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  • Episode 83•

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Episode started.. from
Taneja Mansion.everyone is wakes accept that kunj and his both kids or Yuvi.they were sleeping so peacefully like on problems in their life’s..
Mahi: Yuvraaj wake up.. he just moved his hands but no replying her.. he murmurs.
I’ll wake up mahi afterward yuvi said..

Mahi: no means no.. Get up now only.
Twinkle:even you to kunj. Mahi pulling Yuvi blanket he had no other option left.He got us with irritating face.. yuvi look at on mahi face who giving him smile.

Yuvi turned and look at Kunj and kids still sleeping.
Rishi: Yuvi What happens bro.. ?.
Yuvi: you didn’t wake up kunj but me why? Look at him how peacefully he sleeps still first wake up him.
Twinkle: acha you do it..Yuvi tickling on kunj feet.His sleep disturbs.Open his one eyes and look at Yuvi who doing this with him. Kunj him with his feet.

Yuvi get up and take towards side table take water jug. Come back to kunj and all’s. Naman and Rishi giggles..Yuvi pour whole water jug on kunj and his kids. Due to water Ansh and Aayat wake up with jerk.Kunj look at Yuvi in anger eyes.

Yuvi: perfect good morning.Ansh and Aayat get up rubbing their eyes..
Twinkle: thanks Yuvi to decease my work.
Twinkle giving smirked look at him..

Leela: if you all done then please go and get freshen up breakfast will ready.
Kunj wiped his face. He went near Yuvi. Who about to going.Kunj put his leg between his due to this Yuvi falls down.
He looks at Kunj.while Kunj give him smile.

Kunj: tit-for-tat.and next time don’t dare to do with me Yuvi. Kunj eyes totally become red due to not sleep well.
Yuvi: heheh..
Twinkle held Ansh and Aayat hands and take them in her room.
Mahi: Yuvi now go and get freshen up.
After everyone got freshen and come downstairs for breakfast.Kunj who was busy in calls.All sit for breakfast.
Twinkle: MAA you all should started your breakfast he will come when he wanted.

After calls kunj to come and sit with all’s.
Asha about to served breakfast to kunj. He stops her.
Kunj: no Asha I don’t want.
Leela: why beta..
Kunj: no MAA I m fine with coffee. Leela gesturing to twinkle.
Twinkle: MAA it’s his choice what I’ll do.
Kunj: did I tell you anything.
Yuvi: now you both don’t started again.
Twinkle: first he started not me.
Kunj: okay fine I’m.Kunj get up from there.
And yuvi come office on time before meeting.He walkout from there.Other look at him.
Leela: Twinkle what’s the need of this haa. Let him had his breakfast peacefully.You can do this all afterwards.see now he went without having anything.
Twinkle: so what MAA.After breakfast all left for their homes.
Next side kunj reached office in anger.
He went in his cabin call his pa to get all files and asked all preparations is done or not for meeting.She come in cabin and tell him all things done perfectly.
Sara: anything else sir.
Kunj: hmm get one headache medicine for me.
Sara: okay sir.. Sara went and soon she sends medicine as well coffee with peon. He come and place on the table and left. Kunj take medicine even coffee too. After
Yuvi to come.Later they all set for meeting. Went in conference room. Jack and other office employees to present there.

At Sarna Mansion..
Usha and Anjali feels so lonely without kids.. they both get bored. Later Pallavi come Sarna Mansion to meet om.. while he was in office. Anjali tell her sit get water for her. Usha just talk to her normally.
Pallavi: nobody is seeing..
Usha: woh my both bahu went their homes and other went office..
Pallavi: okay.. And how’s you all.
Usha: you can see. We are fine. What about you.
Pallavi: hmm good without son..
Anjali: MAA I’ll leave okay.
Usha: okay go and call me after reached.
Anjali: Hmm. She takes her bag and left. Usha and Pallavi talk for sometime.Later Pallavi to back her place..

