Love ka hai intzaar Twinj shots by kiya episode 62

Episode 62
Started from same continued part…! Late night all family members come back home from Chandigarh! After all went in their respective rooms and sleep…

Twinj [email protected]
Kunj and twinkle still busy in their romance session . This night is totally like dream comes true for twinkle. When she entered in kunj life become his wife connected his name with her name..become twinkle Kunj Sarna. All ups and downs comes in their life’s good moments bad moments. All possibles wave comes with all honesty and patience twinkle fight with these all . Bear all pain silently hide her unshed tears. Everything goes below the belt. For a wife to see her husband with any other girls what she feels only she knows. Still twinkle didn’t done this relationship. Somewhere she stays here because of her both kids it’s a very normal question comes in a mother mind when she about to leave her husband. Now she is not only a wife but now she become mother more responsibility comes on her shoulder.. it’s like. Neither she can’t go nor she can’t bear this all.. to make this relationship better she did all things what she has in her hands. Without thinking anything whatever kunj wants she did. If he gets happy in this so it’s not more important than him for her.:. Share her baby too.. she just see her can’t show her rights and loves towards her.Today where she stands it’s totally like climb. All relation characters she has to play perfectly… all duties.! After she faced all
Problems and fight too bear all humiliation. At a one moment in life she totally breaks down when kunj fake pics comes that time she lost her hope too.
That her Love ka hai intezaar pura ho ga the way she loved one day he’ll to love her as well..bolte hai in life one day a stone to melted down… kunj realised his mistakes and what he done with twinkle., her pains
Tears everything that time it’s slightly late.

After he realized his love for twinkle.,, that new part started… one sided love story found second part too become a normal love story.. it’s all unbelievable for me too as writer to write a story like this and connected all peoples with me till now (thanks…) usually we all like it fairytale stories. But I want to show you some realistic things of life.. life is a stage and we all playing different characters in life.
One day this show will be to end..! When Love comes in life lust can’t stay for a single second too.. till now kunj thought whatever he did with twinkle it’s all his rights on her if is a s*xually he did.. now he understands her value…many nights come in their life’s but that time kunj enjoys his rights. Now this night different both craving for each other wanted being in each other embrace.. the sound comes from twinkle mouth it’s to change now.. wait is worth it.:.!! Now peep ?our couple..!! Outside birds humming their own music song. Sky looking so beautiful.
It’s early morning time 5:30 ?…
Camera went on the bed side… kunj and twinkle whole night they spend in each other embrace leaving in each other’s . Convening their love. Kunj top of twinkle. While twinkle caressing his hairs. Slightly their eyes blinking due to sleep..
T: kunjjj I’m tired now…
K: hmm.. me too.. kunj look at her and kissed on her forehead gently… I love you twinkle.
T: I love too kunj.. kunj slightly lay down on the bed pulling the duvet with his toes and covered themselves.. kunj pulled twinkle towards him and hold her from waist tightly.while twinkle resting her head on his bare chest and twinkle hands on kunj arms.. just than alarm clock ⏰ ring…
due to this twinkle and Kunj sleep disturb.
K: yeh Kya hai… itni raat ko.. Twinkle turn and stop the clock and see the time and shocked..
T: raat nahi horahi hai.. subh ho gai… Kunj didn’t reply her back and he sleeps just.. after twinkle too.. many times they consumed their marriage but its totally different last night… physically they not meet but with all heart and soul they connected together..
After sometime later…
Maya and Sheetal wake up and get ready
After they both come in kitchen for breakfast…
Sheetal: till now twinkle not coming..
Maya: aajaygi… na… next side in twinj room. Twinkle wake up with jerk…she check the time get shocked to see the time. It’s almost 8clocks..
T: Arey babaji it’s to late today… sab uth gaye hoge..: I want to sleep more just now I sleep huhu.she tries to come out of kunj grip.. but kunj not let her go…
T: kunjjj please leave me let me go..
K: Kya hai… so ja na..
T: Kunj you sleep please mujhe jaane do.
K: okay ja.. kunj lose his grip twinkle taking blanket while Kunj not leave the blanket…
T: Kunj give me blanket please..

K: why…
T: I want you know na..
K: even I too wanted…
T: kunjjjjj please na.. twinkle covered herself till her shoulders.. kunj slightly look at her.:.
K: kya.. hai..
T: kuch nahi. Give me blanket.,
K: let’s sleep twinkle yaar.. pulling her closer to him more:,:
T: you sleep let me go..
K: not I’m thinking again what’s say..

While twinkle mouth got open like o.,
T: beshram not at all let me kunj… ek toh you didn’t let me sleep whole night now again too…
K: acha mene tujhe nahi sone diya you were same like me samji na.. ?.. slightly come top of her…
T: no kunj na..: tumhe sona hai sleep na.
K: nope mood change?…
T: no baba kunj…
K: okay go but I’ll not give you Duvet..?.
T: huhu kitne bure ho tum..!
K: why you need the duvet now I already seen everything (with naughty smile ?.. )
Twinkle closed his mouth…
T: chup.. blushing hell.. kunj remover her hand..
K: don’t blush this much twinkle than don’t blame me again everything happened what happened sometime before…
T: jane do na.. what everyone thing about me.
K: nothing you were busy with your Pati Dev they understand easily ?don’t worry it’s normal.. twinkle play fully hit on his chest..
