Love ka hai intezaar Twinj last episode 105..

Episode -105

Love ka hai intezaar last episode.


Yuvi and everyone looking at Ansh and Aayat they didn’t recognize them fully they become more cuter now ?…

Ansh hold Aayat hand tightly before anyone tells anything they both run from there. Make all confused..

Yuvi:they are Ansh and Aayat??

Kunj:yes.. just than Manish and Misha along with their daughter pihu they come give surprise to Yuvi..

Yuvi: Manish you guys…

Manish:Yuvi what a surprise man.they share hug Manish to meet with mahi and yuvi. Yuvi look at pihu..

Yuvi: she is pihu awww so cute she pulled her cheeks.. do you remember me..

Pihu:hmm let me think no..??..

Yuvi:hoo it’s okay but I remember you very well. Become big slightly ??..


Misha:I was searching you twinkle..

Mahi:you and people come there together.

Yuvi:yeah when you come back from Switzerland.

Manish:not from Switzerland but from Germany me and kunj come together. as we stay in Germany and working together too..

Yuvi:hoo so kunj was in Germany..


Yuvi:you never thought about us kunj even didn’t call me in these years I was searching about you but you block all ways..


Kunj:yeah.Sara You go and see car I’m coming.she went.twinkle was struggling with Arsh badly.the crowd was so hug..

Nani:Twinkle he will not stop..

Twinkle:hmm what I’ll do now my hands paining Nani ji..

Kunj:give him to me.. twinkle about to give him to kunj while Arsh clutch twinkle duppta tightly but kunj take him forcefully. Arsh screams Yuvi see him and surprise..

In anger Arsh pulled kunj hairs..

Yuvi:hoo man..

Kunj:Twinkle lets go..

Leela:kunj come with us now twinkle and Kunj looking at each other face they both don’t know what to say..

Twinkle:MAA we’ll come in morning to meet with you all now can’t because Arsh all things in hotel so..

Yuvi: we can take when you people didn’t want to come than fine..

Kunj:understand Yuvi acha tAke Twinkle.

Me and Nani along with ansh and Aayat we’ll come in morning..

Twinkle:do you think they will let me go..

Nani:you go me and kunj see them..

Twinkle: okay.they all went towards car..

Kunj:take your parcel till than I’ll see where is my two.go Arsh make their night hell?..

Twinkle:huhu very funny.. twinkle take Arsh and they all sit in their car and Kunj went and finding Ansh and Aayat they both sitting together kunj see them and they went to them..

Kunj:you both here I was worried about you both.they both get up and see kunj. Kunj can see fear in Aayat and ansh eyes, but he didn’t say anything just hold their hands take them they sit in car and left for car..

Ansh:papa where is mamma and rabbit..

Kunj:mamma and rabbit went with Your Nani.both brother and Sister looking at each other’s face. Soon they reached hotel.. Ansh and Aayat went in their room while Kunj received call from his client he gets busy Manish and Misha already went. After call kunj went in room and see Ansh and Aayat struggling with clothes.. Kunj smile he went to them..

Kunj:May I.. Aayat head stuck in middle.. Kunj change their clothes make them wear night dress they both simply lay down and Kunj went in washroom to change his clothes he come back to them and lay in middle they both busy in their iPads.. Kunj see silence in room he looks at them than took their iPads and keep it to him..

What happened to you both haa? I notice you both from since award..

Aayat:nothing Papa.. why you send MAA..

Kunj:ho in few minutes you started missing your MAA I thought my Aayat and ansh happy with me he acts like sad. Ansh and Aayat see kunj and they smile both sit on his laps and encircled their arms around his neck..

Ansh:offo Papa.We are Papa’s kids Arsh is mammas boy..both kissed on his cheeks. Kunj hug them back.they spend some quality times with each other’s than they decided to watch ant man and the wasp English movie.

Other side they all stuck in traffic so soon they reached Taneja mansion Because of twinkle they all decided stay at there today.Due to Arsh all closed their ears they went inside. Twinkle just sit and place Arsh on couch..

Yuvi: uff twinkle your son is so persistent.

Twinkle:hmmm what can I do Yuvi..

Asha: but what happened to him since long back he cry continuously..

Twinkle: don’t know what he wanted.. from that day he like this when we come to India. Yuvi sit beside Arsh..

Yuvi: maybe mr NRI didn’t like India he pulled his cheeks beta your mother and father born in India even your siblings too so don’t do any drama. Arsh make sad faces his face become all red he cried so loudly and miserably.. to see his tears all felt bad..

Twinkle:yuviii don’t tease my son.he scratch you..

Yuvi: hehe very funny this chuja ???..

Leela:you all leave I’ll see my grand son..

Leela took him and rubbing his back and Arsh rest his head on Leela chest..

Yuvi: MAA he is kunj son he will not stop twinkle let’s call kunj.Like Ansh and Aayat he’ll too stop of kunj..

Twinkle:he don’t like them.. twinkle just seeing whole house how she miss this all small tears come in her eyes mahi come sit beside her..

Mahi:di we all miss you so much..

Twinkle:even I too miss you all. Asha went in her room and see her lil daughter laying beside her brother Soham who sleep. Asha took her went down..

Yash:I’m confused who she is mamma.

Yuvi:who she is.. she is my best friend wife. Twinkle look at him even Mahi too.


Mahi: no yash she is your maasi and my sister twinkle DI..

Yash:even you to have sister haa where she is till now.. Papa and mamma.

Rt:your massi went Germany so..

Twinkle:he become so big when I saw him last time he is so small.. twinkle cupped his face and Kissed on his cheeks.while Yash give her back..

Yuvi:beta careful her son is so possessive ?.

Naman:why they both went like this without meet us.they all sit together they all realized that Arsh become all quiet.Yes she makes him sleep.. Leela take him to twinkle.

Leela: Twinkle take him..

Twinkle:aww MAA thanks for this don’t know what you did for me today.. she takes him and carefully place him on her lap. Twinkle eyes went on Asha who holding small baby girl in her hands who she is twinkle asked..

Naman: she is my daughter.. twinkle give smile..

Twinkle:what wow Bhai.congratulations..

Asha come and show her to twinkle. She is so cute aww..

Leela:first you all go and change than sit.

Twinkle:right here I don’t have Arsh things. This kunj na..

Asha:you don’t worry tell me what you needed Twinkle.

Twinkle: first let me make him sleep in cold

Yuvi: put him in freezer ??..

Twinkle: hehe very lame Yuvi you are same still all look at Yuvi.They know after kunj today they see old Yuvi finally..

Twinkle take her son in room and change his clothes and covered him.she too change her clothes. Yash come and sleep beside Arsh he tries to touch him while twinkle stop him..

Twinkle: no baby he’ll wake up..

Yash:but I want to play..

Twinkle:you can play in morning okay now sleep..

Yash:okay Massi..after twinkle went down.

They all sit and started chit chatting.

Rishi: aur Bata twinkle..

Twinkle:what you people tell us why Sanaya went..

Rishi:Arey for my small baby..


Naman:if Kunj is here it’ll so good..

Twinkle:but can’t na..

Asha: when you come India twinkle..

Twinkle:2 days before.. just because of Kunj we all come here..

Mahi:di didn’t want to come here.. huhu..

Twinkle:nothing is like this Mahi.After whatever happened here scared to come here.. How we overcome from this all only we know..

Asha:right we all miss you all every time..

Yuvi: yes twinkle without you all everything is incomplete..

Twinkle:without us yeha phir Kunj..

Yuvi: yes Kunj Kunj hai..

Rishi: you know what twinkle after Kunj Yuvi become devdas???..

Mahi:he forgot how to smile..

twinkle look at Yuvi face he become sad..

Yuvi: he never thinks about me I always miss him without Kunj I find everything is empty..

Twinkle:even he too miss you Yuvi.Kunj just living there just for namesake.That fake smile he clings on his face to make us fool he is happy but we all know he just pretending to happy.passed years our went so tough and horrible Yuvi.If nani ji isn’t in Kunj life I’ll lose Kunj somewhere. After that night he lost his hope he cried very night just missing his mother and sister find himself alone.. just running here and there to give us better life..

Mahi: how is Aayat now di..

Twinkle:good she takes time but everything is fine end of the day.. they all cracking jokes and laughing after so painful days. They didn’t see time it’s 4 clock.

Mahi: I’m sleepy..

Twinkle:yeah me too today I’ll sleep peacefully. Even my Arsh to wake up anytime.They went in room Mahi and twinkle sleep today..

In hotel Kunj see Ansh and Aayat sleep while watching movie he smile and off the tv and covered them nicely and sleep beside them..

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Kunj wake up and see his kids and give kiss on their forehead and get up went to get freshen up.. he gets ready and see the time about to call twinkle but stop..

