Love ka hai intzaar twinj shots by kiya episode 40

Episode 40
Episode starts Continue…..,,

Police station….
police take anjali inside in the police station and lock her in lockup while anjali totally lost somewhere never thought in her life she will be come in lockup like this.
She was helpless.the one support of her he was laying in icu in critical condition fighting with his life… anjali sit in side thinking about om recalling all harsh words of her mother- in -law all words only broke her… but somewhere she faith in her brother he will not let happened anything to her and this world she has only two person in her life she knows they both never ever leave her.One her chote lifeline and second her love of life OM.

Next scene

Kunj still sitting down after few minutes later he composed get up wiped his tears
Look at sky.
K: I know you never ever helped me because you want only this god what she did she always praying your. But in return what you gave her always give her pain why.
But remember this uska Bhai hai uske liye I will not win you this time. Saying this all to god…Kunj left for lawyers to meet him.
Yuvi already in lawyer house to meet him…Soon Kunj to come there.

[email protected] house

Yuvi sitting with him and talking about Anjali. Kunj to come there and sit beside Yuvi.
Y: Kunj now you talk with him.
Lawyer: let’s see mr Kunj Sarna first I have to meet with Anjali and asked her what really happened to her…
k: you do whatever you want to do lawyer
I only want my di comes out from lockup.
Lawyer: listen kunj first its a case i can’t say that anjali come out easily because whatever mr yuvraaj told me i think this all.
K: i don’t know about all this things MR Singh wants my sister out anyhow.
Lawyer: ok first I will apply for her bail paper in court then see.
K: please I request to you Mr Singh you

Do anything but let her out. You
are best lawyer in whole Amritsar.
Lawyer: now you can go and wait to see in the morning I will call you come in court first I to want meet with your sister first….
k: ok
Kunj and yuvi get up and went out from there.

Next scene Taneja mansion…
All family members are sitting in a hall while Leela consoled Pallavi made her clam down..twinkle still in shocked cam confused suddenly how sister comes from in this years where she was no one tell about hers…. even Kunj never talked about her at a single minute…
Leela: Pallavi now stop cry what will happened to Crying… it only makes you weak… Pallavi doesn’t worry about om
Soon he will be fine.
Pallavi: how can I will be not worried about my son Leela even Doctor said they can’t say anything about his health how he is.
This all happened because of her unlucky girl from that day she comes in my son life he was only suffering because of her…

Leela: don’t say this Pallavi.
Pallavi: because she deserved this only Leela you don’t know about her how she is.i will not leave her easily and teach her best lessons she will remember in her whole life.
Leela: why??Pallavi what she did.
Pallavi: what she did she snatched my son and his happiness. Now her time comes.
Naman: but aunty what about case.
Pallavi: case I will finding first lawyer for case.
Naman: smirk no need of find I m here I will fight this case all heard this and get shocked…
Pallavi: you beta
Naman: yes aunty I m to lawyer.

Pallavi gets happy and went towards Naman.
Pallavi: thanks beta for this I will never forget your favour.
Naman: no need of this aunty i m thankful to you that I will help you…
Pallavi: now we can’t leave it’s to late already..
Leela: where are you stay in Amritsar Pallavi.

Pallavi: in hotel only Leela..
Leela: not need of stays in the hotel you stay here till then om will be not fine…
Pallavi: Leela don’t do this I can’t stay her.
Leela: it’s not a favour Pallavi you are my friend I will help you only that’s it..
Leela: come I will show your room you both took rest now you both must be tired.
Leela takes them in their rooms…
Twinkle and Mahi went in lobi sit while Asha went in kitchen make coffee for them. Soon she made coffee and take the coffe and went in the lobi she to sit with them. Asha Gives coffee mugs to twinkle and Mahi. Quietly they having coffee.
Asha broke the silence.

