Love ka hai intzaar Twinj shots by kiya episode 63


♦Episode 63… ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Episode started…

everything going well nowadays in everyone’s life’s.kunj busy in his office life and work loads.And twinkle missing him and his love most important now she can’t stay without listen his voice..on the other hands even kunj stuck with doctors.
Days passing and Anjali getting worried more about om now..! So in evening time..
Sarna [email protected]
Anjali sitting in mandir she kept fast for om Health.. Anjali looking at god. She lit up the diya.Fold her hands in front of god.
Anjali: hey god please save my om. Here I’m sitting in front of you begging my om life. He is my lifeline god .I can’t live without him. I really love him..I trust on my chote he promised me he’ll not let happen anything to my husband..and most important I faith on you and my kunj… you can’t control everything sometimes you just need to relax and have faith that things will work out let go a little and just let life happens.!what Anjali life take turn:!
Let see a sister faith on her brother. What next comes..!
While all others looking at Anjali.. it’s hard for Usha most Being a mother she sees her daughter in that stage very hard:.
Nani: usha puttar you have to become strong for Anjali..
Usha: I try maa but what to do.. after all I’m mother. What my daughter did with anyone saith while looking at Niki and Riya..
T: mummy ji don’t worry…
Maya: twinkle is right mummy ji…
Usha: you both make her fast food..
Twinkle said yes mummy ji..
Bebe:usha her faith on god will work one day.!
Usha: hmm Bebe.while Sheetal looking at Anjali and slightly laughing on her condition.after they all sit in hall..!
Next side in luthra [email protected]
Mahi working in kitchen. from 2 days she not feel good.she ignored things again busy in work because Anita kept family dinner at her home so they all busy in cooking.invite Surjit brother family they come Amritsar after years so because of them she invites both Sarna and Taneja family too as well..
Anita: mahi beta you check that dish I’ll see other things okay..
Mahi: okay mom..
Anita: after this you go and get freshen up.
Mahi: hmm..Anita goes in hall she check everything is perfect or not.! Anita telling Servant do this and that.. just than Surjit comes while laughing..
Surjit: Anita just calm down why you so high per it’s just a family dinner and whose are coming they are family members you know na..
Anita: yes I know still they coming our home I want everything perfect..
Surjit: okay..
Anita: you to go and get ready before your brother family comes..
Surjit: okay ji..Surjit went in room..till than Mahi to complete her all works and tell Servant off the gas flame after sometime.
Mahi drink lemonade and after she went in her room to get ready…
next [email protected] in office kunj sitting in meeting while his mind and heart not here he just thinking about om..that hope he gives his sister I’ll do it or not.. Yuvi left today early.Malika sense kunj behaviour.
After meeting end all left kunj still sitting there. Malika went near him..
Malika: hey kunj let’s go..
K: Malika you go I’ll come..
Malika:don’t you go Yuvi house..
K: yeah malika before this I have to meet with doctors because doctor bhasin call many doctors for my first I went there than we’ll meet na okay..
Malika: okay kunj..please don’t tell anyone bye..Malika left from here.while Kunj don’t know what to say.. just than he remembered Anjali kept fast for om today.
Kunj check the time..he tries to call Anjali but she didn’t pick up his calls.. after this kunj call on Twinkle phone. Twinkle phone is in room and she is downstairs.Aayat sitting in twinj room with gloomy face. Just than she heard phone ring. Aayat went towards phone she saw kunj name on caller ID.!
Aayat: hoo pidhu ?call coming.. Aayat pick up the call.. hello..
K: haa twinkle where is mY DI.
Aayat: twinkle not speaking it’s Aayat Sarna.. here..
K: what you? What you do with phone..
Aayat: nothing what you want..
K: where is your chachi..
Aayat: chachi downstairs..
K: okay give her phone Aayat please fast..
Aayat: okay.Aayat moved downstairs..
she find twinkle everywhere after she went towards nani..
Aayat: papa Ki nani where is my chachi..
nani: in kitchen beta.. okay thanks Aayat said..she went in kitchen. Sheetal and twinkle present in kitchen.she went towards twinkle..
