Love ka hai intzaar twinj shots by kiya episode 39

Episode 39….
Episode start …….,,,,,,,,,,
Get ready for emotional saga
Taneja [email protected]
Neil and all Taneja family sitting together chitchat with each other’s enjoying each other company..
Naman: neil I must say you are really jolly Type person..?
Neil: yes I m ?can’t becomes Dev Das.
Indirectly taunting Kunj…
After they all went towards dining table sit waiting for dinner while Leela and Asha preparing dinner in kitchen…. the aroma of food it’s amazing now no one can’t wait for food all tempting.. soon Leela and Asha come out with food placed on table.
While servant serving food everyone.

Neil took one morsel of food ate..
while eating… aunty it’s really delicious ?
No words for you……
Leela: thanks putter but sad she was somewhere remember kuvi they to loved her food…
Naman: yeah Maa amazing ? food..
All praise Leela and her food….
Ansh to come there and sit in side look at Neil continuously while twinkle laugh with him…After dinner they all sit in hall having dessert…

On the other side in Sarna Mansion……

All family sit together expect that Kunj only even Anita and Surjit to come and all enjoy the dinner.they all not talking about what happened in this all days….
Anita: usha where is kunj he not come for dinner.
U: he was not in home how he came here if here then also not come looking at Manohar….
Anant: leave this you tell me bua how you came here today.
Anita: can’t I come here haa ?
Anant: no you can I just asked you only
Surjit: we both feel bored in home thinks let’s go and come here…..
Bebe: good this
Niki: massi where is mahi she still not come…

Anita: nope Niki…
After dinner they to sit Anita call Yuvi to come here and picked up them…..

At office…
Y: Kunj ok bye I will go now because to pickup mom and dad.
K: from where.
Y: Sarna Mansion.
K: ok you go Yuvi and remember what I said you please think about it….
Y: haaa ok bye
Yuvi left while Kunj still in office doing work…

Taneja [email protected]
Neil: ok now I go aunty thanks for you such a tasty dinner…
Leela: your welcome puttar ji
Just then Leela phone started ringing…
She took her and look who is. Leela sees the caller ID get happy…Leela took the call
Leela: hey Pallavi it’s Leela friend whom she was talking about…
Pallavi : Leela I need your help
Leela: what happened Pallavi

She told everything to Leela in mute voice Leela to get shocked after listening her…
Having tears in her eyes while other look at Leela faced and get confused…Leela hung up the call.
T: maa what happened why you cry…
Leela: twinkle beta Meri friend Pallavi Leela tells everything to all they to sad…
Naman: maa then let’s go she needed your help right now…
Rt: yeah Leela he is right let’s go they all went Neil also with them….

At [email protected]
Soon Taneja’s reached Leela went towards Pallavi she was crying badly… while other stand in side…

Leela: Don’t worry Pallavi he will be fine..
Pallavi: how mera beta Leela..she was blaming her daughter in law about all this thing while she to cry in side can’t Handel this all.. Mahi and Twinkle or Asha to went towards her while she did not respond just crying looking down…
T: please don’t cry he will be fine..
She looks at twinkle face she is so innocent the pureness you can’t see in her eyes. All they sit beside her… making her clam down..she called someone…
After listen this he was shocked… don’t know how to react his world just stop at that moment….

On the other side…… Kunj hangs up his phone just run out of the office as fast as he can… and informed Yuvi tooo
Kunj sits in his car and left……its to traffic
While tears continuously falling down….
It’s to jam Kunj get frustrated of this kunj left his car and run in roads..
Scene shifts in hospital ..
Pallavi comes towards Anjali and telling her rubbish and harsh words while she just cried . No one can’t see her stage what she went through now they all felt bad about her but don’t say anything…

At Sarna Mansion
Yuvi was just shocked after talk with Kunj..
He to don’t know what to say…
Yuvi tells everyone what Kunj told him. Soon they too left ..
Kunj was running on roads he try to stop auto and taxi but not stop…. his legs are not stopping him. But he gets tired due to running…

BG song main agar from tubelight
don’t know kitne songs dugi??bear me for me without songs incomplete

Kunj hit with pillar while running not looking at pillar slightly hit. Small cut come on his forehead.
His shirts and tie loose messy hair tear marks on his face.
Finally Kunj reached the inside in the hospital went towards receptionist and asked her about Om Ahuja.
K: where he is can’t speak properly…
Receptionist: on minute sir I will check the tell you

K: fast please
Receptionist :check and tell kunj sir second left in ICU.
Kunj quickly run can’t walk properly.
Pallavi and her daughter blaming Anjali…
Anjali: maa ji mene kuch nhi kiya hai.

