Love ka hai intezaar Twinj ff episode 103


      Episode 103


Arsh wake up and get up and see his parents and siblings sleeping peacefully he come down from bed.And went towards his toys and starter playing with them Itself his eyes went in closet door was open, so he went inside and his eyes landed on chocolates was there, so he took and started eating closet door closed itself.With his little little hands somehow he opened chocolate box and eating like anything whole chocolate spread all over on his face and his hands and leg too drenched in chocolate. Happily licking hand and face.

Arsh:ahahhaa???.He mess whole closet and dirty all clothes with chocolate.

Twinkle didn’t feel anything to near herself

She open her eyes and didn’t find Arsh near.Twinkle see kunj and Ansh or Aayat sleeping twinkle forthwith get up.She get shocked Arsh is not here.

Twinkle:where is Arsh. She wake kunj kunj wake up na see Arsh is not in room.

Kunj:hmm in sleeping tone..

Twinkle: Arshhhh nahi hai..

Kunj open his one eyes and look at twinkle who sitting with worried face..

Twinkle: get up na.. Kunj get up and sit there and rubbing his eyes.

Kunj:what where he’ll go he toh sleeping beside you na.. you don’t know about him.

Twinkle:I toh sleeping kunj how I know.

Kunj:us se toh bed se toh utre nahi jata hai properly.

Twinkle:sometime he can..find mere baby ko.

Kunj:wait where he’ll he is here only.

They both check in washroom and balcony. But Arsh is not where, so they both went downstairs and asked servant they see Arsh they said no. Twinkle started crying.

Twinkle: mera beta kunjjj..

Kunj:shut up siyappa queen don’t know where is little siyappa king. Ansh and Aayat come down too. To see kunj and twinkle worried.

Ansh:mamma what happened..

Twinkle: ansh Arsh is not in room don’t know where he is.?

Aayat: he hide behind bed mamma.

Twinkle: I check it. Nani to come.

Nani:Arey kunj and twinkle Kya hua..

Kunj: nani Arsh room me nahi hai.

Nani: what.. they all started finding Arsh in whole mansion but unsuccessful..

Aayat and Ansh went in room and just than they heard voice coming out from closet they went near door and get confused.

Ansh:yeh awaaz..

Aayat:hmm let’s check it out.They both open the door slowly and get shocked after see the scenario in front of their eyes. Arsh drenched in chocolate. ?.

Their mouth and eyes get open like ??.

Ansh: what is this man.

Aayat: yeah we all worried about him and he toh playing holy with chocolate. Mamma Papa she give voice to her parents after listen her voice kunj and twinkle instantly come there.

Kunj: what happened. Aayat point her hand toward Arsh. Kunj and twinkle turn their eyes on Arsh and they both too get shocked like anything ???.

Twinkle: awww??.. o baba ji.. Arsh didn’t give them look just busy in his chocolate world..

Ansh: oyye rabbit ?.. he look at them and see everyone and give them smile.

Twinkle see whole closet condition and hold her head.

Twinkle: o babaji this two is less on my head he is too.What condition he did closet. They went toward Arsh still he eating chocolate.

Aayat: my chocolate ??. She about to touch Arsh jerk her hand.

Arsh: ahhah my chocy..

Ansh:see mamma hit him wait ill bring stick.Kunj and twinkle looking at each other face while kunj slightly giggles ?.

Arsh still not care he toh busy ??.

Arsh started clapping in happiness and all chocolate spattering everywhere.

Aayat:haa mamma see him.. twinkle sit beside Arsh..

Twinkle:aww mere baby why you come here I was worried about you don’t know bad dreams coming in my mind.

Arsh:mamma chocy.he shows her his chocolate hand. Twinkle kissed on his cheeks.

Kunj:look at this pidhi look like he take bath in chocolate.?.

Aayat: my clothes mamma ???…

Kunj:mere bhi.

Twinkle:so what I’m here na my baby mamma will clean everything.Aayat and Ansh too come and pulled his cheeks badly.Arsh pulled Aayat hairs.

Aayat:mamma I’ll kill him..

Twinkle:huhu.. twinkle lift him and they all went in room.

Kunj:oyye pidhi..

Arsh: o..y…e….

Twinkle:tit-for-tat.chal we will take bath okay.

Kunj:first clean him.

