Love Ka Hai Intezaar 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 31st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vijaylaxmi asking Madhav who made Madhavi cry. Madhav says she was crying for you, she slept. She says I will take her to room. She takes Madhavi. Kamini looks on. Rajmata calls out Vijaylaxmi. She asks what’s Rana doing here. Vijaylaxmi says I called him, I will explain later. She asks Rana to come inside. Madhav asks Kamini’s parents to come. Rajmata greets Rana and asks him to sit inside, they will come. Rana sees Kamini and goes inside the palace.

Ragini says we will leave now. Rajmata says driver will drop them. She goes. Madhav asks them to have dinner, he will drop them. Kamini’s dad agrees. Kamini says no, I can’t stay, all this is not easy for me. Madhav asks why, this is our house, I called your parents to see Kamini’s Sasural. Madhav holds Kamini’s

hand and takes her with assurance.

Rana says I don’t drink water of my daughter’s Sasural, so I got my drink myself. Rana sees Kamini and her parents coming. Rana asks what’s the meaning of this misbehavior, have some shame. Madhav leaves Kamini’s hand. He asks can you talk this way with daughter’s husband. Rana asks who are they, local VIPS. Madhav introduces Vijaylaxmi’s father Rana Arjun Singh, MP. He introduces Kamini’s parents Mr and Mrs. Arun Uday Mathur and Kamini.

Rana laughs and says actress Kamini, whose respect was stained on all news channels, what are they doing here. Madhav asks how dare you. Rana insults Kamini. Kamini’s dad Arun asks him not to forget he is also a daughter’s father. Rana asks how dare you talk to me, you know who I m. Arun says very well, you are a MP, I know how you reached here by scams, I got your doings files on my table, I know how you used money to hide everything. Rana says shut up. Arun shouts you shut up, else your black deeds will be exposed here, my daughter is silent as she did not learn to answer elders, these are our values, if you have such values of royal family, you keep it. He asks Kamini to come. Madhav apologizes to Arun. He says let me tell complete thing to Rana ji.

He holds Kamini’s hand. He says Kamini is my would be wife, your daughter and I have filed divorce papers, I will marry Kamini once divorce gets completed. Rana asks what do you think I will silently see this, I won’t let divorce happen, I will ruin this girl, you have seen relationship, now see enmity. He throws the wine glass. Rajmata asks what’s meaning to threaten Madhav, your daughter has signed divorce papers. Rana asks when, she did not ask me. Rajmata calls Vijaylaxmi and asks her to come. Vijaylaxmi says sorry, I won’t come till your guests are there.
Madhav says when Vijaylaxmi did not tell Rana, why should we explain, Rana has no right to give opinion. Vijaylaxmi hears everything by the recorder. Rana says my daughter did not come here, as she has self respect, she did not wish to see the face of the woman who broke her house, and your daughter came here holding someone’s husband’s hand, you taught her well. Arun says my daughter did not come, Madhav got her here, maybe you can’t bear Madhav’s love for Kamini, she always involves us in our decisions, your good valued daughter just made you know her decision.

Kamini says I know what Vijaylaxmi is going through, its not an easy thing, you forgive him. Arun asks her to come. Kamini and her parents leave. Madhav says Rana, you don’t say anything more, that I also forget my limits like you. Rana says its time to do something, I will see how you win these elections, I will ruin you. Vijaylaxmi comes and says you won’t do this, you won’t defame Madhav for Madhavi’s sake. Rana asks why did you hide this.

He asks Rajmata did she give permission for all this, great, you have played a clever game with us. Madhav says just cowards misbehave with a woman, don’t be mistaken that I will bear this for my political career. Rajmata says I would have still respected you if you did not do this drama. Rana asks respect? This word don’t suit you two, Madhav has ruined the respect of this house and Vijaylaxmi, he got another woman when his wife stays here. Madhav asks did anyone force you to see all this. He asks servant to drop Rana to govt. Circuit house. Rana asks Vijaylaxmi to pack bags and come. Vijaylaxmi says no, I will come on right time, you are angry, I will talk to you later. Rana says whatever happened is bad, the result will be worse. Madhav says why did you leave your bottle here. Rana leaves. Madhav asks servant to take the bottle along. Rajmata asks what was the need to do all this, when Kamini’s family was leaving, why did you get them here, you knew Rana ji is here. Vijaylaxmi looks at Madhav.

Ragini asks why did you go there. Arun says I wanted to see if Madhav is firm on his decision, he proved this today. Kamini says it means you did not trust Madhav. Arun says he has won my trust. Kamini thanks him for support. She says I did not see you talking in so much anger till now. Arun says I know, Rana would be shocked and angry by his daughter’s divorce, but talking cheap way, I could not bear it, I know his history, politicians forget to serve people, not to use their powers for wrong, Madhav proved he will keep Kamini happy in any way, Vijaylaxmi did not come down, it means she did not have objection with divorce. Ragini asks will Rana accept this or ruin everything. Arun says we will see later. Kamini worries.

Hina says Rajmata has sent the fruits for you and your parents. Kamini eats fruits. Servant tells Vijaylaxmi that the work is done. Madhav and Kamini romance. Kamini faints. Madhav asks her what happened.

Update Credit to: Amena

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