Love ka hai intzaar twinj shots by kiya episode 38

38 episode…..,,,,
Episode started continued….
Kunj and Usha still sitting together and talk with each other…after sometime later Kunj feels sleepy put his head on Usha lap and try to sleep there only Usha kissed on his head….
U: Kunj go and sleep in your room ok.
K: hmm in sleep. Maa you come with me na and make me sleep today.
U: ok both mother and son went upstairs and goes in kunj room….

TM @
Neil dropped the twinkle at Taneja’s mansion. Left while twinkle went inside the house…
No one is in a hall it’s too late all slept till now. Because they went for walk. Twinkle went in her room Ansh sleep with Mahi today. Twinkle changed her clothes and lay down on bed thinking about Kunj.
Kunj saw me with Neil but didn’t say anything or not reacted at all.
T: good this also he do whatever he wants To do and I do what I wanted now.
Soon she to sleep…..

Kunj [email protected]
Kunj quickly changed his clothes and wear night dress.. after went towards bed lay down on bed Usha to sleep beside him kunj cuddle her and rest his head in usha lap.
Usha caresses Kunj hair soon both slept like this only…

At morning
Twinkle [email protected]
Twinkle wake up with a smile after a days
Get up going in the washroom get freshen up and downstairs…. went in Mahi room to take ansh. He still sleep beside Mahi…
Twinkle didn’t make any noise lifts Ansh in her arms and went in her room.
Soon twinkle make Ansh ready for school.
After they both went downstairs for breakfast everyone already present and having their breakfast simply twinkle made Ansh sit on chair she to sit beside him and having breakfast….

Next scene
Usha wakes up and look at clock get shocked it’s to late quickly getting up and look at Kunj face he was sleeping peacefully looking so innocent while sleeping he is.
Usha kissed on his forehead and went slightly…downstairs and goes in her room soon she to get ready went towards hall
While maya and Niki in the kitchen for a chance Niki helping her today.
Soon everyone comes for breakfast take their sits and having breakfast. After breakfast all lefts for their work….

Kunj [email protected]
He was still sleeping just then his phone beep beep his sleep got disturbed due to phone voice… look finding his phone where is my phone still his eyes closed….
K: in sleep who is now let me sleep for a sometime please again phone beep…
Finally his open his eyes and took his phone look at phone screen it’s Yuvi call.
K: now what he wants he was my real wifey really ?? truly.kunj picks up the call.
Y: hey bro why is you not answered my calls haaa
K: take a break bro while yawning.
Y: don’t tell me Yuvi you were sleeping till now kunj.
K: yes what’s the problem dude.
Y: dude get up don’t you know about our meeting.
K: Kunj think O shit I totally forgot about meeting ok Yuvi I will meet you half an hour ok bye.
Y: ok Meri Beauty sleep come soon…
Kunj hangs up the call and quickly get up running towards washroom.. soon he gets freshen up come out of the washroom.
Kunj took out his clothes and get ready…
Take his office bag run downstairs .
While Usha and Bebe along With bua dadi And maya they all were sitting in the hall.
Kunj about to going usha stops him.
U: Kunj where are you going haa
K: maa office.
U: without your breakfast.
K: no Maa no need of breakfast….ok bye I already became late……
Kunj went out sitting in the car and left……
Soon Kunj reached the office….directly went in conference room soon all come and started meeting…. Neil to present there as well. Kunj looked at Neil after he ignored him and constraint in meeting…

On the other side in [email protected]
Mahi and twinkle or Asha they were sitting talking randomly.
T: Mahi I think you should go back your in laws house.
Mahi: di I don’t feel like going now afterwards I’ll go na.
T: ok and one more thing why you muffed with Yuvi it’s not his mistake please don’t suffer your relation in our relation.
Mahi: but di you see him still he supporting Jiju. After this all.
T: why you care leave it mahi I know about this he will support Kunj like this only Mahi.
Mahi: but why di
T: Mahi it’s not matter now you just think about you and yuvi that’s it.
Asha: Mahi twinkle is right you listen na what Yuvi said kunj will not come near twinkle from now.. we also stop thinking about Kunj and all.
T: yes she is right mahi me and Kunj over now.
Mahi: di really you forgotten Jiju.
T: don’t know mahi if I forget him or not but just try to forget him soon…
Asha: leave this you tell me twinkel where you and Neil go last night.
T: just for dinner only he insists me that’s why I went with him..Neil is good.
But you know we saw Kunj and Yuvi also in same hotel.
Mahi/asha: what?
Asha: Kunj said something to you after saw you with Neil.
T: no he didn’t even look at me for an once
Slightly went from there.
Asha: haa strange maybe Yuvi told him to not say anything. That night Yuvi told himself that he will not let kunj come to you..
T: hmm maybe good for me and him.
He will also realise what I felt when I saw him with Alisha….but he didn’t care I can see last night easily.
Asha: twinkle I think you should move on
In your life. Because we all know you and Kunj now no more…
T: it’s easy to say but can’t do asha.