Twinkle: haa I don’t need your help.Today mamma and baby take bath together. Kunj look at twinkle.

Kunj:he lipsing slightly I’ll give you company ??.

Twinkle:no in same way..she take Arsh and went.While Kunj take Ansh and Aayat in another washroom and they take bath together with lots of fun.

Twinkle place Arsh in bathtub and he stand.

Twinkle:stand here okay.She take bath later give Arsh and they both mother and son spend gala time in bathroom.

They come out of the washroom and twinkle wrapping Arsh in towel just than Kunj along with his kids they too come.

Kunj: today Both siyappa master didn’t take 2 hours ???..

Ansh: true..

Twinkle:don’t speak too much get it.. Take him I’ll bring their clothes okay.Twinkle give Arsh to kunj and she went to take their clothes.

Kunj place Arsh on bed and make him wear first diaper.Twinkle come and give clothes to Ansh and Aayat make them wear.Kunj get ready While twinkle started getting ready ansh lay down and covered himself he and Arsh starter playing together

while Aayat went to twinkle and she make her pony. Both brothers playing together so nicely Arsh laughing loudly.

He bite Ansh cheeks.

Arsh: all seeing them and give smile.Later they went down and twinkle arrange the breakfast and twinkle call everyone for breakfast they had their breakfast nicely after sometimes Kunj left for office while twinkle get busy in house chores giving instructions to servants.

Outside snow falls started badly.

Ansh: Aayat lets go in garden we’ll play with snow..

Aayat:hmm.Take Arsh too.

Arsh: hmm..

Ansh:he understood very much.. Aayat and Ansh wear warm clothes make Arsh too wear with lots of difficulties. After quietly they went in garden without anyone heed on them.

They hold Arsh hand and went in garden area whole garden area dress up in snow.

Aayat:Arsh you sit we make snowman ⛄️.

Ansh:if mamma will see us she’ll kill us.

Aayat: stop talking like pihu what’s going on between you too hmmm..

Ansh: nothing she just eating my head.

Aayat: acha??.. they started playing with snow making snowman happily.

Other side Kunj get busy in his work checking everything happened on time and perfectly.

After all work done nani and twinkle sit together in living room both enjoying coffee.

Nani: today no noise what’s the matter where is your devils.

Twinkle:maybe playing. Little one too after they both come at least I can do my work nahi toh he didn’t let me do anything.

Nani:hmm right puttar. 3 years have been passed still feeling like yesterday we come here.

Twinkle:true nani ji.Even I too miss everyone but helpless. When I think about pastime what kunj done with himself.

Nani:true it’s obvious twinkle beta that truth come out in front of him it’s so horrible.

Twinkle:can I asked you one thing nani ji if you don’t mind.

Nani: she smile why I’ll twinkle. Asked what you wanted..

Twinkle:I’m mean how come nobody knows about this truth nani ji. I never thought about this in my life

Nani:I know beta.After that night I lost my daughter and son In law and gitanjali ji kunj grand mother lost her son in that accident and Usha too her son. After them

Usha take kunj and I make her my daughter from since childhood janvi and Usha is best friend even they are cousin sisters but love each other’s real sisters. They married in same house and stay happily.Usha bless with two kids everyone is happy somewhere janvi is sad tej and janvi did all possible things to get child.

To see her sad tej feel bad so he decided to shift London. After going London soon janvi expecting we all are so happy.After kunj birth they come India tej mother and Usha come from Amritsar to Kashmir after that night send my kids away from us.

We decided we’ll not tell nobody about this truth Usha give me promise from now she become kunj mother and my daughter.

Flash back @

Usha:MAA you don’t worry I’ll keep kunj always happy he is my heart.She stands in front of tej and janvi photos.He’ll never knew about this I’m not his mother he lost his parents.He is small soul and very innocent who don’t know anything.You both running here and there for this baby and today you both leave him.God is too great he takes one thing and give back again I lost my son and but get my son back in your son janvi.I’ll keep him like you both fulfill his all wishes before he says in no matter I’ll stand beside him. I’ll love him more than my two kids never let him knows that I’m not his MAA. Aaj se iss ki MAA me hu he is my son kunj mera beta.

I’ll never break my promise to you both this mystery lock in my heart world will know him though me. Nani and dadi come and stand beside Usha.

Nani:haa even I to get my daughter back in you usha.

