Love ka hai intezaar Twinj ff episode 100 – century


CENTURYEpisodes ? 

Finally century episode I can’t believe on my eyes really Man..????? I never thought about to write stories my start was bad leave it that was also good.

And I never thought to write story today I completely my first ff century ??..

Without you all I’m nothing your support encourage me a lot ?????. Thanks for this and for bearing me and my story too.. many of comes and speak rubbish than our war ????.. funny really journey was really amazing I get so many friends your lovely dovely comments ??????..I decided 10 episodes don’t know when this 10 become 100. ?..

???????????.. everywhere is struggles this I get to know even in telly update too????..

Silver jubilee ✅ golden jubilee ✅ now 100 ? century my first and last century it’s really difficult to reach Till than.. to maintain the craze and interest in your story it’s really tough for everyone. Thank for your love and care????..


in my century episode no fun and celebration again emotional saga ???.. last ??maybe tears good for eyes ?????.. take the tissues before reading if anyone wanted.

Let’s start the episode with warm smile ??????????..


Episode ?..?

Episode started.: sheetal and niki Listen Nani and Usha conversation and both get shocked after Listen it’s really unbelievable for them what they listen right now. Both looking at each other’s face and smirked like devils..

Niki: wooo.. what a mystery I never thought about this maami is so cleaver she hides such a big truth from everywhere..

Sheetal: right niki in my wildest dreams I never thought about this.. both mother and daughter smart man..!! Niki laughing loudly..

Niki:this so true jab insaan ka bura time aata hai upar wala bhi puri tarse usko dedta hai.. she spine her phone and wait kunj today your all pains keys is in my hands now I’ll open all locked. It’s my time get ready for each and everything I’ll give you in return you were flying so much on Sarna name..

Sheetal:yup. Heir my foot.. ??.Both went from here and started planning something really big.. both talking with each other’s in a secret way though their eyesight.

Whole night going so fast kunj didn’t come back home Twinkle try to call him his phone was out of the range.She tells Yuvi asked anyone from Sarna family that he went there or not. Yuvi call to Anjali and asked her normally wether kunj come there or not she said no he didn’t come here. Yuvi end the call and looking at twinkle remember her all words which she told kunj sometime before. Yuvi had tears in his eyes.

Yuvi: before saying anything twinkle just think once what you were telling someone.

Twinkle:Yuvi you can see i m wrong but can’t you see kunj. After so much happened to us he still wanted us to went back to Sarna Mansion.

Yuvi: I didn’t support him for this Twinkle first let him complete.

Twinkle:i know I heard his and mummy ji conversation when he talks to her on phone. Here my daughter didn’t talk to me it’s me who bearing her disrelish yuvi.Her all words tear me every time she is not looking at me for once Yuvi.Did my pain is less haa.She thought I didn’t love her I just love him ansh that’s why I didn’t give him but her.Tell me where I’m wrong no where Yuvi this all done by kunj only. He just love his family and mother not me and my kids he is partial towards us. And he always tilted down towards his family Yuvi. It’s a fact.

What I said wrong anyone can say after see mummy ji love towards kunj she makes kunj did all sacrifices for everyone but can’t she take stand for him once. When I come to leave him that time toh mummy ji very much show her side now where is gone when her son time comes not a once she didn’t ask Anant Bhaiya and tell him whatever he did it’s all unforgettable and forgivable instead of this she tell him give them second chance Yuvi tell me frankly one thing and imagine yourself at my place whatever happened to me that happened to you and your kid did really you’ll tell this haa no Yuvi, woh kehte hai na jiss ki ungali cut ti hai na usko hi dard hota hai and here my finger cut not yours so it’s conformed pain also i feels not you all.

Mahi: yes Yuvraj di is right how can jiju said that go back to Sarna Mansion.di almost standing to lost Aayat haa..

Yuvi: please mahi when you don’t know anything so don’t give your feedback Mahi. First see both sides of coin.

Yuvi went near mahi and twinkle looking at their face with painful eyes and anger as well in his eyes visible for them..

Every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both, before we commit ourselves to either.In seeking truth you have to get both sides of a story.

Twinkle:everything is crystal clear Yuvi don’t try to make it puzzles.

Yuvi:acha he laughs painfully remember one thing twinkle what we see that’s not true as well. Don’t trust everything we see even salt to like sugar that doesn’t mean salt and sugar is same thing. What’s the need of this to tell kunj that Usha maami is his sautelee MAA haa.

Twinkle:I said what is truth..

Yuvi: acha than truth is always bitter and every mother isn’t same like those mothers who can play with their kids life for her satisfaction twinkle how can compare maami with Maya Bhabhi can’t you see the difference between her and maami.Kunj said Right her nails too not stand besides maya Bhaiya because she is best haar MAA sautelee nahi hoti even they too can love someone more than real one.If one fish is dirtier in whole sea that doesn’t mean all fish like her twinkle. Here too you me mahi we all are different from each other’s.MAA MAA hoti chahey ho sautelee ho aur ashali Twinkle.Sab MAA Maya Bhabhi jeshi nahi hoti hai.

See yourself tujhe maa bane hue 6 saal hue hai. And Kunj mother 30 years Twinkle if she didn’t love him how can she do kunj upbringing haa Maya Bhabhi and Anant Bhaiya get tired with Aayat within a 6 years twinkle.If your 6 years love is so stronger than maami too.

Mahi: this can’t make any sense Yuvi. Where is jiju now..

Yuvi: where he finds peace maybe good na. You both must be sleep it’s too late.He said this and went in lounge area..

Mahi and twinkle looking at each other face both went in their respective rooms.