Kunj comes there stand to far from all just breathing heavily… his eyes became all red.
Anjali saw Kunj just run fast towards him.
While Taneja’s all confused to see Kunj here. Anjali about to loss her balance she has problem in her one leg. Kunj come on the time hold her while Anjali just hugged him immediately.. She cried lot in his arms look can’t see her like this. While Kunj hands just freeze Anjali crying loudly. Kunj broke the hugged and look at Anjali. Only one word came out from Anjali mouth..
Anjali: chote woh om pointing her fingers towards icu room… Kunj looked at icu room.Anjali falls on her knees sit on floor she holding kunj hands… Kunj to sit on his knees… slightly diiii
K: di don’t worry about O Kunj call Om O.

Please stop crying kunj wiped her tears drops while wiping Anjali’s tears Kunj felt
Blood drops for him….

[email protected]
Anjali Ahuja -role play Daljeet Kaur

Kunj Sarna And Anant elder sister daughter of Usha and Manohar.
Wife of Om Ahuja.
Om Ahuja -role play Kunal Jaisingh

Live in Bangalore with her in law family.
Anjali mother in law doesn’t like her. While om loved his wife lot can’t describe through words.
Kunj loved Anjali lot for him Anjali is his life he can do anything for her can’t see tears in her eyes at all always do and wish his di always be happy.. his first priority is Anjali..Anjali and Om love marriage both families against with this relationship while Kunj supporters her sister in all matter Anjali and Om run out of the house both get married Manohar broke all relations with Anjali no one know about Anjali where she was only kuvi knows about her she to contact with only kunj…

Manohar told this if anyone kept any relation with Anjali Manohar broke his relations with him or her while all family don’t go against Manohar wish what he wanted while Kunj supporting Anjali no one knows about this kunj still contacted with her… no one knows about Anjali even twinkle and maya to no one talking about Anjali in Sarna Mansion usha can’t do anything just bear pain all day and night thinking about her daughter when saw others daughter… Taneja’s knows usha and Manohar has only two kids… Anjali is too elder then Anant and Kunj…

(Come to the episode now now you all understand )

Kunj made Anjali stands both sit in side chair. Twinkle look at Kunj with question eyes while Kunj didn’t look at anyone just looking at her sister right now she important more than other for Kunj.
K: Dii now stop crying nothing will happened O ok

Anjali: pata nhi chote (she called Kunj chote)
K: i m sure di you don’t worry about him.
Asha slightly asked twinkle about them.
Asha : twinkle how Kunj knows her you know about her
T: I don’t know her who she is.what Kunj does here..
just then Pallavi went towards Kunj and Anjali..
Pallavi: Ho finally behan ka Bhai aa hi gaya all Taneja’s shocked to listen this..
T: Bhai and behan how ?
Pallavi: aaj Iss ki wajah se mera beta Iss haalth me hai
Kunj and Anjali stand up.
K: what are you saying
Anjali : maa ji hum ne kuch nhi kiya hai

Pallavi : haa tu toh badi shati shavetri hai
K: mind your words….
Pallavi: yeh mujhe mat bol samja apni behan ko bol I will not leave her.
Shiya comes and take her mother in side
Anjali: chote hum ne kuch nhi kiya hai…
Yeh sab jooth hai
Kunj cupped Anjali face shhhh di i know you don’t do this just clams down ok
Soon Sarna Nd Luthra all comes…..while Manohar didn’t come…
Usha directly went towards her daughter… she to cried lot. Usha saw Anjali wasted any time both mother and daughter just hugged each other now Anjali crying more
Yuvi saw Mahi and other to and get confused what they doing here…
Leela handling Pallavi.

Kunj went in side crying just then Yuvi to come and stand behind him…
k: yeh Kya hogaya Yuvi
Y: Kunj don’t worry you have to be strong for Anjali di….. Kunj wiped his tears
K: yes you are right Yuvi I can’t weak
Kunj went towards Anjali….. see his mother and sister world worst scenario for him. Kunj sits on his knees.
K: maa now you to cry and di I tell you na stop crying nothing will happened to him.
U: usha haa Anjali beta Kunj is right…. just
Faith in god.
While other family members just standing.

