Love ka hai intzaar twinj shots by kiya episode 78

A week later episode started. Everything is going well in everyone life no too much good and not bad as well. Twinkle and maya too normal.Om understood all work sometime kunj help him while Anant stuck in one case while Manohar give one change to cherry. One of the Manohar friend give job to cherry in fine salary.
Usha was bothering about Anjali due to see her hands empty. Being a mother she too wants her daughter life too fills with colors. Anjali didn’t take it in serious way because she knew if she acts same like usha than it would be give her pain only while twinkle always give strength to Anjali.
Yuvi was busy in work as well in Mahi too
Bearing her mood swings all sometime get irritated with her antic mood swings.
At Horse riding [email protected]
Kunj and yuvi sitting with their new international clients having wines. Wearing sunglasses while sun light coming on their face. Yuvi and Kunj looking killer in sunglasses. Holding wine glass in one hand busy in horse riding race.
Client: who will win Mr Sarna. Kunj turned his face and look at him. Giving him sparkal Smile. Kunj aside the wine glass.
Kunj: like always me.
Client jack: really did you see this horse always win today I invested my money on him. This race I’ll win like always. Kunj and yuvi look at him. While race going on everyone was waiting for result and which rider wins.
Kunj: good you invited your money on best
Horse I heard so much about this horse. But Kunj Sarna never lose. Just than Kunj horse pass. Even today too I’ll win.
Client jack: challenged.
Kunj: open challenge.
Client jack: whoever is spent their money in this race they all will lose. Mark my words.
Kunj: great ? let’s see. Their eyes and mind just stuck on race. Jack horse was slightly further than Kunj horse.He looks kunj and smirked. Jack horse beat other ones.
Jack: awwwooo.
Kunj: don’t get happy still race is remain.
Jack: I know I’ll win so. Kunj horse slightly stop in middle.
Jack: accepted your defeat. Kunj didn’t reply him back. While Yuvi controlling his laugh. One by one horse and riders falling downs in race.Now race turn very difficult.
Only Three player left in race they three of them best in this. It’s difficult to win.
All get up from their seats now standing in tension.While jack smiling at looking at Kunj horse.They three of them running in same position. Jack horse collide with another horse they both horse stuck in between them. Jack get shocked he removed his goggles. while Kunj horse get chance.He ran at last he reached the winning line and win. Kunj and yuvi shouting loudly awww. Whoever was presented in stadium they all were in shocked this horse never win till now. Kunj and yuvi look at each other face and jack too. Who still in dilemma. Jack turn and look at Kunj face who giving winning smile
Kunj removed his goggles and look at jack. He went towards him. Take the wine glass.
Kunj: what happened jack cheers itself he cheers with jack glass.
Jack: how can this happened. Kunj and yuvi take the sip of wine.
Kunj: I’ll tell you Jack. The fear of losing and the hope of winning the moments of tension in between these two are just great. You choose best horse of this race but I choose but horse rider. Jack give him look. Which make kunj and yuvi laugh out.
Jack: means..?
Yuvi: your over confidence. Confidence khel mein jaan zaroor dalta hai. lekin overconfidence jaan le leta hai..
(Confidence definitely puts life into a game but overconfidence kills).
Kunj: don’t be sad. Remember one thing.
If horse was good but the player was (not) than what you can do and get to jack. You think wrong and wasted your money too. You select best horse as per your victory and your horse was awesome. And my one is not at all. But I choose the best player of their race?. So I win easily. Car achi ho yeha buri ho fahrak pata hai chalane wala Kesha hai. Control chalane wale ke pass hona chahiye not jo chalne wala hai.?Players play the game and I have started playing with the players jack.
Like this race so here winner kunj Sarna is in front of your eyes.Jack and Kunj or Yuvi seeing winner taking his winning prize.Next side jack player sitting in side. Tune play in bg…..

Kunj wear his sunglasses take the last sip of drink. He was in full attitude his body to speak. What he was actually.
Kunj: what did you say you always win in the race and this too. But Race hamesha meri thi aur meri hi rahegi . kyun ki main is race ka sabse purana khiladi hoon (The race always was and will remain mine .because I am the oldest player of this race) see you soon than.
Jack: I impressed with you mr Kunj Sarna Than let final this deal as I got to know what you are.
Kunj: hoo even me too what you are too. Next time play well and carefully too. Don’t cheat with me ??While jack look at him in shocked.Jack started sweating.
Yuvi: cool down jack. They shake their hands.
Kunj: let’s go Yuvi. Bye jack.