Twinkle entered in room went towards bed and see Ansh and Aayat sitting and both busy in their own selves one playing games in iPad another one playing with her hairs.

Twinkle eyes went on milk which keeping on side table of bed they both didn’t drink it till now. Twinkle went towards wardrobe and take out their nightdress her eyes went on kunj clothes and which make her eyes saturated in tears.She took their clothes and went to them.

Twinkle:ansh in low voice come change your clothes.Aayat raise her face and look at twinkle she too looking at her back only.

Ansh keep the iPad in side and stand in front of twinkle she changed his clothes make him wear his nightdress.

Ansh:done MAA come Aayat now it’s your turn na. She didn’t say anything.Ansh looking at twinkle and Aayat face and understand everything running his mind what he Listen last night.Ansh force her to change her clothes too just for him she got up and stand in front of twinkle on bed.Twinkle started changing her clothes Aayat looking at twinkle face which was so dull.Twinkle change her dress Aayat back to her place.She went in washroom and started doing vomiting.She washed her face and went back to in room and sit beside Ansh. Twinkle took the milk glass and give to Ansh he took it without saying anything twinkle take near Aayat while she didn’t move for while.

Twinkle:Aayat your milk.she took it and drink as well Twinkle smile Slightly.

Twinkle lay down keeping her hands on her belly and while Aayat didn’t sleep in middle but in side.Soon sleep took over them.

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everyone wakes up like normally all sit for breakfast nobody talking about anything just quiet.While twinkle mind stuck on kunj.Yuvi done with his breakfast he got up about to go.

Mahi: where are you going so early.??

Yuvi:office today I have one important meeting so. Just than Yuvi get call from Sara. He picks up her call.Yes Sara tell me.

Sara: sir come fast meeting will be started in 10 minutes.

Yuvi: yeah I’ll what about your boss.

Sara:he is here only sir. Yuvi get relief twinkle see it.

Yuvi: yeah I’m coming. He hangs up the call and left for office without saying anything.

While all others were looking at twinkle.

Rt: what happened now twinkle again you fight with kunj haa??

Twinkle: I didn’t Papa, but he wanted that.

Leela:you should listen him first before him you started and telling him whatever coming in your mind twinkle. Did he tell you that twinkle let’s go back to Sarna Mansion haa Itself you assumed.

Twinkle:I know MAA he wanted this only that I can’t do it at any cost.. she about to get up while rt stop her.

Rt:Twinkle sit and have your breakfast first. She sit and having her breakfast.

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Yuvi reached office soon and directly went in kunj cabin. He open her door with jerk and see kunj sitting and doing his work.

He went towards him and put the file in front of him with noise. Kunj slightly look at him even he too back him..

Yuvi: good you are here. I’m idiot who was worried about you kunj??

Kunj:I’m not kid so you were worried about me.Good you come let’s go I was just waiting for you only meeting will be started at any time.. Kunj get up and about to go but Yuvi held his hand.

Yuvi: I know you feel bad whatever twinkle said..

Kunj: leave it Yuvi now I’m used too and her words are just meaningless not making any kind of sense when my MAA isn’t like why I felt bad. He said this and removed Yuvi hand and went to conference room. Yuvi too..

soon their meeting started all get busy in meeting totally.

Sometimes later twinkle walking in garden while Ansh and soham playing in garden in side. Twinkle feel thirsty she went inside and goes in kitchen and drink water she thought let’s see Aayat what she does it.

She went upstairs goes in her room and what she saw her legs freeze immediately.

Aayat was laying on floor and her whole body shaking like anything twinkle rushed towards her and see forth is coming from her mouth and her hands twisted she was hell shocked after see her. Twinkle sit and take her head in her lap patting on her face and see she was burning in fever like hell. Twinkle get panic after see her condition.

Twinkle:Aayat ????wake up open your eyes what happened to you. Twinkle started giving voice to everyone but all went gurudwara. Twinkle didn’t see here and there she lifted Aayat and place her on bed finding her phone in aghast way.

Her mind stop working somehow she found her phone dial Kunj number immediately. While Kunj was in meeting he didn’t pick up her call.

Twinkle:damn it kunj please pick up the call twinkle one eyes on Aayat. She suffer like fish who come out of the water. Twinkle again and again calling kunj which disturbs him very much whoever was presented in conference room they all were looking at Kunj. Kunj excuse them and went out of the conference room he took out his phone and see it’s twinkle calls.

Kunj:now what happened to her why she calls me now.. he received her phone.

Hello twinkle.

Twinkle: in plangent voice.. kunjjjjjjjj.,

Kunj: Twinkle what happened are you okay na..

Twinkle: woh Aa…. ya..ttttt..

Kunj: Aayat what happened to her tell me na twinkle started crying loudly..

Twinkle: kunjjj please come home fast I can’t tell you anything right now. Look at Aayat don’t know what’s happened to her.

Kunj:okay don’t worry I’m coming right now. He hangs up the call and immediately run from here for Taneja mansion.Twinkle try to handle Aayat and patting on her cheeks to wake up her, but she not gives any response back..

Kunj drive the car so fast he drenched in sweat in tension.its become so difficult for him to drive. Anyhow he reached Taneja mansion and come out of the Just than Leela and they all to come back from gurudwara.They get confused to see kunj like this kunj didn’t close car door and just rushed to twinkle. Kunj went in twinkle room and he run towards twinkle and see twinkle sitting beside Aayat rubbing her hands and legs. He breathe heavily.

Kunj: Twinkleeee.

