Love ka hai intezaar Twinj ff episode 104

Episode 104


2 three days has been passed like this kunj family was so happy.

Normal [email protected]

Kunj was working in office just than Manish come to him and sit beside kunj.

Manish: kunj that Indian company ready to deal with us..

Kunj: that’s sound great Manish..

Manish:one more important thing.. in serious tone Manish don’t know anything about kunj why he come to Germany to leave his family and yuvi neither he forces him to tell him. We have to go India to sign the deal and you have to attend that business award function. That’s too in India so.. after listening this kunj get quiet.

Kunj: I don’t want to go India Manish you go and attend and final the deal if.

Manish:kunj how can you say this it’s important.Your presence is important there.Till now I didn’t ask you but today I. Why you didn’t went India you left everything yours may I know.

Kunj looking at Manish face and don’t know what to say.

Kunj:what I’ll tell Manish I had so many things If one than I’ll tell anyone.

Manish: it’s okay kunj. Think about what I told you okay he said this and went out of the Kunj cabin while Kunj get up with wet eyes and look usha even his real parents pictures was too there..

Kunj:what I’ll do after go India there is no one for whom I’ll go and meet. 3 years back I leave my everything there now I don’t think any reason left for me to go back to India and see.

That night when I took the step to leave my everything only I know how much it’s difficult I didn’t took step for my wife & kids but for my MAA happiness she wanted I’ll go away from her family she toh break all relationships with me. Here no tension we live happily somewhere we aren’t happy but fine time heal everything in these years we are fine one day fully when all memories vanished.

Flash [email protected]

Kunj they all left for airport.Usha break down and crying so badly Anjali and om went towards Usha and make her stand.

Anjali:MAA handle yourself.

Usha:mera kunjjjj..

They reached the airport they come out of the car Aayat and ansh don’t know anything why they leave India and Kunj and twinkle didn’t tell them anything they didn’t fill anything wrong for them.

Kunj who totally break down from outside even inside too.They went inside the airport.

Kunj:in heart I’m going from there never thought one night will come in my life and change everything within no seconds.

I’ll never come back here.sab peche chut gaya humara.Nani holding Kunj hand while twinkle with her both kids.

Twinkle:we are going away from our families.I don’t know what destiny decided for us.They did their all security checking.

Soon their flight announcement happened ansh and Aayat who sleep twinkle about to lift Ansh Kunj stop her.

Twinkle: how you’ll lift them together just than..

Sara:I’m here twinkle turned and see Sara.

Kunj lift Aayat without saying anything Sara lift Ansh and they went from there.

After 11 hours they reached Germany.

They come out of the airport.

Kunj:new city again fight for ourselves.

They sit in taxi and reached one small bungalow that bungalow was fine not big not small. They come and one man was waiting for kunj he went to kunj and shake their hands and give house keys to kunj.

Man:I hope you like it sir.

Kunj:hmm thanks for helping in very short time.He took the house keys and give him cheque he took and went. Come

Kunj open the door and they went inside.

The house already all setup.

Twinkle:you did all things before us kunj.


Ansh: mamma why we come here..

Nani took both kids in room while Sara hire servant for them.Kunj went in their room and sit in side.Twinkle see him and went towards him sit beside kunj. She keeps her hand on his shoulder Kunj who tears coming from his eyes and falling down on the floor.

Twinkle:Kunj don’t cry. He looks at her.

Kunj:see twinkle what life has done with me where I didn’t do anything good god did this with me.She cupped his face and wiped Kunj tears.

Twinkle: no kunj you are not wrong they are wrong who didn’t understand you and didn’t see your goodness.

Kunj:Twinkle how I’ll live without my MAA.

I never thought one day I’ll treated like this by my MAA.

Twinkle:I don’t know anything kunj why mummy ji did this with you. This truth you are not their real son..

Kunj:please don’t say this words it tear me lot. Kunj get up from there and went out of the house while Twinkle went in room to see her kids. Ansh and Aayat sitting and talking with each other’s twinkle went towards them Aayat see twinkle she get up and went from there twinkle feel so bad that Ansh can see it.

Weeks were passing Kunj didn’t come out of his zone Aayat who just hating twinkle to see her hates each second become hell for twinkle.They live their life in mournful way..

Kunj sitting with sad face nani see him and she sits.

Nani: kunjjj.

Kunj: nani..

Nani: kab tak kunj you’ll stay like this you didn’t eat anything whole day you just sitting like this why kunj. Tears rolling down from kunj eyes to see him like this nani too started crying kunj holding usha picture cuddles tightly.

Kunj: nani why this happened to me when I closed my eyes my MAA face coming in front of my eyes.

my eyes finding her everywhere, but she isn’t with me why..I don’t have MAA.. nani hugged him.

Nani:no kunj..

Kunj:yes nani I’m without parents.

Nani:Kunj I know this all difficult for you. You aren’t alone kunj you have your small family think about them what you doing is it good kunj no my son I can understand your pain and situation but this isn’t right way to deal with it. I thought my kunj is strong Kunj but see your self this red sad face haa. You love your MAA than for her happiness be happy kunj she sends you here away from her why you stay happy with your family not for this what you doing it kunj.Nani rubbing Kunj hairs. Zindagi issi ka naam hai Kunj.

Twinkle take food plate for Aayat.

Twinkle: Aayat have your food.

Aayat: I don’t want I told you many times when you’ll understand this haa. She about to get up Twinkle hold her hand..

Twinkle:Aayat please forgive me I can’t bear your hateness anymore you can punish me but don’t do this where I’ll go.

Aayat: I just hate you get it.. twinkle leave the plate and run to her room Ansh see this and went towards twinkle.

Ansh: mamma don’t cry this Aayat na.. twinkle look at him.. she hugged him..

Twinkle:ansh I’m not bad Aayat taking me wrong when she’ll understand me I love her lot, but she thinks I’m bad didn’t love her. Ansh cupped twinkle face and wiped her tears..

Ansh:no mamma you’re not bad who told you this.Even Papa to didn’t say anything just quiet why. Why we come here mamma.

Next [email protected]

Ansh:Aayat you take mamma wrong.

Aayat: when you don’t know anything ansh don’t talk please..

Ansh:i know everything Aayat. My mamma Papa is your parents too Aayat look at him how he knows..

Aayat: what..

Ansh:yes I know each and everything I Listen why you hating my mamma Aayat.