Next scene in Office
Soon meeting gets over all went in their cabins..Neil looks at Kunj and smiled….
Kunj [email protected]
Kuvi sitting together and eating pizza….
Y: Kunj I think we should complete this project as soon as possible.
K: hmmm why you hurry let going. If you say this because of Neil then don’t worry bro I m ok with him in office he was my partner only.
Y: loudly don’t say this he was your partner only I m your partner Kunj no one dare to….
K: ok my possessive wifey…. ?
If this project not na I will not tolerate him at all. But now I can’t do anything because this project is very important for us after project get over Neil babu Also over.?
Y: good both shared a hugged.

Neil went to meet with twinkle At Taneja mansion.neil went inside and sit with all…
Asha: hi Neil what a surprised we all talking about you only.
Neil: Ho ? great tell me also what you were talking about me..
T: nothing much just.
Just then Leela to come there and sit with them and meet with Neil..
Neil: hi aunty.
Leela: ? how’s you Neil puttar.
Neil: I m fit and fine.
Mahi: you must be very happy today why
Neil: Ho right because soon my project will be completed I m happy for this….smirk.
All: hoo good then…
Mahi: it’s the same project na Yuvi and Kunj Jiju work with you.
Neil: yeah same..Mahi they were Also happy….
Mahi: you know where is Yuvi.
Neil: haa he was in office only with Kunj just now I met him in conference…
Mahi: hmmm.
Neil:I totally forgot why I came here.
I m inviting you all for dinner at my house.
Leela: why puttar
Neil: aeshe hi aunty.
Leela: not in your place in my house
Neil: no aunty why in your place haa
Leela: we are not your family Neil.
Neil: haaa ok
Leela: now I m inviting you for dinner ok all smiled…. my long time friend to come…
T: which maa
Leela: you don’t know her twinkle today she called me that she is in Amritsar Kal hi aai hai…

At office
Kunj and yuvi playing plays station game to time pass both getting bored…
K: I will win
Y: let’s sees Kunj first….
Both enjoyed the moment and spend gala time together with each other….
Soon Kunj Win the game.
K: see you I tell you na I will win..
Y: yup bro but you forgot one think kunj.
Your victory is my victory?.
K: Ho philosophical ?.Chal let’s celebrate na Yuvi.
Yuvi sang a song Yeh dosti hum nahin todenge
Todenge dam magar tera saatha na chhodenge
Aye meri jeet teri jeet teri haar meri haar
Sun aye mere yaar
Tera gham mera gham teri jaan meri jaan
Aisa apna pyaar.
Doing funny acted try to pulled Kunj…
while Kunj sacred to see his new way.
K: are you ok na Yuvi you really need a doctor.
Y: why stand beside him.
K: I think you are bio s*xual ???
Yuvi listened this and push him…..
Kunj ouchhhhhh
Y: saale Kya bola I m bio s*xual today I will show you…… going closer to him kunj shocked ?
K: heyy Yuvi what are you trying to do
Yuvi moving his fingers sensual on his face while Kunj closed his eyes…. Yuvi saw this and laugh…
Y: o zara zara touch me touch me zara kiss me kiss me ???????
Kunj pushed him and get up….
Y: abey Kunj look at your face like seriously I will rape you haaaaaa ???
Kunj throws cushions on him Yuvi catch them and in return Yuvi give flying kiss to Kunj while Kunj mouth formed like O?
K: you are such a dog…
Y: ok same to you bro.after both burst out of laughing loudly….
K: why you doing this.side hugged him
Y: tere liye I can do anything to see your smile kunj cheesly……?
K: Ho bas kar Meri Juliet ???
Y: ok Romeo ?????
episode end here only
Precap: A girl standing in hospital Crying bitterly for her her life is finished
Police come and about to arrest her….ok more shocked and twist or turn and tears as well


I hope you all like it my episode and as well ff to
Guys I know it’s boring ???
Thanks those who comment its means lot for me❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️plz support me without you all I m nothing at all comment too
One more thing guys get ready for cry ???now episode become to emotional ? hope you bear me and episode too aur last thing you all have to have I will not unite twinj easily in starting you all were saying Kunj should be punished now I will do this only naaa don’t worry just enjoy this part of ff too
after see next what coming …..
Ok bye lots of love you all????
Inshaallah I will reach on your expectations hope so
Ignore errors and grammatical mistakes

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