Love ka hai intzaar twinj shots by kiya episode 73

[Starter continuation part. ]
Whole night Kunj and Twinkle didn’t sleep just turning the side.While Maya just argue with Anant on Aayat topic. Twinkle killing herself inside in her heart. Whatever happened last night.
[Next day in [email protected] Sunday. ]
Maya wake up with normal face. She looks at Anant who sleeping. She takes her clothes went in washroom. After Maya went in kitchen. She thought Twinkle must be in kitchen now, but she was not. Maya prepared breakfast with sad face. After sometime later All family members wake up.
[In twinj [email protected] ]
Twinkle, and they all sleeping while Kunj his legs falling in air. Just than Twinkle wake up with jerk. She turned and look at her both kids face who sleeping next to her peacefully. Twinkle bend down and admire Aayat face kiss on her face with wet eyes.
Twinkle: I’m very helpless Aayat. Just because of your father. (Think) she kissed on her palm. I hide my tears Aayat when I your name but the pain in my heart is still the same when I give you them. Although I smile and seem care free there is no one who missed you more than me Aayat. You are the part of me. I don’t have this much right to wipe your tears. And I’m just standing stop just because of Kunj. He wants this only for his happiness I’ll do each and everything but I know his first priority you both are. He gives me pain from any way because it’s in my destiny.
And whatever circumstances comes.
Your Mamma really love you and Papa too. This mamma too who just in front of in god eyes.A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world.She wiped her tears and get up and look at Kunj ignore him. Directly went in washroom get freshen up. She come back from wash room found Kunj who sitting. He looks at her, but she didn’t look at him back.
Twinkle: take her and give to them because my duty is over like same always.
Before Kunj give her answer She went downstairs.
Kunj: what I did in this all now she kills me with her taunts babaji. Aayatttt yaar Teri wajse Mera band Acha bajta hai.????. He again sleeps.
[Next side in Taneja Mansion]@
Leela and Rt sitting having Tea. Talking with each other this and that. Leela tell him about Ambika behavior towards Aayat. Even Rt to feel strange.
RT: we can’t say anything Leela it’s their personal matter.
Leela: I know ji.
Rt: Did you tell Twinkle about this?
Leela: nahi ji i didn’t talk to her from many days. She was busy in work even they all come na so I didn’t disturb her. If I tell her about this she feels bad after all MAA hai.
Rt: right what can we do Leela. For us ansh and Aayat same to same we know what relation our with Aayat. But Maya and Anant is good it’s matter lot.
Leela: still ji she is small if I feel this much what about Usha ji more over Aayat.
Rt: Hmm you don’t talk about this in front of anyone’s okay. Just than soham.
Soham: Daduuuuu??.
Rt: yes my son come to Dadu. He is on his lap. Spend some time with Leela and Rt. Later Asha and Naman to come they all have breakfast together.
Naman: what happened MAA.
Leela: nothing Naman. How’s your work going on.?
Naman: superb MAA. Today maamu didn’t see where he is and maami?
Leela: They went for work.
Asha: MAA today we all family members go somewhere on Sunday what’s say?
Rt: idea is good Leela even times past we didn’t go anywhere after our kids.
Leela: okay ji. I’ll ask Twinkle if she comes.
Soham: great dadi.❤❤.
Next side in Sarna Mansion.
Each and every one comes for breakfast it’s silent on breakfast table.
Usha: Twinkle and Maya you to both sit.
Twinkle: mummy ji I’ll have afterwards.
Maya: Even me too. While Twinkle already tell Meena that bring Aayat from her room and take her in her parents room. She sleeps beside Anant. Priyanka (think)
Priyanka: This brother and sister making misunderstandings between Maya di and Twinkle. I’ll tell twinkling don’t come in Thier talks afterwards. All breakfast they sit in hall. Twinkle doing her work even Maya too they both didn’t talk to them. Usha and Anjali see this.
Anjali: now what happened to them MAA?
Usha: this’ll happen I already knew. This sheetal and Niki and others too breaking their bonding this I’ll not let happened.
Anjali: You talk to them MAA.
Usha: I’ll see beta.
Later Twinkle went in her with Kunj coffee.
