Love ka hai intzaar Twinj shots by kiya episode 64

Episode 64…
Hey everyone how’s you all..
So this episode specially for my all friends
Today is my bday so give you long episode aeshe bhi I give ????…
take it..
this bday best because have you in my life..
Started from same continued part..:
Twinkle and Asha or Chinki conversation going on..Just than waiter come with coffee and served them and left.. twinkle was hell nervous she doesn’t know what to do..? Tension clearly visible on her face. Asha and Chinki can easily read this.. Meanwhile twinkle thinking about Kunj her tension increased more what happened when he come to know about this..
Asha breaking the ice..
Asha: twinkle your coffee..
T: haa.. twinkle take coffee take small sip..
Chinki: twinkle yaar don’t worry..
T: How can I not worry Chinki.after years everything become stable between us just now we enjoy our life with each other nicely.I know his anger comes its right and valid too.
Asha: but twinkle why you hide this from kunj from years ago why??..
T: I have many reason Asha. I know kunj how he is and taking things when it’s come to me. He totally losese his mind and control on himself.. it’s make me scare badly.That things he doesn’t like clearly tell me whether I like or not. And he hates when anyone lies to him.
Chinki: he’ll get angry on you..
T: it’s fine if he gets angry on me.. I see his anger many times because of others we fight with each other.Before because of Neil he doesn’t like him like anything.Saying this all in Sadness and wet eyes.. now this cheery. Making my life hell and I didn’t tell kunj about him because I don’t want any scene happened in family you all know sheetal what type of girl she is. And I know my Pati dev too when he started nobody can stops him and he can’t leave too.
In his anger even not he sees whom in front of he speak whatever comes in his mind and tongue just giving and throwing things and breaking to even hurt himself too. Or even not listening mummy ji and Papa ji I saw him when Papa ji and he fights with each other for the first time. Both of them same even kunj not realized he stands in front of his father.while Asha and Chinki just shocked ? and their hands on their heads.. twinkle too look at their face..
Asha: hayee uff twinkle your Pati Dev is unique I mean whole world anger inside in him only..
Chinki: haa twinkle she is right I mean everyone get angry on a certain time , level..
T: but my husband had no certain time or level yaar. See you both just listen about him. think about me yaar I saw everything
In front of my eyes.When he is in anger I can’t even roam around kunj. I know when I went near him he burst out on me.. hardly I scare with anyone but kunj anger make me shiver. What he did with Neil we all know..
Chinki: haaa?.. Aesha hai..
Asha: haa I saw twinkle when Ansh injured that time.. I only saw you twinkle.but now he loves you twinkle may be not react that much you thinking..
T: past from 6 years I stay with him I know him..I know this too he loves me lot I can see on his eyes. He truly loves me Asha.. think that time toh kunj don’t love me now he loves me like anything.! He is very possessive about me and his kids when I used my hand on them that time you see his face like he’ll kill me surely..
Chinki: it means kunj is very possessive about you twinkle that’s it..
Asha: seems interesting yaar wish my namu also possessive about me like kunj. So lovely sometime when your husband possessive this much about you ultimately his love also shows for you.. uff twinkle lucky man???….
Chinki: after conception comes what about this..
Asha: easily you know he is possessive about you than Handel him..
Chinki: haa kunj jeshe doodh pita bacha hai ?you can give him candy that’s it..
Asha: if you say this he is not doodh pita bacha hai than forget because uske doodh pete bache ko even you can’t Handel m I right twinkle.. ?
T: yes Asha is right chinki.This sadu and his juniors sadu carbon copy. Even babaji
Not given slightly difference between them not even a single as well..! I thought cherry bhaiya stop his nonsense. but he can’t you know . I served him food in front of all family members he touch my hands even kunj sitting.. and last night in Yuvi house too he come in kitchen behind me and hold my hand and today also when I m in kitchen come from back and hugged me..
Asha: what ??… totally shameless man.!
T: don’t know what babaji want from me.
Now my life become good we both happy with each other now this horrible things’ comes.. babaji help me..
Chinki: take a chill pill twinkle yaar..
Asha: haa twinkle chill you tell kunj nicely he’ll understand differently. Don’t you know he forgives naman..
T: hmm right I’ll tell him today when he come back home from office.
Asha: haa after behaving cozy with him. It’s very simple and easy to handle boys ??winking at her ?.
Chinki: heheehheee??..:
T: you both just shut up.. samji na..!!
Chinki: okay girls bye I have to go hospital for routine check up I’m going..
Asha: haa even me tooo my soham to come back from school MAA ko pareshan kardega..okay take care of mr angry young man twinkle bichara heart patient hai?????….
T: hawww so bad Asha you’re…!!
Asha: thanks yes I’m ??.:. Okay bye all the best ??… they hugged each other after they left for their place…
next [email protected] office KY
Kunj and yuvi sitting and working on other project.
Y: last night saale behaving weird why??.
K: nope nothing is like that Yuvi just tired little bit yaar that’s why. And worried about om yaar hell tension on my head Yuvi.!!
Y: hmm don’t worry kunj he’ll be fine..
K: keshe nahi Yuvi I promised my di I’ll give his OM her back and fit and fine.. sometime when I think about him if anything happens to him Yuvi how I will face my Anjali Di Yuvi..
Y: I trust on you kunj you’ll not let happened anything to Om.. don’t think Like that bro. After all you are my love ??pulling his cheeks..
K: Yuvi stop this… I’m petty for Mahi ?.
Y: hehe very funny ? teri saali very lazy hai yaar find new one for me ???…
Both laughing like manic..!!!!
K: I don’t have guts now ?… siyappa queen kill me..!!!
Y: heyyy pati pati na raha mera upar wale ??… see this CP+???
K: chal leave this nonsense concentrate on work.they both again busy in work.. just than Akash come in cabin with files. He went towards them..
Akash: sir files..
Y: haa good Akash.. done or not..
Akash: half done.. kunj immediately look at him..
K: why half Akash haa..
