Love ka hai intzaar twinj shots by kiya episode 37

Episode 37….,,,

Kunj went inside the house aayat was in his arms..
Kunj went towards maya room and knocked the door. Maya open the door found Kunj standing in door with aayat.

Maya: Kunj
K: looking down woh bhabhi aayat.
Maya: ha Kunj give aayat to maya and left from there..

Kunj [email protected]
Kunj opens the door and shut loudly..
Kunj sits down on floor just playing with light lamp on-off still tears flowing down.
Whatever happened to Kunj all come in front him and killer him by all words…
It’s happened because of me twinkle is right I did everything but I know I deserve this babaji but what my kids did they suffer with me in all of this.
I will not leave naman what you did with aayat you pay for this I will show you on day what my kids mean to me.
Even Alisha gets ready for to see the real Kunj Sarna….the pain in his eyes melts anyone.

Next scene of TM
Twinkle went in her room locked the door.
Sit towards door she to cried yuvi’s all words echoes of her ears hurt her lot…
Kunj what you did see this why can’t you thought for a second. Twinkle to get up and went towards bed look at her phone.
Twinkle take phone in her hands open dial
Kunj number while dial the numbers her hands shivering think that if she wanted to call him or not… twinkle left all thoughts and sit and calling Kunj finally.
Scene shifts
Kunj phone beep he lost in his all thoughts. While phone continuously ringing finally he heard phone rang and take out his phone Kunj look at caller name and confused it’s twinkle calls.
Kunj declines the call twinkle again called him.all the time Kunj just cut the calls.
Finally Kunj picked the call.

Phone ? conversations
T: Kunjj slightly.
Kunj didn’t answer her.
T: Kunj i know you hear me please say something.after few minutes later
K: hmm what?
T: Kunj please don’t do this things it’s make more difficult for me to stay here
Due to this things only we hurt just most important our kids. Specially aayat Kunj atlest think about her what she did even she didn’t know anything about us.
K: why you only tell me this what about your brother.
T: first where are you kunj now
K: why you care??
T: please kunj
K: in room
T: ok get up first change your clothes then come and we talk to each other..
K: tell now what you want to tell me..
I m not in good mood.
T: when will you in good mood with me toh you always like this only..go na kunj
K: ok Kunj take his clothes and went in washroom soon he come out.
Kunj sits on bed take the phone.
K: hmm now tell me what you want to talk to me.
T: firstly Kunj I m cleared one thing that I m not coming back again ( both cried that time)
K: why twinkle really I didn’t do that.
T: Kunj please leave it it’s not matter now if you did or not. I m just calling you for please you stop all this things. Don’t try to anything or I don’t want any proof.
Maybe we are not made for each other.
God want only this it’s our destiny Kunj.

It’s not your fault and mine to it’s just fault in our stars. While Kunj just listening her words. One more thing kunj our relationship was just a namesake but Yuvi and Mahi to bear pain because of us Kunj
I don’t know this we are not together it’s our decision but what about yuhi they suffer to Kunj. Here mahi muffed with Yuvi because us.
K: not us only with me.
T: whatever Kunj it’s our matter all things happened nowadays…
T: Kunj please tell Yuvi to stop his childishness thing even Mahi to both behaved over reacting.
K: ok I will talk to Yuvi about this..
T: ok thanks… bye last time…
K: hmm bye last but not least twinkle.
Twinkle cut the call.

Twinkle: he became mad babaji…..
Twinkle went downstairs and goes in Leela room take ansh went in her room again after sometime later both slept….

While Kunj didn’t feel sleepy ? Remember what twinkle said she was right in her place.
K: I will surely talk to Yuvi…..While thinking he to sleep ?

