Love ka hai intzaar twinj shots by kiya episode 44

Episode 44
Before reading it’s your choice to read or not after don’t bashed…its emotional saga??????
Started continued!!!
Kunj still sitting down and blaming himself for this all words echoed in his ears…. like thousands of gunshot him.,… Yuvi consoling him.
Y: Kunj get up this is not a time for sit and crying kunj we have only one day anyhow you have to saved her. Now leave this we will see naman afterwards because now Anjali is more important to others……
Kunj looked at Yuvi while tears falling down and his nose became red all and the pain and hates for naman clearly visible in his eyes….like sabar ka gund pike…,Kunj get up… still media reports roaming their only….. Kunj sit in car left in anger…,,

At Sarna [email protected]
Everyone present in hall and saw news about Anjali and Kunj both of them is headlines in all news channels Kunj already famous businessmen people know him but Anjali when they got to know she is Kunj Sarna sister they gave to much attention and they know because of this news their channels TRP get high..,,,
All talking rubbish everyone talking about Anjali character…… Manohar see this tears in his eye but anger to visible…. because Anjali married against Manohar wish….: but he never thought his kids give this humiliation to him….. all people ashamed on him….niki and riya smirked..,
In usha room she was crying badly to thinking about Anjali almost she lost her… while Anant and maya consoling her…
Bebe and Anita went towards her….,
Bebe: usha don’t do this what you will get.
Anita: yes Usha Bebe was right don’t cry..
Usha: screamed in pain please leave me alone…. usha get up and run towards Manohar…. Usha hold Manohar shirt..
U: please aap kuch ki Jiya keshe baap hai aap hai aap ki beti waha jail me hai.
I beg you ji please do something for my daughter. Anant has tears in his eyes to see his mother in this condition….
Manohar: I can’t do anything usha she chooses this path..,
U: please don’t say this I know you muffed with her but woh aap ki beti hai….
Manohar: I know usha she is my daughter.
You see what people talking about her and you one and only son. See what your kids give me…. if you gave them good manners they will not do this….
U: usha fold his hands in front of him… please I beg you ji ek maa ka aap ko washta hai… me Maan ti hu mere bacho ne bhut galti ki hai but me ek maa hu aap ko mera dard nhi dikhata hai Kya mujpe kya beeth rahi hai…. mere sheene ki aaga ko.,..woh meri beti hai aap ki bhi…
Manohar: usha don’t wasted you time on them it will give pain only.,,
Bebe: he is right usha
U: usha look at them haa it’s so easy for you all but not for me because they are not your kids..,, shai kehata hai Kunj kon apna hai woh dard me pata chal jata hai
Aur Bebe aap ki bhi do do betiya hai aap toh unko nhi bhul shakti hai phir Meri toh ek loti beti hai….me usko keshe bhul jao yeh bhul shakte hai me nhi Kyu ki me maa hu baap nhi…..,,
Manohar: usha first see tum kess se baat kar rahi hai Ho….
U: I know what I did you don’t do anything for my daughter I will do whatever I want…
Usha went out while Anant to behind her he can’t leave her alone….. he knows what his mother going through now…..
Usha went in gurudwara for praying for Anjali… Anant to went….

At next side in Taneja [email protected]
All sit together while Leela totally shocked what happened in court… she never expects this from naman..
Pallavi is very happy today what she wants from many years today she got it..
twinkle and Mahi too. Twinkle think about usha what happening with her today.. she to know naman did wrong but she even can’t forget this what Kunj did with her…. today he understood her pain what happening on her in these years…..
Pallavi: let’s go gurudwara I want to pray for my om and this case hope fully we will win this…
Leela: I m also going with you even I m not feeling well
Mahi/ T: me too
Leela: then lees go and Asha what will you do alone in home come with us na..
