Love ka hai intzaar twinj shots by kiya episode 43

Episode 43…..,,,
Let’s the episode get ready?????
Started from continue…,,
Kunj was hell frustrating on himself because of him only Naman did this… he totally confused what to do one side is om and the most important Anjali is suffering in jail anyhow he has to take her come out…
This media writes and publish rubbish things about Anjali. Makes things more difficult for her come out its all give kunj only pain…

Y: Kunj clam down yaar why you so frustrated.
K: so what to do Yuvi here my di is in jail.i toh can’t sit and enjoying moreover twinkle…,
Y: now what happened to twinkle..
k: i don’t want to hurt her but what to do now whenever I saw her only seeing pain in her eyes only and hate for me…. I know what I did with her if I m saying her sorry my deeds can’t over… sorry is very small words infornt of what I did… I want to stay way from her I know if I go near to her it gives her pain only that i don’t want it…. anymore here I m di I don’t what babaji want from me.. because of me I hurt my wife and my family to and her family to…
In these all things Ansh to suffering Yuvi. What I did….
y: Kunj at lest you know your mistakes it’s good kunj don’t soon everything turned back on their place..

K: if naman cross his limit I will not leave him it’s my promise Yuvi.. he chose wrong way to hurt me… if he killed me it’s enough for me but what he did.Using my di…
Y: Kunj if he thinks he will win than totally wrong kunj….,
On the other side in jail……..

Lady Police take Anjali in one dark room made her sit in chair..
lady police just asking her questions why she did this while all time Anjali saying..No
Lady police: I know you can’t say easily…
she slapped her hard on her face. Anjali face become red fully she just crying all the time taking Kunj…name… just then lady police phone beep… she received call. It’s Naman….
lady police: yes sir… she not accepting.
Naman: you know what to do
Lady police: yes I know….
Naman: that’s good you will get your reward.
Lady police: hmm sir… hang up the call….
Lady police said to others…. asked her till then She didn’t answer. She went while other’s torturing her badly…..
Anjali just screaming in pain…. humne kuch nhi kiya hai……

Next scene in Taneja mansion…
Everyone is sitting in hall….
pallavi: siya beta I m going to hospital to see om beta you want to come with me…
Siya: maa you go I m going market with Mahi…
Pallavi: ok you go I m going…
Leela: wait I will go with you to Pallavi..
Pallavi: yeah good Leela they both left for hospital…while Mahi and siya along with twinkle and Asha they were sitting…
Just then Naman entered in hall went towards them…. he sits with them all…
Naman: siya where is Pallavi aunty..
Siya: woh naman bhaiya maa went hospital to meet Bhai with Leela Aunty..
Naman: ok Asha please get for coffee me.
Asha: hmm yeah sure wait… she went in kitchen…..
Mahi: ok siya less go
Siya: yeah I will come take my wallet.
Mahi: ok me to both bring their wallet went for shopping…., naman sitting recall Kunj face felt happy to see him like this….

I M just waiting for next hearing Kunj Sarna….smirked… Asha come with coffee give to him and sits….Twinkle Remember all kunj and his words give her more pain..
twinkle think in her heart I hate you kunj to core of the my heart….
Asha: naman did you think you will win this case….
Naman: case is My you don’t worry win or lose isn’t matter…. a devil smile on his lips.
Asha: hmm too see this case I don’t think so kunj will win…. twinkle just listening their talks…. not saying anything…Twinkle went in her room… soon ansh and soham came from school… both sit in side chair…
While Naman talking rubbing about Kunj Ansh slightly heard everything angry on them… ran in their room…

Twinkle [email protected]
Twinkle sitting in side folding their clothes..Ansh went towards her….sit beside her twinkle looks at him she got up went towards wardrobe took out his clothes soon he changed.. after sometime later twinkle went in kitchen take milk for Ansh she went in her room… while Ansh fuming in anger….Twinkle went towards Ansh…
T: Ansh take it this…
Ansh: I don’t want it…
T: why??she to already in anger…

Ansh: no means no…
Twinkle forcefully make him drinking milk Ansh push the glass….
T: what is this Ansh…
Ansh: I don’t want to stay here let’s go home mamma.
T: we are not going anywhere Ansh..
Ansh: why they all are bad here I know you all hate my papa.

