Love ka hai intzaar twinj shots by kiya episode 36

Episode 36

Episode Stated

It’s almost two days passed like quickly in this two days kuvi try very hard to find ravi (photographer) but they can’t because he
was disappeared they both checked his home and asked to Arjit Also he didn’t know about him where he was right now and moreover his cellphone is switched off..
Kunj gets sad his last hope that if he proved this he was innocent maybe he gets back Twinkle in his life but now the situation is making more difficult for Kunj.
Even Alisha runs and talking answering his calls he doesn’t know where she was…..

At morning
@Kunj room
Kunj getting ready for office Usha sends his breakfast in his room because he didn’t come and not sit with everyone….
Soon he gets ready and look at breakfast plate he was upset and hungry to he didn’t eat properly almost skipped his meals…when he tried to eats all bad memories come in his mind he felt bad and left the food.. hardly he eat accept that coffee and tea for headache…
While same happened with Yuvi to he to tried his level hard to make understand Mahi but she didn’t want to listen anything.

Kunj didn’t eat take his bag and left for downstairs…

@ downstairs hall
Everyone sitting and having their breakfast.. Kunj coming down maya saw him and went towards him…
Maya: please today you drop aayat to school.
K: why where is driver today
Maya: today he didn’t comes because he was ill..if Anant will be then he dropped her.
K: ok I will send her towards car I m waiting for her ok
Kunj left and went outside…..Kunj standing towards car soon aayat come.
Aayat : see chachu I m here now

K: good Kunj lifts her and made her sit in car he to sit on driver seat..
While in all the way aayat blabbering something funny a small curved of smiled come on Kunj lips…
Soon they reached. Kunj comes out of the car and went towards aayat side and take out her to.
On the other in TM
T: Ansh comes fast you are getting late for your school.
Asha: twinkle plz you can go in school
T: why
Asha: because soham teacher called me to come school I m not going will you goes behalf on me……

T:ok …..they left they to reached
Kunj and aayat standing outside of the school because the gate not opened till now.
They were waiting for this….
Just then twinkle come out of the car along with ansh and soham she to stand there….
Just then aayat saw Ansh and twinkle went towards them hurriedly while Kunj busy on call holding aayat bag…..
Aayat Loudly chachiiiiii twinkle turned back and found aayat standing there with the cutest smile on her face…

Aayat immediately hugged twinkle while to Matching her height sat down on her knees… twinkle feeling soo good to see her after so many days Ansh and Soham stand beside them….. twinkle to broke the hugged and caress aayat face she cried slightly tears of happiness… she kissed on her forehead..
Kunj end the phone and look aayat but she was not there Kunj get worried about her where she was….
T: aayat how’s you
Aayat: cutely fine chachii and when will you comes home I m missing you both look at Ansh…
T: really I thought you are happy for this Ansh is not with your for fight right
Aayat: ok now I m happy please comeback na.
Ansh: yes let’s go na our home I too miss everyone
Both : we didn’t fight with each other promised…twinkle smiled at them…
Kunj found aayat standing in side he went toward her…
k: aayat

Look at twinkle think what she did here.
Twinkle look at Kunj and bandage to feels sad somewhere….
Ansh: mamma Papa is here to
Ansh hugged Kunj tightly…whispered in kunj ears. see Papa I m doing all those things which your told me not irritated mamma
K: good boy my still looking at twinkle eyes…..Kunj and talk with ansh for few minutes twinkle to with aayat..
Just then watchman outside…

Kunj asked him why gate not opened till now it’s timed up..watchman said sorry sir today due to some reason school off.
K: what if is this then you should inform us na we are waiting here..sorry sir watchman said…. twinkle to hear this
K: aayat let’s go home

Aayat: why my school
K: holiday today all kids to get happy for this and jumping in happiness…..twinj looks at them and laugh…
aayat: chachu take chachi with us na now.
Kunj looked at twinkle with questions eyes.
K: aayat you come I m getting late for my office.
Aayat: ok I m going With chachi today

K: what? Why not come with me aayat
Aayat hides behind twinkle…
Aayat: chachi tell na chachu that I m going with you for sometime only…
T: Kunj slightly let her na
K: what I tell maya bhabhi ahha
T: I will talk to her. Ok when you comeback from office takes her na that time Till then she with me.
K: hmmm
Kunj meet with ansh and take Aayat bag to twinkle while giving their hands touched
Both look at each other faces …. Kunj bye to them and sit in car left…….
Twinkle to take kids and left….
Soon they reached Taneja mansion……

All went inside the house all get shocked to see the kids…Twinkle to sit with them all
And tell them about school after few minutes later twinkle takes ansh in while aayat to went behind them….
Twinkle [email protected]
Twinkle take out ansh clothes and made him wear the clothes.
After Ansh and aayat sit together and playing.

