Love ka hai intzaar twinj shots by kiya episode 34

Episode 34

Episode started

Twinkle and Asha still standing while Kunj already left.they both went towards Ansh and after they to went for home.

In all the way twinkle thinking about Kunj.
Ansh thinks I will do what Papa told me from now.soon reached home.

Kunj In car he called to Yuvi and tell him come to the address what he gives him.Yuvi comes

Y: Kunj this photo shop is not big and famous too now.
K: right. We can do one thing Yuvi.
Y: what tell me.
K: we have to find this shop any how.
Today I saw twinkle in gurudwara.
Y: what you met with her.
K: yes Yuvi she was very upset with me and she removed her mangalsutra and vermilion too.
Y: what don’t be upset soon everything will be alright ok.
K: hope so yaar

Kuvi started finding this photo shop everywhere in Amritsar.

Next scene in Taneja mansion.

Twinkle make chocolate milkshake for Ansh in kitchen while making she was lost in herself only.

(T PoV)
Whatever he said to me in gurudwara why I feel that he was right but why I can’t believe on Kunj now. He always broke my trust.he didn’t think for while about his kids also. I can’t forgive you kunj.
You hurt me lot come in sense take the glass and went out of the kitchen goes in the Hall.
Ansh watching cartoons. Twinkle to sit beside him and made him drink milkshake.
Leela looks at twinkle and feel good atlest she was normal now..
T: maa where is mahi.

Leela : she went out with chinki.
T: okkk
after sometime later they all sat for lunch soon Mahi and chinki to comes and sit with them.
Later Ansh falls in sleep twinkle to take him in her room and lay down him on bed covered to and she sits beside him.
Doing something in her phone and see so many messages and miscalls from Neil.
She read it all message his but not call him to back.just than Mahi along with Asha and chinki comes.went towards twinkle and they all sit on bed. Chinki broke the silence
C: hey twinkle

T: haa
C: see I brought so many clothes for my new baby. See you loved na babies tiny dress.
T: hhmm show me
Chinki take out the clothes and show to twinkle she loved all the dresses. And lost somewhere and smiling.
Mahi: what happened to her ha.
Asha: how I know. ?
Tiro: twinkleeeeeee

T: haa jerked what.
Asha: where are you lost.
T: haa you all know when aayat was going to born that time Kunj to brought this type of little and cute dresses for her..twinkle smiled and with wet eyes.
Mahi: Jiju know this only girl
T: ha he always want daughter. In Ansh time too but not happened this.
All smile then what you did with all those dress.

T: Ansh wear those clothes
Mahi: how di girls dress
T: because they are unis*x clothes na Mahi.he was to smart forgot everything in that moment.
Asha : nice but chinki you to brought baby boys clothes why .Chinki gets sad.
Chinki: woh na my mother in law want son only now also
All: what why ?

Chinki: I don’t know but she wants boy only I want girl this time. After this I don’t want another baby two is enough for me and raj.
Asha: you are right chinki. See me I m fed up sometimes with Soham he was to naughty because of Naman he became like this only. They tiro talk while twinkle just listing and recalled Kunj he were to same. And sad to now.after sometime later chinki left for her home. While twinkle and Mahi or Asha went downstairs for tea.

(Scene shifts)
Kuvi both are hell tired they were just finding the shop everywhere in whole Amritsar. Still they couldn’t find it.
Kuvi sweating like hell extremely hot climate is. They breathing heavily both sit in side and drinking water like they were not drink water from past years.
Y: yaar Kunj now what to do we almost check whole Amritsar but this shop is not anywhere.
K: hmm ? let’s see na Yuvi half Amritsar is left now if is not in Amritsar I will find in whole world to back my world.
Y: hmmm I must say kunj you to becoming
Philosopher nowadays haa happy ?
K: you are impossible Yuvi in this situation you wanted jokes.
Y: just chilled bro it’s already to hot now you not I can’t take it this much hotness ?Kunj hit him on his chest
Y: ouch saale apni biwi ka frustration mujhe pe Kyu nikal raha hai haa.
Kunj I m hell hungry
K: why you didn’t had your breakfast ha
Y: with death glares what breakfast is over now in this time lunch mom didn’t give me anything and not asked me to
I didn’t have my breakfast to
K: oh..same then let’s go to eat something first if something happened to my wifey what will I do now
Y: you should kunj ?already your one wife left you if me then toh you are gone ???
K: chup…
Soon they went in restaurant and had their lunch again busy.

At Sarna Mansion…..

