Love ka hai intzaar twinj shots by kiya episode 70

The episode started..,
Sheetal left from there.. while outside in garden everyone was chit chatting with each other. While just than Anjali asked about Kunj.
Anjali: where is chote?
Usha: May be inside.
Anjali: okay.
Maya and Anant admiring their kids. They all kid playing in mud.
Aayat: don’t break my mud house.
Piya: huhu. Just than Sheetal come there and smirk.
Sheetal: (think) awww they both busy here and their parents there. ?? soon I’ll make you cry twinkle lot. Because of you so much pain I have to bear.Because of your kids always everyone sided my kids. She looks at maya huhu nanny bas she Said?. All laugh on kids.
OM: ansh good after all architecture ka beta hai.??.
Manohar: hmmm.
Nani: and yeh toh puri lawyer hai?.
Maya: true to Nani.
While OM loved spending time with Ansh and Aayat specially with Ansh.They both playing games and video games etc.
Anjali cruising herself that she didn’t give Om to this small happiness. Niki just trying to do act like that to get Om attention towards her.

Next side in [email protected]
They Both still busy in romance. Having sometime for each other’s.After long days.Twinkle feels so good in kunj embrace after years she really happy from heart.
Twinkle: kunj chodo now bas see the time.
Kunj: forget about everything now.
Kunj giving her butterflies kisses on her body.One of the most magical moments happens when two bodies unite, two hearts beat against each other and the world ceases to exist at the moment and of passion.Twinkle rubbing kunj hairs feeling magical pleasure.Outside on stairs Ansh and Aayat coming to upstairs.
They both standing outside of the Twinkle and Kunj room.They about to going inside the room but the door was locked.
They both started knocking at the door.
Ansh: mammaaaa. Open the door.
Aayat: twinkle chachiiii..
Just than Twinkle and Kunj heard the sound of knocking on the door.
Twinkle: kunjjj please stop. Someone at door. Again they both continuously knocking. Kunj stop and lifted his face and look at on Twinkle face who beneath him.
Aayat: Chachu.
Ansh: Papa.
Twinkle: I told you na that they’ll come now see.
Kunj: don’t worry room locked hai. Their voice coming in room too.Kunj look at Twinkle with puppy face.What they want from us. Ek chachi wali ek mamma wala.
Good all come in between my romance?
Twinkle: done na now let me go.
Kunj: where? Not at all. They’ll go let them knocking the door. Me bhi unka baap hu.
Twinkle: kunjjj have some shame what they’ll think about us. What we do that we didn’t open the door.
Kunj: let them think.Whatever always come in wrong time.Now you and me bas.
Twinkle: what happened to you today.
Kunj: nothing after days we get some personal time for each other’s.
Twinkle: we are not single we are mamma and Papa forget about privacy. Chodo mujhe kunj mete bacho ko dekhne toh what they want.
Kunj: dekh lena afterwards now see their Papa. Even I want.
Twinkle: wha?
Kunj:you my dear lovey siyppa queen.
Kunj pressing Her body against with his.
Twinkle: besharam ek number ke.?.
Why you so desperate today.
Kunj: I’m always desperate for you ? it’s only I know how I control on myself.but not today kissing on her chin.
Twinkle: pagal hogaye ho. If they go down what elders think about us. Why we not open the door to them. Haa.
Kunj: they understand easily elder too? why we not open the door they know before us they too here one day ???.
Being with you that’s all I really want.
Always you can’t escape from me.
Twinkle: sadu..huhu Ansh and Aayat left for there with puppy face. Again busy in games and all’s. Kunj didn’t let her go. He cuddles her tightly.While she didn’t have other option. Kunj look at her lips which already become red due to kisses. He winked at her. Captured her lips with his and kissing her not leaving a single attempt to give her. Even Twinkle too did same with him nibbling his lips area. Both totally forget about everything just know about each other and this moment.
Every relationship has its problem, but to overcome them, you have to fix them together and make your relationship even
Stronger which is all that matters.

After everyone was come inside the mansion. Just than usha speak.
Usha: something is burning in kitchen.
Anjali: hmm smells comes maa.
Maya: I’ll check mummy ji. Others went in kitchen. While Maya went in kitchen and see the milk on gas stove and continuously boring milk over flow and falling down.