T: what is this who told you this haa
Ansh: I heard naman maamu….
Ansh misbehave while twinkle slapped him… Ansh ran from here….
T:I have to strict with him now…

At Sarna Mansion….
Usha and Bebe sitting while Manohar taunting her…. Niki comes there and switch on the tv….news come about kunj and Anjali…. the same masala they did….
Manohar: what a great usha see this your kids giving me good humiliation….
Bebe: monu bas kar…… Anant come there take usha in room….. without answering Manohar in return….

Ushar [email protected]
Anant: maa what’s the need to sit with Papa you know how he is….. mistakes did we but he always blamed you…
U: what I do Anant here my daughter is suffering sab ko aapni padi hai keshi ko mera dard nhi dekhta hai mere upar Kya beth rahi hai…
Anant: maa don’t be sad maa I m sure Kunj did something….just then aayat come there…
Aayat: Papa here you are

Anant: yeah aayat any work..
Aayat : yes Papa you know tomorrow is my Annual function competition In my school and I to participate in this…
Anant : that’s great aayat…. in which you take part…
Aayat: In happily In dance Papa…and you all have to come in my school ok
U: haa we all come there…aayat beta..
Anant: maa now aap bhi mat socho
U: hmmm Anant take aayat and left…….
Everyone has their own problems and moreover all upset…..their relationships is suffered just in this because of two people so many relations suffer and bitterness comes in their life’s…..

next scene
Kunj and yuvi sitting with Mr Singh discussing about Anjali case what’s to do now…
K: I don’t know anything take her out anyhow…. this naman is totally become made… now..
Y: Kunj don’t worry he will not do anything beyond any limits…
K: how can you say this you know him…
Mr Singh: Kunj don’t worry court gives us time…. if he takes time to waste our time I too take time for anjali if not happens anything…..
K: do whatever you want to do I want my sister back that’s it.if not what I will that bad for naman then.Kunj left from in anger.while yuvi to ran behind him..
He knows how much he was angry at this time..
Y: Kunj yaar wait na where are you going.

K: why you asked me if you come with me??
Y: hope so
K: yaar Yuvi go and solved your matter with Mahi that’s more important now..
Y: I don’t know where she was now I talk with her last night she was still same…
K: make her understand things…. I don’t want because me you both like this.
Y: O hello bas to much sweets ??can’t Handel. Kunj hit him slightly…
K: Yuvi it’s not joke yaar… sometime behaved like mature…
Y: you behaved like mature what I need
K: impossible you are Yuvi both sits in car and left….
in car….
Y: Kunj you know everyone is working nicely in office… and soon this project also get finished…. Neil is very much excited for this project…
K:hmm now stop after this all we talk about Work…
Y: listen kunj drop me at xyz mall..
K: why?

Y: I have work
K: okay…Soon Kunj drop Yuvi at mall and he left….
Kunj stop his car in peaceful silence place and he sits there… and admiring beauty of nature…
one side TM
Everyone is sitting in hall chitchat with each other’s…RT asked about Om Heath how he was now….
Leela: he was fine or not bhi.
Rt: don’t worry Pallavi ji soon he will be fine doctors their na.
Pallavi: hmm ? Just than soham comes there.
Soham: mamma tomorrow annual day function in my school and I performed..
All: awww

Asha: what you perform soham..
Soham: woh I take part in musical instruments playing this is a competition who will win he takes trophy.. and Papa have to performed with me..
Naman : like O what is this soham I don’t know about music..
Asha : what is this naman you have to perform as well win to..
Leela: where is ansh now he to participate na..
Soham: yes dadi.. I don’t know where he is. Twinkle got up and went to see ansh where he was.. twinkle directly went in her room first to see him. fortunate he was sitting in room only…
T: here he is she went towards Ansh…
T: Ansh now get up she to sit beside him.
Soham told about your annual function you were not told me about this why. Okay leave this now you tell me you performed in which…

