Love ka hai intzaar twinj shots by kiya episode 33

Episode 33


Starts continued….

Twinkle siting lonely she is still thinking about Kunj and remember his face again and again tears flowing down making wet her neck twinkle folded her legs and rest her head on her knees.
She remembered Yuvi and Leela talks what he said for Kunj.she was killing herself inside the heart.
Leela and Asha look at twinkle both just seeing her not goes near her.
Asha: Maa she need some time for come out of these things..let her the pain she caring from past 6 years it’s take time to over.
Leela: hmm you are right Asha but I can’t see her like this it’s hurt me lot while seeing her.
Asha: Maa we all can’t see her like this but what to do now.
Leela: where is mahi?
Asha: she was in her room only Maa
She too sad with Yuvi.
Leela: still Yuvi support Kunj.
Asha: yes Maa.
Both went in Mahi room she was to sitting down quietly.
Leela: you go I will see kids ok.
Asha: hmm.
Asha went towards Mahi and talk with her.

At sarna mansion
Usha and Bebe sitting in mandir doing Pooja for happiness and all wrong things goes out of in their life.

While aayat is having her lunch all the time she asking for twinkle and Ansh where they are but maya just said her they went twinkle home for some days.

After lunch aayat went outside for playing with her friends.maya just making everything is fine she to missed twinkle and Ansh.
Niki and Riya playing cards ♠️ drinking drinks
Riya: di today you are very happy na
Niki: yes I m because I want this only twinkle out of the house.both cheers ? the glass of drink.

At kuvi office.
Kunj was in his cabin just seeing twinkle picture and caring the picture.

Kunj: twinkle I m really sorry I know what I did sorry is very small word. I will get you back
Again but not with lust but with love I don’t know what is love but I can’t afford this you left me. Kissed the photo

Sara knock the door Kunj said come in
Sara come inside the cabin went towards Kunj give him files.

Sara: this files you asked me na to give you
K: ok you go I will see afterwards
Sara : ok sir left
Just then Yuvi entered in cabin goes
And sit with Kunj

K: now tell me how’s she is and Asha fast in one go

Y: are just break bro I didn’t meet with twinkle maybe she is in her room
But I have something for you

K: what
Yuvi give him his phone shows Kunj Ansh pics
Kunj get happy to see him happy atlest he was fine.
K: thanks Yuvi ..what about Mahi
Y: same yaar I didn’t see her too
Kunj we have to find proof as soon as possible it’s needed immediately because if this proved that this pics are wrong atlest for a second twinkle will forgive you maybe but Kunj she was really hurt.

K: I know she was right Yuvi
Y: hmm yes let’s see Kunj now where is Alisha after news she was not seeing in office today and moreover she was not come and asked who leaked your pics

K: yes how can this pics come from because we near closer to each other this much.

Y: haa maybe Alisha morphed the pictures and leaked herself

K: I don’t know if she did this I’ll not leave her. Kunj In anger

Y: bro now please control in your anger this anger is very bad for you most this anger made you like this please vanish your anger. See this anger make your life hell if people get control in their anger they can control everything.

K: hmm let’s go find who leaked this fake pictures

Y: yes both left out of the office

In car
Y: Kunj how we will find that who leaked haa
K: idiot check this photos back side
It has named which photo studio make this pictures ok after I will see that blo*dy news and reporter too
Y: haa are
Yuvi check the photos the name is
Arjit Kumar photo studio.
Y: Kunj you are right photo ke peeche naam toh hai koi Arjit Kumar photo studio
But Kunj how we will find his shop haa in whole Amritsar haa
K: Kunj laugh slightly I think Mahi is angry with you because of this your brain is not working
Y: what do you mean haa
K: abey who said you that we find this shop in whole Amritsar. We will not he will come towards us
Y: I m not getting?
K: listen this we make a fake contest like who is the best photographer in Amritsar come in this contest and win and get a prize
Y: what a good idea lets start then
K: hmm
Y:but Kunj it’s already so much drama happened with us now I don’t think so this like we have to find him by self not this contest ok
K: as your wish Yuvi then let’s go now only
Y: not now you can go home ok in morning let’s start mission find that baster because him my husband became made ?
Kunj look at him shut up don’t laugh on my situation Yuvi
Y: no re i can’t your life is my life I m your wifey re??
K: hogya tera ..
Y: yes.
Soon they reached

At night Sarna mansion @

Kunj Parked the car and sit in garden
Aayat is playing in side With toys while Kunj looking at her. Aayat saw Kunj and come towards him.

