Love ka hai intzaar twinj shots by kiya episode 46

Episode 46…
Continue..??????????bro and sis saga??????
recape: Anjali gets to know about kunj life and she hell heart broken twinkle and Neil with every one is went for lunch they all enjoy their lunch while yuvi did fun with Naman to mixed spices in his food after Anjali went in Taneja Mansion to meet with twinkle she meet with all everyone like Anjali nature. Anjali come there to take twinkle with her back Sarna Mansion after so much request she said yes for coming per precap Anjali slap Kunj hard.
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twinkle arrange her and Ansh clothes in wardrobe while Anjali just thinking about kunj when he will come back from office she will talk with him she was hell fuming in anger on Kunj….soon twinkle did and place all her and Ansh things in place…
Twinkle see Anjali she lost in her thoughts
Twinkle think what happened to Anjali di. Twinkle went to her and sit beside her and pant on her shoulder Anjali come out of her zone and look at twinkle..
Anjali: what??
T: where are you lost..
Anjali: no when will chote come from office…
T: Kunj not particular time for him it’s his choice to come home when he wants but usually he come late only.busy man he is ?.
Anjali: Ho ok I will come afterwards you do your work till then…
T: hmm
Anjali went downstairs while twinkle look at her whole room and she felt so good.she went in balcony admiring everything suddenly she thinks about that he to Stay with her only in this room but she didn’t want to see his face even.. can’t stay with him in one roof… Twinkle leave her thoughts and went downstairs after sometime….!
Usha sitting with Bebe and bua dadi while anjali in her room….when she thinks about twinkle and her words all words and truth killing in her badly if it is all become dream the best thing for her because she can’t digest this fact at all..
twinkle went toward all everyone is shocked to see her in home…
Bebe: Twinkle Puttar tu…
T: yes I m Bebe she touched her feet and take her blessing and bua dadi too niki saw her and making annoying face on her.
Usha told that Anjali went to meet with twinkle take her back home all happy to see her back..,
T: mummy ji where is anjali di..
Usha: she must be in her room only beta.
T: ok twinkle went in kitchen she felt so nice to see her home all her routine she missed cook for everyone hustle bustle…
twinkle take the vegetables in her hands and chop them and thinking what she cooked for everyone after so many days..

She prepared all ingredients what she need for dish… she happy doing her work just than Ansh come in kitchen while he come screaming slightly mumma….
Ansh: mamma I want milk i m so hungry..
T: Ho so come to here you feel hungry there you not fell hungry at all haa…
Ansh: because today I played so much after so many days with my friend danish.
T: why you didn’t play with soham there ha.
Ansh: I did but not that much fun come with danish…. twinkle just smiled and give him milk glass Ansh took glass of milk in his hands and went in hall…. Anjali coming out her room and Ansh see her and went towards her..
Ansh: bua please hold this…
Anjali hold milk glass and sit in side couch.. Ansh to sit beside Anjali…Ansh take milk glass but he can’t holds glass in proper way while milk about to falling down…
Anjali: wait a second Ansh… Anjali take back glass and she holds and made him drink milk by herself hands…
Ansh: thanks Anjali wiped his lips milk beard comes on his lips… that’s good.
Ansh sit and watch cartoons.while Anjali went in kitchen to kept that glass in kitchen… Anjali saw the twinkle she cook food..
Anjali: why you did alone call me I will also help you..
T: Ho it’s fine infect I loved this… Anjali put the glass in sink… she stands beside twinkle and looking at her…
Anjali: smell coming tasty ? hmm Anjali tasted the food I must say twinkle you are very good chef.,, everyone loved your food.
T: hmm thanks.., everyone say The secret of every man’s heart is coming through its on his stomach. Har Aadmi ka dil ka raaz uske pet se Hokar juzrata hai…
Anjali : hmm right..