Luthra [email protected]
Yuvi was sitting outside in garden still raining.
Thinking about what happened today..
Hell angry he is Yuvi threw the small pot in anger.after he to go in his room……

In the morning.
Sarna Mansion.
All family members having breakfast together.
Bebe: where is kunj Usha call him for breakfast.
U: no need of this Bebe I will send his breakfast In his room if he wants he can not then I can’t do anything.
While Manohar looks at usha.
Manohar: why you tell this to us.
Anant: please don’t start now have your breakfast…

Kunj [email protected]
Kunj still sleeping soon he wakeup went in washroom to get freshen up.
Later he came out of the washroom get ready Went downstairs.
While coming down all looked at him he looks very dull and sorrowful or unhappy not looking at Kunj. Kunj about went out Bebe call him.
Bebe: Kunj come here
K: what Bebe any work
Bebe: have your breakfast puttar
K: no Bebe I will eat in office thanks saying this and left…
Manohar: what’s the need of this Bebe leave him na.
U: yes Bebe don’t worry I m here for him.
Walks out from there.
After all had their breakfast go for their work.
Ushar [email protected]
Usha sits down on bed call to twinkle
U: twinkle puttar
T: ha mummy ji aap keshe ho
U: I m fine beta what about you and Ansh.
T: I m to fine he to mummy ji how’s everyone is in home.
U: all are good here.Both talk for sometime.

Next scene Luthra [email protected]
Kunj parked his car in side and went inside
Kunj entered in hall anita and Surjit is sitting and having tea…
Kunj went towards them and meet with them while they to meet him coldly..
K: bua where is Yuvi
Anita:In his room only.
K: ok thanks.
Kunj went upstairs in Yuvi room.
Yuvi room door was open Kunj saw him he was standing towards window. Kunj went towards him and stand beside him put his hand on his shoulder.while yuvi lost in his thoughts.
K: hey wifey not any response.
Again kunj gives voice to him.
After his push him. Yuvi comes in sense.
Y: what is this man yaar Kunj
K: you tell me where is you lost haa I m here only???
Y: funny.
K: really you tell his funny Are you ok na.
Y: hm why you come here.
K: why I can’t come here.
Y: nhi re both sit on couch.
K: Yuvi please don’t make your life like this because of me. I feel bad.
Y: Ho bro please don’t say this. These happen because of you kunj.its nothing like this.
K: Yuvi Mahi sad with you because of me na only.
Y: no Kunj she muffed with me not with you.
K: I know phar hai to Meri wajshe hi hai na
Y: it’s just show our relationship how strong Kunj atlest twinkle to trust you in past
See Mahi I didn’t do anything still she angry with me without any reason.
You leave this. Wait let’s have breakfast.
K: you eat I don’t wanna
Y: I m not asking you bro it’s my order
Both laugh..

Soon Servant Come with breakfast both having their breakfast with smile on there faces but pain in there eyes to.After this
Y: will you promised me one thing
K: what tell me first
Y: why promised me na you don’t trust to me.
K: more than me Yuvi.
Y: then Kunj from now you don’t go near Taneja’s please.Kunj looks at him.
I m not saying you forgot twinkle Kunj wait for sometime trust on me kunj it’s my promise to I will make everything better not you don’t go near twinkle and Taneja’s
Only you get pain insults. You know I can’t see this kunj i m alway with you kunj don’t worry babaji is there for us ok.
K:ok I will promise but you have too promise me that you make everything fine in between you and Mahi.
Y: yeah sure let her do what she wants kunj.both hugged each other like true bro buddies. Kunj thinks it’s my duty to make you both together and same Yuvi to think.
K: we both always together Yuvi
Y: yes one for all all for one
K: let’s go my wifey
Y: yes husband ji we have lots of work.. both smirked each other with smile..
After they left for office…

