Love Ka Hai Intezaar 22nd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 22nd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratap saying the interview is kept confidential, don’t know what is the matter, I spoke to editor, Suyyash did all planning. Suyyash says I got the questions lists with me. Editor says but the email we have sent to Kamini. Suyyash says forget it, see how I insult her. Madhav says is Suyyash going to trap Kamini. Pratap asks shall I call and warn Kamini. Madhav says no, we don’t know entire truth, inform me if there is anything wrong. Pratap says fine, you are going in public function. Rana comes and says yes, its not good to make public wait, did you like this speech. Madhav says I can’t do this drama. Rana says the day is auspicious, you should use it. He calls Vijaylaxmi to come fast. Kamini gets ready.

Rana, Vijaylaxmi and Madhav are leaving for the meeting.

Rana asks Madhav to be with Vijaylaxmi to show people. Vijaylaxmi thinks she has forced Madhav to come back to her, now his story is written by her hands. Anu asks Meena is she not taking interview. Meena says Suyyash is going to take interview.

Kamini sees Suyyash and asks will you take my interview. He says yes, its very important for us, I don’t want to take chances, I sat on this chair after 20 years. The interview goes live. Karanveer, Shekhar, Ragini and Pratap see the interview. Suyyash welcomes Kamini on the show. Kamini says I m thankful to modern times for giving me a chance to talk when media banned me. Ragini says just answer with a cool mind so that you succeed.

Suyyash says let’s start with the slap gate, what do you want to say. Kamini says people should think how helpless I was to slap that man, I m also a human, I will not bear anything. Karanveer says you are going right. Suyyash asks her about the CBI scam. Mili says this scam related questions were not there in the list. Kamini says I have answered the CBI, I told them I don’t know Pasha, what do you want to know. Suyyash says we want to know the truth, what’s the relation between you and Pasha. Kamini says I said I don’t know him.

Suyyash says you are making me helpless too present the proof that you know Pasha. Pratap says this interview is pushing her to destruction, what to do, shall I inform Madhav. Suyyash shows the photos. Kamini asks what nonsense in this. Suyyash says this is the proof, I leave the decision on people, CBI would have left Kamini, but modern times will make Kamini say the truth. Kamini says I can see a clear truth, that this images are by photoshop. Suyyash says fine, I agree, I spoke to this man in pic, who confirmed this pic is real, he also said you and Pasha were present in this party, what do you have to say. Ragini says he is forcing Kamini to accept truth. Kamini says yes, I remember a bit, there was a lavish party after award night, I was there, I don’t have info about all guests. Suyyash says the country is seeing you live, stop acting, forget your profession for some time, are you angry, shout, I don’t care, I will bring the truth out.

Kamini says you are misleading viewers. He says country will never forgive you for this, I m not saying about Pasha and your personal matter, the black money you have in your bank account, that’s a national matter, you have cheated the country, nationalists like me can never be quiet, there is just one word for you, a traitor. Kamini gets shocked. Suyyash asks her to apologize to the country or leave the country. Kamini asks why, I will not leave my family. Suyyash says then apologize right now. He asks viewers to give their views about Kamini leaving the country. Karanveer says I wish to slap him.

Suyyash says 90% people feel Kamini is a traitor and she has no right to stay here. Kamini says I will not leave from home country, I think we should end it now. Suyyash says you have seen Kamini on our channel, stay with us for next byte. Ragini says problems got increased for Kamini. Anu asks Suyyash what’s this, this is cheating. Kamini says if you think you can end my career, I can’t change your cheap thinking, this can never be true, none can change truth, I will bring truth out, you insulted me in front of the public, I will take revenge, my time will come. Suyyash says I don’t forget things easily, you slapped me and this was an answer to it, sweet revenge. He laughs. He says I stamped you by traitor name, its fun, go and cry at home, else you can slap me once again to get peace. She says I won’t dirty my hand, I will choose the day of revenge. She leaves. He says I will wait for you. He asks Meena why is she worried, Kamini should be worried.

Madhav reaches the function and asks Rana who called media. Rana says I called them, you are going to announce big thing. Pratap calls Madhav and says Suyyash insulted Kamini in the studio. He tells everything. Madhav gets shocked. Pratap says I could not stop interview, it was live, it was too bad. A minister asks Rana about Madhav, why is he standing away, we are hearing rumors about them. Rana says don’t worry, all rumors will get away. Rana comes to Madhav. Madhav says I will talk to you later and ends call. Rana asks him to smile first, you should always hold Vijaylaxmi’s hand and remember why you are here. Madhav holds her hand. Rana gives the speech script again. Madhav says I know what to say, and now I will say that. Rana asks did he go mad, he may do anything wrong.

Madhav says questions about our relation is….. Kamini sees people protesting against her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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