Love ka hai intezaar Twinj ff episode 96

Episode 96..


Next morning

Kunj was sleeping on the chair some hospital staff were talking their sound disturb Kunj sleep. Just that he opened his eyes and rubbed it because he feels so heavy his unshed tears which can’t falls down from his eyes inside he cried lot..

Kunj hold his head because all things happened last night running in his mind like whirlwind. Each words of maya and Anant echoing in kunj ear. One face come in his mind of Aayat other one when he gives her in Anant hands most painful twinkle face.. he never knows this day will come, and he regrets this much. He did mistake he knows but if he did mistake and feel regretted for other kind of mistake that he can rectify anyhow but this can’t whom he Hurt his own wife and most important his daughter who is unaware of everything.He gets blind behind his brother that he didn’t see his kids pain in front of brother happiness. Kunj laugh on himself it’s so strange he gave happiness to others never thought in return he gets pain. This phrase perfectly suits on kunj situation Neki kar aur dariya mein daal’ (do good and throw it in the lake) maya and Anant did this only with kunj and twinkle.They both throw kunj goodness. Finally, he gets up and went near maya ward room. Kunj see they three of them sleeping peacefully Kunj give smile to see them.

Kunj: I’m so happy for Yuvi just because of them I can’t celebrate his happiness. Leave it I have to do something for them after he always there for me never think once. Kunj take out his phone call his pa Sara and tell him something in mute.After kunj went in canteen to get something have for Yuvi. Kunj knock the door and went inside. Yuvi and Mahi look at Kunj.

Yuvi: kunj come bro.Kunj went towards them. He give breakfast to Yuvi and asked mahi about her Health. I’m fine mahi said Yuvi see kunj expression and understand from which pain he went through.

Yuvi:hey kunj you didn’t take my son in your hands why??

Kunj:haa I was waiting for my turn he said In sad tone. Kunj went towards cradle and look at baby face who sleeping peacefully.

Carefully Kunj took baby in his hands. Mahi and yuvi look at Kunj.

Yuvi: you are so late..

Kunj: In every time I was late only Yuvi still here I stand.. Between he is so cute hope he didn’t went on you..

Yuvi: immediately’ why??

Kunj: if went on you he too does act like you kunj winked at him.. I can bear you who will him.. Mahi laugh out.. just than Sara come with so many gifts..Yuvi and Mahi get confused.Sara congratulations to mahi and yuvi. Kunj open the cake place in front of maya.Tell them to cut together welcome Their parenthood.

They both cut the cake happily Kunj click their pictures with baby. Yuvi give cake cream to baby while mahi shouting on him.Kunj laughing even baby too with kunj.

Next [email protected] Taneja mansion..

twinkle [email protected]

Twinkle sleeping beside her both kids. Sunlight come on her face disturbed her sleep dry tears marks printing on her face.

Leela opens the door and went inside and look at her daughter. Twinkle get up and sit there only lost in herself. Leela went near her and sit beside twinkle.She looks at Twinkle face. Leela held her chin.

Leela: Twinkle beta.. what happened. Twinkle hugged Leela so tightly. And cry so hard in her mother embrace.

Twinkle: MAA why this happened to me what I have done with babaji..always people spoiled my happiness today I want to be with my sister see what I’m doing can’t celebrate her happiness. Insist of spoiled her happiness due to my pains.

Leela: no beta you didn’t do anything. You want to give happiness to your sister just for her become happy please.

Twinkle: MAA Meri Aayat what I’ll tell her.

Leela: you just leave everything on god he’ll do good for your daughter. You never grieve anyone hearts this babaji knew twinkle just faith on him. Leela wiped twinkle tears.Tell her go and get freshen up. Twinkle take her clothes and went.. while Leela look at Aayat face.

Leela: don’t know babaji what you have written in her destiny don’t let this little soul suffer please.She is innocent who don’t know anything.I know one day this truth anyhow come in front of her but open it but in good manners. If today she breaks down never concatenate back.

She kissed on Aayat face and went downstairs.While Asha prepared all breakfast.Twinkle get freshen up and come downstairs.

Leela and rt hold twinkle hand make her sit and both feed her food. Asha feeling so bad to see twinkle like this..Leela sends healthy food for Mahi..

After sometime later.. Aayat wake up and open her eyes looking everywhere in confused where she come.Than she opened her eyes fully. Understand it’s Taneja mansion. She calls mamma mamma. Than she got up and went downstairs. Everyone was at hall. She went near twinkle. All turned and see her.

Aayat: twinkle chachi. Now this word aching in twinkle heart because for whom she become her chachi they abused her.

Twinkle: yes..