She went near couch kept the coffee mug aside. Kunj blanket half on floor. Twinkle went near him about to cover him perfectly just than her leg stuck in blanket. She falls on Kunj landed on his chest.
Twinkle and Kunj face is very close to each other’s. Breath hitting to Twinkle lips. She lost in him. Later Kunj try to moved, but he can’t heavyweight on him ??. He open his eyes found Twinkle face near him.??. He gets shocked and screamed slightly in pain.
Kunj: Haaaaa Twinkle what is this help me please earthquake isn’t come ?????.
Twinkle: ahhhaaa.
Kunj: Twinkle get up this new way you find to wake up me haa.
Twinkle: no woh Kunj. They both fall down.
Kunj: haa my back. They both sit there only to take support of couch. They both look at each other.
Kunj: what? What you try to do with me in sleep ahmmm.
Twinkle: Ho really don’t give to much importance to yourself sadu.
Kunj: hmmm. Kunj lost in her. Twinkle see this.
Twinkle: oye don’t stare me like this. I just wake up and suddenly my leg stuck in blanket and I fall on you that’s it.
Kunj: mere needh me hone ka fahida uta rahi ti haa.( In comedy way).
Twinkle?? Ranveer Singh ho kya hum jo me tumhara fahida utaugi.
Kunj: if I’d be Ranveer Singh that Deepak Padukone Type girl should be sitting next to me ????. Twinkle give him anger look.
Twinkle: heheh very lame ? ?.
Kunj: I’m perfect for you syappa queen.?.
Twinkle: shut up you. And your nonsense jokes. Twinkle get up about to go while Kunj hold her hand.
Kunj: heyyy wait na I’m just kidding.
Twinkle turned and give him look.
Twinkle: leave my hand sadu. Twinkle went to bed sit beside Ansh. While Kunj get up and look her.
Kunj: last Sunday went so good na Twinkle. She ignores him. Kunj went in washroom till That Twinkle clean whole room. Ansh wake up and directly he went downstairs. Later Kunj come back after get freshen up. He looks Twinkle who busy in work. He went near her and give her back hugged.
Twinkle: leave me please.
Kunj: no I’ll not now Twinkle forget everything please. Twinkle turned and look at him.
Twinkle: I don’t wanna talk to you and you please leave alone if we talk than we’ll fight Kunj.
Kunj: But why’ll we Twinkle I’ll toh not one day I have offed don’t want fight with you Twinkle.
Twinkle: you do whatever you want to do but leave me.
Kunj: acha give me my clothes.
Twinkle: take itself huhu.
Kunj: what???. Yaar Twinkle it’s not good why you give me punishment haa.
Twinkle: acha I’m giving what about you.
Don your work by yourself now I’ll not do anything get it. She left the room in tashan while Kunj making face like baby.
Anyhow Kunj get ready after. He looks at coffee mug about to get sip of coffee it’s cold.
Kunj: babaji ???.He went downstairs.
Sit with Om they both sitting in side. While other sit in hall. Maya went in her room and see her husband and daughter sleeping she smiles on this. She went near Aayat and sit beside her remember whatever happened last night somewhere regretting.
Maya: Babaji help me please I don’t wanna lose her at any cost. Wait i have idea how to make her happy ?.
Maya went in kitchen make special breakfast for Aayat even for Ansh too.
After come back to her room. Till now Anant wake up he just getting ready in front of mirror. He looks at Maya in weird face.
Maya: you wake up Anant.While he didn’t reply her back. Maya senses this. She sits beside Aayat and rubbing her hairs. Just than she open her eyes and look at Maya with smiling face but her smile fade away. She got up sit there only. Aayat show her little finger in katti way to Maya. While Maya laugh on this.
Maya: Hoo my princess katti with me.
Aayat: Papa come here. He went near her and lifted her. She kissed on his cheeks.
And cuddles her tightly.
Maya: so today Papa and princess in one team. Maya hugged Aayat from back. See mamma sorry na. Maya tickling her. While she laughs loudly.
Aayat: bas mamma.
Maya: see mamma sorry ? she holds her ears.
Aayat: okay Aayat forgive you.
