Love ka hai intezaar Twinj ff episode 95

Episode 95

Episode started from kunj lifting Aayat and holding twinkle hand. While tears just escaping from twinkle and Kunj eyes.

They went upstairs goes in their room.

Twinkle and Kunj entered in room.Twinkle stand looking at Kunj angrily.

Kunj:Twinkleee. I’m really sorry Twinkle. 6 years ago I take Aayat from you here only.

We both standing here. I never thought this day will come in our life’s. Dekh I’m giving your daughter back to you twinkle. Kunj forwarding his hand to twinkle, so she can take it Aayat.

Twinkle:Kunj how can you say this you give her back to me haa.Really now they don’t want her so you come to me take her twinkle back.So easily you said this haa.

Do You think I’m robot I don’t have feelings haa kunj. Wherever you think to give her you can never think about me what happened on me haa. Tum ne 6 saal phale ek baar me nahi socha mere liye.

Here only you snatch my small baby who don’t know anything she can’t speak today she isn’t that 2 month small Aayat. Jeshe tum keshi aur ko dedoge she’ll not ask anything why kunj because that time she was unaware of everything. Whoever will love her and give her mother care and love she understood they are her parents she doesn’t know anything behind this all kunj.That time Aayat don’t know anything you want to give her to them.Very happily you give her leave it about me.Today very suddenly you’ll tell her that whom she thought they are her parents, but they’re not. Did you think she didn’t say anything happily digest your bitter truth kunj haa. NO NO kunj she can’t. Last time too I’m helpless now too kunj. Just for your happiness till here I just put stone on my heart kunj.

Here only in this room I’m that same twinkle who begging in front of you for my baby don’t separated us.I didn’t spend time with her.That day I cried for her for separation today also Kunj. Different is that kunj.You took her from my hands twinkle showing him her palms.Now you tell me take her back haa.Kunj here isn’t any daily soap is going on.As per your wish you’ll do anything. This is real life kunj.6 years ago you wanted to give happiness to your brother and bhabhi didn’t think about my happiness. Being your wife each and everything I bear all pain still bearing Kunj.Aayat ki MAA did sacrifice for her father happiness. Killed mother feelings.She was in front of me only but I become her chachi.I m craving for her Kunj.Today you know about everything knows real face of your brother and bhabhi so you come to me.Don’t you feel ashamed me MAA hu kunj.Whom you were holding she is human being not any plastic toy. I was not ready to give her that time now I’m not ready to take her back because I can bear of her separation but I can’t bear of losing her Kunj.You were not understanding my situation kunj she’ll ask me question what I’ll tell her. She’ll hate me kunj. For god sake understands me kunj.Till here we just telling her false story she live in fake dreams within no minutes you wanted to break her dream. Itna dard toh tab bhi nahi hua ta kunj jo aaj horah hai why you always make me stand in these situations.

One side in well and other side is ditch where I’ll go kunj in both situations’ meri haar hai Kunj.Tears just coming from twinkle and Kunj eyes.Nothing has changed kunj I’m same helpless twinkle today too. My 6 years sacrifice your brother bhabhi wasted they don’t know how it’s difficult for me to stay away from her.Now they done with her Kunj. How you’ll tell her from which face you’ll say this Aayat and maya isn’t her parents, but we are her parents.It’s not easy for her Kunj. She is just mine until she is in my womb after you itself make her away from me now I can’t kunj hold her. Time has passed so long.

Kunj: Twinkleeee ??. Take her please I know I’m wrong you can punish me as much you wanted..

twinkle:what I’ll do after punishing you and what I get kunj nothing just pain is written in my destiny.How’ll my Aayat Assimilate this her parents hating her they don’t want her anymore.Where I’ll go kunj.

You promised me kunj that you’ll never come out this truth in front of Aayat. you’ll break your promise before giving her I took promise from you all.

Kunj place Aayat near Ansh. He looks at twinkle painfully.

Kunj:sorry but I can’t. ??. He went near wardrobe Started mess up everything twinkle didnot get what he try to do.Kunj take out papers from drawer. Kunj look at on paper and read first words which written on the papers in very big letters.

Kunj:today I’ll break everything what they think about their self. Both pain and anger commence in kunj eyes. Kunj ran downstairs while twinkle get scared to see his expression she knows in his anger he can do anything never think after subsequently happened.She too ran behind him.

At downstairs [email protected]

everyone still there kunj come and went near Anant and maya they stand in same place.

Kunj:wait Anant Bhaiya.All turned and look at Kunj.Last thing I have to finished it. Kunj show them papers all get confused. Twinkle stand beside kunj.

Twinkle: Kunj stop please leave it.

Kunj:no twinkle today I can’t.They both breaks my emotions hurt me lot.

Maya: acha kunj we did what about you. You can’t put all blame on me and Anant. Can’t you see your mistakes.

Kunj:acha our mistakes tell me what we did it.. ?????..

maya:okay listen carefully.Now you both just pretending specially your wife. Aayat know about that she is your real daughter.

Everyone gives look on her statement.

Kunj:are you out of your mind haa??.

Maya: I’m telling is truth if she doesn’t than why she always just blabbering twinkle chachi chachi.She didn’t share her secrets with me but with twinkle why??. She always demanded from you never from us why don’t you think. Aayat find herself secure in twinkle embrace not in my why kunj I feel so bad after see this from past 6 years I handle her but anyhow she wanted twinkle only but not me.While in sleep she needed twinkle not me. This all give me pain.

Kunj: acha when you feel pain you loved her what about your behavior towards my daughter did this fine haa. What you were talking about she itself wanted twinkle she didn’t do anything get it. You asked from yourself what deficiency (kami) left in your love and care towards her which making her fallen more for twinkle than you haa.

Maya:ache mere pyaar me kami hai. Even you to said twinkle as aayat mamma. I’ll remind you remember that day when you tell aayat call your mamma and tell her make coffee for you.After what you and twinkle i listen everything from window.

Kunj: good you listen.So it’s means you were spying on us haa.Now I’ll clear your thought. I didn’t mean it.So what if I tell her this what about you many times you tell Aayat that you aren’t her mother.And she isn’t your blood but of twinkle what about this. First look at yourself.

Anant:great kunj.Twinkle behaving like she is Aayat mother she wanted to show maya podgy in front of Aayat. And the way you bring gifts for her before her wish you always fulfilled her wishes ha why??.

Kunj:I’ll not give you both any explanation why because I did so much for you both still you thinking about me this good I don’t care about you both. What you say that I fulfilled her all wishes before her.Why I’ll tell you wait.It’s not true what I’m going to saying for your satisfication but still. You both get her without struggle and pains but me and wife struggling for her after 280 days I got her Anant Bhaiya. 6570.007 hours I wait for my Aayat every second I counted on my fingers. When I got to know I’m to going to become father I was so happy after this I don’t want anything.I can’t think to share her with anyone but I did with you from bottom of my heart.Twinkle give you her small soul as gift what you had done with her gift haa.People take care of gifts but you didn’t her.Look at this cherry Bhaiya asked him did he can give his babies to you. He is good for nothing, but he too knows the value of his babies after all jeshe bhi hai baap hai.. nobody think their kids is burden on them.So they’ll give them to you people not Mr Anant Sarna and maya Sarna it’s your

misapprehension.You people done with my daughter only in 2,190 days but me and my can’t done with her till her last breath.

Asked to twinkle what Aayat mean of her.

You were telling this she loved us more than you all. When she needed you both didn’t present there. When she suffer in fever for you both left her went out your work is (important) than her for you both. But we didn’t leave her. When she wanted her parents you both aren’t there for her that time this twinkle as like her chachi she was there for her stand beside her.Whole night she and me wake up for her.You both sleeping peacefully in your room. Still I didn’t say. Something happened to her Aayat you both simply come towards us. If Aayat isn’t our real daughter do really you come to us and give her to us handle her no you’ll not. Just because she is our daughter you both leave her on us. Did single night you both wake up for her no. After giving her to you both we both always stand beside her in these years we suffered all nights when she wanted food in middle of nights only this twinkle wake up For her she didn’t wake up for me in midnight but for her she immediately without tell her she understood what she needed something she finds her happiness in her kids happiness. She suffered for her not you she didn’t think about her life for her. You Itself make aayat hate you she did her duty but you didn’ don’t know the pain of baby what twinkle bear on Aayat time.

