cry baby brother like my hubby ??.
Rahul: now no more let’s go for dinner.
They hold their partners hands walk there only and pretending like they reached restaurant settle down next side couch. Itself giving Oder and while Aayat and piya fulling giving tashan look. Aayat using twinkle phone she tries to click selfish while it’s not happening.
Aayat: shit what happened to this nonsense phone. I am not able to click pictures in my phone:
Soham: check your phone storage is full.
Aayat: hmm. Is there any other option.
Ansh: yes take selfie without make up ???. All laughing like manic.
Rahul: I’ll tell meena aunty send snack for us what’s say?.
All: yup. Rahul went downstairs went in kitchen tell meena give someone snacks for them. Even she gives him to he takes and went back again lounge area.
He places everything on table all started having their ghar ghar Wala dinner.??.
Ansh: Aayat you should learn how to make food rather than this makeup??.
Piya: have this milkshake too.
Soham: yummy.
While next side after completing all work early today kunj and yuvi went medical to get Om medicine after they left for Sarna Mansion. Soon they reached Sarna Mansion. Kunj parked the car and moved to inside the mansion. Just than Kunj got call from some business clients he received the call.
Yuvi: where is everyone. his eyes went on side couch area everyone is sitting together. Oh so my dear wifey is here yup.
Today is kiss day na where is my eyes ?.having naughty thoughts and smile he went towards all. While Kunj stop there busy in call.
Yuvi:Hhii everyone?.
OM: hi Yuvi how’s you?
Yuvi: perfectly fine what about you jijaji?
OM: great.
Yuvi: aur rani shahiba what about you all get confused while Anjali giving him smile.
Anjali: good today you come early why?
Yuvi: woh na di, today all work done so come soon. Missing my O.
OM: acha. I don’t think so.
Yuvi: should I show you bro giving her double meaning gesture while others girls like O.
Maya: chii Yuvi have some shame.
Yuvi: why maya Bhabhi.After He is our friend cam jija.
OM: where is my other saala. Yuvi pointing his hands towards kunj.
Asha: he and his phone god knows.
Yuvi: babes it’s my phone get it. Kunj end the call moved towards them.
Kunj: Yuvi take your phone. Kunj give Om his medicine packed. He about to go while om stop him.
OM: where are you going kunj sit.
Kunj: no O you all sit I have work.
Yuvi: Liar no work sit he pulled him made him sit next to him.
Anjali: I’ll come.
OM: now what happened to you Anjali.
Anjali: nothing hiding her tears.
Yuvi: Arey let’s enjoy ?.
Asha: tu karna.
Yuvi: hhehe. Asha sitting very near Kunj and Yuvi. Whisper in her ear how many kisses you give and got.
She choked??. While Yuvi and Kunj laughing. ??
Twinkle: what happened Asha.
Asha: nothing.
Yuvi: it’s means she gives and got numbers amount of and winked at her.
Mahi: Yuvraj again you started your nonsense.
Yuvi: jaan yaar it’s since my birth right.
Hai na Kunj.
Kunj: I don’t know.
Yuvi: saala. Finally, one day to go for valentine day. Just than maya come with tea.
Maya: it’s means Yuvi planed everything for Mahi. M I right Yuvi.While Kunj got up
Due to maya come.
Yuvi: those having boss like kunj in their life they can’t think about this.
Asha: good with you.. while Kunj sit in other side sofa slightly far from there.
OM: Arey why he sits there.
Yuvi: maya Bhabhi comes na. Devar ?ji.
Twinkle look at him and get up went in kitchen make coffee for him. While Kunj see her while going in kitchen. Yuvi passing jokes while others laugh. Kunj get up went in kitchen. Twinkle back facing him. He went near her with her back hugged tightly hold her from back. Twinkle understands he is only kunj. She smiles on this. Kunj resting his chin on twinkle shoulder.
Twinkle: Kya hai sadu.
Kunj: nothing siyappa queen. Kissing on her cheeks from side.
Twinkle: kunj stop someone come and see us what about this.
Kunj: let them. Even today kiss day so you didn’t give me kiss.
Twinkle: whole day passed now you remember haa.