Maya: thanks kiss on her forehead. Come mamma give you bath. Just than Ansh come.
Ansh: Maa I’m here too.
Maya: Aww. They went in washroom playing with water had fun while taking bath. Later Maya make them ready nicely.
They went in hall. Ansh and Aayat sit there while Maya went in kitchen get their breakfast.
Ansh: Maa smells good. Maya started feeding them with her hands while other family members look at them and smile while Maya family not at all.
Esha: mamma see massi love Aayat huhu.
Priyanka: so adorable moments what’s say. Just than Twinkle come and look at them.
Twinkle: good to see them. Twinkle get call from Leela she went in side received her call.
Leela: Hi Twinkle puttar how’s you.
Twinkle: I’m fine MAA. She controls on her tears.
Leela: okay I asked you that you come home if.
Twinkle: MAA how can I come here leave everything MAA I can’t.
Leela: okay we all going out today can you send Ansh and Aayat with us. Twinkle Think for while she remembers Maya words.
Twinkle:MAA I can send Ansh but can’t Aayat. And you can ask Kunj.
Leela: As you wish.
Ansh: MAA you to eat I’ll feed you. While Maya nodded her head in yes. Ansh took small Morsel and feed to Maya.
Kunj: Anjali Get coffee for me.
Anjali: okay she gets up and get coffee for Kunj. While Om and Anjali giggles.
Om: so today your dearest wifey didn’t give you ??.
Kunj: kya O my bad luck.
Maya: so Esha now you to say sorry to my Aayat now you both become friends now okay.
Esha: hmm okay.While Aayat didn’t interest in her. Atlast Aayat forward her hands they both shake their hands. Kunj took sip of coffee and look at Twinkle face who standing slightly far in anger.
Kunj: (Think) everything solved now Why only me babaji this siyappa queen. They two become friends now me ???. Maya wiped Ansh and Aayat face. Varsha look at them and Twinkle too. Sheetal murmured in Varsha ears.
Sheetal: This Twinkle make Maya Bhabhi nanny of her kids. With sad face filling Varsha ears against Twinkle. Whole day passed like this Twinkle didn’t talk to kunj and didn’t have anything.
Twinj [email protected]
Kunj was in balcony just than Yuvi phone come he received the call.
Kunj: haa bok.
Yuvi: What happens bro haa.
Kunj: nothing Arey.
Yuvi: now tell me what happened.
Kunj: what you do today.
Yuvi: Nothing much spending time with my wifey. What about you. How’s your Sunday.
Kunj: f**k. ??.
Yuvi:??than continue ??.
Kunj tell each and everything to Yuvi. While Yuvi laugh on Kunj condition.
Kunj: last Sunday my went so good.
Yuvi: acha Aesha kya kiya ???.
Kunj: huhu. He cut the call in anger.
All had lunch together while Manohar discussing something with Usha about Anjali and Om. After sometime Yuvi come along with Mahi Sarna Mansion. Mahi meet with Maya family. While Yuvi went in twinj room. While Kunj laying down on the bed in sad mood. Yuvi silently went towards him sleep beside him. Moving his hand on Kunj back. While Kunj think it’s Twinkle. Yuvi give him back hug while Kunj feel strange ?.He slightly turned See Yuvi face and shocked ???.
Kunj: You What you try to do with me haa.
Yuvi: you only said na that last Sunday went good, so I thought this too I’ll make it ???If Twinkle not what’s say while Kunj give him punched.
Mahi sit Twinkle both sister talking with each other’s.Priyanka come and give accompany to them.While Ansh and Aayat went with Taneja’s out. This Twinkle don’t know.
Mahi: di where is your kids.
Twinkle: maybe here only. Maya come.
Maya: hi Mahi. How’s you and baby.
Mahi: I’m fine what about you.
Maya: I’m too fine. Next side Yuvi and Kunj sit talking their nonsense talks.
Yuvi: But kunj Twinkle is right on her place I’m not saying that she is right fully.
Kunj: Even I too didn’t say that she is wrong Yuvi but whatever happened in this house with her she throws and show all anger on me. She and Sheetal Maya Bhabhi fights with each other she muffed with me. That’s not good Yuvi.
