Love Ka Hai Intezaar 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 26th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav asking servants to make food ready. Servant says its madam’s fav dishes. He says great and goes to Kamini. She is sleeping. He says I m excited to hug you, you are here dreaming, its fine I will be there in your dream too. He sees his ring kept there. She takes it and goes. He apologizes to servants and says I m not hungry, you can take the food. He sees the ring, and recalls moments with Kamini. FB shows Madhav saying you always ask me will I fulfill promise or not, will you leave me and go if you like someone. She says love happens once, then its compromise, you know I don’t like to compromise. He says I m joking and hugs her. FB ends. Madhav wears his ring and cries.

Its morning, Kamini gets ready and looks for the ring. She sees Madhav. Madhav says

we will come back from horse riding and have breakfast, keep it ready. She goes to Madhav. He greets her. He says I know I came late, you slept, come we will go for horse riding. She says no, and sees him wearing the ring. He says my heart and dad’s ring are given to me, you separated this from you. She says no, I wanted to return this. He asks what, my heart or this ring. He asks her to sit. He says horse’s nature is like humans, just love them, they will be ours forever. She says I need to talk to you. He says I know what you want to say. She sees him happy and thinks you are so happy, I m going to snatch your happiness and smile.

Sudha says I just want to end my work. Shekhar says I know, you did not wish to hurt Kamini. Suyyash calls her. Sudha says tell Suyyash I left. She says I was insecure about my job, I thought I will impress Suyyash by exposing Kamini, I can’t do anything. Shekhar says its better, don’t meet Suyyash till I find Kamini’s real lover, we know Rahul is not her lover, I will find that man.

Kamini says we came too far, we should go back. Madhav says you said right, we really came far, why to go back. Rajmata says Madhav filed divorce papers, if you just sit this way, you will lose him, you are not interested in winning his heart. Vijaylaxmi says I respect you, but this is my personal matter. Rajmata says I m talking to you as a woman, not Rajmata, if you can’t give love to Madhav, he will find love somewhere else, if we get rid of Kamini, how many times will we refuse him, you have to control him.

Madhav and Kamini come to some place. She looks at him and asks him to come, she has to sleep. He says I have to talk as well, you made me sleep hungry yesterday night. He sees a car coming and says my people always come at wrong time.

Kamini’s mum Ragini thinks of Kamini’s words. Kamini’s dad sees her sad and jokes. He asks why are you worried. She says Kamini is in love. He smiles and asks what’s there to worry. She says that guy is married. He gets shocked. Kamini thinks of her moments with Madhav. He says I know you like this place, you will have breakfast here, come. She says I have headache, I will just have tea. He asks with extra sugar. He gives her tea. She says I want to tell you something. He says its my turn today, everything is going on right way, mum is happy, you meet her. She says no, I can’t meet her, I want to return to my world. He holds her hand and says enough, I understood. She takes her hand back. He says you mean I should ask your hand from your parents officially and then make you meet my mum, this will happen. She says no, you are not understanding. He says I can read your eyes, wait for sometime please.

Kamini’s dad says Ragini, if Kamini loves that married man, it means he matters to her a lot, if he is ready to give divorce to his wife, it means he also loves Kamini, are you thinking its wrong or what people will say, people will say anything, maybe Kamini leaves films after marriage, divorce got common these days, values are from heart, parents and society can’t decide that, tell me till you told this to her, she regarded this love right. Ragini says she was so sensible, what did she do, she did not hurt anyone in dream, she was going to give big wound to a woman, she has never told us about this love. He asks did she go to meet him. She says yes, don’t know she will stick to her decision or not. Madhav and Kamini come back to palace.

Kamini asks him to listen, its imp thing. Madhav holds her and says no need to say anything, you can’t meet my eyes or show my face, you want to free your hand. He leaves her hands and gets away. She says I want to end this relation. He gets shocked.

Madhav drops Kamini to airport and says you don’t turn back, you will also find me waiting, but turn back only when you change your decision. Kamini gets shocked seeing her parents.

Update Credit to: Amena

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