Love ka hai intzaar twinj shots by kiya episode 42

Episode 42
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Twinkle and Mahi still hugging each other while twinkle to gets come out her emotions
they spent sweet and loving sisters moments….twinkle broke the hugged.
Mahi: di not again smile please.
T: haa twinkle give little smile ?
Ansh come in the room went towards twinkle.
Ansh: mamma loudly..
T: what happened to you ansh and why you scream…
Ansh: I m hungry ? mamma
T: opps sorry Ansh wait I will give you something to eat you. Asha and Mahi went downstairs.
Twinkle changed Ansh clothes and take him to downstairs..
T: you go and sit with nani ok I will come in 10 minuets.
Ansh: I will not drink milk Mamma.
Twinkle look at him why??
T: ok go

Twinkle went in kitchen finding something to make for Ansh finally she got noddles
Twinkle takes the noddles and went towards platform twinkle making the cheese and herbs noddles for Ansh while she lost somewhere and remembered her and Kunj some good moments… it appeared smile on her face
Flash back… twinkle making something in kitchen for Kunj starting days of there wedding..
Kunj coming in kitchen slightly without any noise and went towards twinkle she to don’t knows about his present… Kunj putting his hands in her waist slowly while twinkle busy I herself only kunj back hugged her kept his chin on her shoulder tight his grip. Kunj slightly looks at her at corner of his eyes and smiled at twinkle.. Kunj slightly kissed on her cheeks. Twinkle felt something on her face look down see someone hands holding Her from waist suddenly she understood who he is. Twinkle turned her face and look at Kunj half face of him….
T: Kunj tum yeha keshe??
K: what I m here if i m not who will be here ha twinkle giggle… padosi hoga…
T: mene yeh kab kaha padosi hoga…
K: matlab Kunj tum yeha keshe…
T: ok leave this what you want now.
K: you only twinkle kissed on her other side of cheeks…
T: me what Kunj and stop this kunj someone see as what they will think about us..
K: huhuu nothing why will be think twinkle I m your husband no one put me in jail after seeing this… Kunj make her turned towards him..
T: tum se koi Jeet nhi shakta hai Kunj.
no one will win with you kunj Twinkle smiled.
K: yup you know this than…
Kunj pulled her toward him. Twinkle rest her hands on his chest….
T: kunjjj now you go please..
K: first give my kiss after I will go from here
T: O Kunj kiss no nodded her head in no no the same time smiled too…
K: what O twinkle it’s only a kiss not other things…
T: kunjj please don’t do this na I feel shy
K: but why you feel shy twinkle I m your husband not other one.. don’t shy infront of me ok… your shyness makes me more crazier twinkle now you think about this… after I don’t want only kiss you understand now.While twinkle mouth like O
T: you are such a shameless Sarna
K: yup mrs twinkle Kunj Sarna now don’t wast my time give quickly..twinkle..
T: Kunj me looking at him with puppy face.. Kunj closed his eyes twinkle look at him and smirk push him and went out of the kitchen Kunj giving her death glare and smile to ruffle his hair….
While making twinkle only smiling…
after Kunj went in their room waiting for twinkle after sometime later twinkle to come In room with fear….