Asha: ok maa…after they all went for gurudwara.,,,,
At gurudwara……[email protected]
All went inside in gurudwara and sits in front of babaji…. praying what they want…
Leela: hey wahe guru ji yeha Kya hogay hai kuch toh bata. I don’t want this what Kunj did with my twinkle and Naman did with his sister it’s not good even I don’t feel good this… still Kunj and yuvi on my heart the same place they were always here only I m muffed with them not like that I want they too in pain and what usha ji did one side is my friend Pallavi and others side relationship…..All praying. After they all sit in side……..
Usha sitting in water side looking at golden temple… remember all old days when she and Manohar comes here with
kids…. while Anant bumped with Leela..
Leela looks up and found Anant standing their only..
Anant: so sorry aunty
Leela: it’s ok beta woh Anant beta how is usha ji…
Anant : not aunty he points his hands towards usha she was sitting lifeless….
Leela went towards usha… and looks at her .tears falling down from her eyes her
Eyes corner become red and swollen come too…
Leela: usha ji. Usha looks at her…
Usha: Leela ji….. while others too comes their… Leela and talk with usha and consoling her….. twinkle went towards usha…
T: mummy ji don’t worry just faith in god
Usha: hmm… Pallavi to come their usha look at her…..
Usha : why you did this Pallavi ji Anant went inside it’s kunj call….. Anant talk to him in mute…
Pallavi ji please don’t do this with my daughter what she did with you. You know she is not this type of girl and Leela ji naman don’t know anything about my daughter. Whatever he said in court it’s all wrong Leela ji…..
Pallavi: Ho usha don’t did this in front of him did this infront of you husband you easily forget what he said before9year.
Usha: I beg you pallavi ji usha totally breaks down infornt of Pallavi.
Me aapke shamne aapni joli fhelati hu Pallavi ji please forgive my Anjali……
Usha kneel down in Pallavi legs cried lot…
just then Kunj comes their and look at usha… Kunj went towards usha his face to red and eyes messy hair….. anyone can understand him how much he is in pain….
K: maa what is this why you do this infornt of her no need of this all look at Kunj…. Kunj holds usha hands and made her stand while usha just blabbing Meri beti kunj…….
Pallavi: he is right usha don’t do this because nothing will happen with this your Anjali is gone now you forget her…
Kunj look at Pallavi…
K: you don’t need to tell this us think about your own son it’s better for you…..
Usha : Kunj stop Pallavi ji I m sorry for each and everything but please take this case back please I beg you usha fold her hands in front for her Kunj hold her hands…
K: maaa she doesn’t deserve your sorry…
Usha: Kya Kunj waha Meri Beti jail me hai usko kuch bhi Ho shakta hai kal Kya hoga..usha look at Kunj face….
Kunj you promised me that you will not let nothing happened to my daughter now….
Please Kunj I too beg you all standing their all felt bad….
K: maa don’t do this please I can’t see you like this… Handel your self maa Kunj cupped usha face….. wipes her tears both mother and son crying……. only they know what happened to them…
Usha: please kunj do something for her.. I want my daughter back anyhow… you can’t break your promise….Anant come to.
What type of brothers you both are….. you both can’t do anything for my daughter….
Anant and Kunj having tears in their eyes. Both hugged usha tightly…. while usha crying bitterly in her sons arms…… while crying usha can’t take it anymore this she gets unconscious…. Kunj felt heavy and look at usha….
K: maa Kunj sit and tapping on her face
Maa open your eyes….usha just blabbering Anjali…. twinkle went get water for usha and sit beside Kunj….
T: mummy ji please get up twinkle sprinkle water on her face slightly usha open her eyes kunj get relief…. Kunj made Drink water to usha…. after she stands but still weakness…..
K: maa stop this don’t dare to near anyone and beg too I m here na I will do anything for her… but please don’t do this.. Anant bhaiya you take maa hospital first please stays with her only…..
Usha: Meri Anjali kunj..
K: haa aajaye gi aap ki Anjali maa….
those people think this is their revenge than good now they see my revenge saying this while looking at Taneja’s…
and one more think everyone is just for sympathy only don’t expect anything to them because they want this only and they get it but now my time maa….Anant take usha with me….they left… just than Yuvi comes their he was breathing heavily…
Y: Kunj woh news did you saw…
K: chal yeha se…
Leela: one minute Kunj…. kunj look at Leela.. Leela went towards him…..
