Love ka hai intzaar twinj shots by kiya episode 69

Episode 69 

started., ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

After valentine day they all celebrate nicely. Everyone was very happy after so much pain and tears finally happiness comes in Their life’s hopefully.
While Yuvi and Mahi was hell happy with this new up coming joy in their life. Yuvi happiness has no boundaries. He doesn’t know what to do to describe his new feeling to be fathered and baby. Mahi was pampering with full of love and joyous moments. This pregnancy beings happiness in every life’s. Both families were happy. Here Om Health to good now while. Everyone gives love and care both Om and Anjali. Pallavi and siya comes to meet with Om. While OM knows everything about Anjali whatever happened in his absence. All humiliation and pain Anjali bears because of his mother truly dishearten. That Anjali he didn’t know even think to give her pain. In that period she bears all pain alone. But he was very happy kunj was there for her.
[Morning times. ]
Twinj [email protected]

Twinkle was getting ready in front of mirror.While Kunj come out of the washroom after taking bath. He wears his office clothes. While their both kids sleeping peacefully today they have holiday so.Twinkle combing her hair. Kunj wear his clothes went to her stand beside Twinkle.
Kunj: look at her. So done finally Mrs Sarna or not. With naughty smile.
While Twinkle look at him and give him to naughty smile.
Twinkle: why??.
Kunj: because I to want to get ready.
Twinkle: first let me then think about you.
Kunj: achawww. ? now your makeup to over nothing is left for you Twinkle. ??In funny way. Now I understand why? Aayat ke upar itna makeup ta bhoot Kyu shawar hai.??. He looks at Aayat who sleeping peacefully caring cute little pout on her face. Twinkle stop and give angry look at Kunj.
Twinkle: don’t speak too much sadu Sarna get it. I don’t need of anything I’m already very pretty. You need to get make over so you get ready okay. She gives him space.
While Kunj laugh on her choleric face.
Kunj laugh more on her situation ??. Twinkle can’t take it any more now she started to beat him on his chest playfully. Twinkle: wait sadu..Kunj held her hands.
Kunj: bas siyappa Queen ??.
Kunj pulled her toward him and held her by waist tightly. Their face is very near to each other. Their breath hitting to each other’s breath. Kunj take her near wall and pinned.
Twinkle: leave me.
Kunj: why? He move his finger on her face sensually. Stop drama queen. Where are you going to get this much ready Mrs Sarna haa? ??.
Twinkle: why can’t I get ready.?
Kunj: nope you can after all I toh loved to see you like this newly wedded girl my.
Twinkle: I toh can But think about if anyone tells see wife this much beautiful and young. Look at husband old man??. Kunj lift his eyes brows.
Kunj: really I’m old very lame. Still, very much young many girls standing in line to get chance to talk to me. Twinkle burned slightly.
Twinkle: acha very funny laugh faked one?. Heheh don’t leave in bubble world.
Didn’t you hear even Nikhil to told me that I didn’t look like having two kids and but you look get it. Look at them.
Kunj: hooo saala Nikhil. ?? yes very proud father ?. After my kids cutes kids
And went on their father after all. ?
Twinkle: don’t fly in air sadu without me from where you get them they beautiful because of their mother so beautiful ??.
Kunj: self obsessed girl. Leave it this. By the way Mrs Sarna looking gorgeous today. ?Don’t try to kill me I toh already killed with you hotness wifey. ? winking at her which make her blush and cheeks become red tomato. Kunj look at blushing cheeks.
Kunj: hayeee. ????
Twinkle: hat..☺️
Kunj: this valentine day is very beautiful Haina twinkle.
Twinkle: hmm many thanks for your surprise kunj. ?
Kunj: welcome I’ll fill your and Their life’s with full of love and happiness. Twinkle hugged him tightly.
Twinkle: even I too want it but you were always work and work. And look at Yuvi.
Kunj: forget about him right now toh he was very happy let him enjoy and really feel it this news and happiness.
Twinkle: hmm. This feeling is so good na kunj when you going to father and mother. Truly world best feeling can’t describe she has tears in her eyes remember her first pregnancy days.
Kunj: hmm I can toh after when our times was that time like same we are happy twinkle.