Maya and twinkle look at each other face.
Soon doctor comes out of the ICU room Kunj quickly went towards him.
K: doctor how he is now
Doctor: can’t say anything now just praying for him he left…Pallavi comes
Pallavi : now you are happy na Anjali because of you my om is in this situation.
K: why you blame my sister for this why she did this with her husband don’t say anything for my di.
Pallavi holds Anjali hands try to slap him but hold his hands on time jerk her…
K: don’t dare to do this.
Anjali: maa ji hum pe vishwash ki jiye hum ne kuch nhi kiya bhala hum kyu apne pati ko marge….
Pallavi: stop your melodrama…Anjali
I know how you are….
U: aap yeh Kya bol rahi hai
Pallavi: Ho finally you remember she is your daughter in this 9 years you people not care for her suddenly…..

K: mind your own business mrs Ahuja…
Don’t tell us about my sister… you should pray for your son but not you were insulting my sister blaming her….
Maya went towards in side where tuhi and Asha already sitting…
Maya: twinkle you here how
T: woh bhabhi jo icu me hai woh maa ke Friend ka beta hai that’s why. But how you all people came here..
Maya: I don’t know Yuvi told mummy ji that Kunj calling him and tell about this all things.
T: bhabhi you know about her that she is kunj sister.
Maya: how I know twinkle even I to shocked.god knows

T: hmm
Kunj standing in side looking at om through side window oxygen mask on om face and connecting with ventilator taking breath slow the sound of breath you can hear… Kunj seeing him felt like thousands of knife hurting in his chest… they both share best bonding with each other world best jija and saala because kunj is very closer to Anjali for Kunj Anjali is his second mother… Anant to shared but not like Kunj.. for Anjali kunj is his chote and for Kunj Anjali is his lifeline world best dii
If he knows the meaning of love it’s only Anjali. Usha takes Anjali in side made her sit in chair while yuvi to come with water.
Y: Anjali di water

Anjali: i don’t want it.. slightly crying suddenly coughing Yuvi gives her water but she didn’t take it kunj see this went towards them…
k: give me Yuvi
Kunj takes the water glass in Yuvi hands
K: di please thoda sha toh pilo

Anjali: nhi chote hum he nhi pina
K: I will not listen anything now.. Kunj made her drink water with his hands…
all look at Kunj and Anjali….
while drinking Anjali started choking water
spit and coughing too
K: careful di Kunj rubbed her back and wiped her face…..
Anjali: Kunj om
K: I m here na nothing will happen him ok…. hold her hands…
just then police come there Pallavi come towards police.
Pallavi: inspector Shab come here and arrest this woman… all shocked and get up… because of her my son is laying in icu..
Policemen ?: sign lady constable ?‍♀️ to arrest Anjali…she about to hold Anjali hands Kunj pulled her come in front while Anjali is standing back…
K: why you arrest my sister.

Policemen: because she tried to kill her son we have FIR.
K: are you out of your mind inspector you have any proof that she did this without any proof you can’t arrest my di
Police: we have Mr Kunj Sarna this arrest Warrant Kunj take the paper and read it’s right…
k: but she didn’t did anything it’s all wrong.
Police: sorry sir we can’t do anything now we have to arrest her…
Pallavi: yes arrest her…immediately.

Anjali: maa ji yeh aap Kya bol rahe Ho
Aap sab jante hai Humne kuch nhi kiya hai.Om
Pallavi: apne gande muse mere bete ka naam maat lena.
Anjali folds her hands in front of Pallavi
Crying bitterly… sobbing can’t speak properly…..
K: di don’t do this.
Kunj holds her no need of this don’t fold your hands in front of anyone…..
Anjali: Kunj aap toh jante hai na humne kunj nhi kiya hai….
K: yeah……

police: please do this all afterwards let’s us arrest her.
Anjali gets scare screamed loudly please believe me for god say I didn’t do anything…
Police: please don’t wasted our time arrest her…. lady constable goes near Anjali while she holds Kunj shirt tightly as she can Yuvi console Usha…. Kunj totally blocked at that time doesn’t know what to do. The only sound echo in his ears its Anjali cried voice….. at times doctor comes there and tell them to filled hospital papers. Kunj signs to Yuvi to go and do all formalities Yuvi goes and done.

