Love ka hai intezaar Twinj ff episode 97 happy birthday sameera

Episode 97.

.?second most revelations time last but not least ???…

Get ready… this episode specially for my dearest friend bestie sameera.. today is her bday just for her I didn’t post any ff.. I know after I’ll not get time on her bday to post something on time so…

aaj Meri kamini uff Raj ka birthday celebration ?? ?toh Banta hai Bhai… Telly update ki writer jiss ne real serial se bhi jada articles likhe hai??????????????????

Count your life by smiles not tears count your age by friends not years

birthdays comes around every year, but friends like you only come once in a life. I’m so glad you come into my life kamini raj???

??????Happy birthday my dear friend, may the bright colours paint your life and you be happy forever. Stay blessed.

Nothing can be as joyous as spending time with you when we chitchat with each other’s let today be the best of all so far. Happy birthday sam????

allah bless you fulfill your all wishes whatever wanted in your life you get it… never ever your beautiful smile disappears from your smile it’s my wish.

It’s your day! Go, Fly, swim, life beyond the expectations, make unconventional happen,

Itne Innocent face ke piche itna naughtiness mind so Hats off you…

I am feeling awesome to wish birthday to the best soul ever I meet on this planet most on Internet my babes ?. Thanks for joining us.

And never forget your Simran ?????????


Started from continued part…

Still, Aayat crying session is going on. After see her big big tears coming from her small eyes which making twinkle hell somber after seeing her.she didn’t listning anyone.

Twinkle:aayat bas baba.what you’ll get it haa. Yuvi thoughts to cheer up her mood.

Yuvi:hey pidhi you were looking so rondu see even my son is so small he didn’t cry like you huhu. Now this turn the temper level of Aayat she didn’t see anywhere just took some glass piece and throw it on Yuvi nick of time he went in side. All look at Aayat.

Asha: Aayat if Yuvi get hurt haa..

Aayat:I told him don’t mess with me.Yuvi still going on teasing her making fun of hers.While she gives reaction back.Now it’s enough for twinkle.She went towards her and scolding her.Why she behaves like this indirectly Yuvi anger coming out on her.First they make you like this now leave on me haa. If I didn’t tell you anything that doesn’t mean you’ll sit on my head haa.. Holding her from her elbows. Kunj gesturing Yuvi to stop its better..

Aayat: haa I know I’m manner less even they too said this then why you are you making me big it’s good give me poison and kill me.Twinkle give her slight slap.

Twinkle: now just keep quiet if even a single word coming from your mouth I’ll not spare you Aayat.

Aayat: haa sab mujhe hi maar lo bas huhu???.God will not leave you and mamma too?.Yuvi laugh out on this.

Twinkle take her in her room.

Kunj:Yuvi yaar bas kar tera kuch nahi jayega yaar twinkle will hit her please..

Kunj said this and went to room to see them.

Twinj [email protected]

Kunj entered in room and see Aayat still like same before now. Kunj went towards her.

Kunj:Aayat baby bas bhi karo na.

Aayat:huhu.Twinkle come with her night dress. Make her stand while didn’t want.

Twinkle:see her kunj afterwards don’t tell me. Rudely twinkle started taking off her dress Aayat teasing twinkle lot with her actions.. she held her cheeks stand properly if you don’t wanted your second cheek to not become red stand properly get it.

Aayat: jaao na.. in stern voice again twinkle slap her she doesn’t want to do this with her, but she didn’t leave any way.

Kunj:Twinkle yaar please don’t hit her.

Twinkle:bas kunj don’t come between us. You people already making her manner less not now let me handle her in my way.See what result comes on her to giving her unwanted love.Twinkle make her wear night dress her nose flowing. Messy hairs red eyes.

Twinkle:it gives me pain kunj see her.She takes her in washroom clean her face.They Come out of the wash room.While Ansh sitting and looking at twinkle.Good you come without any chatar patar just sleep ansh.

While Leela give milk for them already.

Twinkle take them on the bed. Give them their milk glass.

Aayat: I don’t want this..

twinkle:I didn’t ask you. Whether you wanted or not. Just drink it before me aapne pe aai toh.

Aayat:huhu show this anger to your son not me get it.I’m not your daughter.

Twinkle:so cleaver girl like father while looking at Kunj she said.When she need something that time twinkle chachi I’m your daughter na huhu. Now see her I’m not your daughter. Kunj look both of them.

Kunj:Aayat how I’ll tell you twinkle only your mamma she isn’t.Twinkle make her drink forcefully.She wiped their faces.Tell them to sleep.But they didn’t listen her. Ansh and Aayat increasing twinkle anger due to their giggles.twinkle get up and ran behind them while they both hide behind

Kunj back.

Aayat:see kunj Chachu to your wife..

Twinkle:today I’ll make your Bharata wait.

Kunj cuddles them tightly even they hide under kunj Arms.. twinkle try to use her hands on them while Kunj didn’t let her do it.

Kunj:Twinkle yaar stop na.

Twinkle:first look at your kids Kunj than tell me they both are headache.still they both laughing loudly.

Kunj:Twinkle Twinkle please leave see them so small they are.already she cried lot.Now no more I wanted.

Twinkle:huhu you just making them more worse.She said this and lay down on her side of bed.While Kunj to make them lay down beside him.Ansh and Aayat hug kunj tightly cuddles him.Twinkle looking at them and making faces.