Twinj [email protected]
Kunj busy in his phone twinkle come in room look at him and felt relief.
T: o finally he is busy in his work maybe he forget about kissed and she smiled went towards wardrobe. Kunj looked at her smirk… Kunj hangs up the call and went towards her..
k: now where will you go twinkle..
Twinkle closed her eyes.
T: kunjjj woh. Twinkle look at him
K: Kya Kunj…going closer to her..
T: Kunj time
K: bhil khul perfect hai…
T: you willl be late for your work kunj..
K: forget about work twinkle now… Kunj
Tucked her hair behind her ears…
T: kunjjj
K: twinkle doesn’t spoil the moment now…
T: tum maano ge nhi na
K: pata hai na phir bhi Kyu kar rahi hai kiss to tere ko deni padegi mujhe anyhow twinkle it’s better give me…
T: only one kiss no more..
K: hmm smirked let’s see wifey….
Kunj looked at twinkle rosy lips while she looked down… Kunj connected his lips with her lips both kissing each other with lots of love… while kissing Kunj take her towards bed both falls down no bed without breaking kiss… after 10 minuets they broke kissed due to breathing…twinkle closed her eyes and smile on her lips… Kunj went towards her neck and giving her wet kisses on her neck while twinkle feeling so good in his arms and touch….just then Kunj phone beep because phone there moment broke
Twinkle open her eyes.
T: phone Kunj stopped and look at her.
K: now who call me I will not leave him..
Kunj took out his phone look at caller id it’s Yuvi twinkle laughing…
K: saala Yuvi always call me on wrong time….
T: good perfect time…now leave me you get your kiss..
K: huhu twinkle got up made her hair perfect…
T: now get up go your office Kunj…
K: don’t laugh twinkle on you will come to in our room that time who will you escape from me this phone this to not come between us…. twinkle only smiling at him and went out of the room…
k: biwi pahel hi kaam ti romance ki band bajane ke liye ab yeh Yuvi bhi….
T: Kunj come fast…
K: haaa I will
Flash back end…Twinkle smiling gracefully.
Ansh: mamma give m fast twinkle come to in sense and realised it’s dream only…
T: haa twinkle take the noddles plate and went in hall….
at hall twinkle feeding Ansh and thinking about Kunj…
T: how much I m happy with him In starting what happened to him after I don’t know babaji everything over between us not phone between us now but infect Kunj you make everything like this I will end all thing between us…her eyes get wet..
Ansh : mamma yummy.
T: ok
Next scene in kunj office
Kunj went in his cabin recall what he said to twinkle…
k: Kunj I tell her those words purposely because she doesn’t deserve me I m not good what I did with her after no she deserved good life and husband to…
Yuvi to come in his cabin went towards him sit…
Y: what happened bro yaar what doctor said to you about OM health…
K: nothing much Yuvi same he told about O they try their best… I m worried about di yaar what will happened in court in tomorrow Yuvi.
Y: Kunj don’t worry about this I m sure Anjali di will be come out…
T: hope so this only Yuvi…
On the other hands naman trying his best to find proof against Anjali he asked Pallavi everything about Anjali she to tell her some of the wrong and what she doing in red light area that night…
Soon night comes kunj went home…
At Sarna Mansion…
Usha was waiting for kunj only worry about Anjali only. kunj entered in hall went towards Usha only..
U: Kunj where is Anjali kunj you didn’t take her with you..Kunj sits beside her and hold her hands too…
K: woh maa I went for DI bail only but Mrs. Ahuja field case against for di only…bail can’t happen maa usha get shocked after listening this…
U: what phar Kyu Kunj what she did with her why she did this with my daughter crying..
K: maa i m here nothing will happen to di we have best lawyer of Amritsar he will win case only…
U: I don’t wanna listen anything only want my Anjali back kunj you something.. don’t let her anything kunj…
K: hmmm Kunj not feeling good like something bad will happened….
Anant to comes their and get shocked…
Both consoling Usha… after dinner all went In their rooms….
Luthra mansion.. they all having their dinner anita asked Yuvi about Anjali he to tell him everything expect that Naman…
Surjit: Yuvi how many days mahi stay in her house you should her and take her here Yuvi.
Anita: yes your dad is right.
Y: what I will do I went to towards her only she doesn’t want to come back what I will do.after dinner they to went in their rooms Yuvi talks with Mahi only….
next scene in TM
As usual everyone is sitting and having their dinner while Naman is to happy inside in his heart…
Pallavi: thanks beta for all these things which you do for me and My om..
Naman: no need of this aunty I m doing only my work..
Pallavi: I m sure Naman beta we will win case I m believing in you…twinkle just look at both….
RT: naman not personal…
Naman: Papa it’s a case….I only do my work..soon they all finished and went in their respective rooms…
again naman busy in his best.Twinkle takes ansh in her room.

