Love ka hai intezaar Twinj ff episode 102

Episode 102

Episode continued…

Twinj [email protected]

at midnight twinkle and Kunj along with their baby Arsh they sleep peacefully.

Most of the bed Arsh taking.Just than he started crying moving his hands to find his mamma twinkle while twinkle in deep sleep.He cried more harder now.With his little legs he beat kunj. Due to this kunj sleep get disturbed he slightly open his eyes and heard Arsh crying loud sound.

Kunj:in sleeping tone.twinkleeeeee

see him na. He didn’t get any response.

Twinkle yaar wake up na arsh roh raha hai. With his one hand he shakes her. Twinkle wake up with jerk..

Twinkle: what???.

Kunj:see your namuna make him stop. Twinkle slightly open her eyes and see Arsh.

Twinkle:you are so bad kunj can’t you handle him. Where he is..


Twinkle:haa.She pulled him near her.She started feeding him and closed her eyes!

Slowly he stops crying. While Kunj sleep already.

Next [email protected]

Weather was very cold Make anyone lazy.

Kunj open his eyes, and he turned his face towards his wife and baby and see them both of them cuddles each other’s and sleeping peacefully. Looking so adorable they. Kunj moved towards them and kissed on Arsh side cheek.He gives smile to see them like this.

Kunj:see them their names is correct big siyappa queen and little siyappa king ?.

Kunj to rest his head near Arsh, and he ticks on twinkle neck.

Twinkle:in sleep hmmm.Kunj let me sleep.

Kunj:wake up twinkle today.Don’t you want to go hospital. If you not wake up today I’m not going with you.She open her eyes and look at Kunj.

Twinkle:acha you were saying like as if he is only my son.

Kunj:probably see he just want mamma.

Twinkle:don’t put your devil eyes on my baby.

Kunj:now wake up him at night he disturbs our sleep.

Twinkle:huhu you are so bad when you see him that he is crying. Can’t you make him stop without me..

Kunj:in both situations I have to wake up you without you he will not stop. Who give him milk..

Twinkle:you have one option also went in kitchen make milk for him. But why you will take this much trouble m I right..

Kunj just give her funny smile. He pinches her nose.

Kunj:smart.Kunj ticking on Arsh feet. He budged in sleep.

Twinkle:kunj stop why you tease him ha. Go and get ready don’t you want to go office today mr Kunj Sarna your office cam wifey is waiting for you..

Kunj:kuch bhi Twinkle.Kunj about to go near twinkle he can’t due to Arsh.This great China wall. ?.

Twinkle:huhu stop giving him new names every day.

Kunj:after him you started doing so much just taking his side.

Twinkle:why I’ll not take his side he is my baby. Kissed on his cheeks.Kunj took him and place him on his chest.If he cries na kunj I’ll not leave you.

Kunj:okay.Arsh open his eyes and look at Kunj. Why you look at me like this haa give this look to your mommy ?. Arsh look at twinkle and give her smile.Twinkle get happy and peck on his lips.

Twinkle:sadu. Kunj make him sit on his chest and started talking to him in his language.

Kunj:Arsh look at me.

Arsh:hmm.he took his thumb in his mouth.

Kunj:Chii stop. Arsh pulling Kunj hairs and making his face wet with his saliva. Kunj enjoying it.While twinkle get up and look at them. He really pulled kunj hairs badly. Twinkle see your son.

Twinkle:good baby.You take my baby very lightly what your kids call him needle see my needle what he can do it..

Kunj:whatever.He cuddles him and give him kiss on his cheeks my baby so cute and good don’t went on your mamma okay.

Twinkle:okay I’m going for bath don’t leave him alone.

Kunj:yeah sure.Twinkle take her clothes and went in washroom she takes bath and while Kunj and Arsh playing together.

Arsh: pa…. pa..

Kunj:yes my rabbit ? ?.What siyappa going on in your mind haa. After sometime later twinkle come out of washroom. Arsh see twinkle and moving his hands towards her.

Twinkle:wait.He tried to come down of the bed but can’t.

Kunj:Arey wait mere baap.Kunj help him and went towards twinkle and held her kurti.

Twinkle:Kunj go and get ready..

Kunj:hmm.He too went in washroom.

