Love ka hai intzaar twinj shots by kiya episode 45

Episode started…????????????????????
It’s almost 2 days passed like this kunj and yuvi busy in office work fed up with MLA ..tantrums
and even in case find proof too it…..,
Manohar still not talking to Anjali while Anita along with Niki they both taunting her lot….!!and meanwhile twinkle busy with Neil she enjoy his company because both having fun together..!
And other hand Anjali become silent alway thinking about om when he will be ok….
Om under in observation Kunj provided best doctors and they give him the best treatment…the second motive for Kunj is this anyhow Om will be fine..,,!!! Pallavi and siya still stay with Taneja’s…… normal day….,

Sarna [email protected]….,,
Kunj [email protected]
Kunj and aayat sleeping peacefully aayat cuddling Kunj tightly and her legs on Kunj stomach both sleeping peacefully after long time…
Whole room is messy because of the great Kunj Sarna did it….
[email protected]
Everyone having their breakfast usha take Anjali With her and made her sit beside Manohar while she felt fear…. usha to sit beside Anjali.
Usha: see Anjali beta today I make your favourite things in breakfast….eat and tell me…Anjali slightly smile..
Anjali: thanks maa..
Usha served the breakfast to Anjali while Anjali eating slightly felt bad still Manohar not looking at her even for a second… one time she was most connected towards Manohar always be with him..compared to kunj and Anant and today Changed..!
Usha: kaha na beta..,. You don’t like it..
Anjali: no maa even I loved….. Manohar finished his breakfast and left for work…
Niki and riya slightly smiled..!!
Bebe: don’t worry puttar everything will be fine one you don’t think about monu.,, Bebe tap her and left with bua dadi…
Anant: ok maa I m going and maa one more thing..
Usha: ha tell.
Anant: woh maa maya one of her friend invited her to meet with her Toh I m not going with her she and aayat went if you give permission than…
Usha: what’s the need of permission Anant she can maya you go ok…
Maya: thanks…soon they all finished their breakfast….
maya went In kitchen prepare milk for aayat.. usha come in kitchen for Kunj breakfast..if she gives him he will eat rather than not.., usha make ready plate and put aside..Anjali sitting in hall alone usha think something..
usha: Anjali please you and wakes up your chote he still sleeps….
Anjali: haa okay maa Anjali went upstairs in kunj room… door was half open..
Anjali open the door and went inside.. first she looks at room conditions it’s like a fish market… and her eyes went on bed kunj and aayat covered in blanket fully.
Anjali: still he sleeps same… Anjali went towards bed and slit the blanket,. Found both sleeping peacefully and looking so cute again Anjali wonder.,,, their position same when kunj is small he sleeps with Anjali he always holds her hands in sleep and same aayat did it kunj too both holding each other’s wrist… suddenly aayat moved her hand and hit kunj… anjali laugh… Anjali sir beside Kunj Ana caring his head and hair too kissed on his forehead… humara chota sa Bhai ?hey babaji make him always happy my two brothers too (Yuvi and Anant)..!
Anjali: chote wake up…. Anjali takes out the blanket… Kunj slightly open his eyes look at Anjali….
K: are di let me sleep na…
Anjali: let’s wake up its too late you were sleeping and take aayat with you…
k: I didn’t di she come here to sleeps with me… Kunj sit on bed yawing..
Anjali : what is this chote showing him room…
k: she did di while aayat to wake up.
Aayat: Ho really only I did it.. you also with me chachu…
k: haa you said na di because of me she sleeps late no but she sleeps with me because maya bhabhi wake up her early that’s why she sleeps with me because she knows maya bhabhi will not come in my room when i sleep and maa come late when it is holiday..,
Aayat: yup I m soo smart na… just than maya to come in room…
Maya: aayat you wake you that’s nice now come fast… aayat run and jumped she lifts her left…Anjali just smiled Kunj admire her smile felt soo good its best think for him too his di smile… Kunj put his head in Anjali lap….
Anjali : still feel sleeping…
k: nope… acha lagata hai bas…. di you never ever miss me in this years…
Kunj look at her,,
Anjali: how I will tell you how much I missed you and all… when I talk to you on phone still incomplete… i m just happy but not fully because my happiness is incomplete without you chote you know na how much I loved you when I saw siya with om I really miss you at that time… maa and Anant Papa sab ko… But I more suprise to see you…
K: why i m look bad..
Anjali: nope but like see you are small now see humse bhi upar jaraho Ho aur kitne lambe Ho ge aap…
K: don’t worry bas ab nhi na…. 9 years is not small na di.. that time i m in college. Kunj get up cupped Anjali face and di I too miss you so much even I can’t describe di in this year how much I miss you whenever I got something that time I want you with me because you alway said na when I will also take awards like Papa but di my happy incomplete without you my di is not with me na m that’s why…
Anjali : I must say you all talk like sentimental she laughs….
k: huhu di kunj get up anjali hold his hands.