Anjali went towards Pallavi hold her hands
Anjali: maa ji please don’t do this with me what I did with you at least think about om
Pallavi jerked Anjali while she about to fall just then Kunj holds her on perfect time now it’s above from Kunj patient.
At side of the corner Naman happy with to see this. Note that Anant is not here
Kunj look at Pallavi with red blood eyes.
Tears coming down from his eyes. very tears drop of Anjali it’s very precious for
Kunj..other’s just see all scenario quietly.
Kunj holds Anjali hands.

Anjali: hum aapne Bhai ki kasam khate hai
Hum ne kuch nhi kiya hai.
Police held Anjali hands and about to make her her handcuffs.kunj looks at this all but he can’t do anything.
Anjali: Kunjjjjjjjjj sobbing..
police arrest the Anjali while Kunj holding Anjali one hand tightly she to holding his shirt.
K: inspector you know she is my sister then also you did this.
Police: sir I know she is your sister now it’s not in my hands she and her husband found in red light area Kunj shocked totally listen this word…
sorry sir now you know this let us take her..
Lady constable pulled Anjali towards her but she still holding Kunj looks at him with pain and question eyes. Kunj cupped Anjali face.
K: di don’t worry I m with you.
Anjali: woh om kunj

K: kuch nhi hoga unko bhi I m there na di.
Lady constable: chalo chalo ab.
Anjali slightly move in one sides lady constable pulling her while in other side kunj holding her hands slowly slowly their hands going far last time their fingers remain only at last their hands holding broke. Kunj suddenly holds End of Anjali saree palu.
K: di Kunj went towards her.. di doesn’t worry I will not let anything happened to you it’s my promise aapka Bhai aap ke saath hai.
Be strong di don’t cry I will do something take you out anyhow. While she just cried
Kunj wiped her tears.

K: it’s very precious tears for me doesn’t let them waste.
Anjali: chote please humara om ko kuch mat hone dena…. finally she went while going just looking at Kunj he to look at her only. Police take Anjali made her sit in car left…..
Usha comes towards Kunj hold his hands
U: Kunj Meri beti woh log usko le gaye kuch kar tu.He just speechless only his tears can speak at that moment usha shake him.
U: kuch bol kunj meriiiiii betiiii
Kunj learned towards wall he can’t stand.
Y: Kunjjjj
Usha sit on floor crying loudly….Kunj sees his mother.
K: maa utho pleases sambhaalo aapne aap ko maa. Yuvi made her stand.
Y: mami please take care yourself…

Pallavi: come there now just wait and watch what I will do what she did with my son now pay back time. Aesha case thoku gi na apni puri zindagi jail me hi bhitayegi.
K: Kunj look at her really mrs Ahuja. Don’t forget this she is Kunj Sarna sister no one has that much guts.. now you see what I will do…if something happened to my sister I will not leave you…aapni aukaat mat bhuliye.
K: Yuvi you leave maa you go meet with lawyers
Y: Kunj itni raat ko kaun sha lawyers milege.
K: tu ja after I will see.
Kunj saw Bebe and Anita they both just standing in side even a not consoled Usha felt bad… leave it.

K: Kunj cupped Usha face maa don’t worry maa humari di ko kuch nhi hoga now you go home… please you have to be strong for my di…
Maya: mummy ji let’s go maya takes usha.
Yuvi to leave for to meet with lawyers. While Kunj went in Doctor cabin to asked about om.
Doctor [email protected]
K: doctor how he is
D: I can’t say anything right now.
K: doctor please do anything but save him. Give him best treatments don’t worry about money call best doctors.
D: we tried our best mr Sarna…

K: doctor I beg you please don’t let happened anything to him if something happened to him my sister can’t alive without him… twinkel to listen all this and felt bad.
Kunj come out of the doctor cabin look at everyone… went in icu room
Kunj just looking at om who was laying down on the bed connected with serval machines.. while looking at him Anjali face to come in front of Kunj eyes.. the fear and pain can see in kunj eyes the pain for his sister and fear if something happened to om…Kunj shut the door of icu went out of the hospital….. stand in side Taneja’s to going saw Kunj Leela take Pallavi and her daughter with her while other to going home. Kunj crying slightly looking at sky so many questions in his eyes want all answers with god…. Kunj felt on his knees.
Screamed diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Episode end here only…,,

I hope you all like it my episode plz comment I know boring hai but what to do it’s storyline…. only
It’s not love and fairly tale I told you All bear me for some more many episodes after the story must be end at the end….
Thanks those who comments in my previous episode thanks a lot sorry ? for too emotional episodes……..
And ignore errors ….

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