Leela: Kunj I know what naman did it’s wrong.. still tears falling down from kunj eyes…. but not looking at Leela while looking down…
Y:chal Kunj yeha se
K: hmm one minute Leela Aunty word chokes…. Leela gets suprise to listen aunty.,, please you don’t say sorry to me.. you didn’t do anything and don’t worry I will not do anything to you all but Kunj look at Leela. But not leave naman it’s my promise.., and I M so sorry for all this what I did but now not all because whatever I did with twinkle not with you all if you all want this did with me but not naman did with my innocent sister… still I m sorry but not to you all but only with twinkle I did with her not with you all…. no more sorry now..,. And you Mrs. Ahuja you too just wait and watch what I will do with you did you think I will leave….Kunj walked out from there…., Leela knows whatever he said he was right at in his place…after they left from there…
Next scene media asked questions to naman while he give all answers against Anjali and Kunj…… now media got more things and reasons to humiliate Anjali….,
Naman did all his best to humiliate Anjali character everywhere only Anjali news each and everyone talking about her only all nonsense…… people put the anjali’s posters…,Anjali became headline of news.
Naman gives one interview about related to case reporter asked him many questions asked questions about Anjali and Kunj character….,naman called sl*t Anjali in interview..,,kunj see this his anger is in no boundaries.,, if naman is infornt of him he will kill him..,,,
Y: Kunj control please.
K: how can I Yuvi naman called my sister this and I will keep quit no at all…. Kunj sit in car left for TM… yuvi to him..

[email protected]@
[email protected]
All sitting in hall just watching news….. while Naman sit in gardens having tea…
Soon Kunj and yuvi reached Taneja Mansion. They both about to went inside but they saw naman in garden Kunj ran towards him….fastly…Kunj grab naman collar.
Naman: you what you do here na…
Both fighting with each other’s
Y: Kunj don’t do this….
K: how dare he said sl*t my sister….
While Naman just laugh…,. Mahi come out and saw them she called twinkle and Asha…. they to comes there…
Naman: Kunj I m so happy what I want I get it because of you people talk about twinkle see today they only talk about your sister too I give you same pain what you gave my sister and her kids…. they called my sister sl*t today see your sister to sl*tttttt… Kunj push him…,,
K: don’t naman I will you your are my friend….. because I forget this your are too brother I only stop because of our friendships. But today what you did it’s totally wrong…… Naman grab Kunj collar…
T: Yuvi stop them what you look….
Y: did you think he will stop first you stop your brother….. twinkle and Asha went towards them…….
T: Kunj Leave Bhai..
Asha: naman you to leave kunj…
Naman: Kyu Kunj bhura laga na for your characterless sister….
K: naman hoo you called my sister characterless first look at your own self that you are good like doodh ka dula….
Don’t poke me to open my mouth….
Naman: abey your sister And you too characterless Kunj Sarna…
K: yes I m what about you don’t make innocent infornt of us you know me better and I know you better….. saale I m better than you….. twinkle and Asha look at them.should I tell Asha about you and her…Naman shocked and look at Asha….
Naman: haa while choking…. bol na
K: but I’m not like you na Naman Taneja…
now you wait tere se toh me bhut acha hi hua kam se kam jo tune kiya hai woh toh nhi kiya na jo kiya apni biwi ke saath hu kiya if it is forcefully or not……now it’s better for you if I open my mouth naman you will lose your everything…. smirked….
Naman push Kunj while hit with wall….
T: kunnjjj Bhai what is this twinkle went towards him and hold his hands….
twinkle look at Kunj forehead slightly hit his head. Small part becomes blue due to hit….. Kunj look at naman…. he about push him…
T: Kunj no please stop this what is this haa
Kunj look at twinkle….
K: you stop me only twinkle what about him haa…….
Naman: abey do whatever you want to do I don’t care at all……. abey sun jake apni behan ko 3some karwa you blo*dy man
Kunj heard this and become hell angry ? at the same time tears to comes and yuvi to shocked…… Kunj jerk twinkle hands and garb Naman…… Kunj slap this hard….