Twinkle see him and get up tears rolling down from her eyes.. twinkle gesturing him on Aayat Kunj eyes went on Aayat get shocked to see her condition. Kunj floor skip from his shoes.. ayaattt. He takes step towards her.. Tears fall down from kunj eyes.

Twinkle:kunjjjjj Aayattttt see her na.. Aayat shaking like she got 440 volt electricity shock. Everyone come there..

Kunj:Twinkle calm down.. Aayat wake up forth still coming kunj wiped out..

Asha: I’ll call doctor. She calls doctor it’s better to die before to see their kids in this horrible condition. Twinkle and Kunj each breath become so tough. Soon doctor come.

Kunj: Doctor see my daughter..

Doctor:yeah let me see her first. You all stand in side all stand and doctor examined Aayat.give her injection immediately. He looks at Kunj..

Kunj: tell me what happened to her..

Doctor: Mr Kunj due to unlimited stress and fever she has epilepsy. After listing this all get shocked their mouth got open. Twinkle inner soul shake. Twinkle about hit with wall Leela hold her on time.

Kunj: whattt epilepsy how??

Doctor: this happened mr Kunj after see her condition it’s not good for her. I’m giving you advice take care of her like small baby she needed and lots of stress she take that’s too not good for her in this age.if again this epilepsy come it’s dangerous for her. I’m give her injection don’t let her fever increased okay. I prescribe these medicines to her give her.

Asha went with doctor and to bring Aayat medicines. Twinkle falls down her knees.

Twinkle:why babaji.. it’s better kill me..

Leela:Twinkle shut up get up if you do like this who will handle her she need you both now. Kunj sit beside Aayat take her hand in his and kissed on her palm. Twinkle get up and sit beside twinkle in other side of bed.she rests her head near Aayat pillow sobbing miserably..

Twinkle:Meri hi beti Kyu babaji.,Leela and Mahi went out of the room having tears in their eyes too.Kunj too rest his head beside Aayat and sobbing inside his heart.

Both holding her one and one hands tightly.After sometime later Aayat slightly open her eyes and feeling her pain. Kunj and twinkle see her both get up and see her.

Twinkle:Aayat get relief.. she get up and started screaming winching in pain..

Kunj:aayatttt,, bassss.. Asha come with medicines and give to twinkle Aayat voice echoed in whole mansion roofs.,

Aayat:ahhhhhh she agonize in pain..

Kunj cupped her face and caressing hairs. Twinkle take out medicine and give to Kunj.

Kunj: Aayat take this medicine you’ll good.

Aayat: no bhut dard ho raha hai ???.

Aayat denying taking medicine Kunj and twinkle hold her hands and give her medicines forcefully. Half of the medicines she puked.. chiii. Don’t give me this. Twinkle make her sit and patting on her back.

Twinkle: you’ll good Aayat.. Aayat jerk twinkle hand and rest her head on kunj chest.While twinkle looking at Kunj face he knows she feel so bad but what to do now.Aayat personal issues with twinkle that tear her lot.She cry so loudly and bearing unbearable pain this small soul.

Whole day passed like this only Aayat didn’t take name to stop.Kunj lifting her in his arms roaming here and there.Still she sobs.

Twinkle and everyone sitting together all consoling Twinkle..

Yuvi: Twinkle don’t cry..

Leela: yes..

Twinkle: ?MAA Aayat hating me why?? Still she always love kunj more than me today also MAA she jerks my hand. Everyone gives painful smile.

Rt: it’s happened she had issues with you take her time and every daughter love their fathers more than mother but end of the day they need their mother too.

Leela:yes twinkle we all know kunj can only handle her.

Asha: doctor give her medicines na she’ll be fine. Ansh and soham come and After playing cricket both making their condition like slum areas kids.. Ansh went towards twinkle..

Ansh: MAA where is Aayat see I win today in match..

Twinkle:ansh what is this look at yourself first.. haa…

Ansh: sorry mamma in cute way ?..

Asha: you both come with me I’ll give you both quick shower okay.They both get ready and went with Asha.. after sometime later everyone sits for dinner kunj who was still standing on his one leg for Aayat. His hands started paining but still he didn’t give up.

Leela:I’ll call kunj for dinner.

Yuvi: MAA you sit I’ll okay he get and went in twinkle room and see kunj in balcony with Aayat. He went towards him. Kunj.

He turned and look at Yuvi..

Kunj: hmm..

Yuvi:Aayat don’t cry what you will get it.

Due to her tears kunj shirt fully wet.

Kunj come for dinner.

Kunj:Yuvi you go yaar she didn’t let me sit for one second. Yuvi didn’t argue with kunj he went back to down and joint everyone.

Yuvi: MAA kunj said no.

Twinkle: how’s Aayat??

Yuvi:go and see her voice only echoing in your room. All having their food simply after Ansh went in room along with soham they both see Aayat and Kunj.

Soham: ansh why Aayat always stay with your Papa why?? Ansh looking at Kunj and Aayat kunj caressing her hairs.

He remembers whatever he listen that day.

Ansh: so what..

Soham: she isn’t your sister real na still.

Ansh:don’t say this she is my sister real got it.

Kunj: Aayat Mat roh please..

Aayat: papaaaa?????.

Kunj:I know it’s painful but you eat something and take your medicines.You feel good my baby.she cuddles so tightly.

Kunj went in hall nobody is there all sitting in mahi playing with baby.Kunj standing near window and cool wind is coming.

Kunj: Aayat forgive us na. Why you behave like this with your mamma.

Aayat:she isn’t my mamma she is Ansh Mamma only.

Kunj:Aayat please try to understand. Aayat you have fever too still you didn’t want to sleep haa.she didn’t say anything just sobbing slightly. After seeing her pain kunj with lots of difficulties he controls on his emotions.Just than Leela come there.