Jack: yes bye. Jack sign the paper which Kunj give him. He gives him to back after sign it. They both moved from there. Meet with winner kunj give him money.
Kunj: great play fantastic today.
Player: thanks sir. Later they both sit in their cars and left for office.
While next side in Sarna [email protected]
Twinkle and Anjali sitting while Anjali teaching twinkle how to make handmade sweaters.while Twinkle enjoying this new thing.
Twinkle: how you know this di.
Anjali: learn from MAA she makes.
Twinkle: hoo I didn’t know about this hidden talent of mummy ji di.
Anjali: heheheh????. Now know na.
Twinkle: hmm. I’ll to try now.
Anjali: Hmm try take this and do it. After so many difficulties twinkle make the one sweater with the help of Anjali. Just than Usha come there and sit beside them.
Usha: what’s going on in between Bhabhi and nanad?
Anjali: Nothing much MAA your bahu want to learn how to make handmade sweaters so here she makes first handmade sweater.
Twinkle: but not me only the one even Anjali Di to help me without her help I can’t never.
Usha: whatever beta but you both make good perfect.
Twinkle: mummy ji even you too know how to make this kind of things but never tell us haa why?? Usha smile.
Usha: time hi nahi pada puttar. I make this all when my kids small not now even I forget too hardly remember.
Anjali: hoo maa. I have one idea for you MAA even you too come with me my music school teach musics too kids what’s say. Usha look at Anjali in funny way.
Twinkle:yeah mummy ji voice is so melodies.First time I listen her voice on her birthday.
Anjali: haa. I wish even I too there. ?
Usha: awww.
Twinkle: mummy ji Anjali is right you should go with her.
Usha: no Twinkle Puttar I’m fine now. Years went when I stop the music. That day toh I sing just because of Kunj.
Anjali: huhu maa.
Twinkle: I have to say one thing Anjali Di you all siblings good at music till now I didn’t hear Anant Bhaiya properly but Kunj is too good in songs.
Anjali: Hmm right we all went on MAA ?.
Usha: acha ji.
Anjali: But MAA why your son Is so sadu after having this much beautiful voice still huhh. Twinkle giggles.
Usha: asked this to your chote.
Twinkle: still mummy ji your two kids is so sweet and nice but Kunj uff babaji.
Anjali: haa maa.
Twinkle: I don’t understand he and yuvi always stays together, but he was so different from him. Even his friends too when I see Rishi and Naman Bhai he is unique in his group.
Anjali: right Yuvi is so funny.
Usha: haa. Don’t know from whom he went on.
Twinkle: anger always sitting on his nose.
Now toh fine at least nahi toh. ???
Anjali: heheh???.
Usha: pagal hai pura.Just than Ansh and Aayat entered they come back from school. Aayat having ice golla while Ansh coming with empty hands with puppy face. Twinkle see them.
Twinkle: lo bada sadu nahi sahi but chote sadu hi sahi??. They both went towards all. And sit beside Usha.
Anjali: what happened Ansh?
Ansh: Nothing bua. Mamma I want golla too.
Usha: Aayat you didn’t give him.
Ansh: dadi she didn’t give me once.
Aayat:why I’ll give him haa even he too didn’t give me his chocolates so tit-for-tat.
Twinkle: bas you both do this only. Always come with fight haa.
Aayat: tell this to your son not me. Anjali laughs on her.
Twinkle: wait I’ll tell Maya Bhabhi about you.
Aayat: whatever.
Ansh: mamma get golla for me too.
Twinkle: haa wait.
Usha: Aayat give him too na.
Aayat: Arey dadi I Lick all golla now its not good. We Don’t Eat Anybody’s Polluted Food.
Twinkle: acha ji??. What happened that time when you eat chocolates. Kunj ke muh se chhen ke kaha ti hai haa.?
Aayat: huhu??. I’ll not share my golla bas.
Twinkle: now come to me I’ll see you huhu. Come ansh with me.
Ansh: golla.
Twinkle: haa first come with me. Aayat show tongue to twinkle and run from there. Twinkle hold Ansh hand take him with herself. They both went upstairs goes in their room.Twinkle take out Ansh clothes made him change his clothes.
After they both went back downstairs.
Ansh sit with Rahul they both watching cartoons while Aayat with maya in their room. Twinkle went in kitchen take out ice and made ice golla in golla maker. She takes and went towards ansh and Rahul.