K: mind your tongue Naman what did you say haa abey tu kar……he about say but look at twinkle and stop….
Y: Kunj chod Iss ko we have lost of work don’t waste your time on him…..
K: did you heard what did he say…..
Y: Kunj he is vulgar man don’t give him shit….. Kunj look at in naman eyes..,,
K: now you see I will show you real 3some what is actually it is………Kunj wiped his tears and look at twinkle Kunj Leave from here….. after all went inside while Asha thinking about what Kunj said..,,
T: Asha what did you think
Asha: twinkle what Kunj said I m not getting…
T: forget about what he said maybe he just saying this nothing like that…..
Asha:hmmmm soon had their dinner and went in their respective rooms….
Next scene in police [email protected]@
Anjali sitting kneel down and crying bitterly thinking about morning everything is Finished.,,naman called lady police and tell her tortured Anjali…..
lady police: ok sir….,she takes Anjali in room and same things asking her questions worthless that she don’t have answers while she hit Anjali…..
And other side……
Kunj sit in side and scream loudly diiiiiiiiii
What to do for you I can’t do anything now
Y: Kunj we have 12 hours. world can change in 12 hours.and you are Kunj Sarna you too can change Kunj… Kunj looked at Yuvi.. Yuvi hold Kunj hand….
Yuvi smirked and sparked in his eyes..
K: what do you mean Yuvi..
Y: I think we both didn’t need of words to talk.i hope you understand…, Kunj say something in mute..
K: means Yuvi what lawyer not did we will… not it’s my turn Yuvi being a brother and son it’s my duty if not how will I show my face to my mother… what naman thoughts he had proof na now we will make to proof… both smirked and left for finding something…,Yuvi and Kunj went in hight court judge home to meet him they were talk with each other for 1 hours….after kuvi come out there with a smile face….. after they both went police station to meet Anjali..,,
At police station
Kunj and yuvi went in police station they about to go towards jail.. but lady police stop them…,
Lady police: where are you going haa
K: how are you??

Lady police: you don’t know who I m what you want,,,
K: I want to meet my sister..
Lady police: this is not a time to meet it’s police station not hotel…
K: hoo please where is inspector Pandey
Lady police: he went out off in duty now I m here..,, I will give to 10 minuets go and meet her..,, ok that’s it..,
K; hmm nonsense lady….. kunj and yuvi went towards Anjali she was sitting down..
They both looked at her and felt bad too.
K: slightly diii Anjali look at up and found kuvi ocean of tears started….,
Anjali went towards them… holding grill rope.while their hands to touched each other’s…. Kunj look at Anjali face and saw many marks on her body…
K: di how you get this haaa
Anjali: woh chote and told him everything how they hurt and tortured her.?
Kunj had tears in his eye and blaming himself for this…
K: how can they did this with you haa kunj cupped anjali face they too much gap between rope…, and kissed on her forehead..,don’t worry di only one night matter….lady police come there chalo yeha se ghar nhi hai yeh….
K: we know this you don’t who I….Later they went…, whole night Yuvi and Kunj put their hundred percent to take out Anjali…..
The last chance they both didn’t want to waste…. at other side naman was too happy when morning will come and court give last Oder and give Anjali punishment.
Soon night goes and morning come with lot of hope and in usha eyes today the most horrible day come today she gets her daughter get back or not then she lost her for forever….but faith in god moreover in kunj she knows how much he loved his sister. He can do anything for her…,
Usha standing in mandir and praying for Anjali in house only..while others sitting and having their breakfast….. Kunj not come home..!!
While in Taneja Mansion they were to sitting and having their breakfast.,,,
Leela: naman what you did it’s not good haa while pallavi and siya isn’t here…
Naman: Ho please maa don’t give me lecture.rt look at him…
Rt: naman this is the way to talk with your mother haa….!! Naman said sorry.,,!!
I told you naman don’t go personally but you did haa….
