Love ka hai intzaar Twinj shots by kiya episode 59 happy new year

Hey my dear all friends…
The last episode of this year.. ?????2017 some hours left great year allah bless us??❤️ the countdown has began and it is the time to welcome the new year with a fresh mind and heart. Have a rocking happy New Years my all friends I can’t take names.. but you all special for me.. I wish in this new year god gives you 12 months of happiness
52 weeks of fun..365 days success
8760 hours good health.525600 minutes good luck 31536000 second of joy…
live love laugh lot???????
Don’t think this and say this year is bad not good it’s depends on us to make good and bad every year is best…

Episode 59..
The episode started continued…!
Twinj room @( scene first)
Twinkle and Kunj or Aayat sitting on the bed while Aayat playing with kunj hairs and pulling his cheeks while Kunj makes puppy faces.
Aayat: wait kunj chachu today I’ll cut your nose…
K: what?..! While twinkle laughing.,
Aayat: haa because of you my nose become red na. So it’s your punishment…
You’re not good kunj Chachu and twinkle left me here went enjoy lot…
never thought about me one time.. huhu..
You people hide with me and went even takes Yuvi chachu and mahi massi too but not me why answer me
[ her innocence pain see in her talks..the attachment she had with kunj and twinkle somewhere unknown. She demanded them more than a chachu and chachi even they fulfilling her all demands what they have in their hands but being like Chachu and Chachi more may be but not crossing their limits which speak and shows wrong things. Kids like this they don’t want what you are for them what relationships with them they want love and attractive towards love.. Even she too
Use rights on both of them like Haq jamaana full and she did this too.]
K: Arey Aayat sorry na next time we all go okay..
Aayat: huhu no need of this next time my papa will take me anywhere where I wanted and I’ll not take your son Ansh too.
K: but why he is your brother na why not what he did..
Aayat: acha same than why you not take me even i m his sister too if he is my brother. You mean you both not take me because I did something…
T: no Aayat nothing is like that..
Aayat: now I remember that day me and he did fight with each other’s hoo god that’s why you didn’t take me huhu…
K: hoo My little CBI officer use your brain less ?.
Aayat: from now I’ll not talk to you. [she turned and look at twinkle] and with you too twinkle chachi.. you people don’t like me I know with wet eyes.. kunj pulled her and she laid down on the bed..
K: where you learned this types of words and like mature people talk haa…pidhi shi bachi (in funny way..)??
Aayat: I’m not pidhi vidhi get it..??.Kunj pulled Aayat soft cheeks..
T:you fit this all things in your mind Aayat toh only said you don’t like me only your chachu bas?.. so you miss us means..
Aayat:nope never.I’m the Aayat Sarna?)
K: kitni self obsess ladki hai?.
Aayat: haa huna just like you?..
K: why like me..
Aayat: sorry I’m not like you Ansh likes you why I’ll. I’m beautiful than you all?.. kunj laugh on this and twinkle giving smile..
K: Pagal… kunj cheeks on her kissed..
Aayat: haaaa mamma chii now don’t become good with me.. leave me and I’ll not talk to you remember that..’
K: acha twinkle those things you brought from Switzerland for Aayat now wasted all things ?. Because she didn’t take what will you do.. I have idea don’t worry.. you give all things to piya( saying all things to make her jealous) [she already boil in anger now kunj increase more..] her face become red within no times…
Aayat:acha I don’t want it anything from you all.. (In angry ? voice)
K: itna gussa OMG today my little volcano blasted?.
Aayat: huhh my not yours… kunj tease her lot more which makes her angry more..
T: kunjjjjjjjj don’t na baba…
K: Arey what I did twinkle (saying while laughing ? )Aayat get up and stand…
With gloomy face and cry face sadness seeing on her face as well..
Aayat: give anyone whom’s you want..
K: okay ??.. just than she immediately Aayat started crying loudly.. weeping tears big big from little eyes..
T: kunjjjjj stop na…
Aayat: ab toh me baath hi nahi karugi kabhi bhi (while saying in badly in sobbingly) which makes twinkle and Kunj worry immediately..
T: Aayat…
K: Arey sorry I’m just joking (her face full drenched in tears) she ran from here…
kunj and twinkle shocked and sad as well.. twinkle looking at Kunj face.. kunj see her with corner of his eyes..
T: now happy na ( in sad way too angry too).
K: Arey I’m just joking with her twinkle…
T: acha you know she already pissed off now you make her more what’s the need of this kunj haa.
K: but i don’t know that she’ll be reacted like this I thought now she is okay..
T:haa it’s clearly seeing on her face how much she angry inside her heart after it’s not enough for you then you make her more to saying this you’ll give her toys to others what does means kunj.. now because of you she’ll not talk to me as well..
K:I m just teasing her twinkle really I’ll give her toys to anyone’s.who have that much guts to go against her..
T:so what you did na happy…
K: why’ll I twinkle..
T: please kunj here I tried to make her normal but you did more now.. if I did this you’ll scold me like anything.. [leave this in frustration]. Kunj see her teary eyes. Sit and beside her..
K: (in love voice) heyy twinkle.. sorry.
T: hmm (controlling herself)..
K: sorry she cried because of me now..,
T: (in sobbing way slightly)I already told you if she cried I’ll not leave you.. why you’ll give her toys anyone I’ll not let you give anyone’s understand..