Kunj:I know siyappa queen and kind must be sleeping. Kunj wake up kids and give them bath and make them ready.after they went down for breakfast.

They all sit for breakfast soon their Oder come and having their breakfast.

Manish:Kunj I’m going to my friend house.

Kunj: okay.. after breakfast Manish left with his family and Kunj to Taneja mansion. Ansh and Aayat both just quiet they don’t want to go..

Soon they reached there come out of the car and see their all old memories refreshed.They see whole Taneja mansion side.Kunj went side while Ansh and Aayat slowly they hold Nani hands.

They entered in living area after 3 years they were so happy but kids is nervous.

Leela and rt eyes went on them they all get so happy they all were sitting on dinning table. They went and sit..

Leela:finally you people come..

Come have breakfast with us.

Kunj:no MAA we had.Ansh and Aayat hiding behind Nani palu.twinkle come down with Arsh she sees kunj and all she smiles. She went to them..

Twinkle:you guys come.

Kunj:today you both wake up.

twinkle:huhu yes why you have any problem. Take him kunj till then I’ll have my breakfast. Kunj take him..

Kunj:hey my baby how’s you.. they sit ansh and Aayat playing with Arsh.. twinkle went and make milk and give milk bottle to kunj he feed him.. twinkle see Leela make her all favorite dishes she gets so happy.

Twinkle: yummy MAA.She sits and Leela and rt feed her. They cherished all moments at breakfast time..



Ansh:see him Papa he forgot us..


Aayat: and me… what Arsh..


Aayat:see Papa he can call Ansh perfectly Bhai but me he takes time..

Kunj:my condition is too same mamma in flow but Papa break.. pa.. pa.. Arsh come down to kunj lap he started running while his both siblings behind him to catch him. Kunj and Nani seeing them and laughing.

They both try to catch Arsh but all went in vain. After breakfast all come to living area they see twinj kids.. Ansh and Aayat get tried Arsh see twinkle he throws his milk bottle everyone sees it and make omg face he rushed towards his mother.But fall down slightly twinkle and Kunj closed their eyes hogaya. Arsh raise his face and look at twinkle showing her teethfull smile…

Nani: he is so smart he falls down itself than no drama if anyone did it than toh..

Yuvi:he will take whole house on his head Nani..

Kunj:yes.this siyappa queen and king is same..twinkle giving kunj angry look..

Arsh: ma.’mma… twinkle take him..

She went to ansh and Aayat hold their hands take them to all..

Leela:they big so big..

Naman:and see Arsh going above Aayat.

Rishi:he is son of kunj???…

Yuvi:cry baby become chashmish when.

Ansh cuddle twinkle waist and hide his face. Twinkle ruffle his hairs and take out his glasses and wiped sweat..

Twinkle:this Yuvi na..

Mahi:What happened to you both hi Aayat.She didn’t give any reaction back.

Soham come and see them..

Asha:soham see Ansh and Aayat.they three of them just sharing eyes glares didn’t say anything Yuvi pulled Aayat to him.

Yuvi:our chatterbox Change kunj..

Kunj:no she is still same.. Aayat and ansh you both meet with everyone..

Twinkle:I have baby for you both.Asha bring her baby and show to ansh Aayat their heart want to play with her but ego is big???..

Yuvi:hi pidhi.Aayat get up and hide behind twinkle..Yuvi hold his head omg babaji kunj kids become shy kids ???..

Kunj:where is yours.


Twinkle: you both know ansh and Aayat he is that small baby boy of Mahi massi.. see him he become so big.. you both used to play with him..

Yuvi:and twist my baby nose too..

Yash:haa when they did it.. Papa I didn’t remember it..

Kunj:jab baby you were peeing on bed?.

Yash: hoo that’s why I didn’t remember.

Kunj:it’s not your mistake my son it’s genetics.,ansh and Aayat pulling twinkle duppta she understands and take them in side..

Leela:don’t know what happened to them.

Kunj:nothing MAA they take time after long back they see you people so.. Yash started talking to kunj he talked so much he breaks his kids records..

In room..

Twinkle: you both what happened haa see everyone want to talk to you both but..

Aayat:mamma why you come here let’s go na..


Twinkle:Arey what happened tell me.. okay you both sit here and do whatever you both wanted get it.. twinkle leave them she went down.

Ansh and Aayat sit on bed and playing with Arsh..

Twinkle: Kunj what happened to them..

Kunj:nothing how I know..

Twinkle:Both didn’t want to stay here.

Nani:leave them..

Twinkle: that I did it Nani ji leave sadu kids in room do whatever they wanted.. I got tired., she sits beside kunj..

Asha:how you manage their twinkle.

Twinkle:we aren’t alone..

Mahi: jiju is best he helps di..

Twinkle:hehhe in your dreams he didn’t leave his office. I had so many servants in my house so.he and his kids increased my work make Arsh irritated.

Yuvi:good to your condition.Arsh is more than Ansh and Aayat..

Twinkle:he is baap of their..

Ansh and Aayat get tired they lay down.

Aayat and Arsh wearing same colors t shirt name written on there mamma’s boy and daddy’s girl..

Ansh:you both wear Same tshirt.

Aayat: yeah..

Kunj heart want to ask Yuvi about his family..

Kunj:Yuvi how everyone is in Sarna Mansion all looking here and there..

Yuvi: I don’t know about them kunj.

Kunj: why??

Yuvi:after you we never went to Sarna Mansion Don’t know anything about them

We broke all relations with them kunj..


Leela:nothing is left after you.. Kunj get up and covered his face with his palms..

Kunj:don’t know how my MAA and Papa or di now.. your mom must be known Yuvi..

Yuvi:kunjjjj why you worried about them..

Kunj:what do you mean why they are my parents.

Yuvi:But they aren’t..

Kunj:it’s none of your business Yuvi.they are my parents I know what happened 3 years back it’s wrong but my MAA.they are my everything till my last breath..

Twinkle:Kunj clam down you panic.lets go from here I don’t want anything happened again kunj..

Kunj:first I’ll see my MAA twinkle. Than we’ll go back to Germany..

Twinkle:really kunj you have that much strength to see her and again turn your face kunj.Kunj looking at twinkle painfully.

Do one thing kunj let’s go from here bas.

Kunj went out in garden while Yuvi went behind him.he tries to make his mood good.

After so much struggle Kunj give smile Yuvi take him out and both laughing loudly in car.Soon they reached their favorite place and spend some quality time talking about what they did in these years..

Yuvi: kunj don’t you think Arsh is too small as compared this his age probably he is 2 years old but look like he is just one..

Kunj:yeah I know this Yuvi.. he had some health issues. He tells Yuvi each and everything about twinkle pregnancy complications and Arsh stage..

Yuvi:so sad.. they heard mandir ring bell.

Chal kunj today we prayed together. They both hold each other’s hands and went in mandir both pray for their beloved ones..

Kunj:god please make my MAA happy

wherever she is.. they done and take parshad while going kunj bump with someone.She about to falls down kunj hold her on time.Kunj see her face and get shocked like anything.. ma…MAA.

Yeah she is usha.. Usha closing her eyes kunj make her stand on her feet’s she opens her eyes slowly and Kunj face come in front of her eyes she takes step back. Tears escaping from kunj eyes like anything.Usha see kunj she was so happy inside in her heart feeling like she went cuddle him tightly but can’t.Usha hide her pain and tears..

Usha didn’t make eyes contact with kunj.

Kunj see usha stage she wore white saree and all simple looking like widow woman.

Kunj: MAA.. Usha put stone on her heart and went from here kunj get confused.

Kunj run behind her. Due to misbalance he about to falls down Yuvi hold him..


Kunj:Yuvi Meri MAA.Usha hide behind pillar and sobbing badly..

Usha:mera kunjjjjj…

In anger kunj went from mandir Yuvi to behind him..

Usha come to mandir because today Manohar 2 death anniversary.She come for havan. After havan Usha went to church.. while Kunj become mad to see usha. He takes car and went to Sarna Mansion he come and all his memories running in front of kunj eyes..nobody is there kunj and yuvi went near to main door and find its lock and some legal stay was there..

Kunj:what is this.. Yuvi asked to guard he tells them nobody stays here now.. what..

Where is my family now.. and di or Om..

Yuvi:kunj really I don’t know.. maybe there you give Anjali Di that house..

Kunj: yes.. immediately they went there too didn’t find anyone there.. now kunj was hell shocked and worried where they are.he become sad to see him like this. Yuvi take him back Taneja mansion..

Arsh started crying for milk Ansh and Aayat take him down.Aayat holding him somehow.They come down..