Akash: woh sir he look here and there.
K: I asked something Akash to you..
Y: leave kunj I’ll do..!! You go he left..
While Kunj look at Yuvi..
K: very unprofessional men..
Y: hehee giving him sleepy smile..
Just than Sara too come in cabin with all files..
Sara: sir done all work what you give me.. kunj look at Yuvi.. and give him sarcastically smile..
K: good Sara.. one work more for you..
Sara: what sir..
K: see this files go and recheck all. Correct too all mistakes..
Sara: but Akash did na.
K: Arey he did half you did again okay and fast I want..
Sara: okay.. she took all files and left..
K: see this it’s call work not that your favourite Akash did.. Yuvi why you not leave him find new one Assistant..
Y: acha teri wali bahut achi hai.. you take her class once in a week..
K: yes I did she needs that’s why. Get it. At least better than yours bro.. because of he even she not does her work on time..
Y: Arey why you have problems they both in relationships man??? I’m good boy let them enjoy their life love birds dua lagegi mujhe..??..
K: it’s work place not their romance place..
Y: haa tu toh romance place dekh kar start karta hai Bhai jeshe ??…
K: whatever saala..
Y: same to you showing him middle finger ??..
K: same too you he did same.. he gets up went towards near door..
Y: hey kunj showing him both hands middle fingers and ran from there.. ?..
( just like same me and my siblings did ???) while Kunj murmur and giving him gaali.. again he busy in work while thinking about twinkle…!!!
Next [email protected]
Sarna [email protected]….
twinkle come back home they all sitting for lunch silently.Sheetal giving nonsense looks to twinkle..
Sheetal: see mummy ji what Kunj did he lift his hands and tell me that admission not happening..
Bebe: so what he tries na Sheetal that’s it..
and Rohan and piya going in good school no need of this..
Niki: leave Sheetal..
Riya: haa Bhabhi.. maya and twinkle look at them.!! Just than their kids come back from school while screaming mammmaaa four of them..!!!
Usha: lo they too come..!! They went towards their mothers..
piya: mamma today we did lots of fun in school..
Sheetal: good..
Rohan: haa mamma..
Anjali: what about my both babies..
Ansh/ Aayat: even we too did bua..
Aayat: you know bua today I win and Soham lose with me ??saying in happiness.. showing Tongue to twinkle..
Ansh: and me and my best friend too win bua.and that rohan Chinki Massi son lose..
Aayat: abey he is in my class na..
Ansh: haa when did I said with me ?..
maya: you both not started again come have something..
Ansh: haa Maa feed me first not her..
Aayat: no me she is my mamma go to your mamma before Ansh sit Aayat went near maya and sit on her Lap..
Anjali: aww Ansh today your bua feed you come..
ansh: haa???… okay he went near her sit beside her Anjali feeding him food with her hands nicely.. usha and nan or twinkle look at them and admire feel so good..
T: Anjali Di is so good really ?true bua looks at them both devil Riya and Niki ?.
After lunch, they take their kids in their respective rooms changed their dress after they four them playing together with their toys in lobby. while twinkle and Anjali sitting folding clothes..
Anjali: where did you went twinkle today..
T:woh di I was went to meet with Chinki..
Anjali: hoo good its so nice to meet with friends na..
T: haa right Chinki is my childhood bestie DI and Neil with sad face what he did chii..
Anjali: hmm leave about neil..
T: you have any friends Anjali Di.. Anjali looks at twinkle face.
Anjali: I don’t have much friends twinkle.
T: haa why? In childhood no one..
Anjali: Bachpan me my friends haa one friend but after sometime she shifted aboard after her I didn’t make any friend.. and I don’t need friends..
T: why di friends toh aache hote hai na..
Anjali: ha twinkle I know this I have ha Chote and yuvi or Anant they are my friends most important my papa and dadu they are best..
T: haa papa ji is your friend di..
Anjali: haa my papa is my best buddies and my dadu..I share my all things with them.after Humare OM my everything twinkle you know he is best he understood me so well without saying anything he can read my face..with teary eyes..
T: you really love him lot DI..
Anjali: haa even he too.. when you meet him na even you also feel same twinkle he is so humble twinkle…
T: I can see in your eyes love for him you really love him lot na.. I love this..
Anjali: haa ??..
T: di tell me to your love story please kunj told me it’s very interesting..ahmm..
Anjali laughs on this..
Anjali: then asked to your Pati dev.. he’ll tell you only he knows each and everything today me and Om together just because of Chote only twinkle he support us in every way he is the best brother.. When me and Om get married to each other my family break all relation with me..
Kunj only the one who always stand beside me like a pillar never let me break know I feel so proud on kunj and thankful to god he gives me the best bhai..!! My both brothers best..
T: soo cute na di this. Till now, I see Anant Bhaiya and kunj brotherhood now you too.
Anjali: haa.. and yuvi or kunj friendship its unique you can’t find in whole world like them..
T: this hell true di sometime I thought agar indono me ek ladki aur dusra ladka Hota toh surely they get married to each other Anjali DI..???..
Anjali: haaa ??..
T: Arey you see them both saving each other name is contact husband and wife ???..
Anjali: both are mad totally..
T: your Chote never sharing everything to me but with Yuvi ??…
Anjali: both stay like this always.. Backbone of each other..
T: haa friends never find like them..
Anjali: haa right..just praying my om get well soon..
T: he’ll di… Anjali Di can I asked you something don’t mind please..
Anjali: haa ask anything why’ll I mind..
T: woh it just I thought DI I mean many years passed your marriage till now you don’t have baby. Anjali looks at her face..sorry please I didn’t mean that..
Anjali: I know this twinkle it’s normal question.happiness comes in my life but Babaji take it immediately..
T: means DI…
Anjali: means two times I lost my babies in my womb twinkle. Twinkle just shocked while slightly tears falling downs…
T: please don’t feel bad’s happened.
Don’t worry soon Babaji gives you..