Twinkle: look at them so peacefully they were sleeping beside him huhu.. Kunj look at her and give her smile and raise his eyes brows.Twinkle get up and sit while she looks at kunj even he too get up.

Kunj: what???

Twinkle: nothing didn’t you slept till now.

Kunj: even you too not sleep. Both get up and went to balcony and stand there looking at sky. Stars were twinkling ✨. Just than one of the star meteorites (toot ta tara )running behind other stars shooting making the sky so beautiful with this. Twinkle immediately fold her hands and closed her eyes wish from this broken star.

Twinkle:hey meteorites star please solve my all problems

I had only one wish that just give me and my daughter straight do something like that this truth never come out in front of her because she is too small for this that I can’t see her too break down in this small age now her age for the playing not for this all’s. I know one day it’ll come out anyhow, but I’m her mother I’m already broken now can see her like me. Tears fleeing from twinkle eyes. That kunj see and give faint smile to see faith on this meteorites star. Kunj just looking at on sky. Twinkle done and look at Kunj face.

Twinkle: you didn’t ask any wishes from star.. ??

Kunj: me not koi umeed na rakh toot-te huwe taare se agar uske bas me kuch hoota to who toot- ta hi nahi twinkle both look at on each other faces..

Twinkle: she smiled after listen kunj words.. you were right at your place kunj but if this stars give brightness and vanish darkness of night. We all found beautiful. So what if people had hope from this shooting star who breaks But had one hope in heart.. at least umeed pe duniya kayam hai Kunj even me too. Maagne me kya hota hai. Hota woh hi jo manjure khuda hota hai.. that we all know.She took his hands in hers. Kunj what you decided for Aayat??

Kunj: I don’t know anything twinkle just confused all paths just closed for me.. after see Aayat I’m more scared now..

Twinkle: same me too her zidh increasing day by day more Kunj. The way she behaved I didn’t like and no one too as can see her kunj it’s fine she fights with ansh on one will tell anything. But when she did with Soham I know his mother will not like no one if anyone did with my kids even I too not like kunj. When anyone gives opinion about her behavior I felt bad kunj. I can’t stay here with your kids.

Kunj: hmmm. She is small twinkle. Give me sometime I’ll do really something for us.

Twinkle: hmm good.They both share a hug and feeling so good in each other’s embrace. Why she takes her now.. what did they say??

Kunj: nothing I didn’t ask because she was there so just give them warning from next don’t do that. Just take her back to you all the way her torture going on me.. can’t tell anyone after all mere hi beti hai..

Twinkle: right just like you sadu.. father like daughter.

They both give smile to each other’s and later they both went in their room and try to sleep.

Next side in mahi [email protected]

Mahi and yuvi sleeping peacefully baby snoring sound echoing in whole room.While his parents didn’t care sleeping while cuddling him tightly just than.. baby wake up with loud crying sound. Yuhi were still sleeping baby cried loudly as much as he can.. due to this he wakes up and see baby crying bitterly.. Yuvi immediately get up and took him in his arms..

Yuvi: baby stop don’t cry what happened to my baby do you feel hot but it’s so cool in room now what happened to him.. he gets up and walking here and there still he was same.

Yuvi try his level best to stop him and sleep too. But he was to trough.he took feeding mike bottle. Give him in his mouth but he denies. Now what I’ll do for you my baap.. he sees mahi sleeping beautifully didn’t want to disturb her sleep, so he went out of the room along with baby. Twinkle and Mahi room is next to each other’s. Yuvi sit while kunj Didn’t get sleep he got up to drink water just than his eyes went on Yuvi from window.. he dirnk it and went to him.

Yuvi Pleasing to baby.. Kunj pat on Yuvi shoulder he turned and scared. TU????

Kunj: yes it’s me what happened to you why your face color faded so much ??.

Yuvi: acha laugh at me Bhai.. See him yaar he just making my sleep hell.. Didn’t want to sleep whole day he toh sleep peacefully in everyone hands now see him..

Kunj control his laugh..

Kunj: yup bro I can understand your pain.. because I face to face this on my times what you were told me haa. That im baby sitter now you understand Yuvi darling..

when it’s come to you. You have to handle your baby anyhow wake up for them in middle of nights.. after see your condition I’m pity on you Yuvi it’s just a beginning But you were already done ???..

Yuvi: huhu don’t laugh at me see him first… Kunj take baby from Yuvi and both went in side sit on couch..

Kunj: see you have one good thing he can drink milk from bottle but my kids never just pleasing to twinkle to feed them

You don’t have this.. Yuvi give feeding bottle first Kunj make calm down baby for little bit and pat on his lips with his finger like he talks to him. While baby making sound like hu haa.. are you hungry Yuvi ka patlu ?.

Kunj give milk bottle to in his mouth he started drinking Milk happily.. Yuvi just pop out his eyes in shocking way..

Yuvi: aww kunj baby sitter ??.. and don’t call my baby patlu..

Kunj: acha what about my kids when you give them new names every time haa. Pidhi etc..

Yuvi: kunj but why they wake up at nights haa..

Kunj: it’s just a start Yuvi many nights you have to wake up and I can’t say time parents have to there for their kids when they wanted them without tell them to us. And parenthood is not easy.. it’s blessing from god to us Yuvi.

He gives them to us now it’s our turn to take care of his blessing.