Asha: it’s too confusing I m not understanding anything.
Twinkle look at Asha face.
T: you weren’t understanding even I to.
Mahi: yes even di not know about her how can it possible…but twinkle aap ko bhil khul bhi nhi pata ta.
T: haa Mahi mujhe sach me nhi pata ta ki kunj koi behan bhi hai I thought they only two brothers. Even mummy ji never talked about her in this years..never think about this I m to shocked when I saw Kunj in hospital I thought maybe he knows her but that time Pallavi aunty said kunj her brother that time I m totally shocked.
Asha: if she is kunj sister where she is in this years not even come her home to meet her family at least.
Mahi: right point.
T: leave this I felt bad for her she was so innocent in hospital when she cried i felt really bad for her and stop.
Mahi: And di what??
T: mummy ji Mahi.

Mahi: don’t lie di we know and is Kunj Jiju na.
Twinkle didn’t say anything avoiding them take sip of the coffee.
Mahi: I m not understands one more thing why she tried to kill her own husband.
Suddenly Naman speaks

Naman: because she is kunj Sarna sister that’s why. He went towards them and sit beside them took Asha coffee mug having.mahi it’s to easy how can we forget that what Kunj did she to can do this like brother like sister same blood maybe she did can’t say anything..
T: twinkle looks at naman what you mean Bhai that Kunj killing people’s.
Naman: twinkle why you felt bad about its damn truth. Can’t you don’t know what he did with you..
T: i know Bhai I m not feeling bad but I m saying this wohhhh.
Naman: what twinkle say na people we can did for there benefits twinkle you don’t see this world how people they are.

T: hmm but Bhai but It does not seem to see her like this.
Naman: what they see they are not like twinkle. Why Pallavi aunty told this She is right..
Asha:naman you toh knowing kunj from childhood even you don’t know about her.
Naman: hmm I know him about her sister to. When we are in school days…
Asha: then also twinkle you don’t know… how??
Naman: irritatedly because Asha i m studies in hostel my family is not staying in Amritsar they stay in chandigarh even I to didn’t see her today see her first time..that’s it.
Mahi: ok bye good night I m felt sleepy
T: hmm good night to you all after they all went in their rooms…

Scene [email protected]…,,,
At Sarna Mansion…
They all stuck in traffic soon they to reached Sarna Mansion in all the way usha just crying for her daughter.
All come out of the car and went inside the house… Manohar and bua dadi sitting in hall.all went towards them.. anita and Surjit went their home… maya said to usha mummy ji you sit here.maya went in kitchen take glass of water for usha she come out and went towards usha.
Maya: mummy ji take this…
Usha take the glass of water and drink slightly at same time tears to falls down from her eyes. Manohar didn’t say a utter word. He get up and went in their room.
Bebe to went in her room quickly all went in their respective rooms only Usha sitting.
She to went in mandir Usha sit in front of god folding her hands.

U: hey babaji what you did with my daughter what she did with you. You always gives her pain. I will beg you please save her she is to innocent.
After Usha went in her room their Manohar already sitting towards window his one hand resting on window. Manohar turned and look at usha she was looking so mournful she saree palu falling down her eyes totally become red the pain of mother for her daughter clearly visible on her face.. Usha slightly went towards bed and sit she look at Manohar he ignore Usha and lay down on the bed other side..
She to lay down cuddling herself she can’t scream loud to show her pain what she feels right now.

Out side of the lawyer [email protected]
Kunj and yuvi standing both felt like helpless at that moment.
K: let’s go Yuvi.
Y: where??
K: you come na….
Kunj and yuvi sit in car went for police station on the way.
Y: Kunj now what will we do

K: I don’t know Yuvi I will not leave anyone
First I want to meet with Di soon they reached police station. Kunj parked the car in side went in police station.
Inspector was sitting in chair he saw the Kunj immediately stand up.
Inspector: sir aap
K: where is my sister
He point his fingers towards lockup their Anjali sitting down blowdown her hand folding her legs holding to…

BG tune

Kunj looked at Anjali felt bad for where she is now never thought about this.kunj
Went towards Anjali Yuvi too both stand near lockup holding the lockup rods
Inspector open the lockup Kunj and Yuvi went inside the lockup sit beside Anjali..
Kunj kept his hands on Anjali head she felt something and look up and saw the Kunj..,
Anjali: chote Kunj hugged her tightly…
k: di don’t cry I tell you na I m with you nothing happened to you… Kunj broke the hugged wiped Anjali tears kissed on her forehead gently…. Kunj cupped Anjali face rubbed his thumb on her face.
Anjali: hum ne kuch nhi kiya hai Kunj maa ji humari baat hi nhi Maan rahi hai hum Kya kare….sobbing.