Yuvi: ??poor baby my. Don’t worry.
Do juniors sadu’s.
Kunj: went out with Leela MAA and others.
Yuvi: hoo. How’s your meeting.
Kunj: ghanta meeting I’m had to leave meeting in middle for whom just for My kids, and she thought I didn’t care about them is it Yuvi in sad tone.
Yuvi: no Kunj you should understand her situation too bro.
Kunj: Arey I understand her too and each and everything bro.
Yuvi: now you do something for her she’ll be okay.
Kunj: hmm. Later Twinkle come in her room with coffee she gives Yuvi while Put Kunj mug in side Yuvi laugh on this.
Yuvi: Arey Twinkle give Kunj too.
Twinkle: take it I’ll not give everything In hands.
Yuvi: uff anger ??hot
Kunj: tell her I don’t want her coffee huhu.
Twinkle: good na I’m not dying for this.
Mahi come and sit beside Yuvi. While Twinkle went and sit in couch. Kunj didn’t have other option he took the coffee mug
Take sip of coffee.
Yuvi: Good kunj. Now Twinkle to forgive him.
Mahi: Arey What happens didi and jiju.
Yuvi: Your di and jiju fight with each other.
Mahi: Hoo. ?? Jijuuuu.
Kunj: what tell this to you di not me.
Yuvi: By the way Twinkle what you both did on last sunday????. Twinkle eyes pop out while Kunj coughing ?. She looks at Kunj while Mahi controlling her laugh.
Twinkle: don’t you asked this to him.
Mahi: still what you did???.
Yuvi: chal Pagali we know ????.
Kunj: By the way Twinkle why didn’t you said Leela MAA that she get permission from me to send Ansh and Aayat.? Why?
Twinkle: so what I’ll tell her don’t you know
She asked me about them I told her I can’t anything on about Aayat matter and take Ansh still asked you once because meri chalti hi kitni hai. Yesterday what I did nothing but all blame come on me. Huhu
.Yuvi teasing Twinkle her anger increased more now. She got up.
Twinkle: both of them shameless huhu. Leave from here.
Kunj: what this girl want from me.
Downstairs later Ansh and Aayat come back both holding each other hands.
Usha: so finally my kids come. What you both did haa tell me.
Aayat: dadi Leela Nani is so good we all did lot of fun enjoy today.
Ansh: yes.
Usha: Good you both enjoy I’m happy.
Twinkle went in kitchen doing her work while Maya come and stand.
Maya: Twinkle. She turned and look at her.
Twinkle: Yes.
Maya: take her hands in hers. See Twinkle I’m sorry whatever happened yesterday I didn’t mean that.
Twinkle: it’s okay bhabhi. I’m fine.
Maya: Nahi Twinkle you forgive me please.
You know na I love Aayat lot.
Twinkle: Yes why you tell me this.
Maya: sorry still.
Twinkle: it’s okay bhabhi. Hum hara toh chalta raha ta hai.
Maya: Hmm. Maya hugged her. Twinkle (think)
Twinkle: now I’m used too bhabhi.
Later in night everyone sitting for dinner.
All had their dinner. After sit Twinkle served them sweets. Om and Ansh playing while Yuvi and Kunj sitting seeing them.
Yuvi: waha O good one.
Ansh: O uncle no now it’s my turn.
Om: okay. Anjali come along with Mahi and Twinkle sit too.
Anjali: nowadays Ansh and Om become good friends.
Yuvi: What’ll happen to danish.
Ansh: He is my bro buddy ??.
Yuvi: hooo.
Om: I love Ansh.
Kunj: good?.
Twinkle: atlast Om you toh loved him taunting to kunj.
Yuvi: oops ? ?. Kunj look on her face.
Om: Ansh you’ll go with us Bangalore.
Ansh: hmm.
Om: Kunj give him to me.
Kunj: okay take I’m ready while Twinkle look at him. (They both just kidding)
Anjali: Think chote I’ll take him.
Kunj: asked him if she goes.
Ansh: no no I’ll not go anywhere to leave my Papa.
Om: What about maama.