Aayat: why I come here haa and where is my mamma haa. After listening this twinkle get up don’t know what to tell her.

Twinkle: Aayat woh..

Aayat: offo tell me where is my mamma.

Leela: Aayat maya Sarna mansion me hai.

Aayat: than why I come here if she saw me again with twinkle chachi again get angry with me that I don’t want.All get sad. After Aayat just insisting to going to maya. Which make Twinkle more scared now she does this what happened after when she knows about them.Aayat in no mood to listen anyone she just blabbering mamma. Started crying.

Twinkle:Aayat we will go understand to me please. Twinkle went in side and call kunj tell him about Aayat.. he too become helpless.

Kunj:you handle her I’ll come soon. Kunj end the call.He come out of the hospital.

Come outside sunlight coming on his face feels like till now he live in false dream today that break down..

While Naman console Aayat and tell her that he’ll take her out if she stops. Aayat get busy in games with ansh and soham.

Later at afternoon.

Doctor give discharge to mahi. Kunj call Naman and tell him that he send Sara so tell her do her work because he wanted to give surprise to mahi and yuvi.Naman said okay.Sara went Taneja mansion she did whatever Kunj tell her nicely. After mahi and yuvi along with kunj left for Taneja mansion because mahi will stay at tm it’s their rule after delivery. Soon they reached tm.

[email protected]:

They all went inside Taneja mansion.

Everyone was hell excited to welcome new baby.Kunj ring the door bell Leela standing

At door she immediately open the door and see mahi holding her baby while Yuvi hands around her shoulders Kunj to

Standing beside Yuvi.Leela gives beautiful smile.Anita and Surjit too come.Anita come with aarti tali.While others standing in side. Aayat and Ansh or Soham is hell excited for baby they want to play with him. Anita did Their aarti. Kunj eyes went on twinkle who looking so dull.They went inside. Kids were jumping to see baby. But they can’t Yuvi take him and didn’t let them show. Aayat get irritated.

Aayat:kunj Chachu see him.Now this word listening from Aayat mouth making Kunj more guilty.They all sit. All kids sit Beside Yuvi and they beset Yuvi.

Ansh: aww he is so cute..

Yuvi: after all son kesh ka hai. ?.

Aayat:don’t fly so much.He is not too much cute??. Everyone laughs.

Ansh and Aayat touch on baby cheeks. While Ansh give aww smile after touch him.While Kunj just looking at twinkle. Twinkle went in kitchen while Kunj follow her too.Twinkle having hiccups so badly didn’t take name to stop. Kunj see this. He takes glass of water and forwards his hand to her. Twinkle look at him.

Kunj: drink used to get hiccups when you are in stress Twinkle. He makes her drink water by his hands. Kunj can see tears in twinkle which not coming out. He cupped her face look into her eyes.Twinkle please don’t become weak. I know I’m your culprit. Twinkle keep her hands on kunj hands.

Twinkle:no kunj why you say this. Now you’ll do next. Somehow Naman Bhai convinced her..

Kunj:hmm I’ll do something.You just stress free. I had plan something for Mahi and yuvi.They both hugged each other’s.

Later they all went to mahi room.Door was closed. Kunj open the door everyone gets amazed to see the room.The room was decorated so beautifully. Mahi smiling after seeing it.

Yuvi: who did it ??. Mahi just went inside the room. Look at everywhere in room.

So many toys are there baby cradle beside bed little wardrobe for him. Cartoons picture of wall. Star lights on ceiling.

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Mahi:aww so beautiful..

Kunj: glad you like it.. Mahi..

Yuvi: so you did it great job..

Aayat:hoo kunj Chachu impressive ??.

But you never do this type of for me.. ?.

Yuvi: jealous with my baby..??

Twinkle remembers how kunj did same on Aayat time.

Mahi: Arey kunj jiju did same for you when you are small..

Ansh: haa. What MAA and Papa did.??

Asha: leave this all Mahi you sit first.

Mahi lay down twinkle place baby beside her while kids too sit around him.

Next side Sarna [email protected]

Everyone is sad in Sarna mansion expect than Sheetal and Niki. Anant and maya didn’t expect kunj will do this.

Anjali and Usha thinking about kunj.One side is Anant who is wrong. Anant went in Usha room.

Anant: MAA. Usha see him and get up..

Usha: don’t dare to come to me Anant.

What you did with my son. It’s totally wrong.

Anant: MAA you didn’t see kunj only me.

Usha: Anant he gives you his daughter you did this. Arey go and asked who don’t have kids. They were craving for kids. God didn’t give you but he chooses kunj for you.