Maya: what is this. She went in hurry immediately off the stove.Whole milk burns.Usha come there. She looks at on kitchen platform. Bua dadi comes too.
She blabs nonsense.
Bua dadi: careless Bhahu.she scolds Maya
Sheetal: Arey she didn’t do this.
Usha: who is last in kitchen haa?
Sheetal: only Twinkle maami ji.. smirks ?.
Maya: where is she?
Sheetal: she was in her room only na.
Usha:Leave it this tell meena she’ll clean this.All left from there. Maya gets angry on Twinkle.She clean all things. After sometimes later. After get tired and done with their romance. Kunj and Twinkle sleep in each other’s embrace.
Later in evening [email protected] [email protected]
Twinkle and Kunj sleeping in each other embrace.Kunj holding her from waist tightly while Twinkle hands around his back. Just than Twinkle wake up. She looks at Kunj who sleeping half on her half on the bed. She smiled to see him she kissed on his chest. She admires his bare body.
Just than she sees the time it’s 5clock.
Twinkle: O shit.. This all happened because of this sadu. She tries to come out from his embrace but not. After slightly Twinkle removed kunj hands from her waist without disturbing his sleep. She looks at floor their clothes here and there. She leaves it just ran in washroom.
After take bath she come out in bath rope.
First take out their clothes from floor kept aside. Take out her clothes wear it. After went towards dressing table. Get ready her hairs fully wet..
Twinkle: kunjj wake up. Kunj didn’t move at all.Twinkle leave him she ran downstairs.She directly went in kitchen.
All family members sitting in hall it’s tea time. Twinkle found Maya in kitchen in gloomy face. She went near her.
Twinkle: bhabhi you go sit I’ll make tea.
Maya: no need I’ll do it. She looks at on Twinkle wet hairs. Spend time with Kunj you Twinkle but before at least do your work properly.
Twinkle: what you mean which work.
Maya: what you did you on the gas stove and milk burned all fallings. And mummy ji scold me.
Twinkle: no Bhabhi I off the gas stove before only.
Maya: than I did this.
Twinkle: no I didn’t mean it. I mean.
( think ) sadu Sarna manta hi nahi hai.
While Sheetal standing in side laughing on her and remembering.
(Flash back)
After she come back from Twinj room door. She went in kitchen look at milk she on the gas stove purposely.??.
Sheetal: now you wait Twinkle. Hot hot milk and your romance reaction ??.
She left. You both just wait yashoda and devaki soon I’ll break everything in your life.End of flash back.
Twinkle:still Bhabhi mene nahi kiya hai.
Maya: leave it she fills the tea cups and
I’m not the servant left for hall.
Twinkle: Bhabhiii.
In hall Maya served tea and snacks to everyone’s.Anant look at Maya face understands something happened today he ignores. While Twinkle come here too.
Anjali: Twinkle where is chote?
Twinkle: woh room me..Twinkle walk out from here and went in garden look at Kids.
They all fully dirty in mud.Ansh come here.
She called Ansh but they both come towards her.
Ansh: mamma.
Twinkle: what is this ?look at yourself..
Come with me. She holds Ansh hand take him inside. While Aayat look at Twinkle.
Aayat: what happened to chachi. Even she too went behind hers. They come in hall.
Maya: Aayat come.
Usha: chiii.?
Aayat: offo dadi. Twinkle take Ansh upstairs went in their room.

Twinj [email protected]
Kunj still sleeping.Twinkle take Ansh in washroom clean him.
Ansh: mamma I come but you not open the door. Why?
Twinkle: okay. You eat anything or not.
Ansh: nope. Okay I’m going maa will give me.
Twinkle: not don’t irritate to MAA Ansh okay. Mamma hai na.You come with me.
Kunjjj wake up. they left for downstairs While Maya giving milkshakes to Aayat.
Ansh sit next to him.
Maya: Ansh take your glass too. But he looks at on Twinkle face. She gestured him in yes.
Ansh: okay Meri MAA. ?
Aayat: Meri mamma.? they drink milkshake and give kisses to On maya cheeks.
Maya: bas bas.Twinkle look at them and give smile on this. She went in kitchen and make coffee to Kunj take for him went in room back. Twinkle kept the coffee mug in side. She went to bed sit beside him.
Twinkle: kunjjj please wake up. Na.
Kunj: hmm 5 minuets.