Twinkle [email protected]
Twinkle and Ansh lay down on bed just then twinkle phone started beep…
twinkle took her phone it’s maya called.
Twinkle put the phone in speaker…
T: hey bhabhi
Aaayt: not bhabhi it’s me twinkle chachi.
T: hoo you are aayat..
Aayat: yes I m where is Ansh.
Ansh: here only aayat..
Aayat: what are you doing Ansh.
Ansh: nothing getting boring only.
Aayat:same twinkle listen there talk and laugh on their talks..
T: bas karo you both..
While talking aayat went in kunj room

Kunj [email protected]
He was busy in his work at the same time hell worried about Anjali think what will happen in court tomorrow…he never ever worried this much fear of sister…
Aayat slightly went in his room without any noise she was not talking to him because she was muffed with Kunj after in school…
T: aayat where is your mamma and how is everyone. Aayat sit on bed…
Aayat: mamma is in her room and everyone is good only dadi not…
T: ok but where are you aayat..
Aayat: In your room only chachi…
T: ok where is your kunj chachu..
Aayat: I don’t know him who is he…
T: really ?good…
Aayat: scream don’t laugh on me chachi
Kunj heard this and look at her.
K: aayat what are you doing here ha
Aayat: turned her face I m not talking to you and don’t know who are you…
Kunj went towards her and smile..
Call on speaker Kunj don’t know…
K: ok miss aayat you don’t know who I m and what are you doing in my room…
Aayat: it’s not your room it’s my chachi room to…twinkle listen everything…
K: huh it’s my room aayat.
Aayat: you are so bad kunj chachu.
Kunj has tears in his eyes… thinking about what he did… slightly you are right aayat I m so bad… twinkle listen this she to feel his pain in …intensity of voice…
Aayat: huhu why you not allow me to go with twinkle chachi why chachu answer me…
K: aayat what will you do there…
Aayat: I feel lonely in home without Ansh.
K: you can meet with in school na aayat..
Aayat: but I want him there chachu…
Twinkle chachi bolo na chachu ko…
K: where she is.
Aayat: here shows the phone to him…
K: what??
Aayat: call pe if you want to talk to with chachi you can chachu…
T: haa aayat..
Aayat: see chachu now say something…
K: what??
Aayat: like I miss you twinkle this and that I saw in movie… twinkle and Kunj laugh…
T: aayat ok bye talk to later
Aayat: wait na…
Aayat give phone to kunj went in washroom…
T: aayat..
K: she went In washroom…
T: hmmm….if she is not come there don’t think I felt bad Kunj…
K: did I said this twinkle to you…
T: you where only told me in school that you will not allowing her to come Taneja’s mansion..
K: why would I twinkle go and asked her parents not me if you asked me than I will not allowed her anymore….from which relation she will go from there….
T: uska koi relation nhi hai humse…
K: your brother told this he wonders that she is my daughter or not now you tell what is this… if he wants to tell me something he can but what’s the need of taking Aayat name… even leela aunty also tell this…
T: you know then why you do this kunj..
I know Bhai is wrong but because of you they did this if you are not wrong no one has right to say anything to them…..
Now you only break all relation good leela aunty..
K: I deserve this only… good with me
T: rahi baat aayat ki toh uska rishta.
K: what rishta…
T: you know everything….
K: and my you tell me she is your daughter twinkle…you taunting me…
T: why I will kunj
K: she is not my daughter and your too
You know this it’s better stop this… jo hai usko batao gi it’s better…
T: what did I said to you.. Ansh you mean.
K: aur bhi hai Das bees hai jeshe…
T: Das bees toh Kyu hai do hi hai jish me se bhi ek hi bol do bas…
K: jab pata hai na woh hi bol twinkle.
Just then aayat come out of the washroom…
Aayat: offo kunj chachu still you talking with chachi hmmm.
T: change the topic…
k: hmm good…
T: ok bye aayat goodnight…
Aayat: ok bye chachi goodnight you too.
T: hmm take care yourself… hangs up the call..
K: ok aayat now go and sleep…
Aayat: huhu ??
Kunj smile aayat about to going kunj pull her towards him…
k: still you angry with me aayat
Aayat: hmm.
K: ok chachu sorry now kunj pulling her chubby cheeks..and kissed on her forehead….
Aayat: chachu kunj tickle her while she was laughing ??..they both spend some cute and funny time with each other.
After aayat went in her parents room slept. Twinkle to cuddle ansh ansh sleep while thinking about Kunj….
three screen one is kunj he was sad and thinking about Anjali what will happen the pain of sister seeing in his eyes..
second screen Naman he was smiling and the revenge and pain for twinkle seeing in his eyes just wait for tomorrow…
3rds was twinkle face she was to sad first in her luck what life play game with her.
And second Kunj now this new chapter come in her life…three of them have only one same thing it’s only they go through pain..different reason only have….
Whole night kunj try to sleep but can’t same happened with usha to she to not sleep…. thinking about case and in jail
Anjali praying for om life… she stuck in this situation she was totally innocent not understand what a game god play with her.Soon night goes morning comes….