Anjali: oofo Baba sorry ? ok
K: don’t say sorry to me ?Anjali cupped Kunj face both joint their heads with each other.. usha entered in room and saw them and smiled….
Usha: so bor and sister love over they look at usha… both together our love never ever over mAAA FOREVER ?usha place the breakfast tray in side table….
Usha: now kunj go and get ready…
k: hmm Bebe give voice to usha and she left downstairs… Kunj went in washroom..
While Anjali look at whole room hit her hand on her forehead…. in ka kuch nhi Ho shakta hai…Anjali took the all things on the floor put their perfect place arranged the bed in a proper way. After she open the curtains and balcony door too… after she went towards wardrobe… wardrobe door was open because they were not locked due to all things going out… Anjali open the wardrobe door immediately all things comes out and falling down on floor.
Anjali: OH babaji yeha Kya hai chote…
Anjali takes all Kunj clothes put on the bed clean the wardrobe first.. one by one she arranged the all clothes in wardrobe place all Kunj shirts in hanger she did perfectly pant in other sides….. just than Kunj come out of the washroom…. see Anjali she was folding clothes pj and tshirts.
K: what are you doing di haa
Anjali: should I asked you chote this is the way to take clothes and your room is so messy…
k: haa no one clean ?na or maa did something but she too busy… Kunj look at whole room. The room look like same old how twinkle did… di where is my clothes haa.he was to open the wardrobe Anjali stop him…
Anjali: stop chote I will give you ok..
Anjali went towards him and take out his clothes and give him too… fine..
K: hoo thanks di ok will come kunj take the pant and went in Washroom soon he come out and wear shirt to while Anjali close the buttons..
Anjali: di Tie…
k: haa wait kunj blow down head… Anjali make him wear tie… fold the collar too..
Anjali: ahemm my brother looking hot..,
K: as always… Kunj went towards mirror comb his hair…. after both sit together…
Kunj had breakfast…. take his office bag about to going.. went towards Anjali kissed on her forehead and side hug too.okay bye di take care… she said hmm you too… Kunj left for office Anjali off the light took the tray and closed the door and went downstairs…. she went in kitchen kept the tray and went out of the kitchen… maya and aayat comes their..
Maya: aayat you wait here I will come with you milk…,soon she come aayat drink milk.
Maya: mummy can I go..
Usha: haa go and take care of yourself aayat to. Aayat says bye to Anjali and kissed on her cheeks she too after they too left..,!!
Next [email protected] TM afternoon…
everyone is in home today soham and Ansh playing together while Asha still thinking about Kunj words what he meant to be..!! Just than Neil come…
Neil: hey everyone I hope I m no disturbed to you all.. all smile. Not at all neil… Neil sits beside twinkle.. so what you all doing haa While Rt just looking at Neil than twinkle face.. smile..
Rt: ok Leela I m going I have to do…
Naman: wait Papa me to going I will drop you na..
Rt: no need of this naman I will go by myself.,, naman felt bad ok Papa Rt left..
Leela and Pallavi and went in garden along with kids… while all others sit togethers…Mahi was ignoring Anita calls and message…all talking with each other’s and laugh togethers..!!
Just than got call from his PA Nisha…
T: Neil your phone take it na..
Neil: yeah Neil received the call ..
Yes Nisha..
Nisha: sir their everyone is waiting for you in meeting..
Neil: meeting how…loud..everyone looking at her only…
Nisha: Kunj sir and yuvi sir kept the meeting today they both prepone the meeting.,,
Neil: how kunj and yuvi did this without informing to me..
Nisha: sir Sara informed me this but I forgot…ok say to them I m busy you check all details and give me afterwards…Neil declines the call…
T: what happened Neil…
Neil: nothing yaar twinkle meeting they both didn’t know inform me at last moment they did this now I didn’t get ready any presentation for meeting that’s it…
T: they should inform you first….
Asha: now what you will do Neil…
Neil: nothing my pa give me all details afterwards….
all: okay…
Neil: naman how can kunj take out his sister… I thought you will be win this case.
Naman: I don’t know yaar what he did but that sure by bail he did but how can he get bail so easily… Neil too think hmm.
T: leave this topic why we talk about others….
Neil: Yeah…
Asha: Neil you toh know na Anjali…
Neil: yeha I know her but not too much in childhood with met in my nani place where usha maasi come with her kids that time only because I stay in Chandigarh and they stay in Amritsar hardly with met With each other’s…. Asha said casually Neil you and Kunj is not good bond..with laugh.