Twinkle: no wake up na baba.Twinkle pulled the blanket.Now get up fast. Kunj open his eyes look at her with narrow eyes.
Kunj: what happened Twinkle let me sleep.
Twinkle:look at yourself go take bath fast
Anjali Di asked for you. Why she cares sadu face huhu??. He got up and ran for washroom.While Twinkle clean room things. She stood in front of dressing table. And (think)
What happened to bhabhi why she said this. If I’ll tell this Kunj.This all happened because of him only.This man not understand we are not alone because of him I have to listen Their words. If I tell him now he frowns with me.Because of others I don’t want everything happened between us. Leave it this Twinkle.She went towards wardrobe taking out Kunj clothes she lost there.Just than Kunj come out he went near her. Hugged her from back.
Kunj: where are you lost. Twinkle come to in sense. She smiled.
Twinkle: nope come fast good.
Kunj: I’m not like you na who taking 2 hours. ???. I’ll give you accompany in bath good na save water time too???.: what’s say.?
Twinkle:no need of this sadu. She turned and handed his clothes to him. Now wear before your coffee get cold.
Kunj: hmm. Kunj get ready. He and Twinkle sit together while Kunj taking sip of Coffee. Kunj caressing Twinkle one hand.
Kya hua.
Twinkle: nothing.You don’t have some shame Kunj really.
Kunj: huhu. Why should I have. He went closer to her ear. Enjoy toh tu bhi karti hai??. More than me? pleasure toh tujhe bhi milta hai siyappa Queen.Twinkle listen this get red in shyness But shocked too.
Twinkle: Ooo. Such a shameless man babaji.Chii keshi baate karte ho tum Kunj.
He kept the coffee mug in side pulls her near him.
Kunj: acha what about you. Twinkle about to going. Where are you going.
Twinkle: why any work.
Kunj: Arey sit with husband talk to me.
Twinkle: acha ji what still you are not over haa I have work to do Kunj. They both left for downstairs.
In [email protected]
Kunj sit with all while Twinkle went in kitchen started preparation for dinner. While maya sitting with him.
OM: Hoo saale sab.
Kunj: hmm.
Om: holiday enjoying ?. Kunj ignore his questions.
Kunj: kya O..
Usha: when they come maya puttar.?
Maya: may be in morning.
Anjali: Maa kaun?
Usha: Maya family puttar.
Ansh:Hoo Nani bhi. While Aayat look at Ansh face.
Maya: haa Nani too.
Ansh: Maa maze ab..
Anjali: really happy and you Aayat. She didn’t happy so much.. (reason what?)
Anant didn’t to not happy.
Anant: who going to airport?
Maya: how I know.
Kunj: don’t worry Bhai I’ll go.
Manohar: haa Anant. He gets up from there left for his room.
Nani: what happened to him.
Usha: god knows.
Maya: I’ll come.After sometime later. Sheetal give so chocolate to Aayat she ate after pain started in her stomach badly.
Aayat: ahhhaa. Mamma.She roamed here and there in pain.
In kitchen, they both doing their work.
Maya: I’ll do it this.
Twinkle: no I’ll bhabhi.
Maya: sorry I didn’t mean that.
Twinkle: it’s okay even I too.
Maya: if you didn’t than who did this.
Twinkle: really bhabhi mene Kuch nahi kiya. Why I’ll on the gas stove and left.
This happened because of Kunj only. Huhu.
Maya: forget about that. If you not and me than. Just than maya remembered Sheetal she understood this.I know who did. While Niki listings theirs talks.
Niki: it’s not very easy to break their connection Sheetal.
Sheetal: hmm right now what to do..
Niki: just wait. Usha see them.
Usha: why you both standing here haa?
They shocked now what to do and say.
Twinkle and Maya to come and understand now all matters. Take all dishes and place on dinning table.
Anjali calls each and every one for dinner soon they all come and sit. While Twinkle and Maya started serving dinner. Ansh and Rohan sit together.
Maya: piya Aayat kaha hai.?
Piya: don’t know Badi chachi..
Next in room Aayat started vomiting ?.
Throwing on floor. Tears coming from her yes. Mamma winching in pain. She gives her expired chocolate.
Anant: I’ll call her.
Usha: Arey sitting watching Tv.
Maya: no I’ll call her first.