At Sarna [email protected]
Kunj just now he sleeps just then he wakeup with jerked….sweating to.
Kunj got up and went in washroom…soon he come out of the washroom and get ready in hurry… Kunj check the time and went downstairs… everyone sitting and having their breakfast not usha.
She sits in mandir and praying for Anjali…
Kunj went towards her and stand beside her..
K: maa
U: haa usha give aarti to you he to took her blessings…. Kunj Meri Anjali will be come out na today..
K: yeha maa she will be Mr Singh said he will win this case… Kunj kissed on usha forehead..and side hugged her
U: I know my son how much he loved her di.
K: ok maa I m going..
U: I will also come with you kunj..
K: Kunj maa you will come afterwards with Anant bhaiya. Ok I m going early..
U: ok you go… Kunj left…
Next scene in Taneja [email protected]
All family members having their breakfast nicely while Naman has smirked ? in his eyes…
Pallavi: ab jaldi se Iss Anjali ko shaja mil jaye aaj bas mata ji..all look at her only
Naman: don’t worry aunty.. I m sure we will win this case…
Pallavi: haa naman beta i m sure ?
Naman: ok I m going for court and Pallavi aunty you go with everyone….
Pallavi: ok naman to left for court…after all finished their breakfast… sit it’s takes time for court hearing…
Kunj went in police station to meet Anjali before hearing….