Dadi:haa. Now we should go back to Amritsar driver is waiting for us..

Usha: haa MAA.. nani took kunj in her hands and kissed on his forehead wet tears eyes.

Nani:stay happy.

Usha:don’t worry MAA I’ll not give chance to complain MAA.

Nani:I know usha. My heart is happy he have you in his life. Me and gitanjali don’t know when we leave him.

Usha:no MAA. After Usha and dadi left.

Flash back end.

Nani: in painful eyes.Usha fulfilled her promise time going on kunj become jaan of his sister she too for him. Kunj love usha.Like anything his MAA is very everything for him usha visit to Kashmir every year when I see my kunj happy I feel so relief twinkle beta.His dadi day started with kunj and end on him.Life give kunj everything Yuvi his bestie both always stay together their masti.My small kunj become big than his dadi leave him.He fulfilled his all dreams achieved everything.When I come to know about he become father twinkle I can’t explain my happiness.He doesn’t have his blood one at least he has his kids.when he thinks to give Aayat to Anant that time somewhere usha happy his son didn’t stay alone.But nobody understands my kunj goodness.

Than everything break down the way people behaving with my kunj.I know how it’s difficult for usha to take that decision.

I can she is the best mother If my own daughter is alive even she too does’t love him like usha did.He did mistake I know.

He is not bad from heart. Niki and Sheetal listen my and usha conversation open in front of kunj but he toh already know. How nicely and like a strong man mere bache ne digest truth of his life. But never thought again he lost his everything. Tears falls from twinkle and nani eyes.

Twinkle:it’s so painful nani ji.. if you not with us today maybe I lost kunj. Every day he missed mummy ji and Anjali Di.

Nani:I know. When I see your kids happy with their parents feel so bad for my kunj he toh Don’t have anything today you and your kids twinkle he has in his life. Feel parents place empty in my kunj life.

Twinkle: no nani ji he has you in his life how can he is alone kunj isn’t alone he has us.

Nani:haa because of this my happy. Now I’m sacred alway praying to god don’t do anything with my kunj now he bears already so much.. he just pretending he is happy I wish they stay happy in their life, and we too in our life.

Twinkle:yes.They both talking with each other’s about this and that. They both didn’t listen any noise of kids. Arey where is kids Arsh stay with them without do anything so long.


While all sibling playing together happily having great fun throw snow on each other’s.Due to bad weather kunj complete.His work and give half day to his all employees, and he come back home he didn’t see kids in garden. Kunj sit with twinkle and nani..

Twinkle: today you come early why?

Kunj: aeshe hi work is finished almost so.

Nani:good spend sometime with your family too..

Twinkle: this language he didn’t understand nani ji?..

Kunj:very funny so peace in home today where is your kids and little siyappa king

Twinkle: stop calling him siyappa king..

Let me check them. Twinkle get up and went in kids playing room she check room and didn’t find them and get confused where they are.. she come back to kunj.

They are not in room.

Kunj:hoo than. Just than servant open curtain back area of garden seeing from window Arsh and Ansh or Aayat playing. Twinkle turned her face and her eyes went on them and get shocked.

Twinkle: hoo baba ji. Kunj and nani too see them and freeze.

Nani: so they are in garden.

Kunj: tabhi ghar itna peace me hai.

Twinkle: see them how shamelessly they play with snow this little one. When get ill running me behind them babaji??. Today I’ll not leave them. Twinkle took stick and went in garden kunj and nani to follow her.

Nani and Kunj giggling while twinkle in roar mode ??.. they went and stop and looking at them they three of them just busy didn’t see twinkle and Kunj or nani.

Twinkle: hi my babies. They turned and see them and get shocked leave snow immediately and freeze now what will happen to them what twinkle will do.

Aayat: ma…mma…..

Ansh: mammaa.

Twinkle:what happened haa how dare you both come here and take little one too haa: Arsh still playing.??.

Ansh: mamma he come Itself ??..

Kunj:acha you asked him Arsh we are going in garden to play with snow do you wanna joint us something like that ansh ?..

Twinkle:haa don’t make me fool why you both come see from head to toe Tiro covered in warm clothes haa. From where you get how he wear. Wait today I’ll not leave.She went towards them while they both running here and there twinkle behind them kunj and nani laughing loudly arsh clapping to see them ??..