Anjali: when twinkle don’t know.. maa ji always Frown with me about this I’m not giving her a grandchild.. It’s hurt me lot. Always asked to god when happiness arrived in my life.twinkle take her hand on her..
T:soon happiness knock on your door Anjali DI.. you just faith on good..
Anjali: I do.sometime I thought about you
Really you have a very big heart twinkle.. To realize and feel someone pain it’s very huge thing and give them too…
T: haaa I don’t have big heat Anjali DI but it’s just if anyone doesn’t have that’s why they want if god give them why they need of anyone.and I didn’t do anything maybe god just make her for them only. I just a way too, and we connected.she comes in this world for them not for us Anjali di..
Twinkle wiped Anjali tears..don’t cry if your Chote see this he’ll kill really means a lot to kunj..
Anjali: you are so good twinkle. I know it’s hard for you so much.. if I can feel this much bad for my unborn babi what about you it’s only you know what you feel twinkle I can see in your eyes.twinkle eyes become wet.!
T: acha slightly laugh ?.(.thing )only I know it’s very hard for me to convince myself.. Just hiding my pain..
Anjali: where you lost haa…
T: nope. Twinkle hugged her.. You are so humble Anjali di understanding everything.!!
Anjali: hmm..Chalo before Maa come and tell us we didn’t fold this clothes she’ll scold us..
T: ha… both busy in their work..
other hands..Ansh and Aayat along with Rahul and piya they play together.
Piya: awww Aayat your doll is so beautiful ?.. who brought for you this.
Aayat: my kunj Chachu bring me for me..
she showed her others toys..
piya: aww amazing.. You have so many toys and dolls..
Aayat: this my twinkle Chachi give me she brought for me from Switzerland..
piya: haa twinkle Chachi give you so many toys, but she gives us only 3 toys why??..
Aayat: what why?? She is my Chachi she gives me only na simple.. just like same Niki Riya bua always gives chocolates you both not me and Ansh. because she your bua real wali you always say these na.. and twinkle Chachi is my real Chachi not yours get it that’s why.. baby.. and now we have bua too…
piya: whatever, so we have too bua you have one only seen ??…
Ansh: but our Anjali bua is best ??..
Aayat: haa.. and we have Dadu too..
Rahul: whatever… ???.. they again play games.
Next side.. Luthra [email protected]
Anita and Mahi sitting in hall. Mahi don’t know what happened to her.. sometime she feels good and next moment she feels weird..
Anita: mahi Puttar what happened..
Mahi: nothing mom.. just headache..
Anita: rest na than..
Mahi: hmm..
Anita: you come with me mahi I m going to meet with Shilpa so you to come with me. Here you get bored alone..
Mahi: hmm..
Anita: you get Tina company..
Mahi: good mom.
Anita: go and get ready till then me too.
Mahi: okay mom.. they both went in their respective rooms to get ready..after sometime later they both DIL and MIL left..
While in office Yuvi and Malika chit chatting with each other just than Kunj entered in Malika cabin while having coffee and went near them..
K: what dirtiness going on here.. Yuvi look at him..
Y: see just now we take devil name he appears immediately ????.. Kunj sit next to him..
K: heyy don’t fly in air kutte..
Malika: now you both started again.. you know kunj today I meet with Alisha..
Y: Haaa how’s she is..
Malika: good.. With his father
K: okay..! Itself she hit on her legs..
Malika: haa and that fellow neil.. Baster.
Y: you know Malika when I saw you with Neil that time I thought you both dating each other’s..
K: hmm even me too.. Malika laugh out.
Malika: you both gone. Did you thinking me dating to Neil never looks at him and me he is not my type of man..
Y: what type of man you want ?..
Malika: unique hot with smartness while Kunj and yuvi look at her..
K: that type of men you can’t fine.
Malika: I know my choice is totally different. So no bf.. okay boys I have to go salon so bye..
Y: bye.. she left..
K: hope soon she finds..
Y: abye kunj what type of man she wants.
And our Nikhil babu standing in line..
?.. gaya bichara bacha..
K: haa didn’t think this.
Y: Arey didn’t you see in my house the way nikhil look at malika that time only I sense..
K: haa you can sense everything because kutta jo hai tu??… where is your nose I wanna touch.. weshe seem interesting Malika weds Nikhil.. ?what’s say..
Y: haa abey But Malika not fall so easily kunj..
K: right whatever happened in both matter we both have fun ??..
Y: right saala Nikhil..
K: haa I saw you getting very friendly with
Him saale..
Y: chal jealous man.. both smirked and lift their eyes Browns ????…abye he praises twinkle beauty lot ?..
K: haa.. What he did now he can’t Praise Malika directly ??.::
Y: true.. whole day went like this..
in Taneja [email protected]
They all family members sitting together on dinning table having their dinner..
Soham: dadi you know Aayat win and I lose..
Leela: it’s okay my son you win next time..
Asha: haa soham so what if you lose it’s good you lose with your sister na..
RT: haa true. Your Papa always lose with your both bua’s..
Soham: haa why Papa..
Naman: aeshe hi soham..
Soham: hooo Papa..
Asha: first have your food soham we talk later..
Naman: yes..
Soham: okay but Aayat mujhe pareshan kar deti hai class me.. I’ll complain her to maya aunty..
Leela: awww..
asha: don’t dare to think about this..
twinkle told me about her drama.. All laugh..
Rt: totally drama queen na Leela..
Leela: ha ji.. jeshi maa weshi beti..
Rt: haa Bachpan me twinkle keshe karti ti..
Naman: yeah i remember…
Soham: But her mamma is maya aunty na.. With puppy face.. all look at him..
Asha: soham do your work when elders talk don’t speak in between them..
Soham: sorry. He got up and left..
Leela: asha it’s not good..
Naman: see maa he got up went behind soham.. after they had their dinner..
At Sarna [email protected]
maya and twinkle along with Sheetal They busy in kitchen.while others sitting in hall just waiting for dinner when it’s get ready..
Anant: where is my babies today MAA..
Usha: they play just..