T: bahut naughty hogye ho tum..
K: haa aaj kal.. na ?! Twinkle making puppy face..
T: jane do na.. you sleep na.. just than someone knocks on the door..
K: kaun.. ab!
T: kunjjj please stop your romance maybe Ansh hoga kunj look at room condition..
K: okay ja.. Kunj give her his shirt..
Take it and wear too..
T: good boy.. twinkle wear kunj shirt.. she about to go but she stops and give pecked on kunj lips.. run inside the washroom..!
While Kunj sleep within no time.:!
Twinkle taking bath just than her eyes went on marks on her body and love bites visible everywhere twinkle touch that part and smile..soon.. after she come out of the washroom in bath robe.. she looks at whole room condition it’s all messy everywhere and Their clothes had been scattered all over the floor. She smiled and blushed, remembering how wild they had gone last night. It had been the best night ever for her.Twinkle see this and smile.. she went towards wardrobe side take out her clothes and wear too here only.. after she went towards dressing table look at herself in mirror her face glowing hell. Slightly she looks at bed side kunj sleeping peacefully.. soon twinkle get ready she covers her neck area hide her love bites.. with duppta,, looking newly wedded girl today.. recall last night things and blush like anything
T: uff yeh room.. phale I’ll do it.. twinkle take her out and kunj clothes on the floor.
Kept in side.. Slightly she clean the room.. lock the door ran downstairs hurry.. directly she went in kitchen found maya and Sheetal in kitchen.. twinkle went towards them..
T: good morning.., scare from them..
Maya: good morning..
T: sorry late..
Sheetal: huhu..
Maya: it’s okay twinkle.. come..
T:hmm.. twinkle helping maya in breakfast while Sheetal look at twinkle face..
Sheetal: kuch ja hi chamk rahi hai.. aaj toh. Understood everything..
T: when you all come back..
maya: late night twinkle..
T: hoo..
Sheetal: tumhe keshe pata hoga.. you were busy.. hena twinkle ??.,! Twinkle ignore her and after everyone comes for breakfast.. maya and twinkle take all things and place on table.all sit for breakfast.. maya and twinkle served everyone’s..
Usha: where is kids today..
Sheetal: sleeping maami ji..
Maya: they both too..
Anjali: you three of them sit with us where is chote today.. twinkle ji..
T:woh kunj so raha hai..
Anjali: okay..
Bebe:acha hai ek din araam kar lega toh Sunday ke din.. thak gaya hoga.. Twinkle whisper kuch jada hi.. twinkle rubbing her eyes and feeling sleepy..
maya: what happened twinkle.. laga ta hai kal raat ho nidh hi puri nahi hui hai?. Twinkle look at maya face and she gives naughty smile to her..
T: nahi Bhabhi.. Look down and having her breakfast..
Maya: don’t hide twinkle I can understand. Gesture her with her hand..
T: kuch bhi bhabhi aap bhi na. Look at other side..
Maya: what kuch bhi it’s shows on your face. You glowing today so much.: both talking to each other slightly only they Both listen only..
T: what glow. ? dramatically..
Maya: acha ?iss glow ek piche mere devar ji ka haath hai??. Twinkle started coughing.: rest of them look at her.
Usha: kya hua twinkle puttar.
T: kuch nahi mummy ji.:
Maya: lo twinkle pani.:
T: haa.. twinkle drink.. all men’s had their breakfast went and sit in hall.
Anjali: today you looking beautiful twinkle.
T: sleepy smile thanks..
Maya: haa twinkle???.. twinkle giving. Looks to maya.. Sheetal see this and burning hell.. twinkle escape from here.. all laugh on her..
Usha: bas babaji in dono ko Kush rakha na aeshe hi bas..
Anjali: haa.. after twinkle busy in kitchen chores because she knows kunj will not wake up now so it’s better she does her works.. Sheetal standing near twinkle just than twinkle duppta slightly slid. Due to this love bite see on her back neck.. Sheetal see this and control her anger. Immediately twinkle covered.. after this twinkle went in maya room.. where maya getting ready both of them.. twinkle went toward them and sit..
T: wake up..
maya: kitni Muskil se.:
T: acha.! Come ansh I’ll do it..
Ansh: haa Ansh went to twinkle and twinkle closed his shirt buttons… Ansh kiss on twinkle cheeks..
Aayat: cry baby.. aaj kuch jada hi pyaar nahi aarha hai..
Ansh:huhu.. mamma you know in Chandigarh she fights with me and angry on me or all the times she with Rohan Bhai and piya didi.. ?
Maya: that’s bad Aayat..inform me na..
T: huhu next time don’t go.. mera baby.
Ansh: she is my sister but she become good with others not with me mamma..
Aayat: acha even you too call everyone with didi or Bhai but me not at all.. calling me by my name. Huhu..
T: itni smart hai na tu..
Ansh: kya bolu me.:
Aayat: didi bol mujhe phale.,!
Maya: hoo 50 saal ki ??..
T: you both did this everywhere haa..
maya: you come I’ll give you both your breakfast.. okay I’m going. Maya left..
Ansh: mamma first she started than me..
Aayat: chal hogay na ab..twinkle kissed on both of them cheeks and hugged too. After they went for breakfast while twinkle too..