Aayat: mamma leave me na sorry next time I’ll not do this idea ansh give me..

Ansh: you lair she Itself mamma.

Twinkle:I don’t care who give idea or not. Why you take my baby.

Aayat: Papa save me na.. they both went to kunj and hide behind him.

Kunj: Arey Twinkle Leave them na.


Kunj:look at him twinkle first.

Twinkle:you wait Arsh. Arsh get up and started running slowly slowly twinkle lift him and they went inside.

Nani: Leave them twinkle.

Twinkle: no nani ji.. twinkle show her eyes to Ansh and Aayat or Arsh too. While Ansh and aayat smile and Arsh started crying..

Now why you crying haa..

Kunj: what he’ll do when you show him your anger eyes come to Papa mere baby. Kunj take him. My baby play with snow happy.


Twinkle: when you get ill ? that time doctor you all injection that time too enjoy oaky..

Kunj:heheh twinkle.They went on you.You are like this.. Arsh went to twinkle who giving sad face to him.

Arsh: ma.. mma… cupped her face with his littles hands..

Twinkle: what.. why you went with them haa.

Arsh:… DI..DI take me..

Aayat: hoo lair meet me alone I’ll twist your nose..

Twinkle:Listen kunj..they both hit my son where I’m not around him..

Ansh:no Papa he hit us.:

Aayat: last time pee on my uniforms.

Twinkle: thanks to god he didn’t do on your face asked kunj he pee on his face ?.. Kunj giving helpless smile..

Aayat:Chii Papa.. you didn’t scold him haa.

Kunj:no he is small when you and Ansh too did asker your mamma when you both are Small.Aayat smile disappears To think past time. Everyone can see it..

Ansh: oo sad queen what happened stop giving stress to your mind which already is very less????..

Aayat: shut up and she went from there.

Twinkle and Kunj looking at each other face they understand her.

Ansh: I’m coming back to take her mamma till than please make pasta for us.Twinkle give him smile and nodded in eyes. Ansh went in their room and see Aayat sitting on bed cuddling her teddy bear.

Ansh went near her and sit beside Aayat and rest his hand around her neck.

Ansh:what happened sista..


Ansh: I know and I understand you very well Aayat why you feel bad stop thinking about whatever in past leave it Aayat did you forget what Papa telling us whatever happened in life for our good Aayat.

Aayat:I know ansh but whenever I think about my life it’s tear me lot. We fight so much always telling each other’s we aren’t real siblings both laugh..

Ansh:I remember everything Aayat but those days are the best now I m not remember everything clearly but I always said you that mamma and Papa loves you unconditionally.That time too I love you before now Aayat. Still we fight he pulled her pony..

Aayat:ahh.. cry baby..

Ansh: now you become cry baby..

Aayat:huhu.They hugged each other’s.

This all seen by kunj and twinkle they both feeling so good to have son like Ansh..

Tears falling down from twinkle eyes. They went in side.

Kunj:Twinkle keep his hand on her shoulder.

Twinkle: haa.

Kunj: don’t cry..

Twinkle: no I’m not.. Kunj cupped her face both look into each other eyes.

Kunj: I can see this tears he wiped them.

Twinkle: I know but I feel so proud kunj when I see Ansh.

Kunj: me too never thought my little son is so mature and understand everything.

Twinkle: yes kunj. She hugged kunj he rubbed her back.. Kunj kissed on her forehead. Later twinkle make pasta for them and called them they all come and sit for lunch. Arsh who already sleep. Twinkle feed Ansh and Aayat and caress Ansh hairs..

Aayat: mamma its so tasty..

Ansh: yes thanks..

Twinkle:happy you both like it my babies she kissed on their cheeks.. after they sit chit chatting with each other just. Just than Manish along with his wife misha or daughter pihu they come.. pihu just run towards twinkle.

Pihu: Hi Twinkle aunty..

Twinkle: hi pihu hows you.

Pihu: like always awesome Ansh making faces at her while Aayat laugh ??..

Pihu: where is baby..

Twinkle: baby is sleeping pihu..

Pihu: offo.

Misha: what’s going on..

Kunj: nothing you both tell us after so many later you come..

Nani: yes where you both busy haa..

Manish: no we aren’t nani just. Misha just busy in her clubhouse ?.. good twinkle not.

