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Episode 41
Happy Diwali you all in advance have a great fun and save diwali???to all you may this Diwali fulfill all your dreams and bring happiness❣️❣️????? to your life forever ???
May this light of happiness, light up your life.may this Diwali be the most sparking and lightning. The sights ??????????and sounds filling up your heart with joy and happiness. Wishing you and your family ????A happy Diwali…..

Episode Started…,,,
Kunj went to meet with lawyer in his office. While yuvi to come there soon they all sit.
K: everything is fine Ms Singh
Singh: yeah till now kunj it’s bail paper..
now let’s see Anjali got bail or not if Mrs. Ahuja didn’t find lawyers that’s good for us… now let’s go..after they trio left for police station…,
And next side Naman and Pallavi went in court to submit the paper of hearing. After they to leave for police station..

Police [email protected]….
Kunj and yuvi along with Mr Singh they went in police station. They went towards
Inspector and take their seats.
Inspector: yes…
Lawyer: bail paper of Anjali Ahuja…
inspector took the paper and read just then Naman came there and stop the inspector.
Naman: wait a minute inspector….
he to went towards them Pallavi too…
Naman takes the paper of bail and smiled…while Kunj and yuvi look at him…
Mr singh: what is this…
Naman: you will get know.
Mr Singh: inspector checked this bail paper and Leave my client….
Naman: not so easily…
Naman took out one paper put infront of inspector check this paper first you can’t get bail
K: what do you mean
Mr Singh: Kunj just keep silent…
Mr Singh took the paper in his hands and read gets shocked while Kunj and yuvi look at his face not getting anything….
Mr Singh looks at Kunj face..
K: what happened…
Mr Singh: this bail can’t happen
K: why? in anger
Mr Singh: it’s court case now court gives first hearing date as well…
Kunj gets just shocked and look at naman..
K: how can who fight this case…
Naman: me bro… I m fighting this case against Mr Singh…now not any bail Kunj Sarna… Kunj went towards Naman look at him with red blood eyes…..
K: you fight this case against of my sister did you think you will win…
Naman: yeah I will don’t worry kunj you have best Lawyer of Amritsar now let see meet in court…. Pallavi looks at Kunj….
give devil laugh…. after they left…
while Kunj just shocked doesn’t know what to do now..
Mr Singh: Kunj you don’t worry about anything if your sister didn’t did anything why fears… let’s go I want to meet her…
They went towards Anjali they went in lockup and sit beside…. Anjali looking dull and mark of tears visible on her face Kunj saw this felt like someone stopped his breath for a second….
Mr Singh : hey I m your lawyer
While Anjali looks at Kunj face get nervous she takes time to talk with other mans…
Kunj looked at her and sign her to talk to him..
Anjali: hiii
Mr Singh: Anjali I will asked you many questions you have to answer me ok…
first tell how this all happened with your husband…
Anjali : woh me and my husband went out.
Mr Singh: ok how you went in red light area Anjali look at lawyer face mrs Singh said don’t worry you can tell me ..
Anjali : woh I don’t know this place I got call that my husband met with accident I was shocked and run.. that’s it…
Mr Singh: ok fine good

Now I will go and started work on this case ok bye Mr Singh left
Kunj looked at Anjali face.. Kunj went near her and cupped her face…
k: di you don’t everything will be fine ok I m with you na…
Anjali : I know chote you always with me how is maa
K: yeah maa is fine..
Anjali : what about Tumhare jija ji
K: still same but doctor said he will be fine soon you don’t worry about O ok.. they both hugged each other after Anjali said to kunj and yuvi they should go from here. Soon they to left. Kunj is totally hopeless but Yuvi Handel him… and moreover hell angry on naman…
k: he did this all purposely but he forgot how i m.
Y: Kunj don’t worry Anjali tell and Mr Singh did something I hope tomorrow in court we win it just a small case don’t worry…
k: hope so Yuvi…. ok I will meet you later
Y: where are you going….
K: hospital to check O(OM).
Y: ok than you go I m going to office at lest check the work they doing or not…
K: hmmm ok listen Yuvi go and get Mahi back home yaar now it’s enough..
Y: hmm let’s see bro saying this he went from here..
Kunj sit in the car and left for hospital…
Next scene shifts..