Leela:Aayat puttar. Kunj puttar give her to me. Kunj about to give Aayat to Leela whole Aayat hold kunj shirt tightly.


Leela:Aayat come to me please.

Kunj:leave MAA she’ll not come.Now it’s 1 clock.Kunj hands freeze. Twinkle seeing him, but she didn’t come to them. Kunj remember that doctor give stats injection for pain. Maybe she’ll feel good after this. Kunj give voice to Yuvi and tell him get Aayat medicine bag. He brought and kunj gesture Yuvi. Aayat who slightly closed her eyes but still wake up.Kunj place her on couch and he takes injection.

Kunj: in low voice. Hold her hand okay.

Yuvi: you’ll do it.

Kunj:what to do Yuvi yaar.If she behaves like this than it effects on her health too.

Kunj about to give her injection just than Aayat open her eyes and see injection. Started screaming loudly in very sharp voice suddenly listen her voice everyone come out of their rooms.

Yuvi: shit..

Kunj: hold her bas..

Aayat: noooo???.Aayat moving her hand and legs twinkle see this and feel bad.. nahiiii na…???..

Kunj put stone on his heart and forcefully give her injection.Twinkle closed her eyes.

Yuvi leave Aayat hand kunj take her in his arms. Medicine dose was so high that immediately Aayat body stilled.

Yuvi:she is okay now she didn’t say anything.

Kunj:fine.. Kunj take her in room and place on bed check her fever temperature and it’s really high. Twinkle bring cold water and cloth for Aayat. She kunj he took it and started keeping wet cloth on Aayat forehead. Twinkle you should sleep now.

Twinkle:hmm little bite silent come between twinkle and Kunj now. Whole night kunj sitting beside Aayat didn’t blink his eyes for a second whole night he checked Aayat.Next day twinkle wake up and find kunj wake up and still keeping wet cloth on Aayat forehead she feels bad what she told him.Kunj slightly look at her and twinkle get freshen up.Later Kunj too.

Aayat still sleeping all having their breakfast Kunj just playing with his food he just thinking about Aayat and missing his MAA both of them very important for him.Twinkle see kunj face.

Aayat wake up with jerk the first words come out from her mouth it’s pappaaaaa she said so loudly till downstairs it’s Listening.

Kunj:Aayat.. he immediately rushed towards her. Twinkle having tears.

Leela: Twinkle…??..

Twinkle: MAA when she can call kunj as Papa why not me mamma ???. Leela rubbing her back.

Leela: Twinkle I told you already she needs time.

Twinkle:but Aayat forgive kunj not me..

Yuvi: heheh twinkle you jealous with kunj ??to cheer up her mood he does this.

Twinkle: Yuvi it’s not joke. Yuvi give side hug to twinkle..

Yuvi:Twinkle you know Aayat and Kunj from starting she closed to kunj. Okay.He wiped her tears.

Kunj went to Aayat and see her she breathing so heavily. He cupped her face Aayat hugged him.

Aayat: papa?. Don’t leave me.

Kunj:calm down I’ll not go anywhere shhh.

He makes her sit on his lap.. he wiped her tears. Kissed on her forehead. Aayat tu Mat kar this all give me and twinkle pain.

Tell me what you wanted I’ll do everything for you Aayat but this tears tear me lot.

Dhoondh Te Teri Hasi

Mil Gayi Meri Khushi

Raah Hoon Mein Teri

Tu Hai Tu Meri

Dhoondh Te Tere Nishaan

Mil Gayi Khudi

Tu Jo Mila Lo Ho Gaya Main Kaabil

Tu Jo Mila Toh Ho Gaya Sab Haasil Ha..

Mushkil Sahi Aasaan Hui Manzil

Kyunki Tu.. Dhadkan Main Dil..

Oh Oo..

Tu Jo Mila Lo Ho Gaya Main Qaabil

Tu Jo Mila Toh Ho Gaya Sab Haasil Ha..

Tu Jo Mila Aasaan Hui Mushkil

Kyunki Tu.. Dhadkan Main Dil..

Aayat looking at Kunj face.

Aayat: I don’t want to stay here ??.

Kunj:okay fine I’ll take you from here.For your happiness Aayat I can do anything.

How can you thought I sale you ?.long tears fall down from kunj eyes Aayat see and wiped.

Aayat: sorry for this. But I’ll not go back to them..

Kunj:nobody gives you Aayat. Both father and daughter hugged each other’s and cried for sometimes this all seen by everyone.They broke the hug Aayat kissed on kunj cheeks and give smile which vanish Kunj all sadness ?..

Aayat:see I smiled now. Kunj nodded his head in yes and joint their heads.. later Twinkle come with breakfast.

Twinkle: Feed her.

Kunj: why me.. come you.Twinkle sit beside kunj and took small morsel of food and take near Aayat face she look at Kunj face he gestured her.Aayat open her mouth and eat from twinkle hands. Somewhere twinkle get happy.Happily Aayat eat.Aayat now you take bath okay.

Twinkle and Kunj or Aayat went in washroom they both together give bath to Aayat small happiness appeared on their face.They both dress up Aayat twinkle give her medicines.Aayat resting her head on kunj lap.Kunj thinking how Aayat get to know about this all things even in details.

Kunj: Aayat can I asked you one question. ?

Aayat: hmm.

Kunj: Aayat who told you about this all. Aayat get up and remember about that lady.

Aayat: wohhhh..

Twinkle: woh kaun..

Aayat: woh one aunty told me..

Twinkle: what ?..