T: and Bhai did you think you did this for me than you are wrong because whatever he did with me not with you all and it’s my matter…,
Naman: really twinkle you forgive him but I can’t what he did with my sister…
T: whatever Bhai I didn’t forgive him I know each and everything….!! Just than Pallavi came and sit with all they all have their breakfast….
Pallavi: today I m soo happy. Finally after all left for court because it’s the last hearing of court…..
at [email protected] room
Everyone sitting Taneja’s and sarna’s all come and sit both opposite parties lawyers to come while Kunj and yuvi is not their….. whole Anjali standing in wetness box lifeless she is breathing only the soul is lost somewhere… usha just looking at usha while she looks down in shamed after what happened in yesterday… everyone just looking at her with questions eyes and bad…..
Usha: where is kunj he didn’t come till now..soon judge come let’s start…….
Naman: My lord everything is crystal clear nothing is left to say please my lord don’t our time and give her punishment…., usha and Anjali slightly both now totally lost their hopes that..,,,,,kunj will do…
judge: Mr Singh you want to say something.. 15/ 20 minuets their conversation continued…. only on the other side Kunj and yuvi take the Paper and left for court they have to reached before court give their final Oder…….. the happiness of tears can’t stop…..,,.,,,,
Judge: today I m not going on any decision because still mr Om Ahuja is alive not death I can’t give her at any particular punishment. But Mrs Anjali Ahuja still in police custody and send her in central jail till than everyone is shocked usha totally broke down that moment while Anjali just crying on herself and her destiny. Destiny always play with her life….
Judge: that’s it after they all come out of the court room………
Outside court room @
Media and reporters all just waiting……
all family members standing in side Anant handling Usha Bebe and Anita too… while Manohar seeing everything through TV..
Usha: Kunj nahi aaya I will not talk to him
Naman: smirked and laugh I know Kunj Sarna you will not come because you can’t see your lose see today your sister going in jail awww…….police gave time to Anjali meet with her family….. Anjali slightly went towards usha while Taneja’s to standing beside…..
Anjali: maa words are choking…..
immediately mother and daughter hugged each other’s both crying…..,.,, those seeing them they to have tears in their eyes…. they broke hug and look at each other..,,.
Usha: Anjaliiii..
Anjali: maa don’t cry I m ok fake smile…. Anant look at Anjali while she too.,,,
Anjali: Anant. Anant cupped Anjali face..,
Anant: diiii…. Anjali eyes finding Kunj where he is…
Kunj and yuvi come and parked car ran towards court….. media saw Kunj and ran towards him all media reports roaming around him they didn’t giving place to kunj to go……. Kunj jerk them
K: Yuvi I think we are too late….
Y: Kunj may be judge still in court…..
K: Yuvi hmmm you go and see di I will go inside ok…..,
Media : Mr. Sarna what did you think about court decision….. Kunj ran towards court room. While yuvi went towards Anjali.
Usha: Yuvi where is Kunj Yuvi breath woh maami..,..:
Police: chalo aap ka Jane ka time…,,,over
Kunj went towards judge and meet with him and show him something and paper according to paper court give Anjali bail because om is still alive and she was not murderer… judge check the paper they leave Anjali only on bail but case still on hold waiting for om statements…
Next scene…..
BG song tere liye from veer zara

Anjali: maa don’t worry about me ok police taking Anjali towards police van….
Pallavi and Naman is very happy…,,..
judge call the police….. Kunj immediately ran from there…..,,, kunj was in 2 floor he was just ran fast as he can…….., Anjali slightly turning and look at her mother..,,,
Kunj running… Kunj give voice to Anjali at the same time he was breathing heavily and cry too…..diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Anjali look at Kunj Yuvi take the paper and went towards police and show and while Naman hey confused.,,,,,,,, police check the paper and sign to lady police to open the handcuffs…Kunj throws the some paper in his hand all paper follow in air. Air follow fast….. Anjali just looking at from far…she walks towards slightly holding her Saree from down she has problems in her one leg…… all humiliation comes infornt of them all bad words…… Anjali crying while walking Kunj to walk slightly…….Anjali ran fast towards Kunj she while Kunj too Anjali about to fall down kunj hold her immediately…,
K: bola ta aap ko kabhi nhi girne nhi dega aapka chote… Anjali looking up….., Anjali put her hands on Kunj shoulders….