Neil: hmm right ?? Twinkle murmur us ki Aakhir banti hi kiss se hai….all heard this… and smile….!!
Asha: twinkle you are wrong in this..
T: how?? Why..?
Asha: because we all see kunj and yuvi share the greatest bonding… what Yuvi said he loved kunj more than Mahi all giggles?.. while looking at naman aur naman se bhi toh banti hai woh baat alag hai iss me khud ne kiya hai yeh sab….
Neil:Chodo Iss ko kess ki kess se nhi banti hai it doesn’t matter..!! Guys let’s go for lunch what’s say.. haa guys… we will have fun together…
Naman: nice idea Neil I don’t mind let’s go than.. Mahi thinking that she will go or not because here she was fed up because of Anita calls.! she just sayings her to come home that’s it… she didn’t even said no to her… !
T: ok I will come back get ready… Neil said ok come fast… Asha and Naman went in their rooms while Neil went behind twinkle room…. Mahi went in her room she checked all messages of Anita…Mahi reply to her that she will come home tomorrow but I m not talking with Yuvi at all..!mahi getting ready… screen shifts
Twinkle [email protected]
Twinkle come out of the washroom she wear simple Anarkali dress peace and see green colour combination looking very pretty in this too… neil sits on bed…
T: you ? twinkle went towards dressing table while Neil just admiring her and lost in her… twinkle wear earring and comb her hair. Neil stands beside her looking at her through mirror..
Neil: looking pretty twinkle….
T: thanks Neil
Neil: I m alway regret I m late. Twinkle understood what he meant to say…
T: Neil it’s too late and please you to forget about those things….
Neil: twinkle I don’t think so it’s too late I m mean I m waiting…..f.o,,,r just the Mahi come in room….
Mahi: less go di….
T: yeah twinkle took her duppta and went downstairs..!! Neil too soon naman and Asha to come down they about to go…
T: what about my son I can’t leave him alone…. if I will go with you all I will take him to with me….
Asha: ok fine let’s take both of them than..
They all went inform Leela that they were going out for lunch… take kids too with them…. Leela said ok to them soon they all went out…,!!!
On the other side in Office
Conference [email protected] still going on… very one giving report about project how much work completed or not… because of Neil their half work not done… it will enough for Kunj to increase his anger soon meeting get over all went their work place….
Kunj cabin..
Kunj throw the file on couch.. if you don’t interested in your works man than why you work with us…..
y: leave na we did our work let him na…
k: you said na yes for this project with Neil.i told you Yuvi not done but you were no no it’s will be profit ganta profits…..
Y: bas mere chote ????
K: don’t say chote samja na..
Y: why chote ??
K: only my di has right to call me chote..
Y: she too wonders her chote is not anymore chote????kunj how is it our new project name.. KUNJ SARNA AS ?CHOTE… ???Kunj throw files on him…Yuvi pulling his cheeks oole oole Kya hua humare chote ko??????.
K: chup saale one more time you call me na I will break your teeth????
Y: as I care Yuvi went towards door ok bye chote?????and run…
K: pagal..? yuvi went out for meeting in hotel.., while Kunj went out with his PA
For work in hissar..
Sarna [email protected]
Usha with help of Servant making lunch..
Soon lunch ready… everyone come for lunch they took their seats…. only ladies and cherry in home.. Anjali about to sit niki stop her..
Niki : it’s my seat.
Anjali: ok she sits beside her mother….while lunch niki just looking at Anjali… and cherry make laugh to Anjali….
cherry:are anjali didi Maza aagya….
Niki: think he never ever talk like this with us..huhu ??after lunch usha and Anjali sits together in Anjali room…
Anjali [email protected]
Both mother and daughter sitting together and talk about om and others thinks which a mother and daughter talk with each other…
Anjali: maa that day you want to say something to me what…
Usha: hoo haa I want to talk with you about kunj…
Anjali: about chote what Maa tell me…
Usha hold Anjali hands…
Usha: Anjali beta woh first Kunj ki saadi Ho chuki hai…
Anjali: what ? kab keshe… ?happy too
Usha: kab aur keshe ko tu chod beta..
Anjali: than where she was I m not seeing her anywhere in home…
Usha: Anjali beta woh Kunj ki saadi woh naman you know na who fight case against you…
Anjali: haa maa toh
Usha: twinkle is naman sister only…
Anjali: maa come to the point please…
usha: Anjali woh beta Kunj did bad things with his wife usha tell her A to Z about Kunj and twinkle relationships while Anjali just shocked she can’t believe on this she knows her chote never ever did this with anyone… tears rolling down…
Anjali: maa please don’t prank with me ☹️☹️?