K:hmm ?. (Nodded his head in yes).
Uff my dear wifey itna gussa not suits on you…
T: Huhu.. Sadu..
Kunj lift up her face wiped her tears…
K: Chal now Teri ab twinkle wali smile dede..
T: jao na….
K: chal Teri smile tho best hai .. stress kam hojata hai everywhere..
T: Kuch bhi..
K: such me Teri smile toh social service hai:. It’s increase your beauty more..
T: i know this because I’m the best.. twinkle Taneja in same way Aayat told just now) which makes twinkle and Kunj smile.
Kunj cupped her face. While twinkle look at him only..
K: both of them self obsessed girls?.
It’s not her mistake but it’s your mistakes..
T: jealous people…
K: acha why’d I I’m already hot and handsome men..
T: she didn’t went on me but instead in you kunj self obsessed ladka..
K: whatever ?. You and me one only kess Phar bhi jayae.. Pagali don’t used your brain so much which already you have less.
T: kitne bure ho tum kunj..
K: I know this..tell me something else about me which I don’t know ?..
T: you want to listen than okay you’re khadoos sarna too.
K: bas just give this types of names your husband not gives good names like..stop
T: like what?? Sheetal cherru.?.
K: huhu never ever i m okay with sadu…
T: itna rulaya tum ne us ko kunj.. (in sweet voice) Twinkle hands around kunj neck..
K: Sorry she’ll be okay afterwards…
T: kitna ladti hai tumse kunj.:
K: hmm see. Now you don’t feel bad she is here..
T:hmm say sorry to her now..
K: huhu bolduga..
T: bolna padega samje. After all tum uske alawa aur kishi se toh tum dar te nahi ho kunj.. and woh kishi se bhi nahi darti hai kunj..
K: great one and I m not scared with her..
T: Chalo jhoote ?.
K: just because of Anant Bhaiya…?and
T: heheheee..and..
K: choti hai na.. even I too enjoy it..
T: pata ta mujhe itna toh tum apne bete ko muh nahi lagate ho aur woh bhi tum ko ache se slati hai kunj.. now go make her normal if she didn’t talk to me than I’ll not talk to you too..
K: what ?.. are you in sense na..
T: ji yes.. kunj pulled her near him closer..
K: because of Aayat you’ll not talk to me yaar twinkle yeh kya hai ?.you said that you’ll not leave me na than don’t leave me he winks at her… ?
T: I know you take it like that only ?..
I m too smart than you mr Kunj Sarna…
K:ufff babaji… where I’m stuck pidhi si bachi ki wajshe Meri biwi mujhse baath hi nahi kar rahi hai haaaaaaaa…
T:you call her Drama queen you’re not less than her drama king..?..
K: and you drama queen my.., ??
T: stop your cheesy lines ??
K: huhh khadar hi nahi meri toh… they both busy in their nokh jokh while Ansh wake up and look at them in sleepy eyes.
He gets up and sit there only..twinkle and Kunj look at him.. Ansh heard someone calling him.. he ran towards in balcony…
K: what happened to him..
T: kya pata..
(in balcony.)@@
Danish standing in down side and giving voice to Ansh…
Danish: Anshhhhhh… Ansh see him..
Ansh: haaa..
Danish: Ansh come down..
Ansh: okay wait I’ll come you sit..he gestured him… went in room back…
Ansh about to go…immediately twinkle…
T: oo hello mr junior Sarna kaha chale hum… (?its totally sound funny)
Ansh: woh mamma I’m going to play..
T: acha come here.. (he went towards her..) nothing you did just sleep and after wakes up and play this much work you do.
Ansh: mamma let me go na danish calling me..
T: so what danish calling you.. first get freshen up after go and meet with each and everyone specially your MAA and didi than I’ll decide.. kunj just looking at Ansh face..
Ansh: mamma In crying face..
T: don’t force me Ansh you know after my hands speak more…
Ansh: now what I did..
T: nothing you did Ansh till now toh so come…
K: gaya bichara….murmur..
Ansh: papaaa…
K: your mamma is right Ansh do what she tells you okay.. twinkle take him in washroom give him bath while all the time Ansh making faces… after twinkle take him come out of the washroom..
Twinkle makes him ready tip top he looks like good boy…
Ansh: now let me go…
T: come with me downstairs… sleepy head
(Next scene 2) downstairs..
(In maya and Anant [email protected])
Aayat: see mamma you Send me to meet with them even I didn’t go infect kunj chachu takes me forcefully… he make fun of me telling me so many things… saying in loud voice and in cry voice too at the same time..
maya: Aayat okay now calm down my sweet baby na..
Aayat: I’m not sweet and all’s mamma from now you’ll not talk to them okay.. maya look at her in omg face… she
cuddles her..
Maya. Where did you learn this ?okay now shhhh no more tears already my princess cried so much now not…
Aayat: they are bad mamma don’t love me. Today I’ll tell my papa to punish kunj chachu… maya wiped her face…
Maya: okay bas baba Aayat…
later everyone was sitting in hall Ansh went in kitchen meet with maya..
Ansh: MAA in happy ? voice…
maya: Ansh finally tumhari nidh puri hogi.
T: haa..
Ansh: maa I missed you so much..
maya: even MAA to missed you so much you left my Aayat here and went that’s not fair..
