Love Ka Hai Intezaar 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 17th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamini asking Madhav about their vows and moments, how can he say about leaving her hand, its her mistake that she came close and did not see the difference in their worlds. She cries and says I lost in our small world, I forgot this dream world will break when I open eyes. He says you are right, maybe this dream broke today, but after meeting you, I learnt how to love someone madly, now you will go in your world, where new dreams are made every day, what about me, what do I have except these sand deserts, I will find you every day, I love you a lot Kamini, but if walking with you means I run away from my duties, I can’t. She says I m wrong, I should go from here. Madhav holds her and says like I m with you here, I can’t be such in front of the world. She says world

snatches freedom instead fame, my mum used to say just my family can see my true face. He says even then your mum did not stop you from coming here, even my mum will agree, I promise we will be soon together, I can’t do injustice with you, but sometimes justice with one is injustice for other, just give me some time. She nods. He hugs her.

Suyyash staff talk about Kamini, she is a one man woman, the man she loves will cheat her. The lady tells Suyyash that they will not get profit to stop Kamini’s publicity, it won’t help us, why don’t we start a negative campaign against her. Suyyash asks about. She says we will publish her ugly old pics, we will report about her secret lover also. Suyyash says sounds interesting, you will cook this story right. She says no, its a fact.

Kamini runs to Madhav. He plays the sitaar. She claps for him. She says wow, you play sitaar. He says I like every form of music and art. She rests in her lap. He talks of his dad, who he misses a lot. He says mum has sent me to Oxford. She says tradition is imp for you. He says its our roots.

She says this tradition will come between us, I m not from any royal family, why will your mum accept me. He dons the dupatta on her head and says there is nothing imp than my happiness.

Kamini’s mum tells about Kamini hiding the matter from them. He says I was thinking of some good proposal coming for Kamini, if she is hiding something, it does not mean she is wrong, maybe she is afraid of our reaction, we gave her good values, we can just show them right path, relax.

Kamini and Madhav have a drink. She says for our future. They spend some time. Kamini’s parents see the news of sand storm possibility. Her dad switches off the tv. He asks for Kamini, when is she coming. Her mum says she will come in 2-3 days, I m going for walk, will you come. He says no. She says I can see how much you miss her.

Suyyash says she is proud of her character, stain her character with dirt, who is her secret lover, actor, director or industrialist. The lady says he is not any celebrity. He asks her to find out. Kamini and Madhav hug. The sand storm occurs. Her locket gets stuck in his shirt and falls. He asks her to come, storm increased. She looks for her locket. She says its my mum’s fav locket, I will look for it. He stops it and says you won’t get it, we will get buried in sand, come with me.

He makes her sit in the car and asks her not to come out. She asks him where is he going. She shouts out to him. Madhav goes to find the locket. Kamini makes a call for help.

Her dad says its not reachable, you did not ask Kamini where she went. Her mum says she was staying lost since some weeks, she did not tell you as you would have got worried. Kamini goes to Madhav and calls him out. Her mum say we know her, she comes home after packup, maybe she feels lonely, she has some dreams, she would want someone’s support. He says yes, where did your locket go. She says I made Kamini wear it for good luck.

Kamini runs to Madhav. He asks what are you doing here. She hugs him. She asks him did he go mad to come here. He gives her locket. She kisses the locket. He says how can anything happen to us, this Radha Krishna is love sign, they won’t let anything happen to us. He makes her wear the locket. They hug.

Madhav says don’t know till when we will be alive in this locked car. Some horse riders come there. Kamini screams.

Update Credit to: Amena

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      1. even avini is good

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