Kunj: so what Jab jago tab savera hai”.
Better late than never wifey.
Twinkle: stop this cheesy lines.
Kunj: okay give me kiss.
Twinkle: hoo. No never.
Kunj: what hoo no never haa. Come in room.
Twinkle: huhu. Just than Yuvi come there and saw twinkle and Kunj in hugging position.
Yuvi: hoooo. They turned and look at him. Separate.
Kunj: saale like my kids always come on wrong time.??.
Yuvi: acha.
Twinkle: shut up. They went out of the kitchen.
Kunj: you should rest O.
OM: I don’t feel like passed from months laying down on bed. Now no more.
Sheetal: good. After having brother-in-law like kunj you are really lucky.
OM: absolutely.
Yuvi: OM you meet each and every one’s.
How’s my jaan.
Kunj: why you asked this? You have any doubts.?
Yuvi: no next I asked about Twinkle.
OM: Everyone is good.
Yuvi: juniors Sarna’s.
OM: great.
Yuvi: heee than you didn’t see perfectly. Kunj give him punch..
Kunj: what did you mean. After this twinkle went in her room and saw her room staged she was hell angry on this. Wardrobe open and clothes falling downs and dressing table fully mess or makeup things open.
Twinkle: who did this. Twinkle about to went downstairs she heard voice coming from lounge room. She open the door and saw them and piya and Aayat face. She
Was like OMG. Twinkle went inside the room while they all get shocked.
Twinkle: so you all mess my room. Haa Ansh get scared with her anger and his knows how’s his mother.
Aayat: no we not.
Ansh: no mamma me too not.
Soham: yes bua. Aayat and piya wrapping twinkle duppta wearing like sarees.
Twinkle went near them but before she do something they all ran downstairs fast while twinkle too behind them.
Aayat: mamma bachao.
Ansh: papaaaaa.
Soham: mamma. Piya and Aayat can’t run perfect due to saree. They all went in hall. All others shocked to see Aayat and piya faced. Controlling their laughs but can’t.
Yuvi: what is this.??.
Asha: hehheeheee Aayat.
Yuvi: Arey my beauty queen not ??.
Kunj: what is this Aayat. Twinkle come there. Aayat see her ran towards kunj.
Aayat: kunj Chachu bachao. This twinkle chachi hitting me.
Twinkle: kunj don’t come today. You know what they did in my room mess all room.
Aayat: where is my mamma she’ll clean your room. Problem solved. All laugh on this.
Twinkle: acha. Wait today you are gone.
Yuvi: yes twinkle go ahead.
Aayat: I’ll tell my Papa this.
Twinkle: huhu. Give my duppta back.
Aayat: it’s not your it’s my chachu gives you. My right on this too.
Twinkle: acha your chachu gives.
Piya: twinkle chachi Aayat give me too.
Aayat: acha you asked me to give you than I give otherwise I’ll not give shit anyone.
Mamma kaha ho maya mamma.
Yuvi: you have two and 3 mamma’s. Maya mamma. Maya comes there.
Maya: what happened Aayat baby.
Aayat: mamma tell your devrani ji don’t hit me.
Maya: why she’ll you did something that only.
Aayat: you take my side I’m your daughter. While OM just looking at Ansh and Aayat or kunj face he gets confused and thinking something which naturally anyone thinks when see them.
Kunj: now no more. Next time don’t do this.
Twinkle: and you ansh wait here. Twinkle hold his hand.
Ansh: mamma I didn’t do anything whatever did this Aayat only.
Aayat: haa you all toh doodh ke dhule haa.
OM: what a girl.
Yuvi: it’s just a start.
Twinkle: next time don’t touch my make up get it.
Kunj: where is your?
Aayat: with cute face woh na mamma not giving me. And I have much more than you twinkle chachi.
Twinkle: wait I’ll throw everything yours.
Aayat: haaaaa noooo. Started crying.
Maya: Arey twinkle I’ll say sorry behalf on her.
Twinkle: no bhabhi.
Yuvi: twinkle give her doll to me. Making her more Irritated with this. She crying more.
Kunj: why you cry.