Ansh: I will not tell you huhu twinkle ?smiled at him…
T: okay but why ansh.. again gets up from here and went out….
T: now what to do I ok kunj is here na he can handle him she totally forgot quickly she remembered… twinkle think ansh here is not your Papa come and tujhe manana lege…
At police station they tortured Anjali badly by physically…while she just screamed in pain. She never ever thought about this in her life this will happen to her….
at mall while doing shopping Mahi bumped with Yuvi by mistakenly..
Y: opps sorry miss Yuvi looks at Mahi…
Mahi you..

Mahi: yes I m…
Y: good tum mujhe yeha mil gai Mahi plz come back home…
Mahi: Yuvi this is mall not your home to make scene here…
Y: Mahi what are you saying why I will make scene….
Mahi: lees go siya Mahi walk out from there..
Y: this Mahi na bhut bhav khaa rahi hai huhu Yuvi to left soon…
Soon night….?
Sarna Mansion everyone is having their dinner… all quiet Manohar just looking at watch.
Manohar: where is riya and Niki today they both not come from out…
Bebe: both went for dinner out with their friends
Manohar: hmm okay… soon they finished their dinner all went in their respective rooms..
in anya [email protected]
Maya and Anant sitting on bed while aayat dancing and showing her parents.. while they both were is so happy and having some family moments…
Aayat: mamma this time I will win…
maya: ofcourse my princesses will
What about my son he to win… what he did..

Aayat: I don’t know about him mamma twinkle chachi is saying chachu Sadu Sarna she was right he ansh to all same like Kunj chachu…. junior Sadu Sarna…
I m good because of you both I’m your daughter na if kunj chachu then she too same… maya and Anant both said together: aayat aeshe nhi bolte hai…while they both looked at each other face…
Maya: aayat how many times I told you not taking names of elders… you can say chachu… and chachi
Aayat : I like only this kunj chachu and twinkle chachi mamma Papa toh bol nhi shakte hai na like Ansh he was saying you both na maa daddy…
maya: now come aayat let’s sleep it’s to late….soon they slept….
Kunj still sitting there only…. thinking about him and twinkle.
K: why this naman fight Mrs. Ahuja case.
Twinkle and Ansh laying down on bed…
T: Ansh I m sorry na….okay you don’t want talk to me fine talk with your Papa.
Twinkle called to kunj he to receive her call.
K: hello…,
T: talk to ansh.
K: what happened to him….
T: I don’t know you can ask

K: okay Ansh what happened to you…
Ansh: nothing Papa…. Ansh take phone from twinkle hands and went out….
Ansh: Papa come here na mamma not good…
k: don’t say this she is your mamma.
What you want to tell me…. Ansh tell kunj in mute..,,
Ansh: Papa you will come na…
k: yeah Ansh.
Ansh: we both win na
K: hmm? they both talk with each other’s for sometimes…. later Ansh went in room.
T: ho gai bete ki baap se baat…Without saying he slept….twinkle just smiled and she too slept…
Kunj check the time he just about to get up just then Yuvi comes there…:.:
K: you??

Y: why I can’t come here kunj
K: hoo okay what about Mahi…
Y: leave her Kunj she just taking footage.
Both of them again sit taking sips of cold drink….Kunj told about Ansh school….
Y: that’s good kunj you should go…..
K: I m hell confused what about my di yaar jiss di ne in haato me Rakhi bandi aaj unke haato me meri wajshe hathakadee kesha Bhai hu me yaar…
Y: Kunj jesha bhi best Bhai kismat walo ko milta hai tere jesha Bhai..they both talked for while soon they to went their homes…

At Sarna [email protected]
Kunj went in his room soon he changed his clothes and lay down on bed thinking about Anjali….. only one day to go he doesn’t know what to do…while thinking kunj to slept…
Next morning…..