Twinkle: hmm right now Yuvi to behaving like you kunj totally.
Kunj: hah saala I’m really happy for him.
Twinkle: let’s go downstairs for breakfast sadu.
Kunj: hmm. Twinkle pecked on his lips.
Kunj take his office bag and look at his babies, and he went near them and kiss on their foreheads. Don’t you wake up them? Twinkle.
Twinkle: let them sleep na today otherwise toh have to be wake up early for school but today not. Otherwise, increasing my works today they are at home so. My whole day fully busy in them.
Kunj: okay. In sleep to pouting face uff. He
Give pecked on her cheeks. After they both left for downstairs.

At dinning table everyone was coming for breakfast. Kunj sit next to OM and while Twinkle went in kitchen to take other things of food, and they place on table.
Usha: what today make special hmm.
Maya: mummy ji today anjali didi make for everyone and their favourite things.
Anant: hoo.than servant fast.
OM: where is kids today.
Sheetal: mine one went my mother house they have holiday na so.
Bebe: kish ke saath.?
Sheetal: woh MAA my brother come and take them they’ll come in evening.
Niki: good otherwise they get bored because everyone just cared about only two people. Taunting to twinkle.
Bebe: Anjali Puttar smells yummy.
Maya and along with twinkle and Sheetal they serve everyone. The breakfast is very yummy ?.
Anant: di best ??thank.
OM: yes Anjali.
Kunj: hmm.
Anant: what you make for Ansh and Aayat?
Anjali: hmm I’ll not tell you. You’ll ask them only.
Niki: Arey why you bother so much Anant.
They have two mother anyone can make for them non one can’t forget them specially them too. If maya (not) than twinkle toh hai hi haina she toh can’t.
Usha: yes Niki after All grand kids of this house so nether I can’t let anyone forget them nor anyone.
Kunj: okay I’m done. Kunj take his bag and left from there while twinkle to went behind him.
Twinkle: kunj stop na. At least have your breakfast.
Kunj: no I had twinkle now no in mood.
Twinkle: you don’t give her shit kunj.
Kunj: did you think I’ll. I’m fine.
Twinkle: good twinkle cupped his face take care okay.
Kunj: hmm you too. Gently kissed on her forehead while twinkle tied his tie.
Twinkle: kunj I’m going to chinki house.
Kunj: hmm okay go and but if you go than take them to with you get it. Asked MAA too.
Twinkle: why?
Kunj: if you leave them here now Niki taking nonsenses so take them okay.
Twinkle: okay I’ll ask maya Bhabhi if she agreed. Now both say bye to each other’s and Kunj left for office. After Anant and Manohar too. Later twinkle wake up ansh and Aayat. Maya come and take Aayat with her after both mothers get them ready, and they have their breakfast specially Anjali makes for them today.
Aayat: hmm bua best.
Ansh: right ?tasty.
Anjali: happy you like it. After this twinkle and maya busy in their house chores and as soon they completed their all works.
Later twinkle went her room get freshen up. And call to chinki.
Twinkle: hi.
Chinki: hi.
Twinkle: so you come or I’ll.
Chinki: hmm you come na twinkle my house weshe bhi on one.
Twinkle: than you do one thing come
Taneja Mansion even Asha to their good.
Chinki: okay. It’s near to me.okay bye meet up with you soon. They ended call.
Chinki in formed to Asha that. Twinkle take her clutch and went downstairs. She went towards usha to get her permission.
Usha: good go.
Twinkle: thanks mummy ji. She called Ansh. Maya standing there only.
Aayat: I’ll to go.
Twinkle: bhabhi can I.
Maya: yes twinkle take her to even I’m going with mummy ji and Nani ji.
Aayat: okay mamma bye. Kissed on her cheeks. Both hold twinkle hands and left for Taneja mansion.
Next side in office.
Yuvi just telling each and every one about news and distributing sweets to in all office.
Malika: young Papa ???.
Malika: I think see you this much happy Yuvi.
Yuvi: heheeh sorry for this I’m not only the one. Bigger than me here kunj standing. When Twinkle was pregnant first time you can’t see kunj he was more than me happy I m nothing in front of him .
Kunj: bas.