T: let’s see sadu wake up or not it’s almost 12 clock..twinkle first twinkle went in kitchen make coffee for Kunj after she takes coffee for kunj and went upstairs in her room.. twinkle slightly open the door went inside and immediately closed the door locked too.. twinkle kept coffee mug aside in bed side table.. look at kunj who sleeping peacefully his back facing to ceiling and his body covered with blanket till his waist..!! His bear muscular body seeing and looking extremely hot.. Twinkle sit beside him.. Caressing kunj Hairs and nape too..
T: dekho kitne ache Se so raha hai aur mujhe nahi sone diya sadu ne..twinkle moving her finger on kunj bare back sensually kunj sleep getting disturb.. and he makes puppy faces twinkle see his face and giggling.. ??..!! Twinkle lay down on his back.. she kissed on his back!
But still kunj not reacting.. twinkle get up.. look at his face went near his face and bite his cheek…

K: hhmmmmmm… twinkle blabbering on his ear:..
T: uto it’s to late..
K: twinkle yaar please let me sleep na..
T: Arey kitna sogye tum kunj look me.. hardly I sleep one hour..!
K: huhu you want to go downstairs mene toh bola ta..Twinkle irritating him with her naughtiness.. kissing on his back and cheeks…
K: stop twinkle if I started than it’d be worse for you..
T: acha… twinkle ticking him..! Now get up fast if not than I’ll pull duvet it’s not good for you ?..: twinkle slightly pulling duvet..get up nahi toh sham sham ?
K: maan ja twinkle don’t do it…Now it’s enough for Kunj.. Kunj slightly turned and
Pulling her down on the bed held her from her waist.. it’s happened so suddenly twinkle shocked.. now twinkle beneath in kunj.
T: what is this..: kunj..
K: you tell me what you trying to do with me..
T: nothing innocently just wake up you.:
K: acha ji..’twinkle hands around kunj neck.
T: now get up fast.. kunj..
K: huhu.. kunj caressing twinkle face.. and admiring her beauty…
T: why you looking at me like this.:
K: can’t I see you haa..! Last night you prove me wrong twinkle ??.:: I don’t know about you..
T: chup..
K: really twinkle thanks for last night what you did for me.:
T: even thanks to you kunj.. last night you chance my life kunj.: I don’t know you love me this much..
K: haa I can’t describe twinkle how much I love you.. beyond limits..
T: I can see kunj. You make me feel so I don’t want anything..
K: acha ?maza aaya..?.. twinkle..
twinkle turned her face other side blush hard..
T: shameless sadu..
K: acha me shameless who decorated room and this all things haa.. you did not me..
T: woh I did because tum hi mere piche pade te na..Kunj bas.. Try to get up.. but kunj pulled her back on bed..
K: kaha haa..
T: Kya hai ab..
K: last night very special for us hai na twinkle ?..
T: kya kunj tum bhi na..
K: don’t blush this much my dear wifey.. nahi toh you’ll gone..
T: side na.. kunj cupped her face. Take out her duppta kept in side.. kunj Kya Kar raho. Kunj nuzzled his face on her neck.. Started kissing on her neck..
T: kunjjjj stop please..
K: you turn on me twinkle now get ready ?.:
T: no kunj Ansh and Aayat aajaye.stop please..
K: you think before doing..
T: acha sorry now stop.. kunj stop and look at her face…
K: okay fine first I want kiss..
T: nope nodded her in no.. with smiling face..
K: what not..
T: last night you take many kisses not now.
K: acha don’t smart with me.. kunj rubbing her lips with his thumb..
T: no kiss wiss kunj.. before twinkle speak more kunj capture her lips.. and kissing her with full love and passion.. twinkle shocked but later she to kissing him with same passion..both kissing each other and passionately they both kissing each other like as if there is no tomorrow.
Kunj nibbling her lips and twinkle ruffled his hairs smoothly.. not lost in each other’s.. sealed their lips tightly rolling on the bed..after 10 min Twinkle push kunj slightly and break the kiss. Both breathing heavily.. the sound of breath too coming. Both looking at each other face..
T: pagal Ho.. ek dam se.
K: yes Tere pyaar me.. ?. Kunj licked her lips..
T: Kunj stop baba..puri raat me tumhara pet nahi bara..
K: kabhi nahi.. samji..
T: chodo mujhe bache aajayege..
K: yeh bache.. uff:. Twinkle push him both laying down on the bed.. twinkle get up.
T: you wait.. twinkle pulled duvet and take out.. and giving naughty smile to kunj.. while Kunj smirked ??? at her..
twinkle shocked and confused too.. kunj get up and went towards her..
K: don’t think to much..
T: but.. I thought..
K: I know what you thought you dirty mind ?..
T: huhu.. now go and get freshen up fast samje.. Mr Sarna..
K: haa good morning..
T: what good morning it’s good afternoon ?..
K: siyappa Queen.. where is my towel..
T: wait sab cheez haath me chahiye..
twinkle give him towel push him send forcefully kunj in washroom.. twinkle smiling just.. before both junior sadu’s comes I’ll clean the room.. twinkle started her work she takes out all candles and everything.. clean room after she chance the bed sheet. Place all things on there place.. after she unlocked the door.. twinkle went toward wardrobe taking out kunj clothes just than Kunj come out of the washroom in towel.. directly he went towards dressing table look himself in mirror all twinkle nails marks seeing..