Twinkle: see here. They both look at twinkle who had ice golla in her hands. Ansh get happy too much after seeing golla. Twinkle sit beside him give him his golla glass next to Rahul. They both enjoy golla. Ansh lips become red due to golla Colors. He showed to twinkle his lips.
Ansh: see mamma my lips red like you.
Twinkle see this and smile.
Twinkle: Yes. Kissed on his cheeks.
After Aayat come out with Maya. Aayat see Ansh having golla. She shocked.
And went near them.
Aayat: from where you got golla haa.
Ansh: my mamma make for me see.
Aayat look at twinkle.
Aayat: you didn’t give me why?
Twinkle: hoo she makes face like her. Really Aayat what about you haa.
Aayat: I’ll tell my mamma.
Twinkle: go ahead just than maya come there and asked Aayat what happened.
Maya: what happened my baby.
Aayat: see mamma twinkle chachi give golla to Ansh and Rahul Bhai not me.
Maya: acha so what I’ll make for you bas.
Twinkle:i make for her too bhabhi it’s in refrigerator.
Maya: okay see you chachi make for you too. Sheetal comes there.
Sheetal:don’t worry Aayat she can’t forgot you never. Always you come first for her.
Twinkle: Ansh get up and let’s go. While Ansh didn’t want to go he was busy in cartoons.
Maya: Aayat you come with me. Maya take her with herself.While Sheetal giving look to Twinkle.
Twinkle: don’t give this type of look at me get it.
Sheetal: acha my wish I’ll do whatever I want to do. You are not owner this house.
Twinkle: yeah I’m not even you too are not get it. Go and learn some manners. Just than niki come along with Riya.
Niki: shhhh again Twinkle.
Sheetal: see her always living in attitude.
Niki: hmm twinkle that’s not good.
Twinkle: stop your drama. Niki held twinkle hand tightly.
Niki: be in your limits get it.
Twinkle: leave my hand niki.They three of them giving devil smile to Twinkle. Niki twisted twinkle hand badly.
Twinkle: haaa.
Ansh: leave my mamma. She leaves twinkle with jerk.
Niki: next time think.
Sheetal: poor twinkle. They three of them left from here. Twinkle look at her hand it becomes red. She cares her hands. Twinkle went in her room sit alone for sometimes.
Just than her phone ring. She sees caller id wiped her tears received the call.
Twinkle: hmm.
Kunj: what hmm.
Twinkle: bolo Kunj.
Kunj: you call me but I didn’t answer your calls sorry.
Twinkle: it’s okay now you are free why you didn’t pick my calls.
Kunj: Arey I was busy.
Twinkle: win or lose.
Kunj: what did you think?
Twinkle: win?.
Kunj: yup.
Twinkle:still you are there?
Kunj: nope now I m in office did you any work.
Twinkle: nope.
Kunj: say more.
Twinkle: what.
Kunj: are you okay na.
Twinkle: hmm.Okay you do your work. Twinkle end the call without listening kunj.
After twinkle along with maya busy in kitchen preparing for dinner.While kids playing with each other’s.Sheetal come in kitchen making noise twinkle ignore him.
Kunj complete his all work.After this he and yuvi went somewhere to see the place.
Yuvi: finally kunj your dream project done.
They both standing outside of the building. They both have tears in their eyes.
Kunj: yes Yuvi finally done. I’m sorry happy.
Yuvi: did you tell twinkle about this. Kunj look at him.
Kunj: till now toh not Yuvi. I’ll tell her tonight.
Yuvi: good.
Kunj: I don’t know understand whether I was happy or sad Yuvi.
Yuvi: why sad kunj what goes it never comes so let it be.
Kunj:hmm. Kunj wiped his tears.They both sit in their favourite place for sometimes.
At [email protected]
They all sitting for dinner at dinning table.
Twinkle served the food.While Kunj come he went in room get freshen up come back and sit with all’s. All having their dinner nicely while Kunj noticed to twinkle she lost in herself.Twinkle done with her food.Sheetal coming holding boil water bowl in her hands she saw two coming.
She purposely bumped with twinkle. All boil water falls on Twinkle hands.
Twinkle: haaa.Others turned and look
And shocked. Kunj get up immediately and ran towards twinkle.
Sheetal:sorry twinkle I didn’t do intentionally.
Twinkle winching in pain. Kunj look at her and make her stand.
Kunj:are you out of your mind Sheetal ha.
Twinkle hand slightly get burned. See just because of carelessness what you have done.
Usha: kunj first twinkle in your room.Kunj see twinkle she cry like anything. Kunj with her support take her upstairs in their room.