Malika: uff so you both are same. Yuvi feeding Kunj sweet forcefully.
Kunj: Arey kutte.
Yuvi: have it Chachu.??.
Malika: hoo. Aayat will be jealous.
Yuvi: huhu.
Malika: weshe kunj your Yuvi wife Papa. You mamma.??
Yuvi: Arey haa arey But hum no no.?? i m chiragh and he his alaadin pwrfect piece. we didn’t do anything like that ?
Kunj: chup. Shameless. ?
Malika: this feeling is also good.
Kunj: best malika. You can to feel it get married soon smirk at her.
Yuvi: haa weshe how’s my cousin.
Malika looking here and there try to avoid the question.
Kunj: your silent speak more we can understand that.
Malika: don’t know kunj and yuvi what to tell him he proposed me on valentine day party. Kunj and yuvi like OMG.
Yuvi: what so fast you didn’t tell us.?
Malika: so sudden.
Kunj: what did you say.
Malika: till now nothing I can’t take it so big decisions of my life in quickly. So want time.
Yuvi: yes good take your time Malika and if he forced you than tell me.
Kunj: oyye bas remains some energy for to bear Mahi mood swings ??. She’ll Handel him.
Malika: hmm and after all you both with me na so no fear.
Yuvi/ kunj: yes they shared a group hugged.After this Yuvi and Kunj busy in their work in middle of work Yuvi show kunj their baby first scan pics.
Yuvi: best moments na kunj.
Kunj: yes he remembered all those lovey dovey days all Twinkle pregnancy times specially first time. Haa Yuvi it’s feel like that If you had time in your hands you can control and pause these moments never want to end. Kunj Stand up and look at whole and Ansh and Aayat big photo frame hanging on the wall. He admires the picture. Yuvi this 280 days and 40 weeks the best moments of your and Mahi life enjoy that much as you can. His eyes become wet fully Yuvi can see the love and pain in his eyes. It’s nothing like that Yuvi that first baby was very special all the time you can’t feel same on first time you go to become Papa that words echoed in your ears that someone comes and call you Papa. Life comes a full circle when you see for yourself a new life that you made Yuvi. You can’t wait for that day when your baby come in this world Yuvi feeling like just now come and you hold him / her in your hands and not let anything happen to your baby Yuvi. That time whole world in your hands you don’t want anything more. When Two people become three,. Showering all love and care on mahi Yuvi.
Only she knows what she goes to give you.
Yuvi: hmm right. You know when I see baby in scan machine what I feel like I’ll never share my baby with anyone like cuddles my baby tightly. If he went away from me and Mahi how’ll we live without in someday connecting so much with my baby. Kunj just smile on this. If anyone want my baby from us I’ll not toh never ever give kunj.
Kunj: hmm good.
Yuvi: after all Mera Bacha hai. Really Kunj you have very big heart ❣when I put myself on your place now I can’t think at all dena toh dure ki baath hai.
Kunj: Yuvi no one big heart bas you have to make it.aMy world around my kids and
End around them bas. And we people have one mamma and one Papa look at Ansh. He had two mothers and two fathers love.
Yuvi: what about Aayat Kunj? That day you heard her questions kunj. I don’t know about you kunj but when I think about twinkle really feel bad about her. I know it’s your personal matter in between you four of them. Good nothing problems in between you both.
Kunj: it’s nothing like that Yuvi. I give my brother to one baby, but they both give love and care to my both kids no matter what the reason but I can’t see empty hands of my Bhai and Bhabhi. Even Twinkle to happy with this. Whatever I have it’s all’s my and my brother Yuvi. If chahiye woh bache ho aur kuch the first right on my things it’s my brother. On Ansh and Aayat too. Before me and Twinkle.
Good did un fare with them but I can’t see this. Before I heard Papa I to want my Bhai to, so I fill all things to give them happiness Yuvi.
Yuvi: what about your happiness and specially twinkle? When me and mahi taking about our unborn baby I can see love in Mahi eyes. So it’s obvious with Twinkle too.
Kunj: what happiness Yuvi. You and I have, but they can’t never in life. If we give Aayat to them so what we have Ansh too.
But they have no one. Sometimes think about someone too. First not but you have second Yuvi.