K: siyappa Queen.. twinkle place his clothes on the bed and look at him..
T: kya hua..
K: kya nahi hua yeh bol.. what you did..
T: what I did kunj.. kunj turned and showing her his back..
K: see this.. Give me this marks..
T: oops ?.. went towards him..
K:jangalee billee… ?.:
T: huhu.. even you to did same with me should I show my..
K: haa.why not.. ?..
T: wait I’ll apply soft cream.. twinkle take some drop of cream on her palm.. sit here please.. kunj sit on dressing chair. Twinkle nicely applying cream on his marks. Her fingers did magic on his back..
K: ache SE..
T: hmm done okay.. twinkle stop while Kunj get up and look at her face.
K: good siyappa queen..
T: whatever..
K: come I’ll apply on your marks ??.
T: no need of this.. now wear your clothes.
Kunj wear his jeans he about to wear shirt and smirked and look at twinkle..
K: twinkle.
T: haa.
K: shirt ke buttons band karna..

T: Kunj you can do it na you are not small kid.. kunj went near her pulled her towards him..
K: aesha hai phir kal raat ko why you open my shirt buttons that time to I’m not kid ?..! Twinkle look at him with blushing eyes..
T: now you tease me like this even she too.. twinkle started closing kunj Shirt buttons.. while Kunj holding her from waist. Going closer to her face.. kunj rubbing his nose against on twinkle hairs
T: kunjjj stand properly…
K: I already standing properly… twinkle closed all buttons.. Fold his collar.
T: perfect… twinkle went toward dressing while Kunj sit next to her and having coffee… twinkle checking out herself..
K: itna mat guhar mirror ko pagali toot jayega?…
T: jalkukde… twinkle applying lipstick on her lips kunj look at her…
K:don’t wasted your time Twinkle on lipstick again I’ll?stop in middle.. Twinkle turned and look at him…
T: don’t think about it kunj you ruined my lipstick all the times.. not now…
K: Arey I thought your lipstick will be wasted so I spoil your lipstick and again you applied ? useful na…
T: usefulness ?… kunj went towards her push her slightly.
K: now give me some space..
T: lo na.. twinkle went in side sit there..
while Kunj was busy setting his hair with gel in the mirror while twinkle looking at him.. both giving each other naughty smile ?.after kunj get ready fully. Twinkle open all curtains and windows..kunj went downstairs.. while twinkle busy in her works.kunj sitting with All other family members.. while kids playing in garden.. four of them..
Nani: so uth gaya kunj…
K: hm.. nani..
Anjali: kuch jada hi nahi soye aaj chote?.
Bebe: Arey ek din toh milta hai..
K: haa Bebe right.. Looking here and there.
While Anjali and Anant giggling.. kunj watching cricket just than loud sound coming from door side.mahi and yuvi coming along with Anita and Surjit..!
Rest of all look at them and smile…
K: aagay kuttiya (murmur).. kunj slightly escapes from here and went in other side sit there and watching cricket… while luthra family meet with everyone..
Y: where is kunj..
Anjali: Arey abhi toh idhar hi ta don’t know. They all settle down chit chatting with each other’s.. while Yuvi eyes searching kunj everywhere. After yuvi went in side found him finally..
Y: so idhar hai kutta?he went to him and without any noise sit beside him… look feel someone sit beside him. he slightly looks at him with corner of his eyes.. Shocked ??with irritation…
Y: what happened to you bro why you so shocked ha..
K: me shocked why’ll I… me toh match me busy ta tu bhi dekh.. while Yuvi look at Kunj face who glowing extremely..
Y: weshe I call you why you don’t pick up my calls haa..
K: I was sleeping that time..
Y: so you wake up now..
K: hmm..
Y: but why don’t you sleep last night ?.
K: nope… In not sense
Y: so you busy in your match ???. Kunj look at him. Don’t know what to say..
Ignore him..
K: cheapo….
Y: acha me cheapo.. weshe shining Kuch jada hi mar raha hai..?
K: kyu jab tu maar raha ta tab mene Kuch bola ta kya..
Y: Arey Meri toh umar hai maarene ki.?
K: acha saala old man…
Y: same to you.. They both continued this.
next side Mahi meet with maya and Sheetal..
Mahi: hi..
Maya: hi Mahi..
Sheetal: hi..
Mahi:hi.. keshe ho aap..both said fine.. just than twinkle come and found and get happy..
T: Mahi tu.. she went near her and both sister shared hugged..
Mahi: hi di.. today is Sunday so we all come here…
T: okay..twinkle kept mug in side and both sister went out of the kitchen sit in Twinj room..
Mahi: so keshe ho aap..
T: me fit and fine.. Mahi look at twinkle..
Mahi: hmm I can see on your face?.. twinkle hit her playfully..
T: chup..
Mahi: Arey di what I said wrong.. ahmmm di what’s the matter..
T: stop teasing me samji na…
Mahi: but di we all happy for you now..
T: even I to really happy problems in my life now.. I just want mere bache and kunj stay happy always that’s shit.. he removed my all pains..
Mahi: jiju really love you di…
T: haa.. itna ki now me pareshan hogi ?.
Mahi: heheh ???.. all men’s are same. Yuvraj too..
T: haaa he always on one topic…
Mahi: good..