Aayat: good when you everything she is just your mamma not mine she loves you not me ansh.that’s why she gives me not you when I think about na this all giving me aren’t at my place so stop.

Think about me when you get to know whom you think your parents, but they aren’t how it feels ansh. I thought twinkle chachi and Kunj Chachu my Chachu and chachi but no.

Ansh:I understand your pain Aayat. You know one thing when we are in India in our school one aunty she is so sweet we used to play with her. You always felt bad for her why she doesn’t have kids like others.

What you prayed haa that babaji give her to baby, so she become happy like other if you had baby you’ll give her immediately.

Like this maa and daddy they don’t have baby so mamma and Papa gives you them, so they had happiness too.

Aayat: please leave me alone ansh..

Nani:kunj think about Aayat and twinkle how Aayat treat twinkle she cry everyday.

Kunj:nani I’m stuck what to do.

Twinkle make Aayat favorite things she called everyone for lunch. Aayat come and sit twinkle servant her Aayat push the plate.

Twinkle: Aayattttt.

Aayat:stop taking my name you see Ansh bas not me.. today you care about me why.. twinkle face drenched in tears. Aayat started fighting with twinkle she didn’t said anything just listening her harsh words. Kunj nani or Ansh come there. See Aayat and twinkle.

Twinkle:???Aayat me Teri Maa hu.

Aayat:in stern voice aap Meri MAA nahi ho.You just love this baby pointing her hand on her belly and your Ansh not me.

Twinkle turned and see everyone she takes went from here she isn’t stable due to mistakes twinkle bump with couch hit on her belly she screamed in pain..

Twinkle: ouchhhh????.. Kunj went to her..

Kunj: Twinkle…

twinkle falls down winching in pain she hold her belly badly.


Twinkle: aa maaaaa.

Nani:Twinkle puttar she started taking deep breath unevenly.

Kunj: Twinkle what happened.

Twinkle:Kunjjjjj. Aayat see twinkle and get shocked twinkle just screaming in pain due to this she got unconscious and her head falls on kunj lap.Ansh started crying to see his mother like this.

Nani:kunj we should take her hospital.

Kunj:yeah.Kunj lift her and went out while nani or Ansh too follow by kunj Kunj sit in car nani And Ansh too sit. Kunj started the car and left for hospital soon they reached.Hospital Kunj make Twinkle lay down on the stretcher Kunj holding twinkle one hand he give voice to Nurse she come and check twinkle immediately doctor come and take twinkle in under observation. Ansh sobbing badly Kunj see him and went to ansh match his height with him sit on his knees.

Kunj:ansh don’t cry..

Ansh:Papa mamma.

Kunj:nothing will happen to your mamma Ansh okay don’t cry my baby he wiped his tears nani take him in side.

While Kunj standing in tension around icu room.Next side Aayat get shocked what happened if something happened to her what she’ll do Sara come there and find Aayat all alone at home. Aayat sitting and crying Sara went to her.

Sara: Aayat what happened why you cry and where is everyone??

Aayat:Sara aunty my mamma ?.She tells her everything Sara to get sad.

Doctor tell kunj twinkle take sometimes to get in sense and her baby is fine. Kunj send nani and Ansh back to home. Ansh and nani entered Aayat see them immediately went to them and asked them about twinkle without taking break.

Aayat: how she is???

Ansh:why you care about my mamma just because of you she is in this condition Aayat.Aayat run from there and went in room lock herself she cried lot.

Like this 3 days passed twinkle is same Kunj request to doctors to send her home they can give her all treatment there somehow doctor get agreed with kunj. Twinkle shifted to home from hospital. Nurse and doctor 24/7 hours all standing for twinkle she connect with many machines.Aayat see twinkle and cursing herself everyday.

Ansh:Aayat one day you’ll regret on your words when mamma will leave us. You didn’t see her love she loves you but you can’t see her love for you. Before my mamma and Papa loves you how can you forget when you cry my mamma only come to you wiped your tears when you hungry in middle of nights only she wakes up for you !for you she fights with my Papa too.Still, you thinking like this for her. Aayat didn’t say anything she knows she is wrong and ansh was right at his place.

Aayat went towards twinkle and sit beside her take her hand in hers.

Aayat:I’m sorry mamma please get up I can’t live without you I need you.

I can’t lose you now I have you only. Whom I’ll call MAA. She drenched twinkle hands in her tears. Twinkle slightly open her eyes and see Aayat she started taking breath heavily Aayat see her get hell shocked.Twinkle chachi what happened to you.Twinkle just looking at her.Twinkle breath sound echoing horribly.. her body shaking.Wait I’ll call Papa. Aayat about to go while twinkle held her hand.

Twinkle: a…ayat…. I’m s…sorry…. I love you tears coming from her eyes. Forgive me I can’t die with this burden. You hate me Aayat covered her mouth and hugged her.

Aayat: no don’t say this you don’t be sorry I’m sorry I’m wrong because of me you are here I’m so bad I didn’t deserve you they are right I’m bad daughter that’s why I give you pain.

Twinkle: no Aayat.

Aayat: nahi twinkle chachi im sorry don’t

Leave me please.Everyone come and stop to see twinkle and Aayat.Kunj call doctor he check twinkle tell everyone she is out of the danger now all get happy. Kunj hug twinkle and kiss on her forehead.Ansh come rest his hand on twinkle lap.

Twinkle get fine fully Aayat spending time with her twinkle too happy with this but one thing which giving her pain Aayat still call her twinkle chachi not mamma.

Twinkle and Kunj along Aayat they sit.

Twinkle:Aayat you call kunj Papa but me chachi why. She just look at twinkle. Twinkle cupped her face.Aayat my ears dying to listen mamma from your mouth.

Kunj:yes Aayat she isn’t your chachi you should call her mamma too.

Aayat:okay woh thoda difficult lagta hai I used to call her chachi so.

Kunj:when you call me Papa easily call her too.

Aayat:okay mamma happy.Twinkle give her smile.After twinkle get happy like she gets her real happiness back Aayat and twinkle best friend. Ansh is mature he used to handle his sister Aayat sharing her everything with ansh their fight too increased but love increases more and more. Many complications’ come in Twinkle pregnancy whole family taking care of her her all demand they fulfilled Ansh and Aayat didn’t tease twinkle did their work. Kunj working day and night to give the best life to his family he gets one project he work hard his project get approval this one project change his life many companies come to invest money in kunj project. His project gets successful.In very less time he got everything back. Twinkle is 8th month pregnant. She flow her baby bump.