Aayat: chachu
K: yes (Aayat sit on Kunj lap
Aayat: chachu can I asked you one thing
K: yes what
Aayat: why chachi went nani home with ansh
Kunj look at aayat he doesn’t know how to answer her. Kunj cupped Aayat face
Woh Aayat nani was ill na that’s why chachi went ok.
Aayat: chachu I missed Ansh and chachi with teary eyes
Kunj : Aayat don’t cry my baby cuddle her tightly shhhhhhh
If you miss Ansh and chachi you can go and meet with them ok now stop.
Kunj wiped Aayat tears and kissed on her face. Kunj and aayat playing for some time. After they went inside no one is in hall all in their room only maya in kitchen.
Kunj felt bad he went in usha room.

Ushar [email protected]
Usha was sitting quietly look at out from window Kunj went towards her and sit beside.
K: maa slightly please look at me for once
I know maa you are angry on me.
While Usha just crying look at Kunj face with pain
U: why you did this kunj what she done with you haa.
K: maa sorry na I m really sorry Maa you punished me Maa but don’t stop talk to me. You are the second one who understand me well Maa. Papa already angry on me now you don’t please maa.
He rests his head in usha lap.while Usha didn’t react.

U: Kunj I don’t anything go and say sorry to twinkle not me and moreover I want my bahu and my grandson in this house at any cost Kunj.

K: maa believe me I didn’t do anything those pictures are fake Maa I will prove this soon.

Kunj left from there and went in his room

Kunj [email protected]
Kunj went inside the room and take his clothes and goes in washroom.

In washroom Kunj remember twinkle and his moments water bath that day.

Soon Kunj get freshen up and went out
Sit on the bed thinking about twinkle
Kunj Without twinkle this room not looking good just then aayat came in room with food plate in her hands and sit beside.

K: what happened to you Aayat
Aayat: feed me
K: why me where is your mamma
Aayat: offo chachu my mamma is busy in work that’s why I come to you now you feed me
Kunj smile on her ok sit Kunj take the small piece morsel and feed aayat.
Aayat: so tasty ? yummy more
K: hm first complete this
Aayat: hmm hogaya now
Soon Aayat full
K: what about this finished this as well ok
Aayat : no I m full now you eat this ok
K: no it’s your food you eat
Aayat: offo chachu wait first give me water I m thirsty.
K: ok he made her drink water fine
Kunj cleaned Aayat face.
Aayat look at plate if mamma see this plate she scolded me making puppy face
K: yes I told you na
Aayat: you eat na please I will feed you ok
K: ok childish
Aayat take one morsel it’s too small ?for Kunj
Aayat : open your mouth Kunj did what she tells him Aayat feed Kunj with her tiny hands. Kunj admiring her and wet eyes
Aayat :yummy na chachu
Kunj nodded his head in yes.
While eating food Kunj lost suddenly started coughing
Aayat: hoo (she did like a big girl )chachu where are you lots see now you choke na Aayat take glass of water and watered Kunj . Tears coming from Kunj eyes to see Aayat.
K: I’m fine Aayat
Aayat : one minute Aayat went back Kunj while Kunj get confused Aayat started rubbing Kunj back. Kunj get surprised to see this on the same time happy to and sad as well. Kunj take Aayat in his Arms
K: I don’t know my Aayat is so smart and kissed on her forehead. Aayat did same she to kissed on Kunj forehead Kunj laugh.

Both laying down on bed Kunj tickles on aayat stomach while she laughs loudly
Kunj see Aayat and missed Ansh.

On the other side Taneja mansion..
Everyone having dinner silently twinkle was not here.

Rt :where is twinkle she eats something
Leela : no ji just sitting quietly in her room even Ansh not eat dinner
Rt: atlest you all take care of Ansh.
Leela: hmm
After dinner rt take food for twinkle went in room
Rt opened the door went inside see twinkle she was sitting on floor and crying slightly. Rt went towards her and sit down
Rt: twinkle beta twinkle look at him
Please Handel yourself I understand what you going through twinkle immediately hugged Rt cried loud Rt to cry to see her and consult her
Rt : twinkle beta stops crying and cupped her face wiped her tears and kissed on her forehead
Rt: twinkle you are my strong puttar please eat something
T:I don’t wanna Papa please leave me alone
Rt: I can’t twinkle beta twinkle put her head in Rt lap
T: Papa ek ladki ka sasural hota hai maika hota hai us ka ghar kaha hota hai haa Papa
Rt: this is your house twinkle puttar don’t think this ok come have something
Twinkle beta if you not eat Ansh too not eat
T: what maa didn’t feed him sab aeshe hi hai twinkle get up took the plate and went downstairs see Ansh laying on couch.
Twinkle went near him sit beside him
T: Ansh get up why you didn’t have your dinner ha twinkle take him and made sit on her lap.
Ansh: mamma you also not eat anything I heard when nani talk with Massi
T: no Ansh see I to hungry now come with both eat together
Ansh: happy ? ok
All ok at them and get smiled
Twinkle feed Ansh he to feed twinkle both feeding each other.after dinner all went in their respective rooms
Twinkle room
Twinkle made Ansh sleep and miss Aayat
Ansh: mamma when we go our home
Twinkle look at him and think never Ansh now that house is not our.
Ansh: mamma I miss Papa and aayat Maa too. He didn’t call me today.
T: Ansh now sleep you have school in morning
Ansh: laugh no mamma I have holidays
T: ok now sleep she too sleep