T: but In my case it’s totally different… my husband don’t know what he wants from me… she has tears in her eyes you know anjali when I see every husband and wife and how much they both happy with each other I felt so bad what I did with babaji that he did with me this… is something is bad in me…Anjali feeling bad and understand her pain to as well…
Anjali : why you care for him you are right on your place and good as well his is bad that he can’t see your loved and your care. Love is the best thing in this world. Twinkle looks at Anjali face her face was bright and eyes to speak seeing love in her eyes.
Anjali: you know om humse kitna pyaar karte hai.
T: aur aap..
Anjali : hum bhi unse bhut pyaar karte hai.
Twinkle complete her work both went Anjali room and sit together..

Anjali room..
T: I know you miss your husband na now he is in icu..
Anjali: haa I really miss him I described how much I loved him… but I m sure he will be fine soon because I believe in kunj he promise me that he will not let happened anything to my om..
T: it seems like you and Kunj really loved each other so much because I don’t know mummy ji has daughter also I thought only two sons… and moreover you and Kunj shared great bonding with each other m I right…
Anjali: haa he really loved me so much even I to loved him.. more than everyone..
T:? more than OM anjali looks at twinkle with a smile…
Anjali: yes more than him also and he knows this that I love my brother lot.. whenever he asked me how much I loved him I always answer after my chote I only loved him more in this world..
T: I never see a sister love her brother this much…
Anjali: even he to love me so much..I know this…I see everything to him like from a small baby till him grown up…
T: you very closed to kunj I can see this..
Anjali: he is not my only brother but my everything… I love Anant too but compare to chote not like same… they both talk for while just than maya and aayat come home back aayat see Ansh and ran towards him..
Aayat: Ansh you how you come here haa both jumping in happiness like a maniac both hugged each other both Ansh aayat…
Ansh: see aayat I m come back
Aayat: hoo yes OMG I m so happy..where is twinkle chachi she didn’t come back home..
Ansh: yes she to come back… Ansh saw maya… maa
Maya: mera beta keshe hai you didn’t miss your maa huhu I will not talk to you.
Ansh: no no maa I miss you really… and hugged her… Ansh and aayat ran towards in Anjali room… Anjali and twinkle talking with each they both to hear sound..
Aayat: twinkle chachi you back… she jumped on twinkle lap..!!!
T: Ho where are you aayat I toh come kab se..
Aayat: Ho okay aayat hugged twinkle tightly hold her neck.. you know I miss you so much.. while Anjali look at them with smile…
T: even I to miss aayat twinkle think in her heart… aayat how much I miss you in these days I can’t tell you this sadu also not allowing you to come TM. Huhu twinkle rubbing her back… I felt so great to see you and feel you…
Aayat: now don’t be so sentimental twinkle chachi all laugh on her…
Ansh: mamma maa also come… come and meet with her…
Anjali: But your mamma toh is here only…
Ansh. No she is mamma not maa
T: he talks about maya bhabhi he calls her as maa and daddy.
Aayat: copy cat huhu… they all went in hall… twinkle meet with maya both get happy to see each other’s… twinkle told maya that Anjali went to take her back.!!
After sometime later all sit for dinner every one come and waiting for dinner… soon maya and twinkle come with food and served everyone…
Anant: maa where is paa he didn’t come hA.
Usha: I didn’t know where he was ha but he didn’t come back home…. maybe busy in work… everyone having their food nicely..

Next scene…@
Yuvi and Kunj both making presentations..
Yuvi still thinking about naman and laugh..
K: please yaar stop your laugh.,.
Y: huhu I m not like you sadu I laugh when I want…
k: stop your laugh thinks about Mahi how to make her fine…
Y: I told mom she didn’t listen to me at all. She said she will talk to her…now she will Handel her.. or Kunj she take to much footage haa.. and I will not give her faltu ka attention..
k: it’s not a solution Yuvi yaar..
Y: abey you think about twinkle..
K: I will not yaar she was in good place yaar I can’t deserve her… later they both finished their work.., left for home…
Sarna [email protected]!!