Twinkle:I don’t have time to go somewhere.

Misha: when Arsh become big than come with me we both enjoy lot and empty Kunj pocket ?.

Kunj:acha I always ready Itself she didn’t go anywhere.

Aayat:come pihu we’ll play..

Pihu: ghar ghar I’ll become Ansh wife immediately Ansh..

Ansh: no need.


Aayat:come they went in room and starter playing.

Pihu: let’s go make up what’s say..

Aayat: good idea she brings her makeup kit and both started doing makeup stand in front of mirror and making pouty faces Ansh just irritated with this..

Ansh:I’m stuck here with this two girls.

In India, I have danish and soham to play with me.:Aayat and Pihu did their makeup click their pictures. Ansh who just playing with PSP.

Misha and twinkle busy in their girly talks while Kunj and Manish talking related to their business. Arsh who sleeping peacefully in twinj room and servant standing for him too there. Kids went in twinj room and send servant from there. Pihu and Aayat see Arsh sleeping and both smirked.

Aayat: my mamma will kill us..

Pihu: maza aayega yaar.

Ansh: huhu. Pihu and Aayat went to Arsh and sit beside him take out makeup without noise they both paint Arsh face while Ansh clicking their pictures.they both make Arsh face like ghost but looking cute he is.. both run from there and playing their ghar ghar..

Servant make tea and served everyone.

In India Taneja [email protected]

Leela sitting with little girl who is nearly 15 months old.. just than Asha come with milk bottle and give to Leela and take seat beside her..

Asha: today dadi and poti having fun together.

Leela: yes where is your boy..

Asha:he went to play with his friends like as girl is Asha and Naman daughter her name is samara Taneja.

Just than chinki come there and joint Leela and Asha.

Asha: finally you come chinki after twinkle you didn’t come.

Chinki:Arey Asha you whole my went in kids so..

Asha:that’s true I’m lucky I have MAA she handles everything. Naman toh never. I always adore kunj how nicely he handles his kids without twinkle.

Chinki: right I really miss twinkle yaar.

Leela:in these years she didn’t call me.

I always missed my daughter and her kids.

Asha:ab toh they become three MAA. Don’t know kya hua hoga.

Chinki:Kunj want girl maybe girl..

Leela:I And twinkle Papa just wanted wherever they are just stay happy in their life.

Chinki: did you listen about niki..

Asha:I don’t want to listen anything about them. After kunj whole Sarna Mansion break it.Just because of that niki and Sheetal. Asha eyes went on naman he was coming along with his both friends with their wives Mahi and sanaya..

Yuvi: hey beautiful ladies..

Leela: hi Yuvi puttar where is yash.

Mahi: today yash went out with his grand parents.

Asha: hoo.They all went inside sit together chit chatting with each other having fun..

They all playing with samara.

Yuvi: she is so cute..

Sanaya: tell mahi she’ll give you too??.

Yuvi:acha just like you give rishi..

Rishi: kya again son..??..

Asha: you didn’t take him..

Sanaya:no he was sleeping, so I didn’t take him.

Leela: you all sit I’ll bring something to have okay..

Asha: MAA you sit I’ll bring..

Leela:no beta you sit I’ll bring it.Leela went.

Asha:you all become boring now phale we all did so much fun together.

Sanaya:true Asha even I too feel always telling rishi about this ab maza hi nahi aata hai..

Rishi:hmm without kunj heart didn’t willing to do anything.How he used to laugh on my and yuvi silly jokes.

Naman:our conversation shit man and twinkle how she look at Kunj when Yuvi make fun of hers ???..

Rishi:I toh specially miss Aayat. Yuvi get lost in his thoughts.


Yuvi:haa. Without thinking once he leaves everything and went..

Naman:even we don’t know where he is right now.

Yuvi:he didn’t inform and told me too.

Rishi:but I’m sure wherever he is now ruling on the world man after all he is Kunj Sarna.

Naman:he left his everything here again started his life.

Sanaya:that truth come out make anyone made.

Mahi:without di I didn’t feel good to come here. We planned so much about our kids did everything together they all cherish their old moments..

Rishi:who get that award the best business man of the year. ??

Naman: i don’t know his name but know on things he is belonged from India.