Yuvi: then why tears in your eyes Kunj.
Did you hiding from me I m the one who see your pain and tears that time when you take the decision to giving her them.
Here only you cried Kunj. Hope you didn’t
Never Regret in your life.
Kunj: proudly never regretted Yuvi.
Yuvi: good Kunj than why always you and twinkle took step back when everything happened on her matters Kunj. Tumhari biwiyo ki toh kabhi banti hai aur kabhi nahi. Still,?
Kunj:I didn’t give her on their matters I give to my Bhai, and he matters me lot Yuvi bas.
Yuvi: hats off you Kunj. I wish your love remain like this only always no difference between come in your life’s.
Kunj: haa arey. You think about you.
Now your turn comes Yuvi.
Yuvi: it’s very easy for you Kunj. He left for here after saying this words.
Kunj: no one knows Yuvi it’s difficult for me or not only I know how much when I take the decision what going on me. Still, too.
Even I too felt bad bas for my brother happiness I hide my pain and carved for her. Me and my wife knows that time most sorrowfully days if we hide it doesn’t matter. Just happy for that fact she comes in our life we are just the reason and connecting with her whole life. She was ours only for that time period after
Not. We know what she meant to us.
Kunj wiped his tears which always come when he thinks about for this it’s just wiped but can’t vanish their pain always left and remain on his cheeks. After he left for some work with his PA Sara.
While next side in Taneja [email protected]
Soon twinkle along with her two kids she reached her mother mom.
Aayat: after so many days I saw Nani house.
Ansh: hoo it’s my Nani.
Twinkle: you both not again. They moved for inside. While till now chinki along with his son Rohan she to come surprising Mahi to come to meet with Leela. Twinkle went toward them.
Asha: see finally Mrs Sarna come I thought after valentine day she toh not come out from room?. All laugh.
Twinkle: bas you all are (same) than from which mouth telling to Yuvi and Kunj.
Chinki: sit down first.
Bubbli: twinkle diiiiiii. She gets so much happy to meet with twinkle hugged her immediately.
Twinkle: bubbli how’s you.
Bubbli: I’m fine what about you?
Twinkle: superb. Where is Raman maamu and pini maami. From back voice comes we are here bacha. Their character Same as like in show pini same sweet taunting types. They meet with twinkle and hugged to each other’s.
Pini: hayye twinkle you toh looking very hot?what’s the magic behind this.
Asha: maami ji kunj Love behind this.
Twinkle: how’s you both. They said we are fine. After they look at two juniors Sarna.
Pini: my god hi two cuties.
Aayat: hi..
Raman: Arey twinkle Tere bache toh kuch jada hi bade hogye hai.
Twinkle: hmm when you see they are very small maamu.
Raman: that time toh they are in hands now see that. Still, small.?. Hi bacha’s
They to say hi.. Soham and Rohan come there. They take them with them to play.
Twinkle look at Mahi the new happy visible on her face. Leela makes healthy food for her. They all settle downs.
Chinki: take so much time why?
Twinkle: Arey because of them on the way they want to eat ice cream that’s why?
Chinki: I thought you busy with Kunj I didn’t send you.
Twinkle: why? You think this. He toh went office early why he’ll not me. Acha you tell me when your due date.
Chinki: in this week.
Mahi: hoo. Awesome.
Chinki: hooo see this new mommy ???. Mahi congratulations.
Mahi: thanks. You know yesterday I went for baby first scan having so fun.
Asha: now fun after when baby come (out) than your all fun goes ???..
Twinkle: true they are good and nice till then they are on hands after toh baapre.
In Yuvi accompany god knows.
Mahi: right now he was in 9 clouds. He was happy more than me. When I saw Yuvi remember Kunj Jiju.
Twinkle: even kunj too telling me that about Yuvi good.
Mahi: this feeling is so beautiful na di.
I’m felt so blessed now. My baby. That sound so good.
Asha: hmm many more comes Mahi.
Twinkle: just open their arms and feel very bit of your these moments never come back again in your life Mahi. First time is very special for a mother. You can’t feel same always this feeling comes now only.
Chinki: right Mahi. Capture all moments in your eyes.