Aayat: twinkle chachi chachu ka phone. Showing her phone..
T: okay give me.twinkle take phone from her hands.. Sheetal look at her..
K: haa twinkle.
T: yes kunj..
K: twinkle here is my di..
T: Kunj woh Anjali Di sitting in mandir..
K: she didn’t break her fast till now twinkle.
T: nope she’ll in sometime. Okay you talk to her now I’ll give her phone wait.. twinkle went out the kitchen. She goes near Anjali.. panted on her shoulder.. Anjali look at her..
T: phone.. she gives her.she takes it.!
Anjali: hello..
K: di where is your phone I’m calling you many times..
Anjali: woh chote I’m in mandir and my phone is in room that’s why!.
K: okay di how’s you..
Anjali: I’m fine chote..
K: please break your fast please..
Anjali: I’ll chote when my om report comes today..
K: di report will come good you don’t worry I’m telling you but it’s not a solution. Understand di..
Anjali: no chote I kept this fast for my om so I’ll break after his report comes and you told me today his report comes so Don’t worry you too chote I’ll break immediately after..
K: at lest have some juice di.. for me I’m your chote na. Have faith on me di..
Anjali: I do chote more than anyone’s..
K: so have juice only that’s it..
Anjali: okay just for you..
K: that’s like my di.. Anjali give phone to twinkle back..
T: happy..
K: twinkle you give juice just now and stand in front of her only till than she haven’t it.. please.
T: okay don’t say please.. while they still on phone twinkle get pomegranate juice for Anjali. And give her she drink while twinkle click her picture while drinking and send to kunj..kunj see this and get happy..
K: good ??.
T: huhu:.
K: what..
T: whole day went but you didn’t give Me single miss call kunj..
K: Arey baapre twinkle I was busy..
T: acha. Aayat standing here only she pant on twinkle hands.. while twinkle look at her with question eyes..
T: what happened to you Aayat..
Aayat: lift me.. with puppy face.
K: what happened twinkle.. twinkle take her in her arms.. she went upstairs in her room. Aayat resting her head on twinkle shoulder..
T: nothing kunj. She wants to come in my arms.
K:hoo why?? Twinkle put the call on speaker. Be Careful ?.
T: oops ? ?..
Aayat: don’t make fun of me..
K: listing everything.. twinkle off the speaker.
T: when’ll you come home don’t you know we all going anita bua home for dinner tonight..
K: hmm I know. You tell about you. I’m missing you..
T: liar ?.. you miss me what a joke..
K: acha.. I’m liar haa.. wait I’ll not leave you..
T: let’s see Mr Sarna..
K: don’t challenge to me.. ?.
T: whatever sadu..
K: hehe okay I’ll talk to you later i love you twinkle..
T: same..
K: what Same.. say I love you too kunj..
Twinkle look at Aayat..
T: Kunj you know my answer so..
K: I don’t know tell me..
T: Kunj Aayat is here only she’ll listen..
K: say fast.: twinkle slightly..
T: I love….y..o..u.. low voice..
K: good.. twinkle about end the call just than Aayat.
Aayat: wait don’t cut the call I’m in line.
T: haa..
Aayat: I want to talk with my chachu..
T: okay.. why but? Twinkle put the call on speaker.
Aayat: did I ask you why ?you talk with my chachu..
K: tell pidhi..
Aayat: when’ll you come..
K: why? You tell me what you want.. come to the point..
Aayat: okay so brought chocolates box’s for me only..
T: yeh baath ti..
K: okay I’ll bye..
Aayat: bye..
T: so madam come down now..
Aayat: no I want stay like this in your arms.
T: why. Are you okay na.. twinkle check her body if she is fine or not..!
Aayat: I’m fine bas feeling good in your arms..after sometime later they all get ready and left for luthra mansion..
even Taneja’s too get ready and they to left for Sarna Mansion..
After kunj left for hospital he feels good to talk with twinkle now.. kunj driving car fast because doctor give him time and come on perfect time..!
Next [email protected] luthra mansion
Mahi get ready beautifully looking beautiful.. even Yuvi to get ready and looking Hot..
Y: hoo mahi killer..