A human body can bear only up to 45 del unit of pain

yet at time of giving birth a mother feels up to 57del unit of pain this is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at a time..

can you imagine it now the mothers pains and love.

You both take advantage of our silence.

Maya:acha kunj. She Snatches her from us.

Twinkle look at on maya face in shocking way.

Twinkle: don’t put any accusations of me. I didn’t do anything.Wait till now I stop because of my husband happiness.She always taunt to me on Aayat.Shame on you I give my daughter to you still you behaving like this with me.When you not like me than why you take my daughter you can take anyone kids. If is in my hands na in anger voice.I’ll never give my daughter to you.Just because of him only. Pointing her hands on kunj.You compared my daughter with money. I give my precious thing to you didn’t you think once before speak this words haa.I don’t feel bad you know because I know from starting this day will come one day.Arey you have problems with me but immediately you take Aayat in our matter.You never think her as your daughter. Many times you throw her like some toy but this man is blind behind you both, so he deserved this but my Aayat will not at all.If she knows that me and kunj is her parents. Didn’t you think she’ll stay like this. What did you say that day aap koi fhark nahi padta hai chahy Aayat mare yeha jiye but mujhe bhut padta hai.Yeh difference between us. You are worse than

Sauteli MAA (step mother). Aap ke pyaar me sautela behavior ta that’s why Aayat love me more than as per your thinking get it.Twinkle look at Kunj with painful eyes. People call us devki and yashoda But you shamed this words too.

Kunj:now you both happy.You know this papers Anant Bhaiya.It’s adoption papers I make it why.Because If something happened to me nobody takes Aayat from you just for you I make it. See what you have done. Good you didn’t sign on these papers.Kunj in slow motion he Tears the papers in two pieces.Everyone look at Kunj. Aaj iss papers ke saath hi aap ka mera koi rishta nahi hai.He threw the papers on air.Remember one thing I’ll not leave you both whole life you both will cry for happiness.The way my wife cried even you’ll too maya.You have pain of this that Papa give property to my ansh.He is hire.

When he breaks my heart till now my and his terms never meet he is my father this fact I can changed it. Just for little money he makes my life hell.Till now I didn’t take single rupees from him now you can understand my hates. Neither I want your money nor his.Kunj look at usha who standing in side.I know I’m alone happy with this. Aayat ko sab bataduga me.

Twinkle: you’ll not kunj.Twinkle garb his collar.Just for your sake you’ll do this haa. You all promised me.Agar yeh hi karna ta kyu li meri beti agar aeshe hi usko yeh sab batana ta than tell her before na.

Kunj:I’m your culprit twinkle.Twinkle falls down on her knees and cried loudly..

Kunj: iss se acha hota Anant Bhaiya aap Meri Aayat lete hi nahi. Phir Kyu li usko tell me.Kunj grab Anant collar Usha rush towards kunj.

Usha:kunj no beta don’t become like him.

Na yeh baap banshaka na maya MAA.

You fulfill brother duty very well.But he can’t understand your sacrifice.Sab MAA in ke jeshi nahi hoti hai.Many of them love their kids no matter they are their blood or not.

Maya: hooo mummy ji What happens that day when people telling rubbish about his kids called them najayaj.Before maya complete the word of najayaj.kunj slap her so hard. All get shocked.

Kunj:don’t dare.One more time you said this I’ll not leave.What type of woman you are.Jis ko aapne pala usko hi yeh bol diya chiii.Mahi went near twinkle consoling her.

Just than they all heard screamed sound.

All look at mahi who holding her stomach and winching in pain.

Yuvi: mahiiii??. Twinkle wiped her tears and look at mahi.

Twinkle: mahiii. Yuvi went near her.

Mahi: Yuvraj ???haaaa.

Kunj: Yuvi I think her labour pain is started.

We should take her to hospital.

Yuvi: right. Kunj ran to get car.While Yuvi somehow he lifted mahi and take her out.

Kunj come with her open the door for Yuvi.

Yuvi make mahi lay down on the back seats.While all come outside.Kunj see naman. He called Naman. Naman went near to car kunj side window.

Kunj: naman please take Ansh and Aayat to Taneja mansion from here please..

Naman: okay I’ll.

Kunj:because i can’t trust on anyone here.

Twinkle sit beside kunj.He started the car and left for hospital.

Twinkle:mahi please don’t cry take deep breath.

Mahi: Twinkleeeee ????.Others family members to left for hospital.

After kunj reaches the hospital. He bring stretcher for Mahi.Yuvi and Kunj make her lay on the stretcher.They went inside the hospital. Lady doctor come and see mahi condition call nurse immediately take her.

Yuvi: Doctor please.

Doctor: don’t worry mr luthra.Nurse take mahi from here. All family members arrived.Yuvi sitting in side in tension.Kunj look at him and understand his tension remember his time he too sitting like him.

Kunj went near him keep his hands on his shoulders.

Kunj:don’t worry about her nothing will happened to mahi and baby.

Yuvi: hmm kunj. Kunj eyes went on twinkle who standing in corner looking like lifeless girl.After sometime laters.Baby cry sound coming outside. Just than nurse come she having small baby who warping in white clothes. Anita and Surjit see her.

Kunj: Yuvi.. he get up and look at nurse rush towards her.

Nurse: mr Yuvraj you blessed with baby boy.Take him. Nurse forwarding baby to Yuvi. Tears falls from kunj eyes. With full of smile Yuvi takes his baby in his arms the happiness was clearly visible on his face tears gelled up in his eyes seeing his little soul he recalled all the moment he spent for the past 9 months praying for him everything was flashing before his eyes the day mahi gave them the good news

The days he didn’t slept taking care of his wifey and her mood swings ..

The days when he has to come back home from office at any time whenever his wife wishes ..

The days he spent taking care of her not leaving her for a minute …

Everything he just reaclled in a second and his 9 month wait was worth his cute little soul was in his hands ..

He understands the feeling of becoming father the warmness the cuteness the charm seeing his baby peacefully he couldn’t have wished for more world stopped for him he was busy admiring him that much that he failed to notice ..

Leela RT and Anita surjit the Nani nanu and dadu dadi was fighting to take him first …his thoughts came to an end when nurse ask him to give her baby as she had to keep him in observation for sometime …

Yuvi : plzz can you give me few minutes more I’ll give him back soon yuvi said excitedly he wasn’t ready to leave him for a second …

Nurse nodded seeing his happiness and excitement ..yuvi turned towards Anita smiling ..

Yuvi : mom see him finally your son became dad he said making them laugh ..

Anita : Haan Haan now give him to us too we are also grandparents ..

Yuvi : haha Haan ..but first who will take Leela maa or you ???

Leela : give her to Anita I have became grandmother before also she became for first time that must be special for her too Anita smiled ..

Anita : we will take together she said yuvi gave them they both admired him along with surjeet and RT …Leela : haha so cute he is perfect combination of yuvi and mahi ..

Anita : Haan wait worth …she gave back baby in yuvi arms …

Yuvi : twinkle you won’t take my baby huhh he said forwarding him ..

Twinkle : why I’ll not take she said taking him in her arms and smiled ..he is so cute just like you …kunj too sees him and smiled ..

Yuvi : awww Sachi ? His excitement had no boundaries today ..

Twinkle : yeah ..twinkle reacalled her baby aayat n baby ansh and tears started gelling up in her eyes but she controlled herself she was a type of girl who was fighting with the inner war but still she faked a smiled on her face as to not destroy her sister’s happiness …kunj sees twinkle painfully as he was dying each n every second with guilt

Twinkle gave him back while yuvi smiled again seeing him …nurse took him with her ..