[email protected]
Everyone sitting and having their breakfast while aayat is hell excited for today….
Bebe: today you are very happy aayat puttar….
Aayat: yes Bebe ok mamma I m going at evening you all to come…. after they went for their works place……
Usha went in kunj with breakfast… saw him he was sleeping…..
U: Kunj wakes up.
K: hmm maa soon he got up run towards washroom soon he gets ready…. have breakfast….. after Kunj went out to meet lawyer…..

[email protected]
Same they to have their breakfast. After naman went for work about case….
other’s busy in their works….both kids went their schools…..
Soon evening.@
Taneja’s and sarna’s they all went in school….. soon everyone comes all take their seats…..
host: ok let’s start function…..
all: yessssss soon function….. one by one kids comes performed…..
at next side Kunj and yuvi stuck in meeting with lawyers….
Y: Kunj you forgot about Ansh school function…
K: O shit I totally forgot about this now it’s to late what to do….
one lady comes sir mrs Mehra is coming…
Y: leave this you should go….

K: but I want to meet with mrs mehar…
What to do ek taraf meri di hai dusri taraf mera beta… both of them important for me…. me ek fharz ke liye dusre fharz ko keshe bhul jaauo…
Y: yes then less go both ran from there set in car and left for school.
In school now aayat turn comes she too performed beautifully….. looking like a barbie girl….. while twinkle eyes finding Kunj and he didn’t come till now I know he will not come…. after
Host: so here our 2 last performance is soham Taneja with his father Naman Taneja… Naman was nervous about this because of him soham will lose… but he went in stage…. after so much he to perform well….
host: now last performance is Ansh Sarna…Ansh come on stage and stand..
Host: where is your father….

while Kunj and yuvi stuck in traffic… after both reached school fast..
Host : Ansh where is your father….
Light goes off….
Twinkle just praying please kunj come na.
Ansh started crying slightly.
Mahi: I think di Kunj Jiju didn’t come.
Spotlight on Ansh only… Kunj breathing heavily soon…. Kunj ran towards stage…
host saw Kunj and smiled went in back stage…. Ansh too saw Kunj and smiled… while yuvi sit beside Mahi only seat there.
Kunj : Ansh what to do…
Ansh: you have to sing with me Papa.
K: what Ansh..

Ansh: now Papa don’t let’s shows the world what my Papa is… he show him thump up
…. Kunj sit and Ansh to sit in their chair..
Soon music starts?????
Everyone seeing kunj and Ansh both sit.. their face glow in light…. Kunj started first…
Song akele hum akele hum

Kunj: Akele hum, akele tum
Jo hum tum sang hain to phir kya gham

Tu mera dil, tu meri jaan
(Kunj look at Ansh)
Ansh:Oh I love you Daddy
( he too look at Kunj)
Kunj:Tu maasoom, tu shaitaan
Ansh:But you love me Daddy
(Everyone is enjoying)
Ansh:Tu mera dil, tu meri jaan
Ansh:Oh I love you Daddy
Ansh:Tu maasoom, tu shaitaan
Ansh:But you love me Daddy
Kunj:Yun to hai tu nanha sa
Hai magar guru sab ka
Aur issi sharaarat se
Dil jigar hai tu sab ka
(Kunj goes in flash and remember his and Ansh all moments)
Kehne ko hai yun to hazaar
Koi magar tujhsa kahan
Akele hum, akele tum
Jo hum tum sang hain to phir kya gham
Tu mera dil, tu meri jaan
(Twinkle has tears in his eyes)
Ansh:Oh I love you Daddy
Kunj:Tu maasoom, tu shaitaan
Ansh:But you love me Daddy
Kunj: Maan lo kal jo yeh saari duniya
Saath mera nahin degi
Kaun hai phir meri manzil ka hamsafar

(Kunj R.E.M. all bad moments)
Ansh: Main hoon Daddy
(While Ansh gracefully sing looking at Kunj and R.E.M. Naman and others words about kunj)
Kunj: Aaj lage kitna haseen
Apna jahan, apna sama
Akele hum, akele tum
Jo hum tum sang hain to phir kya gham
Tu mera dil, tu meri jaan
( somewhere kunj to felt bad what he done)
Ansh:Oh I love you Daddy
Kunj: Tu maasoom, tu shaitaan
Ansh: But you love me Daddy