Soon everyone finished their dinner and other’s went in their rooms… Manohar went for Chandigarh for some work he will come home late…
twinkle was in her room only arranging the bed..,!! Kunj parked his car … it’s almost 12:00 ? clock. Kunj went inside the house he entered in hall see nobody in hall and he check the time…
K: Ho f**k it’s 12:00 I m late only… I will meet di first… no first I will change afterwards I will meet with her… Kunj went upstairs while other side Anjali just waiting for when he will come… just then Kunj get call from Sara his PA still on stairs he is… while talking on phone and went in his room.. out of twinj room kunj see light is on and he gets confused why is lights on because on one in this room than why lights on.,,
K: maybe aayat did this…Kunj open the door and went inside the room still on phone not seeing here and their.Ansh was sleeping peacefully. Twinkle to busy in her phone messaging with Neil..both not see each other’s.,,,!! Kunj put his laptop on dressing table just then twinkle heard sound and she turned and looked at towards door directions… she saw Kunj immediately she got up and put her phone in side., she just looking at Kunj while Kunj drinking cold drink it’s a soft drink but the bottle of cold drink just look like drink bottle… Kunj hang up the call he takes sip of cold drink… Kunj look up and get shocked to see twinkle. She stand infront of him… she looks at him with anger eyes… Kunj put the phone in side he still in shocked if he sees dream what twinkle doing here.. twinkle move..
T: why you look at me like this way haa
Kunj heard this and his eyes pop out and cold drink spilt from his mouth and he started coughing badly… uncontrollable he was choking Kunj put the bottle on table tearful eyes still in shocked twinkle ran towards him…
T: sit she takes him towards couch and made him sit down. Can’t you see now see how badly you choke Kunj she just forgot everything at that moment…. caring for kunj and twinkle started rubbing his back make him calm down.
K PoV I m not seeing any dream Twinkle is here in real how it’s possible… Kunj immediately got up and look at twinkle…
K: twinnnkellll……
T: what twinnnkel…haa
K: you are real haa
T: yes are you drank while looking at bottle. Kunj see her…
k: why you look like this haa
T: you can’t change..,
K: Ho hello it’s not a alcohol you thought it’s wrong… soft drink only..,. And what are you doing here and who will you come here haa… if I m not seeing dream..
twinkle pinch him kunj said ouch…
T: now see it’s not a dream it’s a reality Kunj Sarna.,,!
K: you mean you are here how can it’s possible Kunj tough twinkle hands to believe that she is in real… twinkle jerk his hands.,,
T; don’t dare to touch me Kunj Sarna stay way from me get it… Kunj shocked to see this but he understood…
K: listen twinkle i m really sorry please forgive me I know I don’t deserve your well..
T: hoo please stop your drama Kunj I m not fool who come on your traps..
K: not twinkle I m genuinely felt bad and sorry to…!! Twinkle went near him,,,
Looked at in his eyes while he too..!
T: you can’t feel bad kunj because you are heartless man sometimes I wonder you really love your kids also or not just showing fake love towards them..,!
Kunj hold her hands…
K: what did you think twinkle about this..
T: I m yes you can’t love them too…
K: so fine as per your wish.. twinkle having tears in his eyes.. twinkle push him… I don’t want to see your face… leave from here samje tum…
K: why would I go and tum batao how can you come back..! voice come from back because of me… Kunj heard this and turned back and see it’s Anjali who standing towards door…
K: diiiiii shocked because he didn’t want get to know anjali about him..!!Anjali come near him.
Anjali: yes chote me why shocked what did you think I will not get to know about you.. tears falling down…
K: diii I will tell you this but…
Anjali: But what haa chote…. you thought I will not get to know about you and Twinkle.. Anjali hold Kunj hand and take him downstairs because Ansh were sleeping.., twinkle to come down..

[email protected]
Usha to come out of her room…Anant maya to everyone one by one…
Both brother and sister standing In front of each other,, kunj looking down..,
Anjali; why you look down kunj has look at me… think before what you did this…answer me kunj I m asking you something… Kunj slightly looking up.. he to has tears in his eyes…
K: who told you this….