Twinkle sitting with Leela and Mahi or Asha too.
Leela: Twinkle you did wrong with kunj.
Twinkle: really MAA what he did with me.
Leela: but beta it’s not his mistakes you can’t put all blames on him.
Twinkle: he is MAA. When I told him anything he very easily ignored and when other told him about me he didn’t waste a single minute and burst on me..he didn’t let me explain what actual happened.
Now it’s enough for me.Because of Aayat I bear so much. My life become hell just because of Kunj and his kids.
Mahi: di What you speak.
Twinkle: I’m right mahi. When you live my life one day than you’ll understand my problems what going on me.
Leela:I can understand you twinkle but you can’t do this with kunj. Tell me properly
Today what problems between you both.
Leela took her hands in hers.
Twinkle: now no problem our personal. We are happy with each other’s MAA.
Whatever issues we have just because of his family nothing else..
Leela: listen Twinkle whatever happened between you and maya. She nodded her head in yes. And the problem is that twinkle Kunj maybe don’t know about maya he thinks you both don’t like each other. That’s it.
Twinkle: MAA he thought uski Bhabhi god hai huhu. Many things I didn’t tell kunj. Just because I don’t want drama happened.
But MAA now Maya Bhabhi out of the limits. If Aayat did anything she complains me immediately.What can I do in that MAA tell me. If I tell anything to Aayat even they feel bad that I try to control on Aayat. And you all know how Aayat is..itself I don’t said her anything MAA.If she comes towards me what can I do.
Asha: you are right Twinkle.
Leela: But Twinkle beta. Sometimes we have to understand if other not understanding.
Twinkle: MAA always me only.. even she has to understand me too.I’m done with this marriage as well kunj family too.
Leela:no beta don’t say this. Till now, you behave like so mature now you can’t twinkle.Tell what you want. That Aayat will get to know the truth.
Twinkle: no MAA I can’t why I wanted this. Whatever i bear for whom just for my kids MAA.
Leela: bas Twinkle.From now, you’ll not fight with kunj because of others.
Twinkle:MAA what I’ll do.he doesn’t left other option for all anger come out on him. I just now one thing we both stay happy no deferences come between us.
Leela: I want to understand you this twinkle.You’ll not get anything like this.
Twinkle: but MAA if I told me everything in details you know his anger he didn’t think once before doing what reaction will come.I just scared with his anger.
Leela: forget about this. You don’t do arguments with maya and others too. They just wanted that you and kunj fight with each other that’s it my daughter. Understand this simple thing. It’s not a war twinkle. Imagine you’ll win this war what you’ll get anything rather than to loose your daughter twinkle. Anyhow In both situations you’ll get hurt. I’m your mother I know what good for you and your kids twinkle.Don’t do anything in anger. Your matters are very emotional you have to think with mind and heart. You can’t take back Aayat now.
Twinkle: MAA even I too don’t want this.
Mahi: but. MAA.
Leela: Mahi you don’t know anything so please let me do my work.Now twinkle you go pack your stuff go back your real home.
Twinkle: okay I’ll do what you will say..
Leela: good girl my.. I’ll call your papa that come back from office soon. Than today we have lunch together okay.
Twinkle: hmm. After this Leela went market with rt. She called him directly at mall While Asha and Mahi or twinkle sit and chitchat with each other’s..
Leela and eat buy gifts for twinkle and Mahi in laws. Even for kids to. Later they both done with shopping back to home.

Rt and Leela entered in hall. Kids sitting they see rt and Leela with shopping bags. Get excited.They both come together them.
Aayat: Nani and nanu what you bring for us.??
Leela: I’ll tell you later.
Rt: but I brought many chocolates for my babies.They all started jumping in happiness.Rt give them their chocolates. Quietly sit and having their chocolates. Asha and Mahi along with twinkle they come downstairs sit their kids busy in chocolates.they went near them.
Asha: MAA and papa you both come.
Leela: haa beta. Asha beta lunch..
Asha: yes MAA come.later they all sit for lunch enjoying your good moments.