Kunj: tell Us clearly..

Aayat tell each and everything to twinkle and Kunj they both get confused who she is.

Aayat: bas..

Kunj:okay. She again rested her head on kunj lap and twinkle caressing her hairs. Soon she sleeps. I’m confused who she is..

Twinkle: yes kunj..

Kunj: you take care of her I’ll come soon.

Twinkle: where are you going??

Kunj: wait..

Twinkle: you think what we’ll tell ansh..

Kunj:don’t know anything right now Twinkle first let me deal with that laDy..

He took his phone and left.

Twinkle look at Aayat and place kisses on her face. She too laid down beside her because she too very exhausted. Ansh come and went towards bed he lay beside Aayat and look at twinkle who admires Aayat face. Twinkle cuddles her like small baby.

Ansh: mamma what happened to her..

Twinkle:now she is fine.

Ansh:mamma this Aayat carbon copy of Papa na after see her face no need of to see Papa face.

Twinkle:hmmm.true my baby she kissed on her cheeks. They Both too sleep beside Aayat peacefully.

While Kunj was hell curious about that lady who she is.. he went that garden where that lady take Aayat.

Kunj: I have to find who she is.. once I get to know about her I’ll not leave her aware of my mother.. Kunj eyes went on side there is one cctv camera was there kunj give smile thanks Jesus! Anyhow Kunj tell Someone he need all footage of this garden past weeks. He got the footage clips Kunj play and finding that day footage when Aayat meet with that lady. While checking the clips suddenly Kunj eyes went on Aayat uniform he paused the clips and then started. Kunj see Aayat sitting beside that lady who covering herself with burkha..

Kunj: how she knows about us everything.

Aayat went from there suddenly Kunj eyes caught something.He didn’t find anything kunj thinking just about her. I saw this ring somewhere but where man.he get frustrated. After so much struggle and give stress on his mind find he found out.

Ho so she is behind this all anger appeared in his eyes.He closed his fist. I told you don’t mess with me still. Now I’ll not leave you didn’t hurt me my life.

Next side in Sarna Mansion.

Anjali and Usha all missing kunj and his kids very much.

Niki: sheetal now let’s open the truth give this family one more shocked..

Sheetal: yup but we don’t know anything firstly..

Niki:ek chingari is enough for someone perdition .. ???..

Sheetal: hmm..

Sheetal and Niki and went in maya room and tell her about each and everything first she was shocked but later revenge birth in her heart and mind. Outside rain started so badly. Kunj reached Sarna Mansion he come out of his car in anger. He went inside and yelling Niki name. All come in hall and get confused to see kunj like this.

Kunj: nikiiiiiii… she come down..

Usha: what happened kunj..

Kunj: wait a minute MAA..

Niki:what happened why you screaming your mind is alright na.

Kunj:hehe My was alright I think your bad days has arrived finally she went towards kunj and stand in front of him.

One side Yuvi was hell worried about kunj because he didn’t pick his calls and most weather was so bad according to news don’t go outside. While all Taneja’s finally happy Aayat is normal now. All kids watching cartoons. Yuvi was in hall all alone.

Yuvi:where are you kunj damn it hopes he is fine. Something click on Yuvi mind he looked at his watch and smile hoo. I can see kunj where he is.. ? Yuvi and kunj both of them wearing a same watch in this watch had one system if you connected you can see each other’s and small camera was there too.Yuvi connected with screen. First nothing is coming.

than comes kunj was standing in Sarna Mansion .

Kunj: niki how can you stoop so low haa?

Niki: what..

Kunj closed his eyes and remembered all those Aayat pain and tears he didn’t waste any time give Niki tight and hard slap all get shocked..

Bebe: kunjjjj..

Niki: how dare you kunj..

Kunj: how dare you Niki..???.. did you forget who I m haa. You are the one who told each and everything to my daughter Aayat everyone eyes popout .

Anjali: what..

Kunj:yes she told her what you think of yourself nobody get to know about you ha it’s your highly mistake niki.. you can cover yourself but you forgot to hide your big diamond ring.. niki started sweating..

M I right now what you get after this one day this truth come out in front of Aayat anyhow why you haa?? After see this type of parents..

Niki: shelooksk at Kunj give smile I get relief Kunj when I see you and twinkle In pain I don’t want anything.

Kunj: acha what she done with you haa.

Niki: she is your daughter it’s her mistake kunj. Yes I told Aayat again she received two more slaps from kunj Yuvi get happy other side.. while all Taneja’s seeing this all from behind that Yuvi don’t know..

Kunj: you choose wrong thing now see what I’ll do with you and this Sheetal when I didn’t leave naman for my sister for small mistake how can you both.

Niki: sister hehehe which… niki and Sheetal started laughing loudly.. and clapping too.I must say kunj you are really innocent. Maya told Anant already..

Sheetal: first find your Id..

Kunj: what nonsense is this haa..

Niki:acha asked your mother oops.. no mother.. Usha and Nani looking at them.

Kunj went towards Usha.

Kunj:MAA I want to talk to you.

Usha: yes

Kunj:how can you forgive Anant Bhaiya. After what he done with me MAA.

Maya: which MAA Kunj she is not your mother all looking at maya confusedly while Nani and Usha didn’t getting anything.

Bebe: maya..

Anant: yes kunj she isn’t your mother she is mine. Anant went towards Usha jerk Kunj hand who holding Usha hand.Tears escaping from Usha eyes..

Anjali: Ananttttt.

Anant:yes di kunj isn’t our brother..

Maya: whom dirty blood he is..

Nani: maya ???.. Kunj looking at Usha.