While twinkle get ready and took Arsh in her arms she ready kunj all things and place on bed.Kunj too come and twinkle give his clothes too

he get ready and twinkle take out Arsh clothes and she give him too quick bath.Both twinkle and Kunj make him ready he looking so cute in his baby clothes.After they went downstairs.They see nani sitting in living area they went towards her.they wish her good morning. Kunj take newspaper and starter reading. While twinkle give Arsh to nani went in kitchen and make his milk and took tea for them too.Twinkle give milk bottle in Arsh mouth and served tea to nani and Kunj and she too take and sit beside kunj.

Nani:good to see you both in morning hain na kunj.

Kunj:true.. ??..

Twinkle:very funny woh na nani ji Arsh didn’t wake up today so.

Nani:hoo.Nani pulled Arsh cheeks he screamed on her.While twinkle and Kunj laugh.Hoo see kunj your son you’ll scream at me on your father nani haa.


Twinkle:come I’ll see breakfast okay. Twinkle tell servant served breakfast they place everything on dinning table and twinkle called them and they come and take their seats.While servant take Arsh roaming here and there till twinkle had her breakfast.

Kunj:Twinkle be ready on time okay you know about Doctor. If we are late she will not wait for us.

Twinkle: yes

Nani:why doctor haa what happened.

Kunj:nothing happened nani Arsh routine checkups bas..

Nani:okay.They all talking to each other’s

Outside of Sarna Mansion.Car come and stop in front of mansion.Two little cute babies come out of the car.They are Ansh and Aayat. Now Aayat is 8 years old While Ansh 7 And half year old.Both brother and sister understanding each other’s like anything become best friends yes they fight too.Ansh is more mature than Aayat he understood everything.Both of them went Poland for summer camps.They study top school of Germany.Aayat same her naughtiness increase jaan of kunj.

She is not less than Arsh.Her love for make up same ???as well.And Ansh he wears spectacles and looking ditto like little Harry Potter and taller than Aayat

Twinkle and Kunj kids didn’t look like Indians.

Ansh:finally come back.

Aayat:yes I missed everyone.Maza aaya na ansh..

Ansh:yup.Let’s go inside.. we’ll give them surprised.

Aayat:yes.They went inside. Without doing any noise.Ansh and Aayat come in hall but didn’t find anyone.Where is mamma and Papa. Their eyes went on dinning area.

Both went to them and stand near nani and suddenly.Both screamed in nani ears boooom.. due to this nani scintillate.Twinkle and Kunj see Ansh and Aayat get surprised to see them. Both brother and sister laughing loudly to see nani face expression ???..They come in front of nani.

Ansh:hehe Aayat look at nani.

Aayat: yes boom???nani toh dar gai.

Nani:what you both are so bad aeshe koi

Karta hai kya haa..

Ansh/ Aayat: sorry cutely. Both went towards her and hugged her tightly.


Nani:okay fine.She hugged them back.

Twinkle: how you both come haa. You both coming tomorrow na.

Aayat:yes but we come today we miss you all that’s why.Aayat went near twinkle and hugged her. Give kissed on her cheeks even twinkle too give her. Aayat sit on twinkle lap.

Twinkle:even I too miss you both finally you Both come back my babies. Ansh too went to twinkle and rest his head on her shoulder.

Ansh:even I too miss you mamma.Nani gesturing to Kunj see them.

Nani:see kunj they just missing their mamma bas.

Kunj: yeah nani.He makes puppy face twinkle and Ansh or Aayat smiled.

Aayat:offo Papa we miss you too.Both get up and went to kunj cuddles him. Kunj caress their face he feels so good to see them and that happiness on their face this all give him relief it’s precious for him too.

Kunj:even Papa too miss you both. You both should inform us I’ll come to pick up you..

Ansh:we want to give you all surprise na.

Twinkle:where is pihu..

Aayat:she went her home. Ansh and Aayat eyes went on food. Aww Khana.

Ansh:yes after so many days later. I’m hungry.

Twinkle: acha you both didn’t eat there haa.

Aayat: offo mamma we eat but that food didn’t tasty like your food.

Twinkle:hoo come you both I’ll feed you.

They both sit beside twinkle and she started feeding them food with her hands.

Aayat:mamma where is rabbit.

Kunj:jokingly. He went somewhere for some days because you both tease him so twinkle send him..Ansh and Aayat looking at each other face their face drop down.

Ansh:acha why?? I thought I’ll play with him.

Twinkle:don’t become sad he is here only Papa just kidding with you both. Servant come with Arsh. Aayat and ansh see him and get happy both leave food.