Now mr YUvraj luthra get ready for fatherhood.. I’m sure Yuvi you’ll love each moment with your baby. Now you get irritated with this but when they grown up you’ll miss this only most.. This time comes once and turn up your life. See today I don’t have anything all my kids memories spend with them always evergreen in my mind.

I know somewhere I didn’t become good father due to become good brother.

Yuvi: no kunj you are perfect father it’s their mistake they didn’t see your goodness who did this what you had done for them.. Asked me today if god come to me and asked me give my baby to back I can’t give him. Aayat always in front of your eyes only you both become her uncle and aunt never cross your level still what you both are of her. You were right first baby is so precious our all new memories started with him as parents. Kunj god see them he’ll not spare them.. upar wale ki lathi mein awaaz nahi hoti kunj.

Kunj: hmm right he gives me her Didn’t let anyone hurt them.. but MAA..

Yuvi: now you should take one decision kunj always can’t get both things at same times.. bro while kunj make baby sleep in his arms.later Yuvi see him. Good you make him sleep thanks. Our experience father?..

Kunj: acha you make fun of me..what did you said let your success make the noise ???what about your success too doing noise very much ??I can see your work hard effect on him ???.. You were faster than me??..

Yuvi: huhu.. Looks who was talking ?? it’s just effect in your company ???.. Kunj give baby to Yuvi and left their rooms both.. soon kunj too sleep with them

Next [email protected]

Twinkle [email protected]

Twinkle wake up and look her them sleeping so calmly. She gets up and went to washroom and get freshen up soon and even Kunj too. Twinkle closing Kunj shirt buttons..

Kunj: I’m going to office I had work..

Twinkle: hmm go first drop them to school..

Kunj: okay..

Twinkle think to send them to school it’s better for them too if they stay at home increase her work more.. she got ready ansh and aayat things all.. later wake up them last night Twinkle action on Aayat is work out. Silently she got up without doing any tantrums.. they both get ready and went downstairs for breakfast. Twinkle went in kitchen to see breakfast is ready or not.,

Asha did everything along with chefs. They both place everything on the table. Ansh and Aayat sitting quietly.

Twinkle give them their milk glasses. Both drink it Yuvi see this and raise his eyes and smiled on them.. even Asha too..

Yuvi: I must say twinkle your action work out ??..

Twinkle:hmm now you don’t make them more later they had their breakfast and left for office while Kunj drop kids to school.. Kunj get busy to change Aayat all documents that named on Anant and maya names as their daughter changed that things.. he went to office and get busy in his work.. while next time twinkle too Mahi went to garden with baby Leela and both giving oil

Massage to baby to make his bones strong.

Next side Sarna [email protected]

All done with their breakfast simply maya looking at usha and Anjali how nicely Usha taking care of Anjali and about her unborn baby.. Anant and maya after see this and miss Aayat.. very much now.. maya think..

Maya: I had one only this too I Itself lost her.. why god you didn’t give this happiness.. See mummy ji.. ?..

Anant went in his room see Aayat photos which hanging on wall.. FB

After decided by kunj he’ll give his baby to Anant. After see twinkle reaction kunj started thinking whether he gives them to her. After Aayat born. Kunj went to Anant..

Anant: Kunj come ..

Kunj: Anant Bhaiya I want to talk to you about Aayat.

Anant: what???he went to him..

Kunj: Bhaiya what I’ll going to tell you don’t take me wrong.. Anant Bhaiya twinkle give birth to girl. How can you take girl.. I know you wanted boy for your vansh go ahead not stop.. with girl this can’t happen I’ll give you boy next time now I can’t this.

Anant: no kunj nothing is like this I’m happy with girl no need of boy. You give her to me she is my boy and girl both more than.. I don’t have this type of issues and in future too.. now I want baby girl okay.. i come to you and not you .. you told me no after convincing to you so much after you again get ready to give me your baby. Kunj give smile to Anant and left fb end.. tears escaping from his eyes.. how can I forgot this itself I wanted Aayat from him he said me no after twinkle pregnancy compilation me and maya emotionally blackmailed him today what I did come to in maya words.. ???. I beg in front of kunj not he.. just than maya entered in room and see him.. he too look at him.. you wanted these na lada diya na mere bhai se mujhe.. ????.. for name’s sake we have one child now this too not..niki Listen this.

Niki: before ram and lakshman millap ho I will too executed my plan.. let’s go niki destroys that Kunj completely most twinkle baby.. she laughs out like devil.

Other side Aayat playing in school garden Ansh with his other friends. One lady come she wears burkha.. Covering her face too. She sees Aayat and went to her and show her some candies Aayat take it tells her come to with her she’ll give her more chocolates Aayat get tempted she went with her.. she takes her some lonely place they both sit on the wooden bench. She gives chocolates to Aayat and asked her about her parents..

Lady: you know who is your real parents haa..

Aayat: Anant and maya happily..

Lady: no they aren’t your real parents. Aayat give her confusing look..

Aayat: means???

Lady: Aayat I’m your well-wisher so I’ll tell you each and everything.. you are not Aanat daughter but of kunj..

Kunj and twinkle is your real parents not Anant and maya they just take you from them.

Aayat: nahi he is my Chachu.

Lady: no he become your Chachu, but he is your papa.

You know your mamma told you this that you are not her blood but of twinkle why because you are twinkle blood she is your mamma she gives you birth not maya.