Yuvi : ahha he left ..

Kunj : don’t worry they will give him back in sometime …

RT : who is staying here ????

Leela : I am going back home to prepare something healthy for my mahi ..

Anita : and I am accompaning you even I have to pamper my daughter in law and grandson both laughed together ..

Yuvi : you all go I’ll stay here ..

Surjeet : are you sure ..

Yuvi : yes papa ..

They all decided to leave Leela RT Anita surjeet twinkle too left from there worrying for ansh and aayat …they heard that mahi is shifted to normal ward and met they all congratulates the newly parents …

Mahi : where is baby ???

Yuvi : wait I’ll bring him ..

Yuvi left to bring baby while kunj went behind Twinkle n others to see them off they looks at each other painfully again ..

Yuvi came back with his baby mahi was hell impatiently waiting for him soon as she sees her she smiled too

as soon as she sees her she smiled too trying to get up but it was difficult for her at this time ..

Yuvi : arey arey mumma wait yuvi helped her in getting up keeping the baby in cradle and then took him back …

Mahi : now give me .

Yuvi : no no I won’t give ..

Mahi : why ???

Yuvi : I don’t want too my baby ..

Mahi : he is mine too huh

Yuvi was hell teasing her while she was getting Frustrated ..

Yuvi : Acha na don’t be angry take him hamara baby he said and give him in her arms while he was beside mahi seeing him …

Mahi : awww he is so so cute ?? she pecked his forehead finally ..

Yuvi : chalo now you saw na now give him back to me okay ..

Mahi : hah no never I am not going to give you now huh he is my cutie.

Yuvi : arey Yaar Mahi that’s not fair ..

Mahi : everything is fair Mr Luthra she smiled while yuvi too smiled pecking mahi forehead wrapping his arm around her shoulder embracing her …

Baby opens his eyes slowly slowly getting a clear vision of his parents whose happiness had no bounds today they both excitedly sees him ..tears pooled in mahi eyes yuvi sees her …

Yuvi : what happen Jaan why these tears in your eyes ???

Mahi : nothing I am just seeing him I waited for him so much haha he went on you kicked me all the time when he was in my tummy now you have to kick papa too okay …

Yuvi : huhu baby don’t listen to mumma okay we will be in one team and will rock it ?? I’ll become your friend then will show mumma the boy power ..

Mahi : huhh no baby he will make you like him only no you stay with mumma and get my habits okay …

Baby starts crying seeing them while yuvi and mahi laughed together …

Yuvi : see he didn’t wished in mumma team that’s why crying ..

Mahi : shut up yuvi ..

Yuvi takes in his arms wandering around the room trying to make him calm while mahi was laughing seeing him …

This all was seen by kunj who was very happy as well as sad too …

Happy for his brother living all the moments with his baby ..

Sad that he didn’t spend caring for others he went from there giving them space and sat on the chair ..Kunj remembering all those old beautiful days. Tears coming from his eyes like rain.Kunj rest his head against backwards wall.He closed his eyes. He went in flashback.

Flash back:???.

2 months later twinj marriage.

Kunj was went out of the India to Australia due to business meetings.

Normal day in Sarna mansion @ at night

Twinkle did her all work she didn’t feeling good past from one week.She eat something next moment feeling like

Nausea puke everything.In small things she reacting very much.Most of the times she losting herself. Didn’t eat her meals too on times.After dinner did her all kitchen chores.She went upstairs goes in her room.She entered in her room shut the door.Went to wardrobe and take out her night dress.Went in the washroom. After she come out of the washroom wiped her face.She went towards the bed lay in sitting position on kunj side of bed. She waiting for kunj call. She take his photo frame in her hands admiring Kunj face.

Twinkle:see this sadu didn’t bother about me how I’m. He didn’t call me. But why I’m feeling bad leave him. She said and sleep.

Next day now twinkle health become worse more than before she feeling dizzy when she put her foots on floor. She feeling like puke she covered her mouth and ran in the washroom started vomiting like hell. After she look at herself in mirror.

(Twinkle think) what happened to me so suddenly like this.This vomitings uff suddenly I started liking sour things. In some of things bad smells coming I feels.

She started thinking so much just than something click on her mind.She remembers this time her menstruated didn’t come after her and Kunj intimate.

Tears falling from her eyes.

Twinkle: it’s really ???. I mean I’m preeeeegnanttttttt. She washed her face again and again. After went in her room.

No time this will can’t happen How can I’m sure about this.I have to check first.She went downstairs and asked usha she was going out. Usha give her permission.

Usha: what happened to you look at yourself nowadays you were looking so dull. Don’t worry ? kunj will come soon.

Twinkle give her smiled and went for hospital. She reached hospital went to doctor.Doctors examined her after.

Doctor: after seeing you.You are pregnant still I have to do your pregnancy test good for confirmation.

Twinkle: okay. Doctor did her pregnancy

Doctor: Twinkle you have to wait for your report whenever your report will come I’ll tell you okay.

Twinkle: thanks doctor. But I wanted urgently After this she went back to sarna mansion.Whole day Twinkle just thinking about what’ll come in her report did really she is pregnant or not.After she had her dinner and went in her room back.

Twinkle sitting in front of mirror looking at herself in mirror.

Twinkle:babaji if I’m pregnant what I’ll tell kunj. How’ll he reacted.She remembers Leela words MAA always told that after baby husband and wife relationship become more Strong.Already I my and kunj marriage life nothing is not too good he always busy in his work hardly concentrating on me.When he loved sheetal kids hope he’ll loved his own baby too.Just than twinkle heard her phone beep.She check and find doctor messages her.Twinkle become cold. Somehow she open the message and read. It’s written TWINKLE YOU ARE PREGNANT ? YOUR REPORT COMES POSITIVE. Congratulations you’ll get your reports tomorrow okay.. A beautiful smile appeared on the twinkle face after reading this.. tears fall down.

Twinkle:thanks baba ji to give this happiness to me.She replied to doctor thanks.Twinkle get up cupped her face kunj face coming in front of her eyes.

Twinkle: I’m pregnant happiness is on the way ?????.My baby I’m going to become maama uff.. kunjjj she take pillow started spinning itself in happiness. When she felt dizzy. And stop itself. Hoo baby don’t worry sorry. Twinkle sit on the bed and take kunj photo frame.Kunj see your baby is coming tum papa banewale ho. See your own blood growing inside in my womb. She keep her hand on her belly. Now come fast I’m dying to tell you this news. From now you don’t have needs to play with Sheetal babies you can play with your own baby.You play with them how much you wanted. Twinkle cuddles kunj photo.She lay down thinking about her unborn baby as well about kunj too.

A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months. In your arms for three years, and in your heart until the day you die..

Later Twinkle phone ring she see it’s kunj call. She received his call with happiness.

Feeling butterflies in her stomach.

Kunj: hi twinkle..

twinkle: hi..

Kunj: how’s you.

Twinkle: I’m fine what about you.

Kunj: great. You did message me once.

Twinkle: even you too not.. Kunj I want to tell you something.

Kunj: haa What something happened at home.

Twinkle: no baba always thinking about home.Sometimes think about us too.

Kunj: acha. Tell me what you wanted to tell me.

Twinkle: not on phone when you come than I’ll tell you.

Kunj:why what so special.

Twinkle: You itself find what so special in this. Tell me when are you coming back now I’m done I feel bored in this alone room.20 days past kunj.

Kunj: hoo bas siyappa Queen. When I around you that time you didn’t miss me when I go somewhere than only.

Twinkle: nothing is like this I’m miss you always you are the one who didn’t miss me at all. Ab tu jaldi se aajao please.

Kunj:okay Meri MAA I’ll come.

Twinkle: good they talk for sometimes. Later Twinkle sleep.