Anjali: choteeeeeeee…… Anjali hugged Kunj……, both crying in each other embrace while others seeing them…,,,
Anjali looking around all while Kunj holding her hands….. the truth always wins for what wins is always true… karma mean it doesn’t mean kunj was wrong . Anjali was not she was innocent how can she punish because of other ones matter but at the end truth always wins today also because kunj fight for truth he was wrong but not today naman is wrong that’s why he loses after so much hard work worthless…..finally a brother wins for his sister…. one is not because he was not fight for his sister but for her ego…
Anjali felt on her knees while Kunj to side beside her…..
Anjali: humare saath Aesha Kyu hua hum ne toh kuch nhi kiya ta………….
K: nahi di see your brother with you na..
Kunj wiped her tear and kissed on her forehead… usha and Anant to went them…
K: diii no more tears because they very precious to me…..everyone has to pay for your tears……
Anjali: hum aeshe nhi hai logo ne humare saath Aesha Kyu kiya….hum woh nhi hai jo logo ne humare bare me bola…..
K: I m sorry ? di because me you bear so much pain and I can’t do anything for you. Kunj look at Anjali palms they were cuts all Kunj kissed him felt really bad for……,
Anjali di I really missed you in these years…, I never thought because of me you get so much pain..,.. what type of brother I m…
Anjali: you are the best brother chote who can loved his sister this much as you can….
Kunj and Anjali stand and hugged while Anant and Usha to joint them four of them hugging each other’s let come out their emotions..,,,,, Yuvi come their…..
Y: I m also here with a tears smile…..
Anjali: haaaa kunj hold Yuvi hand he to joint them………the truth always comes out in the end, no matt was how hard anyone tries to hide it or stop it..lies are just a temporary delay to the inevitable.
it’s always the ones with the dirty hands pointing the fingers…Leela looks at them with a smile face and Naman and Pallavi hell angry after so much still he wins…..
Media comes their…
Media: sir please how she get bail after this all they broke the hugged….. Kunj look at all people who surroundings them….. while Anjali get fear due to this because everyone seeing her with bad eyes and they have many questions in their eyes…
Kunj hold Anjali hands take her with him…
media: sir please say something…….
K: stays away……..Kunj give pen to Anjali and she sign the paper Kunj gave that paper to Mr Singh…….Kunj look at naman..Naman words still echoes in his ears he never forgets him….
K: less go di.
Anjali: hmm usha and Anant or maya went Bebe and Anita in one car…. while Kunj went towards his car. he open the door for his sister. Anjali sits in car while yuvi to sit in back seat…..
K: you both wait I will come in one minute..
Kunj went towards Naman….
K: hoo so mr Naman Taneja and Mrs Pallavi Ahuja what happened you both really unhappy today… I told you na naman I will take my sister back….. what did you think…. you make story you will win.., haaa bro this is India here in one minute many people make false stories and wins…but sometime truth to wins….
Naman: but how you get bail…
K: Kunj smiled think this if you can.
if you can buy false proof against my sister so even I can to naman ek minuets lagti hai kaanon ko khareedne me…acha hi se yeha koi jeeta nhi hai so because acha hi yeha kishi ko raash nhi aati hai….. if matter comes on my di I can do anything for her…
Naman: whatever but teri behan ki izzat ki to dhajiya uthi gai na…..