Mahi: even you too my dear hubby.. both laughs..after went downstairs!Anita and Surjit waiting for his bother family and others too.just than Surjit brother family entered with laughing sound..they both went towards them and welcome them too. Even Mahi and yuvi comes and take their blessing and yuvi hug his cousins brother and sister introduce them with Mahi..
Y: meet my hot wife??..
Nikhil: hi mahi.. bhabhi.. gi
Tina: hi bhabhi..
Mahi: hi don’t call me bhabhi..
Y: why??..
Nikhil: yes bhabhi..
Tina: don’t worry mahi bhabhi they both like this only..
Mahi: you are right Tina let’s come and sit. They all sit together started chit chatting..
Nikhil and yuvi good cousin brother..
Shilpa: by the way Anita your bahu is very beautiful.. I must say Yuvi puttar your choice..
Y: thanks chachi.winking at mahi..Nikhil and Tina see this they all laugh out..!
Soon Taneja’s and Sarna’s too reach that time too they all went inside the house together.Anita looks at them and greet with all now all settle down..Yuvi introduce Tina and Nikhil with everyone’s..! While all the times cherry just looking at twinkle face only and checking out her from head to down.she look very beautiful.wearing netted saree..!same as in cover picture
Shilpa: It’s so true without family like incomplete..
Usha: true… so after year you came India
Shilpa ji..!
Shilpa: hmm now busy finding good girl for my son.. see you find your both daughters in laws good and beautiful as well..
Usha: yup..
Shilpa: even become dadi too… when you’ll anita hmm??…
Anita: don’t worry first sweet I’ll give you only and news too..!Mahi listing this hiding her nervous and blush as well.after they all youngsters sitting together in other side..!
Nikhil: still Yuvi you are same ??…
Naman: true no one can’t replace him and can’t he change ???kamina ??.
Asha: you too naman.. just than Malika comes with beautiful smile… Yuvi get up went towards her..
Malika: sorry I’m quite late..
Y: it’s okay come.. they sit..
Malika: hi mahi and everyone..
all: hi. Nikhil just lost in malika..
Y: tina and Nikhil she is our business partner comes the best buddy…
Nikhil: hmm..
Tina: Yuvi Bhai you are so bad you did call in your wedding huhu..
Y: acha ji I did but you people busy…
don’t worry Tina still Nikhil left we did lots of fun..!
T: Yuvi you enjoy in everyone wedding..
Asha: rather then yours ??…
Y: hehheeeee…: But honestly I enjoy it only in my four best friends weddings most..
Maya: why..?
Y: because maya Bhabhi it’s not wedding but their life’s going to become hell????:.. Mahi giving death glares to him..
Nikhil: hayyee.. means..
Y: because their wives on top look at Rishi he married with Sanaya..
Naman: true ??…
Tina: why she is not good..
Y: she is good but Naman yuvi smirked and laughing of them confused..
Malika: petty on Sanaya you both making fun of her..
Naman: in front of her too..
Y: but Rishi is more smart ??haina Naman…
Asha: do kamine bol rahe hai…?
Nikhil: oops ? ?… you guys are awesome and you Asha truly…:
Naman: But Yuvi you enjoy more in kunj wedding ?what does that means…
Y: simple ????after all kunj Ki saadi ti..if he didn’t get married with twinkle how’ll I find Mahi after all he helps me lot?..
. T: he helps you really..: what about me..

Y: haa you too but first he only na madam. You know how rt Papa is he didn’t allow Mahi to go out in night…
Tina: how you meet with her bro.:
mahi laughing..:
Y: because of kunj he said to rt Papa that he take Mahi and twinkle for outting so send her..
T: only they both went… ?
Nikhil: why??
Y: Arey kunj very busy man..?!
Anjali: awww I’ll tell him..:
Scene shift next side.::
Kunj was hell nervous what will come in report today.soon he reached hospital in nervousness. He went inside the hospital asked receptionist about doctor bhasin where he is now.she tells him in second floor he was waiting for him..kunj went hurry. He went in doctor bhasin cabin.. Doctor: yes come mr Sarna I was just waiting for you only..
K: yeah kunj went and sit..kunj hands become cold..
