Love Ka Hai Intezaar 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 18th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav making kamini wear the locket. She hugs him. They go to the car. She says I called Ali but could not connect. He tries to race the car and fails. She says don’t know till when will he survive in this locked car. She asks why did you risk life for me. He says since I met you, I got to know the difference between being alive and living life, I just stay alive in your absence but I live when you are with me. Some men come there, riding horses. Kamini screams.

Suyyash’s assistant calls reporter Shekhar and tells some plan. Shekhar goes to know about Kamini. He meets Anu and Mili, and asks for arranging interview with Kamini. Anu says Kamini went LA for hollywood movie. Shekhar says I will find out, I love my job as you do. The lady nods. He sees the article

of Kamini’s negative publicity and says her secret lover will speak up now.

Kamini and Madhav are at the palace. She thanks Ali. He says I heard your scream and came to help, I know you are much imp to Madhav. Madhav says yes, you screamed such that my life would have gone. She smiles and signs him. Madhav recalls her words and wears black glasses. They smile.

Anu sees the article. Mili says how dare they, its all lie. Anu says Kamini is not here to tell media its lie, she is mad to put her career and reputation at stake and go. Suyyash scolds his assistant and says what’s this nonsense, Kamini will just do one tweet and everyone will know truth, find her secret lover.

Kamini and Madhav have a talk. She tells about the hero’s mouth stinking of onions. He asks really, you maybe joking. She says of course I m joking, co stars are just friends, I did not get anyone like you in my world. He says right answer.

Rahul comes to meet Suyyash’s assistant. He says you cover Kamini a lot, I have three scenes with her. She asks do you want me to give you publicity, many people come here for publicity, there should be something spicy to make a story. She asks does he not have any affair, its ridiculous. He says I m just Kamini’s fans and took selfies on sets. He shows the selfies. She says interesting.

Kamini says everything looks real here, like these flowers, weather and you. Madhav asks how different are you, don’t know what people do to reach where you are, you want to leave everything and come for my love, I love you so much. She hugs him.

Rahul asks what, affair, why are you joking. The lady asks him to thin about it. Rahul asks what do I have to do. She asks him to follow what she says, if he names her, she will end his career. She asks him not to have long cut patience, the actors plan publicity by PR team, its normal to have affair and breakup news. He asks what will Kamini say. She says she will say thanks, its publicity for her also, your career will be made, you will get famous. He says I heard people do work to get famous, but here person has to get famous to get work.

Madhav and Kamini romance. His phone rings. She gets shocked seeing his wife’s call. She tells him. Madhav’s mum calls his wife and asks about Madhav. His wife Vijaylaxmi says no, call did not connect, I will try again.

Madhav says I did not hide about my marriage, you did not know about it before, the marriage is just a compromise, I m just keeping the marriage. Kamini cries. He says when I got you now, I know what I want. Vijaylaxmi rings bell and calls servant. Madhav says I will talk to mum after she comes back from London, I can’t lose you, I m nothing without you, I will explain Vijaylaxmi too, give me some time, trust me. Kamini says I would have not come here if I did not trust you, you want to tell this to your mum, think of my parents, I have hidden this big truth from them, they are my strength, I have never hidden anything from them, when will this end, I have to live lie on screen, shall I do the same here. He looks at her.

Vijaylaxmi holds the bird feather and shows servant. The old servant says maybe pigeon came inside palace by wind and got trapped. She keeps the feather in plate. The pigeon comes in her room. She catches the pigeon. The old servant gets scared and drops the tea. Vijaylaxmi kills the pigeon. Old servant gets shocked and says its sin, Madhav likes pigeons. She says just queen’s command is obeyed in this palace. He goes. She says I will decide what Madhav wants.

Madhav asks Kamini to get ready fast. Madhav and Kamini go out in market. Her ghunghat flies off. Everyone click pictures. Kamini’s dad asks what is published about Kamini in the paper.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Andy_

    lets do a majority check for their pair names
    i am with avini

    1. avini

  2. i am with avini

  3. even i am with avini

  4. but do remember other guys majority wins we will accept majorities

  5. done i am with avini

  6. Tanisha.25

    avini is the best
    i am with avini

  7. Devga

    Sorry but I liked madhini not because I gave tht suggestion …. But bcz it shows Madhav + Kamini

    I feel avini shows the name of naamkaran lead avni …

    I am with madhini ….