T: good for you.. mere toh bache wache sab hogye hai.. now it’s your time my lil sister ??
Mahi: shii di aap Bhi.. na talks like mummy ji..
T: acha ji in my time you tease me lot..
Mahi: Arey that time I want my niece and nephew want to play with them so..
T: hoo even I too wanted now.. ?.
Mahi: you have you kids play with them..
T: but i wanted to become maasi… now twinkle teasing Mahi and slightly she to tease twinkle lot.after Meena call them downstairs they went downstairs too..
it’s lunch time..twinkle arranging dinning table and maya and Sheetal place all dishes on table.everyone comes on lunch.
Mahi call Yuvi and kunj too.. they all settle down. Twinkle serving cheery and he looks at twinkle face and she knows this. Twinkle feel disgusting. Twinkle served him while serving him. Cherry try to touch twinkle hand. Twinkle get sacred and look cheery face and at the same time kunj too. Who looking down and eating food..
twinkle leave him and went towards kunj..
and started serving him..
Usha: twinkle tu bhi bet ja Puttar..
T: haa twinkle sit beside kunj..started having lunch.all enjoying lunch together with fun.. after lunch kunj and yuvi went in Twinj room..both sit and chit chatting with each other after twinkle complete her all work and Mahi and twinkle upstairs in her room.they both went inside the room..
See kunj and yuvi.they went towards them and sit beside them too. Mahi sitting beside Yuvi and while twinkle sitting next to kunj..who half laying..kunj and yuvi seeing their photo shoots pictures in laptop..
Mahi: nice picture…
T: hmm.. next come Malika standing middle and in both side kunj and yuvi.. Mahi and twinkle look at their husband face..
Mahi: yeh Kuch jada nahi ho raha hai Yuvraj..
T: hmm that day in party me bhi..
Mahi: huhu
Y: kya meri biwi ko badka rahai hai..
T: why’ll I..
K: yes..
Y: wait tu toh.. Yuvi show twinkle next picture in that Malika holding kunj hands..
twinkle see this and giving angry look at Kunj..
Y: perfect picture ?. Mahi look at Kunj face.. he hides his face inside pillow..
Mahi and yuvi giggling.. twinkle look at him and taking out pillow.. Kunj closing his eyes..
Mahi: oooo twinkle di aap se kunj jiju itne daarte hai..
T: yeh aur mujhse darta hai.. jhoota.. yuvi went near him and kissed on his cheeks..
Mahi and twinkle shocked.. Kunj open his eyes and found Yuvi near him..
K: what is this..
he pushes Yuvi and fell down on Mahi lap..
Kunj rub his cheeks..
Y: maza aaya ????…
K: chiii saala gay?
Y: I know itna Maza nahi aaya hoga last night ka jitna Twinkle mouth got open..
She look at Kunj face.. while Kunj making puppy faces..
Mahi: haaaa…
T: shut you both husband and wife.. shameless Yuvi.. kunj you tell him..
K: why I’ll.
Y: o madam no one tell me I have eyes and sense ?.. you both shining like moon
The reason it’s so simple ??..
Mahi and twinkle closed their mouth ?.
Kunj throw pillows on Yuvi face..
T: kitna beshram hai.. Yuvi tu.. I’m your sister-in-law at least give me some respect.
Y: I’m talking in front of your brother too?he too boyish talks Pagali.. and I’m not ashleel ( obscene) I’m pure and pice ?…..
Mahi: haaa ohhhh Yuvraj.. hit him..
T: chiiiii.. kunj laughing uncontrollably twinkle hit him too.:
K: Arey why you hitting me what I did.
T: now don’t become innocent samje na..
K: Arey I didn’t tell him anything trust me..
Again busy in pictures.:.
Mahi: they both looking so cute na..
T: hmmm…
Y: by the way kunj she exactly look like you Same to same hardly bhi nahi bol shakte hai…
Mahi: yes…
K: that’s why looking beautiful after went on me.? haa militi hai mere se…
Y: milegi bhi..
K: but in siyappa aur drama me twinkle pe gai hai..?
Y: true…
T: don’t speak too…they both exactly like you in everything their anger and the way he talks and they too…
Y: haa i saw Ansh and Aayat anger?…
Why you looking at me in party haa look at this Sadu…beautiful because of him and drama queen because of me… and even that photographer to told me she beautiful because of me..?
Y: puri family self obsessed hai bhai yeha toh… I wish when god give me not went on their massi kids???….
T: OOo?….
K: abey saale jada mat bol…. Tere mere se bhi over honge bhai first look at you and me..???tu toh gaya ?
T: haaa????

outside in [email protected]
Aayat and piya fighting with each other along with Ansh too. Three of them fighting badly pushing each other’s..
while Aayat screaming badly.. no one is in hall they all went inside the house three of them screaming no one hear their sound because their rooms door closed all resting its afternoon times Anita Bebe along with Niki and Riya they sitting and chit chatting with each other’s..! And maya and Anant went out for some work.
Piya pulling Aayat hairs while she too..
Ansh: leave her..
Aayat: you better stop piyadi..I’ll not leave you..samji na..
piya: first you started now I’ll not leave you.. piya pulling Ansh cheeks.. piya screamed just than Sheetal come out and look at her.. Went towards them..
sheetal: what’s going on..
piya: mummy they both pulling my hairs and hit me to..