Anjali : why?? What’s the need of this who told me or not you Just answer my questions… whatever maa told me this all is true or not I want to hear from your mouth…
K: hmm maa is right..immediately Kunj get slap from Anjali… no one didn’t expect this from Anjali… all shocked.,, anjali bangles hit on Kunj lips slightly.. slightly his lips bleed.. while Anjali to shocked….
Anjali : Kyu kiya aapne Aesha why kunj…
I didn’t even think about this my chote did this with his wife… Anjali hold his shirt and shaking him why why…..Kunj I m always proud on you but you ashamed me…
humara chote kabhi keshi ko dard dehi nahi shakta hai but I m wrong you give so much pain to twinkle you never think for a minute kunj…chiii I feel bad to call you my brother…
K: Aesha mat bolo please I know I didn’t bad I know my mistakes I said sorry to all and Twinkle too…
Anjali: you said sorry you did great haa Kunj.. Anjali holding him from know kunj I didn’t feel bad that moment in court when people said me pr*stitute…
K: please don’t say this word diii Kunj closed his eyes… it will give him pain…
Anjali: you only feel bad to hear this kunj what about twinkle who standing in side.. haa can’t you see her pain what you did with het how can you did this haa… you don’t feel ashamed you are married man still you were having affair with some other girl haa… Kunj and what about that pictures haa…
K: no di those pictures are totally faked I told everyone this yes I admit I m in relation with Alisha but I didn’t even cross my limits…
T: hoo please still you are Lying Kunj.,,
K: no I didn’t di please at least you can believe on me…
Anjali: how will I trust on you kunj you broke my trust… you broke me… too
I m happy what naman did with me it’s all good I deserve this only..,,
K: no you can’t deserve this di…. he was not right what he did with you…
Anjali: than you were right what you did with his sister Kunj… you also hurt his sister did he also felt bad na to see his sister like this…Kunj.. haa tell one thing…
whatever you did with twinkle if same thing OM did with me what will you did with him answer me honestly..
K: I can’t let him did this with you..,?
Anjali: just suppose na…
K: I will kill him if he did this…
Anjali: smile if he did with me you will kill him and what about naman Kunj.. haa..
K: but I will not do with his sister I will do with him only not others and he too did anything with me but he chooses you to hurt me.. I will not leave him..
Anjali: you are not same Kunj whom I know him my brother you totally change kunj… your anger everything… I will not forgive you…even not talk to you to…
K: please di don’t said this you can beat me and punish me but don’t say this…
I didn’t do anything di on one believe on me di you can ask yuvi to that pictures are faked…
Anjali: why I will I asked to Yuvi Kunj why you create this situation to proof yourself you want other ones… in your side haa Kunj you know I believe on you blindly today you broke everything my trust..,
You promise me you will never disrespect any girl but you torched twinkle this much kunj… maa and her words echoed in my ears and hurting me badly… I prayed to babaji this all not true it’s goes like a dream but not it’s real kunj… Whatever happened with me it’s good kunj… babaji good with me… Kunj about hold her hands.. Anjali jerk his hands..
Anjali: don’t touch me kunj you lost all your right on me..
K: di
Anjali: don’t call me your di I m not your di anymore kunj…. Kunj get shocked and a long drop of tears and come and rolling down.. Kunj streaming.
K: di what are you saying please you don’t say this please..Kunj looked at twinkle face.
K: what did you say to my di haa you told her everything false.,. Tell her na that pics wrong I tell you twinkle so many times but you were not believing me… you don’t want to forgive na it’s ok don’t but atlest..
I didn’t force you to come here… even.!!
Anjali: she didn’t tell me anything chote but maa told me each and everything.. what you did with her haa…I know you didn’t force her to come here.. from which face you said her to come here haa Kunj.
You didn’t feel ashamed on yourself haa.. you didn’t think about anyone special our maa Kunj.. you know how Papa is we siblings did mistakes but Papa only blamed our maa Kunj what she did haa..
I know what I did Papa didn’t forgive me..
after this also you did this why kunj…
maa think she didn’t give us good nourishment and manners but it’s not true she did her best.. fault in us only kunj.. Kunj look at usha she to looking… all felt bad..
