Love Ka Hai Intezaar 28th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 28th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav giving money to Kamini. She asks Madhav to keep his money and heart, else he won’t have anything left. She reacts rudely, leaving Madhav puzzled. Kamini and Shekhar leave. Shekhar says this was Madhav Singh right. Kamini nods. Shekhar says I have seen him at book launch, I can understand how hurt you are feeling right now. Kamini says I have no time for this, come. Rajmata compliments Vijaylaxmi and asks why are you worried.

Vijaylaxmi says Madhav did not get ready. Rajmata says I will ask him to get ready. Kamini says this does not look like anniversary party. Vijaylaxmi asks did you keep mangalsutra. Rajmata says yes, and goes. Kamini says something is happening here, real secret is inside this room, we will know it by going there, we have to find some


Rajmata gives sherwani to Madhav. He checks mangalsutra and says its same one which I bought for Kamini. Rajmata says I did not know, Vijaylaxmi gave this to me. He asks how did she get this. She says maybe she received this from jeweler. He says I won’t get ready, just tell me when rasam time comes. She requests him. He agrees.

Shekhar and Kamini give juice to Ramakant. Ramakant praises their brotherly bond. He likes the juice and says sugar is less. Kamini says sugar is not good for health. Ramakant finishes the juice. Ramakant’s stomach gets upset. He locks the door and runs. Shekhar says he has locked room. Kamini says get duplicate key from reception. Madhav gets ready. Rajmata asks him to come. Shekhar gets keys and opens the lock.

Kamini gets shocked seeing the mandap inside the room. She says it means its marriage preparations going on. Shekhar says its his anniversary today. She says no, Madhav is divorced, he is hiding and marrying his wife again, he does not want to get defamed, if anyone knows this, his political career will end, fate got me here at this time, it means fate wants me to expose him, I will bring Madhav’s lie in front of him.

Rana sees Madhav and compliments him. Rana calls Ramakant and says get the passage clean, I don’t want any outsider. Ratna asks Kamini where did she go, Rana came to know about you. Kamini asks what did you say. Ratna says he asked you to get ready, I need time to make you ready. Kamini says fine, but you have to do something. Ramakant comes back and sees lock open. Madhav sees Vijaylaxmi. She compliments him. Kamini asks Ratna not to tell this to anyone. Ratna says fine, but this is very risky. Kamini says I know, I chose this way, we will start makeup. Shekhar records Madhav and Vijaylaxmi’s marriage. Kamini gets makeup done.

Madhav makes her wear mangalsutra. Madhav and Vijaylaxmi take wedding rounds. Madhav fills sindoor in her maang. Kamini cries and holds her hairline. Pandit says marriage got completed, you are husband and wife from now on. Kamini thinks good bye Madhav, we got separated forever now.

Kamini performs in the party. Madhav gets restless.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg. I don’t know why I’m reading this . It means they are separated for ever.she will expose him sometime.they start hating each other and will go for a leap.madhav is the real cheater.he was having an affair before divorce.he cheated his wife,his lover, and the society .his lover suffered a lot because of him then also he just married her for political career and saying it’s for madhavi.i hate him.i feel bad for kamini.

  2. Angu

    too much irritating behavior of madhav…

  3. Showing Madhav’ s type will encourage others to do same. He divorced, but wants to hide it for politics. Where the consistency?. His marriage to V. only for politics not for Madhavi. How could he have married Kamini even if Rana was not in the picture?. What stupid story.

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