Love Ka Hai Intezaar 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajmata saying you will have no way to back out then. He says I have promised Rana. She says fine, then leave it to me, I promise I won’t let you get ruined, I just want you to be quiet. He says I can’t. She says swear on me, just be quiet. Rana meets Vijaylaxmi and says I have a good news. Rajmata comes there. Rana greets her and says Vijaylaxmi said you are unwell. Rajmata says I m fine, but things can get spoiled. Rana thinks maybe Madhav told her everything.

Vijaylaxmi says I forgot to order tea for you. Rana says I don’t get water from daughter’s Sasural. Rana asks where is Madhav. Rajmata says I need to talk to you, Vijaylaxmi you can go for some time. Kamini sees the news of media ban on her. Kamini asks what nonsense is this. Mili says I wanted

to say this. Anu says producers are worried to take you in projects. Ragini says this is new problem. Anu says your career can end, apologize to reporter. Kamini asks what, he has raised question on my character and respect, my career is not bigger than my self esteem. She goes. Ragini says Kamini will go in depression if she loses her career. Rana says your son came to me to seek help, I know how hard it was to free her, he agreed to marry Vijaylaxmi, what is there to talk, you should prepare for marriage.

Rajmata says mahurat is for marriage, not destruction, Madhav and Vijaylaxmi did not stay happy for 5 days in 5 years, their relation ended with divorce. Rana says Kamini was responsible. She asks him not to punish Madhav, and ask for anything else, he has put his life at stake. Rana says you are not doing right. She says please spare his life, forget this deal. He says Madhav spoke to me, I don’t think you should come in this. He goes to Madhav and asks what’s all this, you made big promises, your mum is ….. Madhav sees Vijaylaxmi at the door and says calm down, I told mum not to worry, I will see her. Rana asks will you keep your promise or not. Madhav says I will keep my promise.

Vijaylaxmi asks Rana what’s the good news. He says Madhav will tell you. Kamini talks to Karanveer and says I m really stressed. He asks her not to apologize to reporter. She says I m worried, my image is getting bad. He supports her. She thanks him.

Anu meets Suyyash. She asks why did you call me. He says I got to know you are visiting media house to remove ban on Kamini, why did you not come to me, maybe I can help. She says I will go if there is work talk. He says I want to help Kamini. She asks are you serious, she has slapped you in front of everyone, even then you want to help her.

Kamini asks Ratna what’s the matter. Ratna says everyone was talking against you, I scolded them and left work. Kamini says you should not do this. Anu comes and says its a good news, media wants to make Kamini apologize, but Suyyash called me, he has removed the ban, he wants to meet you. Kamini says no way, you did not identify me, I don’t want to hear that ill mannered man’s name, I hate him. Ragini says if anyone is helping to get you out of this storm, you should agree, we thought Madhav was good, but he was not, I think Suyyash realized his mistake and wants to repent, you accept his offer, its your good. Anu says yes. Kamini says its hard for me to believe Suyyash, I hate the word trust. Ragini says maybe some way comes out. Kamini says fine, but I won’t go his office to meet him, ask him to come home and meet me. Rana says don’t know what is Madhav and Rajmata talking. Vijaylaxmi asks the good news. Rana says Madhav agreed to marry you. She gets glad. She asks on what price, he did this deal to save Kamini. He says her life is ruined, media banned her. She says its fine, Madhav agreed to remarry me. He says don’t show Madhav that you know everything. Madhav and Rajmata come. Rana asks Madhav is he going to cheat them. Madhav says we never broke the promise in our family. Rana says whatever Rajmata said…. Rajmata says its not my yes from my side, think again.

Rana asks Madhav to explain Rajmata. Vijaylaxmi asks what’s happening here. Rana says Madhav will tell you the good news. She asks Madhav to say. Rana says its good news, Rajmata and I will go out. Vijaylaxmi smiles and thinks I made Madhav helpless.

Madhav says I m divorced to Vijaylaxmi. Rana burns the divorce papers.

Update Credit to: Amena

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