Usha: Anjali is not a prank when I and your Papa to know we both to shocked about this…
Anjali: no maa I can’t believe on this I know my brother he is not like this…
Usha: and one more thing anjali beta you wonder na why aayat look like Kunj Anjali just looking at usha waiting for her answer. Because Anjali beta Kyu ki Anjali aayat Kunj ki apni beti hai ??kunj ne aapni beti Anant ko godh dedi…. now she more shocked if she gets happy or sad…
Anjali: maa itna sab kuch hogaya yeha ?
Usha: haa beta because of Kunj mistakes Ansh too suffering…
Anjali: Maa who is ansh now…
usha: smiled your nephew Anjali kunj ke do bache hai phale aayat dusra Ansh…
Anjali don’t know how to she react now if she gets happy about her brother…
Anjali : maa Kunj Aesha keshe kar shakte hai maa I can’t believe on this humare chote did this???chiiiii..!!
Usha: I know beta your Papa not talk with him even no one talk to him In home. And I can’t stop to talk to him I can’t corner him.
You are the only one who make him understand things because you only the one he didn’t say no to you only he didn’t understand me and not fear with me too now.. only with your Papa but now he too not doing anything insisted ignore him that’s it…. you can did this Anjali beta..!!
He never ever obey to you we all know this you only the one who Handel him nicely rather then us..’.!!
Anjali: maa you talk to him slightly..
Usha: I did Anjali I wonder something not good in between twinkle and Kunj but I thought simple noke jhok happened with in every husband and wife’s… not that much kunj cheat upon twinkle…Anjali.Meri hi parvarise me hi kuch kami raha gai hai.
Anjali: please maa don’t say this you give us the best nourishment and manners too we did mistake not you… papa already ashamed because of me now kunj tooo..
I m so sorry Maa what he did Anjali fold her hands in front of usha…
Usha: beta why you do this what you it’s totally different and what your brother did it’s totally wrong beta’..!anjali hugged usha tightly burst out loud..she doesn’t felt that much bad in court room what people said to other infect now she really felt bad.Anjali for few minutes in usha embrace…Usha give her space.she went out of the room.., Anjali got up and look at wall a one photos frame handing in wall it’s kunj and Anjali photo like this Anjali taking small Kunj her embrace and in second photo Kunj holding her hands she about fall… Anjali looking at pics while tears falling down… she thinks what you did chote… and why Anjali look at herself in mirror… she lost In dream…!!!
Flash back!!!
Kunj playing in garden when a boy a come take a girl ball…and she cried… while Kunj laughing at her because she throws Kunj ball out..even Anjali too playing in side she saw this and went towards him.. Anjali age 16years and Kunj 10 year old they both have gap between 6years gab in between them while Anant is in middle..!
She went near Kunj and Anjali asked him why he laughs…
k: Anjali because that girl throw my ball now see that boy took her ball too.. ?
Anjali hold his hands and take him other side and both sits beside tree..
Anjali: it’s wrong na chote..
K: what wrong di..
Anjali: too laugh someone..
K: u mean di laughing is not good??
Anjali: no chote laughing not what you did it’s wrong..
K: what I did di hmm..
Anjali: you laugh on that girl it’s wrong..
listen kunj if she did wrong you also did wrong than what difference between you and her.. haa
K: hoo ok I will not laugh on her..
Anjali: not only on her in every one chote we should respect each and everyone.. when will you grew up and that time also you should respect very girls…
k: why every girls I respect you na di only.
Anjali : haa you respect me but others too na chote..
k: ok I will respect very girls… Anjali take kunj went near that girl and said him sorry to her.. he did for Anjali… after they tiro playing together…
k: di when I did mistakes you be always with me to correct me and my mistakes
Anjali: always chote…
end of the flash back..
Anjali slightly laugh I thought I teach you and correct you too. chote to respect girls but not…anjali wiped her tears tucked her hair behind ears… respect is one of the greatest expressions of love.
Anjali..: now this time too I will too correct
You kunj that time I did something wrong that you did this but now no.. you always see me happy even I too want to see you happy chote how can you break you family and your relationship with your wife..being a younger brother you always stand beside me like a elder brother and support system of my… now it’s my turn being a elder sister and you di kunj.. I will not let make you to your life hell..!! It’s your di promise… Anjali look at Kunj pics… jab chote galti karte hai toh hum bado ka hakh hota hai un galtiyo ko shudarne ka..
Anjali open the room door and went in usha room.. talk with her…

Next scene hotel
Twinkle and Neil or Asha long with Naman ,soham and Mahi, ansh too…
They all come for dinner in hotel they took their seats… neil and sit beside twinkle Ansh in next side… soon waiter come for Oder.. Neil asked twinkle what she wants too eat Ansh look at Neil with weird eyes..