Next scene @Taneja mansion….
Kids went for school rt about to going
Just then twinkle come there and went towards Naman they all sit together in the hall.
T: Bhai what you did last night it’s not good.
Naman: what I did
T: really you don’t know Bhai what you did ha
T: what’s the need of taking Aayat name in this. What difference between you and others Bhai.
Rt: what happened twinkle beta tell me you
T: Papa Bhai and Kunj both argument with each firstly Bhai started he abused Kunj Mother rt look at him with anger.
Rt: what she said naman are you out of your mind what’s the need of this word she is like your mother and you abused her haa sham on you naman. If he abused you in Order haa then.
Naman: Papa what he did with twinkle you don’t know haa
Rt: I know each and everything it doesn’t matter you abused his family’s haa naman doesn’t did this next time naman.
T: And Bhai aayat kaha se aai aap dono
Ki baato me haaa listen Bhai don’t dare to take my kids name next time. Think what she is your. Aayat is your niece Bhai think for a while to taking her name. You don’t want to see me in pain but after taking name of my kids and abused them it’s hurting me very Bhai please I beg whatever you want to do I don’t have any problem do with Kunj what you want but don’t take their names. When you abused my kids that time you people abused me automatically Bhai if they are Kunj kids and mine to same time Bhai. Pleas don’t do anything for me Leave me at my place
( mujhe chhod do mere haal par).
If I stay her you all have any problems tell me I will leave from here to I can’t tolerate this.
Rt: twinkle beta please doesn’t think this.
Naman day sorry to her and next time don’t do this and you leela that time you to take kids name why what’s the need of this.what they did haa why don’t know anything. More twinkle you are not going anywhere Twinkle it’s your father house not anyone else ok now you go.
Naman: sorry twinkle it’s my mistake twinkle I can’t forgive Kunj because of him you suffered lot Twinkle.
T: Bhai I know this I to hate him that time felt pain while saying this but what Me And My kids did
Naman: I m sorry twinkle
T: it’s ok Bhai botb bro and sis hugged each other
(What a great kunj have Yuvi with him and twinkle have her family.)
Naman thinks I will not leave you kunj easily it’s my promise to make you suffer lot. Same thing what happened with you and you to bear same pain and tears what my sister and my family bear…

At office?
Kuvi both busy in their works leave all things In side.
K: Yuvi check this file ok.
Y: yeah give me I will bro.
Somewhere both thinking about their life.
But don’t show to each other….
just then someone call comes Yuvi see this and smiled both talking for long time feeling very happy after this and looking old kuvi.. both enjoying while talking….
All stress went vanished a small smile come on their lips and showed the love or shine in their eyes too….
After they both went for meeting out….

At night….SM
Anita came here to meet all ladies and sit and having chitchat with each other.
Niki taunting indirectly to usha about Kunj and tell Yuvi suffering because of him only.
Anita to thinking this but not said anything.they talk for sometime soon Manohar and Anant to come.
They tiro bro and sisters sit together talk with each other…. maya busy in kitchen aayat increasing her work lot while she didn’t say anything to her.
Usha arranging Kunj clothes In wardrobe.
Just then Anant to come in kunj room found Usha there.
Anant: maa you.
U: haa come here for Kunj clothes to kept in wardrobe only and you
Anant: I come here to talk to kunj only
U: but he didn’t come home.
Anant: ok afterward i will talk to him when I come….both went and sit in lobi.
Anant put his head in usha lap while she caressing his hair smoothly.
Anant: I felt so good in you arms… world best placed its a mother laps …..
U: bas ? everyone can hate someone but a mother can’t hate his kids if she tried still she can’t. Same happened to me everyone hate Kunj now I know he did wrong absolutely but I can’t hate him.
For a mother her kids always right can’t hate them…..
Anant: maa I understand your feelings but maa what he did it’s wrong….
maa I don’t know one thing he did mistake only but we all suffered lot more Twinkle and Ansh.. maa people talk about them to maa. It’s simple maa when children did mistake people point there fingers on their parents and with children when there parents did wrong automatically people talk about them to and Pointed finger to maa. Always we should think before doing anything we not only the one who suffered but others to maa.
Worldliness( duniyadari)like this only maa.
U: you are right Anant twinkle to leave him everyone leave him but what I do I toh can’t leave him I m only the one who bring him in this world your Papa leave him you to Anant but I can’t him…
Anant: haa maa
U: see twinkle takes ansh with her why because she is his mother when you maya fights With each other she to did the same take Aayat and went she’s mother house.
Because they can’t leave their kids.After you both come to me only End of the day Anant. All relationship in one side and mother in one side. When you lost your kids the mother only knows what she lost. Other lost their friends and brothers sister etc they can found in other but a mother can’t found in anyone that time she lost her world. A wife can marry again and found new husband but a mother’s can’t Anant.while saying this all usha having tears in her eyes…..

