Love ka hai intzaar twinj shots by kiya episode 35

Episode 35

Let’s start the episode


Kunj and yuvi soon they both reached the place where the Arjit photographer give the address.
Kunj tried to call the person who leaked the fake pictures of Kunj and Alisha
Yuvi was just standing outside of the house..
Inside in house some function is going on

They both decided that they didn’t go inside because they don’t want to spoiled someone happiness.
Y: Kunj call him na and tell come out
K: it’s easy I call him and say please my dear bhaiya come out I m waiting for you haa
Just then someone came out and saw kuvi and went towards.he was surprised to see kuvi and get happy.
Man: sir you both are here.

Kuvi turned and look at him they to shocked to him
K: you
Man: yes sir I’m it’s my house…
I m soo happy to see you both I thought you didn’t come in my daughter engagement but I m wrong sir you both come thanks lot.
The man was Vikash he was working in kuvi office. He gives invitation card to both of them while both totally forgot.
Kunj and yuvi look at each other face and smirk.

Kuvi: how can we not come.
Vikash: then let’s go sir..
Kuvi: yeah sure
They went inside the house…..
The house was decorating with flowers and other stuff of decorations things while looking extremely amazing….
Kunj call his PA and tell her to come here with gift for Vikash daughter.
Taneja’s also present in this engagement.
Kuvi was standing in side Vikash asking them for juices and drink.
K: please don’t be formal you go attend your other guest.
Vikash: ok sir please have something

Kuvi: yeah sure we will.
Kuvi just seeing everywhere to find Ravi while he was not seeing anywhere…
Waiter comes towards kuvi and they take drinks…
Soon the girl and comes and sit on stage..
Just then Asha see kuvi and confused what they both doing here…
While tuhi to come and stand beside Asha and look at her she was lost.
Mahi: bhabhi where are you lost.
Asha point her fingers towards kuvi they both to see Kunj and yuvi and get shocked
Kunj and yuvi busy in their self.
Mahi: what they do here

Asha: maybe they both ensue you to us.
T: but how can they both come inside..
Twinkle look at Kunj with anger.
Mahi: I don’t know they both stoop down this much.
Asha: hmmm.
Just then Yuvi eyes went on Mahi and see her get shocked while Kunj busy in phone seeing Ravi pics..
Yuvi slightly Kunj see up

K: don’t disturb me now ok
Y: Kunj see na twinkle
K: abey Mahi ki jagha tujhe Meri biwi dekh rahi hai (still looking in his phone)
Y: abey saale upar dekh tujhe Mahi bhi dekh jaygi or Twinkle…. too
Kunj look at up and shocked ?
While both didn’t look at them.
Slightly what they do here Yuvi
Y: how I know this yaar. Hoge in ke relatives

K: hhhaa ok
Soon engagement ceremony started
Both couple made wear rings to each other’s and all clap for them…
The most awaited moment comes for kuvi
The photographer comes and started clicking the pictures. Kunj see him and boil in anger just try to control his anger..,,
While all the time twinj and yuhi looking at each other slightly gaze.
Soon light went off and for dance.
Kuvi : shit yaar.

Tuhi And Asha went in side here light is on
Kuvi to went sit in side don’t know about them…
Mahi can’t take it anymore she went towards kuvi.
Mahi: what are you doing here Yuvi.
Don’t follow me and my di.
Kuvi: what why we would be .
They to come there…

Asha: yes Mahi was right you both follow us na
K: let’s go from here Yuvi they about to go.
T: why now you both going like a thief haa
Answer them what they asked to you both…
K:there is no answer to every questions.
T: Ho what happened to you today you didn’t have answered OMG ? strange ..
K: ok good

Mahi: the truth is that you both follow us
K: itne vele hai hum dono jo tum dono ka peecha karge.
Y: right.
Yuvi left and Mahi to go behind him Asha to.while only twinj is here both looking at each other.
Twinkle about to go kunj hold her and pulled towards him.
T:Kunj what nonsense is this.
K: why you think that I m follow you.

T: because you are kunj Sara you can do anything.
K: good I like it my wife knows me very well
Then remember this thing also I will get you back in my life as soon as possible.
T: really it’s can’t happen this kunj.
Both looking each other.
K: this will happen twinkle Kunj Sarna
Pulling her more closed to him.

