Love Ka Hai Intezaar 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 25th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav refusing for the anniversary. Vijaylaxmi says I invited many guests before. They have an argument. Rana asks Madhav to think well, else he will get Kamini arrested again. Rajmata stops Madhav from saying anything. Madhav says I did not tell you that I will not remarry Vijaylaxmi, this marriage is just a formality for me, nothing else, we can do this in any court. Rana says no, if you take her to court, people will know you are divorced, why do you want to hit your own leg. Rajmata says I don’t see any other way to hide this remarriage. Rana says its our plan to make this possible, we have a way, we will call a trustable pandit and make him conceal this matter.

Karanveer meets Kamini. He says I think you should leave career tension for some days and relax,

I will leave now, shoot is stopped, if you need money. She says no, thanks, I don’t want anyone’s sympathy, that will make me weak, its my fight, I will fight it alone. Ragini thinks what’s happening to Kamini, changing situation can change her forever.

Rajmata and Rana come to Madhav. Rajmata says you look tired. Madhav says I m not hungry. Rana says this happens with good politicians. Madhav asks is there anything special. Rajmata says yes, I wanted to know what did you think about wedding anniversary, so I was telling Rana… Rana says entire Rajgarh is waiting for this celebrations. Rajmata says we have to see mahurat for marriage. Madhav says no, you know what’s this marriage, what happened by that. Vijaylaxmi looks on. Madhav says no need of mahurat, this marriage is just a duty for me, it does not matter now. Vijaylaxmi thinks he is very sorrowful to marry me. Rana says its good sign of a politician. He goes. Rana congratulates Vijaylaxmi. She says I heard Madhav, I married him thinking my politicial career will start. He says I don’t think so, we will make him write on a stamp paper that he will not give you divorce again. They see Madhav hearing their conversation and get shocked.

He puts Madhavi to sleep. He says I did not marry Kamini because of Madhavi, she is the stamp paper with my promise, I can’t break my promise, you can take my sign on any paper, I don’t care. Ragini prays to Lord for Kamini’s sinking career. Ragini asks Kamini to come and take blessings from Lord. Kamini vents out her anger on Lord. Ragini scolds her and asks her to apologize. Kamini says this is my last greeting to you and goes. Ragini prays. Robin calls Kamini and says producer is not agreeing to take you in this film, sorry, we will work together again in my next film. She worries.

Vijaylaxmi asks Rana about the party arrangements, it should be memorable. Rana says yes, do you have any wish, I have arranged VIP things and also classical things. She says no, I want film actors to perform. He asks who. She names few and asks him to decide. He laughs and says they won’t come. She asks why. He says I will call such film star, whom you can’t forget, Kamini Mathur. She smiles and asks what are you saying, my marriage broke because of her, no I won’t let you take this risk. He says no, I want to make Kamini dance in front of Madhav to end his love, think he will be so embarrassed. She says right, Kamini will dance in party and entertain everyone, there can’t be better gift than this, welcome to my wedding anniversary Kamini Mathur. She laughs.

Ragini says Kamini won’t dance in anyone’s anniversary. Kamini agrees and says I will perform in ghunghat, and then Madhav will lift my ghunghat at the end of the performance.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How stupid!!! This way lifelong they can blackmail madhav on kamini name. These mother n son is just name sake royalties!!!! Rajmatha only knows to pleade!!!!No power or guts

  2. This is one of the most stupid stories ever told. How can this be? So at the end Kamini is expected to understand that Madhav was helpless and could not stand up for his love? Is it just because of Madhavi’s custody that he has to put Kamini through all of this? His love is very selfish. Why can’t he let Madhavi stay with her mum anyway? Why can’t he go to court to fight for joint custody? Why does he want to eat his cake and still have it? This story is just ridiculous

  3. I really don’t understand why people are getting black mailed

  4. Made male lead an idiot,where is Ur back bone man?Go get Ur child thru legal ways.This is 21 St century.Wind up this show asap.Spreading negativity.

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