Twinkle: where’ll mamma go ?. Niki come. Ansh went from here.
Niki: Good one Om now you adopt to Ansh.They already give one second two what man. Usha give voice to Twinkle she went.
Kunj: acha you know all thing about us. Kunj break her mouth in her language she walks out.
Om: think kunj.
Kunj: No O I’ll not give my son anyone after all he is life line of my and Twinkle.
Anjali: True. We just kidding.
Yuvi: If Think Twinkle will kill him.
Anjali: she already did one sacrifice. Her pain only she knows.
Om: right.
Mahi: yuvraj I’ll come okay. Mahi about to go while Aayat falls all food plate on herself. Varsha yelling her on this. While Mahi went towards her.
Mahi: wait sit I’ll clean you and this too.
Varsha: why you do Her mother will do it. Usha and Nani seeing this.
Mahi: so what even my massi to like mother. Mahi went in kitchen get mop and clean everything and even she clean Aayat too.
Usha: see this khoon khoon hota hai.
Nani: right.
Aayat: Thanks Mahi massi. After sometime later Yuvi and Mahi take a leave and left for their home. After all went in their respective rooms

Twinj [email protected]
Kunj sitting and working his work in laptop.
Just than Twinkle come she was on call.
Twinkle: Yes Asha I’m registered my number on this and make my profile too. She talk with her about unknowns numbers which she gets call from many days She went near bed cut the call and sit doing something in her phone while Kunj listen her conversation. Asked her.
Kunj: kaun shi profile kaha register karliye aapne aap ko. Twinkle look at him.
Twinkle: : ( Think) he wants to know each and everything about me.if I asked him that always lie to me huhu. Even I’ll not tell him about these calls.
Twinkle: one shopping site i have registered you on a site, on this site you can sell your husband and can get free gift vouchers, ( in funny way)
Kunj: if i can get a good wife too from there? You always answer me In wrong way.
Twinkle: acha I did what about you haa.
Why should I tell you each and everything about me answer me. Kunj Leave his work and went near her.
Kunj: why you get so hipper Twinkle.
Twinkle: what did you said That you’ll give my Ansh haa how dare you.
Kunj: what. We just joking Twinkle did you think I’ll give him to them.
Twinkle: you can do anything kunj. You didn’t think once for to giving her how you can think now too. And listen carefully I’ll not give my Ansh anyone gets it. Kunj held her from her shoulders both.
Kunj: why you get so insecure ? haa.
It’s just a joke Twinkle.
Twinkle: this all joke for you all for me not kunj this words killing me lot. Tears coming from her eyes.Her nose become red.
Kunj: Twinkle yaar don’t cry please. See I’ll not do anything and nobody’s take your son away from you. Kunj wiped her tears.
Twinkle don’t cry.
Twinkle: I hate you huhu.
Kunj: okay but i love you. He tickles Twinkle while she laughs.
Twinkle: haa kunj leave me. Kunj hugged her tightly. Kunj let her cry in his arms.
Later. Kunj cupped her face kissed on her eyes.
Kunj: even I’m too sorry.
Twinkle: you didn’t tell anything to Maya Bhabhi why?
Kunj: what I’ll tell Twinkle our place is very weak Twinkle. And You just trust on me.
Twinkle: hmm.
Kunj: my whole Sunday you wasted. Huhu.
Twinkle: huhu.
Kunj: Did you eat anything. Twinkle nodded her head in no. That’s not good Twinkle. Kunj hold her hand take her downstairs. Both went in kitchen. While Kunj fills Food plate for Twinkle.They both went in garden sit there.
Twinkle: why you take me here.
Kunj: for voting ??. Twinkle slap him.
Kunj: atlast you touch me??. Now my bhukhd ready kunj feed her with his hands. Don’t eat my finger okay??.
Twinkle: you are such a shameless Kunj. What you told Yuvi.
Kunj: I didn’t ?. I just told him my Sunday went good he asked me what we did?. He winked at Twinkle. Whispering in her ear. Still, night left Twinkle what’s say???. Twinkle narrow her eyes.