Ansh: MAA it’s not my mistakes i told mamma papa where is Aayat….I’ll go and meet with her too. Okay..
T: first complete your milk than go i know kaha jane ki jaldi hai tumhe Ansh…
Ansh: mamma.. he drinks and went in hall..
Hall @
Everyone was sitting chit chatting with each other while Aayat sitting on Anant lap telling him each and everything in silent voice only father and daughter will understand that’s it… just than Kunj come downstairs and went towards them sit beside them…. Kunj look at Anant and Aayat..
Ansh: hi Aayat ( she ignores him)kunj see this and smile.
Manohar: Ansh come here..he went and sit on his dadu lap..
Ansh:dadu…pulling his cheeks..
Manohar: don’t you miss us..
Ansh: haa I miss you Dadu and everyone.
Aayat: while looking other side..kitna jhoota ladka hai iss ke face ko dekhar toh nahi lag Raha hai kahi se he miss anyone..
everyone laugh on this.,. While Ansh give look at her..
Ansh: jealous girl huhu… Dadu you love me more.. na. Aayat look at him get up from Anant lap went towards Manohar…
And she to wants to sit on dadu lap…
Manohar take her both sitting on his lap..
Aayat: dadu you love me more than him..
Manohar look at Aayat face and mute..
Nani: what happened damad ji answer her .
Bebe: haa monu… just than Rohan and piya comes there and sit beside Bebe…
Ansh: no dadu you love me more…
Aayat: see papa Dadu don’t give answer to me.. while Kunj and Anant look at each other’s face.. Anjali give coffee to Kunj and Anant sit beside them…
Anjali: papa phas gaya aap..
Manohar: Arey but I love you both same..
Aayat: why same…
Ansh: haa I m your son grandson so according to this you love me more..
Aayat: even I too your granddaughter dadu… weshe bhi no ones love me huhu.
Nani: Anant Teri beti bhi puri drama queen hai…
Usha: I love my both babies…
Manohar: even I too okay..
Ansh: that’s not fair..
Aayat: hmmmm…
Ansh: rohan bhai let’s play..
Rohan: haa chal Ansh…
[Rohan and piya Sheetal and Cheery kids both elder than Ansh and Aayat)Ansh and Rohan went outside while piya sitting..
Aayat: papa don’t talk with Kunj Chachu..
Anant: why baby…
Aayat: bas ashe hi…he is not good..
Anant: he told anything to my baby..
Aayat: haa so much Aayat tell him…with sad face… from now I’ll not talk to them and you and mamma too… after Aayat and piya went and playing outside…
Anjali: what she said Anant..
Anant: what you did Kunj with her.. she’ll not talk to you…why..
K: what I did nothing Anant Bhaiya.. just kidding..
Anant: you both impossible fight with each other’s only ?..
K: ek number ki lada ku hai aap ki beti Anant Bhaiya.. Aayat Stand behind secretly she listens… and come in front of them and stand in full anger her hands resting on her wasit…
Aayat: me lada ku hu…. and papa you too..
Anant: gaya aaj toh…
Aayat: ab toh me real me hi baath nahi karugi…
K: okay but abhi toh kar rahi hai. ( funny way) all enjoyed it..
Anant: bas kunj yaar… marwaya ga kya…
Aayat: you all are same even you too papa.Anjali and Kunj everyone tease her lot they all enjoy seeing her puppy face and anger or talks…which makes her more angry… they all laugh like manic
Anjali: bas bas uff Aayat you are too good.
K:bas di she’ll not talk to you as well…
Aayat: haa nahii karugi
K: khar toh rahi hai ???….
Anant:bas karo… mera red tomato come here…
Aayat: don’t talk to me…. she looks down and slightly tears drops falling downs…
she just become like volcano…
Anjali: shhhh ro rahi hai… all become mute.
K: volcano blast one two three??.
Aayat lift her face and look at in red blood eyes…
Anjali: Arey baap arey itna gussa… Aayat scream badly in sharp voice.. she went toward Kunj and she tear Kunj like (nochana) she pulls Kunj hairs in full force…. all like OMG…
K: Arey Anant Bhaiya apni beti se chudawaiya… maya and twinkle working in kitchen they heard Aayat voice make maya worried she ran out and come in hall…
Maya: Aayat… they both shocked to see this… she tear Kunj while sobbing badly… maya went towards them…
maya: Aayat stop this..
Aayat: no mammmaaaaa hhhhhhmmm.. Aayat leave Kunj.
K: ouch mere Baal… Aayat ki bachi..
Aayat: mammaaaa while breathing heavily…sobbingly
Maya:calm down first… maya give look to Anant…
Aayat: mamma they all are bed each and everyone making fun of me.. even papa too with kunj chachu and Anjali bua. They all laugh on me I didn’t do anything…
Maya: okay fine now stop crying.. next time don’t talk to anyone.. maya lift her and rubbing her back make her calm down.. twinkle standing in corner looking at Kunj. While Kunj knows this but he didn’t look at her back.. it’s better ignore this.. maya takes Aayat in their room.. while Anant run towards his room..
twinkle went in kitchen…
T: sadu toh… just than Sheetal come there
( Sheetal role playing Poonam preet who playing juhi role in naamkaran)

she is negative person totally you can’t understand her unable mad always in Tashan mode In nonsense behave and talks like Uneducated person wearing too deep dress while always wearing sarees with deep blouse with too much makeup she looks like chal firti makeup and accessories ki dukan bas.. too flirting type woman looking boys with bad eyes here kunj mostly exposing her body intensionally.. which twinkle and maya don’t like. Always creating things to Make fight mostly argument in little things and in kids topics too..)