Twinj [email protected]

Twinkle sitting with her both kids just that Kunj come and tell her news they all get happy.

Kunj:Twinkle lets go for shopping.

Aayat:yes mamma I’ll buy cloths for baby.

Ansh:and toys too. They went for shopping ansh and Aayat buy almost half mall they buy all baby girl and boy clothes and toys. Soon they back to home and show nani she laugh to see both things.

Nani:agar ladki hui toh..

Aayat:we buy both clothes nani..

Twinkle: don’t know this father and kids.

One day twinkle working in kitchen suddenly she feel pain in her belly she screams all come out and see her.

Kunj: Twinkle..

Twinkle: Kunj pain.. Kunj take her hospital after so much hours and difficulties. Twinkle give birth to baby boy. Doctor come and tell kunj.

Doctor:Mr. Sarna you bless with baby boy.

Kunj: again you cheat it?.,

Ansh: mere bhai??. He started jumping along with Aayat. Doctor didn’t let anyone meet with baby he is under observation due to hell weak. Even twinkle too.They all dying to see them their little and new family member. After one day doctor give permission to see baby and twinkle.They all went in twinkle ward and see she laying and looking so dull. Kunj can see the pain she bear. They went and sit beside.

Twinkle:finally you all happy..


Twinkle: where is baby.

Aayat:they didn’t show baby to us. Just than Arsh come with baby he is so tiny no one think about it. Ansh and Aayat jumping to see him.Nurse come and give baby to kunj hand Kunj see him who closing his eyes and looking so cute beyond expectations.

Ansh: Papa give me na..

Kunj: ha wait. First nani kunj him to nani she kissed him and give him her blessing than Kunj place her beside twinkle she too look at him. Twinkle don’t know he is boy or girl,

Aayat: Papa he is so small like my doll.

Ansh: haa Papa.

Kunj: you both are too like him.

Twinkle: him means..

Kunj: you again give me boy not girl.

Twinkle: what sorry..

Kunj: no sorry I’m happy. Aayat come and sit on kunj lap..

Aayat: I’m here na my Papa ki ek loti beti.

Kunj: true.

Ansh: and we are mammas boys??..

Twinkle:Kunj he is so thin and tiny more than these twos. Somehow twinkle take him and kissed on her cheeks aww my baby. Kunj too kiss him and his siblings too due to this baby wake up and look at everyone.He started crying while Ansh and Aayat closed their ears.

Aayat:he is too cry baby.

Ansh:ha like you big sister. Twinkle make him stop they all went outside twinkle feed baby kunj looking at her.

Twinkle: what happened are you not happy.

Kunj:hell no words you both are fine what else I wanted more.

Twinkle: I know you wanted daughter.

Kunj:no I don’t wanted anymore twinkle I give so much pain to Aayat now no. Even Babaji to want this we had one daughter see they give her back to us I wanted daughter and I get back my Aayat that’s awesome for me. 1 week later they take baby and twinkle home Aayat and Ansh decorate whole room with baby things twinkle get so happy. They all sitting in their room and baby in middle. Ansh and Aayat telling twinkle make baby to wear those clothes which they brought for them. They try all clothes they all so big for baby ??.

Aayat: this zero size didn’t fit in any clothes why..

Twinkle: I told you both already they all above his size.

Aayat:no mamma this all for new born baby still.Twinkle and Kunj laugh out.

Twinkle:I know my baby but your new born baby is too thin so.You all wait I’ll come twinkle went to wardrobe and take out some baby clothes she went back them. They all get confused to see. Twinkle make baby wear clothes that come perfect to him.

Ansh:this is perfect mamma. When you buy this all ha

Twinkle:I didn’t buy this is your and Aayat old clothes.

Aayat:what. You kept them still why??

Twinkle remember how maya about to throw this clothes in dustbin while twinkle stop her and tell her she will keep this cloths as memories.

Twinkle:I kept this clothes so safely this all kunj bring for you and Ansh see so cute and pretty.

Ansh: ha but why you make him wear Girls clothes mamma.

Kunj:he can they are unis*x clothes Ansh.

Ansh and Aayat playing with baby they just love him many times when he dirty his diaper Ansh and Aayat yelling at him?. Sometime both give pizza and others kind of food in his mouth twinkle see them and scold too. Kunj buy new house for them he tell everyone let’s go they are unaware of this. They come out of the car and see the house and get shocked it’s so beautiful.

Kunj: how’s it???

Nani: so beautiful Kunj..

Aayat: papa what is this??

Kunj: this is our new house.. they went inside and see whole house all like it. Twinkle went to kunj..

Twinkle: why you spend so much money of yours kunj.

Kunj:Offo Twinkle what you give is nothing can’t I gift you this small thing. This is your gift you give me baby this small cutes baby ever.

Twinkle:Acha. They all settled down in their new house.

Ansh: mamma we didn’t keep his name.

Nani: yes what name you both decided for him. Twinkle looking at Kunj.

Twinkle:always kunj kept their names. Asked him he had good and unique names.

Aayat: ha papa my name you kept it.

Kunj: yup.

Nani: Bata Kunj Tere bête ka Naam..

Kunj: Ansh Ka Bhai Arsh..

Nani: nice.

Twinkle: Yeah.. Kunj took baby in his hands while Aayat and Ansh sitting beside kunj..

Kunj:he is our sky twinkle Arsh..

Aayat: and me??

Twinkle: Aayat who comes in everything.

Ansh: me??

Kunj: your Are my and twinkle Ansh. Path of ours.

Aayat: if dadi and Dadu was here that’s would be great na. Kunj get sad..

Flash back [email protected]

Kunj: MAA in everything I miss you and papa.After sometime later Kunj went back to Sarna Mansion.

At Sarna [email protected]

Twinkle was in her room with Arsh both mother and son watching baby tv. While Nani and along both kids they went pihu house she kept small party. So they went there. Kunj directly come in their room and see his wife and son and sit beside them. Arsh who sitting on twinkle lap. Kunj kissed on twinkle side cheeks she feels and turned her face and find him..

Twinkle: you at this time?

Kunj: yeah can’t I come early to sometimes spend with my wife and son pulls Arsh cheeks.

Twinkle:acha ji.. Kunj look at tv and giggles slightly what they both seeing it.

Kunj: good timepass Twinkle?.

Twinkle: haa toh what should I’ll do he just crying, so I switch on the baby tv see him.