Anand: hoo. Just than sister merry entered
There.Anjali see her and get up
immediately in happiness.. she went towards her..
Anjali: you sister today..
Sister merry: yess to meet with you today you not come na, so I come.
Anjali: hoo come. They went near everyone and settle down..
Usha: how’s you.??
Sister merry: I’m good what about you all..
Bebe: we too good..
Manohar: good to see you..
sister merry: hmm I went hospital to meet with om so thought to meet you all..
Anjali: good you sit I’ll get something for you..
Sister merry: no need of this my son.
While Anjali went in kitchen and tell them to about sister merry come. Anjali get juice for her and give sit beside her..
while Anant and Anjali chitchatting with sister enjoying this..while twinkle and maya they both to complete their work tell Servant arrange dinning table.. went in hall. Maya and twinkle meet with her too..
just than Kunj comes with tired face..
Anjali: see now you asked about your kunj he come too.. Anjali give voice to kunj..
K: haa.. kunj see sister merry sitting without wasting any seconds he gets happy went towards her..
K: aapa.. he sits beside her.. how’s you..
Sister merry: I m good what about you..
K: I’m superb top-notch with bright smile..
so you went hospital..
sister merry: hmm Jesus bless him..
you toh not come meet with me..
K: heheh??I try to come but busy little bit.just than Ansh and Aayat comes there.
She looked at them..
Anand: Ansh and Aayat come here both. They went towards them..
Ansh: haaa Papa..
Anand: meet with her..
Aayat: hi..
Ansh: hii..
sister merry: hi cupped their face and kissed on their forehead.. so adorable..
they talk with each other’s.. okay now I take leave..
K: Arey wait na sister why so hurry..
Usha: have dinner with us today.
Sister merry: no please..
K: ofoo please na..
Anjali: haa.. they both brother and sister hold her hands..
Sister merry: okay fine..
Usha: twinkle and maya go and see..
T: you all come dinner is ready.. after they all went and sitting together for dinner. While twinkle and maya serving them..
K: have this too..
Sister Merry: haa kunj..after twinkle and maya to sit they all having their dinner..
After dinner.
Sister merry: okay bye thanks for such a tasty dinner.. kunj and Anjali hugged her..
K: okay I’ll drop you..
Sister merry: no my son.. I’ll go..
K: Arey why okay I’ll tell driver he dropped you now toh okay na..
sister Merry: no one can’t win with you kunj..
K: I knew.. ?… okay bye.. she too left..
nani: so nice lady..
K: she is just awesome nani.. you just spend time with her you’ll fall in love with her..
nani: acha?.. see twinkle.. again sit.
Piya telling Sheetal that twinkle give Aayat so many toys compare them..
Sheetal: I already know that my baby..
Piya: But twinkle chachi why you give her not me same.. while all look at her..
Aayat: aoo I told you na.. Don’t putting your bad eyes on my toys..
Sheetal: acha.. why’ll she. Sheetal started arguments with Aayat..
maya: sheetal stop she’s not your age..
Sheetal: first look at her.I know you people so much did partiality.. huhu..
T: Sheetal why making big this..
Sheetal: acha I did.. you are good na what you did ha..
T: Sheetal my intentions is not bad I didn’t partial. I don’t know about you people. Bas whatever I have I give them too..
Sheetal: acha so give equally na twinkle. We all are equal in this house why not they four too.
Sheetal: now please don’t give me any nonsense reasons we all know the reason twinkle. If someone on her place than I get it. It’s obvious you give her first rather than my kids.. it’s naturally after all she is your before d…a…u…..she complete..
K: just stop now.. Aayat standing there only. They all look at her..
Sheetal: we don’t want anything she Throws toys what twinkle give them..
Aayat: good even we don’t have ?extra she pick up the toy happily Havanaaa ??..:????
K: you and piya go from here..they both ran..Kunj look at Sheetal..
maya: Sheetal you loved dramas.
Sheetal: acha even you too Same.. First look at her than talk to me..
Maya: haa I’ll don’t need your advice.. last time you pinch them.. Anant look at her..
Anant: what??..
maya: haa.
Sheetal: first they both pulling my piya hairs..
K: so you pinch their cheeks in return sheetal:. First look at your age and there.
They can do fight but next moments normal, but we can’t involve in their matters. It’s simple thing can’t you understand.I didn’t tell you anything leave it.if they did wrong you can tell their parents na..!!
Sheetal: I went towards twinkle.. na.
K: listen last time carefully when Ansh did than comes towards us Sheetal when Aayat did then went towards them pointing his hands towards maya and Anant.. Get it.. and just now what you saying haa.Don’t Sheetal it’s good for you to mind your tongue.. and control on your hands too. Good for you too..
cherry: right you are kunj.. what reason haa behaving like kids you sheetal..
K: leave this..
Sheetal: okay sorry now.. She walks out from there in tashan.. while Kunj went in their room.
Twinj room @
Kunj directly went in balcony. He stands there he took out cigarette packed from inside the pant pocket. He started smoking and looking at in sky.. while twinkle complete her works in sadness thinking what happened just now.. after twinkle went upstairs in her room. She look at whole room where is kunj. Her eyes went on balcony.
T: Kunj balcony me hai.. leave it..
twinkle bedding and take out kunj and her night dress. Twinkle kept kunj pj and tshirt in side while she take her and went in washroom.. kunj throw the cigarette. Come back in room. He show washroom lights on understand twinkle inside.
just than twinkle come out of the washroom.kunj get up take his clothes he went in washroom.!!! Twinkle closed the balcony door and curtains too.Twinkle sit and waiting for kunj till now he didn’t come. Shower voice coming.after he come out of the Washroom. Twinkle look at Kunj.
Kunj too look at her.
K: what happened twinkle..
T: nothing.. do you want to get Ill kunj..
K: what?? He went towards bed and sit..
T: mean I’ll show you. Twinkle get up take new towel and went towards him..
and sit in front of him..
K: now what siyappa queen..
T: take up..
K: why.?
T: Kunj please..