Sheetal went towards twinkle and look at her weird way…
Sheetal: hi twinkleee…twinkle look at her.
T: hi keshi ho.
Sheetal: I m good like always?. What about you and kunjjj..she. Stretch kunj name.:
T: yes I m too good and mera pati bhi…
Sheetal: cool Ansh..
T: he too you tell me about piya and Rohan.
Sheetal: they both too good.. father don’t interest at all’s in his kids.. look at Anant Bhaiya and Kunj.. twinkle didn’t give her any reply back.. wait I’ll to cut veggies okay.
T: hmm… they both busy in work…
next side in Luthra Mansion @
They all sitting together In hall Mahi and yuvi showing pictures to Anita and Surjit..
Anita: you all look so good… hope you all enjoy lot..
Y: yes mom I think you and dad too go for holidays Switzerland..
Surjit: we enjoy lot now it’s your turn we just want little pota poti to play with them..
Mahi blush like anything she gets up went in kitchen..
Anita: aap bhi na…
Y: mom I’ll come… he left Anita and Surjit laugh.. Yuvi went in kitchen found Mahi blushing he went towards her quietly… and back hug her.. kept his chin on her shoulder.. lock her from Stomach..
Y: stop blushing this much mahi..
Mahi: Yuvraj tum bhi na.. leave me someone will come see us..
Y: so what it’s my house let them see us…
Mahi push him.. just than servant comes Yuvi make puppy face and Mahi laugh slightly on this.. Yuvi left from kitchen..

Sarna [email protected]
Maya tried to stop Aayat but she non stop crying badly…
maya: bassss.. Anant standing in side caring puppy face…
Anant: Aayat sorry na… okay I’ll punish kunj Chachu…
Aayat: mujshe baat mat karo you all are in one team.. mamma..
Maya: I know leave it my baby but don’t cry.. already meri beti kitni rohi hai… maya lifting her still. Walking here and there…
Just than she choked badly coughing too.
Anant: wait
Maya: take her I’ll get water for her.. shii Anant now you all are happy.. koi kashar raha gi ti iss kois rulane ki woh ab puri hogi hai… Anant take Aayat and maya went in kitchen… maya take water bottle didn’t say anything… her face speak more than words twinkle understand she now used too..just than Kunj entered in kitchen for water. He didn’t know about Sheetal in kitchen too.. he went near twinkle..Sheetal see him and give smile.
T: what you do here..
K: woh pani…
T: wait. Before twinkle did Sheetal fill glass of water..
Sheetal: take it kunj.. Kunj look at twinkle face if he takes it or not…
T: Sheetal I’ll give it na why you..
Sheetal: so what if I give it twinkle… lo kunj…
K: haa slightly.. Sheetal give him kunj take quickly… and drink too… In one go…
thanks Sheetal..
Sheetal: your most welcome kunj.. Twinkle get angry on this…
T: hogaya ab aur Kuch..
K: nahi I m going… na he left…
T: murmur bhut pani pine ka shokh hai na sadu ko wait.. ab…
At In [email protected] 9:30 ?..
everyone comes for dinner and sit on chairs.twinkle and Sheetal come with food place dishes on dinning table… just than Ansh and piya or Rohan comes too here..
twinkle hold Ansh hand makes him sit beside kunj next chair.. while piya and Rohan sit beside their bua’s.. twinkle served everyone’s..
Manohar: where is Anant family..
Anjali: maybe in room.. just than Anant comes there with sad face.sit next to kunj.Ansh sitting in middle of them..
Anjali: where is your princess Aayat..
Anant: in room roh rahi hai. I told you all mat karo see now.. Kunj look at twinkle corner of his eyes immediately look back..
Aayat voice coming here too…
Usha: kunjjj that’s not good..
K: maa what I did even di and Anant Bhaiya too..maya get her down she sits in site with gloomy face cuddling blanket with sobbing inside.maya went outside..

In dining hall.. stand beside twinkle..
Anant: where is Aayat maya..
Maya: room me..
Manohar: go three of them say sorry to her…
maya: what’s the need of this to tease her you all know her still she already sad today she become normal but you people make her more..
Niki: don’t say maya all those did take their names..
Maya: Did I take your name Niki…
Usha: maya… go and feed her..
maya: she didn’t want it… murmur phale role phir kaha legi… kya mila..
usha: you both too sit have your dinner..
Maya: I m not feel like eat anything
afterwards see.. everyone quietly having their dinner… after kunj and Anant along with Anjali went in anya room..
Anya [email protected]
Aayat laying down on the floor with blanket..
Anjali: Arey babaji..
K: aaj toh gaya lagta hai.. they all went towards her.. stand there..while just than maya and twinkle too comes there..
K: listen Aayat sorry.. holding his ears..
Anant: me too my baby sorry na I’ll never repeat..
Anjali: even me too forgive your bua please Aayat sorry..Aayat look at them slightly again turn back and look other side..
maya: Aayat get up from floor you’ll catch cold.. Manohar and Usha comes there..