Ansh:wait I’ll call her.twinkle sitting in garden with everyone soham Yash along with danish they play.they both bro and sis went in garden.Ansh gesturing to twinkle come here..


they both went towards twinkle and give Arsh to twinkle..aww my baby started crying. Come and sit they sit beside twinkle just quiet.. Arey Ansh and Aayat see all just want to talk to you both and you both huhu..

Leela:haa Aayat did you forgot us.she nodded her head in no..

Asha:and you ansh.say something..

Ansh:what.little bit they talk to everyone.

Mamma chalo na..


Danish come there and see Ansh..


after see him ansh get up and smile come to his face.. he went near him both looking at each other face.


Danish:yes.. you become battery.

Ansh:even you too.. they share hug..

Danish:you know what ansh I miss you like anything..

Ansh: even I too.

Danish:you are my best buddy.. see I didn’t make any other friend..

Ansh:me too.All see them..

Asha:look at them how they meet..

Danish:where is Aayat..

Ansh:you know she is my sister real wali.

Danish:Yeah my mamma told me..

Ansh: where is your little sister.

Danish: at home now she become more cute..

Ansh:now I have to little brother.. Ansh went to Aayat hold her hand..


Ansh:aaja danish is here..

Aayat:I’m not going..

Ansh:chal Moti.forcefully he drags her..

Danish:hi makeup queen.they laugh out.

They started playing happily..

Arsh: mamma..

Twinkle: haa.. Arsh look at baby.. pointing towards Samara.. Asha make her sit beside Arsh samara puller Arsh hairs even he to her cheeks Samara kissed on Arsh cheeks all like o..

Mahi: di see them..

Twinkle:hatt.. Arsh say hii,, after sometime later they went inside kids still in garden.

They get busy in lunch preparation..

Just than Kunj and yuvi come back from out.Arsh sleeping on couch.Kunj see him went and sit beside Perfectly place all cushions around him so he didn’t fall down. Yuvi try to pull his cheeks Kunj stop him..



Kunj:don’t wake up my baby. Twinkle will kill us.

Yuvi:he sleeps naked showing his bone


Kunj:huhu he is my rabbit find cute baby like my Arsh cuteness baby ever.. his face come in germany famous magazine for cutes baby.. look at you.

Yuvi: acha.. my Too coming..

Kunj: in what??

Yuvi:shameless man ever…???..


Yuvi:same to you bro.. twinkle come there.

Twinkle:finally you come haa..

Yuvi:yes Mrs Sarna.

Leela come call everyone for lunch all come settled down.Today all kunj and twinkle their kids favourite food.. Ansh and Aayat started fighting Ansh running behind Aayat they come inside Aayat screaming Papa.. Aayat see kunj she rushed to him..

Kunj:what happened..

Aayat: Papa save me.. Ansh come there both bro and sis drenched in sweat.. Papa Ansh hitting me..

Kunj: why..

Ansh:no Papa she started first I didn’t.

Aayat:acha.. you cry baby..

Ansh:and you Moti..

Aayat:very lame Ansh pulled her pony.. Aayat to pulled his hairs all seeing them enjoying lot..

Kunj:you both leave each other’s..

Aayat: you always tell me huhu..

Kunj:what I told haa.. Kunj pulled Aayat make her sit on his lap.. while twinkle too ansh..

Twinkle:you both still same..

Aayat:apne bete ko samja do I’ll kill him..

Ansh:even you too Papa.. Arsh wake up and started crying his sound listening everyone..

Twinkle:this kids didn’t let me have my food too.. twinkle about to get up but mahi stop her and she went and bring Arsh and give to twinkle. Twinkle make him sit on table. Arsh starter playing with spoons making noise..

Yuvi:oyye little man.. stop..

Yash: Papa scold him..

Ansh and Aayat together why haa. He will scold my rabbit.. Yash took spoon from Arsh hands Aayat to snatch and give to Arsh back..

Yash:Nani see him he does so much noise..

Ansh:acha He’ll do it more Ansh too started playing with spoon.all like just quiet.

Yash: wait I’ll tell about you both my dadu and dadi after seeing dadu and dadi name Ansh Aayat remember usha and Manohar.Everyone can see their sad face,

Yuvi:Yash you know what their dadu and dadi love them more than yours.Arsh take chicken piece he licks and making puppy faces.. he got everyone attention..

Twinkle:oyye.she takes out from Arsh.she feeds Ansh food while Kunj to Aayat..

Yuvi:see kunj we didn’t fight in our life and our son in first meeting.they too become friends like us..

Yash:I don’t want to become his friend I have my best friend Yuvan..

Ansh:even I’m not dying here to become your friend.

Aayat:yeah ansh have danish and pihu?.

Ansh give Aayat drastic look..

Ansh:what about you..

Yuvi:Aayat now too you fight with ansh.

He is so possessive about twinkle..

Kunj:now my Ansh not he is so mature.

Didn’t let his sister cry for a Aayat become possessive about Ansh she didn’t like when he talks to anyone and spend time apart from her.. Aayat lock her arms around ansh neck.

Aayat:Mere bhai.. ek..

Mahi: one,, how..

Ansh:Arsh toh rabbit hai counting me hi nahi aata hai na Papa one hand size baby???. Kunj and his kids laugh..

And she too my one and only sister.All admire their bond.after lunch they all again sit Arsh and Samara playing.,

Usha sitting crying slightly while sister merry come to her rest her hand on her shoulder.

Merry: usha why you cry..

Usha: sister my kunj is here I saw him today in mandir.. she gets happy..

Merry: acha did you meet with him..

Usha: no my kunj is in front of my eyes but I didn’t touch him tell him that how much I missing him I’m so helpless.. he come here why again he gets hurt no.. Kunj ke Papa..

After sometime later Kunj decided to go church.Twinkle make her kids ready.. everyone to want to go with kunj and twinkle.They all left for church.they come out of the cars .Kunj taking Arsh in Carrier. Ansh and Aayat holding his both hands..

Kunj seeing whole church place..

Kunj:nothing has change there..

Twinkle: yes kunj..

Kunj:just people change twinkle.they went inside church and prayed.They went back side of Church lawn.there Usha playing with kids.. sister merry coming and see kunj she stops there kunj waving to her..

She come near to kunj tears rolling down. She cupped Kunj face..


Kunj:sister.,,than Ansh and Aayat kissed on their foreheads.keep her hand on Arsh cheeks.. twinkle Take Arsh from kunj. Kunj hug her tightly cried..sisterrrrrr..

Merry:kunjjj my son.. to see you what I got today.. Usha come there she gives voice to merry unaware about kunj and others..

Usha:sister.all turned their face and see usha.she was shocked to see everyone here.

Ansh: dadi.. they both run to Usha and cuddle her waist.. Usha don’t know what to say.. she closed her eyes and keep her hand on their heads..

Aayat:Papa dadiiii… Usha run from there while Kunj too behind her.. she went inside kunj to see her her back facing him he went to her give her back hug..

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham
Na Judaa Honge Hum

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

Kya Bebasi Hai Yeh Kya Majbooriyan
Hum Paas Hai Phir Bhi Kitni Hai Dooriyan

Kya Bebasi Hai Yeh Kya Majbooriyan
Hum Paas Hai Phir Bhi Kitni Hai Dooriyan

Jism Tu Jaan Main
Teri Pehcaan Mein
Milke Bhi Na Mile Yeh Hai Kaisa Bharam

Yeh Hai Tere Karam
Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham
Na Judaa Honge Hum
Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

Kunj: maaaaaaa????..why you run like this from me.. all come there.. Kunj make her turned looking at fully. He cupped her face tears coming from usha eyes and kunj like shower., ????.

He kissed on her forehead.. MAA… for this i was waiting.. when I’ll see you and hug you feel your touch. He took her hand kissed on her palm.. kuch toh bol MAA. What you make yourself haa.. where is Papa MAA and di. I went Sarna Mansion but nobody is there,.. Kunj eyes went on wall he shake fully after what he see. He leave Usha hand… yes kunj see Manohar photo with flower garland…

Kunj: what is this maaa… nobody knows about Manohar death.. Papa.Usha falls down on her knees.. Kunj too beside her

Maaa kuch toh bol please.Usha look at him.. merry come there..

Merry:kunj Manohar is no more..everyone like???.. Usha sobbing so badly.. Kunj cuddles her cried horribly…

Kunj:MAA you didn’t inform me itna paraya kar diya aap ne Papa.

How did this all happened MAA.. maar le maa but Teri yeh chupi nahi shahi jati hai mujhse time become without parents kid now again my Papa leave me. Usha didn’t control on herself she hug kunj tightly brushed out..

Usha:kunjjj your Papa leave me…

( pain of father is very hug no one understands better than me today to lost your pa it’s a hug thing..)