Aayat: my doll.
Kunj: no give anyone I’m here okay now stop crying.
Twinkle: where is my phone haa.
Ansh: mamma I have.
Twinkle: give me. Mess my phone.
Twinkle take her phone from her and seeing her pictures and laughing.
Aayat: don’t delete my pictures.
Twinkle: just for kidding I’ll delete.
Aayat: haaa kunj Chachu. Samja do apni biwi ko.
Kunj: Aayat clam down. See Om uncle what he’ll think about you.
Aayat: I don’t care about anyone doesn’t mess with me get it twinkle chachi.
Maya: this is the way to talk with your chachi haa Aayat scold her.
Aayat: haa you all just tell me only they all playing with me together I was not only the one.
Yuvi: what you all playing.
Soham: ghar ghar.
Mahi: what??. And?
Soham: piya and danish husband and wife. And Ansh and Aayat.
Twinkle: what???? All laughing loudly ???.
Aayat: yes kunj Chachu I married with Ansh.
Kunj: what?. You are really stupid.
Aayat: why?. Kunj removed duppta and give to twinkle.
Twinkle: I deleted your all pics don’t click next time.
Aayat: I’ll kill you.
Ansh: why you’ll kill my mamma. Fatso.
Aayat: O hello cry baby. Don’t talk to me in this tone get it. Don’t forget I’m your dearest wifey.
Yuvi: really. ???..they make her more angry. Aayat snatch kunj phone and throw in one go. All get shocked to see her anger and her little red nose and eyes.
Maya: Aayat. Loudly.
Kunj: it’s okay. Kunj look at her face and smile. Aayat what is this why you applied this make up on your face.
Aayat: I’m not looking good kunj Chachu.
Kunj: superb you don’t need of this my baby. Now stop your tear. Okay.
Yuvi: it’s not her fault kunj this all girls applying makeup nonsense thing.
Girls wear makeup to impress men’. ?
All girls :????
Yuvi: Aayat you’re not looking good today chii.
Aayat: huhu. In full tashan I M a Victoria’s secret model. It’s such a secret that not even Victoria knows. She said in full arrogant tone all get speechless. No one expect this from her. While Yuvi fall down in shocked. Maya went in kitchen.
Aayat: and Aayat no need of anyone compliments get it I’m the best. Beauty with brain❤️??..
Yuvi: Arey babaji what a girl from where you leaned. Kunj yaar twinkle let me touch your feet ??..
Aayat: why you’ll touch their feet. Haa.
Touch my mamma Papa not there.
Kunj: Aayat bas twinkle give angry look at Ansh he went towards kunj. Papa.
Aayat: kunj Chachu you and Papa telling na that we are brother and sister.
Kunj: yes than.
Aayat: But Rahul Bhai saying that we become husband and wife in ghar ghar they can’t because they are a real brother and sister what does means.
Ansh: haa and she become my wife Papa showing her tantrums to me.
Aayat: tell me na we are not brother and sister Chachu. Just than Anant come there.
Anant: who tell you this my baby you both are brother and sister okay.
Ansh: real wale.
Anant: haa real wale.
Aayat: okay good our parents are not same nahi toh. Look at twinkle huhu.
Anant went in room.
Kunj: now clean your face. Twinkle clean her face.
Aayat: no she’ll beat me.
Kunj: no she’ll not okay. Go clean your face.
Twinkle: come with me. And you too ansh.
Yuvi: hips don’t lie.????
Aayat: Oh baby when you talk like that
You make a woman go mad
So be wise (si) and keep on (si)
Reading the signs of my bod????. Twinkle take her kids upstairs in room.
Kunj take his phone.
Yuvi: yaar she breaks your phone kunj. If anyone did that he’ll gone.
Kunj: so what bachi hai.
OM: But very funny she is?.
Kunj: hmm. Kunj went in their while just than Mahi feeling dizzy she can’t stands she to don’t know what happened to her. She reacted before she unconscious and about fall down Yuvi see her and hold her on perfect time.
Yuvi: mahhhhiiii. All shocked.
Asha: mahi. All come out of their rooms.