Next scene. In office. Kunj stuck in works. Yuvi sit beside him quietly checking mails.
Yuvi: kunj lets have lunch.
Kunj: (fine voice) no I don’t feel like to have anything.. you go have..
Yuvi: kunj you still in anger..
Kunj: nope why I’ll. Yuvi snatch the file from kunj hands. Kunj look at him
Yuvi: tell me now what blunder what between you and twinkle. I’m your brother na bata please. Kunj eyes moist.
Kunj: what I’ll tell you kunj anything I hide for you.You know everything. Yaar Yuvi I really don’t know what twinkle wanted from me. What she wanted I can’t give her. I can give my life for her but what she wants I can’t Yuvi..
Yuvi: hmm. You too understand her..
Kunj: twinkle ki ek hi zidd hai bas. I leave my house we stay in other home. How can I do it Yuvi.
Yuvi: what can I say kunj..
Kunj: leave it. I have work I’ll leave.
Yuvi: okay.. Kunj went for some work..
At night..
twinkle went in Leela room.
Twinkle: MAA did you call me..
Leela: come. She went sit next to her.
Rt: this all we brought for you and Mahi in laws some gifts for them from our side.
Twinkle: okay..
Leela: one more. Rt take out one box.
Twinkle: what is this papa.
Leela: open it. Twinkle open the box and found small diamond stud earrings in box.
Twinkle: aww papa it’s so adorable.. For whom..?
Leela: for Aayat..
twinkle: Aayat ke liye.. but why papa..
Rt: Arey beta I and your MAA went in jewelry store to buy something for my friend daughter to gifted in her wedding there I saw this.
Leela: than we think for whom we buy this.
Than your rt say for Aayat. It’s perfect for her.
Rt: yes twinkle I loved this..
twinkle:how can I take this papa.
Rt: why. Twinkle you can beta.
Leela: yes twinkle. Tere papa itne dil se laaye hai..
Twinkle: okay papa?. They all went downstairs. Twinkle call Aayat and make her wear studs. It’s suits on her really.
Rt: now increase beauty of this. After wearing my little princess.. rt Kissed on her forehead even Aayat to give him on his cheeks..
Aayat: thanks nanu..Later
Yuvi come Taneja Mansion to take Mahi. Even twinkle and her kids too went with them Yuvi drop twinkle at Sarna Mansion than left for Luthra mansion..

at Sarna [email protected]
twinkle went inside with kids.. other family members sitting in hall. Usha see them and get happy so much.Ansh and Aayat ran towards Usha and Manohar.. they both hugged them..
Usha: finally my kids comes back..
Manohar: without you both this home feel so lonely..
Anjali: hmm finally brightness of this house come..
Om: come here Ansh and Aayat.. they both went sit on om either laps..
Usha: sit twinkle beta. She sat beside Anjali. And tell me how’s everyone there.
Twinkle: fine mummy ji everyone..
Sheetal: you toh told twinkle your father is not well.
Bebe: Sheetal go and sleep.
Twinkle: mummy ji this all gifts MAA and papa send for you all.
Usha: iss kya jarut ti.after they all went in their respective rooms.
[email protected]
Twinkle entered in room. Find room condition not less than any vegetable market..
twinkle: uff this kunj never improve. Ansh and Aayat sit and watch cartoons. While twinkle busy in to clean the room. After..
twinkle done with cleaning session..