Just because of your tears and my tears he takes this decision to give his daughter..

When he come to me when I told him about your pain.People was talking rubbish about you and maya.Only Kunj who give them answer. Arey he asked you .you wanted his daughter or not.Itself he didn’t force you to take his daughter.

When Aayat born after in front of me kunj asked you if you wanted girl. If not than he’ll give you his baby boy. Now you put blame on him.. Shamed on you Anant. My kunj just wanted to become good brother and he become you are only the one who not become.

Anjali: yes Anant you have happiness in your hands Itself you thud her Anant. One day you’ll regret lot.Both mother and daughter went out of the room. Whole day went like this nobody talking to Anant.

Maya and Anant were talking about Aayat while sheetal and Niki were listing their talks.

Sheetal: now it’s perfect time to break them totally.

Niki: hmm don’t worry I have idea. Just wait and watch kunj and twinkle. They both smirked,, give devil smile.

At mahi room..

after dinner everyone sitting in mahi room only.Baby was in Yuvi lap.Aayat telling Yuvi to give her baby.Yuvi didn’t allow her to take.

Aayat: give him to me even I to wanted.

Yuvi: no you’ll fall my baby.

Aayat: acha today you were just doing baby baby ???. Even my baby will come even I’ll to not give you huhu..

Yuvi: acha your baby when your baby is coming ????????.. see kunj..

Aayat get angry she went to kunj and stand on his lap.. Pulling his hairs. All laughing.

Aayat:see Him.

Kunj:Arey what I did Aayat..

Aayat:I wanted baby.. he didn’t give his baby that not so cute like me huhu..

Yuvi: acha he is so cute. Pidhi.

Aayat: don’t call me pidhi. Only my Chachu can call me.. ????..Yuvi were enjoying it.her all anger coming out on kunj.she plucks Kunj cheeks..

Twinkle: bas Yuvi.. don’t do..

Kunj: wait I’ll give you baby.Kunj take baby from Yuvi and make Aayat sit on his lap and place baby on Aayat lap Carefully.

See him.Aayat kissed on his forehead. Baby give smile to her.

Aayat: don’t mess with me Yuvi Chachu.

Yuvi: nahi toh..

Ansh: haa.. ???hit him..

Yuvi: I’ll not leave you both.Twinkle bring food for Aayat and Ansh.

Twinkle:Aayat give baby to mahi massi.

Have your food.

Aayat: no.

Kunj: wait kunj place him on bed.

Twinkle come and started feeding them.

Both get busy admiring to baby. Asha see soham sleep here itself Asha take him and went for Their room.. later Aayat and Ansh twist baby nose????. All shocked.

Aayat: ab aaya na maza ???.When you always tease us now take revenge from you baby???..Yuvi get shocked.

Ansh and Aayat smirked ???.

Yuvi: dekhle kunj Tere bacho ko. They both doing this with my son.. if my son on their place you’ll not leave him what about them wait I’ll not leave them..

Aayat: first I’m not his bachi ?.All look at each other faces..Yuvi give baby to mahi and get up ran behind him while Ansh and Aayat both hide behind kunj back.. both laughing loudly.. while Kunj hold them because I will not fall down. Yuvi hold aayat hand.

Yuvi: now tell me where will you go huh.

Aayat:Twinkle chachi save me.I’ll tell my papa about you.Kunj remember anant closed his fist. Yuvi playfully hitting them just for fun while they both just giggling. After.. suddenly

Aayat:ansh see one more in your gang.

Ansh:?haa I’ll play cricket with him.

You don’t have no one to give you company in makeup ????..

Aayat: tere jada nahi horaha hai kya..

I’ll tell my mamma even I to wanted siblings. Everyone has siblings why I don’t have Huh.. why my mamma have one child. Just than baby started crying yuvi consoling him but he didn’t stop.

Mahi take him.

Yuvi:what happened to my baby ha

While twinkle see mahi expression.

Twinkle:kunj let’s go..


Kunj lifted both of them and they went out of the room went in their room.

Mahi: yuvraj please go and closed the door while yuvi did. Mahi started feeding baby.

At twinkle [email protected]

They entered in room.Ansh and aayat jumped on the bed.Kunj see them.They both sit beside them.

Twinkle: now you both sleep okay..

aayat: I want to go to my mamma why we are here let’s go home na.twinkle were looking at kunj face.

Kunj: aayat your mamma went out of the town so you stay with twinkle Chachi.

Aayat face drop down.

Aayat: why she leaves me and went. Huhu you both take ansh with you everywhere never leave him on anyone but my mamma always leave me ??.Little bit tears come out from aayat eyes both twinkle and kunj see this feel bad in this small matter she feels so bad what about when she come to know about all truth of her life.Twinkle wipe her tears kissed on her cheeks.