Twinj [email protected]
Twinkle and Kunj entered in room. Kunj take her towards bed.Twinkle sit while Kunj get first aid box. Sit beside twinkle.
Kunj: twinkle calm down please.
Twinkle: hmm I’m fine kunj. Kunj took her hand in his hands.
Kunj: I’ll apply ointment you’ll feel good.
Twinkle:hmm. Kunj took small potion of ointment cream. Applied slowly slowly on Twinkle wound. Twinkle feel pain.
Twinkle: haaa. Kunj stop and look at her.
Kunj: sorry. Kunj blowing up after first aid her wound.
Twinkle: thanks.
Kunj: okay now don’t dare to get up I’ll bring food for you here.
Twinkle: I had my food kunj.
Kunj: I see how much you have. Kunj didn’t listen her went downstairs get food for twinkle.While Ansh and Aayat too come with kunj. Kunj went near twinkle.Ansh Ayala sit beside twinkle either side.Aayat look at twinkle face and get sad.
Kunj: now open your mouth.Kunj started feeding twinkle with his hands. Slowly a long tears escape from twinkle eyes. Aayat see this she wiped her tears with tiny hands.
Aayat: how you feel now.
Twinkle: good. Now kunj I’m done.
Kunj: okay give her water. After they sit together.
Twinkle: now Ansh and Aayat sleep.
Kunj: twinkle i want to tell you something
Twinkle: hmm say.. Kunj took her hands in his hands.Twinkle gestures him in confusion.While Kunj don’t know how he started the conversation.
Twinkle: why you so nervous tell me frankly Kunj.
Kunj:hmm who na actually twinkle. I don’t know how you’ll react but I didn’t have any other intention Twinkle.
Twinkle: Kunj I’m getting confused and not understanding what you try to say tell me clearly.
Kunj: leave it I’ll tell afterwards. Pagal Sheetal huhu. Cupped her face kissed on her forehead he moved slightly and place kisses on her both cheeks. Aayat see this and make face formed like O.
Aayat: Ooo.???. Twinkle and Kunj turned and look at Aayat expression.
Kunj: what?
Aayat: kunj Chachu ne twinkle Chachi ko kiss Kiya ??. Twinkle and Kunj look at each other face and in shocked way.
Kunj: no Aayat when.
Aayat: just now I saw you. I’ll tell this..
twinkle: what??. Aayat about to go kunj caught her in his embrace.
Kunj: where are you going haa.
Aayat: how can you kiss her.Kunj raise his eyebrows. And kissed on Aayat cheeks.
Kunj: aeshe???.Twinkle giggles. Just than Yuvi did video call. They sit in laying way.
Yuvi: hello twinkle.
Twinkle: hello. Ansh and Aayat sitting between Twinj.
Mahi: di. What happened to your hands.
Aayat: Sheetal bumped with twinkle Chachi and boil water fallen on her.
Yuvi: huhh. What this sadu did.
Twinkle: nothing.
Kunj: what I’ll do ha.
Yuvi: wait I’ll connect Rishi and Naman too soon they both too come in conference video call.
Sanaya: what’s going on guys.
Yuvi: nothing Bhabhi ji.??.
Asha: useless man.
Kunj: oops.
Naman: its not like that Asha. He wakes up early and take Mahi for morning walks ?.
Rishi: hmm and didn’t sleep in nights too?. Ansh and Aayat feels boring in between them.They get up and switch on the tv again busy in cartoons.
Sanaya: bichare ke neendh ??.
Kunj: first he didn’t let mahi sleep now mahi too????.
Rishi: soon baby???.Twinkle hit on kunj chest slightly.
Yuvi: leave it this all. I have a idea let’s go out we all couples what’s say. All think.
Asha: awesome idea we’ll go.
Sanaya: haa mom Handel ravish.
Asha: even MAA too Soham. While Kunj and twinkle look at each other face and Ansh too his back facing them.
Yuvi: and what about you both.
Kunj: without kids.
Mahi: yes.
Kunj: it wouldn’t be possible don’t you think Ansh let us go.
Twinkle:yeah you all know he goes wherever Kunj go..
Yuvi: shit hmmm. I planned just for us do fun.
Rishi: beta Yuvi it’s easy for you now when your time comes than let’s see you.
Yuvi: okay than you all take your kids Fine.
Listen Mother India.
Twinkle: say..
Yuvi: take pidhi too this time.
Rishi: haa Aayat ke bina no fun. Make fun of her. ???
Twinkle: awooo so bad.