Twinkle: stop your dirty mind sadu. Twinkle feed him too. They both enjoying the weather as well their moments too. Kunj tucked Twinkle hairs behind her ears. This all Varsha and Sheetal seeing from
Their room window.
Sheetal: huhu I try to make misunderstandings between them but can’t.
Varsha: here my sister her husband fighting with each other here they both living together nicely. Huhu.
Kunj: Twinkle tell me your site name please. Twinkle smile faded.
Twinkle: Kunj I want to tell you something.
Kunj: haa. Just than Twinkle phone ring. Kunj eyes went on this. Who call you from unknown numbers. Before Twinkle take her phone Kunj take it.
Kunj: hello. Twinkle get tensed.
Caller: Hi my chick. Kunj look at Twinkle face.
Kunj: who the hell are you. The caller cut the call. Twinkle what is this.
Twinkle: Kunj I don’t know I get call from this unknown numbers from many days. I’ll show you Twinkle started showing Kunj each and everything all messages and all
Obscene pictures and messages kunj get shocked to see this. He eyes become red.
Twinkle get scare with him now.
Twinkle: Kunj i didn’t do anything trust me.
Twinkle cover her cheeks with her both hands in fear. Kunj look at her and smile. Twinkle get confused.
Kunj: Twinkle why you scare haa. And I’ll not anything with you. Kunj removed her hands.
Twinkle: are you okay na.
Kunj: yes I’m and don’t worry I’ll see this caller too.
Twinkle: how easily you trust on me.
Kunj: with smile yes I do. He closed his fist this a*sh*le I’ll kill him if I find him. Twinkle cover his mouth with her hands.
Twinkle: Kunjjj Chii don’t abuse. I thought you’ll kill me.
Kunj: why’ll I live without you. ?.
Twinkle: awwww pulling his cheeks.
Kunj: now give me some sweet.
Twinkle: in dinner you have lot of sweet. Kunj like o. In what way he tells.
Kunj: I’m not talking about that sweet but about this winked at her. Twinkle understand this. And Blush.
Kunj: left your blushing for room. ???
Twinkle bite her lip corner.
Twinkle: shhhh.
Kunj: I’ll do better ???. Twinkle started beating him. They both running behind each other’s. After they both went inside.
Twinkle: Kunj you take Ansh he Maybe in Maya Bhabhi room.
Kunj: he will come.they both went upstairs went in their room change their clothes.
They both learn for kiss.Kunj pulling her near him. While they both closed their eyes and soon their lips connect with each other’s. They busy in kiss biting each other’s lips. Kunj totally lost his Sense. He nuzzles his face in her neck while Twinkle caressing his hairs continuously.
Twinkle: kunjjjj. Stop. He was in no mood to listen anything. Just than They heard voice. Twinkle push him. Their room door was half close and half open. Kunj giving her look. Slightly Ansh and Aayat open the door and come in room look at Kunj and twinkle. While Twinkle turned and adjust her duppta. Kunj ruffles his hairs.
Aayat: What happened haa.
Kunj: everything happened slightly ?.
They went near bed and sit there only.
Ansh: mamma my Nani is the best.
Kunj: hoooo.
Kunj: why both come in wrong time.
Aayat: why??.
Twinkle: nothing.
Aayat: Twinkle chachi Why your lips become so red. Kunj and Twinkle shocked.
Situation become awkward.
Kunj: haa Twinkle which lipstick you applied controlling his laugh.???.
Twinkle: I’ll tell you later.
Aayat: you brought new one show me too.
Kunj slightly murmured.
Kunj: here I’m ?????. Twinkle try to change the topic.
Twinkle: Arey Ansh you get new car.
Ansh: mamma Aayat Nani give me.
Kunj:hoo what about you Aayat.
Aayat remember how Ambika give her doll to Esha. Aayat become sad. Twinkle and Kunj see this.
Aayat: my Nani give my doll to Esha.
Twinkle: so what your chachu give you na new dolls. Kunj cuddles his both kids.
Twinkle: Aayat you go and sleep.
Aayat: I’ll sleep here.
Twinkle: no your mamma waiting for you.
My good girl na go. She got up and went.
They lay down.
Kunj: what happened to Aayat nowadays days is behaving weird Twinkle.