Kunj:MAA.. I thought you were happy after me but no I never want to Leave you here like MAA.What type of son I’m I’m not present in my father last time.. you are right MAA I’m not Good son that’s why they left me now you and Papa too..

Usha:nahi kunjjjjj.,, both mother and son looking at each other eyes..

Kunj:itni nafart karti hai maa aap mujhse..

Usha: nahi kunjjjjj.. how can I hate you.. Usha caress Kunj face kissed too.. to see you my eyes dying kunj how I live in this years my god knows kunj.. I’m very bad mother kunjjj..

Kunj: no MAA my MAA is the best MAA..

Usha: I behave so bad with you.. kya nahi bola mene tujhe kunj..

Kunj: it’s your right MAA.. if you kill me I’ll happy MAA..I never felt bad about you and Papa.. aap Meri MAA hona MAA. She nodded her head in yes.. again they hug,.

Usha:mera beta kunjjjjjj… I miss you kunjjj..

Kunj: even I too miss you MAA.. without you I’m all alone MAA.MAA bolne ke liye me tarash raha ta..whom I’ll call MAA..

To leave you here MAA it’s not easy for me. Each passing second become hell for me MAA.. just because of your happiness and satisfaction I went away from you and di..

Usha: I put stone on my heart kunj when I said all those harsh things I can’t listen what others talking about you.. I can’t see you in pain.. so I make myself bad.. send you away from this all kunj.. I want to see you happy I didn’t give you birth kunj but love you more than myself.. I count your all heart beats my blood isn’t in your veins but my nourish you with my love and care..I’m not like maya kunjjjj,,, I know my own didn’t do good with you and Aayat for me you always stand and love Anant so much what he did with you and twinkle. She folds her hand in front of kunj he holds her hand,,

Kunj: no MAA always raise this hand to give me blessing you can hit me but never fold in front of me.. I’ll find kami in myself.

Usha:no kunj you are the best son.. no one have like my kunj.. tu mere beta hai.

Kunj: and aap bhi Meri MAA ho.. when anyone said I’m not your real son it tear me lot. MAA I don’t know who is my real parents never seen them when I open my eyes and understand things you and Papa with me and taught me how to walk and how to speak MAA.. I know I don’t have your blood in my veins but your love in my heart you are my world MAA if I know what is MAA it’s you MAA. Kunj ki ek ki MAA ti woh Usha hai and humesha woh hi rahagi woh aap ho Meri MAA.. they both joint their heads.. Kunj make her stand and wiped her tears twinkle come to usha and take her blessing..

Twinkle:mummy ji..

Usha:Twinkle puttar.Usha see Arsh she looks at Kunj who gesture him.. she get so happy..

Kunj:see MAA your littlest grand son.. she took him he didn’t cry in Usha Arms..

Nani: see usha your pota didn’t cry in your arms..

Kunj:why he will he sense she is his dadi,,

Usha:MAA.. they share emotional hug..

Nani:usha Meri bachiii,, all meet with usha and felt about her and Manohar..

Kunj: MAA why you stay here haa. And where is di and om.. after listening Anjali name Usha get emotional..

Usha:everything is finished kunjj,,

Kunj:what do you mean MAA.. tell me Evan and everything MAA what happened here after see you in these cloths my heart aching MAA..

Usha:after you sheetal and maya control Usha stop in middle… Kunj Leave this all and please go back from here.,

Kunj:no MAA..where is my di that I’ll find very soon..

Usha: you’ll get nothing kunj just tears..

Kunj;okay MAA I’m ready when my MAA life fills with tears my too.. I’ll find out everything what happened.. and you’ll going with me MAA..

Usha:I’m not going anywhere kunj.. they snatch my house from me.. now I don’t have anything just passing my last time here when god call me I’ll to leave like your Papa kunj covered her mouth..

Kunj:no MAA I’ll not let happened anything.He holds Usha hand tightly 3 years ago i did whatever you wanted not now.. now it’s my turned beta hone ka farz MAA.he takes usha out and make her sit in car forcefully,,gesturing twinkle and she to sit with her kids they all take usha to Taneja mansion..

while Kunj was hell worried about Anjali where she any cost he’ll find about her.. like this one week passed kunj and yuvi running here and there didn’t get any clue about Anjali..

than Kunj heard news about Sarna Mansion auction.. Kunj went to usha and asked her about everything numbers of time…

Kunj: tell me everything please you have my swear MAA..

Usha: kunjj..

Kunj:where is my sister..

Usha:everything is finished kunj Meri Anjali..

Kunj:please tell me everything clearly..

Usha: after you kunj everything is finished

I send Anjali and om from Sarna Mansion they both living happy in their new house which you gifted her..

Kunj: Papa..

Usha:Anant and maya sale all properties

Anant job all went.. Your Papa scolding him tell them they can leave his house


Twinkle:but what mummy ji..

Usha: Anant push your Papa and he falls down..


Usha: yes kunj he went in coma they throw me out of the Sarna Mansion.. Sheetal and maya or niki ruling on whole empire.. I was praying about your Papa when he wakes up.. when your time is bad everything happened bad.. he leaves me he dies kunj.. Kunj was so angry on Anant.. he closed his fist.. how someone can so low..

Kunj:than what MAA..

Usha:kunj she holds kunj both hand tightly..kunjjj Niki killed om… Kunj world rotated in 360%..


Usha:yes kunjjjjj

Kunj: where is di and her baby.. Usha laugh painfully.,

Usha: god didn’t write happiness in my daughter like kunj in very small age she become widow.Anjali didn’t digest this fact she was in her last stage of pregnancy..due to om death shocked Anjali lost her baby in her womb.. Kunj Leave Usha hands he doesn’t want to say many things happened in his absence..

Kunj:MAA ????.. really you didn’t understand me your son that’s why you didn’t call me..

Usha: nahi kunj Meri Anjali just screaming your name you will come..

Kunj: my di bearing so much pain and I’m unaware about this all maa. Shame on myself, world break down on my di.. she needs me and I’m not there for her..

Usha:Anjali lost her sense kunj try to kill herself niki forcefully she proved that Anjali mental stage is not good she went her to mental asylum..

Kunj: you give me shock MAA before this I’m should die.. and you did try to bring di from there back MAA..

Usha:I try many times kunj but can’t.. I’m helpless.please bring my daughter back I’m begging you.. Kunj wiped his eyes..

Kunj:don’t worry MAA I’ll not each and anyone who make your and di life this they have to pay for their deeds they don’t know what is Kunj Sarna real.they wake up my roar…I’ll return your everything’s your son promise.Kunj went in his room..

At night all sitting for dinner usha feed Kunj forcefully.. Ansh and Aayat come and stand open Their mouths..

Ansh:dadi I’m too here..

Aayat: me also dadi. Usha smile and others

Usha: haa. She feed them too.

Arsh: hoooo me….. all laugh out..

Twinkle:Arsh too wanted haina tell your dadi.. first grow up.after dinner they all went in their respective rooms.Kunj was so worried twinkle consoling him..

Next day Yuvi and Kunj went to mental asylum and nurse take kunj and yuvi to Anjali room.. she left.. Kunj take deep breath he open the door and his eyes went on Anjali who sitting wearing salwar kameez and her messy hairs and dull face she play with her hairs like small baby. Kunj felt thousands knife stabbing in his heart Anjali smiling face coming.. doctor come and forcefully they make her lady down on the bed and give her electric shocks to see this kunj and yuvi felt so bad.. Anjali screaming in pain..,, haaaa..

Kunj went inside to see Him doctor off the electric shock.

Doctor: what is this..

Kunj:Leave my sister.Anjali is semi-conscious.. doctor and Kunj Yuvi went outside kunj talk to them and tell them he’ll take care of her and give them money to leave Anjali after so much insist they agree kunj get happy he filled all formalities. She to Anjali who looking at him., she hurt herself lot..Kunj cuddles her.

Di.. yeh kya hogaya.. Kunj hold Anjali hand take her while she started screaming..

Kunj lifts her and take out and they sit in car and left for Taneja mansion. Soon they reached Anjali is unconscious Kunj come out of the car and lift Anjali.,

Kunj:di I’ll Make their life hell.. each drop of your tears they pay for that.. Kunj and yuvi went In side.. Usha and other’s all just waiting for kunj and yuvi.. Kunj entered all get up to see him.. Usha run to kunj see Anjali in kunj Arms.. Kunj take her in room make her lay down.. he went down and tell usha about her.. Usha get happy somewhere after sometime later Anjali wakes up, and she finds herself somewhere else she went down and running.. Kunj hold her hand and cupped her face..

Kunj:di what happened..

Anjali:she will kill me..