    It’s purely my opinion …. Don’t want any prob….

    1. i think u never suggested it it is suggested by karthika

      1. Devga

        Don’t use never and all…. I too suggested it …. Plz check properly …. Nd I dint say I only suggested tht name ….

        Oh my god seriously i don’t knw y u r all against me for just a pair name …

    2. see i just said my thought if u r hurt then i am sorry and y r u pulling all in middle

  8. Devga

    We are forgetting to talk abt the episode ….

    How sweet was the start …. With Madhav giving back kamini her locket ….

    And then their rescue from storm …

    Then their cute Lovly kala chashma wala pyara nazre churane wali love….

    Their way of exchanging their love though their eye gestures ….

    So awesome and to my disguise all my happiness faded as soon as I saw tht daayan

    I cant expect such a witch so soon ….

    Omg kamini is not at all secure … I mean she wil have prob here bcz of daayan vj ….

    How cruel to kill tht bird bcz just a small feature fel over her…. Yuck I hate her makeup and her Face …. Her attire is also not tht gud as a Rani should hav …

    Forget it I laughed to the core wen she said tht wat raja wants and wat he wil get wil b decided by me …. Lol I laughed out loud … Tht Idiot is thinking of controlling his life wen he is been enjoying with his lady love for past 2 days …

    Love u Madhini ….

  9. i liked avini because it has meaning and completely show their pairing
    avini doesnt sound like avni
    and epi was gr8 avini rocked again
    i am with avini
    madhini is like old thing and its not nice
    totally my views

  10. hi bhavika hi candy
    seriously madhini
    i am with avini
    avini is very much better
    love avini

  11. Y to worry who want to have wich name …. U can have the names u like ….. Anyways no one is gonna award u for the name selection … Madhini or Avni anything can b used as each of ur wish … Don’t force anyone …

    Ok I am literally enjoying lkhi… Just enjoying the way they r emoting the live sequences ……………..

  12. Wow lkhi is getting interested day by day .But wat is this Rani and all .This is quiet shocking.
    I may not b regular commenter here .
    I am with madhini

    I was fan of eht nd yhm(now lost interest)

  13. Lizaa

    I’ m with madhini
    Omg madhav is married I’m so shocked
    His wife is so cruel…

    1. so 6 for avini and 3 for madhini

    2. sorry i dont how i replied u i am sorr for it

  14. I’m with madhini…

  15. I liked madhini

  16. Hi every one..
    I’m also like madhini

  17. madhini is good , and i am so disappointd wid todays epi . madhav is married ? really shocked . his wife is to terrible , hope he gets freedom from her . so madhav’s mom and wife r gonna become his problem

  18. i am with avini

  19. avini rocks

  20. ofcourse avini

  21. Dia

    M with MadhIni as it stands clear for madhav and kamini…..avini is also a good name but MadhIni is like made only for Madhav and Kamini

    And one sec….why are we all fighting for names guys……LKHI hm sb ka fandom h…we all have right to use the names we like……..we all ship Madhav and Kamini right??…so whats the use of fighting like school girls for names?? MadhIni and Avini both are good….so whatever names one may like he/she will use thst and the other one will not stop

    And i gave another name (sorry guys but it just stroke my mind) iys DHAVINI

  22. Dia

    Guys….lets not talk about this all here…..after the episode will create an episodic analysis where we can discuss it all

  23. I like madini

  24. The first half was Such a beautiful 3pisode.
    The second half is to the core cruel .
    I hope tht new villian doesn’t harm kamini or madhini’s relationship.
    I don’t know y but madhini has become so captivating in their actions nd togetherness .

  25. I vote for Madhini 😀

  26. Riana

    Loool… kadhav was given by me..But madini sounds better… i am with madhini ???

  27. Madhini.. 🙂

  28. Madhini it is then I guess ????? Yessss Im with that name too .. About the episode Kamini is a homewrecker even though Madhav’s wife is someone his mum chose for him and not his choice, whatever happened to waiting till one ends relationship with their other half. I hope without all the dragging I hope Madhav mans up and speaks to his mum about the girl he claims to love.

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