Anita: what happened to her. Yuvi take her in bebe room made her lay down on the bed asha call doctor.
Kunj: Yuvi don’t worry.
Yuvi: yaar don’t know what happened to her. Soon doctor comes.
Doctor: please go outside let me check her. Doctor examined her and tell mahi.
After sometime later doctor open the door while Yuvi was hell in tension. Doctor come out.
Yuvi: Doctor What happens to my wife tell me everything is fine in one Go.
Kunj: Yuvi let her speak na.
Doctor: nothing worry Mr Luthra infect congratulations to you. Your wife expecting all get happy to hear this while in shocked.
Yuvi: what doctor.
Doctor: means you are going to be father.
Yuvi: haaa really Doctor. Thanks. Yuvi look at Kunj. Kunj see me Papa bane wala ho.
Kunj: yes Bhai congrats. Even kunj was same happy like Yuvi. Yuvi run inside the room .who laying and smiling. Yuvi sit beside her.
Yuvi: thanks mahi for this.see kunj I told you na I’ll make you chachu soon?real one.
Kunj: hmm very soon bro. In hours. ?.
Anita: finally I’ll become dadi.
Leela: nani??. 3rd time ??.
Twinkle: I’ll to become massi. All giving congrats to mahi and yuvi.
Kunj: sound lame na Yuvi tu Papa bane wala hai..??..
Twinkle: now I’ll make fun of your babies.
Maya: right he makes fun of my babies very much.
Yuvi: let’s see. All left while only Mahi, Yuvi kunj , twinkle, Asha Anjali, OM.
Anjali: happy for you Yuvi.
Yuvi: diii bua??..
OM: yes.
Yuvi: god my baby not went on yours babies.
Kunj: never they are unique ??. Kunj and twinkle went outside. Aayat and Ansh come there.
Aayat: hoo massi congratulations baby aane wala hai.
Ansh: haa massi.??.
OM: Aayat now your anger gone.
Aayat: yes. They to left.
OM: they are carbon copy of kunj but this Aayat why?
Yuvi: Easily O she went on her father only na.
OM: means?
Asha: Arey she too kunj daughter.
OM: what but she Anant Bhaiya na.
Yuvi: no Arey bro they adopted her. Kunj and twinkle have two kids first one is Aayat second one is ansh and Aayat they give to maya Bhabhi and Anant Bhaiya. Understood.
OM: okay. (Maya listen this from side and left. ) just than niki come in room.
Niki: congratulations mahi and yuvi.
OM: let’s go anjali. They left. Leave new going to become parents alone.
Yuvi: best gift you give me mahi on this valentine day.
Mahi: we are equal ?.
Yuvi: acha.
While next side Niki hold Om hand but her jerk her hands.
Niki: OM listen to me I really love you.
OM: stop this cheapness Niki I didn’t love you I told hundred times why can’t you understand these man. Haa I just love Anjali get it. You try to kill my Anjali and but I come on time no one can’t separate us get it. ?.
Niki: what about my love Om can’t you see my love haa look into my eyes OM you
Can see love for you please accept me.
OM: what type of girl you’re haa I’m married to your sister haa still from starting I’m loving only Anjali bas till my last breath I’ll love her only. What you did with her let me get fine after I’ll tell each and everything about you to kunj did you think he’ll leave after knowing about you what you did with his sister and I’ll leave not at all niki. I love her the way she is not from outside beauty my Anjali beautiful from inside.
Niki: that b*t*h Even she can’t walk properly.
OM: shut up so what she can’t walk, but she has me in her life to hold her but look at yourself you don’t have anyone in your life never get it. Better for you to stop your cheap things to harm us. She tries to hug OM just than Anjali come there. Om jerk her with full force.
Anjali: what happening is here.
OM: nothing Anjali let’s go some idiot can’t understand. They both left from here. While next side all come Sarna Mansion after knowing about good news.
Surjit: today I’m hell happy.??.
Yuvi: me too they both father and son hugging and Dancing in happiness.
Mahi look at them feeling so bless.
Usha: they are really very happy.
Manohar: did you forget our time when we going to become dada dadi. ?
Usha: yes remember ji?.