Kunj:who di see I’m here nothing will happen to you,. Anjali started behaving like mad person… Kunj didn’t see her he scold her.. di me kunjj aapka chote..

Anjali:choteee.. I hate you why you come now I’m giving so much voice.humhara bacha and Om kunjjj they both leave me alone she killed.twinkle controlling on herself.. but you didn’t come..

Flash back Anjali and om went for dinner out their niki come and stabbed knife in om stomach Anjali was shocked..

Anjali: nikiiiiiii..

Niki: I told you om if you didn’t become mine I’ll not let you others too I love you sorry I can’t you with anyone you have to die.. I’m falls down blood oozing from his stomach. Anjali take his head on her lap and calling everyone for help.,

Anjali: help meee please kunjjjjjjj pleaseeeeee come.. om wait I’ll call anyone I’ll not let you happened anything.

Om:no Anjali.. I love you He said this take his last breath in Anjali hands.. Anjali cuddles om and scream OMmmmmmm…

Crowd started coming there Anjali call usha and get come there and see om and shocked., next day om antim sanskar Happened om mother giving him fire Anjali screaming no no… humare om maa.. she started breathing heavily and wincing in pain usha and Ambika take her to hospital doctors take Anjali in OT but it’s to late Anjali lost her baby in her womb.. together all shocked comes in Usha life.. she doesn’t have energy now.. after sometime later Anjali come in sense asked everyone about her baby Ambika tell her from that day Anjali Lost her sense.. when niki come to know about Anjali she acts Anjali killing her Basis on this Anjali went to asylum.

Doctor giving electric shock to Anjali she always call kunj give them warning one day her brother will come and didn’t leave anyone.. end of the flash back.. Kunj cuddles Anjali..

Kunj:di I’m sorry I didn’t come you need me..

Anjali:humara bacha.. ???..

Kunj:di If this thing in my hand I’ll give you di.. he wiped her tears no more tears.. your brother still Alive.Kunj make her sit.

Kunj taking care of Anjali like kid normal day Arsh crying Anjali take him.. twinkle come there she tries to take him Anjali didn’t come.. all come there..

Twinkle: di give me please..

Anjali:no my baby.. twinkle looking at Kunj who gesture him let her do it.. Don’t worry I’ll not do anything with him..

Twinkle: okay you can play first let me stop him than you can take him..

Anjali: pakka you’ll give him to me..

Twinkle:yes Anjali give him twinkle stop Arsh after she gives Arsh to her and Anjali playing with Arsh happily.. soon Arsh sleep in Anjali arms even she too.Kunj come took Arsh from Anjali hand give to twinkle and lift Anjali place her on bed..

Kunj and yuvi went for auction.Many peoples come there for auction.Kunj buy Sarna Mansion in 200 crores.. I’ll return your house MAA and with full respect you will enter in your real house.. Anant and maya see kunj get shocked kunj went to them..

Kunj:nice to see you people after so much robbery still you people are poor so sad.

Yuvi:right kunj..

Kunj:guard throw them out of my house..

Niki: you kunjj..

Kunj:don’t take my name from your dirty tongue. Get ready for your sins fruits.

Maya:Anant this my house I’ll not go anywhere.,

Kunj:chiii Mrs. Sarna wait soon I’ll send you all your real house.. guard comes and throw them.. Kunj and yuvi smirked..

Yuvi:one work is done..

Kunj:it just starts Yuvi.. after they went down..

Kunj and yuvi went back to Taneja mansion.. they all chilling out kunj went to usha and tell her MAA closed your eyes Usha did what he said kunj place Sarna Mansion house papers on her hands..

Kunj:now open MAA.. Usha open her eyes and look at papers Ansh get confused

Usha:what is this..

Kunj:read.. Usha open the papers and read it and look at Kunj with wet full eyes.


Kunj: see MAA your house come to in real hands.

Usha:kunjjj Thanks..

Kunj:no MAA we are one Anjali is normal..

they all sit together having tea and snacks..

Twinkle:finally everything is fine na..

Kunj:where is your bacha party..

Twinkle:aah I don’t know Arsh is too with them no they do something.twinkle went inside she search her kids everyone.Twinkle Listen giggles voice coming from Leela room. She went inside didn’t find anyone bathroom door was open. She went near door what she sees and get freeze soham Yash and Aayat or Ansh and Arsh they play in bathtub.. ?.. twinkle scream..

Twinkle: ansh and Aayat they both shocked to listen twinkle voice..Arsh was in pampers..drenched in water fully..

all kids stand up.. twinkle went to them today you both gone.before she does anything they all starter running down.

Twinkle see Arsh who giving her smile.. and you too Little one she took him and went down all get confused.Twinkle give Arsh to Nani and running behind Ansh and Aayat..

Ansh: mamma please leave us.

Twinkle:how dare you both take him.

Aayat: mamma he feel hot so..

Twinkle:acha.. where is your baap.. they point their hand to kunj.. they both went and hide behind kunj.. Papaa Papa save us..


Twinkle:today you don’t come between us.. Yash and soham giggling..

Ansh: mamma sorry na..

Twinkle:I warn you and your kids kunj before only..

Yuvi:Twinkle hit them.he started dancing.

Twinkle starter fighting with kunj. Kunj went in side Ansh and Aayat understand today they gone.. twinkle hold their hands and take them in room she scolds them badly both having tears in their eyes.still

Laughing.. Kunj entered in room with Arsh who started sneezing..

Twinkle:see him you both know about him..he gets ill where we’ll go..

Kunj:stop scolding them twinkle take him..

twinkle take him and wiped him.And make him wear clothes kunj changed Ansh and Aayat night they all decided to go out for dinner. They all went to hotel and Oder their food.Arsh didn’t let twinkle sit in peace he didn’t feel well.. soon their food comes..

Twinkle: Arsh baby how nicely she sit. Why not you..

Asha:it’s so difficult for you twinkle to went somewhere..

Twinkle:hmm you know Asha because of him I didn’t went anywhere.. he didn’t let me go anywhere just crying..

Aayat: while having food that’s why papa provides everything in our house for Mamma and rabbit.

Mahi:that’s awesome this I like about jiju..

Yuvi:ghar hai mehal nahi ??..

Ansh: of course Yuvi Chachu if you see our house your eyes will freeze.

Asha:Acha than we should see their house.Twinkle tired with Arsh now he just crying and crying.

Twinkle:I’m going.. chup

Arsh????..Kunj get up and took him he went out. Kunj roaming here and there so he clams down.. All have their dinner they went outside while crying Arsh sleep.. Kunj went to twinkle and give her..

Kunj:next time don’t yelling at him.

Twinkle:whatever.they all went back tm.

Twinkle place Arsh in room..they all sit together and Ansh and Aayat showing their pictures in TV.. Arsh born time full house pics all loving it..

Mahi:Yuvi see its mahal. ??…

Twinkle:I’m feeling sleepy.She went in room. And caress Arsh face realized he burn in fever,, omg.. Kunj along with kids come they both directly lay down..

Kunj:what happened..

Twinkle:Kunjj fever..

Kunj:what.. Give his medicine..

Twinkle: hmm.. she wakes up and nourish him and give his medicine whole night kunj and twinkle wake up for him..

In morning..

Twinkle and Kunj Take Arsh to hospital.

Docter check him and prescribe medicine they come back others asked them about him..Arsh face become dull..

Twinkle:because of water he become ill.

Ansh:sorry mamma..

Usha: twinkle don’t worry he’ll be fine..

Kunj call police and file case against Anant and Niki or Sheetal and maya..

In anger maya come to Taneja mansion. Aayat see her get scared she run to twinkle. Twinkle coming down.. See Aayat condition..

Twinkle: what happened..

Maya:Kunj Sarna where are you.. Everyone come there..

Twinkle:what you wanted ha…

Maya:ho twinkle how’s you..Aayat beta..

Twinkle:she isn’t your beta get it..

Aayat: mamma??… Aayat hold twinkle hand tightly..

Kunj: why you come here..

Maya: how dare you file case against us,,

Kunj:Acha go and asked to police..

Maya: I’ll not leave you people and Aayat..

Maya went.. kunj and twinkle see Aayat she shiver…

Kunj: Aayattttt..

Aayat: she will take me mamma ?.Away from you. She cuddles twinkle tightly…

Twinkle:no one take you Aayat.she wiped her tears.. Kunj and twinkle take Aayat in room console her.. Aayat sitting on Kunj lap.

Aayat:I’ll not go anywhere..

Kunj: haa.. nobody takes Aayat.. they hugged Aayat..

Other side..

Peoples hitting with shoes to niki sheetal maya and Anant badly make their face black make their wear shoes mala..

This all kunj and yuvi along whole family seeing live on tv????…

Usha:I feel ashamed to call him my son..