Anjali: Arey mamma Papa. Bas?
Anant: ek hi beti hai Meri bas. Aeshe keshe nahi.
Aayat: mammmaaaa papaaaaa screaming loudly her voice come there too.
Kunj: lo madam ??. She again screams Anant take up fast ran from there. He went in room and get shocked to her.
Anant: Aayat.. Maya to come there.
Maya: what happened to you my baby. Haa?
Aayat: mamma paining on my stomach badly she started cry at the Same time vomit too going on. She pukes on Maya clothes mamma.
Anant: bas calm down. What happened To my baby. Maya clean her herself too as well. Anant lifted her in his arms.
Maya: what you eat Aayat haa.
Aayat: nothing mamma.
Anant: now don’t cry.They went in hall.
Maya: Anant go have your dinner.
Anant: come Aayat have your dinner.
They went.
Usha: kya hua.. They told everything.
Kunj: what.?what she ate haa.
Aayat: nothing mammaaa????.
Manohar: okay come to me you both first have your dinner. Anant give her to Manohar. She sat on his lap with dull face while Kunj and Twinkle both look at on her
Face get worried.
Usha: Twinkle sit.
Twinkle: hmm. She sat while just playing with spoon not eating anything Kunj can see this and her face too.
Anant: I’ll take her hospital.
Nani: Arey it’s normal Anant beta.
Anant: no Nani for me it’s not normal.
Aayat: no I’ll not go anywhere.
Maya: She just saying this only scare of injection na..
Manohar: okay stop he take her with him.
While in pain soon she slept In Manohar Arms.He places Aayat on her parents room.
Anjali: don’t worry about it she is okay and sleep too. Anjali telling this both mothers directly and indirectly.She gestured to Twinkle to a sure her too. Not worried about her.Twinkle think she is fine now.
After dinner clean everything All went in their respective rooms.
Twinj [email protected]
OM and Anjali sitting with Kunj and twinkle.Om playing with Ansh.They become good friends.
Anjali: good Maya family coming. But what happened to Anant?
Kunj: nothing Di.
Twinkle: really they come when.
Anjali: you don’t know.
Twinkle: nobody tells me.
Kunj: next morning.
OM: Ansh bas.
Ansh: Papa see Om uncle win.
Kunj: good.
Twinkle: you both really become good friends.
OM: yes haina Ansh.
Ansh: mamma where is makeup queen and what happened to her.
Twinkle: hoo not Ansh.
Anjali: sleeping Aayat madam.
OM: drama queen not well. Let’s go anjali let’s sleep.
Anjali: okay goodnight.
OM: come today sleep with us. He looks at Kunj and Twinkle face.
Ansh: take mamma too.
Anjali: than who sleep with your Papa haa?. Kunj and Twinkle look at each other face☺️
OM: come na.
Kunj: Arey I’ll disturb you both.
Anjali: nothing is like that chote.
Ansh: I can’t sleep without mamma Papa i want one of them from. And MAA and daddy too.
OM: acha.?okay. They both left.
Kunj: than how you sleep with MAA.
Ansh: woh toh Meri MAA hai na.
Twinkle: okay come sleep you have to wake up early for school. Ansh lay down on her lap. Closed his eyes twinkle caressing his hairs. Kunj kissed on his forehead. Soon he sleeps in Twinkle arms.
Kunj: Twinkle don’t worry she is fine.
Twinkle: hmm but suddenly what happened to her Kunj. You didn’t inform me about Maya Bhabhi family is coming haa?
Kunj:why didn’t Maya Bhabhi tells you this.
Twinkle: i asked Kunj first. I really don’t know about anyone’s.
Kunj: anything happened today Twinkle?
Twinkle: nope why’d. Her mind thinks about Aayat bas.
Kunj: stop thinking so much Twinkle.
Twinkle: what I think bas get tired ?
Today. And one you didn’t give me time to rest huhu.
Kunj: acha when I give not time to you than you only the one told me have complained that I m not giving time to you on holiday too. Now what I’ll do babaji.
Twinkle: don’t become so smart sadu. I told you but you didn’t see the time I want that we talk to each other sit together share our things. Not for that ??.
Kunj: hoo than you should told me I thought about that only in naughty way?.
Twinkle: what happened to Anant Bhaiya Kunj.
Kunj: nothing I didn’t see anything like that.
