Love Ka Hai Intezaar 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratap saying this relation has broken off. Kamini says I will talk to Madhav, till he tells this to me, I will not accept this. He says Madhav won’t talk to you, he gave this letter for you. She asks why won’t he talk to me. He says he has written everything in this letter. Kamini reads the letter…. Kamini you would have known my decision by now, it was imp for me, I have lived as lover boy, but I have responsibility to fulfill my dad’s dreams, I have to make my political career, your house had IT raid, the people in Rajgarh do not favor an actress, marrying an actress can risk my political career, I have no option than breaking this marriage. She cries and thinks of their love.

She stumbles. Arun and Ragini hold her. She reads…. sorry I should

have taken this decision before, please don’t try to meet me, I don’t want to look behind, it will be good for us, thanks and all the best. Kamini cries. The driver asks Shekhar who has broken this wire, that man did this, maybe its not any stranger. Shekhar says maybe he did not wish me to reach village. Arun reads letter and says Madhav can’t do this, I will call him. He calls Madhav.

He gets phone off. They all cry. Arun asks Pratap to let them talk to Rajmata and Madhav, they are hiding something. Pratap says they have intentionally kept phones off, I m not permitted to say more. Arun asks how will you do like this, I fold hands, please, tell me the truth, I know Madhav can’t break Kamini’s heart for an election. She recalls Madhav’s words. Arun says I m sure he can’t do this with Kamini. Kamini says Madhav has left me in this bridal dress, alone in this temple, he has ended everything. She cries and says I m angry on myself for loving such a man, I could not see his cowardliness. People record her. She says he has no shame to come in front of everyone and tell this to me, he should have told his cheap decision meeting my eyes, he is a coward, such man can’t be my love, thank God I got to know this before marriage, I hate him. Pratap feels sorry. She asks Pratap to give her answer to Madhav, tell him that I hate him. She cries and recalls Madhav. Kamini faints.

Ragini holds her and asks her to get up. Pratap says take her home, I will get doctor. Madhavi shows the drawing. Madhav cries. She asks him to clap. Rajmata looks on. Madhav says I m happy with you. Rajmata prays Madhav heals his heart wound. Servant gets a pigeon and says this died in sorrow of losing a partner, its a rule of nature, a pigeon can’t lie without his partner. Madhav cries.

Ragini thinks Madhav snatched everything from Kamini. She recalls Kamini’s happiness. Rajmata thinks Pratap would have come back, Madhav did not wish me to talk to Arun, his sorrow will get higher. Rana greets her and says I m taking Vijaylaxmi and Madhavi with me. She asks what, my son gave big sacrifice, he broke his marriage, we will find some way, don’t take Madhavi, he will not be able to live without her. Rana says they will live with us, if he can’t live without Madhavi, he can come there, I can’t put my daughter’s stake at stake, what will people say, Vijaylaxmi can’t stay here just as mum. Rajmata asks who knows about divorce. Rana says many people know about it. Rajmata says if Madhav comes there, people can ask him too. Rana says I will tell people he came for elections. Vijaylaxmi says he needs a change to forget it. Rajmata says you broke his marriage, its not good to pressurize him, if he wants to go with you, I have no problem, else I will tell you what Vijaylaxmi told me, don’t think of taking Madhavi, let Madhav’s heart storm calm down.

Doctor checks Kamini and says she is in shock, don’t worry I will give injection, she will get relief. Kamini gets conscious and then sleeps. Doctor says she has to take rest, don’t talk about the thing which caused the trauma. Pratap pays doctor. Arun says you are doing good duty towards friendship. He returns money to Pratap and says no need of this favor. Kamini takes Madhav’s name. Ragini cries. Arun says I want to hear this from Madhav. Ragini asks do you still have hope, she is taking Madhav’s name like mad. Pratap says my hands are tied, I can’t do anything. He gets a call and says yes I m reaching. He says I wanted to stay till Kamini got fine, but I have to leave, I can just pray. Arun says this one incident changed our lives, if you think we won’t ask Madhav, forget it, you go, tell Madhav I will come Rajgarh to ask for answers, I will not leave till I get answers.

Kamini says I want to forget everything and leave from here, I want to start my new life. Madhav drives in anger and meets with an accident.

Update Credit to: Amena

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