Twinkle: something bothering her Kunj.
Kunj: I’ll ask her later now sleep. They cuddle and sleep. Like this Two days passed Maya family bad behaviour increasing towards Aayat. Ambika jerk her many times Aayat finding something fishy.
Why they treat Aayat and Esha differently.
At night. Maya and her family their planned dinner out tonight.Even Kunj and Twinkle too planning Kunj gang to come for dinner out. Whole day Aayat sobbing hidly. She lost her charms. Carved for her mother family loves.They all get ready set to go out. Even Twinkle too looking beautiful she gets ready while Kunj too.
Kunj: Twinkle fast na.
Twinkle: Kunj just one minute. I’ll check Ansh weather he sleeps or not.
While maya room.
Aayat: mamma don’t leave me I didn’t feel good I need you.
Maya: Aayat go and sleep na. And your Twinkle chachi is here for you.
Aayat: now I want you not chachi.
Dev: maya come we’ll late.While Aayat went and sit she got hurt on her hands.
Maya they all about to leave. Just than Usha tell her about Aayat look at her.
Maya: mummy ji Twinkle will see her. She said and left.Just than Twinkle and Kunj come downstairs. See Aayat hand.
Kunj: careful.
Twinkle: where is Maya Bhabhi.
Usha: they all went out for dinner.
Twinkle: didn’t take her.
Usha: I told her that stay with her, but she went. Aayat get up went upstairs.
Kunj:Twinkle lets go.
Usha: she told you’ll here for her.
Kunj: maa tell anjali di she’ll see Aayat. We’ll go.Kunj about to go while Twinkle.
Twinkle: I’m not going anywhere. She said and ran upstairs in her room. Kunj too behind him.
Twinj [email protected]
Twinkle removing her jewellery throwing her bangles here and there in anger.
Kunj come and see her. Twinkle talking with herself.
Twinkle: I’m here why?
Kunj: Twinkle we’ll go na Anjali is here.
Twinkle: loudly why Anjali Di she is here and why she handled her Kunj she is not her responsibility but Maya Bhabhi how can she went and leave her like this. Why Anjali Di I’m not getting kunj. Anjali Di is not her mother.They leave her You Think I’ll haa never. I didn’t give her to Anjali Di kunj But to Maya Bhabhi. Anjali Di ne adopt nahi kiya hai usko kunj.
Kunj: Twinkle please anyone listened.
Twinkle: what listen ???.
Kunj: we’ll go next time.
Twinkle: I’m not saying this Kunj that I’m saying how can she left her. Just than they heard usha voice. Kunj and Twinkle ran from there.
Kunj: Maa what happened.
Usha: Kunj see Aayat lock herself in room.
Kunj: what?. Twinkle started worried. Kunj banging the door.
Kunj: Aayat open the door please.
Twinkle: Aayatttttttt. While one by one om and Anjali Nani Manohar comes rest of sleeping.
Twinkle: Kunj open the door please.
If she’ll do anything with herself no.
Kunj: first you calm down Twinkle.
Anjali: Twinkle calm down please.
They all get worried now she didn’t open the door. Later Kunj break the door.
They went inside the room. Find Aayat she lays on floor and tears falling downs. Kunj and Twinkle see her get so reliefs.
This some minutes become hard for them.
Kunj went and sit beside her. She looks at him. She was fuming in anger. Started
screaming which make everyone shocked those standing there.
Aayat: leave me alone.
Manohar: what happened to you Aayat.
Usha: anyone scolds her haa. Aayat get up and red in anger. Pulling her hairs. Kunj stop her asked her what happened.
She remembers all harsh words of Ambika and Varsha. Which giving her pain. Noooo.Kunj yelling her to stop her but not.
Twinkle cuddles her tightly still she not.
Manohar take her.
Manohar: tell to your dadu What happens haa. I’ll not leave anyone.
Aayat: dadu they not love me..
Manohar: who don’t love you. Kunj call Anant and tell him about Aayat. He didn’t inform maya and all’s they went for long drive he escapes from here after knowing about this.
Aayat: my Nani why? All shocked.
Usha: they tell you anything.