Kunj:look at him as he understood everything Arsh all concentration on tv.

Twinkle I want to tell you something??

In stress tone..

Twinkle: what tell me you sound worried.

Kunj: Twinkle I have to go India.

Twinkle: why??

Kunj:for one business deal and most to attend award ceremony. Twinkle can see tension on kunj face.

Twinkle:why you are so nervous haa. Kunj get up and looking here and there his eyes become wet. Twinkle place Arsh in his baby bed and went to kunj.She cupped his face and looking in his eyes. Kunjj what is this..

Kunj:I’m breaking voice twinkle I don’t want to go there again.. I handle my self after so much difficulties..

Twinkle:I know kunj who told you this I don’t think so India is so big we’ll not go back to there from where we come back.

Kunj:I don’t have strength to bear those things again.. I’ll not go twinkle.

Twinkle:no you’ll go kunj don’t go there you just go and do your work and come back.Kunj just hugged her tightly twinkle feels he crying she just rubbing his hairs. Shhhh kunjj..

Kunj:Twinkleeee..twinkle break the hug and cupped Kunj face and kissed on his eyes and wiped his tears.

Twinkle:kunjjj this award this important for you. You nominated for this i want to see you to hold that award in your hands for me kunj please you did lots of work to get this all success today you can’t deny. I’m with you kunj.. you make me fight with my all pains how can you do this haa.

Kunj:still twinkle…

Twinkle:you’ll go I’ll do your packing tell me time and date..

Kunj:you are not understanding my problem.

Twinkle:i know each and everything kunj.

Kunj: so I’ll not go alone you have to take you with me.

Twinkle: hum kunj Arsh..

Kunj:we all go and immediately come back after work.I can’t go without you he hold her hands.

Twinkle:hmm. Okay. Twinkle went towards bed kunj went behind her and make them falls down on the bed he was top of twinkle. Kunjjjj.

Kunj:Kya hai… he tucked her hair and kissed on her cheeks twinkle closed her eyes and caressing her face kunj rubbing his thumb on her lips sensually.Twinkle encircle her hands around kunj neck.

Twinkle: stop your romance Kunj look at him kunj turned his eyes and look at Arsh who busy in tv..

Kunj:so I’ll not scare with him you are my wife.He looks at her lips and garb it and both kissing each other’s passionately twinkle moving her finger on kunj hairs..

both chewing each other’s lips Smoothly.

Kunj come all over on twinkle. He gives her lips and went to her neck and giving her butterflies kisses while watching tv Arsh falls down of the bed. He started crying due to this twinkle push kunj and get up and look at Arsh she immediately rushed to him and take him in her embrace and rubbing his head..

Twinkle:bass…. Kunj look and praying to god save him today.. she turned and look at Kunj. I told you kunj you didn’t listen to me. Just because of your romance what happened.

Kunj:sorry you should not keep him on bed.


After sometimes later twinkle and Kunj sit for dinner just than Nani Ansh and Aayat come back they went to dinning table and took their seat and see Arsh who just sitting quietly and his face become reddish.

Aayat:what happened to my rabbit haa.

Twinkle: he falls down and get hurt..

Ansh: how?? Twinkle looking at Kunj.

Kunj: you both tell me what you both did there..

Ansh:like always boring party girls and girls and their silly talks.. ?

Aayat: bas bas. I’m hell sleepy mamma I’m going to sleep..

Ansh: me too.

Nani: today you both sleep with me..

Both nodded in yes.Ansh and Aayat went in Nani room while Nani didn’t..

Kunj:Nani I want to tell you something.

Nani: yes something is serious haa..

Kunj told Nani each and everything she too does’t know what to say but like twinkle she too agree..

Nani:I’m happy kunj.

Kunj:so be ready we’ll leave tomorrow at night.

Twinkle:itni jaldi.. how I’ll do all packing..

Kunj:Twinkle you aren’t going to stay there

We are just going for some days within one week we’ll come back..

Twinkle:huhu you don’t know your kids I know them.They had their dinner and went to their respective rooms.Twinkle and Kunj change their clothes and come and sit both Change Arsh clothes and make lay down in middle who playing with kunj hands. It’s so difficult to go with Arsh somewhere he didn’t stay anywhere for a second in hot right now India wether is so hot.

Kunj:haa.Both cuddles Arsh and sleep.

Next day they wake up and Kunj tell Manish he is ready to go ready they booked their tickets.Kunj complete his all work before going to India.While twinkle pack their all necessary things and what her kids needs there.She and Nani went for shopping to buy something too. Twinkle and Kunj didn’t tell ansh and Aayat about India they just tell them they are going out..

At night kunj come back from office and asked twinkle everything is ready she said yes. After sometimes later they all set to leave for India they sit i their car and left for airport Manish and Misha with pihu they too come.Kunj who lifting Arsh in baby carrier.They done with their all security checking and went in airplane took their business class seats.In whole airplane journey Arsh troubling twinkle hell. After hours, they reached India kunj who sleeping sunlight coming on his face and he waked up.

Kunj:finally I come back to India babaji please help..they come out of the airport.

Aayat:Papa I can’t walk now..

Twinkle:Kunj you give him to me and take her. Kunj give Arsh to twinkle and lift Aayat.They called taxi and sit. After see the place Ansh and Aayat remembering something.

Ansh:Papa hum India me hai..

Pihu:yes. After listen this both Ansh and Aayat get shocked Aayat hold Ansh hand tightly.

Ansh:I’m with you..

Soon they reached their hotel. And take their rooms Keys and went in their rooms Ansh and Aayat immediately sleep. While twinkle struggling with Arsh..

Twinkle:see I told you na kunj don’t take us see him.

Kunj:Twinkle he is tired feed him and sleep.Twinkle give him milk and rubbing his hairs he sleeps she takes her clothes and went in washroom to get freshen up.Kunj who standing and looking at city view.

Nothings has changed there still same but people change it. After years, I come to my city Amritsar don’t know where my beloved ones. Twinkle come back from washroom and find kunj who lost in his thoughts. She breaks chain of kunj thoughts.

Twinkle: kunjjj go and get ready I’m so hungry.

Kunj: hmm he took his clothes went in washroom soon he get ready he and twinkle down to have lunch with everyone. Misha and Manish or Nani was already there twinkle and Kunj sit and they Oder their food.

Misha: where is your babies??

Kunj: sleeping what about your..

Misha: same..