Doctor: so kunj I know what you think right now..according to you we give om Best to the best treatment..
K: hmmm so..
doctor: many doctors come and check him.
K: listen doctor I just want him well doctor my sister life connecting with his life doctor..
Doctor: be strong kunj..
K: to be honest doctor tell me truth.. Doctor: okay kunj OM is getting good day by day but his body not doing any movement..
K: means.: what comes in report doctor.. Doctor: wait he calls nurse tell her get om Ahuja report.soon she comes with report. Doctor bhasin call other doctors too they all sit together.. doctor checking om report.. kunj just waiting for answer.. his heart beat getting faster…doctor giving him shocked look making him more nervous.,
Doctor: kunjjjjjj om report is good..
K: what?… hell happy don’t know what to say.. really doctor..
Doctor: yes even I’m to shocked god is great..
K: thanks doctor you don’t know what you give me today.but when he’ll wake up doctor..!
Doctor: hope so soon.. come let’s see om. Doctor and Kunj went in icu room.. where om laying down.kunj have tears in his eyes.they went towards him.. kunj sit beside him..
K: get up O my di just waiting for you only and you promise me that you’ll not leave my di ever..
Doctor:next time when you’ll come na kunj that time your OM seeing you with his eyes.. kunj give smile on this:,
K: yes doctor I want that day come fast.. doctor: even his mother to comes..
K: hmm..
Doctor: okay kunj.kunj get up with hug to doctor.
K: thanks doctor..!
Doctor: it’s my duty kunj.. bye..
K: bye doctor.. soon kunj clear all bills.. and left….
again next [email protected] luthra mansion… Yuvi and Naman passing nonsense jokes others all laugh on that..
Nikhil: Arey where is your kunj Yuvi.. not seeing here..
Y: haa where he is.aeshe toh saala very punctual about time. Hey twinkle where is your husband..?
T: how’ll I know where he is..
Y: what type of type you are?..:
Malika: call him na…
Nikhil: good idea..
Y: ahhmmmmm… ?Malika giving look to Yuvi.. Yuvi call to kunj… he tries to call him but kunj not picking his calls. Because he does driving..
Y: why chote ?not answering my calls.. all laugh.. kunj get irritated with Yuvi call at last he picks up his call finally… call on speaker..
K: why you call me non stop Yuvi.. it’s traffic and voice comes..
Y: where are you..?
K: in car Yuvi..stuck in to jaldi bol.. don’t eat my mind..
Asha: heheh..
Y: huhh.. I’m waiting for you come fast.. K: why?
Y: don’t you know kunj..
K: hooo yaad aaya aata hu..! First you tell me did you send all mails to me Yuvi..
Y: which mails I don’t know..
K: what??? Ask Malika..
Malika: hmmm I remember..
Y: I’ll send afterwards..
K: first did…
Y: I’ll tell your pa she’ll..
K: it’s your work & I want my work on time that’s it okays I’ll talk to you later… signal on hone wala hai.. kunj cut the calls before Yuvi speak more..
Y: heyyyy wait..
Naman: cut hogaya..??? Teri toh bejti hogi ??.just than Ansh and Aayat comes there..!
Y: Arey Nikhil meet with them too.. she is Aayat.and he is Ansh..
Nikhil: hiii little two cuties..
Aayat: hi handsome?… nikhil and Tina like O..
Y: don’t think she tells you but to me hain right ??…
Aayat: nope.. nikhil?????.. nikhil and Tina meet with them and pulling their cheeks..
Tina: aww so cute Bhai they take them with us..?
Y: don’t say this Tina they are already self obsessed now you make them more?.
Maya: aww Yuvi so bad..
Aayat: see papa..
Anant: that’s wrong Yuvi.. while twinkle missing kunj..
Sheetal: after they went on their parents it’s not their mistakes ??…
Y: good Sheetal bhabhi ji.. Even your kids to went on cherry Bhai not on you.. Sheetal: heeheee should I take this in compliments or in something else..
Y: its depend on you. Better you already very mature and smart ??…
T: Pagal slightly..
