Love Ka Hai Intezaar 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pasha saying its all my money, not Kamini’s, I used my top connections and got her documents, I forged her signatures and added 100 crores in her account to trap her. Officer asks why did you do this. Pasha says I was angry, I offered to produce her movie, she refused me. IT officer says Kamini said she did not hear anyone’s name, who is lying. Pasha says I thought to trap her, Kamini does not know anything. Suyyash says he is proving her innocence. He calls the man and asks what the hell is happening, I m proving her innocence on my channel, what nonsense is he saying. Pasha says I m Kamini’s fan, I heard she is tortured by CBI, so I called to tell truth, I m sending all proof of her innocence, release her soon. Vijaylaxmi says I thought her life will be ruined,

she got free. Pasha says all money is transferred to other account. Madhav gets relieved.

He asks Pratap will this be enough to free Kamini. Pratap says we don’t know its Pasha or not, they can call Kamini for investigation, but there should be no danger now. Mili says I feel this is strange, Kamini did not meet Pasha, he did not offer any movie to her. Anu says then why will he accept this. Officer says all documents are received, Kamini is innocent, we should not tell her, she lied that she does not know about Pasha, I think Rana is behind this, I will ask her again. He goes to Kamini. He says I will shift you to AC room. Kamini says I know why you are doing this, thanks. He asks did you never meet Pasha. She says yes. He asks did you meet Rana, you can’t lie in front of your mum.

Ragini asks Kamini to say if she knows him. Kamini says no, I don’t know anything about Rana. Rana says you got satisfied now Madhav, people think politicians don’t mean anything right, you remember your promise right. Madhav says I remember well, I m ready to fulfill my promise any time. Rana says great, I will come there and give this good news to Vijaylaxmi. Madhav gets worried. Pratap says you were in tension about Kamini’s release, and now a bigger tension. Madhav says remarriage with Vijaylaxmi… leave me alone for sometime, ask everyone not to disturb me. He gets sad.

Officer asks are you sure you don’t know Rana. Kamini says answer won’t change. Officer comes and says sorry, there is a call for you. Officer goes. Ragini asks why did you lie. Kamini says if I name Rana, things would reach Madhav. Ragini says you want to save Madhav. Kamini says I did this for my future and career, I don’t want world to know about my and Madhav’s relations, wounds have made me cry but taught a lot.

Arun asks Ragini to be with Kamini, he will start process of her release. Ragini tells Kamini that a miracle happened, she is getting released. Kamini asks what. She thinks did Rana or Madhav got me released. Vijaylaxmi calls Rana and says this is bad news. Rana says you are not seeing Kamini’s destruction, mark my words, her life won’t be like before. Vijaylaxmi says I was seeing news, so asked you, give me the good news. He says its big news, I will come tomorrow and tell you.

Servant comes to her and says lunch is ready, Pratap asked me not to disturb Madhav. Vijaylaxmi thinks Madhav should be happy with this. Mehta calls Sinha and tells about Kamini. He gets a document. He gets Rana’s call. Rana asks did you get transfer letter. Mehta says so you did this. Rana says you leaked my name, you ended my tension. Mehta says this is better to stay between poor and work honestly. Rana says so much pride of a cheap officer. Arun asks Sinha to release Kamini. Lady says she lied that she does not know Pasha. Arun says it can be a misunderstanding, its not a big reason that you detain her, I m an IAS officer and know all the rules. Sinha says we have to release her.

Arun gives good news of releasing to Kamini. She asks how was this possible. Ragini says Lord has heard me. Arun says Pasha did this, he gave statement in your favor, so you got released. Kamini says why will he do this favor on me, there is some big plan behind this, else why would the don come in media for me, is Rana with him, is he playing a trick against me. Kamini signs on papers. Sinha says you are finally going t be free, we did not give clean chit, you have to come whenever we call you. She says fine, can I leave now. He says yes. She thinks to start a new life.

Reporters ask Kamini about her terms with Pasha. Kamini slaps the reporter.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The script writer should be more careful. Madhav divorced V’lakshmi. But what is this now trying to hide divorce from his people to get votes?. How would he have managed if he married Kamini?. Indian dramas are full of stupid characters. Pray to God Indians do not become stupid trying to live and imitate these characters.

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