Twinkle: yes after at least you can feel in your heart( in sad tone.) some of have memories only. All look at twinkle face.
Mahi: di right this feeling best. A mother only feel about her baby.
Twinkle: every moment you can feel mahi only his single heart beat connected to yours.You happy he happy you sad he sad.
Asha: bacha kitna hi bada hojaye he was always small for his mother look at my soham I toh can’t think live without him for a second.
Chinki: me too like he always around me to think to give him someone nope baapa.
When my mother-in-law want to give Rohan to my sister in Law me and raj toh tell her that we didn’t give our baby not this one not another one’s too.
Mahi: me too he is my baby remain my only. Di how can you give your baby to maya Bhabhi didn’t you feel bad. I can’t think about for my unborn baby. What about you? You not feel bad haa?
Chinki: yes twinkle you are very strong mother it’s very easy for twinkle.
Asha: yes twinkle I saw you only easily to give your baby without any pain and tears.
Even mostly you toh give Ansh too it’s just he knows you and Kunj.mostly toh you and kunj fulfilled all duties and their all needs.
After hearing their words twinkle half dry half wet wound open.
Twinkle: hmm yes I didn’t feel bad and why I’ll.
Mahi: Twinkle Di heart was very big. To do sacrifice.
Twinkle: no one heart ♥️ big Mahi you have to make it when it’s come to you.
Chinki: didn’t you feel twinkle for her haa.
Twinkle: asked yourself chinki.She was my part I give her birth every second and very minute I feel for her. It’s doesn’t mean if I didn’t show that I’m not feeling for her I’ll feel for her I know my god knows. It is a blessing when you feel your baby move inside of you for the first time Mahi.
That only I feel how can I’ll not feel for her.
If it is difficult for you all than why’d not for me you are mother even I too. 280 days she was inside in my womb and now in front all of your eyes. The love of a mother for her child is undeniably the strongest emotion in the human soul. (With tears she saith )sometimes I don’t know if the tears I cry are for her or for myself. Because I know must now l live without her she come in my life but landed on maya Bhabhi hands. Two things I do know I love her and I miss her so much my heart hurts. Mahi A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty. And I And Kunj fills maya Bhabhi empty hands and our hands to fills. We are happy what god think for us. I want my kids happy wherever they are and everybody wants this only. Now Yuvi is happy even like same I can say more than him kunj was. Happily being a father duty he fulfilled everything and all relationships he played nicely. Dukh hota hai Mahi decision humare tha And now we can’t tell everyone that we are feeling good or bad end of the day happiness and pain in our jholi.(bag) A mother needs her baby just as much as the baby needs the mother.
When a mother loses her child, a part of her also goes with them, and she will never ever be the same. And my situation like this only don’t know if I lose her or not because neither I have her, nor she very far away from me. ????
The bond between parent and child is one of the strongest connections in nature. Romances come and go, but once you’ve bonded with your baby you’re probably hooked for life.
The love you feel for your child is a basic part of your make-up. Whether you’re a mum or a dad, an adoptive parent or a step-parent, you’re primed to form strong bonds with your child. And your child is equally ready to connect with you. The pain for her baby clearly visible in Twinkle eyes and in her voice too.
Asha: I understand that twinkle but I saw you somewhere that you control on your love towards Aayat many times. Twinkle knows she was right.
Twinkle: woh toh bas maya Bhabhi not feel bad.
Mahi: di it’s truth can’t change that she is your daughter always.
Chinki: Haa twinkle many times maya Bhabhi fight with you. Even you give your daughter to her still why?
Twinkle: this both different matters’ mene unpe koi eshaan nahi kiya hai deke. That decision was ours and my husband wanted this to give our first baby to his brother for his happiness I did this.
Mahi: for jiju happiness you did so big sacrifice of your life Twinkle Di.
Twinkle: you people are not understand me so leave it. They all taking about Aayat unknownly they open twinkle wounds.
Juster then Aayat come here. Twinkle see her.
Twinkle: now stop talking about her if she listens anything I’m in very deep trouble.
And you all to not called her meri beti in front of her.
Asha: haa now madam asking questions.
They stop and look at hers.
Aayat: what happened to you all why all you stop suddenly did you backbit of me haa??.