Manohar: Arey baap re meri ek loti princess niche kya kar rahi hai. Comes to Dadu.. Manohar take her towards him..
Manohar look at cheeks..Arey itne baade baade aansoo meri poti ke he wipes her tears..
Usha: kitne red cheeks you make Aayat. They siblings standing in side..
Manohar: acha Aayat they all are saying sorry next time they’ll not do anything with my princess..
Aayat: daduuuuuuuu they all are not good this kunj chachu and chachi papa bua.
Usha: why you cry now stop..
Aayat: this kunj chachu tease me and hate me too( saying this all while in crying.
They left me and after now telling me this kunj Chachu that he’ll give my toys to others daduuuuuu hahahaaa…
Anant: yeh kab bola tune kunj slightly.
K: maZak kar raha ta bas…
Manohar: how can he’ll give my princess toys to anyone I’ll not let him do it.. I’ll buy many toys and dolls for my dolls.. they all admire this dadu and poti moments..
K: slightly: itna Pyaar toh kabhi hum nahi Kiya..??
Anant: haa
Anjali: hmm but Mujhe toh kiya aap dono ko nahi ??…
Aayat: dadu punish them all…
Manohar: okay.. you did this… what punishment we give them Aayat..
Aayat: I know beat on Their hands with stick.. my teacher did this..
K: kitni smart hai pidhi…
Aayat: i can hear kunj Chachu… don’t call me wait dadu I’ll get stick. She went toward wardrobe take out wooden stick.. while all like OMG..
(funny tune play in BG)she come back to Manohar.. forward wooden stick ..
Aayat: take dadu this beat them… maza aayega…
Manohar: such me maare innko…
Aayat: haa such me maaro…
K: yeh toh such me stick leke aagi… Bhai and di?????
Anjali: hmmm.: maya and twinkle controlling their laughs..
Manohar: Aayat baby you do it okay..
Aayat: okay as your wish..
K: murmur golden ??chance she get it…Aayat hold the wooden stick and went towards them they stand in line… Aayat standing in front of Anjali…
Aayat: show me your hands please…
Anjali: okay she forward her hands..
Aayat: don’t cry okay..
Anjali: hmm nodded her head in yes..
Aayat hold her hand and slightly hit on her palm Aayat closed her own eyes due to in fear look at her and smiled… her forced totally not give her small pain..?..
Anjali: haa ouch (dramatically)..
Aayat: acha lagi mazayaa ??.. don’t worry after you’ll feel good bua next time didn’t do this okay..
Anjali: okay.. now Anant turn..
she went toward him and stand in front of him..
Aayat: now your tune papa show me your hands..
Anant: okay.. he too forward his hands…
Aayat hit on his palm immediately… Anant give her smile…
Anant: ouch fake one to make her happy..
Aayat:huhu ???see dadu mazaya na.
Manohar: haa… after she went towards kunj stand in front of him too. First she gives him angry look… which make kunj laugh out..
Aayat: dadu he still laugh at me..
Manohar: kunjjj…
K: Arey..
Aayat: wait now I’ll hit you na than your smile went away..than I’ll laugh on you..
Now show me your hands..kunj forward hand. Aayat hold kunj hand tightly…
She hit on his palm too no pain at all ??… Aayat scream haaaa in happy way?maza aaya…
K: done now let me go..
Aayat: why one more is left..
K: why one more you hit on Anant Bhaiya hand one time na why me too…
Aayat: why not because he is my papa you are not my papa so I’ll give you more even you tease me too much aur
pareshan bhi kiya na that’s why…now show your hand.. kunj show her she hit..
K: now..
Aayat: haa now don’t dare to do this next time with me…( the same kunj shadow reflected on her the way she speaks and stand anger too.. Usha look at Manohar and Anjali face)..
Aayat jumping in happiness she felt like what she achieved?….
Manohar: now happy my princess…
Aayat: haa dadu peck on his cheeks..
Usha: great now go eat your dinner…
Usha and Manohar left.. Aayat look at Kunj…
Aayat: don’t look at me kunj chachu I know I m so beautiful..??..
K: whatever in your dreams baby… apne aap ko princess Diana samjti hai ??.
Aayat: more than her I’m pretty…
Anjali: you both now stop.. okay..
Anant: Arey kunj leave my daughter…
maya: you wait here Aayat I’ll get food for you here okay.. Anjali and maya left even Anant only twinkle and Kunj or Aayat is here..Aayat tried to open water bottle but she can’t.Kunj went near her..
Took the bottle from her hands.. Kunj sit down to match his height with her.. while twinkle too.. Kunj open the bottle tap..
K: wait I’ll do..
Aayat: hmm. Kunj make her drink water slightly little bit water split…
T: ache se…
K: more..
Aayat: haa.kunj give her more.After she did.
T: I’ll clean your face.twinkle used her duppta to clean her face…
Aayat: nose too. Her nose to flowing…
K: chhiiii…
T: Kunj bas na…. Aayat about to used her face..
T: wait..
Aayat: I don’t have handkerchief
T: it’s okay.. I’ll do it…
Twinkle used her hands to clean her nosey kunj and Aayat look at her…
Aayat: your hands become dirty…
T: so what not important more than you..
