Love Ka Hai Intezaar 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Love Ka Hai Intezaar 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamini thinking of Rana. The officer says I know that lady officer, her way to interrogate is wrong. She asks when will this end, I won’t say anything that I did not do. He says there is a way, Rana has done this, he hates you, just you can tell the reason for it, maybe this can help you in case, there is no hurry, you take time, whenever you have to say, you can call me, it can make us investigate, we have to reach truth, be it of anyone. He goes.

Ragini prays to Lord and cries. She says Kamini’s marriage broke, I did not say anything, Rana has hurt Kamini and us so much, I was silent, but now you have to do something, I m begging you, save my daughter, else my belief on you will break forever. Rajmata asks Madhav why does he look disturbed. Madhav says everything

is fine. Rajmata says look into my eyes and tell me. He says I went to meet Rana, I m ready to remarry Vijaylaxmi. She asks what, when I spoke to you, you said there is no place for love in your love, what are you hiding. He says what’s there to hide, everyone is talking about my divorce, this is not good for my image, so I thought to remarry her.

She says I know you well, your ethics are imp than image, tell me real reason. He says there is no other reason, I m happy with my decision. She says I also want this, its good decision for Madhavi, did you decide this getting under Rana’s pressure. He asks her not to think much, she knows him well. He says Rana is happy with my decision. She says you said you don’t do anything against your heart, did your heart permit you for this decision, I know you are not telling me right decision. He says I told you, come we will have lunch together, what happened, don’t tell this to Vijaylaxmi, Rana will come and tell her. She says answer my questions first. He says there is nothing, I promise, did you take your medicines. He gets tensed. She thinks I don’t believe this, I will find truth soon.

Ragini, Anu and Mili come to meet Kamini. Lady officer says you can’t go in. Officer asks Ragini to meet Kamini. Madhav tells Pratap that Rajmata should not know anything, she is not well. Pratap says you should have not hurried to take this decision, if Rana does not fulfill his promise then. Madhav says no, Rana will not do this, he knows till Kamini is freed, I will not agree to him. He talks to Rana and asks about freeing Kamini. Rana asks will you go against your words. Madhav says no, I m waiting for you to fulfill your promise. Rana asks him to check news channel.

Madhav asks is Rana playing another game with me, what is he doing. Pratap says what will he do. They see the news of Kamini’s scam. Suyyash gets informed about Pasha’s interview. Suyyash asks the man to buy the interview, if Pasha gives statement against Kamini, its not a bad deal.

Ragini meets Kamini and hugs her. Kamini says I m very hungry and sits to have food. Madhav asks Rana what’s happening, the don is saying about revealing something, will things get against Kamini. Rana tells him doha. Madhav warns him that if he does not do anything soon, he will not marry Vijaylaxmi. Ragini asks how did they permit me to get food. Kamini says they said sorry and want to know how am I related to Rana. Ragini tells her that Arun spoke to Madhav, who refused to help them. She asks Kamini to tell them about Rana.

Anu worries seeing news and asks officer to let her meet Kamini. He refuses. Lady says this man Pasha is going to give interview against Kamini, she said she does not know anything. Everyone waits to see interview. Everyone sees the news. The don Pasha tells about the scam on Kamini’s name. Pasha says people are doubting Kamini, CBI is interrogating her, I have put that money in her account. They all get shocked. Madhav shouts Rana did not do this right.

Officer says I think Rana did this. He asks Kamini if she knows Rana. Rana talks to Madhav and laughs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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