Ansh is your brother can’t you see twinkle and Kunj loving you more.. aayat started thinking. She remembered Maya words how twinkle stop sheetal to slap her. Tears fleeing from Aayat eyes..

Aayat: it’s not true you are lie to me.. how can this happened..

Lady: acha you remember some of the people call maya and twinkle with the name of devki and yasodha..? Go and asked what does mean of this.. You’ll get your all answers.

Aayat: why they give me to them??

Lady: they didn’t love you that’s why??? Specially twinkle. She told each and everything to Aayat about her life and real identity everything killing Aayat like burned coal ????.. she gets up and ran from here went back to garden.. Tears just coming she managed herself anyhow.. whole school-time Aayat just thinking about that lady words.. her words running in Aayat mind like some marathon.. later they all went back to homes..

At Taneja [email protected]

Twinkle waiting for hers kids.. Kids went inside Aayat lost in her thoughts. Ansh and soham went to their mothers to have something. While Aayat went to leela room and see her she sees something.she went near to Leela and sit beside her.. Aayat see she seeing old albums.

Leela see her and give smile..

Leela: aww meri bachi aagi.. lady words hit on Aayat mind.. ( remember maya mother didn’t love like twinkle mother why she isn’t your real nani..)

Aayat: nani what is this???

Leela:it’s mahi and twinkle old childhood pictures see this. While seeing mahi and twinkle childhood picture Aayat eyes went on her and Ansh baby albums too.. Aayat open the album and see one picture Ansh with twinkle and Kunj. She turned the page and next come she with them. Like this she rapidly saw whole albums she finds herself with twinkle and Kunj more. Just than one picture come. Twinkle sitting on hospital bed and wearing clothes too. And small baby girl on her hand kunj to beside her

. Just than Aayat asked Leela.

Aayat:nani who is this baby girl. Leela just see and without realized.

Leela: it’s you Aayat. When you born that picture it was. Aayat just look at Leela and what she said listen..

Many pictures come like this only. Kunj and twinkle together as if hugged kunj hand resting on twinkle baby bumped…

on one picture twinkle and Kunj along their both babies:: sitting together giving perfect family pose

Twinkle and Kunj holding baby Aayat in their hands baby is without clothes…

After seeing pictures Aayat suspicious is ? changing in truth. Somewhere.

Tears freeze inside on her eyes Didn’t come out. This bitter truth she can’t digest it.. her heart aching.. she got up and run from here and went down wiped her painful tears with her small hands which doesn’t have capability to wiped this painful eyes. Who always having naughtiness in her eyes today she had just pain in her eyes ocean.. aayat eyes went on twinkle and Ansh. Twinkle feeding Ansh food by her hands. After see this many questions flourish in her mind which giving pain in her heart,! Even Asha to feeding Soham after see them happily with their mothers find herself today alone in crowd.

Every closed eye is not sleeping, and every open eye is not seeing..

She didn’t let fall her tears down. Just than twinkle eyes went on Aayat who standing in side.Twinkle calling her but she didn’t give any response. She just went to their room. Aayat come in room and loose her tie she didn’t change her uniform till now. Today in a small girl big volcano running.. Aayat went near mirror and look at herself.

Aayat: did I’m so bad that they give me and even they too leave me.. she just wiped her face. Her cheeks leaving heat.

She become red-hot in anger. How can i believe on this haa.How can they did this with their baby no one love me why god send me here.

Twinkle: what happened to her she didn’t have her lunch to now too. Ansh What happens to Aayat.

Ansh: nothing she is like this only mamma.

Twinkle:?.Ansh no what I asked give this much answer no need to go ahead . Twinkle think in her mind that she scold her so much that’s why she didn’t have anything.

I’ll do something for her.?. She went in kitchen keep the plates back in kitchen call kunj that bring something for Aayat. Just than Ansh insist to twinkle that make his favorite cupcakes. Even soham to insist both just importuned on this. Later Twinkle get ready to make cup cakes for them. Twinkle get busy to make cupcakes along with Asha even soham and Ansh too in kitchen they all having fun while mahi and baby along with Leela sitting in hall.

Aayat was in room alone sitting down. Maya scolding her that face coming in front of her eyes many times she said that she didn’t like her because isn’t good like others. Than twinkle who scold her give her warning she is so manner less.

Aayat: I’m bad fine na now I’ll not go to anyone. Inside of their hearts they all hate me today i understand why I’m special baby not like Ansh and all’s.. because me toh buri hu na.. how they’ll love me. Pulling her hairs hurting herself anyhow bas.. all words revolving in her Aayat body.Till now she live in bubble world with a small needle it’s break down.

Later all Come back from office had tea and coffee. Twinkle done with cupcakes keep in refrigerator she went to kunj asked him what she told him in phone that he brought or not.. Kunj nodded his head no while twinkle pat on her forehead omg ?..

Rt: What happened to you..?? Twinkle.

Twinkle: nothing Papa. Rt and Leela went in their room while only youngster is presented..

Yuvi: where is zidhi pidhi?????..

Twinkle:Yuvi bas you teased her lot, and she reacted too.

She looks bad when she said anything and do.. after I scold her in return..

Yuvi: huhu Itself you hit her last night give her two slap??.. kitne saalo ki sal nikhali hai tune twinkle ????.

Twinkle: saalo ki huhu jab haath lagti hai tab pit ti hai Mujhse just because of Kunj she safe ?..