Kunj:MAA ???.. what is this.. Usha take deep breath..

Usha: yes kunj it’s true you are not my son.

Manohar: Usha..

Usha: yes ji. Kunj is not our son real.. Kunj take step back. Taneja’s shocked..

Kunj: maaa ????.:

Manohar went towards Usha.

Manohar: usha.

Usha:I’ll tell you all everything today now I can’t. Kunj cupped Usha face.

Kunj: MAA I don’t want anything just you.

Usha: kunj Ican’tt choose between you and Anant. Anant is my son..

Kunj:MAA Aesha mat bol..

Maya: yeh tumhari sautelee MAA hai. Kunj scream..

Kunj: don’t say this.. Usha jerk Kunj hands.

Usha: kunj yeh sach..

Anjali: MAA don’t .. Usha turned her face towards Nani and out stone on her heart.

Usha:kunj you are tej and jaanvi son but mine.Bebe and Manohar shocked.

Before 30 years ago. You know ji.When tej and jaanvi come back from London with Their new born baby.

Bebe: so..

Usha:you all in Amritsar and I and mummy ji went to Kashmir to meet with them. i had small baby boy. That horrible night comes in our life. We all went out to enjoy. But we don’t know that our life will be decided for us this.. Weather was not good

Due to heavy snowfall tej Bhai shab didn’t see clearly we met with accident our car broke fully.Me and pmummy or MAA is fine but tej and jaanvi not and my son too. Tej and jaanvi taking their last breath I check my baby who already die I was shocked but kunj you are safe.. ???..

Flash [email protected]

Jaanvi and tej laying down on Nani and Kunj dadi Laps..

Jaanvi: usha since childhood you stay with me as my sister today I want one thing from you..

Nani: nothing will happen to you..

Jaanvi: nahi maa.. today you promise me that from now usha is your daughter..

Usha: jaanvi..??..

Jaanvi: usha please do one favour on me after so much prayer I got kunj become his mother from now..

Usha: me..

Tej: yes tum. Usha after us he had you and Manohar as parents..

Tej mother: tejjjj.

Tej: MAA don’t cry.. you both love my kunj

After us too. Never let him know about this. Usha take kunj in Her hands and tej and jaanvi keep their one and one hands on kunj head jaanvi kissed on kunj forehead and take her last breath and die tej too. Their mothers screamed.. ??

Flash back end..

Nani started crying loudly after listen all those bitter memories.Each and everyone is shocked..

Usha:this is truth of that night I lost my one son but get you kunj.Me Teri Maa nahi hu.. they are is your parents pointing her hand on wall where tej and jaanvi photos hanging. Kunj wiped his tears and went near Usha.

Anant: now I understand why Nani always love you more than me.. because she is your Nani.. he clapped..

Kunj:MAA I don’t care you are my mother I know about this Usha turned and look at Kunj with questions eyes..

Kunj closed his eye and other Yuvi both went in flash back..

Flash [email protected]@

After come back from Switzerland.

Kunj went in usha room to check her but she was not there he wanted something

So he normally open wardrobe one diary fall down kunj pick up.

Kunj:what is this MAA never write any diary.Kunj open the book and started reading after reading everything kunj was shocked hell he didn’t believe on his own eyes he again and again read what written but truth is truth tears come out. He keeps the diary back and wiped his tears and went out he went his favorite place where he used to sit alone when he was sad. He called Yuvi and he too come there..

Yuvi: what happened bro.. Kunj tell about diary to Yuvi even he too shocked.

Kunj are you sure.

Kunj: yes Yuvi even my heart doesn’t want to believe on this.. That mean Yuvi I don’t have anyone is my life shit no MAA papa see I’m idiot more than Aayat. I thought she living in fake world even me too I don’t know about my real parents it’s true na Yuvi karma is a b*t*h ????..

Yuvi: what you’ll do.. he wiped his tears.

Kunj: I’ll not do anything Yuvi they are my parents that’s it and I’ll never asked about this to my MAA she is my everything. After see her love and care I can’t live without her when my MAA love me this much even Anant Bhaiya Maya Bhabhi can too humesha real hi nahi hota hai.. and I can’t forget their favor on me mujse bin MAA baap ke bache ko paala posha. Me unka eshaan kabhi nahi bhula shakta Yuvi.

Yuvi: good. End,,

Kunj:MAA that day also I don’t care and now too.You are my MAA and Papa they are not I don’t know about them anything.

Even I don’t want MAA.You are my MAA.

Everyone told sautelee MAA shit., this Maya Bhabhi is bad that doesn’t mean you are too you are better than real MAA. Maa I don’t want anything just you I can’t live without you.and I never tell you choose between me and Anant Bhaiya. Just because of you I stop I didn’t do anything with Anant Bhaiya MAA. If you hurt than me too.

Anant: Kunj get out from here.. niki about to push Nani.. Kunj hold her on time.

Kunj:niki don’t dare. Anant started fighting with kunj but he didn’t say anything just looking at Usha. Usha run from here..

Yuvi shut the tv and turned his face and find everyone.: Yuvi didn’t look at anyone he left for Sarna Mansion he knows kunj needs him now..twinkle cursing herself somewhere she hurt kunj..

Leela: we never thought about this..

Twinkle: maa how I will face him.. he was more than me in pain..

Usha come in her room hug the wall crying out.

Usha: forgive me kunj for your betterment I have to do this with you.. Nani take kunj outside.Tears just coming out from their eyes.

Nani: kunjjj Handel yourself. Kunj sit in side like lifeless body..

Kunj: Nani I don’t have anyone See MAA.