And haa twinkle come here because of Maa Papa not because of you. You get it this kunj.. I went her house to take her back because she and Ansh didn’t do anything wrong you did mistake kunj…
K: why you went her home you don’t know what naman did this you di.. after this as well.
Anjali: I m not went naman home I went my bhabhi home to take her back.. I felt bad when I remembered each and everything happened with me but when I see twinkle pain My is nothing in front of her pain kunj.. neither you have right to play with anyone feeling and hurt someone. And Naman to you both are Wong what did you both of yourself. You hurt her without any reason chote. He hurt me because of his sister pain but in real matter we both suffer not you both Kunj..
I m not understanding why you did this haa kon aapni biwi ke saath Aesha karta hai haa bolo..such toh yeha hai you don’t know meaning of love kunj. You don’t have
Humanity in you chote how can you become so heartless person.. my brother can’t like that.. he did mistakes I know but this much big mistakes…
K: I m sorry di
Anjali: don’t say sorry to me chote say sorry to her if your sorry remove her pain than tell me haa…
K: di I did mistake I know this… you always correct me na this time to.
Anjali: I can’t correct you chote every time because you are grown up man not my small chote you were anymore.. this time your mistake is not small… you know people play game but you play with feeling why.. you give me so much pain today chote.. Kunj pleasing to Anjali…
K: di please don’t say this… no one is my after you…I lost everyone already
Anjali: put stone on her heart..TODAY YOU
LOST ME too kunj… Kunj felt right now like someone stabbed him in his heart took his soul out… Kunj started Stammering the word dii….
K: di no I can’t afford you to lose…I break your trust give me one chance last time DI
Anjali: trust takes years to build, second to break and forever to know what I m feeling right now. Extremely depressing moment when someone breaks your trust.
K: sorry di in stammering voice.. forgive
Anjali: I will forgive you one day because I m your sister and did you think for something they did twinkle forgive haa your sorry less her pain kunj.. you are culprit of twinkle not mine…you break your promise and my trust too chote… Kunj looking at twinkle with anger while twinkle was happy inside in heart..
Anjali: why you looked at her like in this way.. haa anger clearly visible in kunj eyes.still your anger not gone kunj… first control on your anger…
k: they all fill your ear for me. Di.
Anjali: really why they will fill my ear for you.. haa., atlest accept you mistakes.,.
you mean maa fill my ear why she did this she is your maa na Kunj…
K: I don’t know in loud pitch…
Anjali: don’t be loud I will not think to slap you again kunj..
K: they all are selfish…. di listen to me na..
both arguments with each other badly it hurt Anjali Lot..
Anjali jerk him and she walked out from she about to hit with side table and imbalance
K: diiiii usha to Anjali beta. She Handel herself and went in her room lock the door and lean towards door sit on floor cuddle her legs and cried lot… all left in their room…twinkle to went in her room…
Kunj still standing in hall what happened just now….Kunj think why kunj why you can’t control on your anger… I hurt my di..
Lot kunj broke the glass Vase in anger hurt himself too… everything routed in 360 degree.. Kunj sit in side…

In twinj [email protected]
Twinkle sitting on bed she to thinking about what happened just now…
T PoV…
even I to felt bad to see you kunj like this but what you did with me than not bad I felt bad but at same time feel good too..
Because of you my all relation hurt with me today when your sister hurt with you and hate you too now you can understand my pain when I bed you to it’s comes on my brother and sister parents… you want me to ignore them…after sometime later Kunj entered in room… Twinkle still wake up… Kunj bang the door… twinkle stand up
Both looking at each other in anger…
twinkle about to go in washroom Kunj pulled her…
K: why you did with haa…
T: Ho why you tell my line… I too always ask you this why you did with me this kunj haa…
K: you want to hurt and hate me na you can but why you take my di in this.. it’s our matter twinkle..