Kunj: has pagal hogaya hai kya Yuvi.
Yuvi : yes. They both laughing kunj was hell happy for Yuvi like he was going to become Papa.
Kunj: so happy for you so what you want today.
Yuvi: acha what’ll you do.
Kunj: everything.
Yuvi: mahi you don’t worry kunj will clean our baby nappy like me I used to clean ?now his turn.
Kunj: surely ?.
After sometime later at [email protected]
Everything sitting for dinner usha making all Mahi and yuvi favourite foods.
Manohar: smells amazing ?.
Surjit: hmm.
Yuvi: thanks maami?.
Mahi: haa.
Manohar: om beta sit. Manohar talking with om so nicely that makes kunj and Anant shocked. They both choked together.
Usha: what happened to you both haa. Yuvi laughing.
Yuvi: maami they both can’t digest. ?
Manohar: what.
Kunj/ Anant: nothing Papa. Give look at him.
Aayat: dadu can I asked you one question.
Manohar: haa my bacha.
Aayat: why I’m looking like kunj Chachu after listening her question everyone stops Thier hands. I’m mean everyone said me that I’m looking like kunj Chachu. Why? Kunj look at Anant while he look at him.
Ansh: Haa. Why?
Usha: Arey it’s normal Aayat.
Aayat: no answer me. Why? I’m not looking like my Papa. Both parents just speechless.
Anjali: woh na because Aayat your Chachu went on your Papa that’s why you look like your Chachu but you look at Anant.
Aayat: look at Kunj face and started thinking. But my all other friends to saying me this. They think I’m twinkle chachi daughter. Now this make kunj chokes.
Usha: Arey who tells you haa. Nothing is like that see Ansh like me that’s doesn’t mean I’m his mother haa.
Aayat: no he looks like his papa.
Anant: come here to me Aayat. She went near her father. Make her sit on his lap. See Aayat why? We are one blood na that’s why you are Sarna me too kunj Chachu and Ansh to we are connected with each other’s.
Aayat: hoo is this Papa. Anyhow everyone convinced her even she too.
Yuvi: now stop how’ll eat ice cream. All kids we. Okay I’ll Oder for you all. After dinner all sit and having ice cream still Aayat question going on kunj mind. After all left for their homes.

Later in [email protected]
[email protected]
Kunj and twinkle standing in balcony.
Kunj: what happened twinkle.
Twinkle: nothing kunj just happy for Mahi and yuvi. Just than Yuvi calls come kunj see this and smile. Kunj put the call on speaker both kids sleep till now.
Yuvi: hi.
Twinkle/ kunj: hi.
Mahi: how’s.
Twinkle: I should asked you this.
Yuvi: dekha mene tum dono ko bana diya real wala Chachu chachi. ?
Twinkle: nope your baby call me massi. Mahi: yes.
Yuvi: why? He’ll call you Chachu and chachi.
Kunj: yes. Twinkle give look to kunj.
Twinkle: we are already become Chachu and Chachi Yuvi.
Yuvi: But this time real one bhabhi ji?.
Aayat wala chod.
Mahi: di you know Raman maama and pinni maami along with bubli. They are coming.
Twinkle: good when.
Mahi: maybe in 2 and 3 days.
Yuvi: so let’s celebrate na Valentine’s Day together even om and di will be here.
Kunj: hmm you talk to di.
Yuvi: go and talk to her kunj.
Kunj: hmm. Take care bye.
Twinkle: hmm. Bye they ended the calls.
Twinkle about to going. But kunj pulling her towards him.
Kunj: where Mrs Sarna.
Twinkle: sone.
Kunj: now give my kiss get it.
Twinkle: no sleep.
Kunj: not. Twinkle push him and lay down on the bed on her side of bed kunj look at her. Twinkle off the lights. While Kunj went near her come top of her.
Twinkle: kunj stop. Go and sleep. Don’t let me make noise they are sleeping.
Kunj: good now we have time for us.
He com top of her and both look at each other’s.
Twinkle: don’t have you any shame kunj.
Kunj: no. Now give me kiss. Kunj look at rosey lips.