Sheetal: acha come here.. piya went near her mother while Sheetal look at Ansh and Aayat face..’! You both brother and sister hitting my daughter wait a minute..
Ansh:no Sheetal Aunty I didn’t do anything..!
Aayat: haa she started first..
Sheetal: you mannerless ladki.. Sheetal pinched Aayat and Ansh cheeks.. Badly with her nails edges.. Their cheeks become red..
Ansh: ahaaa ??
Aayat: haaaa leave me and my brother..Ansh started crying Aayat see him and feeling bad..:
Sheetal: Maza aaya.. big big tears coming from their eyes.. Drenched their face in tears after Sheetal hold their hands drag them upstairs take them Twinj room..
Twinkle and Kunj along Yuvi and Mahi they all laughing and enjoying it.. just than Sheetal open the door with jerk.. they turned and shocked Sheetal went inside the room holding Ansh and Aayat hands.
They all get up and look at them.. Sheetal went towards them..
T: what is this Sheetal..
Sheetal: listen twinkle you better control on your kids. Twinkle went toward her..
T: matlab kya hai tumhara.. first you leave them.. twinkle removed Sheetal hands take them near her…
Sheetal: this both brother and sister hitting my time they did again I’ll not leave them be careful she just walk out from here in Tashan.. Closed the door with jerk..! Aayat and Ansh crying.twinkle look at them..! Take them towards bed..
T: what you both did haa..
ansh: (while crying)mamma first piya didi and Aayat started fighting with each other. And piya didi pulling Aayat and my hairs.. I didn’t do anything mamma.even she hit me too..
T: than why you playing with them.. haa..!
Aayat: I didn’t do anything first she started dogie girl.. and I hit him because she about to hit him before I did.. Mera Bhai. You don’t have any problem.
Yuvi and Mahi or kunj look at them..
T: you both play alone na..
Aayat: see what Sheetal aunty did with us she pinched on our cheeks.badly twinkle check their cheeks it’s really become dark red. Twinkle eyes become wet.
Ansh: haa mamma.. twinkle caress their cheeks..
T: I’ll see her later.. and you Aayat next time don’t fight with anyone gets it..
Aayat is in full anger.. any time blast..
Aayat: haa you always tell me only.. why?
If again she did same with me again I’ll not leave her.. next time toh I’ll pull her all hairs out.. Yuvi laughing..
T: than tu mere bete ko kyu maarti hai Aayat. Haa..
Aayat:maarugi aur.
Ansh: phale toh unki chamchi banti hai..
Y: oops ? ?..
K: chup…
T: it’s your manners Ansh haa..
Aayat: see. Twinkle Chachi..
Y: looks who talking ??…
T: say sorry to her.. Ansh..
Ansh: but why me always..
T: you wanted your next cheek become red haa…
Mahi: twinkle diii….
K: twinkle leave it na..
T: suna nahi Mene kya bola… Ansh scares with her he wiped his tears and innocently.
Ansh: sorry ?…
Aayat: it’s okay..
Ansh: now tell her to mamma.
T: why’d I.
Aayat: I’ll not say sorry it’s not in my
T: great na..
K: Aayat it’s wrong na..
T: next time you seen me with them that time I’ll not leave you Ansh.. and you Aayat don’t touch him..
Aayat: I’ll ?.. Aayat hug Ansh and show twinkle.. See this twinkle Chachi..
T: good girl. And you both look at your self Sometime before you both get ready now become like jungly.. kunj and yuvi sit..
Aayat: he pushes me down..
Ansh: she too.:
T: chup don’t argue get it.. haalth dekhi hai..
Y: (slightly)why she become so angry kunj..
K: because of Sheetal she touches them na.
Next turn Mera hai..
T: I have only one work all time behind you brother and sister to clean you haa..
Aayat:I’ll tell this my mamma.. both of them fully dirty in mud.. chiii not have you
Lunch too I’ll see how you go Ansh outside.
Mahi: leave na di bache hai.. come Ansh and Aayat I’ll clean you both..
T: go na…
Y: good practice hojaygi..
Mahi hold their hands and take them inside the washroom.. while twinkle about to went open the door..
K: Arey twinkle wait na.. I know you going
Down Sheetal se ladne…
T: itna dimag mat lagao samje.. don’t think I’ll leave her easily how dare she used her hands on them..!! Before me maya Bhabhi Handel her.. she walks out from there went downstairs goes in kitchen make one food plate for them after she went upstairs again.just than Mahi come with them.. both wrapping towels.. twinkle entered in room she Mahi struggling with them.. twinkle kept the plate in side table..
T: wait Mahi I’ll do it.. twinkle take out Ansh dress.
Mahi: where is Aayat dress..
T: Mahi go take out her dress too..
Mahi: yeh hai..
T: haa hai dono room me.. Mahi take out Aayat clothes and give twinkle.. Ansh and Aayat standing in side looking innocent babies..
T: come here.. they both went towards her Stand. Twinkle take out Ansh towel while he holding the towel..
T: kya hai..
Ansh: first tell them closed their eyes..
Y: uff dekho toh sahi ???..
T: no one see you.. twinkle pull the towel and kept in side.. Made him wear clothes.
While Mahi struggling with Aayat.. Ansh get ready went towards kunj sit on his lap without any noise..
Mahi: Aayat wait.. na
Aayat: haa..