They went there and Anant see usha..

Anant: MAA..

Usha: don’t call me MAA.. Kunj slap Anant

Kunj: this for my daughter whom you called so much.again he slap this for my Papa how dare you..Usha too slap Anant.

Twinkle slap maya rapidly..niki who standing kunj twist her hands slap her so hard.police come there and arrested them.

There’s a natural law of karma that vindictive people, who go out of their way to hurt others, will end up broke and alone.

Karma moves in two directions. If we act virtuously, the seed we plant will result in happiness. If we act nonvirtuously, suffering results.

Life is just like a boomerang doing bad things to others and karma is turning back double to you.

Kunj:end of the day they gets back of your sins.they deserve this MAA.. whole life they will stay in jail.. Anjali and Usha come and hug kunj both side..

Anjali:take us from there kunj please..

They went Sarna Mansion usha was so happy to come their house..

Usha: kunj Thanks for each and everything I don’t have words for you..

Kunj:uff MAA.. bas.from now no more tears we all stay happy now..

Ansh:Papa lets go germany now..

Aayat:yes Papa.

Twinkle:yeah we’ll go back with mummy and Anjali Di..

Aayat:happy dadi and bua we’ll do fun.

Yuvi: huhu.. no mean.. Usha look Sarna Mansion..

Usha:today I closed this house.. they went back to Taneja mansion.. they all planning something didn’t tell Yuvi because tomorrow is his bday so.before going to Germany kunj wanted to do something for him. So they all didn’t wish him..

Next day kunj get busy in preparation..

Everything he did all alone Yuvi feel bad no one wish. Him.. Kunj purposely he sends Yuvi somewhere for work..Twinkle getting ready for party.. Kunj come in room and see his wife who looking hell hot.Kunj went to him and hugged her..

Twinkle: what happened go and get ready.

Kunj: let me spend sometime with my wife.

Twinkle:acha finally you remember me.

Kunj started kissing on her neck Twinkle shivers. Just than Ansh and Aayat along with Arsh they entered in room.twinkle push kunj situation become awkward.

Aayat:mamma Arsh pee.. In his clothes.

Twinkle: both didn’t get dirty. They went down twinkle change Arsh Fred and clean him.they all get ready fully all went to venue.

Venue decorated so beautifully and looking elegant. Naman call Yuvi. Yuvi entered and find everywhere dark..

Yuvi:what is this.

Kunj come from behind he hold mic..

He started singing screen play all Yuvi and Kunj pics from their childhood to till now.

Kunj:Meri zindagi sawaari

Mujhko gale lagake

Baitha diya falak pe

Mujhe khaat se oothake…

(Yuvi look at Kunj and smiling.. )

Meri zindagi sawaari

Mujhko gale lagake

Baitha diya falak pe

Mujhe khaat se oothake

(Lights on Yuvi see everyone and get confused)

Yaara teri yaari ko

Maine to khuda mana

Yaad karegi duniya

Tera mera afsana

(Everyone looking at Kunj)

Tere jaisa yaar kahan
Kahan aisa yaarana

Mere dil ki yeh dua hai

Kabhi door tu na jaaye

Tere bina ho jeena

Woh din kabhi na aaye…

Mere dil ki yeh dua hai

Kabhi door tu na jaaye

Tere bina ho jeena

Woh din kabhi na aaye

Tere sung jeena yahan

Tere sung mar jaana

Yaad karegi duniya

Tera mera afsana

Tere jaisa yaar kahan
Kahan aisa yaarana

(Kunj come near Yuvi and hold his hand)

Yuvi don’t have words for kunj today..

Kunj:Happy birthday saale.. old man.. ?.

Thanks Yuvi for everything I’m very lucky to have friend like you.. you always stand beside me support me everywhere and love me more than mahi he laugh?..

You cry when i cry if I’m wrong still support me. If I don’t have you in my life kunj is die before only.. your hands come first to wipe my tears baby sitter of my babies. ??.. my chaddi buddy praying for you always that this smile never fade away from your face.. tears coming from Yuvi eyes Kunj wiped it..

Kunj: my wifey don’t be sentimental ?..

Yuvi: haa husband ji everyone laugh.

Kunj:this small surprise for you from me..

Yuvi: you all make me fool.. huhu.. all come and wish Yuvi happy birthday..

Naman and Rishi or Kunj give birthday bomb to Yuvi.. they lift him.Soon big fat cake come Yuvi and his besties photo was on cake.Yuvi hold kunj hand and cut the cake and Kunj feed him and applied on his face.Naman and Rishi come and drenched in cake Yuvi fully.. all feed cake to Yuvi..Malika and Nikhil come and meet with kunj and twinkle.They had so much fun.

Kunj: let’s party Yuvi.They went to bar side and open bottles together and drinking.

Twinkle:Kunj one is enough bas..

Kunj: no.. today we’ll break records..

Yuvi and Kunj sharing one beer bottle.

Mahi and twinkle making puppy faces..

Twinkle:ewwww you both Chii..

Mahi: yeah drinking from one bottle,

Yuvi: acha you both doing acting like they didn’t share anything..

Kunj: yeah.

Yuvi: don’t kiss to kunj twinkle..??..

Mahi and twinkle run from there..

Yuvi:thanks kunj for this make my bday amazing. Where is my gift..

Kunj:wait I’ll give you. Party end and they went home.. Yuvi see one car..

Yuvi: what is this..

Kunj: see.. Yuvi remove cloth and Yuvi give bright smile..

Yuvi: my favourite car..

Kunj gifted Yuvi Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio ca – $3 million. ..

Kunj: happy finally..

Yuvi: kunj it’s so expensive kunj.. 3 million car I can’t take..

Kunj:our drama king.. bas.. Drive Kunj give car key to Yuvi he started the car and drive there slightly he was so happy.they went inside all sleep.. next in morning.

They all wake up Kunj tell twinkle to pack their things they are going to Germany back now.they went down and all have breakfast. After breakfast servant bring their luggage’s down all look at them..

Yuvi: what is this..

Kunj: party end bro now we are gong back to Germany.

Yuvi: what please kunj stay here na..

Leela: yes kunj.. puttar..

Kunj:no MAA. We’ll come here and you people to come Germany anytime. Here can’t now we started our new life now want to give best and happy life to my MAA and sister here can’t..

Twinkle:yes MAA, all understand somewhere they are sad.. they meet with each and everyone Kunj sit down and match his height with Yash..

Kunj:and you little man son of my bestie.

What you wanted..

Yash:me cars you send me so many cars and chocolates. Come here..

Kunj:okay I’ll send this all.. he kissed on his cheeks…

Aayat: bye Yuvi Chachu and Mahi chachi ?..

Mahi: hooo massi..

Yuvi:I’m Chachu na..

Kunj:let’s go.. they sit in car and left for airport.After long hours journey they reached Germany finally.Kunj didn’t like his sister and mother hand. They come out of the airport Kunj car already waiting for them.They sit in car and left for house.

Soon they reached they come out of the car usha and Anjali look at House..

Nani: dekh usha Tere ghar..

Kunj:haa MAA finally this house to complete now.. went inside and sit.,

Twinkle.You all sit till than I’ll come she went in room place Arsh on bed and change her clothes.,twinkle show Usha and Anjali their room.They rest for sometimes.After twinkle tell Chef to

Make India food.. Anjali come in kitchen she helps twinkle. Usha and nani playing Arsh.They all sit for dinner having nicely with lots so love and laughs, today kunj really happy., after Ansh and Aayat give whole mansion ride to usha and Anjali. Where Usha and Anjali pictures was there.

They really feel lucky have brother like kunj who really make them crown of his head., they were passing Anjali and Usha overwhelming the love and care they both getting from everyone kunj make music school for Anjali there.. she teaches music everyone. Now Arsh and twinkle health is too goo. Somewhere Anjali is unhappy she doesn’t have baby..

Ansh and Aayat even Arsh too started Anjali calling MAA..she is so happy at least. At night kids sleeping peacefully twinkle combing her hair Kunj come and hug her..

Kunj: what happened wifey..

Twinkle:nothings Kunj I’m so happy finally we all happy in our life.. they both went in balcony..

Kunj: our life is tough twinkle all ups and down coming in our life in what circumstances our life started this relation.

Twinkle:yes like a strong we fight and today together. My Love ka hai intzaar end you started loving me make so happy.

Kunj: and your Drama and our kids.. Zindagi issi ka naam hai twinkle..

True love doesn’t happen right away; it’s an ever-growing process. It develops after you’ve gone through many ups and downs, when you’ve suffered together, cried together. And laughed together.