Next [email protected]

Kunj didn’t Informed twinkle that he is coming today only.Twinkle just waiting for kunj because she wanted to tell him about this news first rather than other’s. Maya and Sheetal find something good in twinkle behavior. Just than twinkle heard door bell ring she went and open the gate and find courier man. Twinkle understand.

Man: report hai..

twinkle: hmm. Twinkle sign the papers and take her reports. Maya and Sheetal want to see what she take. Twinkle hide report in her duppta went upstairs keep in drawer.Whole day passed like this only. Twinkle get tired with vomitings but she didn’t care about this what happened she get.After all family members sit for dinner.

Twinkle isn’t in that condition she served food anyone but still did. A smell coming from food which make Twinkle feeling nausea while serving food.Somehow she did it.Usha look at twinkle face feel bad to see her face.

Usha:twinj beta you sit please have your dinner first.

Twinkle:mummy ji I’ll have afterwards. She went in kitchen and open pickle bottle take out pickle and look at on raw mango.

Twinkle: awww it’s so good in taste.Who wanted to eat that untasted food. Twinkle put the pickle in her mouth closed her eyes feel sour feeling like heaven ??.

At dinning table.Just than food bell ring

Maya: twinkle please see na who is at door.

Twinkle: while having. Yeah.. twinkle throw the left over pickle piece in dustbin. She ran outside. Yes maya bhabhi.

Maya: what you were doing in kitchen again door bell ring.. first go and open the door.

Twinkle: yes I’ll. Twinkle went towards main door. She open the door but she didn’t see because she was busy licking her fingers. ??. Kunj was standing at door and see twinkle raise his eyes brows.

Twinkle done with this she look at and get shocked to see him. She eyes just jellify after see kunj. Kunj snap his finger on her.

Twinkle come in sense she didn’t wasted any seconds immediately hugged kunj. Kunj get surprised before this she didn’t excited this much for him. Kunj break the hug.

Twinkle: kunjj tum keshe aaye tum.

Kunj: plane me bet ke aaya me twinkle. What silly question you were asking to me.

Twinkle: hooo sorry but you didn’t informed me that you were coming kunj.

Kunj: Arey Meri MAA I’ll your all question answers after let me entered inside.

Twinkle:yeah come. Kunj and twinkle went. Everyone see kunj get happy.Kunj went near Usha and hugged her.

Usha:good to see you after a days. My beta..come have dinner with us.

Kunj:yes MAA I’m starving I missed home made food. Kunj took seat beside. Twinkle severed him food put stone on her heart. ? after dinner all went in their respective rooms.

In twinj [email protected]

Kunj entered in room and find sour candies on the bed side table..

Kunj: this siyappa queen never improve. He went and towards wardrobe take out his clothes and his eye went on pickle bottle ??.

Kunj: what the ??.. this pickle bottle is in wardrobe what nonsense is this.Kunj take his clothes and went in washroom to get freshen up.While twinkle entered in room. Didn’t find kunj her eyes went on washroom lights and understood.She went and take out her pickle bottle.Went in balcony. She standing enjoying raw mango along with pickle ??together.

Kunj come out of the washroom searching twinkle in room.He went in balcony.See twinkle standing. Kunj stand beside her see her but twinkle busy in her eating session. Kunj big his eyes balls. Kunj see twinkle. Happily she having raw mango and pickle together. Making faces.

Kunj: Twinkleeeeee. Twinkle heard kunj voice she look at in side see Kunj standing beside her.


Kunj:yes me what is this haa.Why you eating this haa. Look at yourself how thin you were looking what happened to you haa.Twinkle stop eating.Why you eating this pickle insist of dinner haa. And what pickle bottle doing inside wardrobe.

Twinkle: Kunj.

Kunj:leave this. He hold her hand take in the room. You wanted to tell me something haa tell now..

twinkle: yes twinkle give him 440 volt smile. Wait she went near side drawer take out her pregnancy report envelope. Went back to kunj and put in his hands Kunj get confused.

Kunj:what is this twinkle.

Twinkle: see first. Kunj slowly open the envelope and take out reports paper Kunj see and look at twinkle face back. Twinkle keep his hands on her belly went near kunj ears.

Twinkle: KUNJ I M PREGNANT ?. You are going to become father very soon.. Kunj didn’t believe on her words. Twinkle get shocked to see her shocking face.

Kunj: what did you said haa?

Twinkle: tum papa bane wale ho. Your symbol growing inside me kunj. I’m pregnant..

Kunj: what really???.. he can’t speak. You mean me pa… pa bane wala hu. Twinkle nodded her head in yes. Kunj see his hand on twinkle belly.

Twinkle:I want to tell you this only Kunj. Kunj hug her tightly happiness tears comes from kunj eyes.

Kunj: thanks twinkle for this I’m so happy today I don’t have words to describe my happiness today. You made my day. Kunj break the hug and cupped twinkle face.

Twinkle: in fearful voice. Kunj are you happy with this news..

Kunj: I’m happy not im hell happy. How can I’ll not happy this is best news I ever get.You give me best news till now. Kunj caress twinkle face. Place kiss on her forehead.Twinkle can see happiness in kunj eyes about baby. Kunj happiness has no boundaries. Kunj joint their heads.

Kunj:I never thought about this.One day my baby to come. He laugh. Hooo twinkle he lifted twinkle and spinning. Twinkle laughing loudly.

Twinkle: Kunj you become crazy..

Kunj: yes twinkle I become crazy for my baby. Twinkle feeling dizzy.

Twinkle: kunj stop please I’m feeling dizzy.

Kunj: ho sorry he immediately stop and put her down. Kunj sit on his knees and keep his hand on twinkle belly. It’s so beautiful twinkle na our baby inside in your womb.He kissed on her belly. He get up.

Twinkle: bas karo.. you get this much happy.

Kunj: I’ll ??. Someone will call me too Papa and you mamma siyappa queen.

When you got to know about this.

Twinkle: yesterday only.. I’m 1 month pregnant kunj.

Kunj: what you are 1 month pregnant you didn’t know about this how..

twinkle:it’s the first time. I didn’t get pregnant often time ??..

Kunj:hmm kunj pulls her cheeks. Why you were eating this nonsense things.

Twinkle: huhu I didn’t like it anything just this sour things she make puppy faces ??.

Kunj: acha. Now leave this all. Did you tell everyone.

Twinkle:Nope I didn’t first I wanted to tell you this.

Kunj: okay. Come you sit why you standing haa it’s not good for you.

Twinkle: I’m fine baba.. Kunj pulled her kiss. Both looking at each other eyes. Kunj come closer to her face. Kunjjj yuck you stinking chii.go away.

Kunj: stop your drama just now I take bath.

Twinkle: Kunj please I’m warning don’t blame me afterwards. Kunj lock his lips with hers kissing her with full love and care. Just than twinkle feeling like vomit she push Kunj and ran in the washroom. Kunj shocked..

Kunj: what wrongs with her. He to went behind her.Twinkle vomiting.Kunj rubbing her back. She done. Kunj hold her from her shoulders and take her in room. Kunj make her sit.

Kunj: you just wait I have solution.

Twinkle: what?? I told you na. Don’t come closer to me.

Kunj: okay Meri MAA. He went downstairs goes in kitchen make lemonade for twinkle. After he went back to their room. He beside twinkle and give her lemonade.

Kunj:drink this you feel good. Happily twinkle drink it..

Twinkle: good kunj.

Kunj: hmm. From now you should take care of yourself.

Twinkle: I’ll do it.

Kunj: I’m here too from you. Now you sleep it’s good for you. From now, you’ll not do any work even my too I’ll do my work yours too itself twinkle overwhelming to see kunj sudden change.Kunj make her lay down properly. Covered her with blanket. Lay beside her too. Little bit space between them.

Twinkle: Kunj come here na.

Kunj:just now you said don’t come closer to you. She pulled him near to her rest her head on his chest. Cuddles kunj tightly.