Everyone sitting in hall and having tea and snacks quietly. While Niki just passing taunts slightly to usha. All ignore her all the time…

At night
Sarna Mansion
All having their dinner today little bit fine they all are.soon Kunj come he was looking tired dull too. Everyone looked at him while Kunj directly went in his room.

Kunj room @
Kunj hurrying went inside his room and soon lay down on bed showing his back to Celling
K: are twinkle I m hell tired today please give me my night dress and coffee.
He didn’t get back any reaction just then he realised twinkle is not here and sit.

Without her I m incomplete she always take care of me and do my all works without saying anything now I m addicted to twinkle.
Yuvi is right wife is very important person in your life after your mother.
O shit in these thing I totally forgot about files so much work to do now. Whole day is gone my.chal Kunj beta now get up do your work.
Kunj get and take his pj and tshrit
went in washroom after he came out and see one cup of coffee kept in side table.

K: who did this maybe bhabhi.
Kunj take the coffee and sit in couch and started his work.

On the other side (Taneja mansion)
Everyone is having their dinner nicely today twinkle is bit better to see her everyone is happy. While Naman is hell angry with Kuvi.Twinkle feed Ansh.
Soon they all went in their respective rooms.

At twinkle.
Twinkle arranging her and Ansh clothes kept all clothes in wardrobe. While Ansh playing games. Twinkle to sit with ansh
She was busy in her phone just seeing old pics.feeling sad she missed everyone most aayat.

Mahi is talking to Yuvi in phone while both just argument with each other. Yuvi about over the things but Mahi was not understood she just talking on same topic
And blaming him that because of him and Kunj my di is suffering today.
After later Yuvi cut the call because it’s not time to talk to her.she was out of her mind right now.
Mahi was crying and throwing pillows here and there.

Scene shifts
Usha giving medicine to Manohar.he was ill today and moreover not eating properly nowadays always lost somewhere. And not talking to usha as well. He was blaming her for all things she didn’t give good nurture / teaching to their kids.

While Usha didn’t say anything to him
Just listening his harsh words.
Anant heard their all conversations.
Feel bad for Usha without any fault Usha bear this pain.

He went in his room and shut the door loudly. Maya arranged the bed and look at him and went towards him.

Maya: what happened to you Anant
Anant: nothing just upset
Maya: why

Anant: you know papa apna shara gussa maa pe utar raha hai without any mistakes.
Maya: you are right he didn’t talk to mummy ji to
Anant: I can’t see my maa like this if anything happened Papa always blamed my maa. Always mistakes we did but bear all pain and hate maa. Maya hugged him.
Maya: don’t worried everything will be fine soon.
Anant: hope so maya my maa is soo good
She always supports us everywhere.
I know what Kunj did it’s wrong totally.
Maya: Anant but he said that pics and news is wrong then.

Anant: I don’t know maya if he said this but no one is believed on him after what he did. We all unaware of these things.
Maya: even twinkle didn’t tell anything about their life I always asked her but she said everything is fine. She was sad always. I thought maybe normally little bit happened with all husbands and wives.
But don’t know this that Kunj has girlfriend
Too.just then aayat come in room she was in bebe room.

Maya: finally miss aayat is come
Aayat: yes finally my all work is complete mamma.
Maya and Anant went towards her and lift her.
Anant: good aayat kissed on her forehead.
Maya: yes aayat happy I m now.
Both cuddled her tightly. After they lay down on the bed.
Aayat : offo I forgot why I came here.
Maya: why.
Aayat: to take my pillow.
Anant: where are you going.

Aayat: to sleep with my chachu
Maya: why ?you sleep here.
Aayat: because Kunj chachu was sleep alone na that’s why if get scared then.
Maya and Anant laugh.
Aayat get up and take her favourite cute pillow ok I m going goodnight.
Maya / Anant: ok goodnight you too.

Aayat went upstairs and goes in room kunj slightly open the room door and went inside.
Aayat see Kunj is sitting and doing something in laptop. She went towards him and sit beside while Kunj don’t about her.
Aayat : hey chachu (Kunj look at her)
K: you didn’t sleep till now and what are you doing here
Aayat: open her mouth ?Ho god I came here for you
K: what for me why

Aayat: because you sleep alone na
K: oh ?good aayat if you not come how I will sleep alone hoo.
Aayat: right na made her sit on his lap.
Aayat: chachu what are you doing
K: work aayat now you go and sleep it’s too late tomorrow is your school na.
Aayat : ok
She went towards bed and lay down
Kunj busy in his work slightly checking her if she sleeps or not.
While aayat just changing the side here and there.
Aayat: chachu come here na I can’t sleep like this.