Kunj: Tu mera dil, tu meri jaan
Ansh: Oh I love you Daddy
Kunj: Tu maasoom, tu shaitaan
Ansh:But you love me Daddy – 3
Every parents happy to see this..
Tears in their eyes too performance finished… everyone stands up and clapping for them…..
kunj towards Ansh kissed on his forehead while Ansh wipes his tears…..
Host comes there while clapping….
what a performance great ? father and son……..Yuvi whistling ? ??
Y: dekha aww kunj??
Mahi: jada udo mat
Y: Kyu taxes lagat hai Kya….
Host calls every kids and give them their prize…..
host: so our winner is ansh and Kunj holding their hands along naman and soham to stands…. on stage…
Host: soooo winner is ansh Kunj Sarna…
Ansh get happy and jumping in happiness
While Naman looks at Kunj…..
principle comes on stage and give trophy ? to ansh….

Ansh: I get this because of my Papa he is the best Papa……

K: Ansh come here kunj hold soham hand
Make him to holding trophy… both best and this trophy too ansh you share this trophy with soham too…
Ansh: ok Papa soham to get happy….
both holding trophy click their picture… Asha to get happy….. soon function get over…. Kunj went towards Naman….
Naman: don’t become so good kunj
K: whatever jitna dimag case me lagaraha hai na utna agar iss me lagaya hota na Kya pata tu mujse Jeet jata…
Naman: haa what a joke mujhe iss me jeetna bhi Nahi hai jiss me jeet na hai usme me jeet jauga just wait for morning..

k: cool ? than just like same I win here and there too naman….
naman: let’s see….
Y: Kunj chal na
K: haa chalte hai…..
after all went their homes Ansh and soham so happy……
Asha: both of you very happy today….
yeha iss naman ko dekho because of Kunj soham to happy….
in TM all sitting and enjoying….
Ansh: I’ll tell you na my Papa is best he always wins today too
Naman: ok side but Ansh tomorrow not your Papa will win but your maamu..
soon night and all slept with new hopes…
Kunj get up fast hell nervous about court hearing what will happens today in other side naman is happy he knows what he will do…. all get ready and went for court….

[email protected]@outside
Media and press all roaming there only…

they were asking many questions nonsense……. soon Anjali comes police take her in court room her hair was messy little bit and eyes all red and mark of slap on her face…… soon all went in court room……
court room….
All sit in their chairs Kunj look at Anjali face hell shocked to see her in this situation….. for usha like someone hurt on her heart…. and Manohar seeing this all through TV it’s all live going on TV

Judge comes and sit….
judge: let’s start the procedure
Naman : so my lord we see in last hearing.. today I m going to show you something…
Judge: ok
Naman: My lord miss Anjali ne ghar se baag ke saadi kiti unke naajayez shamband te…. Kunj fuming ?…

Unki saadi unko ne aapne parivaar ke against jaake kiti…..
Mr Singh: what is this..
Naman: should I complete first….
judge?‍⚖️ : order Oder…..
Naman: miss Anjali now you tell me what are you doing in that red light area.. haaa
Anjali: crying hum ne kaha na
Naman: you are lier…
Such me bata ta hu My lord miss Anjali is a call girl pr*stitute
K: what is this ???

Bg song Aye Khuda rocky handsome
Please listen songs u can feel the emotions……
Judge: Oder Oder….
Yuvi make clam down kunj….
Naman : that night she went in that area and om don’t know about her he to went behind her… and he saw her what she doing..
Anjali: yeh jhoot hai ??