Yuvi: hehehe ????.. great show us to some demo ?

Kunj throw cushion at Yuvi..

Kunj: so bad Yuvi you are..

Ansh: mamma give cupcakes to us..

Twinkle: hmm yeah.. she went and bring cupcakes and come back to all.. twinkle give cupcakes to everyone just one left for Aayat. Kunj I told still you didn’t bring it

Donuts ? for her you know she didn’t like this blue berry cupcake.. now what I’ll do for her.. she got angry now.

Yuvi: leave her??.. aaj ghar me kitna sanata hai?

Twinkle: aeshe keshe easy for you not for me Yuvi. Will you forget your baby haa..?. He nodded his head in no while twinkle than how I can Yuvi.. where is she??

Ansh: whole day mamma she was playing in sunlight

Soham:haa didn’t do her home work too.

Twinkle: okay I’ll see her.. all had cupcakes later..

Aayat sitting on floor at hall doing her school work. Her hands to not working properly too.

Aayat:they all have cupcakes without me..??. Everyone forgot me and hate me this much I don’t know that aunty is right I’m so bad no one love that’s why Twinkle chachi give me to maya mamma.. just than twinkle come there and see Aayat she went to her….

Twinkle: Aayat why you sit on floor and why you didn’t change your uniform too haa?? Tell me. Aayat didn’t look at her even not say uff too.. twinkle find fishy in her behaviour.. get up Aayat fast..

Aayat:what you wanted from me haa. Leave me alone.Twinkle hold her hand make her stand forcefully.

Twinkle: look at me Aayat.?? Each breath become so difficult for Aayat. ??..

Aayat: Kya hai??? Aapko haa.. in stern voice. Ansh come there.. Aayat screaming on twinkle..

Twinkle: behave your self Aayat. It’s not your house you’ll do anything… what happened to you so suddenly haaa. Acha I’m sorry for last night okay. Come to me.. twinkle try to cuddle her while Aayat push her..

Aayat: I don’t need of your sympathy. Leave me alone.

Twinkle:Aayat why you say this all haa.. just than all come there..

Aayat: aap Meri MAA nahi ho don’t act like that get it.. after Listen this words from Aayat twinkle started crying.

Twinkle: Aayat why you tell this haa tell me what bothering you..

Kunj:what happened???

Twinkle:Kunj see her… look at herself.. what she did with her self. Twinkle took her hands and show to kunj her palm which she cut it . Little bit. Aayat jerk her hand twinkle about to fall down while Kunj hold her on time.

Kunj: aayat???. If we are good with you that doesn’t mean you’ll sit on our heads haa..

Ansh: why you push my mamma go and do with MAA and don’t fight with my mamma.. that’s why MAA always scold you for your behavior..Aayat look at Ansh with red blood eyes..

Leela: Aayat you come to me beta.. everyone looking bad to Aayat. Her heart and mind playing with her one said it’s all true. Other said no it’s just false story.

Aayat: haa good I didn’t come to your mamma she come to me.. he brings me I didn’t come Itself. I’ll go okay. She about to take step towards main door twinkle rush to her and stop her..

Twinkle: Aayattttt.. Kya Hua hai haa. Mujhe bata.. twinkle look at her hairs which she cut it from side unevenly.. her pink face turn into black.. twinkle cupped her face and feel her cheeks it’s so hot.. come with me.. Aayat remover her hand. She said so harsh words to twinkle.! All went and hit on twinkle heart.. DarknessComing near twinkle eyes. She falls down and unconscious. All shocked to see this.Kunj went to twinkle.

Took her head on his lap and patting on her cheeks..

Kunj: Twinkleeeeeeeee. Ansh started crying to see his mother like this. He went and push Aayat she hit with pillar cut come on her elbow slightly. She didn’t say anything. Naman call doctor immediately.. Kunj lifted twinkle in his arms take her in their room. He places her on bed.. after sometime later lady doctor come. Doctor see kunj and both get surprised to see each other’s..

Doctor: you all go out I’ll see her.. all went out of the room. Doctor examined twinkle later she come out of the room. Everyone waiting for doctor.. Kunj rush to her..

Kunj: how she is??? What happened to her..

Doctor: kunj calm down you were still same haa. nothing happened to her she is fine.. twinkle is pregnant after Listen this all get happy while Kunj still in shocked..

Kunj: what??

Doctor: yes kunj you become father once again..

Congratulations kunj.

Kunj: thanks doctor.. all went in room and see twinkle sitting. Kunj went to her.. Give her hug.. aww twinkle I’m so happy..

Twinkle: hmm your wish come true..

Yuvi: ho finally someone will come give company to my baby.. Ansh started jumping in happiness that now he to have siblings.. Aayat looking at twinkle..

Doctor: now take care of yourself Twinkle.. where is your kids.. twinkle gestures on ansh.. and Aayat who standing in corner.. aww she is become so big.. I still remember on her time how kunj is so worried.. doctor caress Aayat face.. Your kids so adorable. Aayat look at doctor now everything is crystal clear for Aayat after listing doctor words that she is twinkle and Kunj doctor.

Later doctor went.. all give space to twinj.. ansh about to sit on twinkle lap. While Kunj stop him he can’t sit now.

Kunj: now don’t tease mamma okay.. you can’t sit here okay ansh..

Ansh: okay even Aayat can’t too na..

Kunj: yes. Aayat still standing Behind door..