Twinkle: Strength of true love can endure all the ups and downs. Our journey is very difficult kunj everything we feel pain tears happy fun.. “It is in darkness that you find the light; it is in storm that you find peace; it is in sorrow that you find joy because life is a paradox and a polarity.”. The way you love me and my kids most your family kunj I thought I have pain but what you have I can’t imagine. Kunj pulled her near..

Kunj:thank for coming In my life make me a better person.. I love you twinkle today I’m sorry for my deeds whatever I did it.

Twinkle:kunjjj please I’m blessed have husband like you. Don’t be sorry.. I love you too kunj.. you are reason why I breathe.

Kunj:my world is your and my kids my family twinkle. They both share a passionate liplock kunj nibbling twinkle lips. Twinkle rubbing his hairs.both kissing like there is no tomorrow. Just than they heard Arsh voice both break their each still closer both laugh out together.

My kids didn’t let us do romance ?..

Twinkle: acha you are reason and responsible I told you stop but you can’t ?..she pushes him and get inside..twinkle Take Arsh he is still sleepy she pats on his head..Kunj come they both looking their kids peaceful face..

Kunj:nothings is precious and peaceful to see your kids sleeping. Twinkle come and hug kunj rest her head on his head..

Twinkle:hmmm I love you..she kissed on his cheeks both Sleep in each other’s embrace.

Morning..they all went in garden kids playing and others watching them..

Twinkle and Kunj standing and looking at their kids..

Twinkle:Kabhie aayegi khushi, kabhie gam aayengen.Zindagi bahut si ajeeb baaton ka ek majmuan hai .. ajeeb baatein, itefaqat, maujaze.

Baaz dafa samajh nahi aati, agar isko ek jumle mein define karna pade, to woh kya hoga?Zindagi Gulzar hai….

I will always regret that i misjudged God’s intentions … that I was wrong in underestimating His strength and His wisdom.

I always felt that God didn’t love me; although God loves all of us.

He gives us many blessings; yet tests as us well. I don’t know why we never understand this early on in life.

Kunj:Zindagi vakay gulzar hai .. biwi, family, aulad ke saath.

Isse zyada ki khwaish to kabhi nahi kar sakta main.

Zindagi abhi khatam nahi hui, bas fark ye hai ki ab meri diary mein, koi gham nahi hai. I’ve also learnt a few things in life, one is to accept that which He gives me and the other is to stop searching for that which is unattainable.

Usha:kunj prove that real kuch Nahi Hota pyaar sab hota hai. He says I changed the definition of Mother even he too change it today.. today I’m so happy before my wish he give me everything.

Anjali:sister tie rakhi on brother hand to protect him kunj really did it.. he is the best brother. They all hold each other’s hand and give smile.. Ansh and Aayat and Arsh..We love you all.. screen freezes..

______________THE END ________________

Finally story has been end..

really life is name of ups and downs.. end of the day we all together..

Through this story I just want to show. Love care fight and real and not.. many mothers are like Usha who loved their kids more than real many sons like kunj..

Family become due to love not blood.. blood just connect us. But love connect our heart.. thanks to each and everyone for your love and support everyone wanted to no end but har cheez ek right time me end hona chahiye before woh dil se Utar jayge.. so.. I try to everything hope you all like finally my first ff end successful

My long journey when I started this ff I’m alone people come and we connect now become a Small tu family.. ??… I’m sad kal se I’ll not write love ka hai intezaar..

All busters punished for their sins.. kunj don’t have family Anant has but he didn’t understand the value of he had.. god snatch kunj everything but he is right man. He give him family today he have is MAA and family kids everything what Anant have nothing.. love each other’s.

Bye love you all..


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  1. ChandanaSSV

    Loved the story a lot…. I didn’t missed even one episode also…. Osm work…. But really gonna miss the story….. Pls come up with a new story….. Tc dear…..

  2. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 i am going to miss this ff a lot…………kiya appi.In it everything was perfect.Every bond was amazing.Friendship was strong.Your dialogues were’s the first ff that i have read from epi 1 to last.So it was special & beautiful:)

  3. Appi now u post rab se sona ishq and start another 1 too.Allah hafiz:)

  4. What a master piece it was !! I loved this ff like anything. I didn’t miss even a single episode of this ff. I will also miss this ff so much.
    Finally all bad people got results of their deeds. I really felt bad to listen about Anjali. Om & Manohar’s death left me in shock.
    Kunj & yuvi’s scenes were always the best part of this ff.
    I always loved their friendship scenes. Today also kunj’s bday surprise to Yuvi was the best. ;!!
    It was really the BEST STORY.
    Finally sabhi ka LOVE KA INTEZAAR khatam ho gya.
    Kunj got his Maa back. Twinkle got her happy family back !!
    Truely, it was a fabulous story.
    Just out of the world.
    Plz do continue with another Twinj ff RAB NE BNA DI JODI.
    OK bye
    Take care

  5. Twinjsidminfan

    Hey kiya this was amazing
    U made sooo emotional ??
    Tumne toh mera dil jeet liya
    I’m gonna miss this ff sooo much ????
    Plzzzzzzzzz don’t end this beautiful magnificient and unique journey ?????? plzzzz come back soonest with its 2nd season PlZzzz ?????????
    U have showed us so many life’s truth…. U showed us who a true man is nd there is no real thing it’s all about living and caring
    Plzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t end this journey plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i beg u plzzzzzzzzzzzzz come back with season 2 ??????????????????????????????
    U r an amazing writer ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t stop delivering such marvellous pieces on our twinj ????????????
    I’m eagerly waiting for the 2nd season
    Till then I shall read this while ff again ??
    Luv u soooooooooooo much ❤❤❤❤❤❤??????????❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Perfect ending …..isse Achi ending ni ho skti thi …..
    I luved this ff from epi 1…’s very special for me …I got u from this ff…..i still remember twinkle’s pain which she had from epi 1…later she got his luv ..his kunj after lots of struggle…….how they use to craved for aayat love …kuvi Masti…….anjali ‘s insult ….naman’s revenge… in critical stage …..kunj fought to god for his sister ….Neil ka karnama……Maya ‘s changed behaviour towards aayat ….cherry misbehaved with twinkle….kunj ka heart attack…
    Riya ki shadi ….how Maya pushed aayat ….twinkle breakdown ….aayat found out she is not mayannat daughter……sheetal master stroke by telling truth to aayat …….kunj to found out he is not son of Sarna…..then leap ….
    Most shocking part was om death part & anjali condition…..
    Felt too bad for her….
    How can mayanant do these things to their parents…chii
    Finally they get punishment of their deeds…
    Special thanks to Sara how can we forget her she is right hand of kunj ..she was always there…& sister marry also wh was always there for kunj rather it was his friend death time…..Or when twinkle was at the verge of leaving kunj…at that time only she was there who told her true meaning of luv ….at the end still she was with kunj mother …so she was also important part of this ff…
    Best part of this ff was kuvi friendship ….from starting to till end…they were there for each other…in every up & down situation….in the end kunj made his birthday memorable….
    So twinkle ka luv ka intzar toh bhut phle hi khtm ho gya ….finally kunj ka intzar bhi khtm ho gya …jo family ka pyar use chaiye tha .
    .Woh use mil gya ….uske kids uske sath h hai …uski maa or di uske sath h …& more
    Twinj r together…unka pyar unke sath h …ab or kya chaiye……
    So ab kal se meko wait ni rhega ki kiya luv ka intzar kb post kregi….
    But haan rab se sona ishq ka zarur rhega…..
    I’ll miss it … was my favourite one …luved it.
    Luv u so much …
    & thank u for giving us such a wonderful story.
    Kch jyada hi lengthy ho gya i guess

  7. Fabulous…
    U made me speechless api…I don’t know what to say everything was more than perfect…
    Finally kunj got his sister and maa back…twinkle got her family and her old happy kunj back…
    Yuvi’s bond was the best thing in this ff always love their bonding…and kunj’s surprise for uv was amazing…Niki Maya and anant get their punishments… everything get fine but felt bad for anjali… poor soul lost her everything and beer Soo much pain without and fault…but at the end she got her brother back who loved her alot….
    I will surely miss this ff????
    Hope u will write many more awesome ffs on twinj soon…
    Bye… take care
    Allah Hafiz