Kunj reached office and busy in his work…thinking about Ravi how to find him.just then Alisha entered in Kunj cabin.
Kunj looked at her and get shocked to see her. Alisha went towards Kunj and sit on chair while hell angry on her.
Kunj got up and stand beside her

K: loudly what are you doing here Alisha.
Alisha: Kunj listen to me na.
Kunj held Alisha from her shoulders……

Hurting her lot….
K: where are you Alisha nowadays I m calling you hell but you didn’t answere my calls why…..
Alisha : Kunj I m out of the town because my dad is not well that’s why.
K: fine and who leaked that pics haaa tell me damn it haaa.
Alisha: Kunj I didn’t know about those pics
K: don’t lie to me Alisha you knows me how i m..
Alisha: no Kunj I really didn’t know about this.

K: if you don’t know about that pics and how they come from ha. You know because of that fake pics my life become hustle bustle. Twinkle left me and take my son with her and went her parents home.
My family upset with me while you were enjoying your life.
Alisha: but you to want this that twinkle left you now what’s the matter…
Kunj looked at her with red eyes.
K: it’s matter for me lot because I can’t live without her for a second……
Alisha : Kunj told twinkle that pics are fake

K: she was not believing me at all.
Alisha: hoo sad Kunj went near Kunj don’t worry Kunj baby I m with you na now
Kunj jerked her don’t come near to me…..
Without saying anything Alisha went out of the cabin. While Kunj cried lot he can’t bear pain any more now….

On the other side
[email protected]
Maya sitting with Usha and tell her aayat was with twinkle.
U: hm smile ?
Bebe: Usha I was thinking about this till then twinkle stayed in TM I meant
U: I know bebe but I can’t do anything now he did mistake he will do something.
Maya: yes you are right. But Kunj tell that pics are faked what about that.
U: he did so many mistakes how can she trust him now it’s not easy maya. Now everything is upto on twinkle.

Kunj ke Papa ka toh gussa itna bada pada hai already.
Bebe: hey waheguru yeh sab Kya hogay
Aap se binti hai yeh sab jaldi se sab thik kardo…Usha and maya to praying.
While Niki saw Them and laugh nothing will be fine with this house I will make everything hell its my promise….

Next scene TM afternoon…
Everyone sitting and having their lunch today rt and Naman was in home they come early… Asha feeds her son while twinkle busy in her two kids…. Leela admires them and happy cam sad at same time.mahi too sad
Aayat : sab chachi I m full now please I can’t eat more
T: why you didn’t even eat half (roti)now eat aayat..
Ansh: eat aayat na it’s bad manners to not listening mamma
Aayat: but she is not my mamma

Everyone looks at her and get sad while twinkle didn’t say anything….
think how I told you aayat I m your mamma to.
T: ok leave it now both just eat.. twinkle to feed them forcefully but they finished there food.
Aayat: why you not eat chachi
T: I will afterwards
Aayat: eat now only in fort of me I know you didn’t eat also like….
T: like who aayat chachu he to not eat anything dadi always saying this.
Twinkle to hear this and feel bad…..
Twinkle take the plate and went in kitchen.
Why he did this now what he think if he did this everything is fine not Kunj……
Twinkle wiped her tears and sit beside Ansh and had her food…later all sit and chit chat with each other….

Just then Anita called comes Leela talk to her end the call
Leela: Mahi beta anita ji call and tell this please go our home.Mahi didn’t reply any…soon day went night comes….

Big song please listen while reading –
Tere mere darmiyaan???????