Ansh: mamma I’ll not give my brother to anyone..

Twinkle: haa. Twinkle keep her hand on her belly..

Kunj: yes we’ll not give baby to anyone paka.. tears fall from Aayat eyes..

Aayat: if they can’t give baby to anyone how can they give me haa. Twinj cuddles Ansh tightly this giving more pain to Aayat.. they just love ansh not me.. even now new baby too. What my mistake in this all.. she said this to herself and went from here..

Ansh and twinkle or Kunj spending time together.. later everyone went downstairs sit for dinner. Twinkle eyes were finding just Aayat everywhere.. twinkle about to get up..

Kunj: where are you going haa??

Twinkle: to call Aayat kunj..

Asha: first you sit and have your food.. now in this condition think about yourself..

Ansh: mamma you eat she’ll have it when she wanted.

Twinkle: ansh bas… twinkle tell servant to call Aayat. She didn’t have anything from morning kunj..

Kunj: don’t know why she is so angry now.. Servant went and see Aayat sitting alone.

Servant: Aayat baby. Twinkle di calling you for dinner.

Aayat:I don’t want anything I’m full.servant went tell this to twinkle.. everyone had Their dinner went back to their rooms.

Aayat just time passing with her doll just than Ansh come to her..

Ansh: Aayat see now I have to baby like massi baby.

Mamma give me brother we both will play cricket.. you don’t have anyone. Soham And Ansh making fun of her.

Aayat: in crying voice now I’m doing anything later everyone will tell me only.. she run from here..

Ansh: wait I’m just kidding.. Ansh went back to room. He changed his night and lay down next to kunj and twinkle.

Twinkle caressing his hairs.

Ansh: mamma why maa didn’t take Aayat with her haa.

Twinkle: why you have any problem with her.. I see you telling her so much.. be in your limits.. if didn’t stop that doesn’t mean you’ll say this to her.. Ansh closed his eyes and try to sleep. While twinkle just thinking about Aayat. Kunj go and see here where she is.. bachi hai.. even you to scold her so badly..

Kunj:what to do.. she didn’t leave any other option for me..

Aayat laying on floor she was in other side balcony.. Kunj and twinkle went to see here. Twinkle and Kunj check everywhere didn’t find anywhere..

Aayat looking at star hot tears coming down from her eyes.

Aayat: god where are you.. twinkle chachi. Chachi nahi hai. And Kunj Chachu. Chachu nahi. They all hide with me. Now I understand why I look like kunj Chachu.. not like my Papa.. my all habits went on you.. while blabbering I’m alone she sleeps like this Itself.. just than twinkle eyes went on other side balcony door is open. She and Kunj went towards balcony.. see Aayat.. she sleeps there.

Twinkle: Aayat.. twinkle about to bend down to pick up her while Kunj stop Twinkle..

Kunj: Twinkle stop.. I’ll do it.. Kunj lifted her. They went in their room back.. Aayat drenched in sweat. Kunj place her on bed.. twinkle touch her face and see her condition.

Twinkle: why she sweated so much.. just in one day become so dull..twinkle kissed on her forehead.. KYa hua iss ko aaj..Kunj bring her night dress twinkle change it.

Show Kunj her hairs which she cut it herself. Her anger went on you kunj..just this two dimples went on me. Both giggles little sadu.. twinkle look at on her nose see little dry blood is there.

Twinkle: blood.

Kunj: what??

Twinkle: again epistaxis started to her due to summer.

Kunj: hoo. Nose bleeding.. twinkle wiped her dry blood.

twinkle cuddles Aayat no one can’t take her place she is so special for me.. my baby..?.and dressing her wound.

Kunj smile to see this..

Kunj: soon they become three.. ? increase your work ??..

Twinkle: I’m happily ready for them.. soon sleep took over them..

Next day.. sunlight coming on Aayat face her sleep get disturbed and open her eyes and find herself under twinkle arms.. she come out from her grip. Look at Ansh and Kunj.. she got up and went to washroom. Take bath itself. Tears running so badly along with water..

Aayat come out of the washroom and wear her school uniform with difficulties.Take her bag and went downstairs. Later Twinkle and Kunj wakeup together.

They didn’t find Aayat.

Twinkle: where is Aayat. Soon they both get freshen up..

Twinkle make Ansh ready for school and went down..

Aayat sitting in hall making her hairs.all come for breakfast.Yuvi see her and giggles he went to her to cheer up her mood.twinkle get shocked to see Aayat in uniform she got ready without her how??

Yuvi: hey pidhi today you become so zidhi., ?? Aayat ignore him..le Aayat take my baby.

Aayat: no I don’t want.. if I take him he become dirty because of me she said this in so painful voice.. twinkle and Kunj look at each other’s.,

Yuvi:Arey Aayat don’t say this I’m just teasing you..

Aayat wiped her moisture eyes..Aayat didn’t talk to anyone just be in herself.. Aayat pulling her hairs while combing.Twinkle can see this. Pang on aayat face

Kunj: how she get ready today Itself…?

Twinkle: don’t know Itself she got so peevish.. Feeling pain while pulling her hairs..

Aayat: Hhaaa…twinkle went to her..

Twinkle: Aayat I’ll do it please why you giving pain to yourself haa tell me??? Aayat ignore her and went in side

Make her pony anyhow and sit looking here and there.

All come and sit for breakfast while Twinkle and Kunj eyes just stuck on Aayat.