police [email protected]
Kunj went in police station inspector give him permission to meet Anjali but fast because they to went for court soon…
Kunj went towards lockup while Anjali standing there looking dull…
K: di how’s you
Anjali: hmm fine chote…
K: di don’t worry about case ok and O to fine…
Anjali: haa she gets happy to hear that om is fine…
K: hmm?Kunj meet her soon he to left from there…. after police takes Anjali for court….Naman reached court and Mr Singh to they both went inside in court..
Anjali to comes and police takes her
To inside in court….and Sarna family members not Manohar you all know about him..and just then Taneja’s along with them Pallavi and Siya to comes…
They all look at each other’s….just then Kunj and yuvi car comes and media reports went towards his car… they come out of the car while all media reports Roamed around him..
media: sir mr Kunj Sarna what you think about this case that you will win this case or not…Kunj and yuvi just ignore them and walk out went towards stairs.
Media: sir we heard that your brother in law means Naman Taneja fighting this case against your sister why sir????
Kunj look at them with anger eyes Yuvi make him calm down… after they went inside in court everyone is sitting in the court room waiting for judge… while anjali standing in witness box.. Kunj and yuvi along with Usha and Pallavi and Leela they all were sitting in first chairs… Anjali only looking at Kunj… kunj felt bad to see his sister is standing in witness box….
Pallavi smiling and feeling good to see her like this maya and Anant holding usha hands….soon judge comes and takes his seat and he sits …. Naman and Mr Singh they both stands….
Judge: court ki shurwahi suru ki jaye…
Mr Singh: I My lord my client Mrs Anjali Om Ahuja pe yeh this calmed that she try to killer her husband but it’s nothing like that my lord judge noted this…
Naman: my lord I want to asked so questions to Anjali… if I have permission.
Judge: yes you have…
Naman went towards Anjali wetness box.
Naman: so miss Anjali I want to ask you. Why you want to kill your husband.. Kunj look at naman…
Naman: answer me please…
Anjali: I didn’t do anything believed me why I will kill my husband…
Naman: how can we truth on you…you are the only one who with your husband that moment….
Mr Singh: I My lord it doesn’t mean If Anjali with her husband she will kill him only..
Naman: please can I complete my question Mr Singh…
Mr Singh : yeah sure..
Naman: so where I m so miss Anjali now you tell me what you both doing in that area…
Anjali: someone calls me that i my husband meet with accident I drop the phone and quickly went towards my husband and i saw that he was unconscious.. bas.
Naman: ok.. my lord according to her that she didn’t kill her husband…Naman asked Anjali many questions related to case… all questions is nonsense only giving pain to kunj and Anjali..
Mr Singh: My lord I want to asked questions with Mrs. Ahuja I have permission..
Judge: yes
Pallavi come in wetness box and stand.
Mr Ahuja: so Pallavi ji where are you that time this all things happened with your son..
Pallavi: I m in hotel only Anjali call me that.
Mr Singh: My lord point to be noted if she say that Anjali calls her than how will she kills Om…
Pallavi: no only she killed my son because he hates her that’s why
Anjali: no it’s wrong he will not hate me he loved me lot…
Pallavi: she just making stories..
Mr Singh: she not but you makes false stories because you don’t like her..that’s why..
Mr Singh: now you can leave..
So things is very clean cut my lord I requested to please end this case and let my client free..
Naman: no my nothing is proved that she was innocent.. I want to take time to give you proofs..
Judge: ok lawyer Naman Taneja want time so I will give you one day next hearing is after one day that time you find all proofs against Anjali Ahuja. After listen judge statement Kunj becomes sad… while others to Naman and Pallavi is happy for his… after all went out of the court room
Police takes Anjali kunj saw her went towards her…
k: di don’t worry.
all family members standing in side near..
Anjali: hum ne kuch nhi kiya hai no one is believing on me why…they both talk and after police takes Anjali….
Naman coming towards Kunj with smirk.
Naman: hi kunj how’s you I m sure not good you are…
k: you don’t care to me naman Taneja.
Naman: why I will jija ji.. now just wait and watch what I will do now…
k: do whatever you want to do I don’t care…
Naman: let’s see na you will care or not now this time pay back time Kunj Sarna get ready for you deeds… what I will do..
Twinkle and Asha comes towards them to take naman…
K: do whatever if you thinks this is revenge than you are totally wrong naman take revenge for your sister to my sister.. really.
Naman: yup wait keshe teri behan ki izzat ki dhajiya utata hu me…
K: koi peda nhi hua hai Kunj Sarna ki behan ki izzat ki dhajiya utata ne ke liye..
Itni sasati nhi meri behan ki izzat.
Good you did this for your sister then go ahead but remember one thing that I will not leave you naman….
Naman: I m not scared with you kunj..
K: why would you naman you fight for your sister and I fight for my innocent sister let’s who will win this is case… it’s my promise to you that you will not win in this case because i m your culprit not my sister but you did this with her na….
Naman: go and did something for your sister to saved her
K: I will do I don’t want your suggestions..
jo mene teri behan ke saath kiya hai agar woh ki om ne Meri behan ke saath kiya hota na toh woh mere saamne ab tak jinda nhi rahta but see I m standing in front of you only what you did with me nothing. Don’t forget I m Kunj Sarna and you are only just a small lawyer…
y: Kunj let’s go from here na…
k: now go naman Taneja…
we both are brothers let’s see now you will win and me….tu yeh sab apni behan ke aansoo ke liye kar raha hai na soch le phir me Kya karuga Meri behan ke aansoo ke liye uska ek aansoo mere liye Kya hai.agar tu uske aansoo ki wajaha bana na dekh lena phir naman…. and this case is last case of your life enjoy full last time…
Me bina ki cheez ke twinkle ko itna dard de shakta hu toh phir jo Meri behan ko dard dega uska me Kya karuga phir naman….
Kunj left from here with in full tashan in his eyes…. Naman think I did this purposely to take time to court see in next hearing I will break you and your sister to just like you break my sister Kunj Sarna… than you realised the pain of sister what is…. after they left from here while going media asked questions to kunj…
Media: sir it’s true that your sister try to killer her husband… sir tell me….
K: it’s none of your business
Media: sir some many days before your and Alisha Kapoor some pics comes out what you think about this even your wife to left you……..this all questions increasing Kunj anger but Yuvi calm his down….
Kunj look at reporters faces…. left from here….
Sometimes painful things can teach us lessons that we didn’t think we needed to know