Asha:cool ?. Leela come with snakes and tea and give everyone they all praising Leela food somewhere Leela miss kunj he loves her hand food.Yuvi see tears in Leela eyes he sits beside her.

Yuvi:MAA don’t cry what you’ll get.we all know how much you missing kunj and twinkle even we all to miss them like anything… woh saala kunj itna bura hai itself he didn’t come but neither send twinkle too they leave Sarna’s not us.

Mahi:after that night we didn’t see sarnas face too. Even mummy ji and Papa ji to not


Leela: haa mahi But whenever I see you all together my eyes searching twinkle and Kunj and in your children’s my ansh and aayat.

Yuvi:MAA Aesha ek din bhi nahi gaya I didn’t miss them. Kunj is my backbone MAA I share my all things with him today not. My heart and eyes finding him everywhere.

Asha:when they went from here mountain break on them..

Yuvi:till now I find why usha maami did this with kunj.

Leela:whatever she did reason behind definitely Yuvi puttar.

Yuvi:I don’t know MAA because of others my best friend went away from me.

Yuvi eyes land on wall where family photo there Yuvi see kunj smiling face.After sometimes later they all sit for dinner.

Back to Germany..

Misha and Manish calling pihu they are going back to their house. Pihu come down she clean her face before her parents see and scold her..

Kunj: have dinner with us man.

Misha: no kunj we’ll tomorrow together.

Come pihu let’s go.they went their house while twinkle went upstairs and didn’t find servant she went near Arsh and see his face and her mouth got open.

Twinkle:aayattttt. Ansh who sitting on couch and giggling slightly.who did this?

Kunj come there along with Aayat her face all white just..

Kunj: what happened?? Kunj see Arsh and laughing loudly.. who did this Kunj see Aayat understand. Twinkle went near Aayat and held her hand.

Twinkle: Aayat why you do this haa.

Aayat: mamma pihu did not me.

Ansh:no mamma even she too equal.I have proof mamma he shows their photos in phone twinkle and Kunj see shocked.

Aayat and pihu paint Arsh face fully make his eyes black and applied lipstick.

Twinkle:see mere baby ko.I warn you don’t use this makeup still you are same twinkle pulled her cheeks.

Aayat: papaaaaaaaa in sharp voice took whole house on her head..

Twinkle:don’t shout. Aayat started crying.

Aayat:see your wife Papa.

Kunj: acha come to me kunj lift her and went towards bed lay down kunj rubbing Aayat back..bas bas..twinkle please.

Ansh laughing loudly.Twinkle take Arsh and clean his face and went towards Aayat.

Twinkle:show me your face I’ll clean.

Kunj make her sit on his lap twinkle wiped Aayat face. Ansh come.

Ansh:wow Aayat and arsh looking good.

Aayat: shut up cry baby..

Arsh:mamma.. twinkle take him.

Twinkle:mera baby wake up. He gives kiss to twinkle.

Kunj:Twinkle Just Love Arsh hai na. Aayat and Ansh come and hugged kunj. Both nodding in yes. Arsh started crying.

Twinkle:wait I’ll give milk to my baby.She went in side and give him milk.. after they had their dinner. At night, they change their clothes twinkle make her kids sleep. Keep Arsh on his small bed he was playing Itself while twinkle and Kunj went in balcony stand holding each other’s hand looking at sky..

Kunj: what happened Mrs. Sarna..

Twinkle:nothing Kunj just thinking how life play games with us.When I think about our life. Kunj give her side hug.

Kunj:true. I’m blessed got wife like you twinkle.

Twinkle:even I too kunj. Kunj check the time












Kunj: happy anniversary twinkle.

Twinkle: happy anniversary to you kunj remember.

Kunj:of course how can I forgot this day when you entered in my life..

Twinkle: 9 years completed kunj to our marriage still I feel like yesterday I meet with you and our marriage and kids everything happened so fast..

Kunj:yes 9 years twinkle pata bhi nahi chala you always did your best you are the one who maintain this marriage. I feel sometime shame on myself on my deeds what I did with you. How can I become so bad with you didn’t see your goodness. Twinkle cupped his face.

Twinkle:no kunj today I’m standing here with you just because your love the way you love me my pain vanish with your love within no seconds. I LOVE YOU. Kissed on his lips.

Kunj:I love you too twinkle give her kiss back quick. They went inside.

Twinkle:where is my gift..