K: why aayat you sleep na I have work
Aayat : no come first
Kunj has not other choices closed the laptop and balcony door to and goes toward her lay beside aayat.
K: now sleep quietly ok
Aayat aside her pillow and take Kunj hands and rest her head on his hands.
Kunj just smiled at her.
Aayat : Kunj chachuuuu cutely please sing lori for me.
K: what I don’t know lori wori just sleep aayat.

K: ok Meri maa which Lori you want to hear
Aayat: that dadi sing.
K: ohh Kunj remember something and wet eyes.

Kunj cuddle Aayat and take blanket and cover them.
Aayat : now started ok sing in melody voice?
K: really madam ?I will try ok
Kunj started slightly

Aa Leke Chalu Tujhe Aise Desh Mein Lyrics.

K :Aa leke chalu tujhko
Ek aise desh mein
Aa leke chalu tujhko
Ek aise desh mein
Milti hai jaha khushiyan
Pariyon ke bhesh mein
Milti hai jaha kushiyan
Pariyon ke bhesh mein
Aa leke chalu tujhko..

(Kunj just looking at aayat she slightly close her eyes still no sleep and moved her legs Kunj smile on her)

Ho chaand chahe aadha
Ho phir bhi roshni (x2)
Umeed jo na chhute
Har baat hai bani
Raato ke sur se nikle
Subah ki ragini
Lori tujhe sunau
Lori tujhe sunau

(Kunj recalled all his childhood memories when Usha sing this Lori for all siblings)

Bachapan ki ek mein
Lori tujhe sunau
Bachapan ki ek mein
Milti hai jaha khushiyan
Pariyon ke bhesh mein
Milti hai jaha kushiyan
Pariyon ke bhesh mein

(Kunj cared Aayat forehead)

Aa leke chalu tujhko.
Mein aasam ko khidkiyon se
Ghar mein laayi hu (x2)
Saare ke saare taare
Yahan chunke laayi hu
Sapno mein rang man ke
Yuhi bharte aayi hu
Har dard bhool jaau (x2)
Yuhi khel khel mein
Har dard bhool jaau
Yuhi khel khel mein

(Kunj remembering all bad moments and sad hold Aayat hands and kissed on her
Palm) I will make everything good like before and will become a good husband and father too)

Milti hai jaha khushiyan
Pariyon ke bhesh mein
Milti hai jaha kushiyan
Pariyon ke bhesh mein
Aa leke chalu tujhko..
Dena tu man ki shakti
Maalik mere mujhe (x2)

(Tears flowing on his eyes missing twinkle)
Because of me my son not with me here.

Meri katha vyatha
Hai sab pata tujhe
Mein jab bhi dagmagau
Tu thaamna mujhe
Chhode hai swapn saare (x2)

( I m very lucky babaji I have kids atlest they both with me I will never let anyone hurt to them.kunj look at aayat face and check that she sleep or not little bit not fully Kunj stop )
Aayat :hmmmmm
Again he continued

Teri deh rekh mein
Chhode hai swapn saare
Teri deh rekh mein
Milti hai jaha khushiyan
Pariyon ke bhesh mein
Milti hai jaha kushiyan
Pariyon ke bhesh mein
Aa leke chalu tujhko…

(After sometime later Aayat fall in sleep and Kunj kissed on her )
He to sleep later ………,,,,,,,,,

Twinkle still not sleep standing in balcony and looking at moon tears falling down.
Talking with moon

T: this moon is so beautiful and moon dazzling or shining so much
This moon bright all world with his light or vanish the darkness but in my life no one can do this.i always though some day my life will also bright with Kunj love but not happening with me why babaji what I want to you only love na.

When I see chinki baby clothes all memories come in my mind.
That time I m so happy.

My son is here and my daughter there
My both kids divided . Sit on chair cried lot in her fate. Soon she to sleep here only.

Next day morning

Usha prepared breakfast in kitchen just then maya come and see her

Maya: mummy ji why you do this I will make it na

U: don’t worry maya beta I was just feel boring today I thought to make breakfast for everyone today. My Kunj didn’t eat anything and not come for breakfast .

Maya: hmm now I will do mummy ji you go and sit with everyone.

U: hm you served till then
Usha fill one plate for Kunj took and went towards him room.

Upstairs Kunj room
Usha open the door goes inside the room
And see Aayat and Kunj sleeping together in each other embrace the best scene ever ?