One by one they Oder what they want… while yuvi in same hotel he come here to meet with clients he saw them..
Y: oops so Taneja gang come here for bhojan ?that’s not fear they were enjoying and this idiot sorry not idiots pyaar ka Aashiq yeh pyaar ka payasha nhi But kunj ki maar ka payasha…??? hoo naman waha bhi hai or jiju ki saali bhi uff too much fun today ??Yuvi see the waiter to going towards them he stop waiter… tell him something and give money too ??waiter did what told him..
Waiter takes the Oder and placed in front of them soon he served the food…
Yuvi : seeing them from far eat naman I loved it..Naman takes the bite of chicken grilled cubes with herb or cheese he knew naman Oder this because he loved it can’t eat to much spicy?.. Naman eat and his eye just pop out ?. Naman shaving his hands tears too coming mouth burning to
While yuvi see this and slightly moving his legs and sing too uff uff Mirchi ahaa mirchi… all shocked… Naman paani paani ..Yuvi make his video too.
Asha: wait a second naman she gives water to him still he felt spicy…
Mahi: I think they put mirchi in food that’s why.. Naman just drink water and water…
Yuvi went towards them.. behave like he doesn’t know anything…
Y: Ho naman you what happened to you?.
Ansh: woh maamu eat spicy food
Y: hoo tuu tuuu naman are man see and then eat na but I think food ki mistake nhi hai because your tongue already is too spicy cut and vulgar this can’t Handel too much spicyness .. that’s why ?? because your habit like a kids to eat sweet and chessy food but you want to play like a big man like man in this case too here you tongue burned and in court your career double reaction.. happened controlling his laugh… eat something sweet and make your tongue to sweet it will be good for you naman..
Naman: I know you did this only iss me tera hi haat hai na Yuvi…
Y: haat Kyu pura ka pura me hi hu ??
And by the way Neil here you sit and having lunch bro what about meeting we are not idiot waiting for you in meeting
Dude but insisted you were sitting here and having fun with your beloved while looking at twinkle…pani pani pee jalne hi bu aarahi hai..!yuvi walk out from there..
With a smiling face..!!
Neil: leave it all have it… all hmm all having their lunch together after they went for outing… Neil take Ansh for gaming in mall… twinkle looking at Neil and Ansh smile to see them ansh wouldn’t playing but Neil force him to play…. they all doing lots of fun.. together… while Neil hold twinkle hand… twinkle too not aware of this..! Ansh saw this he come in between and take twinkle hand from Neil.
Ansh: mamma lift me I can’t walk more.
Neil: come I will…
Ansh: not only my mamma twinkle lift him after they all left for home… Neil to left after dropped them…while Naman went out for work and Twinkle Ansh along with Mahi and soham Asha they went inside the house..
[email protected]
Where Leela and chinki Pallavi they were sitting and chitchat with each other’s..
twinkle saw chinki and smile and went towards her… all sit while Asha went in her room to make lay down soham…
T: hi chinki tu kab aai..
Chink: kab se yaar I was waiting for you only.. but you were not in home…
T: you just message me na I will come I went for lunch.. that’s it.. come we will shit together in my room..Mahi went in her room and pack her clothes….
(Both sister bidaai together??)come to the episode ??]
Twinkle [email protected]
Twinkle and chinki come in room both sit on bed.. Ansh to come in room he was playing with Rohan chinki son in side with cars…
chinki: so twinkle how’s you..
T: I m fine what about you..and your baby.
Chinki: we both fine twinkle.. and you tell about your son how he stay here..
T: twinkle look at Ansh hmm right unfortunately he stays here not doing anything like crying and all’s I don’t know this time what happened to him… Pata nahi baap ne Kya meethi goli ti hai Iss ko nahi yeh yeha rahajaye itni aashali se hai toh us baap ka hi beta na both are same..
90% I m was not staying here because of Ansh 10% kunj?… he was first I will not stay here Papa this and that…
Chinki: smile ? uff teri life what’s going on twinkle ahhmm neil.. has
T: nothing is like that yaar
Chinki: I know this twinkle but not from your side but I think from Neil side…
T: I even I too now what to do I toh can’t change him na yaar you know today he told me that he was regret and late too.
Chinki: what did he mean..
T: leave this yaar I know his nice guy but not…
Chinki: twinkle so many things happens nowadays this case and all I felt bad about his sister…,
T: hmm right…..
Chinki: twinkle how she is like nature wise
Maybe like Kunj akadu and sadu..?
T: hmm don’t know maybe like him only..
Seem like this only.., can’t say anything…
Chinki: twinkle now you think something about you and Kunj relation..
T: don’t know chinki what future of our but whatever happened we both suffer maybe or not but I m sure my Ansh suffer too?
