Love Ka Hai Intezaar 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 19th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamini meeting Anu and Mili. They leave from CBI office. The media poses many questions to Kamini. Reporter asks is Pasha her secret lover, did he frame her after their split, what did she do for him that he gave her 100 crores. Kamini says I will answer you and slaps him. Arun says come Kamini, else media will insult you. Suyyash sees the news live. Media gets angry. Suyyash says you did big mistake, this slap will be costly for you. Rana sees news and says great, do such things, much time won’t be needed to see your destruction.

Madhav talks to Pratap and says Kamini should have not got in this slap controversy, I have to keep my promise now, its tough. Vijaylaxmi comes to him. He thinks of his promise to Rana. She says I came to ask if you are fine, I know

you don’t like to share anything with me, maybe I end your problem. He says my problem is such that I have to hug it, not get rid of it. He asks did Madhavi sleep. She says yes, what is the matter. He asks what’s made in food. She says I told new chef to make your fav. dishes, come and have some food, if not for me, atleast for your health.

Ragini says you are still thinking about reporter. Kamini says no. Arun asks are you thinking about that slap. Kamini says no, I had to answer such for that bad question, I m thinking why did Pasha do this favor on me. Arun says such dons use any account for money laundering, Rana has trapped you in this, we have to be alert now. Ragini says I wish no problem comes now, have your sugar paratha now. She recalls Madhav. Madhav likes the dish. Vijaylaxmi holds his hand and says I m talking of this moment, not food. He coughs. She gives him water. H thanks her. She says my mum used to say, when you cough this way, someone remembers you, don’t know who is thinking of you right now. Madhav recalls Kamini.

Kamini says I have to control my likes and dislikes, this paratha has much oil. Ragini says but you always have it. Kamini says no, I won’t have it now. Madhav eats the sugar paratha. Vijaylaxmi asks what are you doing. He says I like this a lot. She says I never saw you eating this before, this was made for Madhavi hours before, you are changing, I m surprised.

He says time changes everyone, I wish I could change time. Ragini says I have to leave for yatra, I had a mannat for Kamini. Kamini asks Arun to go along. She says I can’t come along, I have to end my pending work, you know my time got wasted. Ragini says yes, but you did not stay alone at home. Kamini says I have to get habitual to this loneliness, go, I will take care. Arun says I m seeing you changed, you don’t need to change yourself, be as you were. Ragini asks her to smile. Arun says your knee pain started again. She says I have to go. Kamini asks how will you climb mountain this way. Arun says I will go on yatra instead you, I will fulfill your mannat. She says but you believe in all this. He says yes, but I believe you, you are my wife. She smiles.

Rajmata reads newspaper. She reads about Kamini. Vijaylaxmi asks driver to get Rana. She asks Rajmata how is she. Rajmata says fine, is Rana coming. Vijaylaxmi says yes, he said he has a good news for me. Rajmata recalls Madhav’s words. She asks where is Madhav. Vijaylaxmi says he is in his room, he had dinner with me yesterday. Rajmata says its good. She goes to meet Madhav.

Arun says our accounts will open in some days. Ragini asks him to keep phone on to talk. Arun says Gyaan school started, signal is less on mountains. Ragini says he started making excuses to not talk to me. Kamini asks him to take care. He hugs them and leaves. Madhav plays with Madhavi. Rajmata says I need to talk to you.

Madhav asks what’s the matter. She says I got to know truth, I saw this news on front page. He says I was going to tell you. She says you went to Delhi and agreed to marry Vijaylaxmi, next time Kamini got free of big blame. He asks what do you want to know. She says I understood you took Kamini’s problem to Rana so that he gets her freed, and Rana had a deal, he asked you to remarry Vijaylaxmi, you had to agree, am I right. He says yes, sorry I did not tell you, I did not wish you to get unwell, don’t worry. She says I m your mum, who will worry for you. He says you also wanted me to remarry Vijaylaxmi. She says yes, but you should not push life in darkness for the second time. Kamini asks Mili to tell Robin that she is interested in his project, what issue. Mili says I m reach your home and talk. Kamini says what happened now.

Kamini sees the news. Rana says don’t think of Kamini, she will be found on road now. Vijaylaxmi smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Raghav its ok if u don’t marry kamini BUT don’t ever remarry vij.. make any excuse but don’t fall into her trap again

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