Nani: no kunj see here is your Nani how can you are alone haa. Because of you I alive you are last reason I live kunj. She cupped his face and wiped his tears.I

Lost my daughter and my son-in-law that for me more than my son you are last souvenir of my daughter Kunj I can’t lose you at any cost.

Kunj:why you hide this Nani???

Nani:we don’t have any option kunj.

Kunj:Nani I can’t live without my MAA ??.. Anjali come there and sit beside kunj.

Anjali: don’t cry chote..

Yuvi come there and went to kunj.they all consoling Kunj.Yuvi take kunj his house luthra mansion whole night kunj just lost in his thoughts.fear of losing Usha that killing him.

Kunj:Yuvi Twinkle is right I m alone??. You all have parents but I don’t have anyone.Yuvi hug him tightly both sit all night like this..

After listening everyone harsh words for kunj that all killing Usha like anything.She took one decision for kunj happiness.

Whole day kunj sleep when wake up at evening just wanted Usha only he run for Sarna Mansion and went in her room find Usha..

Kunj: MAA ???. She turned and see him.

Usha: what are you doing here..

Kunj: MAA don’t this fake drama I know you love me MAA. Usha went in hall..

Usha: kunj Leave from here??..

Kunj: nahi maa.

Usha: me nahi hu Teri Maa suna tune..

all come there… Kunj begging in front of Usha.. Usha took knife in her hand.

Kunj go from our life if not than I’ll kill my self everyone is shocked.

Kunj: no MAA stop please..

Usha;you took your daughter from my Anant haa I don’t want any relationships with you now any more. Don’t want to see your face too.Usha tell so much kunj her all harsh words killing kunj like anything like a small baby he cried for Usha.. Usha about to cut her hands.

Kunj: nahi MAA okay I’ll do whatever you wanted I’ll go if you happy ??..Kunj took knife from her hand throw in side.

Usha: good????.

Kunj: MAa.Usha turned her face kunj went from there helplessly. He calls Sara and tell her something he went Taneja mansion where everyone is waiting for kunj twinkle see him and went towards him.

Twinkle:kunjjj.. are you okay..

Kunj:hmm.. we are going from India.

Twinkle: what where why??

Kunj:don’t asked me anything twinkle pack your things tonight we are leaving get it he went out again.

Twinkle: MAA. I know he is sad but.

Yuvi:now you are happy..

Asha:you should do twinkle what kunj wanted.When they can’t see his goodness what’s the need to stay here.Twinkle went in her room and started packing her things.While Kunj roaming on stress in dilemma.

Day went night come.Twinkle pack everything they all set to go. Kunj get ready and tell twinkle he is coming. Kunj went Sarna Mansion to meet last night with everyone and take Nani with him.

Nani: usha Mat kar yeh sab..

Usha: nahi maa???.. already my kunj bear so much pain now I don’t want MAA. I beg you take him from here please.

Nani: but. Kunj knock at door and Usha see him. He went towards her..

Kunj: MAA.

Usha: hmmm she hides her tears from kunj so turn and looking at wall but kunj can see it..

Kunj: MAA I’m going forgive me for each and everything if I hurt you.

Usha: in heart no kunj you never hurt me you are my good son.. ???..

BG SONG Please LiSTEN While reading

And imagine kunj and Usha same like this.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

Na Judaa Honge Hum

Kabhi Kushi Kabhie Gham

Tere Saath Hongi Meri Duaayen

Aaye Kabhi Na Tujh Pe Koyi Balaayen

Tere Saath Hongi Meri Duaayen

Aaye Kabhi Na Tujh Pe Koyi Balaayen

Mera Dil Yeh Kahe Tu Jahan Bhi Rahen

Har Gadi Har Kushi Chume Tere Kadam

Yeh Hai Tere Karam

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

Na Judaa Honge Hum

Kabhi Kushi Kabhie Gham

Kunj: kuch bolo MAA Teri nafrat karne lagi hai mujhe se MAA. Tears showing like rain. Kunj went towards MAA give her side hug.

MAA you didn’t give me birth but on my each breath your name is written MAA. If I know what is MAA it’s you MAA. And I know behind this your care is hiding. I know Meri MAA best MAA hai world ki MAA.You always remain my mother. MAA whenever you need me give me one voice your kunj is alway there for you. Wherever I was but your love and blessing with me MAA. Each word of kunj making Usha more weak. Kunj hold Usha hand take her down already everyone was present.

Twinkle and all come there too meet with all ansh and Aayat standing in corner. Usha and Kunj coming down both crying.

Kunj went to Manohar take his blessing. Manohar look at him and hugged him tightly.

Our lives are full of separations that shake us up, force us to attend to our emotional selves and to learn new ways of being in the world. Although many of our losses are painful, they encourage our gains. The lesson life is trying to teach us is that, regardless of the challenges and changes in the physical world, we will abide in peace by aligning ourselves with our inner changelessness. The power of God in us is more than equal to any moment-no matter what it brings. We live in a loving, supportive universe that is always saying yes to us.

Kunj: sorry Papa for my mistakes ?..

Manohar:nahi kunj I’m blessed to have son like you.And he went to Bebe and take her blessing too. She simply gives him blessing. Anjali who standing crying for kunj. Anjali come to kunj and hugged him tightly bout cried in each other’s embrace..

Anjali: chote?? don’t go.. Kunj cupped her face..

Kunj: don’t cry di you know na your chote can’t see tears in your eyes..di me aap ka bhai rahunga na?? She cupped Kunj face.

Anjali: yes kunj you are my baby brother ?.. don’t say this.Your di always waiting for you without you I’m incomplete ?..