  8. Sameera

    Last comment of this FF ??????????uhuuu I am gonna miss this alott alott se bhi zyada ????
    PERFECT ENDING ??????????????????
    Finally kunj Ka intezar bhi khatam usko uski maa mil gayi felt really bad about Manohar and om death didn’t expected it at all ..Anjali so bad for her she lost her baby too but got 3 our ansh aayat arsh ?????????
    Everything was just perfect ansh and aayat started fighting again haha ??????arsh is so cute he was calmed in Leela and usha arms so emotional episode loveddd every bit of it specially KUVI scenes …
    It’s good Anant Maya Niki and Sheetal fakeerni got punished ?????
    feeling really bad yar today I am gonna miss this like anything it was not a fairy tale still it touched everyone hearts out here you have showed every single thing in this FF …
    Firstly a wife who was just an object for her husband who wants her just to work for him and nothing else a wife wait to get her husbands love even after knowing about his affair still she stayed with him ..even after giving her baby to someone else that was something who wouldn’t have ever thought it was lovely to see twinkle’s wait getting over when she finally got kunj who loved her back unconditionally it was hell Amazing when kunj realized twinkle worth in his life and them their confession ??????????????? ?….
    But her wait didn’t over yet and she had to sturgggled over to get her daughter back she gulped her hatred and everything still remained with aayat and then got her aayat back too everytime their was pain in her but she managed to stay calm loveddd Twinkle’s character alott in this FF ..
    What about kunj the one who everyone cursed in the start for being like that to his wife but there was coin another side too he had a past too for which he became like this but then he changed too he changed for good loved his characters too a good son a good brother when he was always there Anjali forgetting even his own problems lovelyyy bond between thm ?????
    One more important thing karma ? you gave the right hit of it even kunj sturgggled with it he lost his mom but at the end he got his mother Di back and his family completed ???
    His cute little family his Nani maa Anjali and most importantly twinkle and his kids everything remained perfect ..
    There were so many wonderful bonds in this FF ..
    Kunj Anjali ..
    Naman twinkle
    Kunj yuvi ..
    Yuvi twinkle (in start ?when yuvi used to be with twinkle and support her )
    Kunj Naman rishi yuvi friends ..
    Aayat and ansh ???
    It was
    F O
    A. U
    N. T
    T. S
    A. A
    B. N
    U D
    L. I
    O. N
    U. G
    S. G
    Everything was amazing gonna miss this amazing journey very much now no more intezar ??????
    But one day it had to end and it ended on a happy note and I am very happy ..
    Gonna miss this ff of yours very very much gonna miss you too ???and our jokes on characters rotlu twinj Sheetal fakeerni ..zidhi pidhi ?? and Neil too ?? ..
    Bye bye ??????? ?? I got a amazing friends by this FF and I’ll never forget that my Simran ???
    Congratulations for 105 though I wanted 1105 or may be 1005 ????but I can understand how difficult and hell impossible it is ?Yaha hi jawani nikal jayegi ??
    Concentrate on your designs ?? and I on research ??all the very best for furture I know Rssi is there but still I wanted to say this love you alott ??

  9. Mne socha bhi nhi tha iski itni jaldi ending ho jayegi aur me iske last episode pr cmt. Rahi hungi mere ko aabhi bhi believe nhi ho raha h………vese iss ff se meri bahut si yaade h kyoki iske har episode ko mne dil se read kiya h aur ye mera fav. List me bhi tha …..
    Tu ke saath bhi meri bahut si yaade h kuch aachi to kuch teekhi bhi kabhi kabhi akela bhi feel huva but phir mili ek meri jaisi yashu ….yashu ye cmt. Tere liye bhi h……aur phir pta chala yashu to bilkul mere jaisi h ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺luvvvv u dear tu meri special wali friend h aur dekh mne apne sab A/C delete kr diye pr tera promise pura kr rahi hu TU pr cmt krne ka?????????????
    Bahut huyi aapni baat ab ff pr aati hu

    Kiya tumko ye talent god gifted h dear
    mtlb tumahari writing me magic h yrrr ye ff me nhi bhul paugi sayad kabhi
    Om aur manohar ki death ne hila diya
    Aur jo Anjali ke saath huva yrrrr sach me rona aa gya mere ko??????
    Aur aanat aur maya ne jo kiya na aese bacche the vo chiiii unko bilkul bhi sharam nhi aayi apne parents ke saath aesa krte huve chiiii?????????
    Finally sab thik ho gya twinj ka intzaar khatam huva
    Beautiful story ki beautiful ending dear
    RSSI PLZZZzzzz post krna kyoki ab uska intzaar rahega ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
    Luvvvvvv u dear

    1. Sahi kha mahi tune hme milane me tu ka or kiya & Sam ka bhut bad contribution h …so sbse phle thanks to both of u .???
      U r also my special & first friend ….luv u ??

  10. SSK

    OMG you ended this FF. This FF is and will always remain in my favorites list.
    I am going to miss it a lot.
    It was really really the best ending that you have given for this FF.
    Felt really bad for Anjali- she lost her husband and baby both just because of Niki.
    Even Manohar also didn’t deserved to be killed by Anant like this. I just wish to see Maya, Sheetal, Anant and Niki suffer more but what you showed also was really good.
    Usha and Anjali finally came with Kunj.
    UV and Kunj were fab as usual but Ansh and Yash were fighting, that was so cute.
    Everything was perfect bas ab love ka intezaar ka intezaar nhi rahega, ab rab se sona ishq ka intezaar rahega, so please post that soon and dont think of ending that soon uska bhi 100 ya 200 please zaroor dena.
    I will read this FF from start once again as I love this ff so much.
    Love you dear. 🙂

  11. Shalu Choudhary

    Very emotiomal episode dear fealing bad for anglie and usha plz come back with season2 and plz post rab se sona ishq

  12. Outstanding update
    Loved it soo much
    Usha and anjali’s past after kunj left was so painful??
    Anjali’s baby and husband???
    Manohar also died?…..poor usha??
    Nikki, sheetal, anant and Maya got a good lesson for their deeds
    Finally usha and anjali got kunj back and started to live happily with their family
    Twinj’s kids were too cute????
    Aayat the beauty Queen???
    Ansh was very mature
    And arsh….cutiepie?? or should I say rabbit?
    Overall it was fantastic
    I am gonna miss this ff very much
    Love u loads❤❤❤
    Keep smiling???

  13. Hi Kiya thanks for the long update
    Loved it to the core
    Feeling very bad that the ff is ended .
    But I hope u would come up with more awsm ff like love Ka intezar . This is the best story and I have read all the episodes as it ur way of writing is very brilliant that some times when u rite emotional scenes it really touches my heart . Thank you for being a twinj fan and keeping tei alive by writting such awsm ff .
    It is my pleasure to read all ur ff and may be my good luck too . Love Kiya keep writing and entertaining us with your upcoming ff. U have portrayed both twinj s feeling very greatly it really touched my heart . I m beingreally honest I really love u and I m going to miss this ff slot love u .

  14. I loved this ff too much that I every day wait for its update the way you have described every characters is amazing plz write another ff soon

  15. Hey r u on wattpad ??

  16. Kiya1234

    Why?? But

  17. Kiya appi i am missing it so much…………. 🙁 plz come back with season 2

  18. Sana785

    <:o)<:o)<:o)<:o)<:o)<:o)<:o)<:o)<:o)<:o)<:o)<:o)<:o)<:o)<:o)<:o)HAPPY ENDING:):):):):):):):):):*:* …
    I ll miss this ff …. Seriously this was spectacular yrr…. How beautifully u hve depicted the ups and down that happens in life…. Amazing yrr…:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*
    Whenever i open tu nd see ur ff posted there:D:D mtlb mein confirm thi there would be something out of the world…..:*:*:*:*:*:):):):)
    Seriously u hve portrayed each and everything very well.. I thought i m reading a novel written by a Great writer….
    I ll miss u nd this ff vry much …one of my favourite ff……

    Plz come back With another fabulous ff like love ka intezar……

    One of the longest comment i hve ever made:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D…..
    Love u dear……:*:*:*:*:*:*:*

  19. Ramya

    Yaar you are bad.
    You are very bad.
    Koi aisa end karta hai kya
    Vo bhi itni jaldi
    Jao bbat nahi karni mujhe.
    But kya tha vo
    It’s ending can’t be more perfect then this.
    Kiya you gave life to this story.
    This is the only one story where instead kf feeling as fiction I felt like its real one.
    The situation and scenes you have created na it are of daily basis one yet felt so special.
    You are born with talent.
    Kabhi bhi likhna band mat Karna.
    Your stories are inspiring ones and trust me many will change by reading it.
    I just loved it.
    It has everything love pain Betrayl moms love friendship relationship and everything that has in normal life.
    Best story ever.
    I really really really loved it.
    Tujhe pata hai iss story per mai zyada tak chota comment hi Karti thi per aaj nahi. After all itni lovely story ek bada sa comment deserve karta hai.
    Sorry for short comments as time nahi milti isiliye aaj fursat se likh rahi hu.
    While reading this story I cried, laughed smiled and also hated some of character but you know it will be always special.
    Love you yaar and you are born to be a writer.

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