Kunj:okay what about me.. twinkle went in side and bring one box even Kunj too.

Kunj give to twinkle she open it and see diamond necklace set.. twinkle eyes sprinkle after see.

Twinkle: awww so beautiful kunj how you come to know..

Kunj:I’m smart twinkle when you and nani went for office you see but didn’t buy

twinkle: because it’s so expensive it’s wasted to spend so much money so. But why you.

Kunj: why not after all my wife like it so this should be on her neck rather than that shop his real place is here pointing on her neck. Kunj gifted twinkle real diamond necklace 24 carats one unique piece.

Twinkle: but I don’t have anything for you just kidding with him..

Kunj: it’s okay even I don’t know want anything twinkle Already you give everything what you gifted me it’s less than my one. She get confused??

Twinkle: what I give you. Kunj pulled her closer to him and cupped her face.

Kunj:what you give me twinkle my kids this three of them is priceless. My babies what else I wanted mores.

Twinkle:true.still I have something for you.

Twinkle give box to kunj he open it and se and give her smile.

Kunj: great Mr. Sarna. Twinkle gift kunj

His favourite perfume by Chanels. Kunj take out and used it smell awesome twinkle. Thanks.

Twinkle:even you too. They both went towards dressing table and Kunj Make her wear necklace twinkle looking really pretty. Thanks again kunj it’s so beautiful.

Kunj: you look hell beautiful I feel like eat you right now. He makes her turned and look at him.. let’s celebrate our wedding anniversary winking at twinkle.

Twinkle:acha ji don’t you have shame kunj. Look at we are not alone anymore. Kunj look at bed and see Ansh and Aayat or turn see Arsh too.

Kunj: I know so what. You were complaining I didn’t give you time so let’s spend it ??..

Twinkle:hmm I know but now my mood change it.

Kunj: one kiss we didn’t cut the cake so kiss is best Cake??. Both looking at each other desirably..

Twinkle:you forgot kunj we have cautions on romance so better stay away.. she pushes him.

Kunj: siyappa Queen. Both smile twinkle take Arsh and they lay down soon they sleep.

Next day

Ansh and Aayat wake up before twinkle and Kunj both get up and went downstairs and tell nani about kunj and twinkle anniversary chef make cake for them they went in room and started shouting happy anniversary mamma and Papa.. due to this twinkle and Kunj wake up and look at them. Ansh and Aayat along with nani standing having cake in their hands. They both get up and went towards nani and take her blessing.

Nani:stay happy my puttar even death too not make you both away from each other’s god will give you both everything. Happy anniversary.

Kunj: thanks nani.

Twinkle: thanks nani ji..

Ansh/ Aayat: happy anniversary mamma and Papa. Both kissed on twinkle and Kunj cheeks. After twinkle and Kunj cut the cake they feed each other’s cherished their moments.After twinkle make Ansh and Aayat ready for school and send them.

Twinkle:Kunj today whole day you’ll spend with me.

Kunj:yes my wifey.. let’s do party.

Twinkle: no party let’s go for dinner we and your some friends what’s say haa.

Kunj:idea was good.

Whole day went so fast Twinkle and Kunj went for shopping had fun at night.

Twinkle get ready she wears saree looking hell gorgeous while Kunj wearing formal clothes looking hot as usuals.

After they all went out in hotel Kunj booked the hotel his all friends come and wish them and give them gifts.They all sit together spending great time.

Misha: looking hot twinkle today kunj will lose his control ???.

Twinkle: shh she blushed.. later dinner come and having nicely in middle Twinkle handing Arsh. After spend great dinner with family and friends they all left for their house in car twinkle make Arsh sleep him even Ansh and Aayat too sleep. Soon they reached and went inside kunj take Ansh and Aayat in their room and place them on bed while twinkle covered them. While nani take Arsh already with her.

Twinkle went in her room and find whole room decorated beautifully she smiled

Kunj come and lock the door and give back hug to twinkle she understands who is he. Kunj lock his hand around her waist. Rest his chin on her shoulder.

Kunj: I hope you like it..

Twinkle: I love it kunj everything is so charming Kunj.

Kunj: even you are not less today he makes her face to him. You look hell hot.

Twinkle: encircled her hand around his neck my husband too hot??..

Kunj: acha ji..

Twinkle: okay let me go.