[email protected]
Twinkle and Mahi or Asha along with Leela and siya(Pallavi daughter) they were sitting together waiting for Pallavi soon she to come but not naman he to went for court work. Pallavi went towards all of them and sit beside Asha passed glass of water to Pallavi she takes it and drink it. Leela asked her about what happened in court and where is naman he didn’t come with you..Pallavi replied no he went for some work and nothing much happened in first naman takes me in court filled some paper after we both left for police station. Twinkle looking at Pallavi face..waiting to hear her answer..
Pallavi: woh Leela Anjali brother comes with lawyer for bail. You know the one he was in hospital he was her brother Kunj Sarna while look at face like O. Pallavi doesn’t know about kunj is Leela son- in- law.
T: after aunty bail hui yeha Nahi?.
Pallavi: no twinkle Beta it’s not happed because Naman Puttar their bail papers dismissed. Court gives first hearing.
Leela: when is it..
Pallavi: tomorrow only I wish that unlucky girl get out from my son life O maata ji help us..
Asha: Pallavi aunty are you sure that this all happened because of Anjali..
Pallavi: of course beta she is..
Asha: ? hmm.
On the other side usha went in gurudwara and pray for Anjali and Om for good health… Usha sitting infront babaji folding her hands while tears falling down on her eyes…after she went for langar did..

At [email protected],
Kunj parked his car in parking and went in hospital.. Kunj went towards reception.
Receptionist: yes what may I help.
K: I want to know about doctor bhasin.
Receptionist: sir doctor bhasin is busy in operation room you have to wait for 2 hours at least…
K: ok thanks.. Kunj sits in side chair not allowed to visited in ICU for hygiene…

Naman [email protected]
He was busy in work making paper to show judge in court.. and same with Anjali side lawyer he to did this as all.

Yuvi went in office called his PA Akash and Kunj PA to Sara they both come in Yuvi cabin they take their seat sit to..
Y: Sara asked Neil sir about project files and tell him to give you all after you check that all if anything is wrong marked them all and kept it in side gives to kunj sir..
Sara: ok I will do this..
Y: and you Akash you do one thing go to the engineer asked him all details of model… and inform me… or all materials details and bills to check passed or not…
now you both can leave they went out. While yuvi busy in some other works and thinking about Kunj words.

Twinkle sitting in her room just than she got call from Ansh teacher twinkle picked the phone..
T: yes
Teacher:Mrs Sarna
T: yes
Teacher : i m Ansh class teacher to call you come in school for some work.
T: what everything is fine na teacher Ansh is fine.
Teacher: yeah Mrs Sarna everything is fine your son we called all parents come in school please comes soon…hang up the call.
T: think what urgent work in school why teacher call me.. twinkle went in Asha room to asked her about this.

Namsha [email protected]
Asha already getting in front of dressing table twinkle to understand still went towards her.
T: Asha I want to asked you about school teacher calls you to come in school..
Asha: yeah twinkle even you na than go and get ready we both will go together…
T: ok you wait for minutes I will come soon.. Twinkle went in her room
Twinkle [email protected]
Twinkle goes inside taking out her clothes soon she gets ready…after Asha and twinkle left for school..

Kunj still sitting and waiting for doctor to come out to the operation room…
He was fed up to wait to much continuously checked the times.. just than Kunj phone started beep beep Kunj took out his phone inside the pocket. Kunj checks who call him it’s Anant’s call Kunj immediately picked up his call…
K: yeah Anant bhaiya you call me everything is fine na he gets worried about usha..
Anant: first listen to me kunj..
K: yeah sorry
Anant : where are you if you free than do me a one favour.
K: what?
Anant : please go in aayat school for some work they called to the parents..
K: ok so you are parents than go na what’s the problem bhaiya.
Anant : problem is that Kunj I m busy in meeting with some clients related to case.. so I can’t go.
K: tell maya bhabhi she will.
Anant : I tell about this but she to busy in works she can’t go now only you can go.
K: I to busy Bhai yaar
Anant: Arrey please go na Kunj.. it’s taking 20 minuets only after you can do your work.
K: ok fine I will end their calls….
k: this Anant bhaiya Bhi na here I m waiting for doctor now this new work comes kunj got up and went towards receptionist tell her that he will come soon please tell the doctor wait for him…
R: ok sir I will tell him… Kunj left from here.