K: okay baba.. he get up..
T: sit down on floor.,kunj sit down without saying anything thing.. twinkle to sit on the bed. Kunj fold his legs..twinkle started drying his wet hairs with towel..
T: ab samje.
K: hoo okay.. twinkle smoothly drying kunj hairs while he enjoying..
K: forget what happened just now okay..
T: hmm. Now used too kunj..kunj get up sit beside her. Take her hands on his..
K: I know twinkle don’t hiding from me..
I hate when you hiding things with me. Twinkle look at Kunj.. and get more worried now..
T: nahi baba kunj it’s nothing like that..
sach me kunj I never ever partial with anyone kunj.. with tears eyes..
K: shhh ? don’t give me explanation twinkle I know you never did this..
T: she always blamed on me kunj..
taking Aayat in this..!! And telling me reason behind this.. taunted
K: I see twinkle.. let her twinkle what reason haa.. nothing..
T: Kunj I never show anything for Aayat sach me. It’s showing anything.. always in my limits. If she asked me what the reason. Kunj what I’ll tell him haa..
K: ufff twinkle I trust on you.. and from where it’s comes you showing haa.
Kunj cupped her face.. chal forget everything now. When we in our room left everything out of the room here you and me only and our love..bas.. winking ? and lift his eye brows ?..
T: acha twinkle laugh.stop lifting your brows,. Sadu..
They both lay down on the bed in sitting position..
T: you become so happy after see sister merry.. ahmm..
K: yup she is best role model.
He understand me so well. She is best friend of me and yuvi.. and Anjali Di too.
T: hmm.. sadu only showing his sadu ness to me. Ha na..
K: woh toh special hai for you.. playing with her fingers..
T: huh..kunj look at twinkle face caressing her face.. Kya hai twinkle said.. kunj rubbing his nose again her.Their breaths hitting with each other breaths. Both looking at each other eyes..twinkle closed her eyes.Their lips about to meet with each other’s. Just than Aayat open the door with jerk and entered in room.twinkle and kunj open their eyes look at her immediately separated from each other.
Aayat: what happened..
T: nothing.. she jumped on the bed..
K: murmurs always come on correct time huh??.twinkle controlling her laugh..
Aayat: don’t look me like that I know I’m beautiful still.!
K: hoo.. Kunj pull her and she beneath on kunj.. twinkle lay next to them..
Aayat: Kya hai.
K: from where you learned this Aayat. Haa.
Aayat: what??
K: acha don’t you know.. speak less work more..
Aayat: nope in full tashan.. speak more work less ??.. which make kunj and twinkle laugh.. Kunj pulled her chubby cheeks..
T:not from where kunj infect from you she learning..
K: how..??
T: she speak and give us same dialogue which you give specially me.. Aayat bite her tongue..?..
K: hoo..
Aayat: so what I didn’t copy anyone in my life..
K: hoo kitni badi teri life hai haa.. pidhi Shi.
Aayat: we are same na kunj Chachu..
K: keshe.. Aayat cupped kunj face.
Aayat: see your eyes and my same lips. Nose face.. everything..
K: I don’t think so..
Aayat: okay..huhu.. Aayat touch Kunj hairs.. ohhoo so cool .she hold kunj from his neck.. both enjoying this.Kunj kissed on aayat cheeks..
T: hoo. Left something for morning..
Aayat: twinkle chachi see this my teddy bear is so soft you can hug him and sleep.
K: why here her real teddy bear sitting she don’t need.. I m more soft of him.. and cute too.. twinkle smiling on this..
Aayat: okay baba now I’m going you’ll saying Aayat disturb us..
T: hooo bas madam ???..
Aayat: good night..
K: good night.. where is my son..
Aayat: how I know..
K: send him okay.. Aayat get up and left..
twinkle about go get up but kunj pulling her.. where are you going mother India..
T: Ansh ko lene..
K: Aayat send her don’t worry. Twinkle hold teddy bear kunj see this.. ho you don’t need of this he take this from her hands.. kept in side..
T:why it’s so soft., Naughty way
K:acha let your babies play with this you play with me winking at her ?..
T: kuch bhi.. have some shamed kunj..
K: so where we are left our important work. Miss Aayat come.. na.. Kunj rubs twinkle lower lips with his thumb..
T: Kunj Ansh will come na..
K: so fast.. kunj capture her lips.. both started kissing each other’s smoothly.. while twinkle rubbing his nape hairs.. both showering their love for each other caring:
After 10 minuets later they break the kiss due to lack of oxygen.. kunj and twinkle looking at each other face. Kunj seeing her face in such a way that which make twinkle blush hard ??…
K: oye Meri blushing ☺️ queen stop after happen more than this.. twinkle hit on his chest playfully.. they both lay down..
T: Kunj I want to tell you something..
K: haa tell..
T: woh..! Ansh come in room with gloomy.
K: ho finally my hero come.. Ansh take pillow. About to go back..
T: where are you going ansh.
Ansh: I’m sleeping with bua..
K: why.. come to me..
T: how I’ll sleep come.. kunj get up lift him and lock the door.. come back lay down on the bed..
K: now tell what happened..
Ansh: nothing..
T: no something happened. Aayat madam tell you something haa..
ansh: no no she didn’t tell me anything..
K: itna toh apne baap se nahi darta hai jitna usse ?…
Ansh: you both forgot me..
T: Arey baap Arey..
K: life me Meri biwi ko nahi mana padega but surely inn ko.. no Ansh how can we forgot you ansh..You know na Papa loves you lot..
Ansh: haa more than Mamma.
K: haa. Inka competition Meri biwi se hi hai???.. she Is in beauty and now he too..
T: haa Papa loves you more than everyone.
K: hmmm.
Ansh: haa.. hug kunj.. he. Too..
T: bas only Papa want mamma not..
Ansh: hehe haa I love my papa.. and you too.. twinkle off the lights and they hugged each other’s and cuddle Ansh tightly. Sleep..