Leela: I’ll try..

Kunj: no MAA leave it right now she is in anger. She’ll not listen to anyone..

Twinkle: still Kunj yesterday didn’t have anything now too.. what I did with her which make her like this..

Ansh went to Aayat..

Ansh: Arey Aayat aaja…

Aayat: huhh now don’t come to me.. I’m bad na.. what did you say haa. Because of you I get cut she show him her wound.

Ansh: okay ja now I’ll not give you when my brother and sister will come..

Aayat: good don’t give me.. even I’m not dying to take your siblings.. I’m happy with myself.. chali jaugi me.jaa cry baby.. Ansh pulled her pony she screamed…

Twinkle: ansh??..

Aayat: mujhe hi maarlo sab.. she started sobbing..

Wiping her tears and ran out..

Twinkle: now wait ansh. Aayattttt…

Asha: Twinkle right now you thinking about your baby..

Aayat Listen this she stops because her shoes lace open..

Twinkle: even she is too my baby how can I leave her..

Aayat didn’t listen this before she run..

Ansh too ran outside later kunj drop them school kunj just looking at Aayat all the way she just lost somewhere.. twinkle feeling bad for Aayat she went school without having anything… while mahi and Asha console her..

Tell her let’s go to gurudwara to praying for their new happiness.

Kunj drop kids school and left for office he just tensed about Aayat.. her painful face coming in front of his eyes. Soon he too reached office went inside and started his work..

Twinkle and Mahi along with baby or Asha. They all went gurudwara. Come out of the car went inside. They off their shoes. Go ahead they sit and praying.

Twinkle: babaji please solve all my problems. Thanks for giving me this new one more bundle of joy. Mahi to pray for her baby.. they get up just than maya bumped with Asha.Shocked to see each other’s.. twinkle turned her face to see her..usha about to talk to twinkle she just ignore her and went from there.. Somewhere twinkle angry with usha because she didn’t take any stand for them..

At [email protected]

Aayat sitting in side alone. Remember about new baby.

Aayat: why twinkle chachi didn’t give ansh why??????? Me

Now too they’ll not give their up becoming baby too. What flaws inside me.. open her lunch box see her favorite food. Little smile appeared on her face but immediately disappeared too.. Aayat eyes went on school main gate..

Guard was not there. She went and before anyone sees her she ran from there. Aayat went some lonely place. She just walking her legs started paining.. Sweat drop just dropping down.. she started taking breath heavily.. due to hot climate.. Aayat reaches somewhere that she too don’t know.. she sits down and take out bottle from her bag and drink water like from many years she didn’t see water..

Sun just sit on Aayat head like.. she lay down on grass.

At after noon ?..

Ansh and soham come out of the school waiting for car.

Ansh: soham where is my sister??

Soham: I didn’t see her..

Ansh: may be MAA take her.. soon driver come and they both sit and left for Taneja mansion… !!!!

Soon they reached.. while twinkle and Mahi Asha went to chinki house to meet with her..servant changed Ansh and soham uniforms.. feeed them too food. While they both to went chinki house..

Varma [email protected] chinki in laws house..

Ansh and soham went and see their mothers.. twinkle see him and think Aayat didn’t come leave it.

Chinki:aww twinkle again baby.. ??. Seemed like kunj love you still??????..

Twinkle: haa of course he loves me.. why seemed like I have proof.. Winking at her in naughty way???.. all laugh out. Kids playing with chinki baby girl..

Chinki: Aayat didn’t come..

Twinkle: hmm she isn’t in her. Zone now..

Chinki: Chii they did so bad with you and her most.. Their chit chatting going on having fun with each other company. Later they back to Taneja mansion..

twinkle went in her room check Aayat she didn’t find her.

She asked servant whether they see her or not. They said No Twinkle though maybe she is in garden.. sun sinking down. Sky little bit turn in to Gary… just than Kunj come back from office yuvi too.. he went to twinkle..

Kunj: Twinkle why you didn’t talk to MAA ???

Twinkle: it’s my wish.. What she did for me… now I’m don’t want any contact with them… you can if you wanted…

Twinkle went and searching Aayat again she was not in whole mansion due to this twinkle heart beat started fasting.

Twinkle: ansh where is Aayat???

Ansh: woh mamma she didn’t come with us back from school.. Twinkle eyes become big..

Twinkle: what???????. She didn’t come with you haa. Where she is??

Kunj: Twinkle…

Ansh: MAA take her maybe..

Twinkle: again she???? Kunj immediately call to Anjali asked her Aayat is there she said no phone drop down from kunj hands.. what happened what she tell you ????

Kunj: Aayat wasn’t there.. after listening this twinkle half soul jerk it..

Twinkle: haa.. if she isn’t there than where is my daughter Kunj. Almost 5 hours passed away.. itni raat ko.. she started behaving like mad.. Kunj call in school asked about her.. twinkle sit and thinking about Aayat.

Keshi hogi kal se itni dukhi ti Meri bachi.. kya hogaya hai.. ???????.. I know only she took her..

Twinkle get up went out while others too. Twinkle sit in her car left Sarna mansion.. others too went behind her..

Soon twinkle reaches Sarna mansion. Tears escaping from twinkle eyes. She was in anger too. She went inside in roared way.. Calling maya name.. while they all having dinner get up to see twinkle like this..

Maya went to her..

Twinkle: where are you..