Next scene SM
Maya busy in kitchen hell no one is helping her while she upset because she told Anant to go in aayat school but he to busy now who will go…. she gets irritated with this all things..

Soon twinkle and Asha reached the school and went inside..
They both went in Ansh class first other’s students parents also come…
twinkle saw the Ansh and went towards him.
T: hi Ansh ( Ansh turned find twinkle standing)
Ansh: mamma you come..
T: hmm now where is your teacher…
Ansh: she is busy..
T: okay.. they sit in side chairs…
Kunj to come in school not even in a mood to come here but what to do… Kunj finding aayat class because he hardly comes in school for any works. Kunj went towards peon and asked him about class. He tells him went upstairs second left…
k: thanks.
Kunj hurrying went upstairs looking for aayat class. Kunj went in aayat class kids making noise so much because teacher is not in class just then other teacher comes in class take kids. Suddenly Kunj got call he busy on call..
T: where is teacher she still not come.
Peon to come here and tell all parents come in a hall where all teachers sitting and waiting for you.. they all went in a hall…
where all teachers sitting…
All parents sit in side wait for chance to coming kunj to come.
k: where is aayat now…Ansh saw Kunj slightly speak Papa while Kunj doesn’t know about this. Twinkle turned and look at Kunj.
T: think what he did in school. He never
Come in school today how?
Ansh: mamma Papa see Ansh went towards Kunj.
Ansh: Papa Kunj turned found Ansh..
K: Ansh you did you see aayat..
Ansh: I don’t know Papa where she is.You asked soham they both in same class na.
K: hmm okay where he is..
Kunj went towards teachers and stand in side while Asha and twinkle to standing there. Kunj didn’t even look at twinkle looking down.. just than Soham comes.
K: Ansh go and asked soham where is aayat..
Ansh: soham where is aayat.
Soham: woh she is coming quickly aayat to comes there kunj went towards her.
K: aayat where are you.
Aayat: In garden chachu.
K: okay where is your class teacher tell.
Aayat: why my mamma daddy didn’t come.
K: yes your mamma daddy busy in work so I come.
Ansh class teacher comes there.
Teacher: Ansh where is your mamma
Ansh: here my mamma miss..
Teacher: hi Mrs Sarna come. And aayat where is your parents come with me you all. They all went class sit…
class [email protected]
Teacher: so twinkle
T: yeah teacher what happened you called me.
Teacher: nothing worries just we call everyone parents for some work and inform you all that’s it..
while Kunj and Asha standing in side..
Ansh class teacher shows something to twinkle while Kunj to see them telling something about study and other activities.
Teacher: I hope you understands here exam result you have to work more hard on Ansh moreover he is fine now..
T: yeah sure I will try..
Teacher:and aayat where is your mamma and Papa while aayat look at Kunj face.
Kunj went near teacher stand.
Teacher: so you sit teacher showing same thing which she told about Ansh.
K: ok anything
Teacher: that’s it only Mr Anant Sarna.
K: no I m not Anant Sarna.
Teacher: then who is you
K: I m Kunj Sarna.
Teacher: Ho but aayat father name is Anant Sarna only.yeah aayat.
Twinkle and Asha look at teacher.
K: I m not her father I m her uncle.
Aayat: yeah miss he is my chachu not father…
Teacher: ok where they are?
K: they both are busy teacher so I came here…
Teacher: okay Asha to come meet with teacher… teacher you all waits here only I will come soon they said ok..
Just than Kunj phone beep. Kunj took his phone.
K: hello who
Receptionist: sir i m talking from hospital.
K: Ho hospital twinkle and Asha heard hospital name and look at Kunj…
K: yeah tell me
Receptionist: sir Doctor bhasin come out from operation room when will you come I tell him about you.
K: ok you tell Doctor bhasin wait for I will come soon ok and thanks for this and hang up the call …now Kunj is more restless to want meets with Doctor anyhow.