Mahi: haa… Anita call maya and Sheetal or Anant and cherry to went only.. Yuhi and twinkle or Asha and Naman, Malika, nikhil ,Tina ,Anjali they sit together now.. Tina: Aayat you very smart I must say.. Ansh: what about me..
Aayat: you are cry baby.. ??
Ansh: same to you..
nikhil: very young mother Twinkel you are not like mother who believe that you have kids..
T: acha.. thanks
Y: acha you don’t believe soon you’ll ???Naman understood..?
Nikhil: Arey I’m right look at her she look very young.
Y: hey Bhai we all know this young mother don’t say this in front of her husband ji?. Next time you’ll not give any girls ?..
T: chup…
Nikhil: awwww like it.. but still he not come just than Servant comes giving them juices…
Nikhil: kunj achieve so much success in very young age..
y:very smart he is in business very punctual man. Jitna baap sharp or intelligent utne hi kids as well
twinkle listing this feeling so proud
Nikhil and yuvi or Naman busy in their talks while Mahi and Asha teasing twinkle…
Asha: what’s the magic behind your beauty twinkle..
Mahi: bhabhi you don’t know ?di and jiju spending exotic nights ???
T: aww mahi chup..
Asha: hooooo twinkel ???…tabhi Sochu why you shine ??
T: you both teasing me why??? Don’t you both.
Asha: when did I said this we not… younger mother.
Mahi: haaa
T: shut up.: I’ll come twinkle went in kitchen cheery see her he to went behind her in kitchen.twinkle filling water in glass. Cheery went near her and stand there.twinkle feel this, and she looks at him. And shocked…
Cheery: Arey bhabhi why you so shocked. T: aap..twinkle leave the glass she about to go cheery hold her hand.Twinkle get hell shocked.! cheery: where are you going bhabhi ji..
T: cherry bhaiya leave my hand..
Cherry: Arey okay I’ll he leaves her hand.. twinkel raj from there while cheery laugh.. Anita: let’s have dinner..
Shilpa: okay.Mahi call everyone they all went near dinning table settle down on the chairs. Servant place all dishes on the table.
Surjit: Arey Yuvi aaj tera dost kidhar hai.. Leela: haa where is kunj..
Y: he come maa.. I’ll break his teeth.. Aayat: why you break my chachu teeth.. Ansh: haa..
Y: Arey bas mere Karan Arjun..
Asha: it Must be suit on you and kunj Yuvi this names ??..
Y: see MAA your bhabhi talking like this with your damad…shavitri suits on them?
Leela: acha I can’t say anything in your matters.
Anita:good Leela ji.outside kunj reaches park his car and went inside fast.sheetal see kunj..
Sheetal: lo kunj come.. Yuvi turned look at him..
Y: oo ?finally bill gates comes.. ?. Kunj went towards them all.. Anita: good kunj finally you come..
K: sorry but stuck in traffic bua..
Y: acha.. where you went..with sadu face. K: what happened to you..
Anita: you both continue this afterwards first sit kunj..
K: haa.. kunj sit beside Yuvi. Yuvi sitting in middle and Naman and Kunj beside him both side. They all started their dinner.. Tina: it’s so yummy.
Anita: today everything mahi make..
Tina: awesome bhabhi.. while Yuvi stop.. Nikhil: yes mahi really tasty.. Yuvi murmur slightly aaj keshe itna tasty khana banaliya otherwise toh never.. Naman: Maybe tujhe nahi khilana chati hai..?Yuvi look at naman face only three of them heard..
Y: you are right Arey some time mahi make food like this I’ll do vomit ?…
K: I eat..????.. khel gayi#
Y: after this I’ll play my game than # bhi mein hi???… other’s look at them.. In confusion..
Y: this all Asha teaching her to do these things with me?..
K: maybe..
Y: you know one time she mixed in naman and our food jamal gota ??..
K: hmm constipation we all know ??.. Naman: haa arey I still remember that day. Our one leg in washroom and one out side?.. if Mahi too mixed in this than.
Y: Zindagi mein shayad kisi ne jamalgota mila diya hai because shit is always happening ???.. and this food too they three of them burst out laugh laughing.. ??rest of them surprised what happened to them
Naman: chiii Yuvi..