Usha kept the plate and take out Kunj clothes and placed in side take out his all necessary things ready to.
Soon Kunj wake up and look at aayat face first kissed on her cheeks get up find usha.
K: maa you Here any work
U: without any work I can’t come in your room
K: no maa I was just.
U: now and get ready soon ok

K: hmm
He went in the washroom
While Usha clean the room and placed all thing in their right place too
Soon maya come for Aayat
Maya: see this girl still sleeping she will get late for school today.Aayat wake up
Aayat : mamma let me sleep ?
Maya: no take Aayat in her arms left.
After sometime later kunj to come out
And get ready. Finding this watch but not
U: wait I will find she open the wardrobe and take out his watch and give to him.
K: thanks maa
U: hm come do your breakfast first

K: maa I don’t want it please I have so many important work today.
U: do your all work afterwards ok
Take him made him sit and she to sit beside him.
Usha take one morsel and feed Kunj with her hands.
U: Kunj what you did it’s very wrong.
He nodded his head in yes.
You know how is your Papa he was very angry with you kunj.
He always wants one thing don’t let her head down.

K:hmmm I know mAAA
K: maa I m done and thanks for this yummy breakfast.
Kunj take his phone and bag left
U: hey babaji please make everything well
After she went..

Twinkle make ready To Ansh after he to went for school with Soham………
After Naman and rt left for their work place. While all ladies went in some relative house for function……

At kunj and yuvi office….

Kunj rushed towards conference room for meeting at last meeting was not started till now. Soon all come and take their seats.

Sara : ok shall We start the meeting
Y: yes ( note that Neil to present in meeting.

Neil: where is Alisha she was the one who explain.kuvi look at each other face.
After listening Alisha name Kunj boil in anger.
Y: Sara you started already so much time wasted.
Sara: ok sir
Sara showing the presentation and explain to everyone. They asked serval questions Kunj give all answers he was the
Head of this project.. everyone like the presentation. Appreciate to Kunj he did very well.after all went out
Neil: I must say kunj you really did best…
The way you show the project line…..
K: thanks let’s go Yuvi….Neil smirk ?

Kuvi went for find the photographer.
After so much struggle and effort finally they find the shop and went inside the shop…
One man busy in taking photoshoot
K: excuse me who is Arjit Kumar here
Man: yes sir I m Arjit Kumar any work
Kuvi : yes differently
Man: ok which type of photoshoot you want.
Y: in bikini ? with you???
Man: what ??
K: Yuvi just shut up ? Kunj show him his and Alisha fake pictures. I want to know you made this pictures.
Arjit(photographer): take the picture in his hands and check the picture
Pics toh meri shop me hi bani hai
But sir I didn’t make these pictures
Kuvi: what see this your name only na
Arjit(photographer): yes sir it’s my name only but I didn’t know about these pictures
K: what how you don’t know about this because of this pictures my life destroyed
Kunj grab his collar in anger
K: tell me truth if you are lied to me I will not leave you
Y: Kunj leave him first.
Kun jerked him
Arjit: sir believe me why I lied to you.
Some other made this pictures in my shop.

K: call him now
Arjit: sir today everyone is in leave.
Only Ravi can do this he was doing all editing things here.
K: loudly where he was now
Arjit: right now he was in some function for photoshoots
K: give his phone number and the address where he was right now…
Arjit give phone number and address to Kunj. Kuvi went out.

Both sit in car while car was not starting
Kunj was alright irritated and fed up too
K: now what happened to this car.
Y: I will see he come out of the car and see the tire is puncture OMG ? now this sadu
Y: tire is puncture
K: what shit yaar

He to come both change the tire and left
In the way.Yuvi singing song.kunj look at him.
Y: ooo Kunj we will find him soon then all problem solved.
K: hope so yaar Kunj think something and smiled Yuvi see him
Y: Hans mat pagle pyar ho jaayega ???
K: anything left Yuvi ji

Y: no Kunj ji
just then Yuvi phone beep he check his phone it’s Rishi message Yuvi open the message and read laugh while Kunj get confused Kunj murmured saale ek number ka pagal hai.
Y: see this joke I will read for you ok listen carefully.
K: hmm
Wife : look at that drunk guy.
Husband: how who is he?
Wife: 10 years back he proposed to me &
I rejected him.
Husband: Oh my god he’s still celebrating..?????
Kuvi laugh loudly………
Y: one more while laughing ?

Wife is angry as hubby stands close to a beautiful girl in bus.
A few seconds later the girl slap him for
For pinching.
Hubby to wife : I swear I didn’t do this
Wife: I know . I did ????
Kunj who send this
Y: Rishi
K: laga ta uske saath hi hua hai
Y: hmm
Scene freezes on kuvi………………

Precap: Kunj grab the collar of who leaked the fake picture…….

I hope you all like I don’t know how’s the episode ?????
Plz comment guys
Bye loads of love ? you all

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