Twinkle:so what if she leaves we are here na..

aayat: if you aren’t here where I’ll go.she is my real mother still behaved like devil with me..

Kunj:come let’s sleep.They lay down both kids cuddles twinkle and kunj even they too. Last night went so horrible for them they just closed their eyes immediately sleep took over them..

Like this 2 days passed because of new bundles of joy everyone is so happy. Other side maya started missing Aayat so much.

Kids playing in garden while others all sitting together at taneja mansion.

Maya reached taneja mansion and see aayat playing in garden with ansh and soham.

Maya:twinkle I can’t let you take her back.

She is mine only.. ???now her love turn in anger which can do anything.

Maya take step towards them. Maya call aayat name they turned and look at maya while ansh said Maaa.

Maya: aayat she ran and hug aayat.

Aayat: mamma you come☺️☺️.

Maya: yes my baby. I’m you so much.

Aayat: me too. I’ll call twinkle chachi.

Maya: no need of this let’s go papa is waiting for you.

Aayat: okay. she holds maya hand went with her.While evening passed ansh and soham went inside they both Drenched in sweat so much.Their mother call them and wiped their face. Leela bring milk for them.

Later twinkle realized aayat isn’t here.

Twinkle: ansh where is aayat.

Ansh: mamma she went..

twinkle: where( in tension voice) she went haa.

Ansh: MAA come and take her with her. All get shocked ?.

Twinkle: what.. she immediately got up started taking deep breath.

Kunj: twinkle relax please.

Twinkle: no kunj I can’t she take her why. She’ll tell her everything.She started crying.

Leela: twinkle beta look at yourself first.

Twinkle: no MAA meri beti she can do anything she started yelling at kunj.

Go and bring my daughter back kunj i beg you please.. she falls down. Kunj make her stand.

Kunj: okay I’ll first you clam down please where I’ll go if something happened to you. Leela and rt consoling twinkle while kunj left for Sarna in anger.He drives the car so fastly.You didn’t do good maya..

soon he reached.And went inside.

While maya and anant were enjoying with aayat.. kunj didn’t give any heed to

Anyone just went to anant room.Kunj open the door with jerk.Kunj see aayat his boil in anger.. anant and maya look at kunj and get flicked.. ???.. he went towards them.

Maya: kunjjjjj..

Kunj: how dare you take her haa I told you before stay away from her.. can’t you get it now what you both wanted from us..

while aayat get confused..

maya: kunj we are sorry..

Kunj: buzz off??. Let’s go aayat.

Aayat: where ??I’ll not go anywhere. Mamma. Papa see him. Kunj forcefully lifted her went out of them room while going everyone looks at kunj. Aayat started hitting on kunj hairs.he went and make her sit he too sit and started the car..

Aayat: why you take me haa????.

Kunj: shut up aayat???. She hits on window. Soon they reached tm. Still she sobs so badly.. kunj took her while just screaming ?????.as soon twinkle heard aayat voice she get about to ran see kunj coming to her only.

Aayat:leave me???..

kunj: take her.. twinkle her from kunj..

twinkle:arey aayat don’t cry..

aayat: you all are bad tell your husband don’t need to shout on me.. hahaaaaa.

Kunj:chup aayat.

Twinkle:kunjjj.Twinkle cuddles her.

Yuvi:aayat come we’ll play with baby.

Aayat:I don’t want.anything she pushes twinkle.You both aren’t my parents so Leave me..tears automatically coming

From twinkle eyes????..

twinkle:aeshe mat bol aayat.??.. all understated and sense too twinkle pain.

She lay down on the floor and sobbing slightly.Twinkle looking at kunj gesture him apologize to her. Kunj see on his knees.

Kunj: aayat I’m sorry na see I’ll do whatever you wanted she look at him. Kunj make sit on his lap..

aayat: why you take me here and shouting on my mamma and papa haa..

Kunj:think) see her still thinking about them what they did with her..kunj hugged her tightly.

Episode freezes on their face..

Pre-cap- aayat get shocked after listen everything tears coming from her eyes like flood???.


Let’s see what’ll happened with aayat who told her everything?????..

how was the episode?! 4 mores to go..?.

I’m hell disappointed with your response ?????. I try my level best to entertain you all in my hard time too. Still you people can’t do one comment haa. It’s fine next episode demand on your comments number afterwards don’t tell me ?‍♀️ post soon.. weshe story is near to end.. even after fasting I sit and write episodes and others too.. shit leave it..

Bye love you all..

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