A group of friends come they laughing so loudly.. their are Yuhi ,Ashaman, rishya, Nikhil and malika.They too come in same hotel and take their tables.

Suddenly Yuvi started feeling something different.

Yuvi:why I feel like kunj is around me..

Kunj and other’s they sit opposite side of them.. soon their Oder come they having their food..

Malika: where are you lost Yuvi Mahi is here still hmm..

Yuvi: nothing is like that bhabhi ji.. yes Nikhil and malika get married to each other’s since 2 years back.they all passing jokes and laughing loudly Kunj

Listen their laughing sound he misses his gang… just than Kunj get call from his room he picked up the call.

Kunj: hello..

Aayat: Papa where are you??

Kunj: yes Aayat we are here only what happened??

Aayat:woh Papa Arsh wake up.. he cry.

Kunj:okay.. we are coming. He hangs up the call.

Twinkle: what happened??

Kunj:your baby wake up.

Twinkle: hoo.. she get up instantly.. you all Cary on.

Kunj:wait I’ll too come.They both get up and walking from there they passed from Yuvi table. Both didn’t see each other kunj and twinkle went in their room.

They both entered in room and see Ansh and Aayat struggling with Arsh.. they both hit their hands on their foreheads. They went to them twinkle Take Arsh and making him calm down. Ansh and Aayat sit on kunj lap..

Aayat: Papa why we come there?

Kunj:for some work baby soon we’ll go back to Germany.

After sometime later Kunj and Manish went to meet with their clients, and they get busy in meeting their meeting going on. Twinkle didn’t allow her kids to went out of the room. Nani and twinkle talking about usha and all’s.

Twinkle: I’m feeling so helpless my family is so close to me, yet I didn’t go to them hugged them.

Nani: I can understand your feelings twinkle I Just wanted kunj finished his work without anything we are happy in our life.

Twinkle:same. I’m so scared..

Nani:don’t worry..

Kunj final the deal and hopefully client too get ready to work with kunj company.. Manish and Kunj get happy they coming back to hotel in the way one place come where Yuvi and Kunj used to come all old memories flashing in front of kunj eyes..

Manish:get ready for tomorrow award..

Kunj: hmm.. kunj eyes went on Ansh and Aayat or twinkle favourite pastry shop.

He stops the driver and went to bring pastry for them kunj get their all favourite pastries. He back and sit and give one box to Manish.. In whole ride kunj was just nervous to see Amritsar his heart craving for usha feels like he went to and cuddle place his head in her lap and cried for sometime but this can’t be happened.

They reached hotel with sad face kunj went in his room and see Nani and twinkle sitting together he went towards them and give pastries to twinkle.

Aayat: what in this bag Papa.

Kunj: see. Ansh and Aayat open the box and see their favourite pastries both get happy.

Ansh:I love this thanks Papa..

Kunj:my pleasure.They both started having pastries while Arsh see them he too started jumping to have it.

Aayat: oyye rabbit you never eat this.

Arsh: ahhaaaa..

Twinkle: hoo bas. Twinkle give whipping cream in his mouth he get happy.

Kunj went in side and stand Nani went near him..

Nani: don’t do this kunj..

Kunj:Nani I’m missing my MAA feel like I’ll run to her and tell her MAA how much I miss you in these years but I can’t Nani.

One mother babaji give me that too he snatches her now MAA too.

Nani:kunjjjj I know everything just faith on god.You don’t worry.

Next side..

Usha playing with small kids she totally changed it her messy loose hair bun her white saree her dull face and her eyes who crying like hell.

Usha:bacho don’t tease come. The place was church now usha staying in church nothing is left for her in this world her everything vanish. Sister merry come and see usha.

Merry: don’t know why Jesus did this all with good peoples never I see usha I’ll so bad never thought that Kunj who I love this much he bears so much pain. His life teach him so much Jesus he just blow his head in front of you still you always take his test.. today wherever he is hope he was happy.

Let’s go kids inside all kids see sister merry they immediately run inside while usha laughing to see their fear.

Usha:like always in your one voice they went inside..

Merry:You are here na for their support make them devils..

Usha:I can find relief in these kids mere toh bache mere pass hai hi nahi. Mere Akela pan inse durho jata hai…

Merry:In these years I saw you usha you are not happy than why you send kunj. I can see your eyes finding him everywhere. Tears rolling down from usha eyes.

Usha cuddles her embrace.

Usha: mere kunjjjj how I control on myself only I know sister every night and day I just thinking about him kesha hoga woh he eats his meal on time or not he is very low temper only me and Anjali can handle him. I know MAA with him still when his name come my heart aching and beating so fast just for someone deeds I make my son away from him break his heart that Kunj he didn’t stay without his MAA what his MAA done with him.Yeh aankhe tarsh gai hai usko dekhne ke liye. Waqat ne kesha khel khela hai mere saath today I’m all alone.

Merry: usha don’t cry please be strong.

Usha:now I don’t have strength sister anymore.That family today totally broken.

I had one wish before closing my eyes forever I can see my kunj face I don’t want anything after this.

Merry:really you changed the meaning of not real mother.

Usha:I didn’t give him birth but I counted his all heart beats.For me kunj always come first. I can break this separation pain better than to see him pain MAA hu me uski.Janam nahi diya toh kya hua But I grew up him. Anant jeshe beta dua karti hu keshi ko na de and mere Kunj jesha beta sab MAA ko de.Janvi is very lucky she gives birth to my kunj.

He didn’t see tears in my eyes and my own son filled my life with tears this deference between my kunj and Anant.

Iss dil me dard bhut hai mere me beti Meri kaha hai aaj. Without him we both alone.

Whole day kunj and twinkle missing their families like her but helpless they can’t go to them.

Yuvi:naman get ready tomorrow on time.

Naman:yup tell this to rishi.

Asha: I wish your company win this award hopefully you people nominated.


Next [email protected]

Twinkle and Kunj went to gurudwara. As soon as they put the step in gurudwara feels like today their soul entered in their body.Both holding each other hands. They went inside and sit in front of babaji. And blow down their heads and fold their hand and prayed for their families and kids..

Kunj:babaji I always wanted one thing please keep my di and MAA happy.

I don’t know how they both are now. We are close yet far. Today every important day of my life I could wish my MAA with me today but no. Her blessing with me.

Twinkle:hey babaji what you done with us today we are in Amritsar still can’t went to our families never make anyone helpless like us.I just wanted one thing don’t do anything with us whatever you give us me and kunj happy accept it because this written in our destiny but now again.Don’t put any circumstances in front of us we both can’t do anything.Happy we go back to Germany Bas.Both get up and helping in langar.After langer twinkle and Kunj sit in water side looking the view.