K: did you heard one quote sone ko kabhi bhi kaat nhi lagti hai just like same my di is gold you tried your best to ashamed her.. but not Kunj look at twinkle to and same with your sister too…. you thought I humiliated her and uski izzat ki mene dhajiya utati hai…. look naman jab Meri behan gold hai toh Meri behan ki keshe izzat udegi…. she is to pure impure is me not she so according to this all they both is pure as well after what people said about them their pure ness no one can change….. twinkle get suprise to listen kunj words……. but now you just wait now your time is over it’s my time now I will show you how to take revenge…. what did you say about sister naman pay back… from today you will never ever come in court…. so enjoy today lawyer Naman Taneja..,
Naman: what did you mean last…
K: nothing kunj went from there and sit in car left for home…….after they to left from there..,,,,,
Soon they reached Sarna Mansion Anjali get nervous how she will go inside home… after 9years……. Kunj parked the car…..
they all come out of the car while Anjali looking at everywhere…
Anjali: nothing as change where chote same to same…
K: yes di nothings is change.,,… all old come in Anjali mind how they siblings play here and all fun and happy moments.. her last step when Manohar broke all relations with her… Anjali look at Kunj….
Anjali: woh chote Papa how can I go…..
K: don’t worry about him di we all here for you.. you just come with us they went inside…..Anjali take steps very steps to difficult for her… last time she went from her to lost all relations…. now she come back here……Kunj take Anjali inside along with Yuvi…. every one is present in hall… Anjali entered in hall….
Anant: maa Anjali di all look at her..
Manohar to there.. he slightly looked at her. Anjali to look at her father….. she knows he was angry on her…. Kunj take Anjali towards all… niki making bad face to see Anjali she didn’t like Anjali at all..
Usha: Meri betiii…. Bebe to meet with Anjali while one by one meet with her…. maya in kitchen to make lunch for everyone…. Manohar went in his room without meet with her.. Anjali felt bad…
Usha: don’t worry about your Papa ok now you come and sit with me……
Kunj and yuvi sit in other side in couch they both were hell tired.. so many nights they not sleep well… finally today they both get relief…..usha take Anjali in her room where already her and om luggage here because kunj bring their luggage from hotel….. usha give clothes to Anjali after she went in washroom to get freshen up……. kuvi to went in kunj room…… Yuvi jumped on the bed…..
Y: hey kunj yaar Meri kamar toh lagta hai gai…..
k: acha dramebaaz.. Kunj took out his clothes and give Yuvi too soon one by one they both freshen up…..
Y: Kunj yaar finally relief today I will sleep whole day..,,
K: yeah sure you sleep today only because after tomorrow Yuvi have to do something to close this case forever…. now toh naman ka band bajana baki hai and this blo*dy reporters too now see how they will show news…….after they both went in Anjali rooms she was sitting usha making her hair slightly…..
Y: hmm maami you were very happy today haa…. kuvi sits beside Anjali and teasing her…..maya come in room with cup of tea and snacks….!! Anjali look at maya with questions eyes…. Kunj sense this….
k: Anjali ki she is maya bhabhi..
Y: Anant bhaiya Juliet???they slightly laugh after so many days….
Anjali: hoo. They take tea…. still Anjali was sad she will never forget all bad words about her…., while sipping of tea they enjoyed….!! Anant to come their….
Usha see her kids happy and she too gets happy what a mother want from god only one thing that alway her kids will be happy….at Taneja Mansion… they all sit together…
Pallavi: Leela can I asked you one thing..
Leela: haa Kyu nahi
Pallavi: how you people know sarna’s…
Leela looks at twinkle….
Leela: because Pallavi Kunj is my twinkle husband only and Yuvraj is mahi. Sarna’s and Luthra’s my daughters in laws both and my relatives too…
Pallavi: Ho but why they both stay here haa.
Leela: it’s a long story Pallavi…. some mistakes happened only…. Naman went in his room throwing things here and there.
Twinkle and Asha went in room… see him.
Asha: naman what is this haa why your anger come out here haa.. I told you hundred times that you will not win with kunj but you were not listening me now you get it….
Naman: just shut up asha..,,
Twinkle went downstairs Neil come to meet with her….. while Pallavi and siya went for hospital……!!! Twinkle and Neil talk with each other’s enjoying each other’s company… Rt saw them and get happy to see his daughter happy…..
neil: twinkle you should move on in life.. neil smirked..,……
At Sarna Mansion……evening [email protected]
Anjali sitting in lounge just than aayat coming from school…. she was giving voice to maya…..
