Love Ka Hai Intezaar 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 20th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone seeing Kamini. She smiles. Madhav sees her looking too innocent and smiles. She wears the dupatta back. He recalls her words and wears black goggles. Kaun tujhe …..plays…. They leave in the car. She asks him to stop the car. She plays in the lake water. He smiles seeing her. She asks him to come. He signs no. She holds some mud in hands and runs to him. She applies his land soil to him, and says no one will identify you, I m going back today, I want to live life. He agrees and goes to play in water with her.

He lifts her. They have an eyelock. They hug and romance. They come to haveli. Kamini tells Madhav that everyone has expectations from her. He calls her a beautiful life. She says even your life is very beautiful, you fulfill all your responsibilities

so well. He says everyone say this, my mum, wife….

She looks at him. He says you are seeing me as if you are hearing this for the first time, Vijaylaxmi is good in every way, but she is not the one made for me, we are like two rail tracks which never meet, the I met you and started living. She smiles. He holds her hand. Mahiya….plays….

Vijaylaxmi comes downstairs and sees the servants. Servant says Rajmata is coming. She says I m the queen, I will decide here, no rules can be broken, dining table should get cleaned every night at 9, whatever people think, I don’t care. He says fine, I will take the plates. She threatens him and asks him to clean table right away.

Kamini’s mum says I will make Kamini’s fav food, she is coming back. She senses Kamini has come and goes to see. Kamini comes home and looks around. Her mum catches her and laughs. Kamini hugs her. Kamini’s mum says I identify you by your foot steps, your dad will be coming, you look happy, what’s the matter. Kamini says I very happy, sit here, I will to tell you about trip and him. Mili and Anu come to talk something urgent. Kamini says not now. Kamini’s mum says we can talk after dinner, your dad also wants to know, you talk about work first. She goes.

Mili says that Rahul and Shekhar… Kamini asks what. Madhav calls Kamini. She smiles. She sees their tensed faces and says I just came back and problems started, see you tomorrow morning. Kamini talks to Madhav and blushes. She says I miss you and ends call. Anu says scandal will come in channel too. Rajmata comes to haveli. Madhav arrives and meets her. He hugs her and says I was wishing you come soon, I think I will get anything I ask. She asks where was he, she has sent her arrival news to Vijaylaxmi and Kakasa, Vijaylaxmi said your phone was ringing and you did not answer, did you go out of town. He says yes. She asks him to come for dinner. He says no, I will meet Madhavi. She says she slept, you know Vijaylaxmi is so disciplined, all servants gone before 10 pm. He says I missed you, and hugs her. He goes to meet Madhavi. He sees Madhavi sleeping and smile.

Vijaylaxmi stops him and says she just slept, she missed you a lot, all day Papa Papa, you made her habitual, she was not coming from your room, I made her sleep by difficulty. He asks her to sleep, he is going to meet mum. He goes.

Rajmata and Madhav see the news of Kamini Mathur’s secret lover. Rajmata says ridiculous news, she is actress and will have 20 lovers. Madhav switches off tv. He says I have to tell something. She says even I have to tell something imp, you say first. He says don’t know from where to start, I want to complete my life, I want to spend my life with one made for me, Kamini, I love her a lot. She asks this actress Kamini. He says yes, Kamini Mathur. She gets shocked.

Kamini’s mum reads Gita. Kamini comes and smiles hearing her. Kamini’s mum says everyone has to bear whatever is written in fate. Kamini thinks my Madhav is my fate. Madhav says trust me, her secret lover is me, they don’t know about me, so they are spreading wrong news, I did not think this before loving Kamini, I wanted to tell this to you myself, just give me permission to make my love mine, I want to divorce Vijaylaxmi and marry Kamini.

Vijaylaxmi hears them. Rajmata says this looks a cheap film story, did you think this will affect me, now listen to me, I came early as our party wants you to fight elections from our constituency, this is my dream. He says you always said you value my happiness, I thought you value my emotions. She says I do, so I know your happiness is not in any actress’ arms, its here, in this land, your dad’s dreams, these people, you want to live all this, think in which house are you born, many years hardwork went to earn this name, you will need few moments to lose name, we are made to rule, as king or politician, people love you, they will support you, but you are in some other world, I did not think your love story will come in between, I called party members, just tell your decision to them tomorrow. He says fine, tell them I m ready. Rajmata smiles.

Suyyash says trouble her so much that she gets helpless to come to me. Kamini sees news and says all this is a lie. Madhav tells his divorce decision to Vijaylaxmi. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oops poor vijaylaxmi …so gud to see keith sanjeeda especially sanjeeda looks stunning☺

  2. Devga

    Thank u amena …. U really give us faster updates….

    Wow tht kala chashma and madhini’s expressions are amazing ………

    1. Dia

      Kaha ho aap behna…..aapka new phone aaya???……and kya aapka no. change hoga?………

      LKHI rocks…..

      Koi ff likh rhe ho aap?

  3. Devga

    Who is tht child…. ? Is it vijaylaksmi’s daughter… Ofcourse it is not madhav’s …..

    Y so many troubles … Hope so this all problems get over soon…..

  4. Dia

    Its really getting confusing day by day…..Madhav is having a daughter and Kamini knows this…….well it may come out as kamini is a vamp………..its an extra marital affair……God

    But i loved madhini scenes

    #madhini rocks

  5. Madhav is married still kamini love him confusing day by day

  6. Lizaa

    Oh god so shocked first madhav ki wife h nd ab daughter v???

    Whatever I love madhini??

  7. madhav has a daughter omg
    serial is doing good
    love avini

  8. Madhav ur amaIzing nd kamini ur really inocent.madhav! first u have wife then daughter also..confusing h confusen ka pata nhi?

  9. I know ppl wont agree with me but after marrying someone and having a kid also…Madhav shouldnt go behind Kamini! Marriage is not a game and even if he wasnt interested in his marriage,,he should have made sure not to marry in the first place ..but now he’s ruining 3 people’s lives (Kamini, Madhavi and Vijaylakshmi). This is absolutely not right!!
    No wonder Vijaylakshmi’s acting like a vamp..she knows abt her husband’s affairs and its natural for her to act like this

    1. Dia

      Exactly kritika….i also feel the same… othet serials they shiw extra marital affairs as a crime which is true…..yea i love madhini but still……i don’t like the affair….this is like…you know…cheating….and if he doesn’t like VL then ge should not have accepted the marriage and created no relations with her…..but he is having a daughter also…which means he is having relations with her….that means he is having relations with two women and Kamini knows it….and its not good….

      Btw whatever…i ship madhini

    2. kkkkkkkkkkkkk

      totally agree with u

    3. Agree with you,just because the leads are good looking hero heroine material,doesn’t justify the fact of having extra marital affairs,but in society there are many of these sorts,with hundreds of explanations and reasons of incompatibility etc,but what takes real courage is to keep up ur marriage,accepting the spouse with her positives and negatives, if it is based on selfless love,it will work,any Vijayalakshmi will change,having said this,not forgetting that human hearts and minds are too complicated,may be they are showing a cross section of those ppls lives,whatever, just can’t agree to extramarital affairs,if u can’t adjust at all,better to part ways amicably and then be open to love if it happens naturally, being in a marriage and simultaneously going for another ,can’t really accept that from heart.

    4. Im so glad ppl agree with me! I felt really annoyed after watching all this! Even in the worst case..he should have atleast divorced VL long back itself rather than being with 2 women at the same time!!

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