K: stop::
Anita: what happened to you all..
Mahi: don’t you all not like food.. they three of them looking at each other face.. controlling on their laugh..
Mahi: haa Bhai tell. This all I learn from Asha bhabhi.kunj and yuvi or Naman like OMG.. Naman: no Mahi very tasty I don’t know you good at cooking so much ?.. K: haa Mahi really good.. ?..
Mahi: Yuvi..
Naman / kunj: together Arey he toh loves he never eats this much tasty food in his life.
Y: jada hogaya kutto murmur..
Asha: acha.. but yeh tarif kam taunt jada lag raha hai..
Y: kyu.. ?after you teach her man..
K: haa..
Mahi: huhu..
Nikhil: poor Mahi.. Anita don’t be sad mahi we all loved your food leave this worthless Yuvi..
K: haa..
Y: chup.. hehee.. after dinner, they all sit again together..
Nikhil: hi kunj long time..
K: hi nikhil.. they share hug..
Y: you late slightly kunj Nikhil telling something..
K:what.. Nikhil: nothing Arey just telling twinkel that She not look like a mother..
K: hoo..
Y: Arey very young mother ??.
Asha: now he adds chilli flakes ?..
K: you still bachelor Nikhil even Yuvi to get married..
Y: he waits for his girl. Maybe he finds soon looking at malika. Yuvi lift his eyebrow kunj understood this he too di.. Aayat: my chachu did best..?..
Nikhil: I can understand this..
Y: acha.. what tell.. Malika you hear something..
Malika: nope.Yuvi slightly but choice is good..
K: hmm..
Y: look at us.. haaa??. zindagi jhandwa phir bhi ghamandwa?.. Mahi: I’ll not leave you..
K: mahi don’t take on you..
Naman: haa..
Mahi: see di jiju supporting him..
T: huhu kunj..
K: what I did..
Nikhil: kunj getting tall now more.. ?? K: what..
Y: Arey Nikhil he is chote ??
Anjali: hooo:.
K: huhu Yuvi..
Y: by the way Anjali from which look he look chote haa.. when anyone stands behind him he can’t see anyone..
K: very lame.. ??
Y: whatever chote..
Anjali: chote..
K: diii… don’t call me in front of him.. Anjali: okay kunj what about reports..
K: Arey toh totally forget about that.. hmm di reports comes good..
Anjali: haa.?..
K: I told you na.. See..di.she gets so happy.. Usha: let’s take leave now.. all elders left along with maya and Anant or cherry Sheetal too..
Aayat: kunj Chachu.. you bring my thing tell this in his ear..
K: hmm.
Aayat: okay..
Nikhil: aur miss Aayat.. Aayat: what. Uncle..
Nikhil: uncle haa?..
Y: good baby give him respect.. ?
Nikhil: uncle you are Yuvi..
K: haa right you both ?..
Y: huhu you uncle.. before us.
K: acha no one tell this to me.still looking Bachelor ???..
y: see twinkle..
T: haa..
K: I’m mean twinkel.. kunj yawing …
Y: sleepy ahead..
K: hmm okay chalo bye.they meet with each other’s.soon all left..soon they all reached their homes..
Sarna [email protected] Kunj and twinkle along with their two kids they went in their room..
Twinj [email protected]
Twinkle standing in front of mirror just remembering about cherry.. kunj see her she lost somewhere he went towards him. And give her back hug. Twinkle feel this and give smile on this..
K: what you think I’m here only.
T: huhu now you remember me.
K: what I did..
T: what did you said you still looking bachelor haa sadu.. kunj rest his chin on her shoulder.
K: just in fun.. ?making hug more tight.. You know whole day I miss you so much.. Even you looking hot today..
T: even you not look at me once lair..
K: I already..
T: go na sleep don’t you want to sleep now in their house toh you feel sleepy..
K: Arey I’m getting bored with all.. twinkle That’s why.. Want to spend sometime with you..
T: lair ek call toh karte nahi ho..
K: busy ta yaar. After I went hospital for reports..
T: what doctor said kunj..
K:O will become fine soon..
T: good. Anjali was very worried about him. She really loves him madly.