Naman: I have proof too…..I want to call rani….
judge: ok rani come in wetness box…
Naman : so miss rani you know her..
Rani: haa sahib I know her….
Anjali: no I don’t know her…..
Rani: ha ya Anjaliya Kya bak Rahi hai
Naman:dekha My lord she to know her
Us raat Anjali iss se hi milne gai Ti kaam se aur waha om ne Anjali ko range haato pakad liya….
Anjali : hum pe vishwash ki jiye humne kuch nhi kiya hai Aesha yeh sab jhoot hai.
Naman: phir Kya Anjali dar gai Kyu ki iss ka raaz khuljayega issliye usne om ko car ke aage daka de diya aur accident ka natak kardiya…
Mr Singh: judge sab yeh sab jhoot bol rahe hai mere kabil dost….
Naman : you have any proof haaa

Aur judge sab in ke chote Bhai mr Kunj Sarna ke bhi kuch time phale unki office me kaam karne wali ke saath affair chal raha ta aur done ke ashlin pictures bhi media me aaye te jeshi behan Vesha Bhai.
I will show this naman show kunj and Alisha pictures….
Pallavi: yes judge sab naman is right she is this type of girl only… doxy….
Mr Singh: My lord iss baat se Kunj Sarna ka kya lena dena hai…..
Naman: Lena dena hai because only he knows where she was because her family broke all relations to her….Anjali broke down and sit in wetness box crying bitterly and same side Kunj too naman just bashed talking rubbish about Anjali… pointing his fingers on her character..
Naman: too see all she is only a characterless woman my lord……
k: mind your tongue.
Anjali: bas karo hum ne kuch nhi kiya hai Aesha usha crying…
Naman: My lord please aap apna feshla sunadiye jiye….
Mr Singh: no my lord please give me to time…..
Naman : it just wasting time my lord….
judge: Mr Singh I give you only today tomorrow is last day…. do whatever you want to do…. judge ok last hearing of this case tomorrow…… Naman smirked… usha can’t take it anymore Anant take her home as soon as possible…. while kunj still sit in their only Anjali to sit in wetness box….. all Naman words echoed in her ears….Yuvi felt bad..
Kunj look at naman went towards him and grab his collar….
k: how dare you say this about my sister….
While Taneja’s and Pallavi still standing there only they shocked…..
Y: Kunj Leave him na

K: no I can’t
Naman: Kunj Leave my collar it’s very costly for you.Kunj push Naman…
Teri himaat keshe hui Meri behan ke baare me aeshi baat….
Naman : abusing Anjali badly… now it’s to much:…
Leela: naman stops this….
Anjali : bas karo screamed Kunj look at Anjali she totally broke down… police comes and take her out kunj jerked Naman ran behind Anjali tears falling down continuously….
out of the court all come out…. Naman is happy bas…. Kunj ran towards Anjali….
K: di police stop…. others just seeing them

Anjali breaks down and sit on floor…. Kunj to sit down…..
Anjali : hum aeshe nhi hai chote yeh sab jhoot hai pointing her finger towards courtroom….
K: I know this di please aap mat roh all looking at….. Kunj hugged Anjali tightly…both crying in each other embrace.sobbing….
Naman: think I want this only kunj….
and other side media saying rubbish…

police:chal liye…. Anjali got up… her Saare paalu falling down…. the humiliation they both bearing…
K: di I will not leave them all……
Police take her…… Anjali sits in car left…..
Kunj falls down on his knees…. screaming diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Yuvi ran towards him….
Y: Kunj don’t you have to strong for her and Usha maami….
k: I can’t Yuvi what naman did with my di.
Y: get up…. media comes there…
Media: sir what is this your sister is pr*stitute Kunj push the reporter and broke his camera… Kunj look at every face lock them in his eyes…
k: shut up kunj eyes became red the word of pr*stitute call girl echoing in his ear…
other side naman is standing……..
Leela: naman you did wrong…..
Naman: o please maa I m right she is like that only……
Naman: are mr Singh get ready…
K: you get ready what I will go with you
Mene teri behan ke saath kiya what my sister did you naman why you did this crying at the same time he was …
Naman: whatever just same this is true blo*dy characterless your sister Kunjjj can’t take it anymore slap him very hard..
K: ek baar or bola na it’s bad for you…