Y: don’t worried about this Anjali di Kunj hai na..
K: haa ab no more tears. Soon you will come out from her. After I will see that Mrs. Ahuja what she think of her self.
Anjali: Kunj OM aap kuch mat hone dena unko please.
K: of course di he will be fine.
Inspector: sir time up now you have to go.
Anjali: yes now both go from here…

Kunj and yuvi hugged the Anjali…. both come out of the lockup it’s very difficult for Kunj to leave her. He know how his di she to sensitive and emotional…. after they both went out sit in car Kunj drop the Yuvi and left for Sarna Mansion….
Kunj parked the car went in the house light off.

K: where is maa I know her she really sad even Anant bhaiya is Also not here. I can’t expect to others they console my maa.. I have to check her first Kunj Went in ushar room door is slight open Kunj went in the room look at his parents Manohar sleeping in one side and in other side usha Kunj went towards Usha sit down looked at usha face. Her eyelashes was wet Kunj kissed on his mother forehead left…
Went in his room…..

Next [email protected] TM
Naman bw it’s pay back time Kunj Sarna I will not leave with you…
Asha looks at him asked him why you smiling Naman is that any funny…
Naman: nope naman get up taking out his laptop agin laying down…
Asha: what you doing in laptop at this time…
Naman: I have some work to do

Asha: naman why you fight this case..
Naman: what you mean it’s my professional case nhi laduga toh phir Kya karuga.
Asha: i know what you think naman did you think you will win this case don’t forget his is kunj…
Naman: I know he can higher top best lawyers of Amritsar for his sister….
let’s see but now this time I will win not Kunj….
Asha : what think naman it’s not happening I will say you it’s better don’t involve in this matter….
Naman: you just shut up Asha minds your business…. Asha turned other side and lay soon she too slept…
Naman making paper for against Anjali that she didn’t get bail… soon he to sleep with a smile on his face…
in twinkel room she tried to sleep but can’t stuck between in her and heart and mind can’t understand what’s happening… totally confusing.

T: now what will kunj did I m sure he will do anything for his sister it’s shows in his eyes how much he loved her the way he Handel and pain in his because to see his sister… don’t know babaji what Bhai trying to do. Twinkle lay down play with her fingers soon she drifted into sleep…

[email protected] kunj Room..,,,
Kunj changed his clothes and sit on couch. Hell confused how can this happened with Anjali…. don’t understand why her mother in law said that she tried to kill om…

K: from starting she didn’t like my di… she did this purposely but she forgets how I m..
let’s see how she can higher lawyer for case in whole Amritsar she can’t find it lawyers moreover against Kunj Sarna’s sister you wait and watch Mrs. Ahuja…. you play with my sister feelings and humiliate her.. this I can’t bear….
whole night kunj think only this and about Anjali… he didn’t sleep for a second.. when he closed his eyes then suddenly Anjali crying face comes in front of his eyes its gives him more pain..while night kunj just roaming around in the room..

soon its morning
every ray of every morning brings a new ray with you. Some see good and some see bad but it’s not bad it’s only good morning it’s depending on us how we see. Always wakeup with a new hope never let down because Hope is what keeps the world alive”or (“Umeed par duniya kaayam hai)Kunj took out his phone and look at Anjali pics admiring her.. Kunj got up and went in the washroom soon he gets freshen up come out of the washroom took out this clothes get ready..
Kunj went downstairs looking for usha where she is. While maya in kitchen making breakfast for everyone soon Bebe and her two daughters come along with cherry Kunj went in kitchen.
K: while looking down maya bhabhi where is Anant bhaiya he comes or not.
Maya: Kunj just he come he is in room you can go meet him..

k: ok thanks and one more thing please make one plate for Maa
Maya: yeah I will kunj..
Kunj went in maya and Anant room to meet Anant…
Anya [email protected]
Kunj entered in room see Anant sitting in side couch while aayat was sleeping..
Kunj went to Anant and sit beside him…
K: Anant bhaiya..
Anant: Kunj where are you I will just coming in your room to meet you..
k: hm I come

Anant: now you tell me what happened suddenly how police arrest Anjali di.
Kunj: I don’t every in line Anant bhaiya di just called me and tell she was in hospital and om in ICU I m just shocked that time only. When I reached in hospital saw di she just cried and Mrs Ahuja just blaming her… soon Maa and all families to comes in hospital.
Anant. Why let her go.
K: what I will do Anant they have arrest warrant for di. I tried but can’t do know maa.