Yuvi: heheh.Twinkle will run behind you all hit you both with broomstick ????.
Sanaya: heheheh ???.
Yuvi: let’s play here quick game okay
Asha: okay which.
Rishi: hhaaa. You girls have to answer. It’s called opposite words game okay.
Yuvi:haa na I’ll tell. First you’ll tell Asha opposite. Than we’ll do this all things on holiday.
Asha: Monday. In attitude tone.
Yuvi: my one moanday???. While boys knows what comes..
Mahi: are you drank Yuvi.
Sanaya: Tuesday- tongueday naman reply. ??.
Mahi: Wednesday- wetday kunj reply ?.
Twinkle: Thursday- thirstady??.
Sanaya: Friday- freakday.
Twinkle-Saturday – boys look at each other face.
Yuvi: kunj you give answer of this..??. s*xday kunj reply ????. Everyone laughs while Twinkle in awkwardness. She looks at Kunj he slightly say sorry to her.
Naman: last one. Mahi.
Mahi: Sunday she said in cute voice while Yuvi smirked. And kiss on Mahi cheeks.
Yuvi: suckday??.
Twinkle: every boring game like you Yuvi.
Asha: haa.
Yuvi: Arey pagali this is not boring when you all do that time ????. Just now we decided that what we’ll on trip ???. Girls like ahaaa.
Rishi: haa one week ka full package ??
Twinkle: shameless mans.
Yuvi: he too who sit beside you.
Twinkle: you all are shameless..??.
Kunj: acha what about you all.
Rishi: haa these girls pretend like this they didn’t talk like this haa.I heard Sanaya talks many times. Sanaya look at Rishi.
Yuvi: haa girls more Kya boys.
Mahi: acha Did you have any proofs.
Yuvi: hai na.
Mahi: where?
Yuvi: in your tummy ????. All laugh out like made???. While Mahi make puppy face..
Kunj: epic Yuvi.
Rishi: by the way Yuvi what you’ll do in trip you don’t go do rest okay.
Yuvi: why? I’ll enjoy too.
Rishi: whom.
Naman: kunj hai na????.
Yuvi: nahi tu bhiis chalega ????.
Later Ansh Aayat come back to twinj.
Yuvi: where are you went Aayat.
Aayat: Yuvi Chachu I want to tell you something she looks at Kunj and twinkle face??. They understand what she wants to tell him.
Twinkle: no Aayat. Yuvi smirked.
Yuvi: tell me Aayat.
Rishi: haa I’ll give you chocolates.
Kunj: shut up.
Aayat: woh na kunj Chachu ne Twinkle chachi ko Twinkle Closed her eyes in embarrassment.
Yuvi: what Kunj did tell me fast.
Kunj: nothing.
Rishi: bata baby.
Aayat: he kissed on twinkle chachi cheeks.
Kunj: happy get out now..
Rishi: bas Aayat Nothing more ??.
Yuvi: haa Just cheeks.. chiiiii. Next time come with full information ????. After they end the calls.Twinkle turn off the lights.They all lay down. Soon sleep over take them.
Next morning.
Everyone wakes up in Sarna Mansion today slightly everyone mood was off. Today is Manohar mother death anniversary, so they arranged havan for her peace. Their closed peoples come in havan. They all wearing white clothes. Kunj and Anjali standing and looking at their grandmother pics that hanging of the wall. They both have tears in their eyes.
Anjali: time went so fast chote.
Kunj: Hmmm Yes di. Many years have been passed dadi left us. Still her presences I can feel di. Others to come. Look at them Yuvi stand beside kunj.
Yuvi: she is the best. Always alive in our hearts Kunj.
Anant: where were she is now. She can see us must be happy.She wanted us always stay together.They four of them hold each other’s hands.
Anjali: her last wish this family always stays like this.
Manohar: her all wish we’ll fulfill as much as we can. Kunj look at Manohar face with painful eyes.
Kunj: you are late Papa. She left us. I Wish that you understand her before now everything was ended Papa. She is no more with us. After they all sit down and pandit comes and started havan all pray for her. After havan get over bebe and Manohar distributes clothes and other things to in poor peoples. Kunj went in his room.
Kunj: Twinkle where are you. Twinkle come out from balcony.
Twinkle: what happened kunj.
Kunj: let’s go with me.
Twinkle: where??Kunj hold her hands take her with him soon they reached the place.
They both come out of the car.While Yuvi and others already presented there.
Twinkle: Kunj why we come here haa?
Kunj: wait na I’ll tell you everything. See this twinkle. Twinkle look at the building.