Naman: I m happy to see you like this
K: now I will show you what I m real Kunj Sarna… it’s my promise Naman Taneja to you this case is last case of your life and I will destroy you….. you never think about to fight any case……get ready to see me you did this with my di….. I told you do whatever you want to do with me not with my sister but you did with her…..
Naman: abey ja yeha se jake apni behan ko bacha are uski ijat ki toh dajiya udgai.
K: tune Iss ko revenge liye hai ab mera revenge dekh tu….
T: Bhai chalo yeh se……,,
They left…………..:… Kunj break down there only….

k: what I did because of my he did this with my diiiii
Scene freezes on kunj and Anjali face…
No need for revenge. Just sit back and wait those who hurt you eventually screw up themselves and if you are lucky god will let you watch……:
I think what naman did it’s too wrong way
He was right but what he did he make himself wrong due to this…galt ke saath galt karna is not a solution…. just fath on god….(allah)…..

Kunj to should R.E.M. this
Remember what you do now will come back to you in the future..
Life has a funny way of making you deal with what you make others go through..
People who create their own dream deserve their own karma?
People should remember this

Karma has no menu you get served what you deserve.
Most important thing….
when a bird is alive… it eats ants when the bird has died ants eat it..
One tree can be made into a million matchsticks but only one matchsticks.. is needed to burn a million trees!
Circumstances can change at any time don’t devalue or hurt anyone in this life you may be powerful today but time is more powerful than you…

All situation is same like what happened with twinkle only characters changed…
Place words are same most both of sisters
The pain and humiliation…..
always think about before doing something… but the end of the day ek ladki ki hi izzat gai like same happens in life kare koi bare koi….. Kisha kuch nhi gaya gai shrif ek ladki ki hi izzat that she always protect like a gold…….
KARMA???it’s pain full but sometimes to realise the things….
if Naman is a real man he didn’t do this he put good examples infornt Kunj….. it’s good not did same what he did……

but humhe Aesha nhi karna chahiye because believe in god woh sab dekhta hai agar hum hi ladlege toh woh Kya karge
Wait yaar woh sab dekhta hai shai galt…
Just like same twinkle she didn’t did anything to get just waiting for her love ka intezaar still she doing…….
I hope you all like it episode i know boring hai ???
I ill ? guys still writing for you all
Plz ignore any grammatical mistakes today……. bear me…….
Loads of love you all
Bye ???

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  1. Presha

    Loved it…
    Too good…
    Love u…
    Post soon

  2. Kiya get well soon and give us more episode s as i loved today s epiosde. Kunj and anjali condition was well described and naman s humilating kunj and anjali was bad but can’t say it wrong plss twinj scenes angry wala is also fine

  3. very emotional episode ? plz post soon cant wait for the next

  4. SidMin23

    I hate this naman and poor Anjali and kunj hope kunj will win the case and when we will see twinj scene like twinkle consoling kunj

  5. Pls post soon kiya and just a request if you could show twinkle showing some sympathy towards Kunj inspite of their differences…loved it to the core❤️❤️❤️

  6. Anusha

    Very emotional episode dear
    U just nailed it
    N d lines u said abt karma very true
    Love u
    Post soon

  7. Baby

    god KII ♥
    dude teah u rlate i missed u ♥
    srsly m crying sooooooo mch still crying tears r not stopping ♥
    it was sooooooo heart touching merko cold tha n now mose bhi aa rh hai headache bhi bad gayi rone ki vajah se hahhaa but i srsly m nt caring for it dude m soooooooo in love wid it ♥
    gosh dat was osm episode firstly dat song where do u actually find d songs from ditto relating to ds ituation sooooooooo mch yrrrrr ♥
    m like srsly hv fallen in luv wid d stry ♥
    its speechless ♥
    though dese tears r nt stopping bt still my hands r also nt stopping yrrrrr ♥
    KII ♥
    u nailed it ♥
    d songs d emotions evrything was awesome ♥
    so heart touching ♥
    kunj i really m sad for him now ♥
    ansh i srsly m feeling so sad for d sweet soul ♥
    loved it ♥
    love u lods KII ♥
    plssssss do post asap plssssss ♥
    god srsly som1 help me wid dese tears KII ♥ yrr u shuld hv told naa i need tissues hehe ♥
    loved it ♥ pls post asap ♥