Twinkle change Ansh and Aayat dress make them wear their nightdress. They sit on the bed..twinkle check the time.
Twinkle: till now kunj didn’t come back.
Where is kunj??. She gets worried..
Twinkle: you both now sleep. They both rest their head in twinkle lap.while twinkle patting on their back. Soon they both sleep.Just than door opened.Twinkle turned her face and see kunj is there.
Kunj come in the room. Twinkle place Ansh and Aayat head on the pillow.. and she got up and look at Kunj. Who sit and try to open his tie.. she went near him..
twinkle: may I..
Kunj take out and throw the tie in side.. He pats on his forehead continued due to headache.Twinkle went to wardrobe take out his nightdress. she forward her hand. Kunj take and went in washroom. Later he come stand in balcony silently.Twinkle went near him with cup of coffee. Stand beside him.
Twinkle: coffee. Forward cup to him. Kunj give her questioning look.. twinkle loudly.
Take it coffee for you.
Kunj: you have I’m fine..
twinkle: your headache will not go like this. Your anger will increase more this.
So take it.twinkle forcefully give him.
Kunj take the sip of coffee.
Kunj: thanks..
twinkle:welcome my pati dev.She back hugged him.rubbing her cheeks against kunj back.still angry with me. Kunj didn’t say anything.Twinkle sit on the railing.
Kunj: you’ll fall down twinkle.
Twinkle: no why I’ll not. Are you here for
me. To save me ..Twinkle clutch kunj shirt.
How much time you’ll stay angry with me my angry bird.. kunj laugh on her.
Kunj: fine I’m not. Sorry ? I too..
Twinkle: ho you just doing drama huhu. She beat on his chest.Kunj laugh held her hand.They both stand together.. In titanic pose enjoying the cold weather breezes.both share the cup of coffee.
Life is like a cup of coffee it’s all in how you make it or take it..
twinkle: Kunj when’ll Bhabhi and Bhaiya come.
Kunj: from midnight flight they come.
Twinkle: ho.: how’s your day..
Kunj: you ask this how started my day with your taunts.. twinkle bite her lower lips.
Twinkle: sorry I was hell angry and my all anger come out on you..
Kunj: acha ji.. and how you come without any arguments …
Twinkle: hoo so bad you are I argue with you..
Kunj: kidding bas..
twinkle:come let’s sleep.
Kunj: hmm. They both went back to the room. Kunj still feel headache twinkle see this. She takes out oil bottle.
Twinkle: Kunj sit here.
Kunj: why??
Twinkle: Arey bas.. how many questions you’ll ask like Aayat.. Kunj sit down. Twinkle take some drops of oil. Started giving massage to kunj..her fingers did magic in kunj head..
Twinkle: how you feel now.
Kunj: very much relief Twinkle..Kunj take her hand and kissed on her palms.bas twinkle.Kunj get up.lets sleep.They both lay down next to their kids.. Twinkle eyes went on Aayat ears.
Twinkle: I’ll remove it this.. she tries to take out earnings. Kunj see her.
Kunj: what you doing..
twinkle: Arey this kunj. Twinkle show him.
Kunj: hoo very pretty when you brought this.
Twinkle: I m not it’s papa who brought this for her..
Kunj: hoo..
Twinkle: I toh deny him for to take it..
Kunj: why twinkle.. I really loved it..
twinkle: okay.. Goodnight. They both close their eyes and sleep took over them..
Maya and Anant come back from Mumbai at midnight.