While next side in luthra mansion.

Yuhi [email protected]
They both lay down Yuvi hand resting on mahi stomach.
Mahi: sleep Yuvi. Whole day you just feed me eat this and that.
Yuvi: jaan you should take care of yourself and my baby too. I’ll give all happiness.
Mahi: hoo. ??. I can’t for our baby.
Yuvi: even I too Mahi. Yuvi fullfill her all needs and nowadays bearing her mood swings too???.
Next scene. Maya and Anant room. They both sitting beside Aayat who sleeping in middle.
Maya: Anant why you tell who I’ll airport?
Anant: just like.
Maya: it’s not Kunj in laws it’s your. you should go Anant but you didn’t give love and care to my family.
Anant: listen Maya carefully first I’m not interested in your family at all and second
They come stay here my family will treat them nicely give respect too. And your brother is coming don’t think get hope from me that I’ll do something for him.
Maya: but why?
Anant: you maintain your relations with them I’m not telling you but don’t force me.That people not give love to my daughter I don’t have love for them. What rubbish he speak about on her don’t you know Maya.
Maya: leave it.
Anant: you leave it but I can’t she very important for me Maya. My life inside in her.They look at Aayat.
Maya: even my too Anant she is my daughter.
Anant: good. After they lay down beside her after sometime later Aayat sleep get disturb due to pain.She gets up sit there only mamma shaking to Maya. She wakes up with jerk while Anant too.
Aayat: mammaaaa.
Maya: Aayat they both get up. While her pain increasing so much which make her more cry. Her chubby face become dull in some hours. Maya and Anant handing her but can’t she just cried so much.
Anant: bas bas..
Aayat: mamma acha nahi lag raha hai.
Maya: kya hua. Anant take her roaming in whole room with her. But didn’t stop just crying wildly.
While in next [email protected]
Kunj and Twinkle talking to each other. Somewhere Twinkle too feeling not well.
Twinkle: Kunj I’m not feeling good. Go see her.
Kunj: Twinkle don’t I can’t.
While Aayat continuously crying.
Anant: maya take her na she’ll stop.
Aayat: mamma.
Anant: I’ll call Kunj. Give her to Twinkle maybe she stops.
Maya: hmm. He calls to Kunj.
Kunj phone ring Twinkle see Anant name now get more worried about her.
Twinkle: Kunj why Anant Bhaiya calling you on this time Tears coming immediately. Started panicking.
Kunj: Twinkle calm down let me receive his call that’s the matter. He received the call.
Haa Bhai.
Anant: Kunj come in my room.
Kunj: why I’ll. Okay. Cut the call.
Twinkle: what happened tell me too na.
Kunj: Twinkle nothing yaar shhhh. Cupped her face. I’ll come okay. Kunj get up went in their room.
Anya [email protected]
Kunj knocks the door went in Their room.
Anant: Kunj come see her na. Non stop she crying just. Kunj went near him.
Kunj: Aayat what happened to you.
Aayat: mamma. Chahiye.
Kunj: give her to Maya Bhabhi na.
Anant: Arey she not goes as well her too.
Now in this time doctor I’ll not come.
Maya: Twinkle kaha hai.
Anant: Give her to Twinkle.
Kunj: no you people Handel her na.
Anant: Arey she not stopped Kunj. I can’t see her like this if she not stops to us maybe with Twinkle. While Kunj don’t know what to say can’t say yes or no as well. He looks at Aayat who just winching in pain.
Kunj: But Bhai.
Anant: Kunj anything is like that. If she not stops give her us back okay. Without saying anything Kunj take her in his Arms.
Went back to his room.
Twinj room.
Kunj entered in room with her while see him and shocked as well confused too.
Twinkle: Kunj what is this why you take her here.?
Kunj: first see her. Twinkle take her and sit on bed.
Twinkle: don’t cry like this shhh. She wiped her tears. Kunj to sit beside her.
Kunj: now doctors not comes too.
Twinkle: mat roh please. Kya hua. You want something. Twinkle check her she has fever as well.
Kunj: Aayat baby I’ll you chocolate.
Aayat: kunj Chachuuuuu?.
Twinkle: pain Ho raha hai. She nodded her head in yes. Bas bas cuddles her near her chest. Kunjjjjj what happened to her.?
Kunj: don’t know Twinkle.