  8. Awesome very emotional can you please post it soon cannot hold on to my horses

  9. ?????????yrrr rula diya
    Emotional episode dear
    Feeling bad for twinkle usha anjali& kunj
    yrrr bechari anjali ko bina kisi baat ke itni saza mil rahi h ………aur usha vo ek maa h bechari uss pr kya guzar rahi hogi ????????

    yrrrr ye naman bahut galat kr raha h uski sister ke saath jo bhi huva uska koi haq nhi banta kisi ki sister se aese krne ka aur sabse badi baat kisi ladki ki izzat ko aese udane ka. vo bahut galat kr raha h

    yrrrr last me jo tumne bola na amazing dear awesome sach h god sab dekhta h ager koi bhura h kr raha h aur hum bhi vo hi karege to usme aur hum me kya fark hoga ???????
    tum best ho dear

    episode was superb fantastic awesome mindblowing fabulous marvelous dear emotional too

    get well soon dear
    plzzzzzzzzz post soon dear
    luvvv u??????

  10. Very well written n xpressed… U tc n get well soon

  11. the episode was nice..
    but i feel that ff are better than original serials because here good times are more and bad times are less…but this is becoming much like daily soaps
    its becoming too lengthy.bring the good times soon
    post soon

  12. Nishuu

    Feeling bad for kunj

  13. aaj thoda change aaj mai na punjabi mein teko comment krti hu !
    oye mere sher puttar tu taah kmaal hi krta tusi taa chha gye guru ,
    tusi taan balle balle krati
    yr ye naman ne kya kiya chahe woh kunj ki sister sahi but hai toh woh bhi ek ldki hi ,aise sbke samne ek ldki ki izzat ko sharamshar kiya !this is wrong absolutely wrong
    insan ye kyn bhool jata h apne revenge me ki insaniyat nam ki cheez bhi kj hoti h zaruri ni jo log hmare sath krte h hme bhi whi krna h uske sath !
    feeling bad for usha, anjali & kunj
    or twinkle ko kya ho gya usne apne bhai ko kj bhi ni bola !kunj or uske beech jo bhi hua usse baki rishto ki kya glti ,usne ek bar bhi usha ka drd ni dikha use ek var bhi kunj ka drd ni dikha
    ek bar apne difference ko side rkhe atleast usha ka dil rkhne ke liye use usha ko support dena chaiye
    usha bhi toh uska support krti thi na
    bus yr ab ni likha ja rha
    baki insta pr bol dungi
    ek or cheez hmm u said well we have to believe in krma jo jesa krega use wesa bharega, upar wala sub dekhta h

    luv u
    keep smiling
    post next soon
    keep writing

  14. Awsm episode
    loved it very much
    plzz post soon
    love u

  15. Shalini15

    Awesome mind blowing fabulous superb nd too emotional episode. Loved kunj nd Ansh scene nd song is one of my favourite. Hope he’ll win case. Loved the episode so much. Post soon nd get well soon.
    Lots of love ??

  16. This story ur words just left me speechless..

  17. Ramya

    Awesome kiya amazing superb
    Kunj and Ansh bond was just so lovely
    And everything you wrote beautiful
    And youressages at end was priceless
    It will for sure reaches many hearts.
    Your story is a real inspiration dear
    Love you keep smiling

  18. Ananya_DSK

    Kiya….!!! You are absolutely amazing yaar!! Kunj and Ansh’s bond…. So adorable… This court case was getting tense now and these lovely moments were a welcome change…. You have the amazing skill of blending the right things in the right proportion yaar…. Absolutely loved it!!

  19. Omg
    Too emotional yr
    U describe everything just amazingly
    Loved it

  20. Vibhu

    the bitter truth of life ” Jo karm kiye hain unka fal issi janam m bhugaktna padega”
    Felt very bad for kunj
    Bahut hi jyada emotional & sad track chl raha hai
    plz end it sooner & twinj ko saath le aao
    do post soon dear

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