Twinkle:I told just for that time.

Kunj:okay.Twinkle peck on his lips. Now sleep okay. Kunj started patting on her head. Twinkle closed her eyes. Kunj admire her.

Kunj: what she gives me only I know baba ji. I can’t thank her for this.Today she gave me reason to live in this world. Mera bacha. He too closed his eyes later Twinkle slightly open her eyes and look at Kunj.

Twinkle: aww baba ji see kunj I didn’t expect this kunj will happy this much I never see him happy this much before today. Hope with this baby our all deferences ended. She closed her eyes and sleep took over them.

Next [email protected] morning.

Sun Light coming on kunj face his sleep get disturbed. Kunj open his eyes and look at twinkle face who sleeping peacefully. While sun light coming on her eyes too disturbing her sleep. Kunj come stop the sun light.

Kunj: huu this sun light disturbing my baby and twinkle sleep. He gets up and closed her windows. He went stop the alarm clock that wouldn’t disturb twinkle sleep. Make her wake up in middle of her sleep. He takes out his clothes and went in washroom get ready. Twinkle still sleeping.

Kunj went downstairs and see everyone presenting for breakfast. Kunj make one plate for twinkle. Maya and Sheetal see him get burned.

Maya: kunj why you make the plate haa.

Kunj:woh bhabhi for twinkle. He said and went in his room back. Kunj see twinkle not on the bed. Just than washroom door open and twinkle come and look at Kunj who already ready fully. She went to him.

Twinkle: Kunj you get ready today didn’t wake up me why??.

Kunj: you sleep i can get ready itself your sleep is important for me.Twinkle make her eyes balls big. Come have your breakfast first.

Twinkle: Arey kunj you go have your breakfast with everyone I can have there na.

Kunj: no need of this come have it you’ll not go downstairs I don’t want my baby suffer.Kunj make her sit and sit beside her.

Twinkle look at on plates.

Twinkle: Kunj this fruits ??. And milk no baba I wanted to eat aalo paratha.

Kunj: no from you forget about this all. You’ll eat only healthy things. No oily things it’s not good for you. Have this. Kunj feed her fruits with his hands.Twinkle get happy to see care towards her. She had happily. Kunj make her drink Milk forcefully. She makes puppy face but Kunj win.

Kunj: good girl. Kissed on her cheeks.

Now let’s go and this about everyone than we’ll go to hospital.

Twinkle: why hospital.

Kunj: for your check up. Kunj hold her from shoulder take her downstairs.

Twinkle: Kunj I’ll not fall leave me what others will think of it.

Kunj; let them. All look at twinkle and Kunj.

They went towards all.

Usha: you both didn’t want to have your breakfast haa.

Kunj: MAA I want to tell you something.

Usha: what??

Anant: tell kunj. What’s the reason behind your happiness.

Kunj: MAA twinkle is pregnant. Usha get up after listen this..

Usha: really.

Manohar: Twinkle beta.. they both just waiting for his news from many years but when doctors said maya didn’t become mother. They get sad. Just hoping from twinkle one day she’ll give them this news.

Kunj hold Usha hands.

Usha: me dadi bane wali hu.. she hugged kunj. Usha went to twinkle and kissed on her forehead and thanks to her for this happiness. Everyone gets happy expect that maya and Sheetal. Maya feels bad she didn’t give this happiness.

Manohar: now you take care of yourself twinkle puttar okay.

Kunj:yes I’m here na???.maa we have to go hospital for twinkle check up.

Usha: go. Drive slowly.. don’t trouble my grand kid. Kunj hold twinkle hands and they went outside Kunj open door and she sit. Kunj too sit and start the car. They left for hospital he drives slowly for twinkle. Controlling on himself who always drive fast. After they reached the hospital they went inside hospital. Twinkle see the patients crowd.

Twinkle: Kunj see so many patients are here. I can’t sit for a hour.

Kunj:Don’t worry she is best doctor for you. I took her appointment for you at morning.Nurse come and call kunj name.

Nurse: sir kunj.

Kunj: yeah.. they went to doctor cabin. She is the best gynecologist in whole Amritsar

They went inside. Both sit. She takes twinkle for her first baby sonography. Twinkle lay down get nervous. Kunj hold her hand.

Doctor:Twinkle see your baby in screen. She started doing her sonography scan. Just than baby come on the screen. Everything is black. Little bit part seeing. Kunj and twinkle get happy to see.

Kunj: Arey mera baby is too small his size same like egg.. docter laugh on kunj antics.

Doctor: mr Sarna your baby is small because your wife is just 1 months pregnant.

Kunj: hoo. She done and they sit again.

Doctor: I’m prescribing you some vitamins medicines. You have to have your meal on time okay. Don’t sit with sudden jerk. Walk slow till 3 months.

Kunj: sure docter I’ll take care of her.

Doctor: good.They left for Sarna mansion.

Kunj take twinkle Taneja mansion without tell her. Twinkle closed her eyes and they reached at Taneja mansion.Kunj stop the car and look at twinkle face.

Kunj: Twinkle.. she open her eyes and look at Kunj.


Kunj:Let’s go..

twinkle see outside find Taneja mansion.

Twinkle: Taneja mansion why we come here.??

Kunj: you come.They both come out of the car. And went inside. Nobody in hall. Twinkle started giving voice to Leela and Mahi. After listen her voice they both come in hall. And see twinkle and Kunj.

Mahi: DI… they all sit together.

Mahi: you both seemed so happy what’s the reason behind this haa??hmmm.

Twinkle: reason toh hai..

Leela: what..

twinkle: MAA I’m pregnant.. mahi and Leela get so happy. Leela kissed on twinkle forehead.

Mahi: aww I’m going to become massi..

Kunj: yup me Papa.

Leela: me too nani..

twinkle: me mamma..?.. Mahi hug to twinkle tightly.

Kunj: Arey mahi dont Give her tight think about my baby ??.mahi did Kunj mimic.

Mahi: see Jiju is so possessives about his baby??.

Kunj: yes I’m??.. all laugh out.. after. Twinkle spend sometime with your family I’ll pick up you at night okay take care of yourself. Eat only healthy things see her MAA.

Leela:yes I’ll.. ??. Kunj left for his office. Twinkle were spending her time with her mother and sister.

At office

Kunj reaches his office and distributed sweets on whole office.. he wanted his beloved ones to become part of his happiness. All congratulations to kunj and he went in his cabin.Yuvi was sitting waiting for him. Kunj went near him and look at Yuvi..

Yuvi: so finally you come back..

Kunj: yes he takes seat beside him. Yuvi I’m so happy I want to tell you..

Yuvi: what..tell me whole office employee is so happy today you distribute sweets too.

Kunj: Yuvi me papa bane wala hu.. Yuvi give shocking expression to kunj.see Yuvi even I too shocked like you when twinkle told me this news she is pregnant last night.

Yuvi: what ????aww kunj. He hugged him give him kiss on his cheeks?. You were so fast ???..

Kunj: ???..har kaam jaldi karna chahiye ????.. they both laugh out.

Yuvi: where your wifey..

Kunj: Taneja mansion.. Yuvi I want to take leave from office I’m mean I’ll not available most of the times like before now because now I want to be with twinkle every single hours because I know her she is so stubborn I can’t any risk with her life. Till now I give her pain but now In this period I can’t. What she gives me only I know.

Yuvi: great thoughts kunj. Don’t worry I’ll handle.

Kunj: thanks.

Whole day went. Kunj went Taneja mansion to pick up twinkle.Rt force him to have dinner with them, so he stop and they all have dinner together. After they left for Sarna mansion.

They reached Sarna mansion Kunj and twinkle come out of the car and went inside.Till now everyone is went in their rooms.Twinkle and Kunj too went in their room. Kunj give Oder to twinkle sit. He takes out her and his night dress and give to twinkle and he went in washroom to change.Later he come and find twinkle sitting having chocolates. Kunj without in formed her he went downstairs and goes in kitchen make Turmeric milk for twinkle he takes went back to his room. Kunj lock the door and sit beside twinkle. She looks at Kunj. He snatches chocolates bar from twinkle hands.