K: aayat where is you teacher now.
Aayat: how i know chachu.
Kunj looked at twinkle slightly with pain and remembered what Yuvi sad him..
Asha: twinkle you waiting here I will come in 2 minuets ok
T: hmm come soon.asha and soham went.. aayat went towards twinkle.
Aayat: twinkle chachi when will you comeback home. I m getting bored without ansh..
Kunj and Twinkle look a each other face..
Ansh: yeah mamma it’s so many days we stay in nani house I to want to go back home..Kunj called Sara.
K: Sara where are you
Sara: why sir I m in office only
K: you come here I will send you addressed.
Sara: ok sir..
Aayat: chachu chachi se pucho na woh kab aayge ghar…
Ansh : yeah Papa..
Aayat holds Kunj hands to take him towards twinkle..
Aayat: now ask her.. twinkle chachi why are you don’t come home..
T: asked your Kunj chachu he will asked you aayat.
Aayat: ok now you tell me kunj chachu..
K: I don’t know aayat..
Aayat: offoo you both don’t know anything
Ansh and aayat went out. Now kunj and twinkle alone in class room. Both looking at each other.
T: why you don’t know about this answer her na Kunj..
K: you know you told her fine..
T: why would I kunj you did all things and I will answer everyone.
K: so don’t give who tell you to give.
T: how you come school you got time today.
K: why you have any problem of this..
T: why would I..
k: why you talk to me last time you only told me to not talk to you now why.
T: I m not interested in you.
K: ok fine same here.
T: I know you never interested in me finally you to admit it. Kunj looked at her. Kunj held twinkle hands and pinned her towards wall.
K: first you said me samji na twinkle. If I tell you same.
T: leave my hands Kunj. Mujhe pe chilao mat samje na. Phale jo aayat ne pucha hai ka uska jabab dono na usko bhi toh pata chale
K: bol duga ja me toh ab bol.
T: acha hai at least aapni beti ko such bologe
K: tu mujhe Kya apni beti bol rhi hai yeh mujhe mat bolna twinkle.
T: don’t come near to me.
K: ok I will not come near you it’s my promise fine after what you all say about aayat after this never.
T: ok
K: and tell your brother to don’t dare to say anything about my daughter it’s last time he did.
T: why would I tell you tell na.
K: what type of mother you are.
T: better than you kunj what type of father you are..
k: worst I m I know this…
T: good you know about you…
K: aur maat aana ghar I m not saying you to come. You said we are over.
T: yes we are over Kunj…
k: than change your name to cut Mrs Sarna se you should add Mrs Khanna.
Twinkle look at him.
T: yeah sure why you feel jealous kunj
K: me really after that night never what naman tell about aayat if he think this I will leave him than it’s totally wrong Twinkle. And now I don’t care if you with Neil and others it’s your life do whatever you wants do. I m nothing anymore your.
M I right Twinkle..
T: yeah right first time Kunj… good enjoy your life you to.
K: hmm sure tell naman stay out of from my di case twinkle.
T: why I he did whatever he wants to do.
Jab mera pati hi meri nahi suna bhai keshe sunega.. haa Kunj rahi baat Tumhari behan ki I don’t know anything about case..
K: good you don’t know about my di and case as well… now I tell you it’s last time after this case I will never ever come near you after this all Twinkle has tears in her eyes…Meri di bas bhaar ajaaye. Don’t worry me Kya aayat bhi nhi aaygi…
T: apni baat karo na pain in her voice aayat ki Kyu kar rahe Ho…
k: hoo why that day you doesn’t say anything your brother…
T: you know everything what I do or not.
I know everything you don’t need to tell me what to do… Kunj jao jaha jana hai tumko mujhe Kya….
k: yup twinkle Kunj still holding her hands
Hi sorry Miss Twinkle Taneja…
Kunj leaves her just than Asha come in class room and look at twinj they stands near with each other…Kunj looked at Asha and go backwards..
Asha: twinkle
T: haa soon teacher to come