At sarna mansion
Kunj room
Kunj and aayat enjoying with each other
Soon Aayat sleep in kunj arms and he cuddles her..
Mere dono bache do jagha hogaye Meri wajhse babaji please babaji show me some way how to get twinkle forgiveness and proved myself right I didn’t do anything. If Alisha you did this I will not leave you because of you my kids abused
While thinking he too sleep…

In the morning
Kunj wake up and see most innocent face and smiled and pecked on her cheeks and went in washroom to get freshen up and get ready soon Aayat to wake up maya come and take Aayat with her kept Kunj coffee ☕️ mug in side table.
Kunj drink coffee and went out…

Kunj went for gurudwara and removed his shoes and goes inside..
and praying for twinkle and kids family too
Hey babaji please make everything fine please please I want my biwi and son back in my life you toh know truth
While twinkle to sitting beside Kunj they don’t know about both.. Kunj get up
And tied the thread around in the grill twinkle too kunj went towards water side and sit down twinkle same .after sometime later twinkle get up and she about to fall kunj come hold her on time Kunj holding her from waist twinkle closed her eyes Kunj look at twinkle and get happy to see her. Twinkle open her eyes see Kunj get teary eyes both composed themselves
Both looking at each other eyes with pain
While twinkle looking down Kunj eyes went on her hairline see and get sad twinkle didn’t applying her sindoor and mangalsutra too
K: slightly twinkle
Twinkle run from there Kunj to run behind
Her twinkle stop in middle Kunj hold her hand and take her in side.
Twinkle get shocked first and both look at each other
Kunj hold twinkle hands still twinkle about to removed his hands but Kunj not let her go
T: leave my hands please.
K: twinkle please listen to me for a one minute.
T: I don’t want to hear anything now.
K: please you are right in your place. twinkle but I really didn’t do that things believe me last time.
T: what haa nothing is left now kunj.
Will you leave me kunj you live your life with your daughter and I m with my son .
Problem solved Kunj.
K: what no twinkle I want my son aayat is not stay with me.
T: so what can I do kunj it’s your wish now.
Why aayat isn’t stay with you .you stay with your Bhai and bhabhi.its different thing that aayat isn’t your daughter in front of everyone but atlest you have her with you as a chachu not father. Kunj eyes wet.
K: twinkle please for god say believe me once. The picture is fake twinkle I really don’t know.
T: don’t make me fool now.
K: why would I lied to you twinkle.if I did something I will never deny that I didn’t do if I m wrong. This time really I didn’t do anything twinkle I will prove myself innocent it’s my promise to you.
T: ok good do whatever you want to do. I don’t care at all Mr Kunj Sarna.
K: if you don’t care why you removed your sindoor.
T:huh because we are over Kunj nothing is left now in this marriage.
K: you are wrong Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna.
I will get up back in my life not stay with Bhai Bhabhi but with you and Ansh.
T: Sapna kam dekha karo samje tum
K: Kunj smiled ok as you wish and peaked on her forehead and left.
Twinkle touch her forehead and cried.
Asha sees this all.
While going out kunj see Ansh. He was giving food to birds Ansh see Kunj And ran towards him quickly and hugged him
Kunj to him.

Kunj feeling so good to see him and touched him too.kunj caring Ansh hair.

They broke the hugged Kunj care Ansh face.
K: Ansh while choking tears dropping down.
Ansh wiped Kunj teardrops and joint their heads.
Ansh: Papa I miss you soo much
K: Papa too Ansh how’s you
Ansh : fine without you
K: oh ok listen to me ansh you are my brave boy na
Ansh: yes
K: take care of your mamma and you too
Don’t trouble you mamma whatever she tells you listen her like a good boy. If you missed me I will come to meet you in your school ok
Ansh: why in school Papa
K: who na Ansh Papa did mistake na mamma is angry with me that’s why ok
Ansh: but why
K: I will tell you later ok and more one thing don’t persist to your mamma ok make her happy ?think I already give her so much pain and tears.
Ansh: ok papa I will do everything
K: good boy my kissed him don’t tell anyone about us ok
Ansh: it’s secret Papa
K: yes Ansh ok bye and hugged him
While twinkle and Asha see Kunj while hugging Ansh from far.
Scene freezes on twinj…

Precap : Kunj and yuvi finding who did this..


Hope you all like it thanks for your comments ???
Ignore any mistakes
Bye loads of love you

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