Love Ka Hai Intezaar 29th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 29th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rana welcoming a minister in the party. Suyyash comes and greets Rana. Rana thanks him for coming. He says Kamini will not forget that day. Suyyash says I told you to sit back and enjoy. Rana says now you sit back and enjoy. Kamini gets dressed in the dance costume. She talks to Ragini and asks her to sleep. Rana calls her and asks are you ready. Kamini says yes, I can come on stage now. He says no, come when we call you. She says sure.

Kamini waits for Shekhar. She says Madhav and Vijaylaxmi’s marriage would have happened by now, why did he not come till now. Ramakant stops Shekhar and asks what did he feed him that made his stomach upset. Shekhar says I gave it to everyone. Ramakant asks him to go and serve drinks. Shekhar gets shocked seeing Suyyash. Suyyash

says I have seen him somewhere. He identifies Shekhar. Shekhar collides with someone and drops the camera. Suyyash gets the camera. He says I think it was Shekhar.

Shekhar says I have to give this camera to Kamini. He loses the camera. Suyyash checks the camera. Shekhar thinks to do something before Suyyash checks it. Shekhar comes and snatches the camera. Guest stops Suyyash. Suyyash runs after Shekhar. Suyyash says there is no doubt that was Shekhar, what’s in that camera.

Madhav and Vijaylaxmi come in the party. Rana introduces his guests. Suyyash meets Madhav and Vijaylaxmi. Madhav gets angry seeing Suyyash. Suyyash says I think you did not get glad meeting me. Rana says no, actually Madhav is tired in elections. Suyyash takes Rana and says I have to talk something imp, I have seen a journalist as waiter here, I doubt…. Rana laughs and asks him not to worry. He gives him a drink. He asks Suyyash to enjoy the party. Rana gets Kamini’s call. She asks her to come. Kamini gets Shekhar’s message and smiles. Rana comes to her and compliments her. He says let me announce that Kamini is coming to win hearts.

Rana welcomes all the guests and thanks them for coming to bless Madhav and Vijaylaxmi. He says now its time for what we are waiting, its a gift for them my my side. Kamini comes there to perform. Kamini tells Madhav’s shayari. Madhav gets shocked realizing its Kamini in ghunghat. Suyyash says Kamini….. Rana says maybe some people identified her hearing her voice, she is none other than biggest film heroine Kamini Mathur. Rajmata gets shocked and holds Madhav’s hand. Madhav sees Vijaylaxmi. Rana says this is her first private live performance.

Suyyash smiles and drinks. Vijaylaxmi says I know you will be feeling bad to see Kamini dancing, Kamini accepted this offer for 5 crores, she took advance from Rana. Kamini performs on Yeh kiski hai aahat….. Maar dala….. People whistle and clap for her. Rana and Vijaylaxmi smile. Madhav gets restless. He leaves. Kamini calls out Rana. Madhav stops. Kamini says you promised me, Madhav will lift my ghunghat according to the condition.

Rana says I remember Kamini, we will fulfill your wish. He asks Madhav to fulfill Kamini’s wish and remove her ghunghat, everyone wants to see Kamini, I promised Kamini. Madhav asks did you ask me before promising, I will not do this. Rana says if you don’t do this, I will ask any man to lift her ghunghat, there is no option. Madhav goes to Kamini. Rajmata worries. Vijaylaxmi thinks your hidden love is getting insulted, lift her ghunghat.

Madhav lifts the ghunghat and turns. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Star Dopohar’s daily Love Ka Hai Intezaar is showcasing high voltage drama due to Kamini and Madhav’s striking love story.

    So far we have seen that Kamini and Madhav are separated due to evil Vijaylaxmi and Kamini’s entire life is ruined.

    Furthermore, Madhav left Kamini for daughter Madhavi where Madhav and Vijaylaxmi are divorced.

    Amid Vijaylaxmi and Madhav’s marriage anniversary, they decided to get married hiding from media in their bed room otherwise their political career will get ruined.

    However, Kamini discovers about this big news and gets shocked.

    Kamini decides to expose Madhav before everyone and also vow to ruin his career likeher Bollywood career got ruined due to Madhav.

  2. Permanent crack amid Madhav-Kamini heading towards leap

    Both Madhav and Kamini are unaware about the biggest conspiracy done by Rana-Vijaylaxmi.

    In the upcoming episode, witnessing Kamini’s performance Madhav will get restless.

    Also, Kamini will succeed in exposing Madhav’s reality before everyone leading to permanent crack in their love.

    The show will thus head for a leap where viewers will get to witness Mohit Sehgal, Preetika Rao and Heena Parmar’s entry.

  3. Anjali84

    Now who’s that under the veil? Don’t know what’s Kamini’s plan?

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