Kunj: now leave this. Have your milk.

Twinkle: hooo yuck ?.Kunj I had my dinner don’t give me this. I’ll do vomit.

Kunj: good if you vomit. First drink this. Twinkle turned her face while Kunj held her chin make her drink milk forcefully but in good manners. She did.

Twinkle: chiii.. Milk moustache comes on twinkle lips. Kunj wiped that and peck on her lips. He gives her medicines. She does drama but her all drama fail in front of kunj.

Kunj:good girl twinkle. Now sleep okay..

twinkle: yeah.. she lay down kunj make her sleep. Soon she slept kunj went and do his pending work.

Like this two months has been passed twinkle pregnancy now she is 3 months pregnant. In these months kunj taking care of twinkle like small baby he fulfilled her all wished always roaming around her which maya didn’t like it.

One [email protected]

Usha was sitting in hall having sad face kunj see this and went near her.

Kunj: MAA what happened. ??

Usha: nothing kunj people talking rubbish about my Anant that he can’t become father.?. What I’ll do for him..

Kunj: MAA let them do it na. Don’t worry.

After kunj went in lobby and find maya and Anant sitting and crying.

Maya: Anant I’m bad wife. I didn’t give baby happiness to you shamed on my self.

Anant: don’t say this maya ?. This written out destiny. I’m so happy for kunj. Maya: when I see twinkle Anant I felt so bad and as well happy to for her but my hands always remain empty. They both cry for baby kunj see this and get sad for his brother and bhabhi.

2 and 3 days went like this kunj just thinking about Anant and maya tears.

Kunj:I can’t see them like this.. I’ll give them my baby.Tears escaping from kunj eyes but what I’ll do after how will I live without my baby girl. What I’ll tell twinkle did she get ready for this step.

Kunj went to usha and tell her about his wish usha get happy but sad for twinkle.

Usha: kunj today you happy but what about future. Asked twinkle you going to snatch a baby from her mother haa. Being a mother itself I can’t think to give you all to anyone what about twinkle.

Kunj: I know but I can’t see Anant Bhaiya like this.

Usha: As your wish I’m happy you thought about my Anant. She kissed on his forehead. Later Kunj went to Anant and tell him about this.

Anant: you’ll give your baby to me.

Kunj:yes you to become Papa.MAA and Papa want to see you become father before me so I did it. Maya too come and get happy.

Maya:what about twinkle??

Kunj:you leave this on me.he said this and went in his room.

Twinj [email protected]

Twinkle sitting seeing her baby scan photos. Kunj went sit near her.

Twinkle:Kunj see our baby..?.You wanted girl hope she is girl. I can’t say without my baby..later they lay down.

Kunj: Twinkle I want to tell you something I know it’s hard for you but think about like me.

Twinkle: what?? Kunj hold her hands tightly.

Kunj:Twinkle I want to give our baby to Anant Bhaiya. Twinkle get surprised what he were talking.

Twinkle: means???

Kunj: Twinkle see you can become mother but maya Bhabhi can’t. You we give our baby to them.Twinkle jerk Kunj hand.

Twinkle: no tears coming from her eyes. I’ll not give my baby to anyone get it.. yeh mera Bacha hai.. how can you think about this haa.

Kunj: I know twinkle but think about maya bhabhi please.

Twinkle: why I’ll think about her Kunj. When Sheetal didn’t give her her baby why I’ll haa.

Kunj: she can’t but I wanted. He is my real brother. I can’t tear in his eyes.

Twinkle:acha you can’t see tears in Their eyes but can see in my eyes. Kunj cupped her face.

Kunj:Twinkle for my happiness give them.

It would be difficult for me too like you. Even I can’t give my baby to anyone but what to do.. I’ll never asked you for anything.

Twinkle: you wanted me to give my life haa.What about us after giving them my baby ???. Kunj yeh humare bacha hai.

Kunj: I know twinkle. Twinkle started crying like hell.. even Kunj to get sad only he knows how he take this decision. Twinkle bacha tujhe dena padega.

Twinkle:why me they can do anything if they wanted baby.Kunj nowadays many ways to have baby. They can go for surrogacy.

Kunj: I know twinkle but maya bhabhi didn’t want this.

Twinkle:acha how can she get ready for my baby.Okay I’ll give them baby happily.

But please don’t give my first baby I’ll give them other baby promise he is my first baby kunj.

Kunj:Twinkle please try to understand I can understand your pain.Twinkle didn’t want to give her baby but Kunj tell her at any cost he’ll give his baby.Twinkle get sad she can’t say no to kunj.

After kunj disclosed in front of everyone that he’ll give his baby to Anant and maya.Twinkle just in side having tears in her eyes maya went near her.

Maya:thanks twinkle mera bacha she touches on her belly.

Days were passing like this twinkle always looking sad.Maya just taunting her that take care of her baby.That twinkle doesn’t like it.Kunj bearing twinkle all mood swings.Always there for her.Kunj take twinkle for her check up. They went in hospital doctor check twinkle and tell kunj that some complications are in twinkle pregnancy.

Kunj: what??

Doctor:yes Mr Sarna I told you before don’t give her any kind of stress it’s not good for her as well for baby too.After seeing baby growth it’s not good. If I know before about her complication I would suggest you to do her abortion but now we can’t now she is 4 month pregnant time went.Her pregnancy is very difficult for her.You have to take care of her like anything.

Kunj:Doctor I don’t want anything just wanted my wife fine.

Doctor:hmmm. They went from here.

Twinkle went her room sit sadly. Kunj went and sit

Kunj: Twinkle have this fruits.

Twinkle: I don’t want anything.

Kunj: Twinkle why you do this with you and baby didn’t you listen what doctor said haa.

Twinkle: you wanted baby I’ll give.

Kunj: baby isn’t important for me only even you are too. I can see from month you didn’t have anything always thinking about something.You give stress to yourself. Understand me.

Twinkle: if wanted i will become happy than don’t give my baby.Both of eyes filled with tears. I hate when maya bhabhi said this he is her baby not mine:. Kunj joint his head with her.

Kunj:hmmm.Dard mujhe bhi hota hai.

Somehow Kunj convince twinkle. Twinkle and Kunj always did fight on baby.Twinkle didn’t take care of herself day by day she become weak. Twinkle sleeping and Kunj entered in his room. He saw her and see swelling coming on twinkle legs. He takes oil bottle started giving oil massage to twinkle due to his touch twinkle open her eyes and see him.

Twinkle: don’t do this..

Kunj: look at your self what you made yourself twinkle. Let me do it. MAA sends this laddu for you.

Twinkle:it’s too spicy I can’t.

Kunj: you have half I’ll too. Kunj put in her mouth he to have.Kunj look at twinkle baby bump.He kissed on her baby bump.

Kunj rest his head on twinkle lap.While she caresses his hairs.


Kunj: hmmm.

Twinkle: are you sure you give our baby. For whom you just waiting for your daughter.

Kunj: you did one thing don’t give baby this time in next give me my baby girl. Twinkle laugh out.They spend sometime in each other embrace. Still maya fighting with sometimes twinkle she just stop for kunj happiness only.

8 [email protected]

Twinkle baby shower day arrived. Mahi make Twinkle get ready. Like days were coming to end Twinkle getting scared because her will go away from her. Mahi left kunj come and see twinkle sobbing slightly he went near her.

Cupped her face.

Kunj: shhhhh. Don’t cry twinkle.

Twinkle:Kunj humare baby chala jayega humse dur kunj hug he too cry he knows

Time coming to near twinkle delivery their fear is right. He wiped her tears and take her downstairs in his arms because twinkle can’t use stairs doctor said her no.So kunj didn’t allow her to come out of the bed. Everyone looks at twinkle and Kunj and get happy to see kunj love for his baby and wife.Kunj make Twinkle sit on julaha.All men’s went outside and all ladies started baby showers ceremony maya just telling everywhere her baby is coming.Baby shower function did happily.