Chinki: hmm you are right what about aayat.,,
T: woh humare beach me kaha aati hai she was happy with her parents here he suffered with his parents… I don’t what game destiny will play with me..Ansh and Rohan sit on bed side…
Chinki: phir twinkle aayat ka kya matlab morning if tera or Kunj ka Rishta toodh gaya toh phir aayat ka kya I mean phir woh waha tu yeha.,,
T: I never ever think about this because I know she is nothing more than to me like a dream… bas mene usko dream ki hi taraha dekha hai kabhi hassil karne ka socha Nahi hai aayat ko tu hi dekh…aur acha bhi toh hua Agar woh aaj mere or Kunj ke saath Nahi hai toh at lest uske pass happy family Toh hai…,,I toh alway told kunj uske pass uski beti hai or mere pass beta problems solved..,, this also he takes in like a taunted…he did mistakes I m always doing what he want… never ever think about for a second in aayat matter to.. she has tears in her eyes..
Chinki: if Twinkle aayat get to know about
This you are real mother of aayat than..
T: Chinki chup dheere yaar abhi Ansh sun lega he is too smart and sharp..,leave this.. they both talk soon chinki left for her home..,!!

At [email protected]
Sarna Mansion… ushar room
Usha: Anjali I don’t know what to do please Handel him do anything…
Anjali: hmm maa I will try my level best while cursing herself too..!!
Usha: ok you go usha give address Taneja Mansion to Anjali..
Anjali went in her room wear simple saree.. she left for Sarna Mansion..
Anjali reached Taneja Mansion she come out of the car went inside.. she entered in hall only Leela was present in hall. Anjali get nervous too she takes baby steps she slightly she went Leela eyes went to her and get suprise to see her.. Leela smile to.
Anjali went near her…
Anjali: namastey aunty…
Leela: namastey beta you here..
Anjali: haa woh
Leela: Ho sorry first you sit they both sit on couch.. Leela call Servant to get water for Anjali… anjali drink water…
Leela: I m suprise to see you here.. you come here to meet with Pallavi beta..
Anjali: no aunty I didn’t come here to meet with Maa ji but I come here to meet with you all and specially for my bhabhi..,
Leela: Anjali firstly I m soo sorry about naman what he did with you…
Anjali: please aunty aap Kyu sorry bol rahi hai here I come to say sorry to all of you behalf on my brother I m really sorry she fold her hands.. I know sorry is a small word infront what Kunj did…
Leela: why you said sorry for all this beta..
they both talk for while Leela really happy to talk with Anjali she so understood girl and simple her voice so pure…
Anjali: I want to meet with twinkle..
Leela: I will call her.., twinkle puttar come down.,, twinkle come down..,
T: what happened maa why you calling me.. twinkle gaze fall on Anjali she too shocked to see her…
Leela: twinkle puttar Anjali come here to meet with you..
T: withhhh mee maa why.
Leela: first sit na twinkle puttar. twinkle sit beside Anjali she still confused…
Leela: you both sit I will make tea for you both and me… both silent Anjali break the ice…
Anjali: hi hum anjali.. twinkle look at her and give her simple smile…
T: hm hum twinkle…
Anjali: I know you think what m I doing here hai na.. i m just coming here to say sorry to you twinkle ji…
T: please why you said sorry to me and please no twinkle ji only twinkle you are elder than me.
Anjali: ok twinkle Anjali took her hands in her hands… I know twinkle what chote did.
T: who is chote..
Anjali: she smile chote is Kunj..
T: hmm murmured kaha se woh chote hai?.
Anjali: I mean what Kunj did with you it’s totally wrong twinkle and sorry is too small word in front of him I never thought about this my brother did this…even I toh don’t know about he married too and has kids to..,
T: hmm but you don’t know him anjali di.. can I call you di..
Anjali: hmm.
T: I don’t know what he want from me I did my best to keep this marriage well but after what he did it unforgivable.. he gave me so much pain… Anjali hearing this really felt bad… in this six years I only want one thing from him which only love but he never gave me this…I did each and everything what he wanted only never ever I obey him.. the anger he caring its horrible Anjali di..
Anjali: I know about his anger…
T: your brother have two shades for everyone good and for me only anger and pain.. he gives love to each and everyone i m not saying he too love my family as well his family but come to on his wife he totally change..he can see everyone love but can’t see my love…most probably his anger is worsted…even mummy ji too can’t Handel him… than I toh can’t….
Anjali: I really felt bad I m sorry really..
T: why you said sorry for him.. I gave kunj many chances at last what he did I can’t forget…. forgive him too
Anjali: even I m not saying you to forgive him.. I can understand your pain when Maa told me This all even I can’t believe
On this I m just blank for a time can’t digest my chote did this..both having tears in their eyes…. I m ashamed for this please ho shakhe toh hum he maaf kardena….