Twinkle: you get her.
Kunj: no they give her. She didn’t stop with Maya Bhabhi too. So Anant Bhaiya.
Kunj lift her roaming in room. That she sleep. But can’t. Her single tears drops giving Twinkle pain?.Twinkle make lemonade for her give to Kunj make her drink.
Aayat:Twinkle chachiii she too does’t know want to come in her embrace.
Twinkle: give her to me. She takes her.
Make Aayat lay down on her lap.
Twinkle caressing her hairs. Sleep Aayat.
What you made at yourself see. Don’t cry.
She stops crying in her arms. Kunj look at Her as well Twinkle too.
Kunj ( think)
Aaj bhi she stops immediately after come in her arms. See today too. Without any stress she peacefully lay down on her lap.
She looks at Twinkle and she too.
Twinkle kissed on her cheeks.
Twinkle: what happened to you haa. Fine na
Aayat: hmm happy now.
Twinkle: good. Twinkle try to place her on bed but.
Aayat: no I’ll sleep here only bas feeling good with you.
Kunj: hoo. Let her na Twinkle.
Twinkle: sleep here na Aayat. You’ll sleep peacefully.
Aayat: you’ll not go anywhere be with me.
Kunj: okay now sleep. Mera baby. Time 3: 00. They lay down while Twinkle lay down beside Aayat while Kunj near Kunj.
Aayat holding Twinkle and resting her head on her chest. Kunj admire her.
Twinkle give her massage on her hairs. Aayat slightly closed her eyes. Twinkle try to move.
Aayat: aahaaa.
Twinkle: Arey I’m not going anywhere.
Shhhh sleep I’m here only. She holds her tightly. Kunj laugh on his. After sometime. Kunj and Twinkle still wake up.
Kunj: Twinkle you should see what they eat before.
Twinkle: I don’t know what she eats.
Suddenly this happened. Kunj think something and smile.Twinkle get confused.
Twinkle: what happened to you why you smiled.
Kunj: look at her she still same Twinkle.
Always end of the stop after come in your hands. What was she said.
Twinkle: mum. She still not fully sleep.
Kunj: than give her mum???. She’ll not cry little bit Twinkle narrow her eyes. And give him look.
Twinkle: chiiiii. ??
Later in midnight after Twinkle check Aayat that whether she sleeps or but not, but she sleeps.
Kunj: now sleep. He kissed on her forehead. Pagal. Meri pidhi.
Twinkle: Kunj give her back na it’s good now she sleeps.
Kunj: But Twinkle if she wakes up than.
Twinkle: Kunj understand me please.
Kunj: okay. They get up
Twinkle: take her na.
Kunj: you take her na.
Twinkle: Kunj lifted her Na if I take her Maya Bhabhi see her in my arms. She’ll feel good better na.
Kunj: right. They went downstairs.
Scene shifted.
Maya and Anant talking with each other’s.
Maya: why you tell this Give her to Twinkle?
Anant: Maya we all know if she not calm down but at least with Twinkle.
Maya: Anant I’m her mother.
Anant: Maya sleep now.
Maya: Anant she is not 2 month baby that I’m new for her. Just than They heard knock sound.
Anant: who is now on this time they both get up. Maya opens the door found Twinkle and Kunj along with Aayat.
Maya: Twinkle.
Twinkle: woh Bhabhi She sleeps take her.
Kunj give her to Anant.
Anant: at last she sleeps.
Kunj: hmm.
Anant: Thanks Twinkle. You get her here if she wakes up (again) Than ?
Twinkle: it’s okay. You’ll call us.
Maya: finally mera bacha. Anant give her to me I’ll make her lay down on bed. She goes.
Anant: Kunj they are not coming in Morning but next day.
Kunj: okay.. Before going Twinkle and Kunj look at Aayat face With tears full eyes.
Left.On middle of stairs they stop.
Kunj turned and look at towards their room door.
Twinkle: let’s go Kunj. She holds his hand take him upstairs. In their room.
Kunj now sleep it’s already to late.
Don’t think about her.
Kunj: he cupped her face. Really mature you are Twinkle. Handel everything. She just controlling on her emotions but Kunj can see this. They lay down turned their face tears in their eyes.
Twinkle: babaji take care of mY Aayat bas.
Kunj: I know Twinkle what going on you.