T: ho gaya mahi aeshe toh kal tak I’ll do it. Twinkle get her ready within second.. Aayat went towards dressing table and look at herself in mirror.. Combing her hairs…
T: pata nahi keshe bache hai… babaji
Ohello madam stop your nautangi..
Aayat started screaming… loudly
Aayat: Kya hai.
K: aye chup samji na… Aayat
Y:Kunj it’s suits on you (Work hard in silence ?let your success make the noise) and teri success toh full on noise pollution ??.:..
K: soon your too
T: tum dono toh school gaye huye hi ache ho..
after they all sit on the bed while twinkle feeding Ansh and aayat.
And kunj and yuvi again busy in pictures.
Aayat: see how beautiful I look in that pictures..
Ansh: haa bas tu hi..!
K: no Ansh siyappa queen is here only..
just than maya come in room..
maya: what happened Aayat..
Aayat get up went towards her mother..
Aayat: mamma that gandi Sheetal Aunty hit me and scold me too…
maya: haa not cry my baby..
Aayat: and this twinkle Chachi too?. While twinkle and others shocked…
T: what I did.. haa
Aayat: tell her not scold me she is not my mamma.. Scold your son only..
maya: Aayat stop…
T: but bhabhi.:
Maya: leave twinkle you know here.. maya hold her hand take her downstairs…
Y: Arey baap Arey twinkle…
Ansh: mamma mera hogaya can I go now..
K: Ansh you go.. he left down.. Twinkle become red tomato…!! Yuvi went near and pulling her cheeks..
T: yuviiiii please she gets irritated with this..
K: mat kar mere baap…
T: ab keshe tumhari awaaz nikali haa…
K: what I did twinkle..
T: jeshe bache wesha baap ek dam matlabi kaam karane ke time twinkle Chachi huhu…
K: tu jane woh jaane…
Y: kya ladki hai Aayat..
T: seriously kunj tum undono kuch nahi bolte ho why???
K: jeshe hai best hai leave them on me.:
T: acha phir unke piche bhi tum hi raha karo..!
K: bas iss ladki se toh yeh kar walo..
T: sadu ke bache bhi sadu ?.:.
Y: true..?
K: chup saale kya jale huye pe namak daal raha hai…
Y: chal mahi…
Mahi: haa okay bye di and jiju….
T: shii in sab me tere se baath bhi nahi hui.
Mahi: I’ll come again.. di they hug and yuvi and Mahi went upstairs after Anita and Surjit they all left for Luthra mansion….
(next side in maya and Anant room.. @)
Maya telling everything to Anant what Sheetal did with Aayat and Ansh…
Anant: maya calm down…
Maya: how can I Anant..! How dare she did this with my daughter haa..
Anant: maya you talk to here… Anant went out from room.. maya caress Aayat face..
maya: Meri beti cuddles her… maya kissed on her cheeks.. Aayat listen to me..
Aayat: haa mamma..
maya: apni twinkle chachi se koi aeshe baath karta hai kya Aayat… aeshe nahi bolte hai…
Aayat: woh mene gusse me bol diya mamma..! I’ll tell her sorry..
maya: good girl my… later twinkle went in kitchen making tea for everyone just than maya went towards her.:
Maya: kya twinkle
T: Kuch nahi bhabhi…with smile… twinkle fill tea in all tea cups and take went in hall. Give everyone… after maya and twinkle sit in side having their tea.. just than Sheetal comes…
maya: so you come good.
Sheetal: any work maya Bhabhi…
Maya:yes how dare you touch my daughter haaa….
Sheetal: first apne bacho ko dekha karo..
maya: acha same to you samji na next be careful…
Sheetal: I didn’t tell you anything told twinkle.. Get it…
T: acha tell her anything about Aayat not me when my son did anything than come to me… badi ho toh badi bano… Twinkle get from here and went towards her room.. she sits on bed.. while Kunj in balcony watching Ansh he playing in garden… after kunj went in room find twinkle in sad position..went near her.
K: kya hua..
T: look at him Kuch nahi…
K:than why you looking sad….
T: not at all I’m good kunj..
K: acha now hiding from me.:
T: Kunjjjj with smiling face.. kunj cupped her face..
K: I can read you face twinkle..
T: Kunj you understood me this much. Twinkle resting her head on his chest…
While Kunj hand around her arms..
T: Kunj you’ll love me this much always:.
K: can’t tell you this much but twinkle look at his face..but I’ll love you always more than today twinkle.. I’ve never been so scared of losing something in my entire life twinkle than again nothing in my life had ever meant as much to me as you Twinkle I can’t lose you my siyappa queen.
Twinkle hugged him tightly..
T: I love you kunj…
K: I love you too twinkle.. Kunj kissed on her head.. they break the hug and both look at each other face..
T: kya hua..
K: Phir se Teri lipstick spoil karu kya ??. Twinkle like O..
T: haat ???.:.Dirty mind just than Aayat come in room.went towards them.
K: aagai little beauty queen.. ?
Aayat: hii twinkle Chachi.. twinkle turned her face other side with muffed look to Aayat…
Aayat: uff killer look???.. Aayat going closer to her.. while Kunj understood..
K: what you had done with my wife Aayat..
Aayat: see twinkle Chachi I’m sorry na..
T: I don’t want your sorry..