Twinkle:I feel so good to come here after years.

Kunj:yes twinkle even I too still everything is same here.

Twinkle:yeah kunj.

Kunj: let’s go before your son wake up whole hotel on his head.

Twinkle:hehe.They both get up and went to hotel again. They had their breakfast after just roaming in hotel garden Ansh and Aayat or Pihu playing while twinkle handling Arsh who dying due to heat..

I did mistake.,

Misha: why what.??

Twinkle:I should not come with kunj in two days look at him my hands started paining he just crying.

Misha:it’s so difficult to go somewhere with small baby..

Misha: let’s go for shopping buy something for tonight function..

Twinkle:no you go along with Arsh without kunj it’s so difficult he didn’t let me see anything you go na.

Misha:hmm let it be..

Twinkle get irritated with Arsh she started yelling at him due to this he cry more and pulled twinkle hairs. Kunj come there with Manish. Manish laughing to see twinkle.

Kunj: what happened twinkle..

Twinkle: huhu how nicely you roam here and there like a free bachelor man. They all laughing loudly Kunj looking at twinkle with puppy face he pulled her cheeks.

Kunj: what a joke..

Twinkle:you’ll say this only Kunj asked me.

Kunj:Arey he didn’t come to anyone rather than you twinkle what can I do.

Nani:yup it twinkle not than he didn’t leave kunj what a boy., kunj take her lifting him in air try to make him laugh.

At 7pm.

Twinkle ready to ansh and Aayat. Both looking beautiful they wear black color outfit.

Twinkle:now you both get ready so and sit.Arsh who sleeping naked in front of ac.

Kunj come out from washroom in towel he

Feels cold..

Kunj:shhh twinkle why you make room like icebox.

Twinkle:look at your son. Kunj turned his face and look at bed and see Arsh kunj moving his head..

Kunj: today he proves he is your son. Twinkle look at him confusedly what does of mean.


Kunj:you and your kids is antique twinkle. How calmly he sleeps.

Twinkle:so what he is young blood not like you old who shivering in this much cold ?.. Kunj went towards her look like as he back hugging her,

Kunj:acha I’m old blood this young blood also come because of me don’t fly at 9 cloud.. should I show you..

Twinkle:no have some shame kunj.We aren’t alone in room.She pushes him and give him his cloths and run in washroom.

After sometime later Aayat clicking selfies in kunj phone making pouty face.Twinkle come there who wearing saree.She looks at Aayat and smile to see her naughtiness. Kunj he keeps his chin on his hand palms and admiring his princess.

Ansh: hey Moti stop starring yourself. Phone screen will break down ??. Aayat give ansh drastic look.

Aayat: see Papa your son he called me Moti again why you so jealous of me haa. I know I’m so cute and beautiful girl.. when my and Arsh photo come on front of magazine page you feel so jealous poor.

World too find as cute babies of my Papa and mamma.

Twinkle:hoo my ansh is not less than you both. Ansh he ruffled his hairs..

Pihu: acha that’s why pihu running behind him and he didn’t give her shit??.. Kunj look at Ansh who making annoying faces at Aayat.

Ansh:she and you both are ghost.. even phone to get tired with you both to see your face devil faces..

Kunj: I never knew ansh you too talk so much I thought you are very quiet..

Aayat:Papa it’s your highly mistake he was a so cleaver.

Ansh:yeah not like dumb. After all I’m son of Kunj Sarna.. Aayat come to him and mess his hairs.

Aayat:self obsessed man. Papa just love me Aayat sit on kunj lap.

Ansh: no he love me.

Aayat:But more me because I’m his one and only daughter.

Kunj:that’s true. He kissed on her cheeks while Aayat showing her tongue to Ansh.

Twinkle get ready fully and looking hell gorgeous. She went to Arsh he was in deep sleep.

Ansh:mamma wake up.

Twinkle:I’ll so good to see him in peace. My baby get tired here.Twinkle make him wear his clothes without waking him.

Later Arsh wake twinkle full his tummy so he didn’t cry in function.They click their family photos.They all set to go for award function.They went downstairs and see their cars is ready. Sit in cars and left for Venu..

Yuvi: mahi come fast yaar today also you take so much time in make up..

Mahi:coming Yuvraj..

Yash:Papa you know mamma.

Anita:you father and son just behind my Bahu.Mahi come down looking stunning.

Yash: pataka mamma.Yuvi look at his son.

Mahi:aww yash my praise me.. taunting to Yuvi.. Surjit come.

Surjit:let’s go we are getting late. Yash jumped on Surjit Arms and they left.

Award Venu is so lavish and taking very large scale of place.Media and paparazzis was standing the people of crowd of so huge. Kunj and Manish car stop at red carpet they come out of the and media clicking their pictures.Twinkle and her kids come and stand beside kunj. They give some pose for media..

Media:sir kunj sir one question please..


Media: sir what you think about today award didn’t you get this award everyone had wish to get this award trophy in their hands..

Kunj:you are right but I can’t say anything I never wish whatever happened what god wanted so..

Media:your answer was also perfect like you. Sir you too belong from Amritsar how you feel to come back to your city Kunj didn’t said anything.

Kunj:good excuse us.. he hold Ansh and Aayat hand and moved ahead.

They went inside numbers of tables was there .their numbers name plate was there on top of table so they can sit according to their name seats. Stage was so huge and beautiful and elegant..

Kunj and Manish too their seats along with their family’. Their table was in front of the stage as vip type. Luthra’s and Taneja’s reached at same time. Just than Rishi and Chinki family to come together they come settled down. Host come and give big round of applause starts the show with big smiling face.

Host:good evening everyone.Let’s start the award you all must be waiting.

Twinkle: Kunj see I told you na You should come here see all come you just doing drama.

Kunj:haa siyappa Queen.Arsh playing with lights.

Many business man’s come and receive award and in side some performance was too happened to entertain everyone.

Leela:today I feel so good that my twinkle is near to me..

All come and give their speech all claps for them.Award function going on in swing.

Host:I hope you all are enjoying it.I know you all waiting for what.The last award of this night. Those who nominated for best ceo ?‍? ?‍? of the year and number one company worldwide. Their companies name comes on big screen. All sitting in tension.

Aayat:only my Papa will win.