Aayat: why…
T: bas aeshe hi…
Aayat: wo mere toys…
T:don’t worry I’ll not give anything yours to anyone…
Aayat: paka… hugged her tightly…
K: Chal me bhi sorry ab..
Aayat: tell him twinkle chachi I’ll not talk to him..
K: now you give me punishment na..
Weshe bhi dard toh bhil khul bhi nahiwas hua le maza ???…
Aayat: see twinkle chachi your kunj chachu not good..
T: he is not my kunj chachu it’s your na..
Twinkle kissed on her face… just than maya and Anant entered in room twinkle and kunj see them and stand immediately and leave her too…
Anant: so become friends again..
Aayat: never now toh…
K: pidhi si… ????
Aayat: you pidhi si…
T: let’s go kunj..
K: hmmm they both left from there… while maya feed her… twinkle and Kunj went in their respective room…

Twinj [email protected]
Twinkle went in washroom get freshen up changed her night dress.after she come out of the washroom.Went downstairs again.she and maya don’t have their dinner they sit together eat after clean everything.Twinkle take milk for Ansh.. went to room again..twinkle closed the
Door went towards bed while Kunj and Ansh Laying down on the bed already…
T: Ansh come here have.
Ansh: chiii mamma this milk not at all.. making faces..
T: acha take it..
Ansh: mamma mene kahana kahaya na bas.
T: pata hai kitna… leave this iPad from next day I’ll not give you this iPad..
Ansh: why… mamma..
T: so drink..twinkle forcefully make him drink… he finished… now sleep..
Ansh: mamma needh hi nahi aarhai hai..
T: kal school hai na so sleep… twinkle caressing his hairs he sleeps after sometime.. twinkle get up have water.. switch off the lights…
K: why you in silent mode twinkle..
T: sleep na office nahi hai Kya..
K: hai na…
twinkle lay down on her side of bed… Ansh in middle… kunj get up went towards her. Push her slightly make some space for him.. and lay down..
T: kunjj what is this go and sleep on your place.. in rudely.:.
K: kya yaar twinkle it’s Just fun..
T: for you all it’s just a fun not for her na kunj.. what you all get it..
K: we all just kidding with her that’s it..
I did only first time today..
T: but why you already know about her than also you and Anant Bhaiya to did,,
You know maya Bhabhi don’t like it what you all did.. kunj even I too don’t it..
She is small not for age..
K: mene end me sorry bol diya and Anjali di too she gives us punishment too…
T: yeh acha hai phale bache ko rula do phir sorry bol do…
K: Chal morning or sorry bol duga bas happy now..
T: mere happy hone se kya hota kunj… usko happy hona jaruri hai..
K: see Sab kitna toh Pyaar karte hai usse twinkle even mere papa bhi he didn’t treat us like what he did today..
T: you learn something from him… both laying beside each other’s… their face is very closer to each other’s..
K: I must say she is so smart twinkle.. after punish us she feels good..
T: who told you did this with her from starting she just like this..
K: kya kahaya ta twinkle Aayat ke time Phar i really don’t know… twinkle hit on his chest..
T: you always said this why..
K: kya Karu just like you same drama queen twinkle…
T: what did you said she understands herself princess Diana… why..
K: mazak ta bas…
T: she is more pretty than everyone’s maze sadu…
K: yeh bhi self obsessed ki maa?.
T: kya bola…
K: kuch nahi..
T: suna mene sadu…
K: kya bata..
T: leave let me sleep..
K: acha ab tujhe neendh aarahi hai..
you don’t have time for me twinkle at all..
T: nahi hai jao..
K: I’ll not go anywhere..
T: Arey pani kesha ta ha..
K: kaun sha pani just than Kunj click on his mind.. ??.. paniiiii woh twinkle he about to turn his face other side..before he did twinkle cupped his face…
T: kaha chal Baby..
K: kahi nahi… bas
T: next time pani piya na toh I’ll not leave you this time surly ? samje pati Dev ji..
K: galti ho gai weshe bhi bhabhi hai meri chill…
T: acha itna pyaar aaraha us Bhabhi phar kunj..
K: Pagal hai kya Pyaar aur uspe chii she is perfect for cherry Bhaiya… I m petty on cherry Bhaiya sometime where he finds her. Twinkle murmured he too bad like her when you will know na that time not leave him what he did with me…
K: where are you lost tera hero idhar hai.
T: mera hero…sone do morning me bhut kaam hai mujhe..
K:acha at lest you can give me time in night twinkle ?.. even in Switzerland too you don’t allow me., now not here..
T: tum toh still on same topic Sadu.bolana I m not good understand…now toh never..
K:nahi I’ll wait okay..?..
T: look at your face kunj.. ??.. Kunj come top of twinkle..
K: ek tu hi toh meri mushkaan…
T: acha ji Romatic baate tum se karwalo..
K: kyu nahi.?. Kunj tucked her hairs..
T: Kunj now again same things happened Daily…
K: listen twinkle I m telling you now honestly and frankly okay.. if anything happened in home in your all nonsense matters you’ll not angry with me without my mistakes.. ghar ka gussa mujhe par utarti hai…
T: owww phir kess phar utaru me…her hands around his neck…
K:but still twinkle maya Bhabhi is tera jhagda or Sheetal ka us me tu mere se ladti hai. Phir Kuch bhi bolti hai mujhe specially bacho phar se…
T: kya karu kunj dono mujhe itna pareshan kardete hai na…
K: jab tu yeh bolti hai na meri beti taane se mujhe bhil khul bhi acha nahi lagta hai twinkle..with painful eyes and voice… Kunj get up and sit there even twinkle too..