Twinkle: what is this kunj.
Kunj: Twinkle I want to tell you about this earlier too but I don’t know how to tell you.
They both sit in side Kunj cupped twinkle face. Twinkle I made this hospital.
Twinkle: hospital why? In confusing way.
Kunj: I don’t know how you’ll react.
This is blind people hospital twinkle. Twinkle look at Kunj.
Kunj: I know twinkle what you think right now.Twinkle this is my dream that I have to make hospital those who didn’t see this world. In my hospital we give free. Treatments to patients twinkle nobody can’t die just because of money Twinkle. Tears coming from her eyes.They people too see this world from their own eyes twinkle. Just because of money and because of me too someone live ended.
I didn’t safe her twinkle. But didn’t want many other girls and people can die like same her. This dream I saw after lost her.
I didn’t fulfill her mother last wish. Twinkle didn’t say anything. She slightly smile.
Twinkle: what I’ll say kunj. She looked at hospital and what name written on banner. Twinkle wiped her tears while Yuvi and others look at twinkle and Kunj.
Twinkle: I’m so happy kunj for this.
Kunj: you don’t have any problem with this twinkle that made this hospital specially blind. Sad tune in bg tashan Ishq.
Twinkle: why would I have kunj haa. She cupped Kunj face. And talking about specially for blinder than how can I not be happy kunj I’m so happy that you made this hospital for whose people who didn’t see anything. Its pleasurable moment for me kunj. Why don’t you tell me first haa. Kunj smile.Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.
Kunj: I scared twinkle though you’ll think wrong about this. Swear of god I don’t have feeling for her in my heart just like a friend Twinkle. You are the first and last who ruled in my heart.I didn’t love anyone till now rather than you. She is just my best friend who leave me and reason was my father that’s it Twinkle nothing more I don’t have in my heart for her. And this hospital I open being her friend just twinkle. Twinkle look at Kunj with love eyes.Every human being is a mixture of light and darkness, trust and fear, love and hate.

Twinkle: Kunj why explaining me haa and giving me answer.i don’t care did you have any feeling for her in your heart kunj.You are we me now that’s important for me. She is just now in memories kunj nothing more.And some memories you can’t ease from your life.She is very lucky that have friend like you. I don’t care what your past is kunj. Your present with me and future too with me. Kunj nodded his head in yes.
If I try to remove her from your life. I can’t she left you kunj. But leave her memories who can I vanished them never.
Kunj: you know twinkle today is her bday.
Twinkle look at Kunj in surprise way.
Twinkle: didn’t you celebrate her bday kunj. Kunj laugh.
Kunj: you know what twinkle god play the best game with me. Same day he snatches my dadi from me and on same day I meet anam first time on her bday. Twinkle. I didn’t celebrate her bday?
Twinkle: why? Kunj because of dadi.
Kunj: nope. She died on her bday ??.
So this day is totally sorefull day for me Twinkle I lost my dadi as well a good friend. Twinkle hugged kunj tightly they both remain like this from sometime after twinkle break the hug and wiped Kunj tears.
Twinkle:don’t cry kunj.
Kunj: Twinkle Thanks always there for me.
Don’t know how I’ll thank in what way.
You vanish the darkness of my life. I thought many times to tell you about this. But one thing always comes in my mind that you feel bad and leave me like her than how I’ll live without.
Twinkle: I’ll never ever leave kunj it’s my promise why you think this I feel bad kunj.
I’m proud of you that you are my husband Kunj. Who think this much for anyone no one kunj in this world. Many people do love after death they forget them but still you remember her not like lover but as a friend what more I wanted kunj. If you make something for her that doesn’t mean you love her kunj. People can do anything in friendship too always we can’t give the name of love. What people think about you I don’t care at all. I know my kunj that’s it.Your life is my life kunj and your dreams is my dreams.When Kunj complete your dreams that time my dreams too completed.We are two body but one soul. I always stand beside whatever situation comes in our life we are together.
Kunj: why are you so good. If I’m in your place Twinkle I’ll not say this all but you.
Twinkle:because I’m the best twinkle Kunj Sarna. Peoples fill the darkness in others life but few peoples can removed the darkness from Thier life you are the one from them kunj.
Kunj: But Meri life ki lightness tu hai twinkle always only you are.Every moment of light and dark is a miracle.

Twinkle: acha baba now let’s go everyone was waiting for us.
Kunj: wait one more.
Twinkle: what did you open siyapp shikane wali school for me???. They both laugh.