T: it’s not our matter kunj anymore nothing is our because you make our relation like a tissue paper used and throw.. and you too did with me.. both were very closer to each other face… how easily you forget this… remember you want me only when you need me to satisfied your needs…Kunj
Me ek Bhau me bani maa me bani bhabhi me bani bas ek tumhari biwi hi nahi ban Pai me… Kunj… did you know what my mistake is in this first I give you chance and second she closed her eyes… second is Kunj that I give birth to aayat and Ansh… this both is my mistakes kunj most important mistakes is my ansh and aayat… because of them I m still standing here…if I knew you did this I will never give birth them… kill my self too.. you only felt bad your sister said she hates you what about me… so many times you said to me that you hate me..she only said through words but you did with me.. think if words can give you this much pain and your physical torture how much they given me pain haaa Kunj Sarna… Kunj didn’t say utter words to twinkle right now only Anjali in his mind…. I m damn surprised to see you… not a single word to me… Kunj about To go twinkle held in hands…
T: where are you going haa answer me.. Kunj.. Kunj take his hands went in balcony.. twinkle off the lights and lay down beside Ansh.. while Kunj in balcony stair the stars… right now two things with him one is pain and second is tears this both with him.. and forever.. maybe…
twinkle just turning sides here and their…
She closed her eyes….thinking
Flash back…
It’s normal day Twinkle and Kunj fight with each other hell…, after this kunj went office whole day twinkle just crying and sad… both didn’t talk to each other’s….
at night… twinj room both laying down on bed both sleep in their side of bed…Twinkle slightly crying and cuddle herself… while Kunj still wake up and he knows she was crying…,kunj slightly moved towards her closer… Kunj put his hand on her side shoulder and his hands went under her waist.. twinkle feel him… tight her eyes closed…. Kunj face touched twinkle face and cheeks too…
k: twinkleeee slightly…. sorry na ok it’s my fault.. Kunj rubbing his cheeks on her cheeks… now look at me I know tum sohi nahi ho don’t be…
T: side please and sleep… Kunj turned her face now twinkle beneath under kunj..
twinkle still closed her eyes tears escaped from her eyes… Kunj kissed on her eyes and sucked tears.. he did this her both eyes..
k: twinkle yaar listen na ab bas na…
After few minutes later twinkle open her eyes.. looking away… Kunj why you look here and their your handsome husband in front of your eyes look at me na twinkle…
T: I don’t want to look you
K: kunj smiled itna gussa Twinkle kunj pulled her nose… he cupped her face make her look at him…
T: chodo mujhe…
K: not at all Twinkle.. Kunj kissing on her face… and nuzzled his face on her neck..
Kissing on her neck… after Kunj look at her lips he about kiss on her twinkle turned her face…
k: what now twinkle…
T: I don’t want do this mujhe Sona hai…
K: twinkle please ha I m going London to meeting for one week.. twinkle look at him..
T: now I understand why you come near me and said sorry to me.. Kunj because of these na I don’t care you going London or anywhere… apne matlab me twinkle bas Aesha chahye Twinkle jiye or mare phir..
You are selfish Kunj….
k: Aesha Kuch Nahi hai biwi hai tu meri if I m not come near you than who will come near you… haa
T: acha 24 hours me se phir raat ke 2or4 hours ke liye I m your biwi Baki ke 19 house ka Kya Kunj tab biwi yaad aati nhi na..:after hell argument only kunj win? later…
T: ab toh chodo mujhe kunj please… flash back end…
twinkle scream in sleep please leave me.. she wakes up with jerk and breathing heavily.. she sat… o babaji… twinkle cuddles Ansh and sleep…. Kunj still in balcony. After he went downstairs and see Anjali ‘s room light still on…. Kunj went towards door and banging the door…
K: di please open the door I m sorry na di please last time… Anjali listening kunj crying more… whole night kunj doing this and pleasing Anjali… when he slept he didn’t know there only sit beside room door…

Everyone wake up Manohar to come in night… twinkle to wake up and she looks at balcony door.. the door was half closed she thinks may be kunj in balcony only.,, she gets up freshen up soon ready to Ansh to take him downstairs…
At dinning area… everyone sitting on chairs Ansh to sit beside their only..twinkle went in kitchen help maya after both come out with breakfast and placed on
Table Manohar come and found twinkle and surprised…
Manohar: twinkle puttar tum yeha keshe beta he gets happy to see his bahu and grandson… Bebe and Usha told him everything that Anjali went to take twinkle back home Manohar get hell happy…
All sit and having their breakfast….