Ansh: yes my Papa is best..


Nani:yes. Kunj who just giving numb looks.

Anita: Yuvi only your company will

Win and you..

Yuvi: can’t say mom the best companies and businessman is here I’m can’t stand beside them.

Leela:think positive..

Host:so I’ll announce the name.1..2..3..

So I’ll not tell his name but company name.The company who is best company of the year is A4 lines company based in Germany kunj company logo flashing on screen. Manish started hooting for him they all get happy while Kunj who didn’t believe it..

Twinkle:kunjjjj.. you win she hugged him.

Host: may I have requested please come to stage and receive your award.Kunj get up. Some old memories and words echoing in kunj ears..

Small Kunj who seeing business award.

Kunj: MAA and di one day I’ll too stand there and that trophy will be in my hand.

Usha: acha so you have to do hard work for this I’ll so happy to see you there kunj.

Anjali: me too chote..

Kunj: okay MAA and di one day your kunj will bright your names. I’ll fulfil your this wish too. You both have to come with me.

Usha: yes.. due to this beautiful memories painful smile appeared on kunj face.

At church.

Usha along with everyone they too watch at tv even Usha too remember kunj face didn’t come on tv screen his back just showing.

Kunj wiped his eyes and take step towards stage.

Rishi: who he is Yuvi..

Naman: don’t know let his face come..

Jhootha jag rain basera

Saancha dard mera

Mrig-trishna sa moh piya

Naata mera tera

Naina.. jo saanjhe khwab dekhte the

Naina.. bichad ke aaj ro diye hain yun

Naina.. jo milke raat jaagte the

Naina.. sehar mein palken meechte hain yun

Juda huve kadam

Jinhone li thi ye kasam

Milke chalenge hardum

Ab baant’te hain ye gham

Bheege naina.. jo khidkhiyon se jhankte the

Naina.. ghutan mein band ho gaye hai yun

Saans hairaan hai

Mann pareshaan hai

Ho rahi si kyun ruaansa ye meri jaan hai

Kyun nirasha se hai

Aas haari huyi

Kyun sawaalon ka utha sa

Dil mein toofaan hai

Kunj went on stage all stage lights is dark. He went and stand in middle slightly lights come on his face.. Kunj face come blurry.

Host:so the great and successful name who achieved everything in very few years.His company helping many helpless people’s giving them roof to stay and provide things for them so they can earn for them to survive in this world. He is none other than MR KUNJ SARNA.The name echoing loudly in whole Venu. Kunj face revealed fully Kunj who standing and looking down. After see kunj whole Taneja’s and Luthra other’s get shocked to see kunj in front of their eyes.

Usha she too see kunj in tv and get up and tears rolling down from usha eyes.

Host:come MR SARNA. Kunj look at crowd. He went towards rostrum.







Yuvi eyes just freeze down he doesn’t know how to reacted now. Kunj first he takes deep breath.

Kunj:hi in shaking voice. Nobody couldn’t believe it on their eyes..


Kunj:he received the award trophy and look at the trophy.

Host:what happened.. how’s you feeling now.

Kunj:I can’t describe it today what I feel. This award isn’t small thing for me.

Tears rolling down from kunj eyes.

Usha: mere kunjjj..

Kunj:MAA see I’m standing and this trophy in my hand. She wanted to see here today I’m fulfilled your dream MAA.Today dream come true for me.

Host: good you fulfilled your mother wish.

Kunj:I fulfilled her wish but my not I to wanted when I achieved this my mother and sister with me for whom I want to here they aren’t with me today. I just dedicated this to my MAA and DI.Today you aren’t with me hope you seeing me.. I just want to tell you all whatever I’m today just because of my MAA. She taught me everything and give me best values, so I can help those peoples who need someone. This phrase is right Har kamiyab aadmi ke piche ek aurat ka haath hota hai (there’s a hand of woman behind every successful man) what I’m the reason was my mother usha.Ek MAA hi hoti jo kaam se aane baad kabhi yeh nahi puch ti hai kya kiya kitna kamaya But only she asked if he eats something or not.

I Itself believe a woman behind every successful man if she is mother or wife pa.

I find myself lucky to have great women’s in my life to make me stand here they want to see me here. I’m thankful to my mother who not with me but her blessing with me always MAA wherever you are today I just want to tell you I miss you MAA in sad voice whoever presents in function all get emotional to see kunj..

Without you MAA I’m all alone how I’ll explain how much I miss you MAA.

Duniya me rehne ke liye 2 jagha sab se behtar aur khubsurat hain!


No love is greater than mother loves.

No care is greater than father care.

Dekh MAA jeet liye mene Tere liye he shows the trophy. Meri MAA duniya ki best MAA hai Meri jeshi MAA keshi ke pass nahi hai. She changes the definition of mother step mother.I’m lucky have MAA like her.

Today you sit here with your mothers and fathers it’s so beautiful.

Me aankh kholu toh chehra Meri MAA ka ho,

Aankh band ho to sapna Meri MAA ka ho

Main marr bhi jau toh koyi gum nahi lekin par kaffan Mile to duptta Meri MAA ka ho.

Tu Pass nahi hai maa mere still I can feel you.

Pyar toh bahut log karte hai … lekin mere jaisa pyar koi nahi kar sakta kyun ki kisi ke paas tum joh nahi ho

A lot of people are in love … but no one can love like me because they don’t have you

To listen kunj words. Usha falls down on her knees and crying lot. She doesn’t have words..

Kunj:sorry MAA if I hurt wife twinkle she always stood beside me in all

Situation have faith on me that I can do it. She is the best wife thanks twinkle for everything. I would like to call someone who is really special for me and my company.Kunj looking at Sara my pa Sara.She went to stage.She is Sara my right hand I’m successful she was to reason for this.Without her support my company didn’t reach till here. Nani and Anjali Di he give flying kiss. This all great woman’s of my life why kunj is successful they are the reason of it.

Host:your speech is so painful.What the reason behind your company.

Kunj: to get up again started from starting it’s so difficult my company A4 reason?.

This on my kids name Aayat and ansh or Arsh.

Host: and..

Kunj:last my Anjali DI. My life they are..

Tumhare paas joh hai tumhare hisaab se kam hai … lekin kisi doosre ke nazar se dekho … toh tumhare paas bahut kuch hai

(What you have is less according to you … but if you look at it from someone else’s view … then you have a lot)sorry for taking your all precious time last but not least.