Aayat: mammma where are you… Anjali saw her and think who she is….
k: aayat thoda slow haa.
Anjali: who she is chote.
K: Anant bhaiya ki daughter ?
Aayat: huuuhu Anjali smiled to see her..
Anjali: think she just look like a chote same to same but ….aayat sit beside them.!!maya and Usha come there…
maya: what happened aayat why you scream… haa..
Aayat: mamma my legs are paining…
k: Kyu marathon me jake aai hai aayat..
Y: epic??????
Aayat: see mamma I m not talking with them still they irritate me… maya lift aayat and left..,,
Usha: Kunj what is this… kuvi left too usha sit with Anjali…
Usha: what happened To you what you think…
Anjali: kitna sab kuch Change ho gaya hai yeha itne saalo me… maa
Usha: Change toh Ho hi gaya hai Anjali beta yeha…
Anjali: Kunj kitne chote te ab dekho kitne bade hogye hai… Anant bhi saadi bhi hogi hai aur bache bhi?I m soo happy for him maa.. maa Kunj ne saadi nhi ki…. Usha look at her…..
Usha: Anjali beta I want to talk with you
Something about your chote…. suddenly Bebe comes their and take usha with her..
At night everyone sitting in dinning table for dinner but not Kunj as usual you all know…. usha feed food Anjali with her hands after so many years.!..! After Kunj to come in her room…
k: Ho maa only di.??
Usha: Tu bhi aaja usha feeds him too..
After dinner maya and Anant along with usha and Kunj or Anjali they all were sat together.! And chit chatting with each other’s… aayat to come there with teddy bear in her hands… she sits beside Kunj and making puppies face…
Anant: what you did with her why she behave like with you.,,
K: nothing…. bhaiya Kunj lift aayat and tickle her…, she just laugh kunj and Aayat playing. While Anjali just look at both of them and she gets confused so much….
Aayat: please kunj chachu don’t ??
Anjali PoV:
Anant daughter she just look at Kunj how can… aayat look at Anjali…..
Aayat: who she is…
Usha: she is you bua aayat..
Aayat: are keshe but I already have bua niki and Riya bua….
k: but she is your special bua…
Aayat: means…. chachu….
Anant: means aayat she is my and Kunj elder sister.
Aayat: hoo aayat went towards Anjali….
What’s your name bua…..
Anjali : cutely hi
Aayat: hi…….
Anjali: my name is Anjali.
Aayat : hoo what a beautiful name Anjali..
Anjali: you also beautiful aayat…
You also A and me and Papa. Dadi why only kunj chachu is not A. He is k… ??good We are good not you,,,
K: huhu chal…..after they all went in their respective rooms…,,.,
U: ok beta you to sleep now
Anjali; maa I want to ask you something.
U; haa beta..
Anjali: maa aayat totally look like kunj hena…??kitni cute hai
U: hmm ? beta..,,ok now you sleep ?
Episode end here only….emotional part end here only see what next????

Precap: let’s see twinkle will come back Sarna Mansion or not……Anjali get to know about kunj everything and shocked after this….,,,,

The Truth may hurt for a little while but a lie hurts forever….
—�—�—�—�—� thanks for bearing me ???and those people don’t like it so please it’s my request please don’t waste your time on me???In starting you people want twinj get separated.I always tell you wait for a perfect time but some of you we with me but others not… I m not taking anyone names because you all very important for me…. those who comment once in a month come and bash…. I m not telling you read my story it’s your choice and it’s my story I will give you want I want yaar because you people don’t what is in my mind…..twinj will be one but a perfect things make one it’s take a time… if will going though with you all than I will end my ff in 10 episode…. and those think this is serial so my dear every story in TU base ?on serial and second one yeh naatak horha hai toh dear yeh naatak hi? hai?. I m thanks full each and everyone my readers and all my comments thanks dear?????????I don’t have words for you all…..sorry if I hate you all but I m right at my place…… a big thanks for45 ???likes and 3 dislike???……should I End this ff tell me
ignore any grammatical errors..,
bye lots of love you all

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