Kunj: this hospital is on your named twinkle.
Twinkle: awww. They both wiped each other tears. After both went towards all.
Yuvi: done Bhabhi ji. Even Yuvi too have tears in his eyes. He just wait towards twinkle and hugged her immediately.
Yuvi: you are the best twinkle. She smiled.
Twinkle: even you too. Later Kunj tell twinkle to do inauguration of the hospital.
Twinkle cut the ribbon while Kunj and yuvi see each other’s face having tears in their eyes too and look at twinkle who cutting the ribbon.Twinkle cut the ribbons all clap it’s just normal inauguration. No celebration. After they all went church pray for of them. After all went home only kunj and twinkle aur Yuvi mahi and Anjali or om left there.
Sister merry: I’m so proud of you both. And twinkle you are truly amazing. Who did this for other girl.
Twinkle: I didn’t do anything sister.
Sister merry: without your smile this would not be happened twinkle.They went on kunj dadi graveyard. Place flowers on her graves.
Yuvi: you remember kunj nani always tell
Us god already made everyone life parents that we didn’t know.
Anjali: haa.One day he’ll come in your life.
He chooses best for us.
Yuvi: see kunj god choose twinkle for you already, and she was in your destiny. Kunj and twinkle smile.
Kunj: haa and best. He gives side hugged to twinkle.After they went to anam graveyard. They stand there quietly.
Twinkle look at whole yard it’s not Less than any heaven. Kunj look at her status.
While Yuvi remember something. He smile.
After anam death Yuvi before going to London for their higher studies. Yuvi come here.
Yuvi: it has been 6 months passed to your death. Our life totally change specially my kunj. Don’t know in which world he started living after you death. I’ll promise to you anam one day kunj will come here along with his love whoever she is. They both stand in front of your eyes you’ll see them. This would be happened one day anam.
Yuvi wiped his tears. Think see anam this happened I fulfilled my promise. He looks at Kunj and twinkle who sitting near anam grave both holding each other hands.Kunj place flower on her grave.
Twinkle: Kunj you always come here.
Kunj: not always sometimes.(Kunj think)
See anam I come here with my love my twinkle. I didn’t though for a while that I’ll come here with twinkle one day.She is my everything anam she taught me what is love. And I love her so much. Today who standing in front of you He is love of twinkle. You always alive in my memories.
And twinkle live in heart. I can afford everything but can’t afford to lost her. She is become the reason of my breath anam.
We just made for friendship anam.Before too I didn’t have such type of feeling for you. I know you love but I just love you like a friend.I understand what actual love is after meet with twinkle. Whatever I did just being your friend not more anam. Either I’ll can’t do. You are just a fairytale who comes in me and yuvi life went like wind. Where you are been happy. Now I have my siyppa queen Kunj laugh itself twinkle see this.
Twinkle: what happened sadu.
Kunj: nothing siyappa Queen. They get up while Twinkle see whole yard.
Twinkle: it’s so beautiful. You will Make for me too same like this. Kunj covered twinkle mouth with his hands.
Kunj: don’t dare to say this again. He removed his hand. You’ll not go anywhere samji. Twinkle understand his emotions.
Twinkle: I’m just kidding with you. Their face is very closer to each other face.
Kunj: never did this type of joke with me twinkle.Now I can’t afford to lose you three of them. You and Ansh or Aayat is my everything.Till my last breath and last view I want to see you all.
Twinkle: aww now don’t become sentimental. ??. What people will say great Sadu Sarna is crying that’s not suit on you.This tears good in my eyes. You just do one thing always wiped my tears.
Kunj: acha. After they went back to their homes. Whole day passed like this kunj and Twinkle sharing many thing today with each other what they don’t know till now.
Twinkle: Kunj you named with hospital for my name why?
Kunj: bas now whatever I have it’s yours too. I made this hospital for to bring happiness in their life and light-up their life too. That’s why I kept this hospital on your named twinkle. Because you light up my life even I’m too blind but in other way I can see this world but can’t see love you make me see love. Bring happiness in my life so you are the perfect for this.
Twinkle: itna pyaar kab hua mujhe se kunj.
Kunj: pata nahi bas hogaya Twinkle.
Now I don’t want anything from babaji after you and my kids. Bas zindagi shafal hogi. After two days later.Twinkle was so happy.Whatever happened in two days kunj made hospital in her named.everyone was very happy for this. Rather than niki and Sheetal. Somewhere maya feels jealous with twinkle. Everyone was in home today.usha was talking to someone on phone.