Aaj … aaj ek hasi aur baant lo … aaj ek dua aur maang lo … aaj ek ansoon aur pee lo … aaj ek zindagi aur jee lo … aaj ek sapna aur dekh lo … aaj … kya pata, kal ho naa ho

Today … today share one more smile … today pray one more time … today drink one more tear … today live one more life … today see one more dream … today … who knows, there may be no tomorrow

Thanks to all. Whole crowd get up and give standing ovation and clapping hard for kunj.All having tears in their eyes.

Kunj give painful smile he share trophy with Sara.

Naina.. thhe aasmaan ke sitaare

Naina.. grahan mein aaj toot’te hain yun

Naina.. kabhi jo dhoop senkte thhe

Naina.. thehar ke chhaaon dhoondhte hain yun

Juda huye kadam

Jinhone li thi ye kasam

Milke chalenge hardum

Ab baant’te hain ye gham

Bheege naina.. jo sanjhe khwab dekhte the

Naina.. bichhad ke aaj ro diye hain yun

Host:so painful.

Kunj went down of the stage and went near his family who waiting for him yuvi eyes just stuck on kunj.

Nani just give kunj hug.

Nani:this sound just for my kunjjj,

Kunj: Nani ab toh MAA khush hogi na.

Nani: yes kunj.We all proud of you. Kunj looking at twinkle who giving her beautiful smile.Leela try to see kunj maybe twinkle but she can’t due to crowd.Twinkle and Kunj share a hug. While all others business man’s giving congratulations to kunj.

Rt: kunj is here..

Leela:haa when he come here we don’t know. Twinkle was also with him.

Yuvi:good to see him here today. He just forgot us.

Twinkle: today you stole my heart kunj..

Kunj: acha which I already did it?He took her hand kissed on her fingers.

Usha sobbing so horribly merry seeing her understand her condition.


Usha:somewhere I hurt my kunj he love me this much what I give him in return.


Merry:What you give him kunj is right today he is today just because of your upbringing Usha.This you give him so precious.

Usha:no I can see pain in his eyes and my kunjjjj.He look at tv screen and cuddle it.

I too miss you kunj yes you fulfilled your MAA wish today to see you here it was my dream thanks to you kunj. I’m not with you to keep my hand on your head.

Later award function get over Arsh who started crying twinkle struggling with him while Kunj get busy to meet other business man’s.leela and yuvi finding twinkle and Kunj but they can’t..

Twinkle message Kunj now it’s become difficult to stay here with Arsh he drenched in sweat to get some fresh airs twinkle went out of venue hall.She making arsh calm down. Kunj come out media garb him asking him servals question.

Media: how’s you feeling..

Kunj:awesome not for me but for my MAA.

Yuvi and all’s come out their eyes went on kunj..

Asha:let’s go… Kunj is here MAA..

Media: where is your wife..

Kunj call twinkle she give Arsh to Sara and went to kunj give some pose along with her family. After see twinkle Leela and rt eyes filled with tears..

Suddenly twinkle eyes went on side she was shocked to see them.yes twinkle see everyone.They were already looking at them.Twinkle shut her eyes down waves of tears running in her eyes. Twinkle excuse them and went in side..

Twinkle:ho babaji MAA..??..

Twinkle feels someone hand on her shoulder she turned and find Leela and rt standing near her..

Leela:Twinkleeeeee???…Meri bachi.

Without looking here and there Leela hug twinkle.Tears escaping from both mother and daughter eyes..


Leela:Meri bachi I miss you so much. They break the hug twinkle see Yuvi and Mahi and other’s..

Rt:Twinkle what mistake we did it with you so you didn’t contact us in these years.

Twinkle:no Papa.

Ansh: Papa where is mamma.

Kunj:abhi she is with me let’s go.Kunj and Nani along with both kids they searching twinkle so they out.Aayat eyes went on Sara who struggling with Arsh..

Aayat:Papa see Arsh with Sara aunty.. Ansh and Aayat went near Sara while Kunj and Nani went in side kunj see twinkle face she surrounded with many people.

Kunj:we finding this siyappa queen busy in gossiping..Kunj give voice to twinkle. Twinkleeeeeeeee.After listen kunj voice they all turned and see kunj even kunj too see them and get hell shocked he take step back slightly Nani who hold his hand.

Kunj eyes filled with tears and become red Yuvi just looking at him kunj see Yuvi face.

Kunj immediately turned his face and breathing heavily. Yuvi went to him..


he closed his eyes to listen his name from Yuvi mouth..Yuvi went in front of him.

What a smart man kunj you are.It’s true time has changed the people’s even you too Change it.Never bothered to call me,,

Kunj hug Yuvi tightly.

Kunj:no Yuvi.. they both bestie hugging each other’s so tightly and crying too..

They remain in this position for sometimes later they break the hug Yuvi look at Nani.

Yuvi: s*xy????.. she cupped his face.

Nani:Yuvi.they three of them joint their heads and tears dropping down.Leela and other’s to went near them.

Leela:kunj puttar.. after see everyone after a year kunj felt so good.He meet with each and everyone.While Yash looking at Kunj confusedly.

Yash:Papa why you cry haa??

Kunj see Yash and gesture to Yuvi he gives him yes answer kunj give giggles smile..

Kunj:oops Yuvi he totally went on you..

Yuvi:haa… what about yours.. before kunj speak something ansh and Aayat come with Sara or Arsh.. Kunj see them gesture Yuvi they all turned and look at Ansh and Aayat who coming to them.all get so happy today.

Sara:Twinkle mam. She rushed to her and take her baby..

Yuvi: whom baby he is??.. Kunj give him punch..

Kunj:mine saale…

Yuvi:what????..again you loose.

Twinkle:bas bas.. Yuvi took Arsh from twinkle hand and pulling his cheeks who already frustrated and fuming in anger.. Arsh screams at Yuvi. Aayat and Ansh standing in corner quietly..

Mahi:awww he is so cute baby..

Yuvi:May be he went on me??..

Twinkle:Yuvi give him to me.She took him.

All looking at Ansh and Aayat who didn’t looking at them back.

Episode end..


Sorry I’m late after one week.. I didn’t get time to write ff and read too. So..

Finally twinkle and Kunj meet with everyone hope you all like it sorry if I bored you all… you all get happy to see Kuvi..

Next will be last..

What make kunj Shocked to see Anjali and why??.Mother and son milap fully emotional.. Lots of masti and fun in next..

Thanks bye love you all..


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