Kunj come feed twinkle her dinner take her In their room. She changed her clothes kunj give her medicines while twinkle didn’t feel good Today feeling uneasy in her tummy. Kunj went balcony to do some calls.Twinkle holding her bump tightly wincing in pain.Just than she felt wet.

Started screaming in pain loudly.. Kunj phone falls down he rushed to twinkle and see her she dying because of pain.

Kunj: Twinkle what happened.

Twinkle: kunjjjj haaaaaaaa.

Kunj: still one month is left for your delivery.

Twinkle: kunjj help me..

Kunj: yeah. He calls everyone and take twinkle hospital as soon as possible.


Everyone come twinkle laying on stretcher. Crying in pain.Kunj called doctor.

Kunj: Doctor Twinkle..

doctor: wait.She called nurse take twinkle room. Kunj was sad for twinkle suddenly what happened to her.While doctor struggling with twinkle. Baby didn’t come out Twinkle voice coming till outside.Kunj heart beat increasing like hell. Later doctor come outside and Kunj they can’t say anything they can only save one in Baby and twinkle. Kunj get shocked he can’t say anything. Nurse come with consent papers. She went to kunj and tell him sign on the papers.kunj just numb he can’t let happened anything. Kunj said wanted save his wife maya get shocked.Doctor did their level best to save twinkle and baby. Kunj went and stand in front of god cried hard for his baby and twinkle Yuvi come handle him.

Just because of miracle doctor save both mother and baby.When lights went off. Kunj get sad he thought his baby is no more… just than nurse come with baby in her arms all see this and get happy kunj get confused docter come too.

Doctor: your prayer work out kunj see your baby and twinkle is fine.. Kunj was hell happy. Nurse come to kunj with baby. Kunj look at baby who sleeping beautifully.

Nurse: you bless with baby girl. Yuvi started jumping in happiness kunj about take bay but he stops and tell Anant to take his baby first. Anant come and take baby in his hands he cheeks on her forehead.All get busy in baby

Usha: he just like kunj..

while kunj didn’t take baby in his hands.Kunj thanks to god.Today his all wishes comes true. Doctor tell twinkle condition is not well.

Nurse take baby with her to keep her in observation because she is not fine.

After some hours. Twinkle shifter in Normal ward whole family members went to her see her. Kunj didn’t go because he doesn’t have strength to face her.Finally the day is come for whom he waited.

He didn’t know what to do if he become happy or sad. His baby will not stay with them.Twinkle isn’t in sense due to painkiller medicines effects.She just looking at everyone.Nurse come and tell only one person can stay here with mother.All nodded and tell kunj all left.

After kunj went inside the ward room. He went near twinkle see her eyes were closed he sits beside her see her connecting with numbers of medicines.

She bears all pain alone.Kunj kissed on her forehead due to kunj touch she open her eyes and look at Kunj with wet eyes.

Kunj:how’s you. Thanks twinkle. Till now twinkle don’t know she gives brith to baby girl or boy.You give me the reason to live today.Give me my daughter. She tries to speak.

Twinkle:see I give you daughter now too you live without her. How’s she is??

Kunj: I didn’t see her.

Twinkle: why??

Kunj:because you didn’t see how can I. Just than nurse come with baby.She went near kunj.Twinkle want to see her face.

Nurse: take her please. She is too much tiny. Kunj forward his hands and carefully nurse put her on his hands. Kunj went near twinkle.

Kunj: see her together.They both look at baby for the first time for whom many nights kunj make dark.Finally their wait is worth it somehow. She is so cute twinkle give smiled tears fall on baby cheeks. Kunj cheeks on her cheeks she is so soft.

Twinkle:she is just look like you kunj Same eyes and lips.

Kunj:see she had dimples like you.?.

Slowly baby open her eyes her first vision didn’t come clearly. She fully open her eyes and look at Kunj and twinkle like she doesn’t know where she come. Twinkle peck on her lips cuddles her tightly.


A Baby fills a place In your heart that you never knew was empty..

Twinkle look at Kunj who too waiting to hold baby.

Twinkle: take her..

Kunj: she is so tiny I can’t.

Twinkle:tAke. After your hard work worth it. Why you didn’t save her when doctor asked you.

Kunj: I’ll get many baby but can’t you so you are important for me. After her no one.Twinkle make kunj hold baby. Kunj kissed on her cheeks smell her hands the warm ness coming from her hands so precious for kunj.

Kunj: she smells so good she kissed on her palms.While baby prickle her small sharp nails on kunj cheeks.They both playing with baby for sometimes. Just than baby started crying loudly which make kunj shocked and panic too.Twinkle laugh to see him.She controls on her tears the pain she Bear now.

Kunj:Twinkle see her.

Twinkle:Kunj it’s normal she is hungry.

Kunj: acha. Feed her than.

Twinkle:I can’t see my condition kunj call nurse she tells kunj to went out.Nurse help twinkle to feed baby.After lot of struggles her tummy is full. Late kunj come back. He looks at Twinkle and baby.He went near them.

Kunj:now she is happy.

Twinkle:hmmm.After twinkle sleep. Kunj just wake up whole night because baby didn’t let him sleep he just lifting her and walking here and there. Maya and Anant visit in hospital daily for baby.Most of the times they only play with baby which make Twinkle sad. Maya just calling her baby. Like this 7 days passed doctor give discharge to twinkle in condition before he she cares for her now too. Maya didn’t like when twinkle feed baby.Anant asked doctor. She said already baby is so weak she needed her mother milk at least for 6 months good for only. Anant get ready he wanted his baby stay fine bas. Twinkle and Kunj or along with baby they left for Sarna mansion. Soon they reached everyone just waiting for them.They come stand in entrees Usha did Their aarti. Maya come take baby from twinkle with jerk like mera bacha. Twinkle look at Kunj face.

Usha:kunj take in your room.Kunj take her carefully. They both entered in room and see the condition of room twinkle get happy to see. Kunj decorates whole room with girly kids things toys in side baby

Cradle is there. She didn’t show she is happy with that

She lay down. She was her tired when medicine dose decreasing twinkle feel pains on her tummy side. She covered and sleep kunj went downstairs.

Everyone playing with baby. Kunj just looking at them. Just than Kunj received message he open it and see photographer send their photos. Their photo shoot happened with baby in hospital all pics is so cute. Baby missing twinkle warmness she cried usha tell maya go and make her lay down beside twinkle. Maya muffed and went. Place baby near twinkle and went.Baby look at twinkle she senses her mother presence. So closed to her and sleep beside her. Whole both mother and

Daughter sleeping peacefully.

At evening baby wake up and crying for milk Kunj come and see twinkle sleeping.

Kunj: Twinkle wake up. She open her eyes slowly.

Twinkle: what happened let me sleep kunj already my whole body aching. ??.

Kunj: hmm look at her.

Twinkle: go give her maya bhabhi??.

Kunj: do these afterwards you know na doctor tell you feed her in every 2 hours. Twinkle take her make her lay near her chest.She covered themselves with blanket twinkle feed her Kunj give smile.

She did with feeding sessions give kunj to make her take burped. Kunj take, and she burped after 5 minutes twinkle again sleep. At night, she gets freshen up and Usha feed her good and healthy food.

While maya try to change baby clothes baby didn’t want she cried which twinkle can’t see neither stop to maya. Twinkle done with food baby were looking at twinkle.Maya told twinkle that whole day baby stay with her till 1 month only she sleeps with in nights that only because of milk.All went in their room. Kunj give twinkle medicines and twinkle to give baby her medicines. Kunj show all baby clothes he brings for her.Happy they both changed her dress and make her ready. Twinkle looking at Kunj and baby they both playing together. Later they sleep.