T: I’ll not let happened this kunj.
K: if I proved this those pictures are fake then twinkle.
T: then nothing let see na Kunj first I know how are you. Why this things matter for you now you want this only na I will go from your life and that’s it.
K: who tell you this I want you and my son.
T: hmmmm laugh I think your Alisha is left you na.Kunj leave her.
K: then just wait and watch twinkle now.

Kunj left from there here and went towards Yuvi
All stand started giving gifts to couple.
Sara come and give gift box to Kunj and Yuvi left.. kuvi to
went towards stage and give gifts to them. Look at photographer
While photographer to see them and get panic.
Vikash went towards kuvi and thanks them. While Taneja’s stand beside them.
V: thanks sir for coming here…
Kuvi: ? we thanks to you ?

Twhi and Asha heard this and get shocked.kuvi turned back and saw their faces . Tiro look down.
After sometime later Kunj saw ravi and he was hiding from Kunj. Kunj see this and slightly walked out from there.
Ravi run out of the house kuvi to run behind him.
Taneja’s also come out because naman call them to come home.
Ravi hides behind pillars
L: twinkle I have some I m going you all go home directly ok.
Tiro: ok MAA… Leela went from there
Asha and tuhi come out and wait for taxi.

Kuvi grab Ravi just then he pushed them run..kuvi get up shit they to run.
While running tuhi and Asha see kuvi
They said what happened to both of them they both running…. they just seeing the scenario get confused.Kuvi running In roads.

Yuvi stop stuck in cars traffic.
While Kunj just running he didn’t even care about himself as well.soon traffic signals off. Kunj is very near him.he just about to catch him just then one car is coming from other side.kunj didn’t see this. Twinkle see and scared.Car come near Kunj slightly hit him. Kunj fall in side while
yuvi: kunjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

T: kunjjjjjjjjj
They went towards Kunj but thanks to god he didn’t get to much wounds slightly hit just only he gets cut on his forehead and elbow or forearm. Yuvi went near him made him stand. Twinkle crying slightly to see him like this.
Y: are you out of your mind Kunj can’t you see the car if you hit badly then
K: good all problems solved while looking at twinkle.
K: let’s go from here I know he didn’t run to far.
Y: first you come with me.

They sit in car and left.they to take taxi and left for home…..

Hospital @
Yuvi take Kunj for hospital for first aid.
Soon nurse come do kunj first aid and left.
After they Both went in office….
Yuvi [email protected]
Y: Kunj you go home take rest ok

K: what rest how can I he was so close to me if that shit car not come between I will not leave him.
Y: chilled bro now we know him don’t take tension soon he will under us.
K: let’s do some work atlest….
Both busy in work………..

On the other side In TM
Twinkle went in her room sit on the bed and crying so much…..
Mahi and Asha see her just they know why she cried.. after few minutes later they to went towards her and sit beside twinkle.
Asha : twinkle don’t cry.. (twinkle look at her)
T: I m not crying it just
Mahi: I know di why you cry because of Jiju na
T: why would I
Asha: we know twinkle don’t pretend like this
T: now you both tell what I will do.
I try to hate him but can’t on the same time I can’t forgive him also.
Asha: twinkle can I asked you one thing if you don’t mind
T: yeah sure what.

Asha hold twinkle hands
Asha: why you didn’t tell about your and Kunj relationship to anyone you suffer from past 6 year it’s not a small time period. While tears started falling down on Twinkle eyes.
Asha: sorry if I hurt you
T: nooooo I thought If i told everyone about me and Kunj they will be sad..
And moreover I didn’t think he will do this.
Mahi: means you know about Jiju from starting and he like this from starting.
T: no he was not like this from starting.

Everything is good in between us in starting. Firstly he didn’t talk too much to me. Even I to he wants something only that time he talk to me otherwise he always busy in his works.
Asha : means you both didn’t close to each other I mean twinkle.
T: no it’s nothing like this I feel bad about these things only. He only comes to me when he needs me for his needs.
Mahi : what you didn’t say anything to him di
T: what Mahi he is my husband.

Asha: twinkle it doesn’t mean if he is your
Husband he can do anything with you.
T: I know what I will do…..
I told kunj so many times he only come to me for his work rather than he didn’t even care about me at all.
Asha. What he told you after this
T: nothing just showing me his anger.
After one month of wedding I found I m pregnant. I told about my pregnancy he was too happy even more than me.
He treats me good always took care of me.