Usha: pandit ji you are sure after this fast.
Pandit: yes I’m sure..
Kunj: MAA what sure.
Usha: Nothing beta.But Kunj can see tension on usha face.Usha get up went towards Anjali in room. She saw Anjali sitting with twinkle in her room. Usha went towards her sit beside.
Usha: Anjali puttar I told you something.
Anjali: MAA please this thing would not be work out why you not understand haa.
Usha: pandit ji said this. Kunj standing near door listening their talks.
Anjali: MAA if I had kids in my destiny god will give me. I already did this all things MAA it just wasted time and give me pain after I’ll get anything. And MAA Aesha nahi hai I’ll not become mother i can MAA. It just that happiness comes and back immediately.
Usha: means???
Anjali: with tearful eyes. MAA I lost my two babies in my womb. Usha was not aware of this pain full thing. Kunj was too shocked after listening this.
Usha: what..
Anjali: yes MAA why you worried about me haa I’m fine.
Twinkle: Yes mummy ji soon happiness will arrive in di life too. Just faith on baba ji.
Usha: I’m sorry puttar u thought that.
Usha get up from here. While twinkle handle Anjali. Kunj went behind Usha who was sitting in home mandir. Stand there.
Usha: hey babaji what I did with you.
Why you always give pain to my Anjali.
You didn’t give kids happiness to my Anant. I didn’t say anything to you. My kunj give his daughter to him. Anyhow my Anant get happiness of father what about my Anjali haa. Kunj sit beside Usha.
Kunj: haa why you complain to babaji haa. And this tears not suit on you pushpa
In funny way Usha smile out..
Usha: kunj Anjali.
Kunj: don’t worried about di MAA. How can you become weak today haa. Just faith on god okay. Now get up I’m so hungry your nuhu didn’t give me food.
Usha: acha I’ll give you come with me. They both mother and son went sit together have lunch.After Twinkle take Anjali on shopping. While maya went her friend house for dinner along with Anant and Aayat.Kunj went out for office work.
At night Twinj room.
Twinkle sitting and seeing baby photos which chinki send to her of baby girl. Just than Kunj entered in room he saw twinkle and went towards her.
Kunj: what make you smile this much haa?
Twinkle: Kunj see this chinki baby photos. Kunj too see.
Kunj: has so cute na twinkle.
Twinkle: hmm I’ll like eat her so adorable. Kunj smirked at her.
Kunj: acha Leave her eat me ???. I’m too adorable not less than any teddy bear. Twinkle slap him playfully.
Twinkle: shameless.
Kunj:same too you.??.After they changed their night dress laid down next to each other’s. Kunj thinking something.
Kunj: Twinkle.
Twinkle: hmm.
Kunj: we should too now think.
Twinkle: what we should think too.
Kunj slightly come top of her. Side Ansh. Who was cuddling twinkle.
Kunj: woh na twinkle. Mujhe bhi baby dena. While twinkle get shocked after Listen this.
Twinkle: what..
Kunj: haa Twinkle We should think now about baby. What you say.
Twinkle: no.
Kunj: why.
Twinkle: haa.
Kunj: even I too want baby like others.
Twinkle: you have already kunj babu. Gestures her eyes on Ansh.
Kunj: new baby twinkle small one. Didn’t you heard hum do humare do. Twinkle blush on this.
Twinkle: Kunj you get mad sleep.
Kunj: no first you give me baby.
Twinkle: Arey baba kunj.I give you na.
Kunj: innocently. Even I too want baby girl twinkle. After this I’ll never want anything from you. You promise me that you’ll give me baby girl
Twinkle: I fulfilled my promise kunj I give you baby girl. In pain full voice.
Kunj: I know but she is not with us.
Twinkle: now suddenly these things come in your mind. First Handel this two. I’m done with this two sadu’s always dancing on my head. Now Ansh is small he is just 3 half year old.
Kunj: I know we’ll think okay. Twinkle pull his cheeks.
Twinkle: goodnight. Pecked on his lips. While Kunj seal her lips with his.I didn’t mind both started kissing to each other’s.
After they both broke the kiss due to oxygen. Kunj look at twinkle face.
Twinkle:go and sleep.
Kunj: huhu. Remember what I said to you. Tell me I’m ready whenever you want ??.Twinkle push him. After they sleep with ansh.
Episode end.
I hope you all like this episode as well.
Thanks for your comments in my last episode…hope I didn’t bored you all.
You all enjoyed it episode..
Give your reviews fast…
bye love you all lot..

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