Twinkle: why’ll see us what they’ll think haa.
Kunj: nothing bas how much we love each other’s. Kunj sealed her lips with his. Both started kissing each other smoothly. Twinkle rubbing kunj hairs. Both bite each other lips. Twinkle moaning kunj name
Kunj: happy Kiss day.
Twinkle: same.
Just than they Aayat wake up. And sit there only started crying in sleep. Blabbering mamma. They heard this and shocked. Immediately stop their romance.
Twinkle: kunj. Get up from me.
Aayat: mamma.
Kunj: shit Aayat wake up.
Kunj get up from twinkle and on the lights and look at Aayat their good luck her eyes was closed.
Twinkle: shame less Sarna.
Twinkle get up take Aayat near hers.
Aayat: mamma see I’m here stop. She cuddles her. She stops and sleep again in twinkle embrace. Kunj see the time it’s perfect 12:00 ?. He looks at twinkle face went near wardrobe take out one box.
Sit beside twinkle while she gets confused.
He gives to twinkle box.
Twinkle: what is this kunj.
Kunj: open na first. Twinkle open the box and found beautiful bracelet inside in. She gets so happy and look at Kunj.
Twinkle: Kess ke kiye.
Kunj: Angelina jolie ke liye. Both look at each other.
Twinkle: huhu.
Kunj: obviously for you na twinkle happy Valentine’s Day will you be my valentines
Twinkle: forever.aww it’s such a beautiful bracelet Kunj thanks for this she kissed on his cheeks.


Twinkle: I don’t have any for you. Because we didn’t celebrate na.
Kunj: I know but from now every time.
And I don’t need anything you give me your heart it’s important for me more. He gives pecked on her lips. Which make her blush. Twinkle take out the bracelet.
Kunj make her wear it now the bracelet beauty increase more. After twinkle wearing it.
Twinkle: looking nice.
Kunj: hmm did you like it.
Twinkle: I loved it. Twinkle look at next box in kunj hand. What is this kunj.
Kunj: this gift for Aayat I know If she saw this in your hands, and she to want it and I love this for her so brought for you both too after you both important for me.
Twinkle open the Aayat box and it’s too beautiful.

Aayat )

Twinkle: aww. Twinkle make her wear and both look at her waist looking beautiful.
Kunj: perfect. ?. Kissed on her palm.
Twinkle: you still think about what happened today.
Kunj: no bachi. Hai twinkle normally she asked. Bas.
Twinkle: today we convinced her kunj but.
Kunj: Leave it. You all to not talking anything in front of them.
Twinkle: why’d I. Don’t know from where they both knowing real and not.
Kunj: hmm.. bas just be careful. Even I told Yuvi too sometime when he talks.
Twinkle: kunj no one talking about this. I don’t why she asked this maybe everyone says this na so today she asked.nahi toh never. That day too when baby shower Video they see she asked so many questions.
Kunj: But you Handel na.
Twinkle: always can’t na kunj.
Kunj: hmm.
Twinkle: now sleep chote. They both wish each other goodnight sleep over take them.

Next [email protected] At night .

They all youngsters celebrating Valentine’s Day with their partners and giving gifts to each other.
Having fun a lot of fun. While Niki and Sheetal planning something. Kunj and Anjali sitting quietly.
Anjali: still muffled with me chote sorry na with tears.
Kunj: no di I can’t with you never.
Anjali: sorry chote in my anger I told you so much harsh words I’m really sorry.
Kunj: so what you are my di after all.
Anjali: I give so much pain to my paapdh ka tukhda.
Kunj: hehe. No more tears di now just happy for me. Kunj wiped her tears and hugged her too. Om come there.
OM: now happy di and chote.
Kunj: yes.
Twinkle: perfect.?. They all hugged each other’s and scene freezes on their face.
Hi everyone I know late too. But I was busy so can’t post now free If get time I’ll post soon. I hope you all like it this episode too and sorry for not commenting in any ff.
Now I’ll. ???.
Give me your views and happy valentine day. ??Everyone.
Thanks fo your comments and likes dislikes. ?❤️❤️❤️..
bye love you all.

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