Anant: maa where is anjali di she didn’t come.
Usha: maybe she’s in her room usha though she might be not come because of Manohar.. soon everyone finished their breakfast mans left for their works and kids school…after usha take Anjali’s breakfast in her room…. in Anjali room she got up and her eyes gets swollen she gets freshen up.. sit on bed…
Usha come with breakfast and she saw Kunj their… Kunj sleeping their only in side near door… she felt bad to see him.. just than twinkle and maya to come their they too see… they both shocked because kunj never did this with anyone and this is first time to see him… suddenly Anjali open the door she found usha maya and twinkle standing their…
Anjali: maa just than her eyes went on Kunj… chote yeha kyu soye huye hai maa..
Usha: yeha toh tu Jane or tera Bhai.. Anjali went from their… having tears in her eyes… usha tape on Kunj shoulder….
Usha: Kunj wake up .. he wakes up with jerk.. dii.. Kunj stand up..
K: maa where is di
Usha: chod us ko tu ha or yeha kyu soya hua hai tu haa Kunj..
K: maa see na di mujse baat hi nahi kar rahi hai aap hi unko kuch bolo na..
Usha: what did I said to her haa jab tu hi Meri baat nahi Sunta hai woh keshe sunegi meri baat haa Kunj…
k: aap sab ek jeshe Ho matlabi…he went in his room…
twinj [email protected]
Kunj open the wardrobe and mess up all clothes while taking his clothes throw clothes here and their….just than twinkle come in room with breakfast and see him..
Kunj went in washroom get freshen up…
after come out Twinkle arranging the room… Kunj wear shirt.. soon he get ready.. Twinkle enjoying this… restless Kunj..Kunj about to going…
T: are kunj listen kunj stop…at lest have your breakfast… Kunj went downstairs.:..
Searching Anjali everywhere… in house..after he saw Anjali sitting in backyard, kunj went towards her…
K: dii please na he sits beside her… take her hands on his hands… di please look at him na… Anjali ignore him and went….
whole afternoon pass like in this way kunj trying Anjali… after he went out..,, both didn’t eat anything everyone insist Anjali to have something but she didn’t at all.. only crying she… and felt bad on herself too.. Kunj busy in office but his mind and heart on in office..and other side Mahi to come back Luthra mansion all get happy..
Kunj told everything to Yuvi… he to sad now..
Evening… Usha went in Anjali room found her sitting on floor.., usha went near her and sit beside her too..
Usha; Anjali beta kuch toh kahale aeshe mat kar tu bimar pad jayegi… beta..
Anjali: maa humhe bhuk Nahi hai maa…
maa humne bhil kul bhi acha nahi kiya kunj ko thapad marke
Usha: toh Kya hua Agar tune usko thapad mara toh Anjali badi behan hai tu uski.
Anjali: maa I don’t like this… why I did this haa I know chote hurt
Usha: when you love give me love that time he didn’t felt bad why now don’t worry about him… now you eat beta…
Anjali: nahi na maa please usha tried but not happening…

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All having their dinner usha thinking about Anjali still she didn’t have anything.. told Manohar this… after dinner Anjali sitting in lobi area….
Anjali PoV: humne chote ko kitna kuch bura bola… mara bhi…
Kunj come with dull face and his eyes to red… went inside…
Manohar and everyone present their Kunj just entered…
Manohar: so finally you come kunj very soon… he bow down head… Anant to … bow down eyes… other’s standing in side… some of enjoy… Manohar helling on usha..
Manohar: I don’t know usha what type of parvarish you give them… I m not understanding usha this… all are same.. can’t you Handel them haa…. they only give me ashamed… talk about your son Kunj… because of him people laugh on me.