Flash back @
Aayat was 4 months baby.It’s some days passed after Twinkle and Kunj give her to them. Its normal day. Maya and Anant struggling with baby Aayat. Something happened to you she just cry. While Twinkle went Taneja Mansion. Whole Sarna family try to clam her down, but she not.
Maya: why she cried today.
Anant: don’t know. You try na.
Usha: maybe she is hungry.
Maya: I’ll go get milk for her.
Usha: hmm. Maya went in kitchen prepared milk bottle for her. Her cry sound echoed loudly in all Mansion. Each and everyone makes her stop she not. Maya come with Milk bottle. Take her in her lap give bottle in her mouth, but she pushes bottle and moved her face.
Anant: give na. Again she gave milk bottle in mouth she not drink and pushing bottle.
Manohar: call to doctor. Soon doctor come and check her to but nothing happened to her just crying for her mother. That smell come from Twinkle not coming from Maya. She senses the smell as too. Whole day passed like this later Kunj come from office see in hall everyone sitting try to handle Aayat. And she cried lot. Kunj get worried he ran.
Kunj: what happened to her why she cry.
Anant: don’t know Kunj from morning she cry like this only. Even now her throat become dry.
Kunj: give her milk.
Maya: but she not drink at all Kunj.
Usha: even doctor to Kunj. Her lips become dry. And eyes swollen. Kunj went in side. He dials Twinkle number. She received his call.
Twinkle: bolo. Nothing is good between them. ( somewhere she to already not feeling good unknownly pain and hurting in br*ast sore.
Kunj: (in angry tone) where are you.
Twinkle: why? Any work.
Kunj: if work than only till now you not come Twinkle.
Twinkle: why should I’ll come what you want from me after snatch my baby from me still you feel not goo Kunj.
Kunj: Arey yaar Twinkle bas. Come fast I want to see you in 10 minutes here get it. Cut the before she could speak more.
Kunj take her too but she just cried.
After sometime later Twinkle come. She too saw everything but couldn’t say anything she just seeing and looking at her small soul who cry badly in front of eyes. Aayat crying sound her small tears drops giving pain to Twinkle. Twinkle knew she was hungry.
(When a baby cry for milk when he/ she hungry a mother automatically knows where were her baby was. She feels.
Sometime milk automatically started flowing and coming out from br*ast.)
Natural connection god make between mother baby.She looked at Twinkle with her from small eyes.Kunj look at Twinkle face.
Hold her hands take her from here to their room.
Twinkle: why you take me here.
Kunj: before going did you asked me Twinkle( try to distract her mind)
Twinkle: did you asked me before doing anything Kunj leave me Please already I’m tired myself. What you do here haa Go and Handel her na.
Kunj: Tere se toh baath karna hi wasteful time hai. Now she started crying more sobbing ?. They both went downstairs standing in side.
Maya: Ho baba ji what happened to my baby.Twinkle looking her and kept the stone on her heart.
Usha: Twinkle puttar you take her once.
Twinkle: me mummy ji. But.
Anant:ha try na. She looks at Kunj face.
Twinkle forwards her hands to take her Maya slightly give her to Twinkle.Aayat to want come in her arms. Twinkle take her she look on Twinkle face.She immediately stops in her arms all get shocked.
Twinkle: she is hungry maybe.
Maya: take bottle.Twinkle take but she not drink.
Twinkle: I’ll try.Twinkle sit take bottle give in her mouth, but she pushes the bottle.
Her tiny hands going near her chest.
Usha: Twinkle you feed him see once.from Morning she didn’t drink single drop of milk while Twinkle to just drying to nourish her because of her she too feels sore.
Twinkle: I’ll feed her.
Maya: hmm. Twinkle take her in room.
Started giving her milk. She silently drink tears drops falling downs.
Bottles fill the stomach, but br*astfeeding fills the soul.Just than Kunj come in room. He looks at Them.
Kunj: when you know Twinkle she needs you than what’s the need to go anywhere haa, ?. You should here
Twinkle: acha why should I Kunj. They should Handel her now she doesn’t have problems with this I’m feeding her but that day what I did wrong haa answer me?
I can’t go anywhere because it’s my duty to feed her they can why? My duty is this only Kunj.That day maya Bhabhi tell me so much.
Kunj:so what.