Whole night kunj wake up for baby she has to drink milk in every 2 hours set the timer too.Twinkle busy in her sleep.Kunj Wake up help her to feed her. Like this 7 days passed baby name ceremony day come.Everyone gets ready. Usha come with twinkle dress. Kunj tell she gets ready.

Twinkle: I’ll not go anywhere kunj.That I bear not you all still bearing I’m on bed. Do whatever you wanted. Huhu.Kunj didn’t say anything he went downstairs all asked about twinkle. Just than Kunj eyes went twinkle who coming down slowly looking cute. Soon naming ceremony started pandit ji asked only real parents take sit in this pooja. But for Anant and maya happiness kunj make them sit. Twinkle sitting in side. When pandit ji asked what names they decided for baby. Anant tell kunj what name he decided for baby. Kunj said Aayat name all get happy it’s so unique name.

Kunj:she always in my all prayer that’s why she is Aayat.That function to went. Twinkle looking like strangers. Maya place baby in Cradle and leave her alone. She started crying twinkle don’t know what to do. She about takes baby when suddenly maya come stop. All look at.

Maya: she is my baby. Tear falls down from twinkle eyes. She ran from here went in her room started throwing things and sobbing badly. Here baby didn’t take name to stop her sound of crying echoing in whole mansion which give pain to twinkle after listing her little soul voice.Kunj went in his room and see her.He went near her after seeing him twinkle get up in anger.

Twinkle: why you come here haaa.

Kunj: Twinkle yaar..

twinkle: woh Meri kuch nahi lagti hai Kunj haa. When she didn’t share her with me think about me what going on me.. ?.

Just than Anant come there and give Aayat to kunj and left.

Twinkle:Kyu when she is hungry that twinkle hai na.Why we wake up for her middle of nights they not.. just for name they wanted her can’t take her responsibility.

Kunj:you leave first look at twinkle. Aayat looking at twinkle like take her. Twinkle take with anger she still crying twinkle get frustrated her all anger come out of Aayat twinkle scream on her.

Twinkle: chup always rona rona. She cried more hardly.

Kunj:why you yell at her haa. Give her to me no need of this get it I didn’t trouble you.I’m here for her. Kunj take and went in balcony make her calm down patting on her back.

Kunj: bas you are my good girl na don’t worry I’ll scold twinkle more let her get fine.He cuddles her tightly near his chest. Make her sleep.Late she slept.Twinkle changed her dress. Kunj come and place Aayat on the bed and look at twinkle face.

Twinkle went and sit beside her take her in her arms see her dry tears marks she kissed on her eyes and say sorry to her. Kunj see this and give smile. He come with dinner and sit with twinkle and both feed each other’s suddenly baby did noise ahahhhhhhhh.

Fırından yeni çıkmış minik kuzu ??? @drzahidekucuk

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Both twinkle and Kunj laugh out.Twinkle left her food first feed while Kunj feed twinkle with his hands.So peaceful moments for them. Later maya come take baby to play with her. Kunj and twinkle sitting together.

Twinkle:Kunj now you should go office. Past from 9 months you didn’t went office did your all work at home..

Kunj: yeah I’ll go first you get fine fully.

They both share a lip lock. Many days past baby attachment increasing more for twinkle and Kunj. She didn’t leave them for a second. If Kunj not around than she wanted twinkle if twinkle (not) than Kunj. Now it’s become very hard for twinkle and Kunj to give her anyone.

Aayat playing while Kunj tie balloons with her legs.She started jumping Get so happy.Kunj captures her all moments in his mind and camera as well. Priceless memories.

Now Aayat is 1 month old.The time had been come. Maya and Sheetal talking about this twinkle listen she went in her room and sit with Aayat cuddles her tightly didn’t let her away from her..

There is an endearing tenderness in the love of a mother to a child that transcends all other affections of the heart..

Because it truly is a gift. The bond between mom and child will always be one of the strongest. A mother’s love is unconditional, unselfish and knows no end. A mother’s love for her children is so sacred, it is quite hard to put into words.

Twinkle kissing Aayat continues her hands become cold. Kunj come back from office. Anant and maya tell her give Aayat. He remembers and get sad. Put stone on his heart take step towards his room. He open the door and see twinkle. He understood her fear of separating from her child.

Kunj take deep breath. Went towards twinkle.Twinkle see him and get up immediately.Twinkle going in backwards with fear.

Kunj: Twinkle what happened..

Twinkle:I’ll not give her kunj???..her face drenched in tears. Aayat hold twinkle duppta tightly.

Kunj:Twinkle please don’t do this it’s hard for both of us only…

twinkle: Kunj how’ll she stays without me.

Kunj: I don’t know anything.. Only I know how I’m going to this.Kunj take Aayat from twinkle.They both went in hall. There everyone was present Kunj went towards Anant.Twinkle controlling on her tears. Anant take step near to kunj.Kunj holding Aayat in his hands who giving kunj sweet smile. Kunj look at twinkle with pain than Aayat who looking at him only.. he makes himself heart for this.. Anant forwards his hands while Kunj too he put Aayat in Anant hands.Still, she were looking at Kunj.

Anant take her maya looking at twinkle she ran from here..

Kunj: I give her to you..

Anant: yes kunj.. even we promise she’ll never know about you and twinkle.

Kunj: hmm. Maya and Anant take Aayat and went in their room..

while at other side. Twinkle went in balcony crying like her soul someone took out. Just than rain started even sky to cry along with twinkle in a separation of mother and daughter. She drenched in rain. Slapping herself Aayat facing in front of her eyes whom she gives birth. From today, she is not her daughter. Just than Kunj come and see twinkle he run to her and see her condition he get shocked to see. He went toward her. Try to make her face to him. Twinkle just jerking him blabbering Meri betiiiiiiiiiiii.. Kunj hug her from back he too cry.. Hope this rain drops vanish their pain..

Kunj: Twinkle don’t do this please at least think about you. You are not well. Come inside.

Twinkle:I don’t care about me good if I die my daughter went away from me..

The worst pain a mother can go through is having to give her blessing back to heaven.Twinkle situation is worse than this .

Kunj lifted her and take her inside twinkle looking at Kunj in anger.Kunj place her on the bed. Twinkle turned and cried lot she clutched the bedsheet. Kunj went and take out her clothes and give her tell her changed it before she catches cold..

Later she changed it and sit lonely. Without Aayat this room is incomplete.

Twinkle: what you get haa. After this.. you fill your bhabhi empty hands after did my hands empty haa. One day you’ll regret. And one more thing you give her this truth never come out in front of her no one is worse than me get it.

Kunj: hmmmm.. later they sleep while thinking about Aayat.. other side Anant and maya struggling with Aayat she didn’t stop crying loudly.

At [email protected] Twinkle feeling pain..she can feel it Aayat is crying. She wakes up kunj.

Twinkle: Kunj go and see her na.. in didn’t feel good??. Ek baar lado mujhe Aayat bas.

Kunj: okay I’ll see. Kunj about to open the door just than they heard knock on door. Kunj open the door and find Anant standing with Aayat.

Kunj: Anant Bhaiya.

Anant: yes kunj Aayat is crying she is hungry.

Kunj: hmmm. Aayat look at Kunj if can jumped than surely she did it.. Kunj take her lock the door. He turned when twinkle see her she immediately gets up run towards her. She takes her place her near her chest. Feels like she gets her life back just for some minutes.

Twinkle:what happened to my princess haa:


twinkle feed her and she stop. Twinkle caressing her hairs.Twinkle make her sleep.Later she sleep.Anant come and take her back..

this is how twinkle and Kunj suffering for their daughter.They try their level best. What decision kunj take fulfilled with all loyalty. He didn’t think about himself and twinkle just give happiness to others..

flashback end..

Episode end here..


Hey finally I done with this episode..

Hope you all like the episode..

Understand kunj and twinkle pain..

please ignore any grammatical errors.

No proof reading..

thanks Sam ???…

bye love you all..

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