Bebe: bas monu
Manohar: and Twinkle beta if he did something with you now tell me honestly..
and Kunj you stay away from her samje na.
K:hmm ??
T: papa ji I don’t want to stay with Kunj in some room anymore…
Manohar: ok it’s your wish last time he did bad with you not from now kunj you will not stay with twinkle in same room don’t went near her…he nodded his head in yes… Others went in their room…. only Usha along with her both son and bahu too..
K: maa where is anjali di haa… she eats anything…
Usha: not… Kunj went in his room she was not in her room… Kunj check everywhere and get worried about her at last he saw her in lobi felt relief… Kunj went towards her take stick in his hands .. sat too…
K: too please look at me di don’t do this with me.. I can bear anything but can’t bear your silence not at all di… you can’t beat me hit me but don’t stop talk to me di
Maya Anant and Usha twinkle standing their and looking at them….
k: di aap mujhse apan muh mat phero please where I will go than.:. You want to slap me na did this I will not say anything di.. take this stick and hit me na.. atlest eat something di don’t give yourself pain..
both of them crying… and otherside usha too…
K: I know di I m bad akadu everything.. you were right I don’t deserve to be your brother I’m worst… I m not taking you forgive me.. atlest eat na…
Anjali: with pain voice aap yeha se jao chote…
k: Kunj put his head on Anjali lap…
Di me bura hu logo ke liye aap ke liye nahi na… Kunj sobbing di please… if you not talk to me I will die…
Anjali: don’t say this word.. Hume akela chod di please.. chote…
K: I will say sorry each and everything di. Never ever repeat this again…
Kunj look at her face di your swear those pictures are totally fake I admit I did bad but not that pictures and all…
k: I know you to will not believe on my swear… nobody left to me take their name di… I will not take your swear lie.. Kunj hugged Anjali… she just confused whom she believed she knows he will not take her swear.. lie… usha come their with food plate… give to kunj… this stand in side tearing coming down worst moment for a mother to see her kids in pain helpless she is..
BG music score ?

K:DI Toffee se mithi hai
 Churan se kathi hai
 Kathi meethi hai teri kahani
 Anjali Di hai sab se sayani
Twinkle surprise to see kunj new side..
K: di ab aap ki baari hai she looks at Kunj face
Anjali: pain voice hum bhul Gaye hai chote
K: papad ka thokra
Anjali “Papad ka thokra hai.tears coming too. Jab dehko ukara hai Dehta hai apni Di ko Aasu mote mote Woh hai gussewala
 Hamara chote”..both hugged each other tightly let their emotions come out…
K: don’t stop talk to me di….everyone left me but you don’t di… everyone hate me di Maa Papa all they all ignore me corner me but you don’t di…Anjali look at Kunj lips. Side edge of lips cut… Anjali care..
Anjali: sorry chote because of me na..
K: it’s ok di never mind… even I love this too.. now eat something di…. Kunj feed her by his hands…
Anjali: aap bhi kaho…
K: I already had….
Anjali: don’t lie to your di…,
K: why would I di… aap kaho lo maa and Papa worried about you…
Anjali: only for me what about you haa..
K: I don’t need care I m fine I m use to…
Anjali forcefully feed him… after both joint their heads and others went in their room..
Anjali : chote trust is very important in life..
A relationship without trust is like a car without gas, you can stay in ou all you want but it won’t go anywhere
Anjali listen chote… never play with the feeling of any one and others chote because you may win the game but the risk is that you will surely lose the person for a life time
scene freezes on both brother and sister..
Moral of episode every relation is very important in our life…one mistake break many hearts and life too..

Precap: Anjali talking with twinj together solve their matter and asked yuvi to about kunj… at other side Manohar and Rt think something else..
Kunj and yuvi bajaya naman ka band ?like a hell.. maniac…

I hope you all like it….
please comment guys and one more thing i will not end my ff ??you till than not your support with me… after your wish….
I m overwhelmed your response I m hell happy….??
Thanks again next one I will post soon as fast as I can….

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