At office
Kunj Sit and thinking about twinkle only.
Same happened To Yuvi too…..
Kunj thinks and hurriedly went in Alisha cabin…
k: Alisha if you tell twinkle woh sab faked news Thi maybe she will be trusting in you please did this for…
Kunj not let her speak anything drugged her and both left for TM

Yuvi entered in TM and went towards them. Leela and rt sit in hall while all in garden..
Y: hi Maa
Leela: hi Yuvi how’s you
Y: I m fine Maa ( the pain clearly seeing in his eyes Leela see this felt bad….. her both daughters suffered….
Y: maa where is mahi I came here to take her with me mom told you na
Leela : yes she is in garden backyard.
Y: ok I will go…
Yuvi went in garden see Mahi and went towards all. Twinkle see Yuvi and meet him.
T: hi Yuvi
Y: hmm ?

While Mahi ignores him…
Y: Mahi let’s go(Naman interpret)
Why you come here Yuvi now….
Y: why you have any problem naman with cold voice….
Naman: yes I have it my house
Y: I know this I m not talking to you so please don’t put your noise in this…
Naman: I will what will you do and where is you brother the great Kunj Sarna today not with you.
Asha: naman please stop this
Y: listen your wife Naman
Naman: I m listening to my wife only not you both.
Y: what you mean mind your tongue
Samja na

Naman: Kyu mirchi lag rhi hai tujhe
Saale both are buster .Yuvi holds Naman collar…
Y: don’t naman
Naman: I will what will you do because of you both my sisters in pain today.
And Kunj what he thinks of himself haa…
Naman talks rubbish about Kunj….

Y: agar himmat hai na ja or uske shamne bol tab me manuga…..
Naman: ok where he is now laugh may be with Alisha na..while trio of them just keeps quit….”Just then Kunj to come here to take Aayat..he about to went inside Yuvi see him and laugh.
Y: what you asked just now where he is looking at there. Yuvi called Kunj come here Kunj Yuvi said. Kunj went towards all….
K: aayat come let’s go….
Y: wait bro.
K: what…

Y: what happened naman now open your mouth….
Naman: what you think that I m scared of him.
Y: not think it’s true ab bol na jo bol raha ta…
K: leave it Yuvi
Naman: laugh let be him Yuvi Kunj knows what I m saying it’s damn true….that he is a baster motherf**ker.
Kunj listening this and out of his control.
Garb Naman collard( girls shocked)
K: mind your tongue Naman
Naman: why I will kunj itna bura lagana tujhe yeh sune ke what about my sister
K: if you want to saying anything told me not about my family.
Naman: I will only did this.

T: Bhai please.
Naman: twinkle you please stop.
And one more thing kunj didn’t dare to come here next.
K: even I m not interested to come here it just because of aayat….
Naman: why for aayat Kyu Bhai Bhabhi se dar lagata hai if she stays here
K: mind your business.
Naman: that day Maa told right if same happened to your daughter then you will realise that.
K: last time don’t mess with me naman.
Next time don’t dare to take Aayat name.
Naman: I m happy Kunj to see you like this. I think you should get second marriage because twinkle will not go with you never.
Y: bas kar na
Naman: why you feel bad about him you also did same like him
K: hey naman please don’t….mujhe bol na
Naman: you are characterless.
K: ok I m anything left…
Naman: that news reporter is right about you I to wonder that she is your daughter only yeah maybe.Kunj slaps Naman.
K: don’t take her name naman I will forget that you are my friend.
Naman: f**k who is your friend you toucher my sister and I m your friend haa
Saale tujhe aapni beti ke baare bura lag raha hai what about us…..I wish kunj this all things happened to your family….
k: Ho really tu doodh ka dula hua hai jeshe ha don’t make me to open my mouth.
Next time mere bacho ko beach mat lena.
I will not leave you naman….

Naman: boluga me toh
K: atlest sharma kar jiss ke bare me yeh sab tu bol raha hai woh teri ko hai
Agar woh Meri beti hai to teri behan ki bhi Toh hai…
Naman : I know this what she is my.
But beti toh teri hi hai na Kunj….
T: Bhai please stop now you to Kunj while kids went inside….
K: what I did twinkle he started first….
Just then Alisha came there all shocked to see her here…
Naman: she still with you… what a man yaar…
T: go from here
K: twinkle please listen to me she Come here to tell you this.alisha comes here please…tell twinkle that nothing is not between us like this we never come closer to each other…
Naman: haa Alisha tell na ??
Alisha : woh twinkle
K: please tell her na that pics also faked
While Kunj has teary eyes…
Twinkle waiting for Alisha answers she to hope that what Kunj says is right.
Alisha : woh twinkle that pics are not faking
All shocked more Kuvi and twinkle…
K: what are you telling Alisha
Alisha: ok please twinkle me and Kunj are closed to each other.
Twinkle heartbroken totally the last hope.
K: you are saying wrong Alisha tells her truth please…
Naman: Kunj stop your drama