Anant: maa right what she going’s through can’t say.
K: you can do something Anant bhaiya.
Anant: Kunj I cant anything it’s totally different case I m divorce lawyer not this
What about lawyers you higher lawyer for case.
K: already MS Singh
Anant: that’s good he was best lawyer in whole Amritsar Kunj..
K: hmm know.
Both get up and went in usha room.

Kunj and Anant see usha. She was sitting in a corner quietly just then maya to comes there with breakfast plate.. Kunj took plate in her hands both brothers went towards their mother. Kunj and Anant sit beside her both holding one and one hands of usha.
K: slightly maa what you did with yourself haa.
Anant: eat something maa.
U: you both of the go from here and leave me alone I don’t wanna eat anything.
K/A: maa why you don’t worry about di.

K: haa if you not eat anything she will be come out no maa she wants your support.
U: Meri Beti tears falling down while speaking… me yeha kahan khau aur Wala Meri beti kiss halt me hai.. me keshi maa hu kuch nhi kar pati hu uske liye..
Kunj and Anant both slightly cuddling usha…
K: maa please doesn’t cry na you are only the one who support as if you breakdown what about us maa… Anant wiped usha tears.
K: little bit na please for di at lest.

Kunj feeding usha she to slightly eat.
U: Kunj you promised me that you can’t let happened anything to my Anjali…
K: maa it’s my promise I can’t let happened anything to my sister it’s promising of a brother to his mother.
After sometime later Kunj left for to meet with lawyer…

Everyone is sitting in dinning table having their breakfast while Pallavi just playing with food.. Leela sees her.
Leela: Pallavi why you not eating anything.
Pallavi: yeah hmm..
Naman: aunty you have to come with me in court for some work..(“look at him)
Pallavi: why beta it’s anything wrong.
Naman: no aunty only for some paper works.

Pallavi: naman beta do whatever you want to do but don’t let her come out…
Naman: yeah aunty first I have to submit this case in court for hearing.
Because if we not kunj easily take come out Anjali by bail. I will stop her bail first then you don’t…
Twinkle continuously looking at naman face. Soon naman and Pallavi left for court Rt to left for meeting…
T: maa what Bhai wants to do I m not getting.
Leela: how I know twinkle beta..

Asha: you are right twinkle.he only did this for you now kunj understand your pain…
T: hmm ?
Leela: even Pallavi ka beta hospital me hai twinkle puttar she said this all did her daughter maybe she was right..

Episode end here…..,,,,

Precap: Kunj and Naman both brothers
Narrator voice…..
Lets see what will happened with Kunj and Anjali…
You never know which footstep will bring a good twist in keep on walking
Happiness comes when it is most unexpected alway have a beautiful day..

Kunj situation
People will hate you and rate you shake you and break you but how strong you stand is what makes you like with same Kunj now he was alone totally the one support system is only Yuvi… the one whom he loved she was under in pain…sometime you have to stand alone to you can still stand..all against with Kunj now let’s see brother can fight for her sister or not….
usha situation

This all thing most difficult for usha being a mother. Most of people and kids saying a mother loved son more than a daughter but it’s totally wrong because she not showing this she not loved daughter more than son because she knows her daughter can bear pain but not son she is a girl..
the truth is that a mother loved most her daughter more than a son… she can see anything but not see her daughter in pain
A daughter more connected to her mother
Compare than a son..
Hope you all think it
Thanks your comments
I can’t show any twinj scene sorry really.
Soon I will show only twinj moments till then you have wait….
loved you all please comment
Happy for likes and dislikes both???

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