K: hmm even he too.. Their love story best twinkel..
T: learn from your brother-in-law little bit how much he love your sister and you..
K: no need of this I love you so much..
T: not.
K: acha ji. Should I show you?.
T: no need of this.. go change your dress kunj..kunj went in washroom while twinkle to change her dress till now after she changed Asha dress too.. they all lay down on the bed..
Aayat: kunj Chachu my chocolates..
K: Arey Aayat I left in car only sorry.. Aayat: huhu..
K: morning me I’ll give you okay..
T: now. You both sleep.. Ansh simply lay done sleep with in time while Aayat lay down in twinkle lap.. Aayat: now make me sleep.
T: why you sleep na.. okay. Twinkle caressing her hairs.Aayat closed her eyes slightly. Kunj look at her..
K: what happened to her today..
T: don’t know in evening time to she looking low..
K: hmm all the times full over na.. kunj kissed on her forehead.. soon she to sleep in twinkel arms peacefully..
T: sogaii.. twinkle check her forehead.
K: what happened..
T: nothing I just checking her.. twinkle kissed on her cheeks.cuddles her. Kunj go and give her to maya Bhabhi..
k: why she sleeps here na..
T: haa but you give her kunj from many days she slept with us mostly.
K: as your wish.. kunj life her and went downstairs and give her to maya. Come back.. twinkle and Kunj laying closer to each other’s..
T: Kunj I want to tell you something..
K: what..
T: twinkle think should I tell him or not about cherry bhaiya..
K: twinkle bol.. na.
T: nothing I’ll tell you afterwards okay.. Twinkle give peck on kunj lips..
K: not fair twinkle..I’m not kid..
T: you are not kid you kid here only??. Gesturing him on Ansh.. go and sleep in your side okay good night.. kunj went on his side of bed, and they both sleep with smiling face.. next morning. Twinkle working in kitchen she alone in kitchen.cheery see her went near with doing any noise and hugged her from back.. twinkle look hands.. she turned see his face and shocked..
T: you what you do here cherry bhaiya Leave me I’ll tell this kunj..
Cherry: Arey twinkle ji. Why you get angry so soon.. twinkel jerk him.
T: next time you come near me and did this type of disgusting thing. I’m telling you I’ll tell kunj each and everything about you.. and you know him very well. While cherry laughing on her..
Cherry: Arey you toh feel bad.. twinkle giving him anger look..
T: get it stays away from me.. Cheery: Arey I can’t you so hot after all..
T: don’t you have shammed me aap ke chote bhai Ki biwi hu.. Think about Sheetal.. just than maya entered in kitchen and look at THem.. Maya: what happened.. Cherry: nothing maya Bhabhi I just come here to take coffee.without saying anything twinkle take kunj coffee mug and went in her room..
T: Kunj take your coffee. Okay.
K: hmm.. kunj look at her face. What happened to you twinkle..
T: nothing kunj.. bas.. aeshe hi.. kunj cupped her face..
K: okay if you say than.. kissed on her forehead gently.
T: you come downstairs for breakfast fast okay.
K: hmm.
Twinkle went downstairs.. Bua dadi call Aayat and she went towards her.. Bua dadi: Arey Aayat call your Papa. Aayat: But bua dadi my Papa went office early today..
bua dadi: Arey nope he is in room you call him..all get confused.. just than Kunj coming from stairs and bua dadi see him. Bua dadi: see him I told you na Aayat turned look at Kunj..
Aayat: bua dadi he is not my Papa it’s kunj Chachu.. other’s look at each other face. Bua dadi: haa in confusion but kunj toh tera pa before she complete twinkle stop her..
T: Aayat you go Ansh waiting for you’ll get late for school..
Aayat: okay. She went from here.. Bebe: bua ji..
Bua dadi: i forgot sorry.. maya looking here and there.. kunj come and sit..
K: what happened to you all..
Usha: nothing kunj.. have your breakfast. Maya: next time be careful bua dadi.. and left from there..
K: what? T: leave na..
Sheetal: in my time all come on me… what happened now..
Bebe: you just shut up sheetal..
K: calm down you people..
Sheetal: kunj what about my kids admission haa..