Y: Alisha don’t make fake stories…
Alisha: why would I Yuvi
Kunj remember that night in Romania you drank so much you lost your control and I try to stop you but you not and we both xxx.
K: no you are liar Alisha I can’t do this.
I never crossed my limits.. you always tried to seduce me but I m not come in your tricks.
Alisha: really Kunj
T: stop this go from here please..

K: twinkle please believe me she is saying whatever it’s totally wrong…
Alisha: I m rights ….. Kunj
Naman: see twinkle she to accept this only…
K: please Alisha I beg you tell her truth fold his hands in front of her.
Y: Kunj don’t do this you buster Alisha get out… Alisha left and wiped her tears….
Twinkle Kunj is right please believing us…
T: I can’t Yuvi Alisha also admitted this how can I . Kunj holding twinkle hands please believe me…
T: I can’t kunj my last hope also broke today you did this things people abused my kids what they did with you…Kunj forgot me we are over Kunj nothing is left between us both cried that time lot….
K: please twinkle don’t say this I can’t live without You I know I did bad with you please..
Naman holds twinkle hands take her inside
Yuvi looks at Mahi she to goinside….
Kunj to go outside of house…..Yuvi to
Kunj sits in the road crying so much soon rain ☔️ started… Yuvi sees him and went towards him
Y: Kunj get up what are you doing he to cried to see him ( even I too?)Yuvi to sit beside him
K: Yuvi I didn’t do anything she is not believing me Yuvi what I do now everything is finished…Yuvi
Y: nothing is finished Kunj I m with you na

K: that blo*dy Alisha to lie what I did with here
Y: you see Kunj this I told you so many times that she is not good but you not understand.
K: I give here everything what she needs
My time that not gives to my wife what she did with me Yuvi… you are right sab matlabi hai. Yuvi wiped Kunj tears.
Y: for god say don’t cry kunj I can’t see you like this..
K: Yuvi I can’t live without her for a second now I want her back but she is not…
K: twinkleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee please believe me yaar
Y: I beg you kunj doesn’t do this
K: she is right because of me people abused my kids today that Naman as well.
I m very bad Yuvi I don’t have right to be call there father…..
Y: no Kunj you are best that Naman saala
K: I will kill my self I can’t take it anymore now kunj stands up Yuvi and get shocked to listen his words
Y: are you gone Kunj about go Yuvi held him and slap Kunj…immediately hugged him…
Y: Kunj sorry if you not leave without twinkle Even I can’t without you didn’t
know what you for me kunj…. I don’t have any real brother but for me you are everything to me… if they are not believed in you leave it . It’s hurting me kunj when anyone talking about bad…. you
K: Yuvi you tell me what I do now. Everyone left me..
Y: so what I m with you kunj always in no matter…but don’t say this you killed yourselves… what I do after my husband ji
Kunj hugged Yuvi tightly..
K: Yuvi please I want twinkle please do me uske Bina nhi ji shakta Yuvi….
Y: Kunj you tried your level to make her understand but she not…. they both broke the hugged…
K: but Yuvi
Y: Kunj first don’t cry at lest for me…
Soon everything will be fine kunj you don’t worry…Yuvi wiped tears….you look bad while crying both laugh slightly…
Y: think I will not leave you naman.
Both drenched in the rain…Kunj you go and sit in car I will take Aayat ok.
Kunj: ? hmmm
Kunj walked about to fall Yuvi hold him.
Y:Kunj careful Kunj totally lost….
While seeing him Yuvi felt hell had…
Kunj sit in car…
Yuvi went in Taneja mansion inside..