Aayat:give him to me.

Twinkle:Arey sit first he is not going anywhere.

Ansh:no give him na. Mera Bhai.

Aayat:Mera rabbit ?.Arsh looking at his brother and sister face.And get so happy jumping in happiness.

Twinkle: okay give me.Twinkle took Arsh and make him sit on table.Now you both have your food okay.

Ansh:yes.Twinkle feeding them while their all concentration just on Arsh.While having food they both ticking on his face.

Arsh: ahhhhaaa???..

Kunj:how was your holiday haa.?

Ansh:awesome Papa we enjoy lot.

Aayat:yes whole day playing with everyone.

Twinkle:good you both are happy that’s great for me.

Kunj:hmm next time don’t ansh and Aayat.

They both out their tongue make puppy faces.

Aayat:mamma.. Papa.

Twinkle:what can I do in this you both know and your Papa.

Kunj:yes it’s so hard without you them stay alone for 15 days haa.Everyday I was busy worried about you both.

Aayat:offo my Papa we are fine see na.

Kunj: next time twinkle you too don’t come to me for their recommendation.

Twinkle:okay baba.What can I do kunj they both pleading so much so. Ansh and Aayat went to kunj and both stand both of kunj and give him kiss.

Aayat:okay Papa next time no.

Ansh:yes but you have to take us.

Twinkle see them and admire their bond.

Twinkle:(think) how nicely they both understand their papa.It’s so beautiful. Kunj is very possessive about his kids.He can’t send them anywhere just wanted they just stay in front of his eyes .Even when he went for his meeting out of the country even take everyone with him. Sometimes l laugh how time change a person.He didn’t stop for anyone now just because of his kids.For them many nights.

He dark it to give us better life.He really become best father even husband too I just taunt him sometime In kidding way. But sadu just love his kids.Ab yeh hi toh hai iss ke pass whom he called his.In one night his all relations break down in a piece.Twinkle lost in her thoughts. Arsh about to fall down, but he landed on twinkle arms twinkle come in sense with jerk.

Twinkle:arsh???.. all look at her. Twinkle take him perfectly and look at his face.What is this haa just now you get hurt.

Kunj:many times I told you don’t make him sit here still see if he falls down in instead of your lap.

Nani:leave it kunj this happened.Twinkle cuddles him tightly.After breakfast they all went and sit in hall.

Twinkle:you both come with me and get freshen up.

Aayat: no mamma I very tired I want to sleep.

Aayat: me too. I want to play with rabbit.

Twinkle:go and sleep okay.

Kunj: okay I’m going office I’m pick up you after my meeting be ready on time.

Twinkle:hmm.Kunj kissed on Arsh kiss and give side hug to nani and left for his office.

Nani:Twinkle give Arsh me till than you see this both.

Twinkle:haa twinkle give Arsh to nani and they both went in garden while twinkle hold Ansh and Aayat hand and take them in their room. As soon as they both entered in room both just jumped on bed.

Twinkle:stop behaving like wild., come I’ll give you both after I have to go hospital.

Aayat: why hospital mamma she locks her hands around twinkle neck.

Twinkle:Arsh ko.

Ansh:again doctor give him injection poor.

Twinkle:haa leave come with me have bath.Twinkle take them in washroom forcefully and give them bath after they come out of the washroom and twinkle bring their clothes and make them wear it.

Look at yourself what made yourself haa. Kunj is right next time don’t take name of this.

Aayat:you and Papa is same mamma only we not went even all kids.

Twinkle:you both know na Papa didn’t live without us so.He loves you all unconditionally. They sit on the bed while Ansh and Aayat resting their heads on twinkle laps, and she caress their hairs, and they both telling twinkle what they both do in Poland. While telling this and that don’t know when they both sleep.

Twinkle didn’t get any response from them she looks at on their faces see that they both sleep.Twinkle place kiss on their foreheads.My babies finally I get relief after see them.Twinkle look at Aayat who holding her hand. I never thought this day will come in my life she to accept me as her mother. I know she took time but end of the day everything become normal.To listen mamma from her mouth it’s so priceless for me. In very small age she bears so much beyond her limits and age.

My Ansh who always support his sister me and kunj unaware of this that he too knows about Aayat she is our real daughter how nicely he deals with this truth.Make her understand me and kunj.