Teacher: sorry I takes I too much time…
Come teacher give some paper to them and tell them to sign on paper…
Twinkle Sign the paper
Teacher: if your husband come than it’s to good I to want his signature to…
Kunj and look at twinkle…
Asha: here only her husband Kunj Sarna only…
teacher: Ho you are Ansh father come you to please sing here..
k: yeah kunj take the pen in twinkle hands while taking the pain their hands touch each other.. Kunj signs the paper and on aayat paper to…Asha to
Teacher: ok thanks after they went downstairs…
T: Ansh and soham come let’s go home.
They three of them comes..
K: yeah aayat let’s go from here.
Aayat: chachu I m not going with you I will go with twinkle chachi.
K: no need of this come here..
Aayat holds twinkle hands I will go with chachi only…
k: aayat come here… chal samji na yeha se tu…
Aayat: why chachu if I go with nani house
K: kon nani while looking at twinkle
Koi kishi ki nhi hai aur kahi nhi jayegi tu waha samji na ghar chal…
T: aayat go don’t come with me…
Kunj took aayat and lift her went outside of the school twinkle to….Kunj put aayat down while she just blabbering
Aayat: I will tell my daddy about you
K: haa ja kar dena…now where is Sara
She didn’t come till now Twinkle looking at aayat while she looks her with puppy face
Twinkle smiled on her… but can’t do anything… soon Sara comes
Sara: yes sir
K: take her drop at home….
Aayat: I will not talk to you kunj chachu
K: fine ja Sara took Aayat and left from here went…twinkle too went soon they reached home….Kunj hurriedly went hospital.
At [email protected]
Kunj went in doctor cabin and sit with doctor.
K: sorry doctor to make wait you.
Doctor: it’s ok Mr. Sarna sits.
K: doctor how is OM.
Doctor: listen Mr. Sarna I can’t say anything right now we do our best…
They both talked about om after Kunj left from here and went to the office…
At Taneja [email protected]
They all went inside the house.. twinkle went In her room in anger…
Twinkle room
Twinkle sitting on the bed crying recalled Kunj words….few minutes later mahi and Asha comes in her room….they look at twinkle she is crying went towards her both…
Mahi: di why you crying
T: bas aeshe hi
Asha: i know because Kunj twinkle you crying.
Mahi: why he said something to you di.
T: hmmm Kya samjta hai aapne aap ko
Bolta hai mujhe aapne name change kar lena chahiye.
Asha: why
T: Mrs Sarna se Khanna rakh lu
Mahi: what did you said
T: haa hi bola… mene bhi usko
Asha: good right you are….tune Kyu usse baat ki twinkle.
T: nahi main Kyu karti yeh aayat ti na uski wajshe…she asked why I didn’t come home Tell him to answer her only…
Asha: hmm yeah he didn’t allowed to come here to kitna bola usne.
Mahi: why Jiju didn’t allowed her
T: because of that day what Bhai said about aayat that’s why he was right also somewhere. Acha hai na woh yeha nhi aaygi toh Kya fahita aane ka…..
Mahi: means di you will not meet with aaayt.
T: I don’t know mahi anything.
Asha: you should tell him stays away from you…
T: before me he told me this he will not come near me and aayat to….Twinkle hugged Mahi….
scene freezes on twinj and Anjali face…

Recap: first hearing of case what will happened with Anjali…. let’s see …..

God has perfect timing never early never late it takes a little patience and it takes a lot of faith but it’s worth the wait
You should all have to wait for twinj everything will be good in their life But wait

I hope you all like it my episode please guys comment….
Bye loads of love you all????
Again happy Diwali….
Ignore any grammatical mistakes

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  5. Twinjsidminfan

    The update was really good???❤❤❤
    Now plzzz focus more on twinj?? can’t see them anymore in such a bad state???
    I literally cried while reading twinj part?? how can kunj say all those words so easily yaar?? after all it was his mistake only ??
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