Chinki: no madam.
Twinkle: what you want.
Aayat: I want water. Mahi massi give na.
Asha: now Mahi massi on holiday you all work have to itself.
Aayat: twinkle chachi get water for me.
Twinkle: Hayee Mahi now i have to do all their work here nahi toh mahi doing ??. Just Leela come with glass of water.
Leela: if Mahi massi not Nani is here only
As well. Leela give water glass to twinkle she makes her drink.
Chinki: Arey Aayat your bracelet is very pretty.
Mahi: hmm.
Aayat: my Chachu give me on valentine day gift ??.
Asha: hoo. ???.
Twinkle: now go okay plays.
Aayat: thanks Nani. She ran from there. After they all sit for lunch.all having their lunch while ansh and Aayat doing drama so much. While next side Om and Anjali went to church meet with each and every one and Anjali showing Om her new musical school which Kunj gifted her. Sister merry was so happy to see OM and Anjali together happily. They both
Roaming around here and there having so quality time with each other’s. After went Anjali grandma grave and kept the flower on her grave sit for sometime and meanwhile Anjali tell Om about kunj past.
Show him her grave to keep the flower on her grave they show some fresh flower already here.
Anjali: who kept here this.
OM: anyone let’s go for where my dear wifey. Later
In [email protected] Taneja Mansion.
They all kid playing in garden while Aayat and Soham started fighting. Bubbli here only and saw them.
Bubbli: wait I’ll tell your mothers.
Aayat: yes go ahead my mother is not here. Heheh????.
Babbli hold her hands and take to twinkle.
Bubbli:Twinkle didi aap ki beti lad rahi hai.
Twinkle: what?
Aayat: I didn’t do it anything twinkle chachi. And she is not my mother.
Twinkle: bubbli she gestured her.
Bubbli: haa wohi. She and Soham fighting.
Twinkle: Aayattt.
Aayat: don’t scold me.Now her drama started crying session.Twinkle take her near her and cuddle her tightly near chest.
Twinkle: now stop. That’s why take her to with me.Always ready for to fight.
Aayat: you are not my mamma na.
Twinkle: haa bubbli I’m not her mamma.
Don’t call this again.! Now happy.
After sometime twinkle and Chinki left for their homes along with their kids.
At night Sarna [email protected]
sitting for dinner at dinning table.
Manohar: what you both did.
Ansh: maza.
Aayat: hmm.
Usha: good. Enjoy your holidays.
Aayat: dadi lets go for shopping.
Kunj: hoo sit here only. How much shopping you’ll done.
Aayat: my wish haina papa.
Anant: yes my princess.
Ansh: nonsense things she’ll by Papa. Don’t what she did stand in front of mirror.
Aayat: I’m not like you 90s boy get it.
After dinner, they all left for respective rooms.
Twinj [email protected]
Twinkle and Kunj laying down on the bed along with their kids they sleep till now.
Kunj: so Mrs Sarna what you all down today.
Twinkle: nothing meet with Mahi she was really happy with this news kunj. And Chinki maamu And maami. When your kids there they sit nicely after I come home.
Kunj: good that’s why I send them with you that you come home early not sit there.???.
Twinkle: ohhhh???. Sadu and how’s your day.
Kunj: my day was good and Yuvi sir disturbing sweets in whole office he too really happy twinkle. News hi aeshi hai.
Twinkle: hmm kunj you know when I saw Mahi and yuvi remember my day how much we happy kunj.
Kunj: hmm. Twinkle resting her head on kunj chest.
Twinkle: they thought that I have very big heart Kunj. I didn’t feel bad. How can I not? Twinkle tell kunj each and everything there all questions. She started cried lot she gets up and there only and sit.
Kunj: Twinkleee.. He cupped her face shhhh don’t cry like this. She hugged kunj.
Twinkle:Kunj I’m not heartless even I feel,
It’s not easy for me to give her to them only I know and dark day went.If I didn’t cry that doesn’t mean. Tears are not in my eyes Kunj this tears like this never go away.
Kunj: who told you that your heartless twinkle haa.We know na bas it’s enough for us it’s not necessary to show your tears everyone Twinkle. Even Yuvi tell me.
Twinkle this our life.