Twinkle: so what really Kunj if I feed her today no problem because she gives permission na but that day In front of you everyone she tells me so much what’s my fault handle her I’m here why?
Kunj: why you starch the things.
Twinkle clean her face make her take burped. She sleeps in her Arms warms
A mother’s arms are more comforting than anyone else’s.
Give to Kunj.
Twinkle: give her I did my duty.
Kunj: stop taunting me. Maya come take her. Flashback end
Next morning
Twinkle and Kunj wake up at the same time together they both look at each other face. After twinkle get up and went in washroom soon they ger ready. After twinkle make Ansh too. They went downstairs. Soon all come for breakfast they have. While Ansh went for school while Aayat still sleeping.
Twinkle: you go office.
Kunj: hmm.
Twinkle: first take to hospital kunj.
Kunj: Twinkle I can’t say this before them.
Let’s go see them. They went in their room
Maya and Anant both sitting beside Aayat.
Kunj: how she is.,
Anant: don’t know. I’ll Call doctor. Soon doctor come and check Aayat doctor give to injection to Aayat while Twinkle hold kunj hands. Doctor giving her injection but pain she feels. A mother has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.After check up.
Doctor: don’t worry it’s food poisoning.
Kunj: what?????.. now.
Doctor: she something. That’s why.. I give her injection she’ll fine he left.. soon Aayat wake up she looks at her parents and Twinkle too.
Aayat: chachiiii. She gets up..
Maya: Meri beti..
Anant: come to Papa.
Aayat: I’ll go to in Twinkle chachi Arms I’ll good Papa. Before she goes Maya take her forcefully. Twinkle left from there while
Kunj went behind her.
Kunj: Twinkle wait na…
Twinkle: what happened.
Kunj: I’m sorry..
Twinkle: for what..
Kunj: you know na..
Twinkle: now I’m used too Kunj. Now you go. After Kunj and Anant left for office.
While whole day Twinkle and Maya both taking care of Aayat fully. Aayat didn’t let Twinkle go anywhere she just want her be around her. She wants Maya too.
They both left all work just sitting beside hers she dotted two mothers loves. Whole day Twinkle lifting her.
After in evening Aayat was fine little bit.
Aayat along with all kids they sitting even soham and danish too.
Ansh: Aayat nani coming.
Piya: maze Aayat. My Nani best.
Soham: my Nani too. Aayat listen their words for their nan’s (she thinks.) why my nani loves me..
Aayat: your Nani loves you all.
Rahul: didn’t your nani loves you haa???.. she gets sad. They all telling her about Their Nani and maamu.
After at night after dinner. Rahul push Ansh. Kunj see this he went near them.
Kunj: Ansh. What is this All comes.
Rahul: he breaks my bat mamma.
Kunj: what if he falls downs so.. haa.
Sheetal: marata toh nahi hai na.
Twinkle: mind your tongue Sheetal.
Twinkle hold Ansh hands take him in their room. While Kunj come in room.
Twinkle scolding Ansh.
Twinkle: I told you that don’t go near them but you not Ansh.’
Ansh: mamma i didn’t do purposely.
Kunj: Leave Her Twinkle he holds his hands.
Twinkle: you just telling me.
Kunj: listen Twinkle I don’t want this drama happened in front of guest get it.
Twinkle: tell her not me. First she now he this both na. Whole day she not leaves me lifted her.
Kunj:awww. He cuddles wife and son hugged them. Just than.
Aayat: I’m here too she ran Kunj take her.
Ansh: me too. Twinkle like OMG. She rested her hand on forehead. Kunj lifted both together they kissed on Twinkle cheeks. While Kunj ?.
Kunj: I lifted you and you both kissing her. They kiss him too. They share a hug.
One of the greatest titles in the world is parent, and one of the biggest blessings in the world is to have parents to call mom and dad.
Episode end here only.
Our parents deserve our honor and respect for giving us life itself. Beyond this they almost always made countless sacrifices as they cared for and nurtured us through our infancy and childhood, provided us with the necessities of life, and nursed us through physical illnesses and the emotional stresses of growing up.
Recape: Maya family comes while Aayat didn’t happy. Let’s see in next episode.
I hope you all like this episode.
Thanks for likes and comments..
Untold story of Aayat soon will open.
Why Aayat not happy.?
Please ignore any grammatical mistakes.

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