I toh lost hope that Aayat will forgive me and accept me too. She is not less than Arsh this two is smaller than Ansh he is elder than them.She places their heads on pillow and covered with blanket.

NEXT [email protected] Kunj office..

He was taking class of his employees he gives them work which till now didn’t done.

Kunj:you all know we needed to complete this project soon still you all working like useless haa. They all bowing their heads.

Sara:sir give sometimes I’ll give you reports soon all.

Kunj:okay see them and send me others project details I wanted all files on my desk get it.. Kunj went in his cabin and get busy in his work Sara come with all files and give to Kunj. They both sit and started checking all files just than Manish entered in cabin he looks at Kunj and Sara went towards them.. and take the seat,,

Manish:hi Guys.

Kunj:hi when you come haa.

Manish:just now bro. Work good. Sara excuse them. Aur what’s going on now your kids come back from Poland relief.

Kunj:yeah finally even your too.

Manish:yes kunj what happened about that project.

Kunj:nothing still under in process.

Manish:superb let’s go out for lunch what’s say..

Kunj: no I can’t next time.

Manish:why did you going with twinkle ?.

Kunj:nope. We have to go hospital for Arsh routine checkup so..

Manish:hoo don’t know when he fully get fine.

Kunj:hmm just for him I cancel my all meetings it’s important to take him.And I can’t send twinkle alone you know Arsh needed two people at least..


Manish is kunj Friend you all know him when they went Switzerland. After kunj manish with his wife or daughter pihu they shifted in Germany. Share a good bonding.

Scene shifts in India..

A mansion come it’s luthra Mansion.

Little boy almost 3 years old he was running and lady too behind him. It’s Anita while Mahi and Surjit sitting and looking at them.The boy was Yuvi and Mahi son.

Yuvi who was in his office attire looking same but that sadness also in his face too.

Yuvi:Yash come here you’ll fall down and mom you too stop. His name is Yash Yuvraj Luthra

who went on his father and chatterbox.talking like big person.

Yuvi catch him and take him towards all and sit..

Yash:Papa let me play with dadi.

Yuvi:sit see your mamma.

Mahi: come drink your milk first.

Yash: offo mamma you know na today we’ll go at nani House me and soham Bhai

Will play cricket with our friends.

Surjit:Arey mere Suraj.

Yash:dadi I’m not Suraj I’m yash.all laugh.

Many things have been changed in their life too Yuvi get busy in his work, and he and Naman along with Rishi in group they started working together open new company. Single day hasn’t gone that Yuvi didn’t miss kunj in every path of his life he miss him like anything he knows what he lost of his after kunj Yuvi totally become silent somehow he become normal. He was angry with kunj that he didn’t call him in these years.What his mistakes in this all. In every occasion Rishi and Naman or Yuvi miss kunj their dirty jokes everything is best. Even they didn’t go Sarna house don’t know about them anything what they do it.. Leela and rt too missing twinkle but what they can do it they don’t know after went from there they went this away from them. But happy in their life’s what god decided for them.

Yuvi: my boy loved cricket just Yuvi remember how much ansh loved cricket.

Yash: Papa yeh Ansh kaun hai Danish Bhaiya and soham Bhaiya always talking about him.They all looking at each other face.

Yuvi: hai koi Yash In sad voice.

Yash:you know him Papa.

All moments funny with ansh and Aayat flashing in front of Yuvi eyes how much he teases them.Yuvi act like call is coming. He excused them and went in side. After sometime later.Yuvi called Mahi that he’ll drop them Taneja mansion while going office. Yash and Mahi sit in car while Yuvi already sitting he starts the car and left for Taneja mansion. While In whole car journey Yuvi didn’t talk Yash just talking with Mahi. Soon they reached Taneja mansion. Mahi and Yash come out of the car and went inside while Yuvi leave for office.

Yuvi:who is ansh and Aayat now I really don’t know about them where they are.

They both kids of my besti today I don’t know about him kunj is so baster he didn’t call me once. Here I miss him lot I hate him now. Without telling me he took so big decision named his all things on my name and leave me here.Don’t know world ke konse kone me hai woh. He doesn’t care about me he must be forgotten me till now.

Tears come out from Yuvi eyes and wiped itself Yuvi open his phone and see his and Kunj photo.Now I have these memories after see this I feel good saale kunj tu toh hai na aaj mere saath you escape before doing baby sitting of my son aapne ke toh mujhse karwaliya when my time come you went away from us. Soon he reached his office and he went inside and there Rishi and Naman already waiting for him.He directly went in his cabin.