As usual day started everyone had their breakfast. Anjali kept pooja in mandir today for om everyone busy in work..
Usha: Anjali beta don’t worry everything done..
Anjali: hmm MAA..!!
Next side [email protected]
Twinkle lost in her own world just thinking about Kunj how to tell kunj about cherry..
His ridiculous things..twinkle folding blanket.. just than Kunj entered in room. To take his office bag.he looks at twinkle.
Who busy in her work.. he went near her and hugged her from back.. while twinkle shocked..
T: haaaa… in fear.. twinkle turned her face see it’s kunj..
K: kya hua..
T: tum.., ho..
K: what you mean tum ho obviously me hi houga na.. twinkle after kess ki itni himmat jo tujhe aeshe haath laga Shakye
Ha mere alawa.. twinkle like silent..she thought it’s cherry..
T: haa right who will be besides you kunj.. only you na..
K: where are you lost twinkle I saw you from since many days..
T: hmm.. I want to talk with you kunj..
K: haa we’ll please do my one work..
T: what?..
K: give this paper to cherry bhaiya..
T: me.. no you give him na..
K: why you can’t give..I’m getting late for office..
T: Kunj I have work to do.. you give this..
K: okkkay.. acha bye.. Kunj kissed on her forehead.. left for office.’!!
After sometime later.all family members went mandir for pooja..cherry standing in garden.. and look at everyone sit in cars and left..
Cheery: where is twinkle ji.. she didn’t went… it’s good for me.. she and me alone in home.. great.. babaji.. he laughs devilishly.. twinkle doing her work just than Asha phone comes twinkle pick up her call..
Asha: hi..
T: hi.
Asha: what are you doing..
T: nothing everyone went mandir for pooja so I m doing my work..
Asha: did you tell kunj twinkle..
T: no yaar I try but can’t.. hopefully today I’ll tell him.. already many dramas happen here.
Asha: don’t get late tell him okay.. Take care bye..
T: bye.. twinkle left the phone.. she clean everything after she sits for some time..while cherry watching her from side with lust eyes.. he went towards her twinkle see him immediately get up..
cherry: Arey what happened twinkle.. Sit.
T: aap..
Cherry: sit na..
T: you sit.. twinkle about to go.. while cherry hold her hand tightly,, twinkle shocked.. leave my hand..
Cherry: nope today even no one is here to listen your voice too.. haaaa???..
T: leave me… twinkle jerk him.. she ran from here while he too run behind her.. twinkle see this now she started shivering.. twinkle stop because of wall. While cherry coming near her..
Cherry: don’t do this.. he went near..
try to touch him.. twinkle jerk his hand..
T: chiii..
Cherry: I loved this.. why you don’t like my touch even kunj to touch you that time toh nahi..
T: stop your nonsense kunj is my husband. He has full right on me get it.. Stop this
I’ll tell today each and everything about you to kunj..
Cherry: haa.. than I’ll not leave you too..
he garbs twinkle hair tightly it’s giving her pain.. she winches in pain..
T: haaa leave me.. cherry break her all bangles.. twinkle slap him hard.. which increases cherry anger..
Cherry: now you’ll pay for this.. twinkle went in lounge about to lock the door., but before she did cherry not let her do.. he jerks due to this twinkle fall down of the floor.. he went towards her.. while twinkle try to get up. She went in corner.. even cherry too. He blocked the way side.. twinkle stand while cherry tear her kurti sleeves..
T: please stop this..
Cherry: shut up.. twinkle started crying.
He started touching her face and cheeks everywhere.. while next side.. kunj remember he forgot his file in home..
K: hmm what to do.. even today I don’t have to much work almost done.. Let me think.. let’s go home me and my siyappa queen went out for lunch today great idea.. kunj left for Sarna Mansion with smiling face..
T: Kunj will not leave you.. cherry bhaiya..
cherry: don’t call me bhaiya.. leave my hand.. he pushes her on couch come top her.,
Cherry: let’s enjoy…
T: noooo.. kunjjjjjjjjjjjj…. soon kunj reaches Sarna Mansion he went inside.. on one is in home..
K: where is my queen.. Must be playing new siyappa..??… twinkleee where are you… kunj went upstairs. He saw small pieces of bangles kept of floor.. what is this.. he leaves.. just than Kunj heard someone screaming voice..,, he gets confused.. while cherry try to kiss twinkle while she didn’t let him do this with her..
again twinkle scream.. while going in room
Kunj again heard screaming voice come from lounge.. he forward his step towards lounge.. Kunj went inside and get shocked to see the scenario..kunj caught cherry red-handed he sees twinkle laying on couch while cherry try to do forcefully while twinkle protesting herself she just hitting him.,
T: leave me.. kunjjjjjjj save me..
twinkle eyes went on kunj who standing..
T: kunjjjjjj.. Get happy.. while cherry turned and look at Kunj and get shocked.. twinkle push him. Get up.. and went towards kunj..
Kunj look at twinkle and get shocked to see her stage.. while twinkle just hugged him tightly..
T: thanks kunj you come.
K: what is this…, loudly..
T: Kunjjjj this cherry bhaiya.. miss behaving with me.. kunj side her twinkle and went towards him..
K: what is this cheery bhaiya. Haaa his eyes become red.. how dare you do this with my wife answer me..
Cherry: wohhhhh shaking.. kunj immediately slap him..
K: answer me.,,.. didn’t you have shame haa.. kunj drag him down in hall. While twinkle take her duppta cover herself..!!
T: hoo babaji what happened.. please Handel.. just than all family members come back from mandir and see kunj holding cherry collar and standing in anger.
Usha: what happened to you kunj haa..
K: ask him maaa..
bebe: tell na kunj why you hold my cherry..
K: you want answer na.. tell them what you try to do with my wife.. all look at twinkle who standing in side and cry..
Manohar: will you tell us kunj.. First kunj again slap cherry.. and jerk him..
Sheetal: what nonsense is this..
Manohar: kunjjjjj…
K: no papa. You know what he did… he mis behaving with twinkle. All get shocked..
bebe: no kunj he can’t do this.