Kunj:where tonight no just stay with me get it. Promise twinkle I’ll keep you happy while life never let your tears come out from your eyes and smile always stay on your lips. Twinkle looking at Kunj loveably.

Twinkle:even me too always stand beside you in no matter. I just wanted one thing you stay happy when I see sad you it’s tear me lot kunj. My happiness in yours happiness.

Kunj:okay I’ll promise to you I’ll stay happy why’ll not I have you and kids or nani what I wanted more.

Twinkle: same me too. Now I have you and kids in my life. Best thing.

Kunj: so..

Twinkle: so.. Kunj raise his eye brows. Leave me kunj.

Kunj: no twinkle. She pushes him and kunj hand hit with sit table he gets cut small. Ouch.

Twinkle: sorry sorry I sorry.

Kunj: it’s okay.. twinkle take kunj hand in her hand.

Twinkle: sorry..

Kunj:stop now.. I’ll use this wait twinkle Kunj fill twinkle hairline with his blood. Twinkle eyes get wet..

Twinkle: kunjj. She hugged him.. Kunj break the hug and cupped her face and both learn for kiss their lips meet and both engaged in deep and passionate liplock. Kunj nibbling twinkle lips while twinkle caressing Kunj hairs smoothly. Kunj hand moving on twinkle body Kunj touch giving twinkle sensation after 15 minuets they both break the kiss due to heavy breathing.Kunj nuzzles his face in twinkle neck started kissing wilding biting her neck giving her perfect hickey.

Twinkle finger moving in kunj hairs passionately Kunj pinned twinkle near wall and looking in her eyes and remove her necklace and earring kissed on her earlobe.While twinkle open kunj shirt and removed it kunj unpinned twinkle saree palu and kissed on her shoulders.Twinkle moaning Kunj name in pleasure.Kunj lift her in bridal style and went towards bed place her come top of her. He switched off of the lights kunj grab twinkle lips again twinkle open her mouth Kunj entered and both playing with each other tongue giving tough competition.Twinkle hand rubbing on kunj back heat passing in their bodies.Kunj bite twinkle lips soothing the pain.He leaves her lips and give wet kisses on her cheeks nose chin. Twinkle push kunj come top him and bite his cheeks and place many kisses on his chest kunj smiling. He bear twinkle sweet tortured. Again twinkle come beneath Kunj. He removed twinkle saree and look at twinkle body..

Kunj: still same perfect ???.. twinkle hit him on his chest.

Twinkle: shameless..

Kunj:wait I’ll show you how much I’m shameless.??.. how you’ll escape from me.

Twinkle: sensual voice who wanted to escape Mr. Sarna..

Kunj:uff killer mommy????.

Kunj capture twinkle lips kissing her.

Twinkle too giving him same.Kunj entangle their hands Kunj rest on bed.Kunj bite twinkle cleavage twinkle moaning.Making Kunj go crazy.Both get intimate whole room filled with moan and groans Kunj and twinkle showering love on each other’s.After their extreme romance both get tired and sleep in each other’s embrace.

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Someone knock at door due to knock kunj and twinkle sleep get disturb.

Kunj:who knocking at this time.

Twinkle:don’t know. Maybe nani ji..

Kunj:right. I’ll see.

Twinkle:wait twinkle get up and went in washroom while Kunj wear his plant and went to open door Kunj open the door and find nani with Arsh crying like anything.

Kunj: nani…

Nani: kunj he wakes up..

Kunj:okay give me he took him and nani went back in her room while Kunj lock the door again. Uff Arsh can’t you sleep one day without twinkle haa.

Arsh:???mamma. Twinkle come out from washroom she went to kunj take Arsh from him. He to went in washroom to get freshen up. Twinkle on the lights and place Arsh on her lap Patting on his head. Kunj come and lay down beside twinkle. Twinkle place Arsh beside and lay near to him caressing his hairs.

Twinkle: so jao mere baby..

Kunj:this China wall. Can’t you give us privacy for one night. He kissed on Arsh hand.

Twinkle: very funny now you become mature Kunj still talking like kids.. what he’ll think of you..

Kunj:yeh hi how much his papa love his mamma.

They cuddle each other’s and sleep.


 love you all leave any mistakes.. 

hope you all like it episode I try to give Twinj romance.. 

Soon Twinj face off with everyone’s.. 

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