T: shirf us time phar ti toh bola mene kunj me gusse me ti bas..
K: I know still twinkle. Me toh tere ko kabhi bhi nahi bolta hu..
T: meri hai hi nahi toh bologe kaha se kunj.
K: ab yeh galt nahi hai kya…
T: I mean meri toh tab tak hi ti jab tak mere pet ke andar ti jis din she put her hands on her stomach. Jis din she come out from my womb that time only woh meri nahi ti kunj…
K: toh phir meri bhi nahi hai jab teri nahi hai toh twinkle…Kunj place his head on twinkle lap.. twinkle caressing his hairs..
T: kya hua…
K: Kuch nahi I think that moments are so beautiful moments of my life..
you know how I used to resting my head on your lap..
T: I know this when Aayat inside my womb.Always admire and talking with her.
Kitni Pagal te us ke piche in starting days meri beti meri beti karte rahate te bas…pata bhi nahi ta beti hai yeha beta…
K: I knew that twinkle… after all she is my first wish when I truly wanted and tell to babaji give us..
T: itna pyaar karte ho…
K: I can’t describe twinkle…
T: aaj kitna rulaya usko… phir kyu…
Kunj look at twinkle stomach… twinkle why you look at here kunj..
K: time went so fast twinkle. Kunj put his hand on her stomach..when Aayat inside you that time we don’t know that she is totally crazy and siyappa queen little…
she is so small and tiny too na twinkle..
T: hmm… kunj I know even you can’t hold her properly today she has power you dance on her moves kunj…?
K: me toh tere isharo phar bhi nachta hu.
T: jhoote ek dam se… chalo get up and sleep.:. Aayat ke chachu..
K: acha Aayat ki chachi… they both lay down properly…twinkle give some toys to cheery Bhaiya kids..
T: hmm did you think she’ll give…
K: you don’t tell her anything na..
T: but kunj why brought for her.,
K: so what baba I’ll buy more for her..
T: you have time for them…
K: kitna toh karta hu inn ke liye phir bhi…
Uski toh har wish puri karta hu and Ansh kii bhi… whatever in my hands…
T: what about me kunj.
K: your wish is in my wish ?? you just tell me I m ready always winking at her..
T: shameless…
K: you only not ready.. kunj give peak on her lips…they both hugging each other’s passionately they entangled their legs..
Kunj caressing her back while twinkle rubbing his back and hairs passionately.
Kunj kissing on her neck bite her to…
T: kunjjjjjj…
K: dheere siyappa queen ansh ko utane ka iradha hai kya..they both remain in this position feeling so good with in each other’s embrace.
[ when you under your partner embrace you’ll feel like this??????)n>
It’s feels like you’re safe. It feels like no one can hurt you. You’re under his warm
Embrace. Feeling his muscles around your waist, your body being pulled closer to his the feeling is indescribable. Twinkle feels so good. When they say it’s the best feeling ever, because in that moment when you’re sharing body heat, there isn’t a place you’d rather be or a single. Two people share their emotions and each and everything then you both feel same for each other’s that’s call love when you both in each other embrace that place the best place for you both no place can’t best for you both..! ).
Kunj look at twinkle face and shocked to see her and taking snore…Kunj face like omg ? bichara…
K: ladki beautiful kargi chul and bati gul twinkle tu mere saath Aesha keshe kar shakti hai.uff twinkle wakes up yaar.. kunj see her just after he too feels sleepy he rests his head on her shoulder and sleep…
(Great Kunj Sarna understand value of his wife)

Next [email protected]
Sun Ray coming in Twinj room breaking their sleep.twinkle sleeping in middle both father and son cuddling her tightly..,
Just than twinkle open her eyes look both sides…
T:awww my world beside me babaji keep both of them always happy.. kissed their side of heads… try to get up slightly not disturb their sleeps..twinkle take her clothes went in the washroom…till than Ansh wake up and waiting for twinkle…
after twinkle come out of the washroom..
Get surprised to see him…
T: today my baby wakes up early..
T: so come fast I’ll make you ready…
Twinkle give him bath make him ready soon.Ansh went downstairs today he ready soon for school..Twinkle too get ready as Kunj style as par he like it…
She wears simple and elegant Anarkali dress.looking at Kunj… she takes Ansh school bag and went downstairs…
Ansh and piya along with Rohan playing..
while maya and twinkle making breakfast and their kids lunchbox too.. Sheetal went in kitchen in hustle bustle…
Sheetal: I got late sorry..
maya: no problem we used too..
Sheetal: please twinkle make my kids lunch box too..
T: i already make it Sheetal don’t worry..
Sheetal: I’ll help you both.after breakfast is ready..
maya: I’ll go and wakes up my baby…
T: hmm.. maya went in her room..
Get ready to Aayat soon..
after each and everyone come down for breakfast.and sitting together just than Kunj too come and searching for twinkle.
Anjali: sit Chote..
K: ha he went in kitchen.. look at twinkle who doing sometime her back facing. Kunj went Towards her slightly and hugged her from back.. twinkle get shocked..