Back to Germany..

Kunj complete his call work and message to twinkle he is coming to pick up them.

Twinkle see kunj message she get ready first and went downstairs to see Arsh what he is doing. Twinkle didn’t find nani she asked servant they told her they are in garden she went in garden and see nani and Arsh sitting there Arsh troubling nani ji happily she is enjoying. Twinkle went towards them.

Twinkle:Arsh it’s bad na why you trouble nani ji.

Nani:no I toh loving my son. Where they are.


Nani: ho..

Twinkle: nani ji kunj is coming to take us we are going to hospital, so I tell chef he makes lunch please you don’t wait for me have your food and take your medicines too.Ansh see Ansh and Aayat too.

Nani: Arey Twinkle puttar you don’t worried about us I’ll see them okay. You go.

Twinkle:yeah I just coming to take him.

Nani give Arsh to twinkle while they went inside twinkle went in her room and get ready to Arsh. Twinkle went outside just than Kunj car come and give her horn she went towards car and sit beside kunj.

Kunj:good you are no time.

Twinkle: yes

Kunj:hi mera baby. Pulled his cheeks let’s go haa.

Arsh:hmmm. Kunj start the car and left for hospital while Arsh sitting outside view.

Soon they reached hospital. Kunj come out of the car and open the car door for twinkle. They come out of the car.

Kunj:where is your reports all.

Twinkle:here kunj let’s go.They went inside kunj asked receptionist about doctor she tells them she is just waiting for them.They both immediately went in doctor cabin.

Kunj knock the door.

Doctor: come. They both went inside and took their seats. Hi Mrs and Mr. Sarna how’s this little boy.

Twinkle: good.

Doctor: just for him I wait nahi I’m just leaving.

Kunj:thanks doctor.

Doctor: come I’ll examine him first. They went in side place Arsh on bed and doctor checking him. After they again sit.

Kunj: Doctor everything is alright haa.

Doctor:if I lie with you people it’s not good, so I’m truthful with you. After see Arsh I didn’t find any betterment in Arsh even his weight didn’t gain.

Twinkle: but I’m giving him milk on time he didn’t hardly drink even giving my too still.

Doctor:I know twinkle you trying your level best I’m not denying it this, but we all know from since birth he is weak so.He become 2 years old still didn’t look alike too. While running, he falls down too. And you twinkle fine now I see your all previous and right now reports. Take your and his medicine on times.Twinkle and Kunj looking at Arsh face who giving smile.

Kunj:now next what doctor.

Doctor:I’m giving him right treatment and don’t worry okay take care of him. And you go nurse waiting for vaccination okay.

Twinkle:thanks doctor.They shake their hands with doctor, and they went towards nurse.

Nurse:come.Twinkle looking at injection than Arsh face her eyes become wet.

Kunj take Arsh from twinkle hand and nurse entered injection in his skin he screamed loudly twinkle clutch kunj hand.

After vaccination twinkle took Arsh under her embrace he cry so badly due to pain.

Nurse:give him this medicine it’s decrease pain okay.

Kunj:hmm they come out of hospital and sit in car. Kunj look at Arsh face tears coming from his eyes.He start the car and angry on twinkle. In traffic.

Twinkle:don’t cry Arsh.. bas look at this.

Kunj: if you didn’t hide that truth from me twinkle today he is and you absolutely fine. Twinkle look at him.

Twinkle: Kunj what I did in this I’m doing my level best.

Kunj:I’m not talking about today twinkle.

Don’t know what’s the need of come that you didn’t tell me about that see today end of the day you and he suffered just.

Twinkle:many times I give you explanations Kunj how many times you give me taut for this haa.



After coming from India 2 weeks later kunj and twinkle went hospital for routine checkup. Doctor check twinkle and they sit.

Doctor:before this baby you had miscarriage Kunj get shocked.

Kunj:no doctor while twinkle looking here and there how she’ll tell about this..

Twinkle:yes doctor before this baby I had miscarriage. Kunj get shocked he look at twinkle face who didn’t looking at him.

Doctor:I told you na. How this happened.

Twinkle:normally doctor.

Doctor:okay I don’t know what will happen next with you.Your pregnancy is very complicated and many compilation is there too I can’t say anything that you’ll get your baby. You shouldn’t continue this pregnancy at starting only now. Kunj don’t know how to reacted after listing this twinkle had miscarriage.