TM hall @
Everyone is present there and while twinkle crying..Yuvi went towards them Naman see him.
Naman: now what are you do here again…
Y: in anger red eyes don’t talk to me naman…where is aayat aayat Yuvi giving voice to aayat.
Leela : Mahi you to go
Mahi: I m not
Y: good Mahi I m not coming here to take you just for aayat.look at twinkle
Twinkle Remember one thing of my what you all did today it’s totally wrong it’s up to you if you believe him or not now it’s enough I know saala galt hai mera dost
Naman: Bhai
Y: haa Bhai but twinkle he tried everything to proved himself right but he can’t good he deserved this only tears following in his eyes. I m that idiot one who make him realise love because of me he become like this…. now twinkle it’s my promise that I will not come near you ever because he started love you it’s his mistake and punishment to (twinkle look at Yuvi with pain..) babaji give him what he deserves.

One more think twinkle I m sorry for this.
Asha comes with aayat she was sleeping..
Yuvi takes her in his arms.about to going..
Y: Mahi stay here only when you want to feel then come if not then ok.
And you naman listen carefully next time don’t to say anything about Kunj and his kids also I will not leave you to. And take care of your sisters..Leela looks at Yuvi.
Leela: Yuvi puttar
Y: Leela Maa not sorry you are right we can’t deserve to call you maa..aunty please forgives us…last time Leela Maa.
Leela: Yuvi puttar what are you saying..
Y: no I m right I m shocked twinkle You believe on that Alisha.. at lest believed on me for second i m the one who always supports you and scold Kunj… whatever he did with you.. I m the one who tell you about Kunj and Alisha bolo m I right or not twinkle
T: hmm slightly…
Y: phir bhi twinkle you know twinkle we both shared each and everything to each other. If it is wrong and right. I know about Kunj didn’t do this even you and Mahi not shared everything with each other…
In this 6 year whatever happened with Kunj he always told me and me too because we truth each other in one matters.. and you mahi you easily forget this he was the one who supported you everywhere more than your brother…
Agar woh galt hai toh aap sab galt Ho

If you not believe on him fine but don’t abuses someone and kids without no matter.
Y: Leela Maa sorry it’s take a
Today this naman with you because of Kunj he toh left you all and went in Scotland.
He always saw pain in your eyes that you miss naman. U know Naman how you come India but because of you because of Kunj he was the one who tere office me call kar ke tera job kishi aur ko dila diya because of Leela MAa.

I know he did wrong this as well you want that job anyhow.
Naman: still I have best job in India ?
Y: I know still because of Kunj…
Lawyer hai na tu pata kar lena…phir jake

I m happy he was bad but still good he did bad with only his wife not with others…
First you all look at yourself then talking about otherssss sorry If i says wrong…
Last think no one is perfect we all did mistakes….I m happy atlest he accepted that he did wrong.

Yuvi left from there going towards car sit while Kunj sitting beside him Yuvi set in driver seat and give aayat to him….
While all way Yuvi just looking at Kunj
Kunj didn’t say anything just lost teas coming only……. soon they reached.
Y: Kunj ghar aagya kunj didn’t react anything. Kunjjjjjj loudly ghar
K: haa come out Yuvi to Kunj lift aayat

Y: Kunj bye please remember one thing this Yuvi always with you ok
K: hmm Kunj went inside……..
Song end here only

Yuvi left while….
Yuvi PoV:
I will not leave any one who did this and Kunj my promise I will unite you both anyhow I will do whatever comes in my hands……….don’t worry my buddy

There are distances between twinj only there are some compulsion.

End here episode
We all did mistakes it doesn’t mean we can’t give second chance to anyone I know it’s very difficult for twinkle what Kunj did with her but at lest he realised his mistake so many people are like this why know they are wrong but still not admitted
That they are wrong……
No one is perfect in this world this world also not perfect. God not make us perfect
How can we are perfect….if you did mistake realized your mistake and rectify your mistakes it’s good ???…

It just a ff in real life also I m not saying twinkle is wrong she is right on her place.
6 years you believe him that he didn’t did anything above his limit last chance.
Last chance everyone deserved like in school if fail in exam teacher gives us second chances if knew that in second we failed agin still they give anyone can change with in no time…..
When you did make a mistake there are only three things you should ever do about it admit it learn from it and don’t repeat it

Hope you all like it my nonsense
Plz plz guys comment ????????
Bye tell me if you like it or not
No proofs reading please leave me

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    Mahi and Naman are overreacting seriously … yess kunj was wrong but just with twinkle not with other …
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