Love Ka Hai Intezaar 1st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 1st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajmata asking Pratap to go and give this news to Mathurs. Pratap says I can go, but sorry I think Madhav should tell this to Kamini, it will be very shocking to break relation on marriage day. Madhav says I m ruined, what will I support her, you please go to them. Pratap says fine, I will go, but I have to call them fast, if Kamini and her parents reach there, it will be a joke of them. Ragini blesses her. Rajmata asks Madhav to talk to Kamini. Phone rings. Murli goes to see. Kamini says it maybe Madhav’s call. Ragini says maybe Madhav called to say, he is on the way. Call disconnects. Murli goes back.

Rajmata asks Pratap to leave fast. Pratap says fine, but what shall I tell them. Rajmata says tell truth, Madhav did this for Madhavi, she will accept this sorrow

easily knowing this, she has a clean heart, I regret she could not become my bahu. Madhav says no. Rana says we have won, Kamini Mathur is out, congrats. Vijaylaxmi smiles.

Kamini worries that Madhav will call. Arun says I will inform him that we left. Ragini says we will go there and call, I have your phone. Officer tells this news to IT officer Mehta. Mehta calls Rana and says Mathurs are going in some marriage. Rana says Kamini has to tolerate many storms, this is just a start of Kamini’s end. Madhav says Kamini can’t know the real reason, she will just have sympathy for me, her love won’t change, I want her to have hatred for me. Pratap says why, you can keep friendship if fate favors, you can get together. Madhav says I want to buy the past, I want Kamini to just hate me, and think of me as a bad guy.

Mehta asks is this a game plan to raid Kamini’s bank account. Rana says you will get a confirmation soon, then Kamini and her dad will go jail. Mehta says Rana has a problem with Kamini. Madhav says go Pratap, tell them, I can’t talk to her, but I can write a letter for her. Rajmata asks what will you write in letter. Madhav says such thing that she will just hate me, she will break but not cry, her hatred will give her strength, this will just hurt once, she can just hate me or love me, if she does not hate me, she can’t live her life. Rajmata asks can you live with this feeling. He says I m hurt even now, but I will bear the pain, I just want Kamini to hate me so much that she forgets me, let me write the letter. Rajmata and Pratap worry.

Kamini is on the way. Car stops at the signal. Arun’s friend sees them and asks who is the bride, Kamini…. Arun says I will call you and asks driver to drive fast. Madhav says I have written everything in this letter, just give this to Kamini. Pratap hugs him and goes. Madhav asks Rajmata to leave him alone, he wants to accumulate some memories to spend rest of his life. She asks him to have food. He says not now, I will have food later. She goes. He shuts the door. Madhav shouts. Servant asks Rajmata will marriage not happen now. Rajmata says yes. He asks why. She goes.

Rana asks Vijaylaxmi to let him do his work, don’t do any foolishness, see how I make them dance, your place in palace will get strong, Kamini will turn to ashes, take care. Madhav leaves from his room. Kamini reaches the temple. She says can I lift ghunghat for sometime, I m just waiting for Madhav. Ragini asks her to have patience. Arun asks Murli to have partition here. Guru ji says when will groom come, mahurat is for less time. Arun says he is on the way, he will reach soon. Shekhar is on the way going to Mussoorie. He recalls getting Kamini’s info from Rekha. Driver says sorry, I lied to you, I don’t know the address, I will take you by asking people. Arun says I will call Madhav and find out. He gets phone off. Kamini hopes Madhav is not in any problem.

Arun asks does Madhav not want to marry Kamini. Kamini says he can’t break our relation like this. Pratap says sorry, this is the truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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