T: you didn’t do anything why you feel sorry.why you come here if he knows about this he will surely hell angry..
Anjali: after I get to know about this I didn’t meet with him as well I will talk to him afterwards… both talk for while..
T: he has many rules for me only don’t go here and their even not giving permission to me come and stay me here too now you told I how much a girl bear pain my limits to over at one day na.. after all I did what kunnjjj want. I thought if he gets happy for this let at be he must be happy I always want his happiness insist that he didn’t care about my happiness..he is best for everyone but for me he is worst.. he never think about my emotions always break me down.. I bear his all tortured. Hope that I will love me too I know about his affair with Alisha but I always one hope that he didn’t cross his limits but I m idiot he cross all limits…after this nothing is left in between us..
Anjali: hai na aap dono ke bache at lest think about them what they did they are
Sweet souls..
T: I know they didn’t do anything but their mistakes is this kunj is their father.. he is good for them bad only for me I don’t know why?? Just than Leela come their..
Leela: Ho Leela give tea cup to Anjali and twinkle she too sits…asha and Mahi to come their and they both saw Anjali… ??both expressions…they too went and stand in side looking at twinkle face while they asked through their eyes… while Anjali too look at them…
Leela: why you both looking like this sit na
They both sit…
Leela: Anjali beta she is Asha my daughter in law.. Naman’s wife.. and she is mahi my daughter younger sister of twinkle and Naman…
Anjali: hoo ?hi they both to say hi…
T: and she is wife of Yuvi.,,
Anjali laugh and cam happy too…
Anjali: aww ??
Asha: you are really pretty Anjali.,.
Anjali: thanks…
Asha: and your are not looking elder than your brothers infected more younger than them. All smile..,
Anjali: you mean my both brother are old giggles…
Asha: hmm
Twinkle think I thought about her that she too same like Kunj but not see her she is soo sweet and brother is like a bitter ground karela…mature to..
T: you are totally opposite of Kunj and Anant Bhaiya means Anant bhaiya is fine but Kunj toh can’t ?looking wise you both similar little bit but in nature not at all he was karela and sadu too and you are too sweet..
Anjali: haa laugh he is like this only not from now but from starting… he was hardly talked with anyone with in clam…rather than toh gussa always on his noise.. can’t say we both are not same like ek haat ki paacho ungaliya toh dame nahi hoti hai na..weshe hi kuch kuch cheeze hum dono me bhi same nhi infect in Yuvi has..something’s…
Mahi: he too same ??? they all laugh while talking… after…
Anjali: look twinkle I can’t tell you this you forgive my kunj and forget everything because you can’t… I can understand your pain… but I want one things and please come back home and I come her to take my Bhabhi back… not for my brother but for my happiness I never see and stay and with you all..I never thought I had too bhabhi’s… and niece and nephew too.. please it’s my humble request to you please come with me… it’s my promise to you kunj will realise his mistakes and correct too.. at lest think for while about your son what he did… twinkle just thinking what to say…
T: I can’t give him second chance..
Anjali: even I m not telling you to give second chance to him.. you did your best to keep this relation well now it’s my kunj chance… he only understands in a deal way now he have to deal with his real deal… you forget about you going in your in laws home but my Maa told you and maya like her daughter and that house is your home… Leela get happy to listen Anjali talks.. speak in such a way that others love to listen to you.. listen in such a way that others love to speak to you..
Leela: twinkle think for while she said na forget about kunj just think about usha ji and Manohar ji they both always support you but Their son…!!
T: ok I m ready for this
( you people want this na see I give this to but on perfect time))
Anjali hugged twinkle said thanks to her..
twinkle went in her room…
twinkle [email protected]
Twinkle went toward wardrobe she takes out her and Ansh all clothes… and pack them… Ansh saw her..
Ansh: mamma why you pack our bags…
you mean we are going out home back Ansh jumping in happiness his happh has no boundaries.. twinkle look at him…
PoV Anjali di is right why didn’t do anything why they suffer because of us… look at him how much he get happy…
T: yes Ansh we are going back… Twinkle pack her all stuff and make Ansh ready too because he mess up… she went downstairs along with ansh…. while for Ansh best day for him today…
[email protected]
Twinkle kept the bag in aside..hold Ansh hands take him near Anjali…
T: he is Ansh your nephew..your chote ka chota… Anjali look at ansh her happiness has too no boundaries the best moments for whom she loved most in this world and see his kids best part for her.. her small brother small kids… Anjali hold Ansh hands..
Anjali: aww ??she hugged him and kissed on his forehead the happiness clearly visible on her face..What’s your name.