K: sorry sheetal I tried but not happing sorry you try in other schools na.. they all had their breakfast.. Kunj about to go office just than twinkle stop him..
T: wait na twinkle tell me what happened just now..
K: it’s just a mistake na twinkle.
T: you and me understand na but she not na kunj..
K: you talk to her okay now I’m going have many works to do.. okay bye..
T: bye.. kunj left for office while twinkle went near maya.
T: bhabhi.. maya: yes twinkle..
T: please don’t be sad.. Maya: haa give her smile.. twinkle went toward her sit beside her..
T: bhabhi jo aapki hai nobody can’t take her from you trust us..
Maya: I know twinkle even I too do.. they hugged each other’s this all two devil eyes seeing from window.. it’s Sheetal.. Sheetal: don’t worry soon twinkle and maya this breaks down you both.. ??. After sometime later twinkle complete her all works and message kunj that she went out to meet with chinki and Asha.. twinkle was totally free.. they three of meet with each other in cafe.. soon they reached.. Take their seats..
chinki: hi guys.. asha: hi..
T: hii.. they Oder coffee for them.. chinki: what happened to you why you look so dull.
Asha: haa tell us..
T: woh chinki and Asha.. twinkle tell him each and everything from started to end about cherry what he does with her.. they both shocked after listen this..
Asha: chii shameless man..
Chinki: twinkle did you tell this kunj..
T: nope.
Asha: why..
T: I scare guys you know him how is his anger.I try to tell him last night but can’t.. chinki: now toh everything fine in between you..
T: hmm us ka pyaar badala hai mere liye chinki. But his anger still same about me.. don’t you see in party.he still Same about me and anger too he very possessive about me chinki.Neil words make him lose his control think about this when he come to know about this.. what his reaction comes..
Asha: but he is right on his place twinkel any husband lose his control. After knowing about this..
T: hmm but kunj totally different Asha.. can’t control his anger..
Chinki: he gets angry on you.
T: no not me more but not leave him.. This just stoping me to tell him this.. in party only he knows how he gulps his anger.. Asha: if you listen too me than tell him twinkle each and everything because just now everything starts good in your marriage life and now he wants you share each and everything.. Trust you..
Chinki: But think about kunj reaction Asha..
Asha:according to kunj will be right on his place. In his possessions it’s shows his love for you twinkle. Ultimately anger comes its nature right if he in front of my eyes I’ll break his face think about kunj.. Before get too late Twinkle it’s good go and tell him..
T: I’ll try.. this cherry is come in my life now this neil comes too.. kunj toh can’t listen his name from my mouth O babaji.. please, handel everything please… next side… Mahi sitting in room just than. She felt nauseous and went to the bathroom.She threw up in there. She didn’t know what was wrong. It was the second time this had happened to her in the day.. after sometime she come back from bath room.. Simply feeling low and she thought may be this happening because of spicy food my lay down try to sleep.. episode end here only..
precap: kunj was hell shocked to after knowing this.. his anger went on high pitch. Let’s see what I’ll happen next.. what Kunj reaction come
Thanks for your comments dears…
I hope you all like this episode as well
How is the episode????
And my dear hater
If you don’t like me and still watch everything I do. ?b*t*h you’re a fan ???true na sorry you give me so much respect see what I give in return.. what did you said how can I write boring episode..
you paying for me to write and talk get it..
at least I have mind to write boring things. It’s also talent dear (aapa) your comment increase my confidence more because in your successes many peoples comes to break you down and insult to you as well. Thank for this doing???..! Sorry
Making my tongue dirty..when people hate on you it’s because you have got something they want ??????????❤️?…! It’s my ff I’ll write want I want if you don’t like anything you can tell me nicely rather than showing your class..
At least used good words dear.. you started I’ll end…! Sorry… but not sorry.. stay away from my ff. Get it if you have any self respect.. leave this
Come to my lovely friends.. so now you want to see kunj anger what???.. so soon when I’m showing that time toh you all like nooo??????. Even I to miss his anger???..
spread love better than hates.
Thanks ? everyone’s..
bye lots of love you all…
ignore any grammatical errors because no proof reading..


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