Maya: what happened to you.. Other to come kunj stand beside her..

Twinkle: where is my daughter haa… kaha hai Meri beti maya… in loud voice..

Maya: I don’t know about her she is with you na…

Twinkle: don’t play game with me.. I know you kidnapped her..

Anant: why she’ll do it..

Twinkle: now she wanted my Aayat that’s why.. Aayat kaho. Twinkle went to maya room and check whole room she didn’t find Aayat no where.. again come to them..

Tell me kaha hai Aayat where you hide her..

Anant: I’m saying truth twinkle Aayat isn’t here..

Kunj: where is she went…

Twinkle: now you get happy haa you wanted this only that something happened to her you get relief.. if something happened to my Aayat I’ll not leave you maya.. till now just see my goodness you just teased a mother lot.. now no more.. twinkle went to kunj..

Kunjjjjj Meri Aayat kaha hai woh… kunjjjj do something..

Kunj: Twinkle first you come down you are pregnant Sarna’s get happy for her..: twinkle started crying loudly..

Yuvi: Twinkle have some patience..

Twinkle: acha tu rakh Meri beti gumi hai Teri nahi..

Kunj call police filed Aayat missing FIR.. Kunj give them warning find her daughter at any cost.. Kunj find her no go see her.. twinkle clutch kunj shirt while holding she falls down on her knees…Kunj hugged her…

Leela: Twinkle puttar ??. Mile jayegi Aayat..

Kunj to sit beside her..

Kunj: Twinkle don’t worry police finding her na..

Twinkle: no kunj…????. kess baath ka usko itna bura lag gaya that she went somewhere… police started doing Aayat investigations.. Time was passing which increase twinkle tension more…

Twinkle: Kunj if she did something wrong with herself.

No kunj.

Kunj: Twinkle nothing happened to her okay…

Kunj give Aayat missing report in news.. Kunj take Twinkle in their room.. they entered in their room..

Kunj make Twinkle sit on bed..wiped her tears

Kunj: Twinkle kuch nahi hoga usko.. trust me..

twinkle: what we did with her.. since yesterday, she was angry with us why??? Itni shi hai kaha chali gai..

Twinkle took Aayat photo frame. And admire her face. Cuddles photo frame tightly

Kunj iss ko baath ka bura lagya hai kya we didn’t call her didn’t tell her about baby…????…

Kunj: don’t know in anger even I didn’t pay attention

On her.. just than Aayat photo frame hanging on the wall which fall down and break it.. twinkle get up and took the broke frame..

Twinkle: Kunj why her photo break…?? it’s the sign of something happened to her bad you didn’t understand my tension..all memories with Aayat coming in their mind..whole night pass police just searching Aayat didn’t find any information about her…

Twinkle become just lifeless and her eyes big Stone..

everyone just praying for Aayat.. each minutes become like hell for kunj and twinkle..

Next morning whole night no one sleep just worried about Aayat. Usha went to twinkle with breakfast..

Usha: Twinkle beta have your breakfast you didn’t eat anything since last night..

Twinkle: mummy ji I don’t want anything.. please..

Usha: Twinkle beta I know you angry with me you are right at your place it’s not good in this condition have for Aayat sometime. After listing for Aayat while crying twinkle drink milk kunj see this and happy.. later twinkle went to kunj asked him about Aayat he just give no look.. Kunj went to police station about Aayat..

Police tell him till now they didn’t get any information about Aayat.. they were asking everyone near her school.

All shops. Kunj went back to home give helpless look to twinkle.. twinkle all hope breaking down slowly slowly..

Police get call from someone they went check ID card call kunj.. they left for Sarna mansion.. everyone is in hall..

Police entered in hall all look at them.

Kunj: inspector you.. Did you find my daughter..

Police: hmm come he called someone. They entered with stretcher someone laid and covered with white cloth..

Kunj: what is this?? They keep it down and stand..

Police: Mr Kunj Sarna.. we find a girl death body kunj floor shakes suddenly all get shocked..

Kunj: w ha t…

Police: yes we find this identity card. He gives to Kunj..

Kunj see and get shocked tears falling from his eyes he just numb don’t know how to reacted now.. what he’ll say to twinkle.. everyone silent maya crying slightly..

Episode end..


Precape: kunj removed the cloth to see face.. his whole world break down in one seconds… most curl time for him worse moment too. Twinkle crying like hell she doesn’t have strength to cry more., her rib bones too shivering.

Twinkle sit in corner screamed hard NOoooooooo.


finally I’m done with episode finally Aayat know everything about her identity and real parents…

its very hard for this small soul to digest this bitter truth of her life…..

hope you all like it episode don’t know how’s it..,

about pics sorry just try ?????…..

once again happy birthday my kamini….???????????????…. stay happy always rock on your day…, do party hard ?????????… this small gift from my side Hope you like it babes… I was just waiting for your bday… and you all too for Aayat when she come to know about her truth see today your all wait over… everyone wanted this only now happy ??????..::..

[email protected]€€₹ ??

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    1. Kiya1234

      Okay it’s fine did you know what next I’m giving haa before only you started judge me.. I’ll loose my readers till now I didn’t.., and I know my story line., I’ll not show anything which make a my story worse and leave wrong example….
      between I’m the writer and I know what I should do.. you are reader I appreciate your comment.. but words be in limits.. I’ll not go to my mother and asked her..???I know…
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