On the other side in TM
Neil and come to meet twinkle both talking to each other’s having fun with together. Rt sees them and smiled.
Neil consoles twinkle hugged her to take her for dinner too. While twinkle if she goes or not but she said yes and went with Neil.

While kuvi in hotel and busy in meeting.
Soon Neil and twinkle come in hotel for dinner at same place where kuvi was…
Neil took out chair for twinkle and both sit and Oder dinner for each other….
Soon dinner comes and Neil served to a twinkle Neil Oder all twinkle favourite foods. Both enjoying the food together.
Neil passing some joke to make laugh her.
After meeting get over all clients shake there hands with each other for deal….

Neil Oder their same favourite dessert ?
While eating Neil just looking at twinkle continuously….
Neil: twinkle Kunj
T: please Neil I don’t wanna talk about him
Neil: ok mam? nice food twinkle hey na
T: hmm I to loved it…..
kuvi to side behind them doesn’t see each other they… they to quickly Oder their food enjoy.
While Neil and twinkle talking to each other twinkle tell him everything about her and Kunj twinkle have tears in her eyes Neil see this and wiped her tears….
after they went out…. kuvi to
Four of them towards their cars…… their car parked beside each other cars….
They about to sit in car they all saw to each other’s…..
twinkle look at Kunj while he didn’t look at her but look down…. Yuvi looks at Neil…
Neil: twinkle let’s go.
T: yeah… kuvi sits and left from there
They too….
On the way in car……
Kunj driving the car Yuvi look at his face thinks about Neil and twinkle.
Y: Kunj I know.
K: what that I think about twinkle.
Y: hmm.
K: I m not Yuvi it’s her life do what she wanted … you toh tell me you with me na
Y: haa are think saale kess se jhoot bol raha hai tu mujhe se woh bhi chal acha hai dard chupa na toh aagya tujhe..
soon they reached their homes….
Kunj about went in his room found Usha sitting in the hall Kunj went towards her.
K: maa what you do here it’s to late go and sleep maa.
U: haa I m just waiting for you kunj.
K: for me maa why sit beside her
U: why what did you ate anything kunj
K: haa yes maa with Yuvi only now go and sleep.maa can I asked you one thing
U: haa Kunj cuddles her
K: maa you didn’t leave me na mujhe pata hai maa aap mujhe se naraz Ho you are right maa aap mujhe maar lo maa jitna daatna hai utna daatlo maa but kabhi mujhe chod kar mar jana maa.
Usha cupped his face.
U: where I go kunj to leave you haaa
Tu jesha bhi hai mera beta hai Kunj.
Duniya ke liye tu bura hai mere liye to nhi na Kunj..I will not leave you never kunj teri maaa humesha tere saath hai Kunj but what you did woh galt hai Kunj humesha yaad rakhana kunj me toh teri maa hu kunj our toh tujhe nhi Maaf karshakte hai na Kunj….
Episode end here…,,,,
A mother thinks about her children day and night even if they are not with her and will love them in a way they will never understand.
Always Love your mother because you will never get another….
Please respect your mother or partner because they are very precious thing. When you hurt your mother that I time you hurt god. The second god is mother who always loved us not matter.. what we did them….. best gift by god is mother those have they are really lucky in this world…
Hope you all like it plz comment guys if you want then do it not it’s up to you all
Plz bear me I m giving my ?% in ff
Ok bye see you ??????
Plz ignore any words error because not proof ready at all ???
Boring episode hai I know

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