Like this day were passing very quickly..
Twinkle and maya hardly talk to each others when any work is Mahi was 7 months pregnant.twinkle and Kunj life is going on awesome.!
Normal day. Sunday..
Everyone was sitting for breakfast.
Usha: twinkle and maya you to sit..
they both sit and have their breakfast..
Manohar: Kunj I told you something you did or not..
Kunj: yes papa I did. I’ll show.
Manohar: good..after breakfast all sit in hall. Usha and Manohar went in their room.
Usha: you took best decision..
Manohar: hmm.They both went back to in hall..
Anant: what you want to say papa.
Manohar: I want to tell you something everyone today.
Bebe: what monu??.
Manohar: woh I divided my properties into three parts all look at Manohar.So want to tell you all Today. Sheetal and niki was shocked at this sudden property matter.
Usha:according to kunj dadu will. Half of the properties goes to waris of this house.
Sheetal: means( in shocking way).
Usha:means I’ll tell you sheetal. This all already decided by papaji so we can’t change her will. Waris of this house it’s Ansh we all know this.
Maya: than all properties goes to on Ansh name mummy ji..
Manohar:yes he is waris of Sarna family.
And second half goes to Anjali and Anant kids.
Anant: okay Papa.
Kunj: But Papa I don’t want this
Manohar:Kunj I didn’t ask you that whether you want or not.I already make legal documents. And Kunj what I tell you where is that paper.
Kunj: yeah I’ll give you. Twinkle please bring that papers from our wardrobe.
Twinkle: yeah I’ll..she went in her room take out papers again come back downstairs in hall. Twinkle give paper to kunj.
Kunj: take it Papa. Kunj forward paper to Manohar while he took it from him..
Manohar check the papers and get happy to see pictures..
Anjali: Papa why you give me this all.
Manohar: good Job Kunj. Anjali takes this.
Anjali: what is this Papa.
Usha: first take and see. She takes it and see pictures inside in some bungalow.
It’s really beautiful modern style bungalow
Anjali look at on Manohar face who giving her smile.
Anjali: Papa I m not understand..
Usha: this is for you anjali.From our side.
Kunj: acha ji maa?.
Manohar: I want to give you but kunj deny he wanted to give you this so. This small house for my Anjali.
Om: But Papa.
Usha: nahi om beta we didn’t do anything for our Anjali now let us do.. this kunj didn’t let us do it.
Kunj: so what MAA you and me are not different. So di how’s it I specially make it for you the way you like it.. A long tears drops down from Anjali eyes.
Anjali: it’s so beautiful.thanks Papa and chote.. while others get jealous.. Sheetal and niki gritting their teeth’s.maya was hell shocked..
Anant: you all didn’t tell me about this..
Usha: Arey beta we didn’t want to tell anyone but only to kunj..
Anant: okay MAA but I’m really happy.
Manohar: and last but not least.He looks at niki and Riya face who standing in side.
You both to like my Anjali for me I didn’t forget you both too.
Maya: now what Papa..
Usha: that our Chandigarh bungalow we give to niki and Riya..
Bebe: no Usha already you and monu gives so much.
Sheetal: what about us.. ??..
Bebe: what is my it’s yours only sheetal.
Manohar:now I done with my
responsibilities today.maya took the papers and went in her room..Anant to went behind her in their room..
Anant: what happened to you maya.??
Maya: Anant are you dump..?? Can’t you see what Papa ji did..
Anant: what Papa did..??
Maya:half of the property on Ansh named why???.
Anant: it’s all decided by my grand father maya and Ansh is waris of this family it right. Even Papa give to Aayat as well.
Maya: what I see you can’t Anant.. how can they so expensive bungalow to Anjali di what about us?????
Anant: you didn’t give her. gets it.Kunj give her.,.He went outside.Maya just sit for sometime and thinking something.. just than Aayat come In room she went towards her..
Aayat: mamma please take out eating i feel irritating with this now I’ll wear afterwards.maya look at on eating she remembers rt give her this.maya take out earrings.Aayat give her kiss and went back to garden.maya look at earrings.
Press them in anger.. later maya went in twinj room. She saw twinkle was alone in room. Folding her clothes.She went to twinkle. Twinkle see her and stop the work.
Twinkle: bhabhi aap. Sit..
maya: I’m not come here to sit. I come to return you something back.
Twinkle: what.. she got up.
Maya:take this twinkle I don’t want it..
She threw the earring and that bracelet which Kunj give to Aayat.. twinkle was hell shocked to see this..
twinkle: bhabhi.
Maya: we don’t want it twinkle this all. What you people thinking that we don’t have this much money like you people that’s why you people giving to Aayat.
Twinkle: no bhabhi..
maya: ( in sarcastic tone) yes twinkle.
I m not idiot. What your father trying to show that she loves Aayat and my father not haa.
Twinkle: no bhabhi.Why my Papa think. You itself take it when I told you That time.
Maya: haa I took it. Because I didn’t see what reason behind this all. Gifts. Even Kunj too did this all for Aayat why?? Haa.
What Aayat think her father can’t give her what her Chachu gives her..
Twinkle: why you making scene. If you don’t like it fine. One more thing bhabhi. And go and tell this to your devar ji itself. Maya: be in your limits twinkle.
Twinkle:I’m in my limits only you were going beyond your limits bhabhi. Maya went from there in anger. Twinkle take things and kept in drawer.
Kunj sitting in garden with Anant.
Kunj: Anant Bhaiya you please tell Papa change the will.
Anant: Kunj what wrong in this.. Papa gives us equally no unfair with us.
Kunj: still Bhai..
Anant: now leave it kunj.
Usha went twinkle room and tell her that Manohar friend and his wife coming tonight at our place for dinner so and see the arrangements.Twinkle went in kitchen. She started all work along meena.Maya come in kitchen busy in cooking.
At night.
Manohar waiting for his friends. Just than they both husband and wife entered in hall.
Manohar: finally you both come.
Ram: yes.
Babita: where is usha..
Manohar: first come and sit.. they all went towards couch area and settled down. Usha come and sit beside babita. They both hugged to each other get so much happy see each other after so many years.Twinkle come with drinks.(juice). Babita looks at on Twinkle face.
Babita: it’s your daughter In law twinkle na.
Usha:yes.maya to come and meet with them. Kunj and Anant come there.
Ram: hi kunj.
Kunj: hi uncle took their blessing. Ansh and Aayat come there.
Babita:Arey kunj your kids so cute.. now kunj don’t know what to say.. I saw Aayat in her naming ceremony now become so big..
Maya: hmm. Anant smile faded away..
twinkle see maya expressions..later they all sit for dinner.Ram and babita praising the food very much..
Manohar: my both Bahu is very good cook. Kunj get call from Sara. He excused and went in side.. talk to her get shocked after listening what she tells him..
Kunj: are you sure Sara.
Sara:yes I’m a hundred percent sure..
later ram and babita meet with all and left.Kunj take his phone dial number call on that.. just than Sheetal phone rings. Kunj get shocked now his all doubts get cleared.Sheetal cut the call went in her room.
Kunj: so she is behind this all. I don’t know this. If Sheetal are you smarter than I’m too.what you think of yourself that you win your dirty plan. I’ll not let you win and others too.Whoever is want to destroy it twinkle self-respect.Her husband is there for her. I didn’t leave anyone how can you.
Get ready for payback… Kunj went in his room she twinkle combing her hair. He close the door see Ansh sleeping peacefully on the bed. Kunj give back hugged to twinkle.. she smile..
twinkle:aaj itna pyaar kyu aarha hai.
Kunj: mujhe toh roz aata hai. Only I know how I control on myself when I see.. Looking beautiful more day by day what’s Magic behind this..??. Twinkle tuned her hands around his neck.
Twinkle: acha ji… I’ll tell you magic behind this your love ???. Kunj pulled her toward himself..
Kunj: uff.. don’t tell me If something happened here.twinkle blush and give him slap..
Twinkle: have some shame kunj..
Kunj: let’s go and sleep..
Twinkle:Hmm. (Think) he didn’t remember shit ??. Forget it.They both went and laid down on the bed.. Kunj smirked.
Kunj: just wait Mrs Sarna..they both sleep.
Kunj caring smile on his face…
Precap: twinkle… bday.. let’s see what come in next..
how was the episode???
Well hope you all like it.. sorry I know you early waiting for revelations come in front
Of Aayat trust me everyone I try my well best to give you all update fast..
you all wanted soon. And I can’t change anything now because I already planned everything now I’ll change it whole story will be mess.. so please cooperate with me I understand you all … but trust me what actually I planned for story you all will love it.. differently….
just support me.. right now I’m stuck in my work.. still I get time and write episode for you all. And one more.. don’t worry Aayat ll go in right hands.. ❤❤❤…
bye love you all.. please don’t forget to comment…..ignore any grammatical errors please…