K: I saw this bebe with my own eyes..
Haa.. how dare he did.. Anger clearly visible in kunj eyes..
Bebe: it’s true cherry..
cherry: no MAA. This twinkle babaji comes..
T: no.. kunj.,
Cherry: she is characterless woman..
K: ayeeeeeeeeeeee mind your tongue loudly..everyone gets shocked.. kunj garb his collar.. what did you said haa she comes towards you..
Usha: kunj stop this..
K: I can’t maa.. I didn’t let anyone look at my wife lift their eyes on her.. and he did this.. I can’t spare him..
Sheetal: leave my husband kunj.. your wife is very clean.. jeshe.. I saw her many times
Stares my husband many times.. now putting blame on him..
K: just shut up your mouth.. don’t dare to speak anything about her..
Manohar: you twinkle beta you tell us what the truth is it..
T: woh Papa.. I was doing my work this cheery bhaiya come and try to touch me I tell him stop but he doesn’t… even I slap him too. Not today only Papa ji.. Many times cherry bhaiya did this with me I always warn him, but he doesn’t understand today he tries to do forcefully with me just than Kunj come..all get shocked..
K: sun liya..
Usha: kunj Leave him..
K: no MAA I can’t.. you people leave him but I can’t . I can’t digest this anyone touches my wife. He cross his limit.. Don’t you feel shame. Woh Meri biwi hai cherry bhaiya.I’m very possessive about twinkle.
Easily I’ll not leave you..
cherry: you are very good haa even you to did with her same so what if I try to do..
All shocked to he didno realize his mistake while he tell nonsense.. now kunj anger went on highest pitch.. he closed his fist.. twinkle just shocked. Kunj without wasting anyone second he punches on him..
K: so what.. really.. Blood started coming from cheery lips..
Anjali: chote…
K:still you don’t have shame.. I’ll do whatever I want she is mine get it you can’t and nobody can’t.. now kunj and cherry both started fighting with each other.. everyone tries to stop him.. but they can’t.. Kunj took the vase about to throw on cheery but Manohar stop him..
Manohar: kunjjjjjjjj..
K: you always tell me haa what about him.. what he done Papa..
Niki: kunj look at your wife..
K: oye you just shut up..I don’t want your lecture.. we all know how you you please stop.. you all sibling are same to same.. you tell me na what parvarish my MAA Give us.. what about you people better than you all. At least..
Manohar: kunnjjj stop., you talk about my sister bebe.
K: acha.. This all talking about my wife what about this..
Manohar: Kunj we’ll talk calm down..
K: I can’t.. first he has to answer me..
Cherry about to go but kunj held him..
K: answer me.. I didn’t leave that buster Neil how I will leave you.. she is very important for me..
Niki: leave him.. we’ll you kill him..
K: yes I’ll…
T: kunj stop this..
Niki: this happening just because of you only get it.,
T: even Niki to know about this..
Usha: you should tell us na..
T: mummy ji.. woh just because she look at Kunj..! I don’t want anything happened that’s why..
K: I thought you are my brother but not you have bad intentions for my wife only.,
Cherry: sorry kunj..
K: what sorry.. kunj cupped his jawline..
Push him badly cherry fall down.,,
Usha: kunjjjjjjj… kunj didn’t stop finally usha slap him to stop him.,,
K: why you slap me maa. Slap him na..
Usha: you come with me.. he holds his hands try to take him in her room..
K: I’ll kill him maaa.. both mother and daughter take kunj in room.. while Kunj fuming ? in anger throwing things..
Manohar: stop kunj.. Behaving like kids..
K: why only I see you haa.. you didn’t tell him anything Papa..I’ll throw him out of the our house..
Manohar: Kunj calm down..
K: they’ll not leave here Papa..!!!
Usha: But ji it’s not good what cherry did with twinkle haa..
Manohar: when I tell this usha. I’ll talk to bebe..
K: that blo*dy cherry pointing his finger on twinkle character how dare.. kunj punch his hand on wall..
Anjali: kunjjj..
In hall Sheetal look at twinkle face in anger.. she went towards her and telling her nonsense things..
Sheetal: now you get happy..
T: why I’ll..
Sheetal: your eyes on my husband.,
T: really I have my husband why’d I.. much much better than anybody no need of this.
She try to slap twinkle but on a perfect time kunj held her hand and stop..
K: don’t dare to think about this.. kunj side twinkle come in front of her.,
K: what did you said haa. First look at your character than talk about her.she is pure!!
Sheetal: get out from here..
K: hoo really she gets out from here why.. it’s her house get it.. nobody tell her this.
Infect you people get out from here..
it’s my Papa house not yours.,
Niki: acha so it’s my grand mother house too., was not it’s our not yours.,
You people staying at my home..
Sheetal: so even your sister too staying her.,
K: she’ll., it’s her home too..I give respect you people but what you give us.. in return
Bebe: kunj bas puttar I’ll fold my hand..
Manohar: no bebe..
K: please you don’t this.. Get out from here.
Manohar: kunj you’ll not say anything now.
Manohar went near cherry..
Manohar: haa didn’t you feel shame cherry. Haa.. how could you do this.. woh bahu hai iss ghar ki.. You are elder Brother of kunj.. still.. shame on you.. because of you today my sister bearing humiliation..
I didn’t spare my own son when he did wrong with his own wife how can you..
Manohar slap him..
( he deserved this..?????)
Just because of bebe I leave you if anyone rather than your place I’ll not spare him.
K: f**k offffff.. buster.. twinkle take kunj forcefully in their room.,
T: chalo:…stop closed your mouth kunj
Twinj [email protected]
Kunj jerk her hand due to this twinkle duppta falls down and kunj see her tear sleeves.. and hands too.he went near her.
Take out her duppta give her.,
K: take this.,
K: go change your clothes.. while twinkle listen him she takes her clothes and change after she come back look at kunj who caring number of anger in his eyes.
She went near him..