Aayat: I saw many times they all love Esha not me why? And Esha told me that she is her Nani not my why? No one have answered what to tell her. Meri Nani toh mujhe pyaar hi nahi karti hai. See Ansh ki Nani usko kitna pyaar karti hai why my not. Just than Anant come. He went near her.
Usha: I know this’ll happened.
Kunj: maa please.dont say this
usha: think if i feel this much bad what about her haa.
Anant: kya hua.Aayat cry in Anant arms.
Aayat: Papa they all hate me why?
They did partiality with me and Esha. They love her not me. Always scold me
even when I went Nani house too. Esha told me I’m not her sister. Each and everyone has tears in their eyes too see her pain.
Anant: we love you na.
Aayat: I want my Nani love me too. Her eyes nose to flow. Even mamma not love me she neglected me why?
Twinkle: no Aayat mamma loves you.
Aayat: she love Esha not me.
Anant: no why Esha you are our doll.
Kunj: he wiped his tears. Tell Anjali take her. They both out of the room.
Kunj: what is this Anant Bhaiya I want answer.
Usha: even me too why they behave like this with her haa? Even I saw too.
Anant: Kunj what I’ll tell you I’m ashamed on myself.They didn’t love Aayat. After hearing this Twinkle and Kunj floor breaks.
Twinkle: means.
Anant: even I too don’t know that’s why I don’t like them. They don’t love my daughter and for her I’ll leave everyone.
Kunj: Anant Bhaiya what to say.
Anant: But I love Aayat kunj and even Maya too.
Twinkle: she wiped her tears. I know that you both love her.
Usha: you should tell maya about this.
She is small.
Kunj: if today she did something then?
Manohar: than why they come here Anant.
Usha: if in my hand I’ll slap them. Anant started crying. Sorry kunj and Twinkle.
Twinkle and Kunj stand near him.
Twinkle: Anant Bhaiya why you cry please I don’t care whether they love Aayat or not. I just care you and Maya Bhabhi love her this I know you give your life for her life this matter lot for me.
Kunj: we give her to you not them. I can see love for her in your eyes. Kunj wiped Anant tears. And don’t ashamed.
Twinkle: Kunj is right. How much you both love her nobody’s give her this much love.
Everyone gets emotional while happy to see Twinkle matureness. Kunj was hell happy.
Kunj: beti aap ki hai you have to convince her please and you can do it she wants you.All get emotional. Nobody can’t break our bonding. While Usha and Manohar happy to see their both son understanding.
The hardest part of being a parent is watching a child go through something really tough and not being able to fix it for them. Her nose become red.

Twinj room. @
Twinkle and Kunj standing and thinking about Aayat.
Twinkle: Kunj yeh kya Ho raha hai.
Kunj: if she with us anyone did like this I’ll kill them twinkle how can they so cruel with her what she wants just Their love.
Twinkle: what she did with them they didn’t like her haa? We didn’t give her forcefully they want. And I didn’t care. We didn’t give her to them even don’t give them shit too. Kunj we give our Aayat to Anant Bhaiya and Maya Bhabhi when they did like this with her than matter for us.
Kunj: hmm right mene apni beti apne bhai ko di hai usko nahi Right. And this dev if anything he did like this.
Twinkle: you talk once.
Kunj: and you don’t dare to send Ansh with Maya Bhabhi get it. We can’t say about Aayat.
Twinkle: did you think she’ll go next time.
Kunj: let them go. Ignore twinkle.
Twinkle: I can ignore them but. Bhabhi hai na. Aayat ke liye even Priyanka tell me about Varsha and dev they fill Maya Bhabhi ears against me now I’ll see them too. We four of them together always remain.Kunj hugged her.The hardest part of being a parent is that you can’t stop world from hurting your child you can only be there to ease the pain of you kids.
Scene freezes on twinj face and Aayat.
Precape: maya and Anant anniversary party what make Twinkle shocked her world shake. After seeing that scenario.What happened in party.Let’s see what comes in Aayat life. Maya family going to Mumbai…


i hope you all like episode thanks for comments.

If boring sorry.

And any one ask any questions you all can.


bye love you all..

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