Ansh: ansh kunj Sarna ?
Anjali : aww nice name.. she pulled his cheeks.
Ansh: make puppy face.,, I don’t like this
Anjali: I know..
Ansh: how you know this..
Anjali: because your Papa to don’t like this when I pulled his cheeks he gave same expression?. Carbon copy of my chote..
I must say twinkle your both kids not on you but on their father..
T☹️☹️hmm you are right.. he is too much carbon copy and she too as well.
Anjali : yeah I saw her she too cute and naughty as well…
Ansh: mamma who she is aunty..
T: Ansh she is not aunty but she is your bua.. Papa and daddy elder sister?
Ansh: hoo bua what’s your name please..
Anjali: anjali…..
Ansh: heheh A A kuch kuch hota wali Anjali Kya..
Anjali : not ?? I m only Anjali..Less go than..,ansh haa chalo my Papa must be waiting for me… maa bhi..
Twinkle meet with everyone and tell mahi she too go back..!! Ansh hold Anjali hands.
Leela thanks to Anjali for this.. they about to went out just than Naman and Pallavi entered in house.. they both see Anjali while Naman look at bag in twinkle hands.. Anjali didn’t look at pallavi while she looked at her with anger eyes..
Naman: where are you going twinkle haa.

T: nothing Bhai…
Pallavi: so Anjali apne bhai ke kiye huye kamo ko shai karne aai Ho yeha haa…
Anjali take Ansh and went out….. while twinkle too… they sit in car and left for Sarna Mansion….!!!
Naman : maa what is this why went again haa..
Leela: naman it’s her life she can do anything I can’t control on her and you too..all went in their rooms….
Next scene…
Yuvi showing Naman’s video both laughing like a maniac ??
K: good you did haa ?‘this only starting only aage aage Kya hota hai Naman??
And what they all doing haa..
Y: they all for lunch and I made Their lunch hell???And Neil also with them…
K: huhu??? let her do anything yaar.
Soon they reached Sarna Mansion…. they come out from car twinkle look at whole house from outside had tears ?…
Anjali: chale..,
Ansh: haa mamma I m going to meet with danish his friend he about to go..
T: Ansh go afterwards first go and meet with dadi ok ☹️they all went inside….
time is 6:30 ?
All went inside usha just waiting for Anjali she thinks maybe twinkle will not come with her.., but she get suprise to see her and her grandson… Ansh ran fast in usha embrace…
Ansh: dadiiiii see I m come back na
Usha: haa she get so happy… twinkle take her blessing… mummy ji…. usha busy In Ansh…usha Said log shai kehate hai ashal se pyaara shuth hota hai … ?? ansh screamed in whole house aayat where are you…
Usha: mera kaan tarsh gaye te iss ki awaz sune ke liye yeh ghar bhi kitna suna suna lag raha ta ab dekho keshe bright hogaya.. and thanks beta for coming back even I m to sorry for my son deeds…
T: leave this mummy ji where is everyone..
Usha: Bebe and bua dadi along with niki and riya they went for gurudwara… and maya and aayat went for maya friend house they both will too come soon…
T: hoo ok twinkle went in her room…
Twinj room @finally ?
She about to open the room…
T: I know sadu ne room ko fish market hi
Bana ke rakha hai she went inside and get suprise to see room.. I m sure sadu ne room ko itna perfect rakh ke rakha hai I m he can’t… Anjali come in room….
Anjali : why you so shocked haa due to room..
T: haa anjali laugh…
Anjali: don’t worry chote made this room look like a fish market only today I come in room and shocked to see room scenario all messy and wardrobe too all clothes I kept In right place clean too…
T: toh hi me sochu sadu keshe room ko acha rahkh shakta hai uska sadu ness kam na hojaye??… soon twinkle arrange their clothes….
To be continued….!!!!,,,,,,
Anjali narrated voice…
One of the simplest ways to stay happy just let go of the things that makes you sad.
Anjali told to kunj mistakes is a single page of life but relation is a complete book. So don’t lose a full book for a single page.

Precap: Anjali also Kunj hard while both crying Anjali Blame herself too she crying so much…. hell angry on Kunj.. my more twist and raaz to but Kunj ko toh tears me dekh padega after toh you will he is real tashan and arrogant man
I hope you all like it finger cross
So sorry for late I m to busy in my works I try to give you all update fast as I can…
Thanks to all you to understand me and my story as well…. thanks for 25 comments and 49 likes uff??and 2 dislike you mean love me this much ???to open my page and read and your review uff I m so famous uff ?????yeh jada hogay… thanks to you all
Bye lots of love you to all…..
..kiya ???—�—�—5 episodes more left than bye ??
Ignore any grammatical errors

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