Twinkle: no doctor please do something I want my baby.

Doctor:this all happened due to your miscarriage Twinkle if you take right treatment on time this wouldn’t happen.

After this twinkle and Kunj went back to their home. Kunj was hell angry with twinkle it’s not limits. They went in their room twinkle scared with kunj. Kunj hold her hand and pin her near wall looking at her angrily..

Kunj: what is this miscarriage haa twinkle when this happened you didn’t tell me why??? Twinkle closed her eyes in fear.

Twinkle:Kunj I’m sorry I hide this from you.

Kunj: i need an answer twinkle. Twinkle started crying.

Twinkle: this happened when my and Neil engagement happening that time.


Twinkle:even I too don’t know about this I’m pregnant kunj.Whatever happened time everything so bad I’m hell depressed due to you.I leave Sarna Mansion.After I come on before my and Neil engagement.At night i feel uneasy I don’t know what happened to me kunj.

Flash [email protected] me bhi flashback.

In twinj [email protected]

Twinkle sleeping peacefully Ansh sleeping beside her twinkle wake up in sleep she get up and stand she feeling pain in her stomach uncontrollably she hold her stomach.

Twinkle:what happened to me suddenly.

Just than twinkle phone ring she check her phone who call her at this time. It’s Neil who calling her. Now what he wanted at this time. Twinkle answered his call.

Yes Neil.

Neil: hi twinkle you didn’t sleep..

Twinkle: no I wasn’t feeling well.

Neil: what ?what happened to you haa.

Twinkle tell him about her condition.Okay twinkle we’ll go to doctor in morning.

Twinkle:okay. After this twinkle end the call and she went in washroom and feel dizzy within no time whole floor filled with blood Twinkle get shocked to see this she don’t know anything what happened to her and get panic.Babaji what happened to me. Somehow she console herself and went out of her room and went downstairs she to passing from hall her eyes went on kunj who sleeping in hall on couch. Should I wake up kunj. No I’ll not take his any help. Twinkle you thinking so much I’m fine maybe she went back in her room and sleep.Next day twinkle get ready and went hospital with Neil.They went in doctor cabin doctor was twinkle regular doctor. Twinkle tell each and everything to doctor what happening to her.

Doctor:okay where is kunj. Twinkle didn’t give her any answer.Doctor check twinkle and did her sonography. After checkup.

Twinkle: what happened to me doctor.

Doctor: Twinkle this all happening because tumhara miscarriage hogya your baby is die inside in your womb. After listening this twinkle and Neil shocked.

Twinkle: what doctor miscarriage.

Doctor:you don’t know that you are pregnant??

Twinkle:I don’t know doctor I’m pregnant.

Doctor:you are 1 month pregnant twinkle.

Later twinkle and Neil went from there twinkle slightly crying.

Neil:Twinkle yaar don’t cry.

Twinkle: how can I not Neil I lost my baby and I don’t know about this too.

Neil:hmm I can understand your pain. After they went back to Sarna Mansion neil drop twinkle and left. Twinkle went inside and Kunj coming from same direction she bumped with kunj about to fall down but Kunj hold her on time. Twinkle see kunj after see kunj twinkle feels like she hugged him and cried lot in his arms.


Kunj:hmm. Kunj went out and twinkle went in her room and look at herself in mirror and hold her belly and cried lot.

Twinkle:baba ji ??.How I’ll tell about this to kunj. No no I can’t I’ll not tell him. We are going to end now. Flashback end.

Kunj: haaa Twinkle I don’t know about my own baby he is no more.

Twinkle: Kunj you know that time humhare beech me kuch bhi teekh nahi ta..

Kunj:I know but after everything become normal between Us.

Twinkle:Kunj I’m trying many times kunj but I m scared of you how you’ll react.

Kunj:acha Twinkle why I’ll scold you that Neil knows about this but I’m unaware. Is it not my right twinkle. Twinkle cupped Kunj face.

twinkle:yes kunj it’s your right I’m not saying this I’m wrong at place. Please forgive me.

Kunj:I’ll forgive you Twinkle now what we’ll do just because of your mistakes today you and baby suffering.I wanted you safe.

We’ll abort this baby your life is important.

Twinkle: I’ll not at any cost.. Flash back end.

Present day..

Soon they both reached Sarna Mansion.

