Love Ka Hai Intezaar 8th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 8th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rana asking Rajmata to answer him. Vijaylaxmi comes and asks when did you come. Rana says ask if my motive is fulfilled. Rajmata says I have no enmity with Vijaylaxmi, Madhav and Vijaylaxmi have to sort this, I will tell him to remarry Vijaylaxmi. They smile. Rajmata says Madhavi needs mum and dad both. Rana says you are right, I was thinking to take them along, I m relieved now. Vijaylaxmi says don’t worry, once Madhav gets fine, everything will get fine, you go Delhi. Rana says see she has no complains, she is a Devi, I hope you talk to Madhav soon and give me good news, I should leave. Rana asks Vijaylaxmi to inform him. He goes.

Ragini comes to Kamini. She gives her locket. Kamini recalls Madhav and says I don’t have belief in Lord from now on, I just believe

myself. She goes. Karanveer calls Shekhar. Shekhar is with Sudha, on the way. Sudha asks Shekhar to ignore the call. Shekhar says I want good work, not money. Sudha says I will make you meet Suyyash soon. Karanveer thinks does Shekhar want to hurt Kamini, no I won’t let this happen. Ragini sees idols gone and recalls IT raid. Rana asks Vijaylaxmi why was she doing drama in front of Rajmata, Madhav is not wounded, he has become stone, he has no emotions, will you win his heart. Vijaylaxmi says you would have understood my strength if you were a woman, let me do my work, you do work to break Kamini, I will do work to join Madhav. He says I will send Kamini to jail, you have to manage everything here. She says I will not leave Madhav. He asks her to call him if needed. He goes.

Ragini asks Arun when will IT people return the idols. Anu and Mili come home. They ask for Kamini. Ragini and Arun make excuses. Ragini says Kamini is not fine, I don’t think she will meet anyone, I will ask her to talk to you on phone. Kamini comes and says I m fine. They hug Kamini and ask is everything fine. Ragini lies. Kamini says they are my friends, part of my house, I can’t lie to them. Mili says we don’t want to hurt you. Kamini says I should have not hidden this from you, I lied from entire world that I loved someone, I had a secret lover, it was my marriage with my love, but marriage did not happen, groom did not reach mandap, I got cheated. They get shocked. Mili asks who is that fool. Kamini says sorry, I lied to my true friends for a liar. Anu asks who was he, I will ruin him. Kamini says that man’s name won’t come on my tongue now, I have erased his name from my heart, promise me you will never ask me who was he and what happened. Anu says fine, I know you are strong, tell us what to do. Kamini says I love you girls, you both are my strength, leave all this, we will talk about work.

Arun plays news. Kamini sees Madhav’s political move. Madhav makes promises to people to solve their problem. Kamini recalls Madhav’s promise. Kamini thinks I wish I could see your true face before. Vijaylaxmi asks Madhav to get freshen up, she made his fav food. She says Madhavi has slept. He recalls Kamini and refuses to have food. He says I have to get fresh and goes. Rajmata sees Vijaylaxmi leaving. Vijaylaxmi says see he refused to have food, how will I love if he avoids me. Rajmata asks her to see Madhavi.

Rajmata talks to Madhav. He tells what Rana said. Madhav says there is no question to marry Vijaylaxmi again. Rajmata says she is Madhavi’s mum. Madhav says I know, but I want to make that lie a truth, I want to live for Madhavi and Praja, I will not marry Vijaylaxmi again. Rajmata says when people know you both got divorced, what will people say, its not right for your political career as well. Madhav says I always heard my heart, I just did not listen to my heart when you asked me to marry Vijaylaxmi, you are seeing the result, I will listen to my heart now. Rajmata sees Vijaylaxmi at the door.

Karanveer says Shekhar got big info about you. Suyyash says someone left Kamini alone in mandap. Kamini gets arrested.

Update Credit to: Amena

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