Precap: naman is fulling in anger 2 hearing of court he insult Anjali badly in everyone while media and paparazzi print pics rubbish about kunj and Anjali……. Kunj totally breaks in court that time to see her sister like this…….

Sorry for late to much but I m busy ??
I hope you all like it plz comment guys I need your comments…..
one word is enough for us and plz silent readers breaks your silence……
Now it’s your choice to comment or not episode depend your comment but ?I will post episode…
bye lots of love you all

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  2. That was really amazing… ?

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    1. Twinjsidminfan

      It soo right Shwetha this kunj still doesn’t understand that it is because of him that all this is happening
      He Can’t see his sister’s pain but can hurt twinkle as much as he want ???
      I’m hating kunj for the first time ???
      PLEASE please kiya bring changes in twinkle’s and kunj’ s life can t see them like this anymore ??? please now focus more on our twinj
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  7. Vibhu

    finally ek cute sa Twinj scene though it was a flashback but I loved it so much

    this court proceeding.. both kunj & Naman r right at their places .. don’t know whom to support

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    Amazing fabulous episode dear
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      ?????thanks for you comments miss ufff whatever your name and plz read that episode Kunj make him understand the things if you don’t know so sorry it’s a natak only dear
      Read this I hope you understand my dear friend
      Sorry if I hurt you….
      Kunj feeling so good to see him and touched him too.kunj caring Ansh hair.

      They broke the hugged Kunj care Ansh face.
      K: Ansh while choking tears dropping down.
      Ansh wiped Kunj teardrops and joint their heads.
      Ansh: Papa I miss you soo much
      K: Papa too Ansh how’s you
      Ansh : fine without you
      K: oh ok listen to me ansh you are my brave boy na
      Ansh: yes
      K: take care of your mamma and you too
      Don’t trouble you mamma whatever she tells you listen her like a good boy. If you missed me I will come to meet you in your school ok
      Ansh: why in school Papa
      K: who na Ansh Papa did mistake na mamma is angry with me that’s why ok
      Ansh: but why
      K: I will tell you later ok and more one thing don’t persist to your mamma ok make her happy ?think I already give her so much pain and tears.
      Ansh: ok papa I will do everything
      K: good boy my kissed him don’t tell anyone about us ok
      Ansh: it’s secret Papa
      K: yes Ansh ok bye and hugged him
      While twinkle and Asha see Kunj while hugging Ansh from far.
      Scene freezes on twinj…

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