Twinkle didn’t say anything just crying inside. Kunj about to take Arsh who still crying same.But twinkle didn’t give him and went inside.

Twinkle directly went in their room. And see Ansh and Aayat sitting and having snacks.Twinkle wiped her tears slightly. Kunj too come in room.

Aayat:mamma you come?..

Ansh:mamma why Arsh crying haa.

Twinkle see kunj who too come.

Aayat: now we’ll play with him.

Twinkle:no today don’t tease him please

Injection laga hai na issko so.Now you both go down. Twinkle show them eyes and like a good kids they both went out of the room.

Twinkle sit and tears coming from her eyes. She consoling Arsh.

Twinkle:don’t cry.

Kunj:give him his medicine.Twinkle ignore him.Twinkle patting on his back while crying he slept

twinkle carefully place him on bed. she about to going in balcony Kunj held her hand. Twinkleee..

Twinkle:leave my hand kunj I don’t want to talk to you now please.

Kunj: I’m sorry I reacted so much sorry.

Twinkle:don’t want your sorry. She look at Kunj face. How can you blame for this to me kunj. I know I did mistake I accepted it.

What you think I didn’t care for him haa twinkle point her hand towards kunj..

Kunj I bear so much pain for him and for your all kids. You toh were ready for abortion I’m the one who didn’t do abortion. Why because of you kunj.You already lost your all relationships you have your kids just I thought I can’t less your pain but at least I can give you happiness yeh bache tumhare hai jinhe you can say yours kunj. Through me tum hari family badegi kunj. Just for you I give him birth you wanted baby na.

Kunj: I know twinkle sorry.Twinkle remove kunj hand and place pillows around Arsh, so he didn’t fall down.She went downstairs.I hurt her really today.He call servant and tell them to sit in room for Arsh.Kunj went downstairs and twinkle get busy in work nani come in kitchen and see twinkle face.she understood something happened between twinkle and Kunj.

Kunj too come in kitchen and gestured Nani.

Nani: Twinkle puttar What happens and doctor ne kya bola.

Twinkle:same like always nani ji..

Kunj:Twinkle I’m angry give me something to have please.

Twinkle:tell him nani ji call his servant and have it.She said And went in hall.

Kunj: uff today siyappa queen become angry queen he and nani laugh ?.

Nani:hmm do something for her. Twinkle sit with her kids kunj and nani too come and sit..

Ansh:mamma what happened to you.

Aayat: did Papa tell you something haa.

Twinkle didn’t mention any eye contact. Aayat and Ansh cupped face and see hidden tears.

Twinkle: I’m fine.

Aayat:I know don’t lie to me.They wiped twinkle tears. Papa why you scold my

Mamma haa.

Kunj: no I didn’t scold your mamma?. Twinkle give look to kunj which make kunj

Laugh. She get up In anger and went in her room.

Aayat:Papa go Meri mamma ko manao jao.

Kunj: okay Meri piddhi?. Kunj went in his room and see twinkle who sitting on bed he lock the door and went near to him and sit in front of her.Kunj held her chin.Heyyy twinkle sorry na please.

Twinkle:leave me please.

Kunj: offo Twinkle.He went closer to her face and give her love bite on her cleavage area he bite really hard.Twinkle smile slightly but didn’t show him.He sooth the area too.Twinkle push kunj and in closet room. Kunj run behind her. Twinkleeeee..

Twinkle:why you follow me haa. Kunj come and held her hand.Cupped her face.

Kunj: sorry again.. tears escaping from twinkle eyes.

Twinkle: sorry easy na.. every time you hurt me I know you hurt too your family is not with you now I understand your pain kunj. It’s not easy what pain you bearing.

I can’t be in your place kunj but I try to less your pain. We are here but you didn’t happy fully Kunj I know this just pretending to be happy. This I know kunj. We both in pain kunj. In these years I never tell you this my family kunj.

Kunj: I didn’t stop you I toh told you. You can go India anytime Itself you didn’t.

Twinkle:I’m not saying kunj I don’t want to go too because I’m happy here with you and my kids. Look at you kunj you totally changed it kunj didn’t love me like Before didn’t give me time just work and work. Did remember when we both spent time together haa.

Kunj:hmm but.

Twinkle: but what kunj. You can’t remember because we didn’t spend any time together. Kunj pulled her near him.

Kunj:acha sorry for this I love you unconditionally twinkle.