Twinkle: Kunj don’t know today I’ll like my all old day come in front of my eyes. My motherhood days giving me pain why?
You know what Sheetal tell me sometime that mene mahan bane ke liye apna bacha diya hai. It’s nothing like that Kunj.
Kunj: tell her then why should you not give.
Twinkle: sometimes unknownly everyone gives me pain.I’m so nice with each and every one. Sometimes maya Bhabhi tell me so harsh words kunj i ignore because of you only. After see twinkle like this kunj cured himself now.
Kunj: you don’t talk about her Twinkle.
I know what sacrifice you did. Let them speak whatever they want.
Twinkle: nahi kunj dard hota hai what I did. I really miss her kunj lot. When she not near me.
Kunj: look at here twinkle she is here only near us bas.
Twinkle: she is near us kunj but very far away from us too. Sometime I over that time feel like cuddles her and cried lot.
Kunj: no twinkle don’t please your 6 years hard work wasted. See I’m here na with you I always to wipe your tears and you me tell anything. But don’t cry okay. I’m selfish somewhere.
Twinkle: no you are not selfish. That gift we gave them I just want it they understand her value bas Kunj. If anything wrong happened to her I’ll not Leave you Kunj. He laughs on this.
Kunj: yeh surely kill me. Just trust on me twinkle your kids is my first priority.
Twinkle: to see Yuvi and Mahi na Kunj my first time days recalled.
Kunj: hmm don’t cry okay after a year you cried lot today why? Don’t because of that any other?
Twinkle: nahi bas they all talking na, so I get emotional they thought I didn’t feel.
They all saying they can’t leave without their babies how can I give my baby?
Kunj: now I understand why my queen become emotional queen today. Forget about them twinkle I toh told you not go but toh you go and they fill your brain. Thanks to god today you didn’t fight with me at least ??..
Twinkle: awww that means I fight with you haa? Now actually she started crying more while Kunj shocked to see her sudden reaction. Now I’ll not talk to you.
Kunj: Arey what happened to you ha sorry I didn’t mean it. Kunj cuddles her tightly.
Bas bas I think today your crying session ?. Kunj wiped her tears and look at her cheeks and kissed on it.While they heard sound and look at them see they both bro and sis blabbering in sleep together. Kunj and twinkle laugh on this.
Twinkle: pagal hai.
Kunj: But mere hai..
They both look at Ansh and Aayat face.
Twinkle caressing Aayat face and still thinking about their all words and at the same past days too.She kissed on her cheeks.
Kunj: see Twinkle she is here only.
Twinkle: yeh Meri beti nahi hai. In sorrowful voice.
Kunj: nahi toh Meri hai nahi toh teri bas.
Humare beta hai na. Only they both know how they say this words. Weshe bhi Agar yeh Tere pass hoti toh you’ll just beat her ???. It’s good otherwise you both fighting with each other’s I’m stuck in between you.
Twinkle:wait you sadu.. Boring man.
Kunj:so Let’s make it romantic winking at her.
Twinkle:so jao samje na sadu.. later they sleep with tears full eyes.
Never forget two people in your life. The person who lost everything just to make you win ( father). The person who was with you in ever pain ( mother).
After some days later to see Yuvi and Mahi.Twinkle and Kunj all past moments unfolding now.Sheetal and Niki just planning something.While next side Pallavi to apologising to Anjali but still Manohar don’t let her leave Sarna Mansion..
While even maya family to coming Amritsar. Now today everyone has off today from office.While Kunj went for some work out. Today weather is cold slightly.
(Afternoon time)
After lunch everyone was in garden all family members spending time together today.While twinkle cleaning kitchen. Outside kunj come after so tired but fresh too as well. He parked car in parking load and give cup cakes to all kids.
Anant: work done.
Kunj: hmm Bhai. So you all here.
Nani: weather is good so here.
Kunj: good enjoy. Kunj look at everyone all sitting expect that twinkle. He smirked. I have to do some business call. He went inside. He about to went upstairs just than vessels sound coming from kitchen. He went in kitchen found twinkle here alone in twinkle busy in her works. He went near her.
Kunj: what are you doing.
Twinkle: work.
Kunj: everyone spends time together in garden you are here.