T: kaun.. in fearing voice..
K: me twinkle tera Pati..
T: tum kunj.. dara hi diya ta ek pal ke liye..
K: dar kyu gai haa mere alawa Tere ko Aesha haath kaun laga shakta hai..
Twinkle though it’s cherry…
T: haa woh bas… you tell me what you do here.. today you get ready without pareshan kiya bhager mujhe even son too.
K: don’t worry ab kal luga me??..
last night you cheat me twinkle..
T: keshe.
K: you sleep kumkar ki nani… no action only talks..?..
T: kya bola tumne Sadu..
K: kya suna tune.
T: jo bola wo hi…
K: chal ab give my kiss..
T: aww kiss Pagal ho we are not in our room kunj in kitchen have some shame..
K: room me konsha tu kuch Karne deti hai?..
T: pata hai na bas go have your breakfast.
Kunj hold her from waist.. pulling her closer to him..
K: kaha jayegi..
T: Kunj chodo Mujhe koi aajayega..
K: aane de me kishi se darta nahi hu…
Ek kiss bas I’ll go..
T: no kiss wiss kunj baba…they both busy in their romance. Just than Sheetal entered in kitchen and look at them..
while twinkle hands around kunj neck..
Sheetal: hmmmm.. twinkle and Kunj heard this look at door side.. see Sheetal.. they both leave each other’s…
K: woh I’ll go..
T: hmm.. kunj left..twinkle set her hairs and went outside sit with everyone for breakfast all having their breakfast…
Ansh: mamma I m done..
T: good…
Aayat: chal cry baby we’ll get late…
Ansh: haa chal.. Ansh about to get up suddenly his hand get hit by table edge.
K: be careful..
Aayat: bro this call karma ????.
Maya: Aayat not again go…
Aayat hold ansh hands both went from there.after cherry take his kids to drop school.. after breakfast maya and Sheetal busy in kitchen. While twinkle went upstairs in her room to check kunj if he goes or not..

Twinj [email protected]
Kunj arranging his office bag. Twinkle went toward him..
T: still you here..
K: huhu… twinkle went near him…
T: gussa ho… kunj turned his face to others… twinkle cupped his face and face him to look at her…
K: kya hai ab…
T: in kitchen someone getting romantic now what happened..?..
K: huhu someone idiot…
T: I don’t think so..kunj moving towards twinkle while twinkle going backwards…
Twinkle stop because of wall. Kunj hands went on her cheeks.. Kunj look at twinkle red lips..kunj rubbing her lower lip with his thumb. Both looking at each other with love desire…kunj grab her waist pull her closer to his body and he looks into her eyes.kunj look at her lips while twinkle biting her lower lips. Kunj grab her face gently.. twinkle heart beat fast…
T: Kunj koi aajayega…
K: (sensuously)don’t worry darwaja bhi band hai aur bache bhi nahi…
( Sajna ve in big)
T: hmmm. Then Kunj slowly face going closer to her face very close.twinkle gestures him in yes..twinkle closed her eyes.kunj give her smile..kunj and twinkle lips meet with each other’s lips… twinkle rubbing kunj hairs.. he too..both kissing each other’s passionately.Kunj nibbling her lips even twinkle too..kunj kissing her
With lots of care and love she can feel.
(A single kiss shows your love and care how much did…)kunj sucking her every side of corner of her lips.they both kissing each other almost 10 minuets. Both breathing heavily.Still both not leave each other specially twinkle…
T:hmmmmm while kissing.with make kunj smile.. due to over breath kunj itself stop and look at twinkle who breathing like anything…
K: Pagal hai… tu toh mere se bhi jada despo hai twinkle ??..
T: huhu you only want kiss na.. piche padete twinkle kiss de de bacho ki tara..
K: acha… not leaving me ?.
T: next time don’t come to me for this..
Kunj moving his finger on her lips…
Suddenly twinkle bite her finger..
K: ouch…
T: now go office late hogye ho… pet bhar gaya kush…
K: yup hell happy..?if I get daily this my life to jingalala ??…
T: beshrma.. kunj about to go..wait kunj..
K: kya hua.. twinkle clean his lips and side face because of her lipstick color…
T: good sab ko bata na ta??..
K: kyu nahi…
kunj kissed on twinkle forehead gently…
K: okay bye take care….
T: hmm bye:. Kunj took his office bag and left… while twinkle went toward dressing table and look at herself in mirror… and touch her lips feel his wetness..blush and bite her lower lip..
T: Pagal but I love him lot….after twinkle clean her room arrange all things perfectly..later went downstairs…
Scene freezes of twinkle and Kunj smiling face…

Precap: Sheetal fighting with cherry on money and about kids…
I hope you all like it this episode…
You want to do Comment or not it’s your wish..I can’t do anything.. my work is this to complete this story.. thanks for your comments who did…
and ananya you asked me if kunj come to know about cherry or not ?don’t worry he’ll wait dear… anymore questions you want to ask me about episodes you can..????
So happy new year ? each and everyone
This year bring lots of happiness in your life’s your all dreams and wishes comes true.. may you have a year that is filled with this love laughter and brightest and hopes happy. And our TU family remain like this more beautiful stories we’ll wrters on Twinj…
bye love??????
Please ignore any grammatical

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