I thought he is good even he didn’t come closer to me in whole pregnancy.
After you all know about everything.
After 2 year Ansh born. Then I saw Kunj with Alisha and i asked him directly about him and Alisha. Surprised he told me everything about him and Alisha that they both dating to each other.
Mahi: what di you didn’t tell anything.
T: I m heartbroken that time Mahi I don’t know how to react that moment.
Mere shaamne mera 2 months ka beta ta

I know one thing from starting ki he didn’t love me. This marriage was just for namesake. I tried so many things to change Kunj but he can’t after I to give up. Busy in my Ansh…..
Asha: twinkle you still stay with him how can.
T: tears Kya karti me if I left him me nhi chahti ki mere bacho phar se unke baap ka shaya dur Ho he didn’t love me but atlest love his kids I m happy with this only. I know one thing whatever he did with me only I really didn’t know about Alisha and his closes.if i know this maybe I can’t give birth to Ansh at lest because aayat we give to maya bhabhi and Anant bhaiya.
Mahi: I think you shouldn’t give aayat to them then Kunj understand.
T: I don’t have that much guts Mahi to go against him. I thought if I did this he will be good with me but not happened this…

Moreover they both are very good human being .
Atlest ek ke pass toh uske maa baap toh hai ek suffer kar raha hai humhare saath.
They really loved my Ansh too.
Twinkle cry so much while Naman listen their all conversations…..
Mahi hugged twinkle and both cried lot

I will not forgive Kunj never…
Naman see his sister in pain feel bad
Naman closed his fist in anger…….
And talk to himself I will not leave you kunj Saran one day you to crying same like this
Then you know the pain of a sister

Next scene
Kunj tried to call Alisha so much she didn’t pick up his calls or not answering his messages as well….after Kunj go Alisha’s house to check where she is now.
Alisha’s maid tell him that she was out of the town.kunj left from there and get sad….
Kunj went in bar sit and drink alcohol ?
Remembering twinkle Tears coming from his eyes while drinking.
If that car not come my Twinkle now with me but don’t worry as soon she will be with me….. I will find that basted somehow..

At sarna mansion….
Everyone having their dinner while Usha continuously just looking at door….
Just then Kunj come didn’t drink to much that he didn’t in his sense. Usha see Kunj and ? bandage on his hands and forehead get worried about him.
Usha went towards Kunj checking him…..
Take him in his room…..
U: Kunj what is this yeh keshe hua….
K:don’t worry maa it just a small cuts..
Ok maa you go
Kunj take his clothes and went inside the washroom…………
After sometime later

Kunj laying down on the bed he called to twinkle while she to laying…twinkle phone beep beep and it’s Kunj call twinkle look at his name her eyes get wet. Twinkle cut the call Kunj again and again call her twinkle get irritated with this… finally twinkle pick up his call.
Phone ?
T: what is this kunj can’t you understand this if I m not talking your calls that means I don’t wanna talk too you.
K: with cold voice calm clearly pain hear pain in his voice. I know this you don’t want talk to me.
T: then
K: I want to ask to you one thing where is my all files.
T: for this you call me haa

K: because I can’t found it
T: ok go and check side drawers.
Kunj go and check it he finds it
K: thanks…..
T: no need of this………
Twinkle want to ask him how’s he…
Kunj about to cut the call twinkle suddenly.
T: wohhhh how’s you kunj
K: don’t worry Mara nhi hu abhi tak zinda hu…… twinkle felt bad to hear this….
T: what you mean haaa

K: I mean you don’t feel good na I m save
T: what
K: you already made your look like a widow.. that’s why…
T: you can’t change Kunj
K: I know this twinkle….
T: if you not toucher me by physically but now you hurt me by your words….
K: ok then sorry for this….. ok bye goodnight take care of you and Ansh…..
Both end the calls…..

twinkle lay beside Ansh and looking at him only recall his words……
While Kunj was hell angry on himself……
Soon they slept…….thinking about each other
Episode end here …,,,,,,
I hope you all like it ??
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      1. Baby

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  3. SidMin23

    Nice and kunj dialogue was touching when he was in phone convo with twinkle hope soon everything will be fine between twinj. And we will see a happy family’s ayat ansh and twinj.

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