Twinkle: hmmm..
Kunj look at twinkle with naughty smile.
Kunj lift twinkle in his arms in bridal style.
Twinkle shocked.
Twinkle: kunj what is this? Leave me.
Kunj: no let’s go in our room.
Twinkle: why? You go I have work to do.
Kunj: do afterwards. Now some time for me too. Weather is good all family members enjoy we too now. He gestures her.
Twinkle: nope ?? Kunj. Leave me twinkle moving her legs and hands while Kunj hold her tightly. He moved for his room. Kunj someone sees us.
Kunj: no one is here. He went in this room.
He locked the door. Moved towards bed.
Kunj place twinkle on the bed.
Twinkle: kunj no..Kunj come top of her.
Twinkle beneath Kunj. He looks at twinkle face. Even she to look at him back.
Kunj: stop your nervousness. So ready.
He winked at her. Kunj moving his finger on her face sensually.
Twinkle: kunj no please at least see the time. It’s not the time for this.
Kunj: not. It is Time dekh kar kaun karta hai Twinkle.Kunj nuzzles his face on her neck. Started kissing on her neck deeply.
Twinkle closed her eyes feel his touch.
Kunj hand went down on twinkle back.
He slightly opened twinkle kurta zip.
Twinkle started breathing heavily.
Twinkle: kunj please no na. Ansh and Aayat ghar phar hai. They’ll come it’ll be awkward.
Kunj: no one come they playing in garden.
Room locked now you don’t wasted time get it.In night to they with us not giving privacy. No today is Sunday I to want to
Enjoy.Twinkle just smiled on him.Twinkle rubbing his back.They both looking into each other eyes deeply with lots of love and care. Convincing their love through eyes.Twinkle started opening kunj shirt buttons. Kunj kissed on her cheeks and eyes everywhere on her face. Soon they both naked. Kunj rubbing her lips against his lips. He captured her lips.They both started kissing each other deeply and open mouth. Kunj bite her lower lip even twinkle to bite his upper lip.While twinkle caressing his nape hairs and moving her finger in kunj hairs. After they get tired with kiss they break the kiss and look at each other breathing heavily.
Twinkle: now happy let me go.
Kunj: don’t become smart with me. Not fully happy.?look at her head to toes.
Really hot ??.: twinkle hit him play fully. They both rolled down on the bed. Twinkle laughing loudly Kunj tickling on her bare stomach. Kunj entangled their legs. And pinned their hands on the bed. Kunj giving her love bite on her neck and shoulders. Soothing the pain.
Twinkle moaning Kunj name loudly her hot sensual moan sound increase kunj pressure more.
Twinkle: kunjjj. He bites her lips slightly.
Kunj kissing on her back and upper arms.
Twinkle to kissing on his bare body.
Admiring her hot husband. Kunj rubbing his nose with Twinkle nose.
( this winter a chill run down your spine)
Hit passing inside in their bodies. Both wanted to each other’s badly.
Twinkle: shameless.
Kunj: okay I’m. ??.. whatever.
Twinkle: haa you’ll say this only for this you want na. ???. Kunj take the blanket covered them fully they both living in each other under In blanket. Kunj showering his love on Twinkle. They both got intimate and enjoy their moments. Room filled with moan and groans.
Outside room Sheetal about to go in her room she stops and went near Twinj door and stand here only. Kunj and Twinkle voice and moan sound coming out.
Mostly twinkle moaning sound. She heard this.
Sheetal: hoo this going on. Now wait Twinkle. ???…
Scene freezes on kunj and twinkle face
Next side on Sheetal face.
What happened next inTwinkle and Kunj life. Aayat question increasing what they’ll tell her. Maya family coming if they bring happiness or pain for Aayat and Twinkle let see.
Episode end here only.
Thanks for your comments and likes.
???dislikers ???.:. ??
I hope you all like this episode.
Finally my account instant approval??.
Thanks Tellyupdate ??..
Think what Sheetal and Niki planing.?
Why maya family bring tears for Aayat.
What you all think about twinkle? Sacrifice. Give answers.
Bye love you all. Tell next what you want too see.
Ignore any grammatical errors please..
bye take care.•••••••••••••••••••••••

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