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    Maya ki toh mai …….chl chod tune socha hi hoga uske liye bhi kch .
    wow yr twinkle ka bday ….kunj ne zaroor kch plan kiya hoga ..
    Everything was perfect ….
    But meko sch me Maya ka behaviour ni acha lga….
    leela ne bhut ache se guide kiya twinkle ko that was best part …
    luved it
    Luv u

  13. SSK

    Fabulous episode Kiya…Loved it.
    Finally Kunj came to know who was sending those dirty messages- Sheetal wo to gayi- Kunj is not going to leave her.
    And am really waiting for the next episode as Kunj is definitely planning something for Twinkle.
    I hated Maya today, she is so selfish and brainless.
    Please post soon 🙂 You are one of the best writers dear 🙂

  14. Sameera

    Amazinggg Yaar Kiya loveddddd it soooooo much hah twinkle should slap her hard kamini Kahi ki ???????….
    Just go the way you want to I will love everything ????
    Love you ????

  15. Hi sweetheart
    Vo sab call & msg sheetal ne kiye ye itni ghatiya h yrrr
    Aur maya ye to pgl h aur ab to bilkul ho gyi h
    Episode was fabulous mindblowing amazing dear
    Twinkle bday kunj sayad surprise dega
    Post soon dear
    Luvvvvvvvvv u sweetheart

  16. Ramya

    Awesome Amazing
    Maya ka kuch zyada hi ho raha hai
    Loved it
    Love you

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