T: Kunj. Woh kunj.. I want to tell you this. Kunj look at her face..
K: acha.. when she scares..
T: at least listen to me once kunj..
twinkle take his hands on her.,.,
K: tell me fast twinkle.,
T: sobbing slightly..woh.. one day like same I m in alone in home..sitting in my room. With ansh he was small that time..
I just come in room in bathrobe found cherry bhaiya sitting in room,, kunj look at twinkle in anger.. I was just shocked he come near me.. but you know that time you come.. he listens your Voice and before you he went from there. Kunj remembered this happened.many times this happened kunj..some time he saw me from windows I ignore many times but. Later he come in kitchen and hugged him.. twinkle only know how she tell kunj this all she knows his reaction comes soon.. I warn him too tell him I’ll tell you this, but he not understands this kunj just try to do something with me.even he misbehaved in Yuvi house to come behind me.!! After morning me bhi kunj in kitchen..
now kunj understand why she not going in their room.. he look at twinkle face with red eyes..
K: so you never bother to tell me this twinkle haaaaa why??? Twinkle get up started shivering.,
T: Kunj I try.. but
K: but what twinkle answer me..
T: kunj I know your anger this stop me telling you this..
K: what.. from many years you hide this from me twinkle.. Tears falling down from both of eyes..
T: Kunj your anger..
K: even now too my anger on high twinkle.
T: Kunj you are very possessive about me.. in small things when I talk with Neil.. you can’t control on youself. So I thought if I tell this you..
K: I can’t control on my self twinkle just because of Neil.. I know him even I’was right.. I never doubt on you but on Neil twinkle..I never hid anything from you If is good or bad twinkle but haa why????
T: mujhe dar lagta hai kunj..
K: why twinkle just now everything become fine between us.. after this all you didn’t tell me haa.He just misbehaving with you. Why’d you not tell me twinkle..
it’s not necessary m I right..
T: nooo kunj..
K: phir kya hai iss rishte me twinkle tu toh baate bhi share nahi karti hai twinkle.. haa
When we started our new life. I just tell you want trust and honestly you share each and everything with me. Even me too twinkle but you were not:. Kunj hold her from her shoulders both shaking her..
T: Kunj I know it’s my mistake..
K: aur. Twinkle pyaar me dar nahi lagta hai.. it’s means you don’t love me..
T: no kunj I really love you..
K: Tu toh darti hai.. yaar.. I thought now no difference between us.. he cupped her face.. bol na.. if something happened today with you than haa???? If I didn’t come on time what about this twinkle..
T: kunjj sorry na.. you calm down kunj..
K: how can I never twinkle..
T:I don’t want everything happened wrong with us now.. and in family too
K: bhaad me gai family saali.. Tere muh se ek word bhi nahi likla twinkle. That means that day you were not scare with lizards infect..
T: haa kunj that day to in lobby cherry bhaiya..
K: than Also not tell me haaa… you leave me alone twinkle I don’t want to do anything with you..!!! Kunj started breaking things.. Hurting himself too..
T: no kunj you’ll get hurt kunj..
K: you already hurt me lot twinkle….
T: you have full right to show your anger on me but why on yourself kunj.. Hit me I’ll not say anything kunj but not with you..
K: abhi Toh sab acha hua tujhe abhi hi mera vishwas thodana ta twinkle.that scenario come in front of kunj eyes.., if something wrong happened to you than.. you go from here twinkle.. I very angry right now..
T: Kunj nahi na.. she hugged him from back.. I really love you.. kunj..
K: if you love me than tell me too na twinkle.. Kunj pinned her towards wall..
At the same time and love care possessiveness and anger visible in kunj know twinkle what you mean to me.I can see anything but can’t see this if anyone near you..I didn’t tell you wrong but you hide from’s hurt me now..
first that Neil now this cheery..
T: Kunj don’t say this..
K: tu toh darti hai twinkle mere se toh pyaar kaha hai iss me..
T: nahi kunj.. I scare because I can’t see you hurt. And I know you’ll hurt so much.,
K: did you listen what they speak about you downstairs haa..
T: let them na kunj. I don’t care..
K: but I care Twinkle lot.. they speak nonsense about you.. kunj abusing cheery
T:she closed his mouth with her hand why you make your tongue dirty kunj..
Kunj went in balcony.she to went behind him.. kunj break glass with his hands..
T: stop kunj..
K: jaaa yeh se.. twinkle behaving cozy with kunj..
T: do whatever you want to with me I’ll not say anything.. twinkle tell kunj something which hurt him lot in anger and after she realized what she tells him now kunj more shocked.. tears coming from his eyes..
K: thanks twinkle still you thinking I’ll do this with you ha.. with lot of pain.. .
I thought you forgot everything but no you think in my anger I’ll do such that things with you..
T: no kunj..
K: twinkle you are right in your place..
what cherry bhaiya said it’s too true.. nothing difference between us..
T: no kunj.. mera matlab nahi ta..
K: I know twinkle… kunj pull her towards him. Look into her eyes. I loved you twinkle like anything.. but not your body. I know I did mistake in the past.. now I didn’t touch you without your permission twinkle..
T: Kunj you take me wrong..
K: sorry it’s not your mistake I’m very possessive and sensitive so it’s hurt me..
Kunj leaves her went from here… leave twinkle in shocked.,
T: babaji why I tell him this.. chiii by mistakenly I hurt him.. with my words and hide with from him.she screamed nooo kunj I really love you..
Scene freezes on twinj cry face…
Episode end here only…
Precap – don’t know ???????.
How was the episode????
Lo finally cherry trust come in front of kunj eyes.. happy.. after month see kunj anger love it ???.., hope you all like episode as well.. thank for your comments. You all Enjoy republic day now enjoy my episode after this ???…

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  5. I loved it kiya wa awaiting for the epiosde badly and thanks for big epiosde I love big episodes plsssss post soon as I can’t wait to see how twinkle will convince kunj plsssss jaldi post karna love u and ur ff and missed ur ff alot

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