Twinkle: no before in India you love me so much just finding way to spend time with me after Arsh you just become old man..that time you just waiting and finding reason to romance now huhu..

Kunj:I’m old really. I’ll show you that I’m old or not he winked at her. He went near her ears and whispered something naughty in her ears. Don’t worry twinkle I’m still old Kunj Mrs. Sarna I know I didn’t give you time even I’m to missing you and your touch. Arsh is sleeping so we can he smirked ?. Twinkle blushed so hard. Just than they heard Arsh crying loud.Twinkle immediately rushed towards him. Twinkle see Arsh crying winching in pain badly.

she take him in her arms Kunj come and sit beside her to.

Twinkle:bas bas ka hua mere baby ko.

Kunj:give his medicine na he’ll good.

Twinkle:wait ansh and Aayat too come and sit beside kunj.

Aayat:this little cry baby. Arsh giving Aayat angry look as he understood ??.

Arsh: ahhhh???..

Ansh: oops see Aayat.

Kunj:don’t take this pidhi pehlwan lightly. ????..

Twinkle:you are pidhi and your kids.She marking Arsh clam down. Bas baby don’t cry.Twinkle give him milk bottle while he throw it. Arey baba.

Aayat:Arsh baby you want chocolates haa.

Ansh:cheese balls.Arsh screaming.

Kunj:what you want haa.

Twinkle:nothing you all leave him. Ansh and Aayat about to taking him. He cried more.You both stop I told you na don’t touch him. Go from here. Kunj and Ansh or Aayat went in side and sit on couch.O mere baby come to mamma dard ho raha hai haa I know it’s painful.Twinkle feeding him.

Aayat: she love this lakadi??.

Kunj:shh siyappa queen will kill you both.

They both cuddles kunj and looking at twinkle and Arsh.. later twinkle and Kunj give him medicine forcefully little bit he puke medicine on twinkle.After medicine twinkle make him sleep as soon as he sleep they went down for dinner. They sit for dinner.

Nani:how he is now..

Kunj:sleeping king.

Twinkle:he is not well kunj. Twinkle eating her food so hurry.

Nani: Twinkle puttar aaraam se.

Twinkle:no I’m going he is alone. Quickly she completed her food and make Arsh milk and went upstairs.They all sit for sometimes chitchatting with each other’s.

While twinkle changed her clothes and take out her kids night dress and Kunj. Twinkle laying beside Arsh and caressing her hairs twinkle check him he was burning in fever.

Twinkle:baba ji again fever.She look at his face his lips become all dry. She call servant and tell him get cold water and cloth.Soon servant bring and give to twinkle.Twinkle started keeping wet cloth on Arsh head.Just than Kunj and kids come in room.

Kunj: what happened to him haa..

Twinkle:fever kunj..

Kunj:hoo don’t worry docter tell it’s normal.Wait I’ll bring ice cube for him. He went bring ice cube.

Twinkle: you both brother and sister sleep I’ll Not Listen any excuse at school time get it..

Aayat:tomorrow is Sunday.. ??..


Kunj:Twinkle rub this ice cube on his thigh.

Swelling comes over on his one leg.

Twinkle take ice cube and started rubbing on that area where nurse give him injection.Due to ice Arsh wake up and winching in pain horribly his sound echoing in whole room. Twinkle stop.

Kunj:Twinkle after this he feel good.

Twinkle:you do I can’t.Kunj rubbing Arsh moving his hands and legs.To see their little brother they both become sad. Arsh face become red.

Arsh: ??ahhh.he get up and jumping on him to scratches him. Ahahh?. Kunj moved in side.

Kunj:Twinkle. Arsh showing his eyes to everyone.

Aayat:hey mera Bhai.She hugged him and wiped her tears. Arsh too hug her back.

Kunj lay down and Ansh on him.

Kunj:Twinkle Handel your little angry man.

Twinkle:kunjjj.. Arsh baby kaha hua haa.

Arsh:haaa.Twinkle give him milk bottle.

They all lay down.Ansh and Aayat sleep very soon. While twinkle and Kunj handling Arsh.

Episode end on their face.


how was the episode thanks for your comments in my previous episode I just post for lovely readers. I’m asking you all if you all not interested than I’ll end it my ffs. Many of want see twinkle pregnancy time I’ll show differently.And sorry if episode was not good than sorry. I try my level best to entertain you.

please ignore mistake I write in hustle. Love you all who like my ff thanks again bye..

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