I wanted that my baby play with their maamu ??.. ek last baar humari poem bolna chote kunj smile ?..

Kunj: hmm both joint their forehead

Toffee se mithi hai

Churan se kathi hai

Kathi meethi hai teri kahani

Anjali Di hai sab se sayani” .. ab aap ki baari di..

Anjali:Papad ka thokra hai

Jab dehko ukara hai

Dehta hai apni Di ko

Aasu mote mote

Woh hai gussewala

Hamara chote” ??..

Expect from maya and Anant or Niki and Sheetal all crying.

They share a hug and cried for sometimes. Kunj take Anjali to om and give her hand in his..

Kunj: take care of my di O..

Om: hmm?..

Kunj: if one tears drop falls down from my di eyes I’ll not leave you..

Om: she is lucky have brother like you..

Anjali and om meet with ansh and Aayat and give kisses on their cheeks.

Kunj turned and look at Usha.

Kunj: MAA I’m going at least last time give your blessing to my kids.. twinkle tell ansh and Aayat went to kunj. They both touch Usha and Manohar feet’s.

Ansh: / Aayat: bye dadu and dadi ?..

twinkle meet with everyone Manohar give her his blessing.

Twinkle: mummy ji.. she folds her hand and take her blessing to usha keep her hand on her head bas:. Kunj cupped Usha face and wipe her tears.

Kunj:this tears not suit in your eyes MAA. He kissed on her forehead. Kunj hug her. Usha didn’t hug him back.. he folds his hand in front of Usha.Bye MAA take care of herself don’t worry if you don’t want to see my face I’ll not show you MAA.Tu roh mat maa. In your happiness my happiness is there MAA. In this Janam you didn’t give me birth but I wish to god in next janam I’ll born from your womb MAA and become your good son. Dekh MAA twinkle ko uski beti milgi But mujhse Meri MAA dur hogi?.. woh kehte hai who don’t have parents that person is the unluckiest person in this world see me I’m who give me birth they leave me and now you too MAA.

I didn’t take anything from this house MAA just take all Those memories which I’m spent with you all. Kunj take Usha hand and kissed on her palms. Usha jerk his hand kunj smile.. he wiped his tears okay bye MAA keep smiling. He looks his Nani who crying.

Kunj:let’s go Nani.. Nani meet with Usha.

Nani: usha dekh me jaa rahi hu.. she hugged.

Usha: in low voice MAA take care of my kunj ???.. apna kunj soph rahi hu aap ko..

Nani: hmm. Kunj hold Nani hand they went outside. Twinkle and Kunj meet with Taneja family. Yuvi looking at Kunj..

Yuvi:saale such me you’ll leave me..

Kunj:hmm.Yuvi get angry with kunj he went from there. Nani or Twinkle and kids sit in car. Kunj come outside and see Sarna Mansion last time where he went all childhood went.Kunj come and sit driver started car .

Usha come in sense she looked and didn’t find kunj she ran out. Car going..

Usha: kunjjjjjjjj???..Kunj car left all see Usha she falls down.. chala gaya mera beta ????.

There is an endearing tenderness in the love of a mother to a son that transcends all other affections of the heart.

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. Life is beauty, admire it. Life is a dream, realize it. Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is a duty, complete it. Life is a game, play it. Life is a promise, fulfill it. Life is sorrow, overcome it. Life is a song, sing it. Life is a struggle, accept it. Life is a tragedy, confront it. Life is an adventure, dare it. Life is luck, make it. Life is too precious, do not destroy it. Life is life, fight for it.

Episode freezes..


How’s the episode????

See I come early this time ?..

I hope you like it episode I reached to your expectations..

Love ka hai intzaar not for twinkle.She waited for kunj love. Her wait is over too.

We all waiting something in their life’s..

something comes sometime we don’t want that.,, just because of maya can’t say that all step mothers is bad no..

She can’t do sacrifice for Aayat because she doesn’t love her. Today Usha make herself wrong in everyone eyes and just for kunj happiness and a mother want to see her kids happy at any cost she can’t sacrifice her happiness for them. Usha also did she Itself make kunj away from her to see him happy in his life it’s a real mother. Adoption not wrong thing some people didn’t understand the value of others kids.What they give them they took in easy way.To give someone happiness it’s not wrong. Many of can’t do it. When people can’t share their things with anyone it’s very huge to share a baby..

Today whatever happened in this story. Maya and Anant didn’t put any good examples in front of Aayat. If same situation comes in front of ayaat and anyone. After see what happened with her own self those good people just because of maya and Anant type of parents they can’t help them.We should keep in my our mind before doing anything. Aayat get everything and love she Itself realised when she grow up she get so much love from her not real parents than she can to do it but now she’ll can’t

One people mistakes effected many of them. Aayat was finding her identity but kunj Don’t know Itself his real identity.

He was living in fake world.

Twinj got their daughter back but kunj lost his family and mother.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

Whatever I planned till now I write it down. 


1: kunj truth come out in front of everyone and his regret become good✅..

2: twinkle and Kunj become one they fall in love twinkle wait is over kunj get punishment of his deeds.✅✅..

3 : Aayat truth come out in front of her she know she is kunj Aayat sarna and Kunj too see his bother and bhabhi real face✅✅.

4: last kunj identity the truth usha and nani hiding from everyone. All things Against kunj now. ✅✅✅..!

Let’s see what destiny had planned for twinj what happened in their new life.

Wait for next.. new start, I don’t have any intention to hurt anyone feelings.. 

Please ignore any grammatical mistakes no proof reading ??.

Again congratulations myself ???

And happy birthday Vibhu ?????.

Bye love you all

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