Aayat: Arey please na see I’ll hold my ears too. Do sit-ups for you.. she started doing this.. twinkle look at her and face she does sit-ups looking so innocent baby.. twinkle and Kunj smile on this… twinkle pull her towards her..
T:stop drama queen..
Aayat: you forgive me na..
T: me naraz bhi nahi ti.. Cuddling her..
K: haa she only angry at me.. Aayat buttering twinkle.. and ticking too both mother and daughter laughing.. kunj admire them..
K: see who tell some before my siyppa queen become red queen.. ??..
twinkle kissed on her cheeks and cupped her face and show to kunj red mark..
T: see this kunj.. what nonsense is this..
Aayat: this Sheetal Aunty is not good.. and her piya too doggie..
T: no Aayat.. they lay down on the bed while Aayat Laying on twinkle…
Aayat: twinkle Chachi today you look hot what makeup you applied haa.. Give me too. Kunj murmured twinkle ear..
K: that makeup name is my love ?.: owner kunj Sarna..
T: bas with blush..
K: don’t blush something happened..
In front Aayat don’t blame me?..
twinkle hit him.,,
Aayat: what you both talking in low voice.
T: nothing Aayat your Chachu talking nonsense.
K: acha ji??..
Aayat: ha ji??…
T: now answer her Mr Sarna.:.
K: smarty now?…
T: yes any doubt..!
Aayat: I’m also here… Twinkle and Kunj look at her..
K: yup I forgot my doll.. Kunj pulled her in middle.. she landed middle of Twinj.. kunj ticking on Aayat stomach.. while she laughs loudly along with her parents to laugh..
Aayat: ahhh kunj Chachu stop na…
K: acha Meri Biwi Ko Kuch nahi samjti hai.
Aayat: she is not only your biwi but my chachi too..:
T: you always fight with my son huhu..
Aayat: you only love you son not me.:
T: who told you this i love Ansh only I love you both same..
Aayat: twinkle Chachi you love me like same Ansh. Why? Even Sheetal aunty is also my Chachi but she totally different from you why??:twinkle and Kunj look at each other face..both don’t what to say..
Aayat hugged both them tightly.give pecked on their cheeks.!!! After ran from there.. Still twinkle speechless ?…
K: kya hua..
T: just thinking about her question kunj…
K:chill na twinkle it’s just a normal. Kunj cuddles her no one have Chachu Chachi like as in this world.. we’re unique twinkle right na.. twinkle smile..
T: yes we are kunj.. twinkle pulled his nose. Both become silent while Kunj playing with twinkle hands after twinkle break the silence.
T: Kunj..
K: hmm..
T: Kunj Kuch Socha hai tumne… what you did next kunj.:
K: matlb…
T: means kunj sometime I thought kunj what you did for Ansh and Aayat..If anyone say anything about Aayat:..
K: listen twinkle we informed them so no problem na..
T: I know kunj I just want anyone don’t point their fingers on us..
K: nothing will happen like this twinkle.
T: haa kunj still people just waiting something happened like this and they speak rubbish about us:!Specially Sheetal kunj.see today also she said in front of Aayat and Mahi and yuvi.Handel your kids kunj if maya Bhabhi heard this kunj she’ll argue with know in party also I’m just wishing everything done perfectly..!!
K: don’t think so much twinkle.. star ti party Ki pidhi you feel proud..
T: even you too.she is totally amazing kunj the way she giving pose for photos.and you nonsense friends looking at jeshe I did something..
K: un nonsense me tera bhai bhi hai.. ?
T: I know this by the way kunj tum logo ka
Patch up kab hua and keshe..
K: woh your brother and my dear saala comes in office and he feel very guilty and started cry like nephew?.:.
T: chacha and bhateejee same to same. Always making fun of my son…
K: after he said sorry what he done with my and aayat..! So forgive him later we all friends went for lunch had fun lot..
T: good?.. I want you and my babies stay happy always..!
K: even me too.. itni achi party ti last me woh saala neil aagaya ta…
T: Kunj control on your anger please..
K: I can’t how dare he look at you I’ll kill him that time only…
T: bas bas Mera possessive sarna…
Kunj Rolled her cuddles in embrace…
K: ab bol…
T: tell your bhabhi.. next time if she touches my kids again I’ll not spare her kunj..
K: do whatever you want to do..! Men.
You know better..
T: how badly she pinch my babies cheeks.
While saying this twinkle had tears in her eyes.. kunj see this.. wiped her eyes..
K: roh mat na…
T: when I touch them kunj you’ll not leave but today you didn’t said anything kunj..
K: didn’t you think I’ll leave her..
T: means?.
K: means yeh twinkle Kunj Sarna she wanted her kids go in same school na.
She hit my babies how can I did her kids admission.after all I’m Kunj Sarna not leave anyone..
T: uff… later they went downstairs after sometime later dinner times comes all had their dinner went in their room and sleep.
Episode end here only..

finally happiness arrived in Twinj life

it’s all like a surprised ? for me to see Twinj happy ? it’s really hard for me to write this story. To justice with title ?love ka hai intzaar..


anything can happened in love ?

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. …
Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. …
Love yourself. …
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. …
Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.
Firstly thanks for your comments in my pervious episode I’m blushing hell uff?????.:. Thanks yaar I’m speechless with your love…. extremely thankful…you love it my episode and all things???.
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